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Dear Friend, More and more I am amazed how small things can make such a change in the lives of those who have no visible resources. A gift of a blanket can save a life. Giving even a partial scholarship for a pastoral student learning the basics will transform a whole congregation. Sharing your faith with someone actually works! Not a day has gone by when there is not a person finding Christ, a pastor being equipped for his growing congregation, a Bible or portion being provided, a child being helped, a mouth being fed, a person finding hope out of hopelessness – a child, man and woman finding complete life transformation. Lives are being transformed every day - and I know of nothing more exciting. Today, I am relearning an old principle of giving as part of life – even when it means sacrifice. Our Mission: Declare the KingJesus told us as He commented dom of God in word and deed on the giving of the Pharisees to people around the world. compared to the widow. “For they have given a tiny part of their Our Vision: Challenge, inspire and equip believers to become surplus, but she, poor as she is, risk-takers for God, who radically has given everything she has.” impact the world for Jesus Christ. (Luke 21:4) Even the smallest Global Action at its core is about gift can eternally impact a life. life transformation and mobilizing people for the Kingdom. Because of Him,

Lars Dunberg President, Global Action


Global Action is an interdenominational Christian ministry based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, as a not-for-profit charity under IRS Code section 501(c)3. Global Action receives its funding from individual donors, foundations and churches that support what God is doing through the ministry. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Support received beyond what is needed for any specific project will be used for other Global Action programs. Global Action is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), signifying a commitment to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility.

One of the greatest assets God has blessed us with is the partnership of friends, including dedicated national coworkers worldwide. This ministry also reflects the love and concerns of believers across the globe. Their prayerful and practical interest and investment result in us seeing God at work in such amazing and encouraging ways around the world. Thousands are involved, but the bottom line is that this is God’s Global Action.

About your gift

Q: Does the gift really end up in the hands of those who need it? A: Absolutely! We work directly with national staff in the countries in which we operate. There is no “middleman” or other impediment to delivery of the gifts purchased. How the Gift Catalog works


Indicate your selections on the order form provided on the envelope insert, making special note of how many gift announcements you would like to receive.

2 3

Return the order form with your check or credit card information for the total amount.

You may order over the phone at 1-888-725-3707. Or go to, click on “Get Involved”, and choose “Gift Catalog Donation” to make your selections. As you look over the catalog, prayerfully ask God to guide you to the gifts He wants you to provide. Each gift will proclaim Christ’s presence to someone who does not know Him, or to a brother or sister in Christ who needs encouragement and assistance. If you wish to honor a friend or loved one by giving a gift in their name, please make a note of this on the order form. Global Action will be happy to send you appropriate announcement cards to help you commemorate the occasion!

“If you help the poor, yo u are lending to the Lord… and He will repay you.” —Proverbs 19:17

Q: What percentage of my gift stays with you? A: Although we do have to maintain minimum funding for operating expenses, our last independent audit showed that $ .82 of each dollar goes to the projects. Q: What can I do more than give? A: You can pray! Let the Lord show you where you can serve. There are many opportunities. You can be an ambassador for Global Action, telling others about the work, speaking to groups when opportunities arise, or hosting meetings in your home. You could also distribute printed information on Global Action, or you could go on a trip to visit the work depicted on these pages. I promise you will never be the same. Q: Some of these projects are huge. Can I give a portion of a project? A: Of course. Any amount to any project is welcome, and will be gratefully used toward that project.


GIFTS 1-14




ow do you begin to make your own life better when you lack tools and options, even clean water? You don’t. But what if a concerned stranger decides to show you the love of Jesus by providing these basic tools of life for you? You can be that source of provision for someone in a developing country today! You can supply a sewing machine, provide seeds to a farm family, fund welding equipment for the vocational school‌such simple gifts can literally change generations.


Gift 1 | $65 Give a sewing machine for the tailoring schools.

Gift 4 | $27-162 Train a young lady at the Beautician School. India and ukraine:

Gift 2 | $34-68 Train a person in the tailoring school. 3 month course 6 month course

Per month 3 month course 6 month course

$34 $68

Gift 3 | $250 Equip the beautician school with materials.

$27 $81 $162

Gift 5 | $396 Provide welding equipment for the welding vocational school.



1 Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


Gift 6 | $47 Provide one month training for a student in the welding vocational school.

