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What if a Texas Holdem School existed? My name is Patrick and I have been playing Texas Holdem since 1994 and living decently out of it since 1999. I tried dozens of different approaches to becoming a Texas Holdem pro from reading books on the subject through observing more skilled players. After 5 years of painful efforts, I pretty much thought that game just wasn't for me. Then in '99, I was invited to join a Texas Holdem School and 6 months later, I quit my day job to become a full-time poker player along with several "classmates". The weird part is that even with the explosion of both the internet and this game, a Texas Holdem school is still a very uncommon concept. Why is becoming a Texas Holdem pro so tough? Before explaining what I mean about a Texas Holdem School, let's look into your current situation. After all, you did spend some time learning the game. You've asked yourself questions and looked for answers. Maybe you bought a book about starting hands or how to play on the turn but did any of that turn you into a pro? Nope! Why is it that you are not making a decent living out of Texas Holdem then? Perhaps it traumatizes you to see a 19 years old working his way to winning a high stakes tournament on television. "He's only 19, how could he possibly be in that seat"? you say. So how do you become a winning Texas Holdem player? Learning from a Texas Holdem School is the big secret. If you want to become good at something, you need to learn from skilled people in that domain. That essentially means 1 on 1 coaching with pros on a regular basis and specific exercises and lessons which, in your situation, your bankroll will benefit from. The same goes for real life. When in elementary or high school, were you given a list of books to buy and then expect to become a Brain Surgeon or a Plumber simply by reading them? Of course not! One or several teachers were needed for you to understand what was in those books. Well, Texas Holdem is exactly the same thing: it is best taught in a Texas Holdem School.

How can I find a Texas Holdem School? While the library shelves are filled with books and the internet is all the same with e-books about the same subject, it is possible to find a great Texas Holdem School. In fact, the best one out there right now is called Micon Secrets 2.0 and is named after Bryan Micon, a Texas Holdem pro with solid teaching skills.

Patrick Lavergne is a professional Texas Holdem player since 1999 and has ONE question for you. Are YOU ready to TRULY become a winner at Texas Holdem? Click here to find out EXACTLY how to make it happen []

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