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TROUBLE IN WINTER WONDERLAND Plenty of accidents as roads turn slick; students to make up day Jan. 3

Treatments close to home worthy of a donation


The weather Thursday morning that sent drivers skidding across the county will also cut winter break short by a day for Rowan-Salisbury School System students. Students will make up the canceled day of classes on Jan. 3, returning a day earlier than planned. The weather outside Thursday was definitely frightful, and the same ice that coated roads and kept school buses off their normal routes made it a very busy day for emergency responders across Rowan County. With temperatures dropping again overnight, the National Weather Service and N.C. Department of Transportation warned drivers to watch out for black ice on county roads this morning.


A year ago Sandra Menius found out she had colon cancer and has been taking chemotherapy at Carolina Oncology. She’s been a giver in the past to the Christmas Happiness fund, but this year, she wanted to make her donation in honor of the folks who see to her comfort while undergoing treatment. “They are such a great group of people,” Menius said. Menius, a Rowan native, contributed $50 to the fund. She said it’s hard enough dealing with cancer and chemotherapy without having to travel out of the county to oncology centers in WinstonSalem and Charlotte. “We have a wonderful place right here Salisbury. We are very fortunate to have such knowledgeable people in town,” she said. When she arrives for her treatments, the staff is very welcoming with a “smile and laughter,” Menius said, which helps her get through the treatments, “even when you are not feeling so well.” The staff goes beyond the call of duty and sometimes past work hours. “I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me this past year, and as I continue with treatments this coming year,” she said. Giving to others is what Christmas is all about, she said. I wanted to do something for them (the children) and I knew they get a lot of food things and this would be a way to honor them (Carolina Oncology) and help the children,” Menius said. Deadline for Christmas Happiness contributions is Dec. 23. The Post’s business office will be closed Christmas Eve. Contributions to the Christmas Happiness Fund may be brought to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mailed to the Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639 Salisbury, NC, 28144. Make checks payable to the Christmas Happiness Fund and indicate how you want your donation listed. Yesterday’s total ..$48,899.35 Nu Wave Salon: Karen, Kim, Ashley, Sheliah, Darlene ........$80 In loving memory of Joyce Kneip on her Birthday-December 17th by Debbie Eller ................$25 In honor of Daryl, Phillip and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Choir by Pennie and Dick Martin ..$100 In honor of the extraordinary Customer Service Team at McKenzie Taxidermy Supply by L. Thomas and Kathy Powell ...........$100 In honor of Cathy Anthony, the best by Bobbie Jean and Rosa Lee Ross .........................$25 In loving memory of my husband Robert (Bob) Parks by Betty Parks .. .....................................$50 In memory of Wendy Atkinson by


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On Thursday, a FedEx truck that overturned on Interstate 85 at 4 a.m. began the day filled with wrecks and stranded motorists. Sgt. Rich Allred of the N.C. Highway Patrol said the accident blocked southbound traffic for hours ThursAt least three day morning fatalities across on the interthe state, 3A state, which responders described as a “sheet of ice.” The Salisbury Fire Department stayed busy along I-85 from 4 a.m. until 8 a.m., responding to at least 12 wrecks on the interstate, the department reported. Sleet and freezing rain early Thursday coated roads all over the county and made

Roads turn deadly


scott jenkins/SALiSBURY POST

Highway Patrol Trooper K.G. Barringer watches as a truck from Royal’s Garage in KannapoLiz TennenT lis pulls Jennifer Bryant’s car up an embankment on n.C. 152. Troopers and two truck driv- Waterfowl scurry across the frozen lake at City Park. ers responded to dozens of wrecks Thursday morning as ice coated county roads.

Memorial service Governor’s call for ‘bold action’ has lawmakers asking why it took so long Saturday for beating victim BY KARISSA MINN

Rowan County’s legislative delegates support recommendations made this week by Gov. Beverly Perdue — they just don’t know what took her so long to agree with the Republicans. Perdue, a Democrat, addressed members of the North Carolina General Assembly on Wednesday as they gathered for a legislative committee meeting. “Our fellow citizens — no matter how they voted in this election or what political affiliation they put beside their names — are looking to us in this room to position North Carolina for a successful and competitive future,” she said, according to a press release from

her office. Perdue outlined three calls to action. The first is to limit the length of time that the General Assembly can remain in session to 90 days in a long session and 45 days in a short session. The press release said this would “provide millions in cost savings for taxpayers.” The second action Perdue calls PERDUE for is the establishment of an independent redistricting commission to ensure fairness as legislative maps are drawn next year. The third asks for statutes that

regulate legislative accountability to be made consistent with her executive order “to better define public records, increase transparency for her office, and give taxpayers more access to government information.” N.C. Rep. Fred Steen said Thursday he agrees with much of what the governor has recommended and says he thinks the new Republican majority could work well with her. “Republicans have repeatedly asked for (an independent redistricting commission),” Steen said. “But now that we’re in the ninth inning, it’s going to be kind of hard to change the constitution so that we’ll be allowed to do that when we get


Final passage of tax break deal close WASHINGTON (AP) — Acting with uncommon speed, Congress moved toward final passage Thursday night of sweeping, bipartisan legislation to avoid a Jan. 1 spike in income taxes for millions and renew jobless benefits for victims of the worst recession in 80 years. The measure also will cut Today’s forecast 47º/27º Sun returns

Social Security taxes for nearly every wage-earner and pump billions of dollars into the still-sluggish economy. The legislation was the result of a reach across party lines by President Barack Obama and top Republicans in Congress — stubborn adversaries during two years of political combat that ended when the GOP emerged the undis-


Fannie D. Marshall Richard C. Reeder Jr. Deborah W. Adams Robert L. Washington

puted winner in midterm elections on Nov. 2. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Fla., called it “a bipartisan moment of clarity” as the House moved toward an expected late night vote. After forcing a delay in the House early in the day, Dem-

See TAX, 2A Cherry P. VanHoy Lucille P. Christie John R. Philpott

More national news California’s effort to cut greenhouse gases tops roundup of day’s news, 6B


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The family of Richard “Richie” Carl Reeder Jr. will hold a memorial service for Richie’s friends, family and co-workers at their home Saturday to celebrate their 42-year-old son whose life ended Sunday morning during a fatal assault and robbery in Salisbury. “I know Rich would have liked to have had something here for his friends that he met down here and his co-workers,” Richie’s mother Rita McDufford said. “It’s just something I want to do for him.” The family asks friends and family to drop by Saturday from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. at their Salisbury home, 1520 Glenwood Ave. Rita said Thursday that Reeder’s friends REEDER don’t really know how to take the news. “They’re all just so hurt,” she said. “They’ve called, they’ve been by. Everybody is just so hurt by the whole thing.” Richie worked at Magna Composites six to seven days a week, and Saturday was his first day off since the first of October. He spent the day with his parents, and the night with friends. He was found in a creek at the City Park off of Jackson Street around 9:30 Sunday morning.

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ocratic critics settled for a separate vote in their bid to toughen an estate tax provision they attacked as a giveaway to the very rich. They were defeated, 233-194, with one vote of “present.” “The president will be able to sign it as soon as he likes,” said Rep. Rob An-

LAWMAKERS FROM 1a Census data sometime in February.” Harry Warren, who will replace outgoing Democrat N.C. Rep. L o r e n e Coates, said he has supported using an independent commission for redistricting throughout WARREN his campaign. “We will be looking at the feasibility of using a nonpartisan entity to do redistricting,” he said Thursday. “I’m not sure we’ll have enough time to put that in place for this one, but I don’t think it’s out of line to let Republicans have one shot at redistricting in a century.” Steen and Warren both said the Republican majority’s goal is to have fair and legal districts, no matter who draws them. They also said they had no problem with shorter sessions, but once again, it may not happen right away. “I don’t think we can cut the session to 90 days with the challenges facing the Republican legislature,” Warren said. “It is one of the initiatives of Republican leadership to return the leg-


month.” Rep. Elijah Cummings, DMd., said the White House “could have gotten a better deal” in secretive talks. Policy differences aside, the legislation stood on the brink of enactment just 10 days after the president announced he had agreed on a framework with Republicans. The bill provides a twoyear extension of tax cuts enacted when George W. Bush was president, avoiding an increase at all income levels.

islature back to a part-time position ... so it will be addressed in the long run.” Steen said the legislature will need plenty of time STEEN next year to work on North Carolina’s budget. “The state is in a very difficult situation right now economically, and the budget process is going to reflect that,” he said. Shifting the session earlier might be a good idea, Steen added, especially since county and municipal governments must adjust their own budgets according to the state’s. Both Steen and Warren

said transparency and open government are important, and they would support efforts to increase them. Warren also praised a plan announced by Perdue earlier this month to consolidate state agencies and cut 150 boards and commissions. He called her recommendations “very conservative.” In an email to the Post Thursday, N.C. Sen. A n d r e w Brock was less compli- BROCK mentary as he agreed with Perdue’s calls to action. “I am glad that the governor is looking at suggestions that the Republicans have

made for some time now,” Brock wrote. “She has not be insulated from these suggestions; in fact she heard many when she spent 24 years as an elected official herself.” He went on to ask why, if the governor felt so strongly about these recommendations, did she not make them while she was serving as a state representative, a state senator, lieutenant governor or governor until Republicans took control. “Some would say that many of the problems we face now were her doing,” Brock wrote. He said Republicans would show North Carolinians “a responsible government that is efficient, effective and encourages job growth in the private sector.” Contact reporter Karissa Minn at 704-797-4222.

