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Concept is where all the research .......... Archimotion is a combination of two disciplines of dance(motion) and architecture that share a special relationship that are related. Both have its own definition and use space as the main interpretation. Dance is movement of the human body through space over time. Architecture and its spatial qualities are experienced by the human body through movement over time. Dance. When we look at dance in matter of space. The principle of space can easily be developed by taking the cube as a basic of our spatial oreientatiom . The conception of the cube as a basic is not a compromise but a fundamental principle of our oreint in space.To think about space created for and by the body as the common linkage between dance and architecture. I utilized the dance performance theatre as a vehile of design investigation. By employing the concept of the practice of dance whereas the stages of PREPARATION- PRACTICE-PERFORM. The intent of this thesis project is to find an architectural solution for the dance performance theatre that inform the users of dance and allows dance to inform the definition of the architetcural space.



Artist’s impression

Art House Theatre  

5th Year Design Process Master of Architecture 2013 University of Newcastle