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K icked off summer in Santa Cruz Grandma Dunn and celebrated Brendan’s first birthday! With the ocean, the beach and a surf-side theme park, it was a trip filled with “firsts” for Brendan. Brendan also enjoyed his first trip to the zoo. We had visits from friends, plus all of the Dunn brothers converged in Colorado Springs for a few days...controlled chaos. Brendan took his first steps at the end of July. Say hello to childproofing! We made our annual trip to the fair—and found out that “mooing” cows are a terrifying for 13 month olds. Of course, no summer is complete without landscaping work and house projects— even the unexpected ones, like a roof replacement. Finally, we rounded out the days by going to the park, grilling, and enjoying the everyday things of summer—until late August. Then it was time to focus on football, and fly the Husker and Badger flags from our deck.

September to December We celebrated our 5 year anniversary in downtown Kansas City (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Leatherman for babysitting!). We took a road trip to Albuquerque and stayed with Patrick’s brother Brian, for the Albuquerque balloon fiesta. The next road trip was Nebraska for a Leatherman Thanksgiving, and the world’s coldest outdoor family photo shoot! We were also able to enjoy the 90th birthday party for Grandma. Brendan is learning to talk. One of his first words was “football.” Patrick thinks this is a great start! Now he’s working on “Go Packers!” OK, December isn’t really fall anymore... but we ended the year with a Dunn Christmas in Tucson. 68 degrees in December? Feel free to follow our journey (at least in pictures) at

Dunn 2010

and Happy New Year A funny thing happened in 2009 that led to the absence of a Christmas letter--his name is Brendan. But we’ve navigated the first year of parenthood and the impending joy/chaos...and so, voila! We can share a few highlights of 2010! Patrick is in his 9th year at Focus on the Family. He is the senior television and webcast producer, but still finds enough time each day to cause mischief. Patrick continues to write for various newspapers and magazines in his spare time--which now averages 3-5 minutes a month. He loves being a dad (and of course a husband). Sally works as a graphic designer from home, continuing to work with major clients like Compassion International. How she does this while still caring for and chasing after a 19 month old boy is truly one of the great mysteries of life. She also stays busy with friends, MOPS, and even gets a nap in once in a while! Brendan Patrick a ball of energy in footed pajamas. Other parents have noted his high level of activity. Mom and dad blame each other, but we know he’s a healthy mix of two creative parents-which could make for quite an adventure. Brendan entertains us every day and we’ve marveled in his constant growth and development. There’s really no way to sum up 365 days of the blessings, trials and everyday moments of life--but here’s a shot! Blessings! ...Patrick, Sally and Brendan

January May to

P atrick and his three other brothers traveled to Phoenix to watch the Packers vs. Cardinals game. Sally’s parents came to Colorado Springs for Brendan’s baby dedication. Brendan learned how to crawl... Subsequently, we learned how to move everything we own a lot higher!  e had a visit from Sally’s sister, Skylar. W We traveled to Kansas City, as another sister (Mindy) got married. Sally was in the wedding, while Patrick and Brendan both tried to stay quiet during the ceremony. We also enjoyed our time with other family members, as well as a whirlwind overnight stay in Pawnee City! Brendan began going up and down stairs, played in the snow for the first time and overcame his fear of this new, mysterious substance called grass.

Dunn Christmas Card 2010  

update on family activities.

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