Gift 8 | $47 Provide one month of training for a student in the engine vocational school.

Gift 7 | $450 Provide engine equipment for the engine vocational school.

Gift 9 | $747 Dig a well for a village. Jesus talked about water throughout his ministry. What an evangelistic tool this could be! Gift 10 | $55 Provide water filters.


Gift 11 | $2 Provide ten gallons of clean water to give hope.



Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707

BUILD A HOME You can be a part of providing a home for a family living in a cardboard box or under a tarp. Be the face of Jesus to these that have no other hope.




Gift 12 | $27,000 Build an Orphan home at the India Hope Center. Gift 13 | $9,000 Provide a Village home with toilet facility.

Gift 14 | $100 Provide funding for micro loans. Just a small amount can change the world for an industrious family with a dream but no possible way to make it a reality. Except for your gift. The micro loan amount is to be repaid within a period of time, allowing it to be used again for another need.

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


GIFTS 15-19 animals



goat, a lamb, a chicken. These are not just animals to people in a small village in India or Uganda, but a gift of a future. A chicken might mean eggs to sell, eat, or to breed. A goat can provide milk, cheese, warmth, or to build a herd. Lambs can provide fabric to weave into clothing, as well as meat to sustain life. Be a part of a future for someone today!


Gift 15

| $65-96 Provide a goat for milking, or one for breeding. goat for milking goat for breeding

Gift 16

$65 $96

| $48

Give a baby lamb.

Gift 17

| $5 Provide a set of two chickens.

15 Gift 18

| $48 Supply bee hives and bees that produce nutritious honey for food or to sell. Gift 19

| $72-418 Stock or set up a fish pond to provide food or income. Stock or set up a fish $72 pond to provide food or $418



Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707





imple survival is precarious in many countries of the world. The lack of basic needs culminates in the death of thousands of people each year. Simple items such as food, blankets, shoes, and sweaters can offer hope for someone at risk this winter. Monthly support for an orphan can provide not only survival, but will place a vulnerable child into a safe and nurturing environment; a refuge where he or she can experience the love of Jesus while maturing into adulthood.





Gift 20

| $32 Clothes for an orphan child. Gift 21

| $30

Give a pair of shoes. Gift 22

| $5 Provide hot meals for a starving child for a week.

Gift 24

| $17 Deliver nutritious fruit to an orphan child for a month. Gift 25

| $52 HELP FAMILIES TO PLANT A FIELD – Giving seeds to a family is a gift of hope. What a way to tell a story of the sower of the true seed of life! Ginger farming

Gift 23

| $22 Supply a month of cheese, milk and butter for a starving family.

seeds 90 lbs of materials

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707

$34 $68


PROVIDE A BLANKET Northern India and Nepal become very cold in the winter months, yet few have the luxury of warm clothing. Many, especially the elderly and babies, do not survive. 27


Gift 26

| $30-360 Give care to an orphan. monthly yearly

$30 $360

| $5-500 Save a life by supplying a blanket to the weak and vulnerable.

Gift 28

| $4-400 Provide a sweater for a street child 6-14 years of age. for one for 10 for 100

$4 $40 $400

Gift 27

for one for 10 for 100


$5 $50 $500

Gift 29

| $30-360 Orphan to be raised in a family. monthly yearly

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707

$30 $360

Gift 30

| $26 Provide a ‘Bucket of Love’. A bucket full of basic necessities. Gift 32

| $98 Rescue a young person from the horror of human trafficking. Fund preventative education and alternatives in villages.

Gift 31

| $74 Offer full foster care and medicines for AIDS orphans, “the least of these” in today’s world. Jesus says that if you give so much as a cup of cold water in His name, your reward will not be taken from you.


31 28

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


GIFTS 32-45


32 haring faith in Jesus is a challenge when faced with the lack of Biblical training, study materials, transportation S and Bibles. Many pastors have no training, finding themselves the leader of a fledgling church after sharing their conversion story and attracting others with similar spiritual hunger. These pastors are eagerly seeking ways to nurture their young churches as well as to develop their own wisdom and understanding. By helping to provide these basics, you can have a hand in growing the worldwide Body of Christ!