North Main Baptist Church Choir will present the


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recovery. Largely marginalized in the negotiations leading to the bill, Democrats emphasized their unhappiness with Obama. “We stand today with only one choice: Pay the ransom now or pay more ransom later,” said Rep. Brad Sherman of California. “This is not a place Democrats want to be. But, ultimately, it is better to pay the ransom today than to watch the president pay even more, and I think he’d be willing to pay a bit more next


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drews of New Jersey, who added later on the House floor he would support “an imperfect bill” in hopes of stimulating job creation. The Senate passed the legislation Wednesday, 81-19. House Republicans who will move into powerful posts when the GOP takes control in January urged passage of the bill. Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, in line to become majority leader, said the measure, while not perfect, marked a “first step” toward economic



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2A • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010

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Winter blast leads to record day of energy production at Duke Energy Duke Energy customers in the Carolinas set an all-time record for winter power use Wednesday, and the utility says next month’s bills could increase significantly because of it. The utility generated 17,570 megawatts of electricity for the hour ending at 8 a.m. That’s around the same time Rowan County’s temperature set a new record low of 9 degrees. The previous winter peak of 17,282 was set

earlier this year on Jan. 11. The all-time peak for the utility was Aug. 8, 2007, when Duke generated 18,988 megawatts of electricity. Around 50 percent of a customer’s energy costs are attributed to heating and cooling the home. “During a similar cold snap last year, the average residential customer saw a 30 percent increase in his or her power bill. We could see a similar trend this season,” said Gianna Manes, Duke Energy’s chief customer officer. “We often forget that when the temperatures

drop, our heating systems work harder and longer to maintain the comfort level in our homes.” Duke encourages customers who may have trouble paying bills that come in higher than they expected to call early and discuss their options, including special assistance programs and possible payment arrangements. The company also encourages customers to conserve. Small changes in energy usage could make a big difference, it says.

WINTER FROM 1A driving dangerous in many places. While the Salisbury Police Department saw no more than 12 wrecks in Salisbury, the Highway Patrol responded to a total of 71 calls in Rowan between 4 a.m. and 2 p.m. State troopers typically respond to around five or six wrecks a day in Rowan County. This morning could be another adventure for drivers. After temperatures climbed above freezing Thursday, the National Weather Service says they will again fall to around 32 degrees, creating patches of black ice on the roadways. Meteorologist Neil Dixon said the black ice will make driving “pretty difficult” on any untreated roads. “All of the sidewalks, roads and bridges are all wet from the precips that have fallen” Thursday, Dixon said. He noted that northern Rowan was still getting rain Thursday night. Dixon said temperatures should rise above freezing after sunrise, but he urges folks to watch for slick spots in shaded areas. On Saturday another “weather maker” will be moving into Rowan, Dixon said. It will start when temperatures are below freezing, and precipitation will fall as a mix of rain and snow. Dixon said not to expect any significant accumulation Saturday. Some folks Thursday avoided back roads on their way to work, but still weren’t in the clear. Jennifer Bryant knew county roads were bad Thurs-

scott jenkins/SALISBURY POST

Jennifer Bryant, left, and her 5-year-old daughter Kaitlyn watch as a tow-truck pulls Bryant’s Nissan up an embankment on N.C. 152 Thursday morning after Bryant hit a patch of ice. day morning, so she avoided the back roads she normally drives from Rowan to her job in Charlotte. As Bryant drove along N.C. 152 just west of Rockwell, though, she hit a patch of ice and lost control of her Nissan sedan. The car spun around and Bryant found herself skidding toward a steep embankment, a utility pole in her path. “All I could see was the pole in front of me, and I just prayed to God I didn’t hit it,” she said. She missed the pole and her car ended up sliding backward down the embankment. It came to rest at a 45-degree angle in a deep hole, its nose pointing toward the sky above Rockwell. Banged up but without major injury, Bryant climbed out the passenger side and got

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help from a good Samaritan. “I’m just thankful God watched over me and I didn’t hit that pole,” she said. “Cars are replaceable. My life’s not.” Bryant’s husband Randy and 5-year-old daughter Kaitlyn returned to the wreck scene with her later, and Bryant said she was doubly thankful Rowan-Salisbury school officials canceled classes and Randy wasn’t on the roads taking Kaitlyn to kindergarten. The accident happened around 8:20 a.m., but with so many wrecks, the Highway Patrol and a towing company couldn’t get to Bryant’s car until around 11:30 a.m. Highway Patrol Trooper K.G. Barringer said he had investigated 10 wrecks by the time he got to Bryant’s, and he estimated troopers in Rowan

Other tow-truck owners were also busy. Gaskey at Robbie Franklin Service and Garage on U.S. 601 responded to several stranded drivers on the roads throughout the morning, he said. Phillip Leonard, owner of Leonard Motor and Towing on Railroad Street said the need for towing services was higher than usual. “A lot of them were stuck in ditches and some went off into the ditch in their driveway and some into curves,” he said. Leonard’s first call came in at 5:30 a.m. as roads in the county near the Ellis Cross Roads community and Old Mocksville Road lay under sheets of ice. “It was cold,” he said of the weather early Thursday morning. Allred said that when roads are in the condition they were Thursday, drivers who don’t have to be out should stay home. “Don’t drive unless you have to get out,” he said. “Just be prepared for the weather and stay in.” For information on roads in your area, call 511, the N.C. Department of Transportation’s toll-free travel information line.

had already responded to between 30 and 40, most with no injuries. “It’s not been isolated,” Barringer said. “It’s been out here, the interstate, the western end of the county, everywhere.” Dean Royal, of Royal’s Garage in Kannapolis, responded with his brother Robbie Royal to pull Bryant’s car up the embankment and tow Contact reporter Shelley it away. He said the towing Smith at 704-797-4246. Scott business was “up 100 percent” Jenkins and Shavonne Potts over Wednesday. contributed.

Roads turn deadly across the state RALEIGH (AP) — State troopers say three people died in separate traffic accidents in eastern North Carolina as snow, sleet and freezing rain left some local roads coated with an icy glaze. The Highway Patrol said one man was killed Thursday when a pickup truck and a car collided on a road near Fayetteville. Another fatal accident occurred in Robeson County. In Duplin County, the patrol said 65-year-old Michael Waller of Deep Run was killed when the pickup truck he was driving hit a patch of ice on N.C. 11 near Pink Hill and collided with another truck. The driver of the other vehicle was not injured. Elsewhere, icy conditions in metro Atlanta and north Georgia also prompted road closures. Those who ventured out had to allow time to clear ice that coated nearly everything, from cars to walkways to the sides of buildings. In Florida, farmers were assessing how cold weather affected their crops.

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DISTRICT MAP AMENDMENT: LDOZ-09-2010 Petitioner(s): ..........................................City of Salisbury Owner(s): ..............................................Lerner / Rack Room Shoes Address: ................................................175 & Unnumbered Circle M Drive Tax Map - Parcel(s):..............................471-059, 471-108 Size / Scope: ..........................................Approximately 26.3 acres (2 parcels) Location: ................................................Located along the south margin of Circle M Drive and along the east margin of Cedar Springs Road just north of North Main Street (US-29) REQUEST: Request to amend the City of Salisbury Land Development District Map by establishing LIGHT INDUSTRIAL (LI) zoning on approx. 26.3 acres (2 parcels) at 175 Circle M Drive as part of recent annexation proceedings

PLANNING BOARD RECOMMENDATION: At their meeting of November 9, 2010 the Planning Board voted 11-0 to recommend APPROVAL of the proposed map amendment.

A copy of the above petition is available for public review at City Hall (217 South Main Street). Persons wishing a copy, or additional information, should call (704) 638-5244. If persons would like to respond in writing, they may do so by mailing a letter to Community Planning Services, P.O. Box 479, Salisbury, NC 28145 or by e-mail to Citizens interested in the proposal are invited to attend and participate in the public hearing. Changes may be made in the above proposal as a result of debate, objection, or discussion. This the 8th day of December 2010.


Myra B. Heard, CMC City Clerk ********** The above NOTICE was published first in the SALISBURY POST in its issue of Saturday, December 11, 2010. R127725

229 East Main Street • Rockwell, NC, 28138



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FRIDAY December 17, 2010





A Ford Mustang was about a foot away from ending up in the creek at the intersection of East Council Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Thursday afternoon.

Car almost ends up in creek The driver of a Ford Mustang almost ended up in the water Thursday afternoon after he ran a stop sign, collided with another car, and was sent backward down a creek bank, resting only feet from the icy water. The wreck happened around 4:30 p.m. at the intersection of East Council Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. According to Salisbury Police Officer Ryan Carlton, the driver of the Mustang, William Collins, 27, of Lower Palmer Road, Rockwell, was traveling down Council Street, failed to stop for the stop sign, and hit another vehicle. The impact sent the Mustang backward down a creek bank. Collins was able to walk away without injuries. The driver of the other vehicle involved, Dee Davis, 62, of Lafayette Circle, and passenger, Henry Bridges, 54, of the same address, were taken to Rowan Regional Medical Center for minor injuries. Davis’ Ford Taurus station wagon was hit on the driver’s front side. Collins was cited for unsafe movement, displaying a fictitious tag and no insurance.

Henderson students arrested after robbery in school Three Henderson Independent High School students have been charged with felony robbery following an incident in the stairwell at the school, police say. Bobby Edward Wesley II, 17, is charged with felony common law robbery and given a $3,500 secured bond. Keith Douglas Davidson Jr., 18, was charged with felony common law robbery, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. WESLEY Davidson is in jail under a $26,000 secured bond. The third person charged Deadrian Cowan, 19, had not been arrested Thursday. Police said the three teens cornered Christopher Fleming, 16, in the stairwell of the school, went through his pockets and took his wallet. As Fleming tried to stop them, DAVIDSON they hit him in the face. A total of $10 was taken from Fleming, who was later found in the gym with minor injuries. He did not need medical attention, police said. The incident happened Dec. 8 but wasn’t reported until Dec. 14. The warrants were obtained Tuesday after police showed a district attorney surveillance video from the stairwell.

Police: 14-year-old holds kitchen knife to mother’s throat Denial of sweet tea prompted attack A 14-year-old who must have really had a hankering for sweet tea Wednesday night was arrested after police say he held a kitchen knife to his mother’s throat when she denied him tea. The Salisbury Police Department said officers responded to a Dan Street residence around 11 p.m. Although the boy was sitting on the couch in the living room when they arrived, the family told police the boy had to be physically restrained by his older brother, keeping him away from his mother. The boy refused to cooperate with the officers, and he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and taken to a youth correctional facility.

donnie robertS/ThE DISPATCh

The Rev. Bill Godair, center, and his wife Tina, left, of Cornerstone Church in Salisbury talk with Delorest Lattimore in the master bedroom of Lattimore’s newly remodeled house. Cornerstone Church members and other volunteers completely renovated the house in one week while Lattimore had no knowledge of it while on a trip to Texas.

