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Sally Melanie RodrĂ­guez

Stefany Esmeralda Flores

I became in a new person with responsibilities.

The last holidays I felt the air while the time I was in the beach.

Yesterday I heard the voice of my mom when she said my name.

I held my cat because it needs love from me.

I had a delicious chocolate cake for my last birthday.

I made the dinner for my family.

I sang a song the last year in an event from the high school.

I thought college was going to be difficult.

I sat down just for take a little rest, and then I kept walking.

I wore a black dress for my graduation the last year, and there was my friend too.

I smelt a beautiful bouquet of roses.

I took a photo of a cat, last week.

Last year I went with my friends to a party.

She’s my friend Stefany, we grew together.

I drank a cup of coffee last night.

I saw the sunset on the beach in March

When I was seventeen, I used to dreamt my future while I saw the sunset.

I bought a new pair of glasses in January.

I chose changed my haircut, so I cut my hair five months ago.

She’s Marianna we met when we was children.

Issuu by Sthephanie and Sally  

This is our issuu! we hope you enjoy it!

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