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Nomination Form Fill in this nomination form and give it, along with your Dream Scheme artwork, to your YMCA worker. Your YMCA will then choose the best scheme to enter into the national final.

Your Name

Your Age

Name of your YMCA

What activity would your Dream Scheme improve?

What form of art have you used to show us your Dream Scheme?

We will need a good idea of the look and the ideas for your Dream Scheme; how it would work and how it could improve your YMCA. Before you get started ask your YMCA worker for the competition guidelines.

Thank you for sharing your Dream Scheme with us and we look forward to seeing your creation! Good luck!

YMCA’s Supporting Statement This section is to be filled in by a member of staff from the YMCA offering the nominated activity. Name of staff Name of YMCA Position In no more than 500 words, please write a supporting statement to the Dream Scheme explaining how you will make your young person’s wish a reality.

Signature Chief Executive’s Name Chief Executive’s Signature

Dream Scheme Creative Competition  

Client: BEST Project, Working with Young People Unit, YMCA England ; Audience: local YMCAs running extended services; Aim: creative competit...