Cornerstone Church remodels member’s home BY DENEESHA EDWARDS The Dispatch of Lexington

LEXINGTON — Delorest Lattimore never imagined coming home from a trip to Texas on Wednesday that she would be greeted by nearly 100 friends and neighbors who surprised her with a remodeled home. The early Christmas gift was an act of love conspired by members of Lattimore's church, Cornerstone Church in Salisbury. She was greeted with hugs, cheers and applause by church members, co-workers, neighbors and community members who offered their support. “Thank you to everybody,” Lattimore said in tears after she arrived in a limousine. “I could have never imaged this. Thank you Lord, it's beautiful.” Several members in the crowd held signs that read “Welcome home,” “Congratulations” and “Cornerstone Church loves you.” Bill Godair, the lead pastor of the church, shouted through a bullhorn to Lattimore, “We have done an extreme makeover. Merry Christmas,” right before the crowd yelled “move that bus.” Plans to fix the house started nearly a month ago when a church member stopped by the

Delorest Lattimore, center, is astonished at seeing her remodeled house Wednesday evening on Leonford Street while surrounded by Tina Godair, right, and other members of Cornerstone Church in Salisbury along with Lattimore’s neighbors. house to assist Lattimore with some electric work. After noticing how poor the condition of the home was in, church members

prayed that help would come to help Lattimore because she was a good woman. A couple of weeks later, Godair and church

members decided to act, feeling compelled by the spirit that they needed to do something to help. “I’ve known her for 14 years and never heard her complain,” Godair said. “I would have never dreamed she had this kind of situation at home. We realized it was a severe situation. If she knew we were trying to do anything, she would say no because that's the type of person she is. It has been a great blessing and an act of love.” Lattimore, a single mother of three children — LaKisha, Antonio and Tamika — had been living in the house on Leonford Street for more than 15 years. The house didn't have any central heat or air, water had piled underneath the house creating mold, some of the walls were without drywall and one of the bathrooms did not work. Before her mother arrived, Tamika said her mom is a very private and quiet person and would be blown away once she saw her new home. Tamika stays at the home with her mother and was overwhelmed with everything and was anxious and excited for her mom to return. “I've been in tears all week,” Tamika said. “She always told us we were very blessed. We're


Water bills now paid at customer service center BY EMILY FORD


A vintage wedding dress inspired the award-winning holiday window display at Salisbury Square Antiques, 111 S. Main St.

Salisbury Square wins window contest BY EMILY FORD

A vintage wedding dress inspired the holiday window display at Salisbury Square Antiques, which won top prize in the downtown storefront decoration contest. The window features the gown and other unique items for sale in the antiques shop, along with Christmas trees, wreaths and seasonal decor. The

color gold, used prominently throughout the large display, ties everything together. The bride never wore her dress. Before she could marry, the groom was killed in battle during World War II. The bride-to-be died a short time later. “She grieved herself to death,” said John Shuler, Salisbury Square An-


Salisbury utility customers who pay their bill in person should use the new Customer Service Center at 1415 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The new facility opened Monday. The transition from the former location at 132 N. Main St. has gone smoothly, said Karen Wilkinson, city director of public information. The new drive-up kiosk for bill payment has been a hit with customers, especially during inclement weather, said Wade Furches, city finance manager. “Customers are finding the drive-through service to be most convenient and a wonderful addition during these cold and blustery days,” Wilkinson said. Customers have been trying out the drivethrough all week, she said. The 26,658-square-foot Customer Service Center has more parking than the city’s downtown office building, as well as city bus service. Salisbury Transit stops at the intersection across the street from the new facility, which also houses Fibrant, the city’s new telecommunications utility. Residents can sign up for Fibrant at the center and pay that bill, as well as make other city service payments. The building includes a telecommunications and radio shop to serve the city and county, Access16 TV production studio, the city’s Information Technology and Training Department and more. For customer service assistance, call 704-6385300. Contact reporter Emily Ford at 704-797-4264.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 5A


Victims’ families sue in Carthage nursing home shootings

RALEIGH (AP) — Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against the man accused of murdering North Carolina school board member Kathy Taft. Multiple media outlets reported Thursday that Wake County authorities want Jason Keith Williford to be executed for the March attack in Raleigh that killed the education official from Greenville. The 62-year-old Taft was struck multiple times in the head and sexually assaulted. She died three days after being attacked in home of a friend, where she was recovering after plastic surgery. Messages left Thursday for Williford’s lawyer and for the Wake County district attorney were not immediately returned.

BAE Systems to spend $3 million, hire 176 in NC CHARLOTTE (AP) — Military contractor BAE Systems Inc. plans to spend $3 million on a new service center near Charlotte and will hire 176 workers. North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue announced the Arlington, Va.based company’s plans Thursday. The center will perform human resources and finance operations for the 52,000 employees of the U.S.based segment of London-based BAE Systems PLC. Company president Linda Hudson says having the operations in one location will save money. The company says the average salary of workers at the center will be more than $50,000 a year. The governor’s office says the project will be awarded a job development grant by the state that could be worth up to nearly $2 million if BAE Systems meets certain standards over nine years.

Elon, nonprofit to aid refugees in Triad GREENSBORO (AP) — Refugees who arrive in North Carolina’s Triad are about to get some more assistance thanks to Elon University’s law school. The News & Record of Greensboro reported Thursday that Elon law school students and a new nonprofit agency will aid refugees in the region starting next month. The Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic will offer services including helping people apply for political asylum, citizenship and employment. Several agencies already help immigrants in the Triad, which is where about one-third of the state’s refugees live. The new clinic could help take up the slack left when Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas ended its work over the past year.

Ex-NFL quarterback gives away turkeys in hometown

VANCEBORO (AP) — Two hundred residents in Vanceboro received free turkeys for Christmas, thanks to a hometown hero, former NFL quarterback Anthony Wright. The Sun Journal of New Bern reported Wright provided the turkeys at his mother’s Main Street’s Ice Elderly Pasquotank County Cream Cafe on Wednesday. Donna Wright says it’s the fourth couple found slain year her son has provided turkeys to ELIZABETH CITY (AP) — Police local residents. say an elderly couple has been slain in northeastern North Carolina and a man is in police custody after being spotted driving their missing truck. The bodies of 83-year-old Robert Alexander and 86-yearold Carolyn Alexander were found in a ditch Wednesday along a secluded dirt road near the Albemarle Sound in Pasquotank (PAS’-kwah-tank) County. Sherriff Randy Cartwright said Thursday that police were

Anthony Wright is now 34 and lives in Charlotte. He played football for the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Giants before retiring in 2008. He played at the University of South Carolina from 1995 to 1998.

Ceremony to honor domestic violence victims DURHAM (AP) — A ceremony in Durham is honoring the lives of dozens of people who lost their lives in North Carolina because of domestic and family violence this year. The City of Durham held its 10th annual memorial tree lighting ceremony on Thursday evening. The tree will bear the names of those violence victims from around the state. City Department of Human Relations director Yvonne Pena says the event is not just about remembering the lives lost but about making a renewed commitment to eliminating the senseless violence from the community. The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence says nearly 90 people have been killed in family and domestic violence in 2010.

Ex-Marine gets about 20 years for strangling wife JACKSONVILLE (AP) — A former Marine who admitted strangling his wife with a belt after believing she had been possessed by another person was sentenced Wednesday to more than 19 years in prison and will receive mental health treatment behind bars. Cody Richardson, 23, apologized in court and pleaded guilty to seconddegree murder in the 2009 slaying of his 21-year-old wife, Jessy LauerRichardson, said prosecutor Ernie Lee. The couple had grown up together in Wolfeboro, N.H., before military service took him to Iraq and brought them south. The prosecutor said the case was tragic for both families, who had known each other for many years. Richardson’s attorney said his client had returned from Iraq with mental health problems but refused to take medication. Even the victim’s mother sought help for Richardson. The prosecutor read a statement from Sara Lauer, who asked for leniency for her son-in-law, who had had initially been charged with first-degree murder. Lauer also said that with the right counseling, perhaps one day her sonin-law could be healed. “I believe very strongly that Cody is not well. I also believe very strongly that Cody needs help,” her statement said. “The man who married my daughter, Jessy, is a loving, kind, sensitive, intelligent human being who loved his wife unquestionably.” Defense attorney Allen Foster said the Marines diagnosed Richardson with post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression after he returned from Iraq but, like others, his

client refused to take medication he had been prescribed. Other serious mental illnesses were found by doctors who evaluated Richardson after the slaying, but doctors still considered him competent to enter a plea, Foster said after the sentencing. “It’s very tragic and it’s sad. They’re all sad,” Foster said of the families. “It’s a huge tragedy for a number of people.” Richardson was sentenced to between nearly 20 years and about 24 years in prison. In a rambling, five-page statement given to police after his arrest and made public Wednesday, Richardson claims to have been terror-struck in his belief his wife had been possessed by another person who spent days mocking him and speaking in gibberish. “I begged her to let me have a glimpse of my wife as I had known her,” he wrote. “I did not want to believe that the wife that I loved was never going to return.” He described killing his wife and then sitting bewildered and crying before bathing her body, brushing her hair and then lying next to her in bed as he contemplated suicide. Later, he did chores: taking out the trash, returning a movie rental and then eating at a restaurant where the two used to dine. Richardson was arrested after both he and a friend to whom he had confessed called police. Richardson was an anti-tank missile man assigned to Camp Lejeune’s 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division. He joined the Marine Corps in August 2006 and was promoted to corporal in May 2008 after spending six months in Iraq. He was dismissed from the Marines days after his arrest in September 2009.

Cold water leaving sea turtles stunned BEAUFORT (AP) — An early blast of cold weather along the Atlantic seaboard has wildlife experts scrambling to save dozens of sea turtles stunned by the chilled water. More than 200 turtles rescued from Massachusetts to North Carolina have been getting treatment in several coastal states. And on Wednesday, a U.S. Coast Guard crew took about 40 rehabilitated turtles dozens of miles offshore — an eight-hour round trip — to release them in the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream. To handle all the reptiles, the Coast Guard needed to use one of its 110foot cutters. “It’s part of our mission to protect marine life,” said Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Caleb Peacock. “Anytime we can lend a hand, then we definitely volunteer to do so.” Some of the sea turtles found coldstunned in recent days have died. Others have developed pneumonia and are still undergoing treatment. Kelly Thorvalson, who is leading the care for some of them as the sea turtle rescue program manager with the South Carolina Aquarium, said her facility is providing antibiotics, daily fluids



Located in the heart of North Carolina’s Piedmont section, Lexington is just across the river and only minutes from Salisbury!


