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Up The North

By Sally O’Callaghan and Macy Love

Initial Concept Girl discovers her city living in a working class environment. She finds escapism through Leadmill and music at the end of the film.

Final Concept Concept: Two Northerners discovering their home city of Sheffield. They meet through common interest at the end of the film at a popular mod club, The Leadmill.

-Initial concept needed more of a story -Added a male character, love story. -Followed characters and found each other at the end.

Filming and Editing -Macy had past experience in photography and filming -Filmed in 3 day sessions -We filmed a lot of footage and the cut it down from there. -We both picked up skills in editing in premiere pro and photoshop so we did this as a collective over the module and would share ideas.

Group Work -We shared the group work as we both worked on edits and the film and came together before hand in to compare and pick the best bits out of each film. -Enjoyed filming together, had the same ideas and were both on board with the focus and concept -We printed out the photos on A3 and both decided which would look best in the exhibition! -Met up to discuss ideas, processes and worked together to get the outcome we were both happy with.

Professionalism -Committed to dates and times for filming -Developed skills as we both progressed in the module -Delegated roles and helped each other throughout.

Highlights and Process We both enjoyed the filming days, we experimented with styling, filming and photography. As a pair we both had the same ideas of Northern Soul having a grim up north, working class and mod kind of feel. We also had the same ideas on locations we loved in SheďŹƒeld! We both felt proud at the exhibition at we worked at this for so long to get it how we first imagined it.

Styling -Fred Perry based styling throughout
 -The modern mod -Up north styling



Final Image

Kommune Exhibition


Final Film


Up The North Final Presentation  

Up The North Final Presentation