Gift 32 | $124-1,190 Provide transportation for an evangelist/pastor. Bicycle Motor cycle

Gift 33

$124 $1,190

| $10 Give a Children’s Bible to a child about whom Jesus said, “…for such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Gift 34

| $6-8 Supply a Bible for someone who hungers for the Word. Bibles in the US are commonplace. Everyone has several, some have many. That’s not the case around the world. Bibles are precious and often hard to obtain. A gift of a Bible can make the difference of salvation for whole families for generations. my first bible children’s picture bible

Gift 35

$6 $8

| $9

Share God’s promises with Russian Jews.



Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


Gift 38


Gift 36

| $88 Train a youth leader at New Generation Gatherings. Gift 37 | $81-3,240 Train a young pastoral Leader at one day conferences called ‘40 under 40’. per leader one day training convention

$81 $3,240

| $20-930 Provide scholarships for a GLOMOS Student. (Global Module Studies for Biblical Training) full scholarship 1/2 scholarship 1/4 scholarship per month per week

Gift 39 Stock a graduating pastor’s library.




Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707

$980 $490 $245 $82 $21

| $67


Some of us think of learning to read as a rite of passage, but in many countries it is a luxury. One that will change a life. You can be a part of providing this education for a child today.


Gift 40

| $483 Provide musical instruments for a small church; key board, drums and a guitar. | $65 Provide solar lights for a small congregation.

Gift 42

| $21 Share the gospel with an Indian student (10 booklets).

Gift 41

Gift 43

| $50 Supply evangelistic booklets in various languages (100 booklets). Gift 44

| $15 Give Christmas Gift Box for an orphan that includes gifts as well as a gospel portion.


Gift 45

| $9 Introduce girls and boys to God’s Word Literacy program for one month.

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


GIFTS 46-69





ducation can mean the difference between living in poverty and having enough. It may also mean the difference in the quality of future leadership in the country. Help us educate the next generation to understand how to manage their circumstances as well as to know and love Jesus.


Gift 46

| $700 Provide a monthly salary for a teacher. Gift 47

| $15 Teach a child in the slums to read and write. Gift 48

| $19 Educate a gypsy child. Gift 49 | $4,375-35K Build schools for children that don’t have a school. structure for grade school k-7


per classroom


Gift 51 | $298,000 Build a High School, and change a generation. Or a country. Or a world. foundation stone 2k bricks & mortar 200 bricks & mortar 20 bricks & mortar

$1,000 $500 $50 $5

Gift 52

| $30-500 Provide school equipment. education supplies desk & Chair computer

$30 $77 $500

Gift 50

| $12 Show love to a street child through various programs.



Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


HEALTH Gift 53

| $70 Provide a wheelchair for one trapped by disabilities. Gift 54

| $7,425 Equip a Mission Hospital with equipment.

Gift 56

| $610 Provide a monthly salary for a nurse.

Gift 57

| $795 Fund a physician for a month.

(Worth of half container: $ 125,000)

Gift 55

| Varies

Ship containers of Medical Supplies (Worth of full container: $ 250,000) full container 1/2 container 1/4 container

$14,950 $7,425 $3,713

Gift 58

| $386 Support a mobile clinic by supplying the cost for medicine, diesel and driver for a month. Gift 59

| $211 Provide a hospital bed

57 58


Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707





Gift 61

Gift 60

| $24-240 Change a child’s life through summer camp. one day of camp full camp

$24 $240

| $24,000 Underwrite a summer camp for 100 children for 10 days. Gift 62

| $9

Give miscellaneous sports equipment.

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


MENTOR A LEADER A mentor is an invaluable resource in the development of a pastor or leader, passing down words of wisdom and experience to those who are learning. Be a part of providing this rich experience today! 63




| $333 Sponsor Global Action’s mentoring program for more than 500 leaders a month.


Gift 64

| $100 Send ‘Action Magazine’ annually to 25 pastors.

Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707

Gift 65

| Varies Challenge a man to be a Husband and Father. one man men’s event

Gift 68

| $80 Prepare a young person to become a Risk-Taker for God through various programs.

$21 $14,995

Gift 69 Gift 66

| Varies Train a woman to serve Christ in her community. one woman women’s event

$21 $2,100

Gift 67

| $95

| $15

Supply soccer balls and basketballs.

Train a young leader.



Call to order in the US 1.888.725.3707


7660 Goddard Street Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 USA Return Service Requested

Global Action Ministry Catalog  
Global Action Ministry Catalog  

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