Judge dismisses challenge to Voting Rights Act KINSTON (AP) — A lawsuit over an Eastern North Carolina town’s local elections that sought to overturn a major pillar of the 1965 Voting Rights Act was dismissed Thursday by a federal judge in Washington, D.C. District Judge John Bates announced his decision in a brief order that didn’t elaborate on his reasoning, but he wrote that he will soon issue a lengthier ruling. The lawsuit, filed in April on behalf of five Kinston residents by the conservative Center for Individual Rights, challenged a Justice Department decision to strike down a 2008 referendum that would have established nonpartisan elections in the town. The measure was overwhemingly approved by town voters. The Justice Department contended that nonpartisan elections, which are common across North Carolina, would effectively deny black voters the chance to vote for candidates of their choice. The department argued that although blacks make up a majority of Kinston’s registered voters, they have been a minority of actual voters in three of the last four elections. Blacks are able to win elections because of a small but important segment of “crossover votes” from whites who vote straight-party Democrat tickets, the department contended. Stephen LaRoque, the lead plaintiff, said at the time the lawsuit was filed that unelected federal employees shouldn’t have the power to invalidate the results of a free election. Phone calls placed after hours to Terrence Pell, president of the center, were not immediately returned Thursday. The Voting Rights Act gives the Justice Department the authority to review and approve changes in election law or procedure by “jurisdictions” with a history of illegally impeding citizens’ voting rights. That part of the law, Section 5, is most extensively applied in the South, where the entire states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas are covered, along with virtually all of Virginia and large sections of North Carolina.

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and vitamin injections. “Some are certainly in worse shape than others,” she said. She expects all those being treated to survive. Wildlife experts say they are still finding more turtles who need help. Those stunned by cold water typically wash up on shore. Matthew Godfrey, the state sea turtle biologist for North Carolina’ Wildlife Resources Commission, said turtles typically run into problems in the sounds off North Carolina’s coast or in Cape Cod. The turtles will begin migrating south when they feel water temperatures dropping, but the geography of the Outer Banks or the Massachusetts coast can block them from finding an exit. “Sometimes they don’t get out fast enough,” he said.


Reports: DA seeks death penalty for accused killer

called to the victims’ home after their daughter couldn’t find them. Two hours later, a person was taken into custody after being seen driving the Alexanders’ Ford Ranger. Cartwright said the driver was considered a person of interest in the case and was being charged with unrelated crimes. The sheriff declined to release the person’s name. Autopsies were being conducted Thursday to determine how the Alexanders died.



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CARTHAGE (AP) — The families of two of the eight people shot and killed at a North Carolina nursing home last year have sued, saying the home didn’t do enough to protect residents. Seven residents and a nurse were killed and two others were hurt at Pinelake Health and Rehabilitation Center in Carthage on March 29, 2009. The lawsuit filed this week in Durham County Superior Court alleges that the suspect’s estranged wife told her supervisors that he might come for her that day, so they should have known he was likely to attack her there. It also accuses Pinelake and its owners, Peak Resources, of not providing basic protection to residents, such as locked front doors, a surveillance system, or someone working at the front desk. Attorneys for the nursing home said they had not fully reviewed the lawsuit and could not comment. A police officer shot and wounded the suspect, Robert Stewart, who faces eight counts of first-degree murder. Prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against him if he is convicted in the trial scheduled to start July 11. Prosecutors say Stewart went to the nursing home looking for his estranged wife. She hid from him in a closet in the Alzheimer’s ward. The families are seeking more than $10,000, including medical and funeral expenses and damages for pain and suffering. Their lawyer, Mark McGrath, alleges that Stewart was “fully armed and ammoed up and was able to sashay through the door. No locked check points or anything.” “He had his way with the whole facility, which was pretty frightening,” McGrath told The Fayetteville Observer in Thursday’s papers. He is representing the families of victims Louise DeKler, 98, and John Goldston, 78.

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6A • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010


Family time at the heart of holidays

Salisbury Post “The truth shall make you free” GREGORY M. ANDERSON



Advertising Director





Editorial Page Editor

Circulation Director




How many The threat of WikiLeaks more victims? hat a tragedy. Two people are dead, and two children, 4 and 7, are left without their mother and father. For now, they are too young to fully grasp the awful finality of what happened. But eventually, they will agonize over the same question the adults around them are asking today. Why did this happen? Why couldn’t someone have seen it unfolding? Why did Statesville Police Officer Robert Przasnyski murder his estranged wife, Heather, Tuesday evening and then turn the gun on himself, as their two children waited inside their father’s home? Such whys occur far too often in our country and state, where domestic violence is a silent epidemic that courses through communities. According to recent statistics, Some resources North Carolina ranks fourth in • Family Crisis Council of the nation in Rowan County; the number of 24-hour hotline: 704-636-4718 homicides • N.C. Coalition Against committed by Domestic Violence men against women. When 1-888-232-9124 (toll free) Heather Przas• National Domestic Violence nyski fell dead Hotline of gunshot wounds, she 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), became the 1-800-787-3224 TTY 70th domestic • National Coalition Against violence murDomestic Violence der victim in the state this year — matching the state’s total for 2009. In the majority of those cases — though certainly not all — women are the victims, and murder is the final act in a pattern of violence that occurs over months or years. Typically, death lies at the end of a trail of domestic disturbance calls and restraining orders. Breaking the cycle of domestic violence isn’t easy, but women who are battered physically or emotionally can find help through agencies such as the Family Crisis Council of Rowan County. The United Way-supported council operates a shelter and offers support services to help protect abuse victims and their children. It also operates a 24-hour hotline at 704-636-4718. Not all domestic homicides fit the pattern, however. Statesville police said they had no record of previous domestic violence pointing toward Tuesday’s deadly eruption. Robert Przasynski, who formerly worked in East Spencer, apparently left no note and few clues as to his motive. Acquaintances expressed shock and disbelief at his actions. It’s a given that the breakup of a marriage is stressful, depressing and frequently fraught with anger and hostility. Still, most people manage to walk away and get on with their lives. We’ll never know what was going on in Robert Przasynski’s troubled mind nor why he reached for a gun rather than reaching out for help. We’re just left with the whys, two orphaned children and a profoundly sad Christmas story.


Common sense

(Or uncommon wisdom, as the case may be)

A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say. — Italo Calvino

y original idea in writing this article was to write about dysfunctional families during the holidays. I wanted to include some funny and not so funny stories, but the only problem was no one wanted to expose their dysfunction for all the world to see. As a result of not having enough material for the story, I started thinking how conflicts occur when people marry and join two distinct families together called in-laws. Many times issues are involved that never get resolved, but only are glossed over. When the grandchildren are born, it can get even more complicated. I guess I’m DICY among the lucky ones because I have MCCULLOUGH good memories of going to my in-laws for Christmas. My mother-in-law, Mary, loved the holiday and decorated with treasures from her past. She was born in Maine and the theme of the sea often found its way into her decorations. It wasn’t unusual to find seashells or lighthouses in the Christmas decor. When the first grandchild was about 5 years old, Mary decided to add a little humor to the holiday by dressing in a tacky Christmasthemed sweat shirt and Christmas balls for earrings. From then on, the tacky sweat shirt and earrings were expected as part of the Christmas fun. She never disappointed, and the grandchildren were always excited to see what Grandma was going to wear. We still have some of those fashion statements hidden away for safe keeping. Mary was a wonderful cook, and preparation for the meal began weeks in advance. The early preparation usually involved making the cakes and casseroles. I especially loved her sweet potato casserole with pecan and marshmallow topping. Even now, my mouth is watering. My father-in-law, Roger, cooked the turkey and always made celery sticks with cream cheese and olives. At the time, little did I realize the effort and preparation it took to get ready for this family occasion. The holidays weren’t perfect, by any means, but somehow we worked through any disagreements that may have arisen. In the years since my motherin-law and father-in-law have died, the grown children try to keep the memories alive through some of the same traditions, but it has become harder with the passing of time. It seemed for the first five or six years everything went along well, but now that the nieces and nephews have grown up, they make plans of their own that often conflict with the family getting together. Knowing the difficulties we have in planning a Christmas get-together — we all live within an hour of each other — I feel sorry for those families who have to travel long distances. Not only do they have to plan where and when, they also have to make plans of where to stay and for how long. It would be nice if all family gatherings were like those seen on “Happy Days” where everyone is smiling. Even if there is a disagreement, all is forgiven and forgotten within 30 minutes. Unfortunately, that is life on a TV sitcom. We live in the real world with real problems and relationships. In the real world, feelings are hurt and misunderstandings happen. It’s possible a family may never recover and waste precious holidays apart. Oftentimes, misunderstandings could be made right if the parties involved would just talk to each other. But many times that is the problem. There’s a lack of communication and no desire to go across to the other side. What started as a small disagreement just continues to grow into one big ugly mess. No matter how difficult or how much effort it takes, it’s important to preserve the family unit. You never know who may be missing at the table next year. At least for a day, this Christmas, forget the disagreements that may keep your family apart. Just like the first Christmas, give the gift of love to everyone that graces your home or table. You may find, in doing so, it may be your best Christmas ever. “Let us enter a spirited debate, “Let us agree from the outset to disagree, “But let us never break fellowship.” — Unknown • • • Dicy McCullough is a freelance writer and poet who lives in Rowan County. She can be reached at 704-278-4377.


