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Panda Bed

Furniture Design Project by Sarah Allouba and Antoniya Petrova Interior Design Master ІІ

Initial Sketches

The Concept 

We have to design a bed for a girl at the age of 4.

She lives in Florence with her parents in a small apartment.

Her parents want for her room a bed that will not take much space, but

still, would have an extra place for the evenings when her best friend is staying overnight. 

The bed must have enough storage space inside, where she can keep her toys. It must also be appropriate for the period of 3 to 5 years.

The girl loves animals so her parents want to surprise her with a room, that will make her happy and will be filled with her favorite animals, special place among them is for the panda bears. 

Interactive parts

Option 2

Environment Example

FDA 2014

Panda bed  

Furniture Design FDA

Panda bed  

Furniture Design FDA