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Crude, rude, and offensive, “Louis” garners critical acclaim

“The darkness and light of ‘Louie’” By Matthew Gilbert Boston Sunday Globe (June 8, 2014) Letter to the Editor:


atthew Gilbert’s incisive reviews are always a pleasure to read, and they have led to my discovery of many first-rate shows. His latest review of “Louie,” however, ("The darkness and light of 'Louie,'" SundayArts, June 8) neglects to point out to readers that the program helps set a new standard for vulgarity in TV viewing. Louis C.K. seems to be following too closely in the footsteps of George Carlin. C.K.'s provocative scripts are peppered with cringe-worthy obscenities. As a result, I cannot recommend this otherwise noteworthy program to my family and friends. For me it remains a secret indulgence. I keep praying that C.K. stops asking “How low can we go” but, rather, starts asking “Can we take the higher ground and still work magic?”

"Louie": Crude, rude, and offensive  
"Louie": Crude, rude, and offensive  

The TV program, "Louie," which has gathered critical acclaim, may be ground-breaking, but it is also crude, rude, and offensive.