Publisher 704-797-4201

Secrets are crucial to war strategy

n Christmas night 1776, George Washington and his troops silently crossed the Delaware River from Pennsylvania east into New Jersey. They pounced on snoring Hessian mercenaries at their barracks in Trenton. Washington’s surprise attack vanquished the proBritish unit. This unexpected victory rejuvenated the American Revolution just when the cause looked lost. Were they DEROY alive back MURDOCK then, Army Private Bradley Manning (alleged purveyor of some 250,000 secret diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks) might have forwarded Washington’s covert plans to Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’ founder. Assange would have galloped on horseback through Trenton’s snow-clogged streets yelling, “The Yankees are coming! The Yankees are coming!” — all to “inform the public.” Roused from their sleep, the Hessians might have crushed Washington and his men and, thus, the Revolution. If so, we now would drink warm beer at cricket matches. WikiLeakers and their increasingly vocal apologists are stunningly oblivious to military and diplomatic secrecy’s role in preserving freedom and national security. Informing the American people is a noble objective. Unfortunately, our enemies listen in. Germany was unaware


that Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt read Adolf Hitler’s military commands, thanks to captured Nazi Enigma coding machines. England kept this secret until 1974 — 29 years after Hitler committed suicide in Berlin. WikiLeaks about Jimmy Doolittle’s post-Pearl Harbor raid on Tokyo would have knocked American airplanes from Japanese skies. Likewise, “the public’s right to know” about D-Day would have told the Nazis that Eisenhower was en route and turned Normandy beach into an American Waterloo. WikiLeaks’ operators and supporters either recklessly disregard the implications of their revelations or actively subvert U.S. interests, while risking mayhem against Americans and our allies: • WikiLeaks disclosed that a major Mediterranean city has become an al-Qaeda hotbed. (To limit further damage, I have excluded its name.) Consequently, American diplomats there have redoubled their counter-terror efforts. WikiLeaks exposed this to America’s biggest enemy, placing a giant bull’s eye on the relevant U.S. outpost and jeopardizing the country that hosts it. • WikiLeaks posted diplomatic cables detailing critical infrastructure overseas, such as pipelines and vaccine factories. What a perfect target list for those who want to see “infidels” sick or dead. • WikiLeaks blabbed that China seems sanguine about Seoul controlling the entire Korean Peninsula. Next time Washington asks China to babysit Kim Jong Il, it will not help that leaked U.S. cables outed Beijing as less than thrilled with Pyongyang. This raises, not lowers, the odds that Kim will lob more explosives (conventional or atomic) at South Korea, possibly hitting

LETTERS Post should walk the academic talk I read with interest “Scientists of future need urging today” in the Dec. 12 Salisbury Post and agree that our collective future depends on higher academic achievement of our students. Thank you for pointing out the career opportunities for students who apply themselves academically and become college ready. I would like to suggest that you might consider “walking this talk” by increasing the Post’s press on academic achievement. Young people, and even parents, gravitate toward what they perceive as stardom, such as what they see in the daily sports section of your paper. There is nothing at all wrong with this section; sports sell papers and sports are important to the community. Some athletes will earn scholarships, and a few may go on to play professionally. But what about the academic stars? The weekly education section lists names of honor roll students and sometimes includes small (tiny, actually) pictures of individuals achieving academically. Why not showcase these individuals? Aren’t they negotiating as much of a hurdle as the track star who gets a half-page photo? — Frances Shuping Salisbury


American GIs and perhaps dragging America into another Korean War. Since it is painfully clear that America cannot keep secrets (an old problem that WikiLeaks has updated) foreign intelligence sources will tend to clam up. Why whisper to American officials when the result is like shouting into a bullhorn? Nonetheless, a group called argues that “WikiLeaks performs an invaluable service to the broad U.S. and global public with a commitment to the protection of human rights and the rule of law.” Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore offered $20,000 toward Assange’s bail. “He should be thanked and honored, not abused and jailed,” Moore declared Tuesday. Incredible. WikiLeaks will snuff innocent lives, if it has not done so already. The U.S. remains at war with Muslim fanatics who plot mass murder against Americans and our friends overseas. From Mogadishu to Tehran to Pyongyang, bad men wish America the worst. That’s why WikiLeaks is neither funny, nor cute, nor just a “newsy” offshoot of the logorrhea that fuels breathless “Tweets” about Kardashian leg waxings and such. Underscoring this point also serves justice. WikiLeaks’ chief source, Private Manning, should be courtmartialed for espionage and treason. If convicted, he should be placed against a wall and executed by firing squad. (If extradited here, Assange deserves the same sendoff.) Maybe that will convince Americans to stop flapping our gums about things that will get us killed. • • • Deroy Murdock is a columnist with Scripps Howard News Service.


Letters policy The Salisbury Post welcomes letters to the editor. Each letter should be limited to 300 words and include the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number. Letters may be edited for clarity and length. Limit one letter each 14 days. Write Letters to the Editor, Salisbury Post, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639. Or fax your letter to 639-0003. E-mail:

Excuse yourself With the decline in temperatures, many people are coming down with colds and the flu. If it is expected that you cover your mouth when coughing, then to me what I am about to say only makes more sense. Why would anyone think it is OK to blow their nose in front of everyone? This is not something anyone wants to see or hear! I have seen shoppers do this, health professionals and even people sitting at tables in restaurants. This is something that needs/should be done in private. Next time you feel the urge, please excuse yourself to the restroom. Also, try and remember this when allergy season comes around. I would like to know if any of the other readers feel this way as well. Please respond. — Jamie Parker Salisbury

How do you save? With our poor economy forecast to last until 2015, I

think it would be an excellent idea for the Post to encourage its readers to send in their ideas for saving money. This would help some readers and perhaps prompt more Post purchases. For instance, I would suggest that everyone who has a yard should plant tomatoes. If a family has no garden, the tomato plants could be planted close to the house among flowers. Several tomato plants, if properly cared for, could serve a family with tomato sandwiches, soups, etc., for the entire summer and fall. Ask your readers! I would guess they would like to share their ideas. — Jerrell Fisher Granite Quarry

Editor’s note: Several readers have made similar suggestions lately. Good idea. To share your money-saving tips, please e-mail them to or mail to Letters, Salisbury Post, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, N.C. 28145.



suBMiTTed phOTO

The holiday window display at the Blue Vine.


• Blue Christmas Award, The Blue Vine, 209 S. Main St. Owners Rose and Chris Jones conspired with friend Diana Moghrabi for their intheme holiday windows. This downtown nightspot and lunch café beckons patrons with bluesy, wine-themed windows. • Most Nostalgic Animated Display, Bernhardt Hardware, 111 N. Main St. The animated retro-style figures in Bernhardt’s storefront window offer appeal for all generations, but owner Paul Bernhardt and his employees obviously had children in mind with their vignette of a jive-Santa and his musical elves. Watch Santa’s gyrations long enough and you’ll see him pause to catch his breath. • Winter Wonderland, A Step in Time, 5 Easy St. The drift of “snowflakes” in the forecourt of A Step in Time draw people into a charming shop filled with timeless curiosities as well as practical housewares. While there, don’t neglect to greet Elisabeth, the adventurous giraffe, as well as gregarious proprietors Tom Wolpert and Joe Lancione. • Best Children’s Display, The Party Connection, 121 S. Main St. See the luminous and jovial snowmen in the window at night to truly appreciate them. Owner Melanie Shorter designed a clever way to use the business’s merchandise as props while providing a unique holiday setting for a child's photograph. • Best New Shop Window, Grayshores Trading Co., 119 S. Main St. Owner Wendy Beeker seamlessly carries the shop’s eclectic style into the front windows. An intentionally spartan arrangement of simple furniture and accessories is in perfect juxtaposition with a border of sparkling white lights. The commission gave special thanks to Textile Products in the 100 block of North Main Street for dressing windows in the company’s own storefront, as well as additional windows across Main Street. Members also thanked F&M Financial Center for maintaining the elegant public access along Easy Street, and to Summit Developers for the beautiful lighting of the street trees at 120 E. Council St.

tiques co-owner who designed the window. While the sad story isn’t apparent to passersby at 111 S. Main St., the dress and other war- and wedding-related items give the window a nostalgic feel. Designed to look like two rooms, the window features mantles, furniture and rugs, with personal touches like photographs and lamps. “It’s homey, and it draws you to your roots,” Shuler said. The Salisbury Community Appearance Commission this week awarded Shuler and coowner Von Poston the Best Overall Holiday Display Award, calling the window “a feast for the eyes and senses, with their vivid arrangements of unique collectibles in nostalgic room-like settings.” Kim Edds, owner of Serendipity at Godley’s Garden Center, provided the trees, ornaments and other Christmas decor. Shuler designed a second shop window using vintage wisemen on loan from the artist Clyde. The figures once appeared in the store when it was home to Belk. Shuler included an unusual 1915 photograph of his grandparents, George and Lil Devereux, holding hands on the bridge over the south fork of the Yadkin River. The sixth annual storefront awards acknowledges the creative efforts of downtown retailers who decorate their windows and doors to celebrate the holiday season, according to the Community Appearance Commission. Four commission members served as the jury, viewing about 70 seasonal displays created by downtown businesses. They settled on eight awards to honor the most inspired efforts of the shopkeepers, including: • Merry Christmas Award, Queen’s, 221 S. Main St. The color and whimsy of Queen’s windows put the jury in the Christmas spirit. Credit the owner Jane Wise and her staff with the festive and enticing display of delightful gifts that may be found inside the doors. • Most Elegant Display, Caniche, 200 S. Main St. Missy Alcorn and Lesleigh Drye with the Caniche staff lend color and class to downtown shopping. Their window displays, front planters and crisp decorative lights around Contact reporter Emily each window create a vision Ford at 704-797-4264. of sparkle and expectation.

