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When you play poker, you play to win of course. Same is true with the ever-popular variation of this card game called the Texas Hold em, when you play this card game make sure that you play to win and to enjoy yourself. Winning a game of Hold em is easier said than done since there are a lot of things that should be considered, and a lot of terms and rules that should be taken in mind. After learning all the rules and terms, you need also to check out the many tips and strategies as offered by the professionals and the veteran players. There are a number of Hold em tips and strategies out there, and if you will read and memorize them all then you take the fun out of the game. Memorizing all of them may not be a good idea. But if you need to arm yourself with a few tips, then here are 3 free Texas Hold em tips that can assist you on your games. These 3 free Texas Hold em tips are easy to remember and can be used at any stage of the card game. But just remember that these tips that we offer will not turn you overnight into a professional poker player, but surely these 3 free Texas Hold em tips can lead you at the right direction. Here is one tip that you should know; you don't have to play too many hands. Yes you may enjoy the game and you may feel the rush to play the hand every time. Though there is that energy in you and you think the game is at your hands, remember that in this card game patience is a virtue. Just be patient and remove luck from the equation. Another tip that is worth having and worth knowing is this; you have to watch and observe how your opponents play and watch out for their physical and strategic habits. Observing how your opponents act will lead you as well to the proper direction. And what's the best time to observe the other players? It's when you are not involved in the hand. Often the looks on their faces will tell you about the status of their cards and by watching their moves; you can also anticipate their future moves for future games. Don't leave the table if you are uninterested on their moves, stay and watch them how they bet and how aggressive they are when the flop starts. And the third tip that we can offer you is to use bluffing at the right time, at the right moment for the right reason. And yes, use the bluffing strategy with caution. Beginners utilize bluffing as a way for them to compensate of their lack of knowledge. Bluffing may work at times but this strategy on the table should not be overused unless you may want to expose your style to them. There are too many tips and tricks that can be used on Hold em but these 3 free Texas Hold em tips are more than enough to prepare you for some impromptu Hold em game. Read and understand the 3 free Texas Hold em tips and see your chances of winning improved along the way.

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==== ==== For free Poker Tips check this out ==== ====

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