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October 2013

Narwhal News Monthly Newsletter Thousand Oaks High School Key Club

Members Karven Rodrigo and Neil Reed help during Frozen Lemonade sales.

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Hello fellow Key Clubbers! I hope you all had a great start to the school year. I am so honored to be your Treasurer for this upcoming year. I will also be in charge of the newsletter this year, so I will be at plenty of events with a camera in hand! As this is Thousand Oaks High School’s first Key Club Newsletter, I hope that this will be a great way to keep you updated and excited about past, present, and future events! I have high hopes for this upcoming year and I am so excited for the events to start!

Editor’s Note

Swimming in Service, Sally Deng 2013-2014 Treasurer and News Editor

Important Events HEY GUYS. I know there aren’t that many pictures on this page and I am super super super sorry. Hopefully the nice font colors will keep your attention as this is actually really important. Excited for the new school year? OF COURSE you are! Because a new school year means a new year of KEY CLUB! Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends to encourage them to join and participate!

As your treasurer, it is my duty to inform you guys about club dues. Dues have been mentioned in a few meetings so far, and NO it is NOT TOO LATE. There is still time to pay your dues! To be a member of Key Club, a $13 club membership due is required. Yes I know what you’re thinking: OH MY GOSH this club makes us pay to be in it. Yes we do, but it is for a good reason. $4.50 goes to the California-Nevada-Hawaii District $6.50 goes to International Kiwanis $2.00 goes to PTP Since Kiwanis is an international non-profit organization, it needs some donations to keep it running. Key Club is the high school portion of Kiwanis. So please pay your dues because we really need it! Also tell your friends to pay soon because they have to pay to be a member! The deadline is November 1st.

Speaking of PTP, you may or may not have noticed the Happy Quarter Box at our meetings. (Yes, you can put other coins besides quarters and yes, that is my thumb at the bottom of the picture) This is just one way that we are raising funds for Pediatric Trauma Program, a program that raises money to reduce the number of children killed or injured by trauma, whether funds for children’s hospitals or funds to educate parents on car safety, etc. Our goal is to raise $300 for PTP as a club by Fall Rally (more info on pg. 8), which is on November 9th.

Past Events



The bell rings. It’s 2nd period, and definitely under 70. I glance over at Sara Wilson. “Great weather to sell Frozen Lemonade, right?” she asks me. “Maybe it’ll warm up,” I respond, full of doubt. But it did. As if to defy all doubt, as soon as lunch began, the sun came out. Within minutes, I was practically sweating under the beating rays of the sun. Maybe the weather had purposely decided to be cold in the morning so that when the sun came it, it would seem a lot hotter than it actually was. Within just over fifteen minutes, we had already sold twenty frozen lemonades. In the end, with each selling for a dollar, we made $50. I am so happy about how the sales went. This fundraiser could not have been more successful! So, what was this fundraiser even for? Kiwanis International and UNICEF joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus in what they call the eliMiNaTe project (notice the capital letters). This disease is passed from mother to baby in non-hygienic childbirth (common in third world countries) and kills nearly 60,000 innocent babies every year. So basically it’s a really good cause to donate to.

Upcoming Events

Wheels To The   Sea  

Wheels to the Sea is a special event that happens two times a year, in which Kiwanis and Key Club members wheel adults in wheelchairs down to the ocean. Walking along this Sycamore Cove trail, the whole walk is roughly 8 miles, and the majority is downhill. This allows for these people who may have more difficulty getting outdoors to enjoy scenery and relax. Some even have special wheelchairs that allow them to go into the water a bit! This is a whole day event so a way to earn a generous amount of service hours! There is a limit of 6 people, but we would like to have back up people just in case of one those 6 have to back out last minute.

“In general, I think it’s a really great opportunity! It really is a win-win situation, in that you get to help others and buoy them up, and they are all so happy and grateful that it lifts your spirits too! You get to meet these awesome people and really spend some quality time with them. Personally, it really put things into perspective for me, and made me so grateful to be able bodied, and have the capacity to serve those who aren’t. It’s totally worth it, and I’m so glad I went!” -Delaney Porter, Club Member

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission is a mission for the homeless and hungry, offering shelter, food distribution, simple medical needs, care, and more! They do ensure a safe, comfortable place for in-need families to gather and share a meal. The organization’s mission is to attract people to help care for every homeless man, woman, and child in the valley. Our job would be to help serve food to the people and have conversation with them!