Woman accused of selling prescription drugs CHINA GROVE — A China Grove woman is in the Rowan County jail under a $300,000 secured bond after being arrested for allegedly doctor-shopping and selling various prescription HIOTT drugs, authorities say. Barbara Hoke Hiott, 46, of 1089 Amber Court, is charged

with 21 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and 21 counts of trafficking in opium. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said Hiott used several doctors to get the drugs and different pharmacies to fill the prescriptions. Hiott also used different variations of her name to avoid detection, a report says. Authorities say Hiott was selling the pills, and investigators found the pills, five marijuana plants and a handgun in her home.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 7A

Lucille Plyler Christie

Cherry Pittman VanHoy Robert Lee Washington Deborah W. Adams

VALE — Lucille Plyler Christie, 85, of Vale, went to her Heavenly home Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010. She was born Jan. 18, 1925, in Iredell County to the late Edward and Edna Freeze Plyler. Lucille resided at 8040 Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, until 2000. Her last six years were spent at Cardinal Care Nursing Home and Rehab in Lincolnton. She was a member of Centenary United Methodist Church. She was a loving mother, sister, aunt and grandmother. She spent most of her adult years caring for family members in one way or another. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, J. Will Christie; son-in-law Neal Caskey; and sisters Matie Hill and Doris Overcash. She is survived by her daughter, Willene Caskey of Vale; brother Clark Plyler of Austin, Texas; sisters Lorene Deal of Mooresville, Joyce Brown of Cleveland, Margie Hartsell of Cleveland, Wilma Tonye of Charlotte, Bonnie Coleman of Concord; grandchildren Christie Shuping and husband Todd, Neal Day, Jr., and Grace Caskey; and greatgranddaughter Ashley Day. Service and Visitation: A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 18 at Cavin-Cook Funeral Home Chapel in Mooresville with Rev. Michael Swofford and Rev. Bill Draughn officiating. The family will receive friends following the service. Memorials: In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Hospice & Palliative Care of Lincoln County, 107 N. Cedar St., Lincolnton, NC 28092; and/or Alzheimer's Association, 3420 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215; and/or Centenary United Methodist Church, 620 Centenary Church Road, Mount Ulla, NC 28125. The family would like to give a special thanks to the staff and friends at Cardinal Care and to the staff of Lincoln County Hospice. Cavin-Cook Funeral Home, Mooresville, is serving the Christie family. Condolences may be made to the family at

SALISBURY — Mrs. Cherry Pittman VanHoy, 60, of Salisbury, passed away on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010, at her residence. Cherry was born Aug. 22, 1950, in Tarboro, the daughter of the late Roland Pittman and Irene Cherry Pittman. Cherry was a 1968 graduate of Denton High School and a graduate of Thomasville Business School. She was a member of Calvary Family Worship Center in Lexington and was the former church secretary. Cherry loved her family and all the people she worked with, a “Mother to all and Stranger to none.” Cherry had worked for Intex and Mike Rush Industries as a fabric sales person for furniture and she was an independent sales representative for Plastex. Survivors include daughters Angela VanHoy and Stephanie VanHoy of Salisbury; two grandchildren, Cameron and Cheyenne Raffaldt of Salisbury; sister Charlotte Pacillio of Salisbury; special aunt and uncle Pearl and Chester Butler of Pinetops; niece Vickie Adams of Gold Hill; nephews Andy Hill of San Diego, Calif., and Matt Hill of Gold Hill. Visitation: 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 19 at Powles Funeral Home, Rockwell. Graveside Services: 11 a.m. Monday, Dec. 20 at Rowan Memorial Park Cemetery, Salisbury, conducted by Rev. Bill O'Neal, pastor of Calvary Family Worship Center, Lexington. Memorials: May be made to Calvary Family Worship Center, 1136 Old Linwood Road, Lexington, NC 27292; or flowers may be sent to Powles Funeral Home. Powles Funeral Home of Rockwell is assisting the VanHoy family. Online condolences may be made to

Fannie Davis Marshall LEXINGTON — Mrs. Fannie Mae Davis Marshall, age 73, of East Fifth Avenue Extension, passed on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010, at the Hinkle Hospice House. Arrangements are incomplete and will be announced at a later date by Noble and Kelsey Funeral Home, Inc. of Salisbury.

MAKEOVER FROM 4a blessed, God is good. I give him all the credit. The church has not only shown love, but put it in action. It blesses me that they would love and bless my mother.” When Lattimore traveled to Texas last week to see her son, who is in the Army, church members saw that as the opportunity to make life a little better for one of their members. Since last Wednesday more than 100 volunteers have come to the house to install central heating and air conditioning, paint rooms, repair some electrical wiring, fix windows, spray foam installation, complete plumbing and finish an additional room that was added a couple of years ago. They also renovated the front porch and added some landscaping. “We just wanted to make the house safe,” said Rev. Calvin Willis, one of the pastors at the church. “The house was not keeping any heat. We fixed all the holes in the foundation, took care of the roofing and placed gutters on the house to take care of all the major moisture problems.” Willis couldn't believe the outpouring of support from the congregation. “It's great. We love our church,” Willis said. “Delorest

SALISBURWY — Mr. Robert Lee Washington, 61, of Twin Oaks Road, passed Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010, at W.G. “Bill” Hefner VA Medical Center. Mr. Washington was born June 3, 1949, in Rowan County to the late Isaiah and Maria Riley Washington. A graduate of Dunbar High School, Mr. Washington was a veteran of the U.S. Army serving during the Vietnam War. He was last employed at Wall Rope as a machinist. A member of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, he served with the Trustee and Usher Ministry. He was also a member Van Cruisers. In addition to his parents, a sister, Barbara Bernice Utley, preceded him in death. Those who shall forever cherish his memory are sons Tony Hill (Candace) and Michael Lawson, both of Salisbury, Antoine Washington (Marva), Granite Quarry, Charles Lawson and Quincey Washington, both of Conyers, Ga.; daughters Tammy Gibson (Alfred), Renay Washington and Cindy Washington, both of Winston-Salem; brothers John Washington and Charles Washington, both of Baltimore, Md., Abraham Washington, Ulease Washington and Michael Washington (Lynn), all of Granite Quarry, and Maurice Washington, Salisbury; sisters Inez Davis and Maeola Smallwood, both of Baltimore, Md.; 14 grandchildren; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins. Visitation and Service: Visitation is at 10:30 a.m. Saturday and the funeral at 11 a.m. at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church with pastor Rev. Rickey Johnson officiating. Burial at church cemetery with military honors. At other times, the family will be at the home of brother Abraham Washington, 269 Twin Oak Road, Salisbury. John R. Philpott Services are entrusted to CLINTON, Mo. — John R. Hairston Funeral Home, Inc. Philpott, 86, of Clinton, died

Dec. 15, 2010. Survivors include son John Philpott and wife Ruth and granddaughter Jolene Philpott, all of Salisbury, N.C. Service: 11 a.m. Saturday, Clinton United Methodist Church. Burial: Englewood Cemetery, Clinton. Visitation: One hour before service. Vansant-Mills Funeral Home, Clinton, in charge.

The Cabarrus County chapter of the American Red Cross is helping a Kannapolis family after their home caught fire Wednesday night. Only one person was home at the time of the fire and escaped without injury. According to the Kannapolis Fire Department, the fire at 715 Chapel St., started around 9 p.m. in the chimney area in

the kitchen of the home, and firefighters from the Kannapolis Fire Department responded quickly, extinguishing the flames. Landis and Odell fire departments helped with Kannapolis’ district coverage during the fire. Cabarrus County EMS also helped with medical rehabilitation for the fire departments.

Richard Carl Reeder, Jr.

SALISBURY — Richard “Richie” Carl Reeder, Jr., 42, of Salisbury, died Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010. (Born Dec. 31, 1967, a son of Rita Mullins McDufford, stepson of John McDufford of Salisbury.) Visitation: 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 18 at the residence, 1520 Glenwood Ave., Salisbury. Cremation Concepts of Salis very private, humbled, caring and never complained isbury is serving the family. about the situation.” Lattimore returned to new carpet, furniture, bedroom suites, refrigerator, lighting and decorations. From the beginning, Godair said his church has been on board. The day he first mentioned it to them they donated more than Mr. Virgil Adam Earnhardt $1,200 on the spot. Overall nearly $75,000 worth of work Visitation: 2-3:00 PM Friday and donated furniture and apService: 3:00 PM pliances was completed by volSt. Paul's Lutheran Church unteers. “It has been unbelievable,” Godair said. “This is the best Christmas they have possibly had. I think everybody did it because we all respect Delorest, but we’re the winners. This is the best Christmas I have experienced. I'm very proud of my church family. It's been pretty cool. It's not about us, it's about Delorest.” Lattimore is a human resources technician at Lexington Memorial Hospital. She was speechless as she walked through the home. “I just thank everybody for all of their hard work,” she said. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words can’t really describe, I just love my pastor to death and the congregation. It’s just a beautiful home.” Deneesha Edwards can be reached at 336-249-3981, ext. 213 or deneesha.edwards

Kannapolis house fire started in chimney

SPENCER — Mrs. Deborah Winston Adams, age 58, of Adams Street, passed Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010, at Rowan Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. She was born Feb. 23, 1952, in Harlem, N.Y., to the late Bowling and Gladys Viola Carr Winston. She was a graduate of Ridge High School, New York, N.Y., and attended Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. Deborah was the founder and director of the Youth Enrichment Summer Program at Yadkin Grove Baptist Church. She served as Deaconess, member of the Praise Team, president of the Pastor's Aide and director of the Dance Ministry. Survivors are her husband, Levi Adams of the home; sons Ronald Crawford, Jr., Raleigh, and Stephen Blanton, Jr., Salisbury; daughter Ronesha Miller (Antione), WinstonSalem, and Clarissa Adams, Durham; brother Delano Winston, Salisbury; grandchildren Shakira Howard (Steven), Trence Miller, Michael Crawford, Arsharia Blanton, Cardai Crawford, Jalen Blanton, Aliyah Miller; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Visitation and Service: Visitation will be 11 a.m. Saturday and funeral services at 1 p.m. Saturday at Yadkin Grove Baptist Church with the pastor, Bishop Elect Paul Rhinehart, Sr., officiating. Burial will at Rowan Memorial Park. Services are entrusted to Hairston Funeral Home, Inc. Online condolences may be made at

Mr. Joshua L. McDougald 2:00 PM Friday Stallings Memorial Baptist Ch. Visitation: 1-2:00 PM Friday At the Church ——

Mrs. Bertie Belk Heilig 11:00 AM Friday Grace Lutheran Church ——

Mr. Herbert L. Hawley 2:00 PM Saturday Summersett Mem. Chapel Visitation: 1-2 PM Saturday ——

Mr. Frederick W. Gregory 2:00 PM Sunday Lebanon Lutheran Church Visitation: 6-8 PM Saturday

