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Conclusion Even though the project has struggled throughout the from the early stage towards the end, the changes and research has been developed and a certain conceptual ideas have remained true. There was also difficult and tough phase in this design process, getting through the brief and the site was one of them. However, designing the Art House Theatre within a public land reserve, the architecture should always be refined and reflect the patterns and action of its user. The Art House Theatre proposal focused on the human concept, environmental, cultural aspect and how this project can be accepted into Newcastle’s community. Thus, this project would be a new foundation for arts performer to further their career and experience being a performer in a whole new perspective. With this Art House Theatre I hope it could be one of the base in this new typology art’s performing building nature in the future and if given the opportunity I hope to continue this type of study near the future. Thank You.



Art House Theatre  
Art House Theatre  

5th Year Design Process Master of Architecture 2013 University of Newcastle