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==== ==== Hold'em Poker is the most popular version of poker played ==== ====

This Texas Hold Em Poker tip is all about the importance of playing for something when you play poker. By that I mean playing to win something. Obviously money is usual choice for people. Although other things work as well. Poker is meant to be played for something, period. It doesn't matter how big or small the stakes are, they just have to exist. Your decisions and play in poker need to mean something. For them to mean something there needs to be consequences. If you make the correct decisions you get a reward, if you don't, well you miss out. If you ever get the chance to watch people play free poker you will notice that the game play is completely different to that in a paid game. People play so much looser because if they screw up, well, it doesn't matter. When you play for free, no one throws a hand away. It doesn't matter because they aren't going to lose anything anyway. Everyone always plays right down to the river, trying to get the best hand. The whole facet of betting is removed from the game. Its like a sad play out of probability. This is because there is no penalty if people lose. It takes the whole essence of the game away. But when your actually playing for something, even if its only five or ten bucks, you will notice a huge difference in the way everyone plays. Suddenly, people are thinking more about the hands they are playing and how much they are betting. They are folding without good cards or later in the game to cut their losses. Everyone is trying to win because there is a penalty for losing, a penalty that didn't have to be paid when playing for free, and a reward for winning. The reward wasn't really there in the free games. People instinctively want to win the reward and want to avoid losing, or missing out. You can instantly increase your poker game by increasing the stakes. Going from free to something is raising the stakes big time. You will notice, almost automatically or subconsciously, you immediately are thinking more, paying attention, making better decisions, all because you want to win. You should be rewarded for making the correct decisions in poker, so follow this Texas Hold Em Poker tip and actually play poker for something and you will be rewarded.

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==== ==== Hold'em Poker is the most popular version of poker played ==== ====

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