8A • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010

The holiday season is a merry and exciting time, but for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, family conflict or the loss of a job during a lagging economy, the usually joyous season can be a difficult and painful reminder. While experts say grief is normal, coping strategies can help people manage their feelings and enjoy the holiday season. Dr. Susan Wilkie, a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT) who specializes in grief and loss and is director of the MFT program at Pfeiffer University, said holidays can be the most feared and confusing time following loss. “This is an entirely new lens from which one sees the world,� said Wilkie, “The sense of tradition magnifies the loss of connection and roots.� Experts, like Wilkie, believe that often those who are dealing with loss sometimes feel forced to choose between the need to grieve versus being able to celebrate the spirit of the holidays. “This time of year is usually a memorable time to get together with family and friends,� Wilkie explained. “But for those who are mourning a loss or are feeling stressed as a result of family conflict or unemployment, the holidays can, instead, be a reminder of what they no longer have.� Wilkie provides several suggestions that can help people cope: 1. Redefine your holiday expectations. Accept social support from friends and/or family members, but stay in control of narrow or broader windows of time as needed. Withdraw when you desire. 2. Begin new traditions and let others go. 3. Take some time out for yourself. Whether you pamper yourself or simply slow your daily pace, lend some time to your own personal needs and do something to soothe your troubled heart. 4. Give yourself permission to express your emotions. If you feel an urge to cry, let the tears flow. Tears can be healing. Scientists have found that certain brain chemicals in our tears are natural pain relievers. Share the memories and the experience of your loss. Remember, there are no time limits on grief. 5. Eat a nutritious diet, and get some physical exercise and plenty of sleep. Also, avoid excessive alcohol consumption. 6. Find activities that make you laugh. Remember, it is OK to laugh during hard times. 7. Reinvest in others as a volunteer or commit to helping with special events to focus on others. Wilkie encourages those who yearn for support to seek the counsel of a professional therapist. The Pfeiffer Institute is adjacent to the Charlotte campus and offers counseling for the community. Services provided include counseling for individuals, couples and families who need confidential counseling or support. Help for a vast range of emotional, behavioral and personal challenges is available at a nominal fee of $25 per session or on a sliding scale for those in need. Pfeiffer students pay only $10. The Pfeiffer Institute, which is located at 4805 Park Road, Ste. 250 in Charlotte, is open on Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Institute at 704-945-7324 or contact

News 24 hours a day.

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Mat marvels Robertson, Cavs beat 4A foe/2B


CHAPEL HILL — North Carolina says an appeal for a player declared permanently ineligible amid the NCAA investigation into the football program has been postponed. Athletic director Dick Baddour said Wednesday the school had asked to delay the hearing for fullback Devon Ramsay to “allow more time to develop the case in support of him.” The appeal hasn’t yet been rescheduled. The NCAA investigated agent-related benefits and academic misconduct involving


UNC asks NCAA to put off hearing for Ramsey Associated Press

FRIDAY December 17, 2010

Feller: the last hero?

AssociAted Press

See UNC, 5B

aseball great Bob Feller died Wednesday night, and while it isn’t a major shock when a 92year-old passes, his death hit me because he’s someone I had a chance to talk to a few times. There have been a thousand stories written about the hardthrowing hurler in the past 48 hours. Some described him as gruff. It’s possible he became more MIKE reclusive later in life, LONDON but when he visited Salisbury decades ago he played the role of hero perfectly.


a tutor, a probe that caused 14 players to miss at least one game. Ramsay played four games before being held out the rest of the year. Former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Robert Orr, who is advising the family, said the focus of Ramsay’s case was a three-page paper written two years ago and “minor revisions” suggested by tutor Jennifer Wiley through e-mail. Orr said Ramsay doesn’t remember whether he included some or any of the changes.

Bob Feller works on his form in 1941.

He was 65 when I met him. Tall and with military posture. Blessed with a full head of white hair, he was opinionated. He could’ve been a preacher or a senator. Those were the long-gone days when 50 percent of American males between 6 and 60 fervently collected baseball cards, and I actually made a living selling them. There was a card show held at Salisbury Mall in the summer of 1984, and Feller, if you can believe it, was one of the vendors. He often set up his booth at shows around the state and peddled his own stuff. At least you knew when you bought an autograph from him it was on the



Rankin always amazes BY MIKE LONDON

Gearing up for boys basketball ... Darien Rankin showed what a remarkable athlete he is one more time on Wednesday. Just four days removed from the football field where he was instrumental in Salisbury’s 2AA championship run, Rankin scored 20 points to help beat West Rowan. Already a 1,000-point scorer, the senior is almost a sure bet to climb to No. 3 on the Hornets’ all-time scoring list beRANKIN hind two really big names — Bobby Phillips and Bobby Jackson. Everyone knows Jackson had a long, successful NBA career, but Phillips is actually the school’s career scoring leader. Phillips also was a tremendous college player at Western Carolina. Southern Conference coaches named him the league’s player of the year in 1997-98. 

MUCH IMPROVED: The absence of the football players during the early part of the season, gave Hornets Tyler Petty and Corey Murphy an opportunity to grow and show they’ve made huge strides since last season. Petty, who averaged 2.4 points a game last season, scored 22 against Concord and 16 against West Rowan. Murphy, who was pretty far down the bench last season, scored 24 in a win

See BOYS, 4B

jon c. lakey/sALisBurY Post

carson sharpshooter Kelly dulokoski, right, drives as east rowan’s mallory drew defends during the cougars victory earlier this week.

Dulkoski, Cougars lighting it up Dulkoski’s improvement has probably been December’s biggest surprise. The emergence of HolGearing up for girls basketball ... man, a jayvee last season, has been The Carson girls appear to have huge for the Cougars as well.  the county’s best-shooting girls PRETTY DEEP: Carson got 14 team, with Kelly Dulkoski and points off the bench against East Chloe Monroe getting a high perfrom White and Jakey Clark, a decentage of their points on 3s, and Allison Blackwell, Michaela White fensive demon.  and Sarrah Holman also stroking SCHOOL RECORD: Jazzmin Brown, well from outside. a senior last season, held Carson’s “I don’t really think we gave career record with 360 points comthem that many easy looks,” East ing into this year, but that modest coach Danielle Porter said after a mark won’t hold up much longer. 68-37 loss to the Cougars on TuesMonroe, a junior, has 343 points, day. “They just made a lot of conwhile Blackwell a sophomore, has tested shots.” Dulkoski, a point guard who can 319.  score, entered her sophomore seaSCORING BINGE: With all those son with a career high of 12 points. shooters and with a defense that’s She has already put games of 21 forcing far more turnovers than in and 25 in the books. BY MIKE LONDON

the past, Carson is scoring in bunches. The school scoring record for a game through the 2009-10 season was 69 points, but the Cougars have already scored 73 and 86 this season. In their last six games, all wins, their lowest point total was 60. • TONIGHT’S GAMES: Carson will be playing the marquee girls game tonight when it plays host to West Rowan. Other douvleheaders include West Montgomery at North Rowan, Statesville at East Rowan and Mooresville at South Rowan. • STILL STRONG: Because of a loss to 4A power Butler, Salisbury girls won’t go into the Sam Moir Christmas Classic undefeated for the first

time since 2006, but the Hornets all but wrapped up the No. 1 seed for the event with Wednesday’s 75-33 wipeout of previously unbeaten West Rowan. The victory extended Salisbury’s run of consecutive victories against county opponents to 35 in a row. The Hornets’ last loss to a county opponent was a 53-45 setback against North Rowan during the 2005-06 season. 

MOIR DOMINANCE: It seems like Salisbury’s girls have ruled the Moir since J.R. Reid was the rage. The Hornets have won 16 straight Moir games — under three different coaches — and seven straight titles. Salisbury’s last loss in a Moir


Sellers to play softball at Belmont Abbey BY MIKE LONDON

suBmitted Photo

carson softball player marissa sellers will take her talents to Belmont Abbey.

CHINA GROVE — Carson’s Marissa Sellers mostly flies under the radar, but the senior is one of the county’s top multi-sport athletes. Sellers recently turned in an all-county volleyball season for the Cougars, sometimes diving all over the place for digs on the back row and sometimes soaring high over the net for kills as an outside hitter. Sellers had an unbelievable game to lead Carson to a win against Mount Pleasant in the 3A playoffs on her 18th birthday, but she realizes she doesn’t have ideal height for college volleyball. What she does have in abundance is

speed, and her wheels should help her make an impact in college softball. She’ll be continuing her career with the Division II Belmont Abbey Crusaders, who compete in Conference Carolinas with schools such as Pfeiffer, Queens, Barton and Mount Olive. “It’s a really good school and it’s close, so I’m very excited about it,” Sellers said. Sellers said playing travel ball with coach Ray McCrodden’s Charlotte-based Queen City Rockers has been the main reason she’ll get a chance to continue her softball career. “The showcase tournaments are where you really get a chance to get seen by the college scouts a lot more than school ball,” Sellers explained. “A

lot of times, schools will ask the coaches who a certain player is or start sending e-mails to you. We competed in a showcase tournament at Belmont Abbey, and that’s where they first saw me. They started contacting me last summer, and they seemed to want me the most.” Belmont Abbey was 20-26 last spring but has had a successful recruiting year. Sellers has been mostly a shortstop because she’s been Carson’s best option to play the most demanding position, but her future is in the outfield where she can chase down flyballs. “Marissa’s speed will be an asset to any college team,” Carson coach Casey White said. “When she’s focused and on



Two teams gain with Lee deal

Leslie’s big night sparks Pack Associated Press

BY RAY MCNULTY Associated Press

They’ll never say so. Not publicly. But do you know who else — besides the player, the team and the city’s baseball fans — was thrilled by the stunning news Tuesday that freeagent pitcher Cliff Lee was headed to Philadelphia to sign a five-year, $120 million contract to play for the Phillies? The Mets. And the Marlins. Because now they have an excuse. Now, neither team has any realistic chance to win the National League East title next year. Now, neither team will be burdened by great expectations as they embark on the 2011 season, which should belong to their pitching-rich, division rival. Now, both teams can be patient, proceed deliberately and act wisely as they make the moves necessary to position themselves for a championship run in the foreseeable future without feeling pressure from fans in New York and Florida to challenge the Phillies in the present. Truth be told, Lee and the Phillies have done the Mets and Marlins a favor. Neither the Mets nor Marlins is ready to win big next year. The Mets are a mess, on paper and at the ballpark. The Marlins, as usual, are too tightfisted to keep the players they need to seriously contend. Lee and the Phillies bought them time. The Mets hired new general manager Sandy Alderson in October, and they’re in the early stages of an extreme makeover. Faces have and will continue to change at Citi Field. Salaries will be dumped. Attitudes will be adjusted. That’s the plan, anyway. But, barring unforeseen circumstances, it will take at least a couple of years for Alderson to put enough pieces in place for his plan to make an impact in the standings. The Marlins, meanwhile, are treading water until 2012, when they’re scheduled to open their glitzy, new ballpark at the old Orange Bowl site. They’ll be young and talented and probably good enough to hover around the .500 mark, maybe just above it, but they won’t have the bats needed to stay with the Phillies. Not until next winter should anyone expect to see Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria pry open his checkbook and spend what it takes to bring in the players needed to create a buzz, sell tickets and compete for a playoff berth. So neither the Mets nor the Marlins — both now being run by smart and savvy baseball executives, each with his own plan for success and timetable for progress — are going anywhere special next season. The Phillies should win the NL East going away. They’ve won four consecutive division titles. And Lee’s new deal gives them a poker hand you’d love to bet: four aces. Lee, who pitched Texas to the World Series, joins a best-in-baseball rotation that includes Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels. The Mets and Marlins can’t beat that. They don’t need to. Not yet. But they’ll never say so.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 3B


AssociAted Press

Bob Feller may well have lost 100 wins to World War ii.