“It’s comforting to know that while homelessness is a big issue in our community, organizations like these are taking steps to alleviate the struggle. It’s really rewarding to know that your work, whether it be helping prepare food or even something as simple as having a conversation with one of the guests, directly improves someone’s life.” -Sara Wilson, Club President

Don’t forget! October is the month for Trick or Treat for UNICEF! You may see these boxes in your classes, so try to drop in some spare change or encourage your friends to!

Our Key Family: Division 42 News

r e b tem

Sep CM A sad, rejected bucket of Neapolitan D ice cream. I personally don’t care for Neapolitan, and apparently neither does most of our Division. Or maybe people just didn’t want ice cream. I don’t know. Anyways, the September DCM at Rancho Madera Park in Simi Valley started off with some Division news. Fall Rally is coming up (more info on the next page), which is SUPER exciting, and each club needs to raise $300 for PTP. Remember our Happy Quarter Box? Maybe you forgot (refer to pg. 3). Then, the club reports. This is a really cool way to hear about other schools and gain fundraising ideas and maybe even help other schools with their fundraisers. After that, we wrote letters to the troops thanking them for their wonderful service. And finally, the moment we were all waiting for. Pie. Except we didn’t actually have pies so we just used whipped cream but that’s beside the point. It cost a dollar to pie (smoosh a plate of whipped cream) a member in the face, and all the proceeds go to PTP. No, I did not end up pie-ing someone in the face. I really wanted to pie Jessica (pictured writing a letter above) in the face, but she opted out of the activity. In the end, the thirty or so who attended raised $50 to PTP. I highly encourage each and every one of you Key Clubbers to attend the October DCM. These DCMs are super fun and only take a little over an hour of your time! Oh yeah, and you get to meet awesome people!

Our Key Family: RTC

HEY GUYS. I know this is way beyond the extremes of last minute, but RTC is this Saturday! Division 42 East, 42 West, 24, and 29 are all gathering together in Santa Barbara for an amazing conference! There will be various presentations, a keynote speaker, and plenty of opportunities to meet other key clubbers in Region 10! I won’t blame you if you can’t make it, but if you could manage to go that’d be awesome! This is a really great opportunity and will definitely be worth the drive. And you won’t be alone; I will be there for sure! (a.k.a. please please come so I’m not the only one from TOHS, thanks!)


FALL RALLY! What it is: Fall Rally is a yearly event in which all the Key clubs

in southern California come together to raise money for PTP. What to bring: Spirited clothing! Whether it be our division shirt or just any shirt, wear as much purple and blue as you can! Other spirited items such as noisemakers, tutus, and more will be available for discounted purchase at the next DCM. Also, bring your spirit! When: November 9th 9:00am-6:00pm Where: Six Flags Magic Mountain Why: Motivational Programs, Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Raise Money for PTP, but most of all… SIX FLAGS! Come on, does there really have to be any other reasons? How: Prices are: Pre-sale (by Oct. 18): $30 After Pre-sale: $34 Season Pass Holders: $5 *Transportation will most likely be provided by bus*

October Calendar Sunday


Tuesday 1




Wednesday 2







Frozen Lemonade Sales!

Club Meeting




Club Meeting

RTC 11pm4pm (pg. 7)


18 Club Meeting











Minimum (CPT) Day







CASA pop up fundraiser 7pm-9pm 19 HVRM 5pm8pmish (pg. 5) 26

Club Meeting

Homecoming Dance!




Wheels to the Sea 8am-6pm (pg. 5)

Green = Club Meeting Yellow = Key Club Event Blue = Other Event The October DCM is TBD, so if you are interested, email me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out! The same goes for any other event on this calendar that does not have a time on it.

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Thank you SO MUCH for reading!

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