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January 2017

The Regent Cinema The Regent Cinema continues to go from strength to strength under Billie Hayter our Cinema Supervisor. There is a blockbuster movie once a month as well as a Wednesday matinee club, half term kid's cinemas and special screenings in partnership with Ferendune and The Childrens Centre. A loop system has recently been fitted and the screen has been raised as a result of customer feedback. Future plans include: new chairs, more cinema showings, Bafta Saturday and Relaxed and Assisted performances. Tidy Team Our Tidy Team responds to requests from you the residents to go out to areas of Faringdon and tidy them up, from cutting overgrown verges to cleaning signs. The service has been set up in response to cuts to essential maintenance, and the response to the completed tasks has been amazing. During the coming months we aim to set up some community litter picks and are keen for residents to get involved. If you have any suggestions of areas that need attention just let us know and we will do our very best to assist.    Ongoing Events and Services After devasting storms three years ago we have now managed to get the Christmas light display almost back up to full strength, and the strings across London street were a welcome addition this year. We felt hugely proud to be part of the annual Remembrance Parade and wreath laying ceremony, and this year's exhibition in the Old Town Hall was a huge success with a high number of visitors. Old phone boxes are being put to good use in the form of a book swap and a planned uniform swap in the near future.

Youth Services We run a variety of activities for the young people of our town and have formed many succesful partnerships with other groups and organisations. We provide outreach work in school, work with young parents, and run a weekly 'Open Access' session for years 6-8 to assist with the transition between junior and senior school. Our 'AAA' group for young people with disabilities is now in its sixth year and currently full to capacity. The Regent Cinema runs a number of children's cinemas, and over the summer we were a major funder of the hugely succesful Ignite Festival, which brought an exciting free arts program to Faringdon. Work has been undertaken in partnership with the Police, including a young people versus Police football match. We are currently setting up a Youth 4 Youth program which aims to be a space young people can share skills and passions. Offices Faringdon Town Council recently moved from the Corn Exchange to the Pump House, and are pleased that Faringdon Newspapers are now in the newly renovated Corn Exchange offices. The office move has been very positive and is enabling us to offer additional services. The Citizens Advice Bureau are in Faringdon one morning a week following a partnership program with Faringdon Town Council. It is hoped this will be extended to a full day in the near future. A grant has been secured to part fund the replacement floor in the Corn Exchange and it is hoped this project will be completed in the 2017/18 year. We are pleased to announce that the Town Clerk has completed Level 4 Community Governance and has achieved Advance Clerk Status. Children's Centre - The Place As a result of cuts to universal children's services, Faringdon Town Council has been working in partnership with other stakeholders to save the local service. It is proposed that a new children and family project called 'The Place' opens from April 2017. This will be based at the Pump House Project. In the budget plans for 2017/18 Faringdon Town Council has proposed to fund half the salaries with other funds being sourced from grant funding and donations. This is an important community led project that intends to become an independent charity. If you would like to be involved in any way please contact us.

Open Spaces A new play area was installed at Tuckers Park using S106 funds. This is a highly used play area and has been well received by residents. Rubber surfacing has been installed to replace the bark at Oakwood park using Faringdon Town Council funds and a grant from the District Council. Going forward we hope to source funds to install an adult outdoor gym. Faringdon Town Council has pledged to offer the Willes Close Triangle on a free lease to the Community Sensory Garden. Heritage Lottery Bid We are currently working on a Heritage Lottery bid to renovate the Old Town Hall which stands in the centre of the Market Place. An extremely interesting building with a very varied history, it's been the local fire station, the library and sold world famous animal feed; and if successful the bid aims to restore it and also look at ways of bringing its history alive. If you have any old photos or memories we would love to hear about them. The Queens 90th Birthday With help from Vale of the White Horse District Council we were able to put on an amazing selection of events to celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen. Highlights included a Queen concert at the Regent Cinema, a free street party catered for by local businesses (including a visit from the Royals themselves) and an old fashioned tea dance. Later in the year we also put on an open air cinema in Tuckers Park to which over 600 people came along. Faringdon in Bloom The Faringdon in Bloom competition 2016 took place on the 9th and 10th of July. The gardening competition was judged by Mr Paul Gray, Head Gardener at Coln St Aldwyn in Gloucestershire, the Mayor Mike Wise and his wife Ingrid. The competition comprised seven categories: Best Small Garden, Best Communal Garden, Best Allotment, Best Hanging Basket, Best Business Floral Display, Best Junior Miniature Garden and Best Crocheted Flower.


Total Grants Awarded £16,518.60 £3,800

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PH F' do P n Bu s  Ex po Fe re nd un e D ef ib ril at or H om e  St ar F' t do  T ow n  FC S& V  C ar er C s itz en s  Ad vi Li ce ve  in  th e  Ba Pa ng rk er  a nd  B ee IA r C  W an ta ge

Tu ck er s R ec Tr us t Fo lly  F es t


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0 Folly Fest

F'don Bus Expo

Faringdon Whist


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Faringdon Town Council

The Pump House, 5 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7HL 01367240281

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