LONDON FroM 1B level. Feller actually signed so many autographs, for such reasonable fees, and for so many years, that memorabilia dealers used to joke that the real challenge was finding a Bob Feller photo that hadn’t been signed. At that 1984 show, Feller manned the booth right across from the one I was occupying for John’s House of Collectibles. The exact date was July 19. The reason I know that is Feller was kind enough to sign a copy of “Bob Feller’s Strikeout Story” for me and dated it. That book was published in 1947, and I came across it at one of those clearance sales at the Rowan Public Library. As an avid baseball fan, working 20 feet from Bob Feller was like being a music major who’s been thrown into a studio with The Beatles. Feller graciously answered all my questions when he didn’t have a line of customers. He said the best day of his life came when he was 10. His father, who grew corn and wheat on a farm in Van Meter, Iowa, surprised him with a pinstriped baseball uniform, his first real baseballs and two gloves. He talked about being small for his age until he was 12. After that, he “grew like a stalk of corn.” By 1936, when he was 17, his overwhelming fastball — dubbed the “Van Meter heater” — had taken him to the majors with the Cleveland Indians. His first official strikeout victim was Gastonia’s Buddy Lewis, who played for the Washington Senators. When he was 19, Feller was named to the American League All-Star team. When he was 22, the fireballer had a big-league record of 107-54 and was well on his way to being the best pitcher who ever lived. In 1941, Feller fanned 260, won 25 games and completed 40 of his 44 starts. But two months after

that 1941 season, Peal Harbor was bombed, and the country was thrust into World War II. Feller immediately enlisted in the armed forces, the first big-leaguer to do so. It was at that point he crossed the line from great athlete to genuine hero. He entered an elite Naval training program at Norfolk, Va., that included local legend Joe Ferebee. He was Bob Feller, the famous AllStar, so there’s no doubt he could’ve spent the war putting on pitching exhibitions and making fundraising speeches, but he requested active duty. He was placed in charge of a 24-man antiaircraft battery on board the battleship, USS Alabama, and was involved in many hot engagements in the Pacific, including the pivotal Battle of the Philippine Sea. Feller, who earned eight battle stars, was discharged in time to finish the 1945 season with the Indians, but he essentially lost four prime years to the war. He won 266 times and made the Hall of Fame, but he may well have won 360 games. His first full season following the war, he won 26 games while striking out an astonishing 348 batters, and he pitched a no-hitter against Joe DiMaggio and the New York Yankees. Feller helped Cleveland win the World Series in 1948 — something the Indians haven’t done since. He won his final game in 1955, the year I was born. He threw his last pitch at age 37. The biggest salary he ever raked in was a modest $40,000. I once asked the great man about those four seasons he lost and the 100 potential wins Pearl Harbor swept away, and his response is easy to remember. “The only win that mattered was World War II,” he said, and he repeated that answer to every reporter who asked that same question over the years. Maybe he rehearsed it, but he believed it. I’m not sure people now are as noble and worthy as they were in Feller’s time. He may have left behind 10 million autographs, but I’m thrilled to own one of them.

The college basketball roundup ... RALEIGH — Freshman C.J. Leslie had 14 points and a season-high 19 rebounds, and North Carolina State pulled away late to beat Youngstown State 67-50 on Thursday night. Fellow freshman Ryan Harrow added 14 points and Javi Gonzalez scored 11 for the Wolfpack (6-3). They trailed by 18 with 31/2 minutes left in the first half but outscored the Penguins 46-16 in the second half in winning their second straight game. Vytas Sulskis had 14 points and 10 rebounds before fouling out with 1:04 left for Youngstown State. The Penguins (5-5) scored just five points in the final 9 minutes and fell to 0-4 all-time against Atlantic Coast Conference opponents. Leslie single-handedly keyed the run late in the first half, scoring nine consecutive points to help get the Wolfpack back in the game. No. 13 Missouri 81, Oral Roberts 62 COLUMBIA, Mo. — Laurence Bowers scored 17 points and No. 13 Missouri avenged last season’s defeat to Oral Roberts on Thursday night.

Marcus Denmon added 16 points for the Tigers (9-1), who used an 18-2 run in taking a 13-point halftime lead. Missouri held Oral Roberts to 26 percent shooting from the field. Missouri lost 60-59 at Oral Roberts on Dec. 9, 2009 on a layup with .9 seconds to go and the fans rushed the court. The Tigers were without starting point guard Michael Dixon who was suspended indefinitely Wednesday after violating an undisclosed team rule. No timetable has been set for his return. No. 18 Memphis 70, Austin Peay 68, OT MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Chris Crawford scored six of his 18 points in overtime and Charles Carmouche had 16 points and keyed a second-half rally for Memphis. Austin Peay had the ball out of bounds with .7 seconds left in overtime, but couldn’t get off a shot. TyShwan Edmondson led the Governors (6-6) with 22 points and 10 rebounds, while Melvin Baker finished with 17 points and 11 boards. Asheville 90, King 72 ASHEVILLE, N.C. — D.J. Cunningham scored 20 points and pulled down 11 rebounds for the Bulldogs.

Nets break long losing skid Associated Press

NBA roundup ... NEWARK, N.J. — Devin Harris had 29 points and nine assists and Brook Lopez added 18 points to lead New Jersey past Washington 97-89 on Thursday night to snap an eight-game losing streak. The loss was the 13th straight on the road this season for the Wizards (6-18), who played without top overall draft pick John Wall and forward Andray Blatche, both of whom sat out the game with knee problems. The Nets, who led by 23 points in the second quarter, got 12 points and 17 rebounds from Kris Humphries, the fourth straight game he collected 10 or more boards. Reserve Nick Young led the Wizards with 22 points, while Gilbert Arenas had 19 and Al Thornton added 18.

The 23-point lead was the biggest New Jersey has enjoyed at any stage of a game this season. Celtics 102, Hawks 90 BOSTON — Kevin Garnett had 17 points and 13 rebounds — one of three Boston players with a double-double — to lead the Celtics to their 12th straight win. Paul Pierce had 15 points and 10 assists and Glen “Big Baby” Davis had 18 points and 10 rebounds. Ray Allen scored 18 points and Nate Robinson had 14 for the Celtics (21-4). Marvin Williams had a season-best 26 points and Jeff Teague scored 18 for the Hawks. Boston point guard Rajon Rondo missed the game after spraining his left ankle in Wednesday’s win at New York. Center Shaquille O’Neal was also out, missing his fourth straight game with a sore right calf.

Ward leads Hurricanes in shootout Associated Press

The NHL roundup ... ATLANTA — Cam Ward stopped 45 shots and Carolina earned its second straight comeback win, beating Atlanta 3-2 on Sergei Samsonov’s decisive shot in the third round of a shootout. One night after Ward was pulled after giving up three early goals before Carolina’s comeback for a 4-3 win at Florida, the Hurricanes again played from behind after trailing 2-0 through two periods. This time, Ward remained in net for the win as Brandon Sutter and Eric Staal scored third-period goals. Rangers 4, Coyotes 3 NEW YORK — Rangers rookie Derek Stepan scored the tying goal late in regulation and Erik Christensen netted the only goal in the shootout as New York rallied for a 4-3 victory over the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday night. Martin Biron turned aside Lee Stempniak, Radim Vrbata and Eric Belanger in the shootout to make Christensen’s first-round tally stand up. Canadiens 4, Bruins MONTREAL — Max Pacioretty had a goal

and an assist and Scott Gomez also had two points as Montreal ended a three-game losing streak with a win over Boston. Michael Cammalleri scored on a penalty shot 1:04 in. Maxim Lapierre and Brian Gionta also scored and Carey Price stopped 34 shots for the Canadiens, who remained alone in first place in the Northeast Division with 40 points. Islanders 3, Ducks 2 UNIONDALE, N.Y. — P.A. Parenteau, Blake Comeau and Matt Moulson scored in a 99-second span and New York beat Anaheim to win for only the second time in 22 games. Senators 3, Wild 1 ST. PAUL, Minn. — Daniel Alfredsson, Nick Foligno and Chris Kelly scored and Ottawa took advantage of a disallowed goal to beat Minnesota. Blues 6, Kings 4 ST. LOUIS — Alex Steen scored the tiebreaking goal with 2:53 left and St. Louis won its fourth straight against Los Angeles. Sharks 4, Stars 3, OT DALLAS — Logan Couture’s power-play goal 1:20 into overtime gave San Jose a victory over Dallas.

Melo tuning out trade speculation Associated Press DENVER — Any other time, Carmelo Anthony’s balky right knee might draw more attention. Instead, the nagging injury took a back seat to a much bigger and broader question: Does the All-Star still want to be a member of the Denver Nuggets? Following a four-game road trip, Anthony insisted it was good to be home — even if he has no idea how much longer this may still be home. Anthony has been the subject of trade speculation since spurning the Nuggets’ three-year, $65 million extension over the summer. The rumor mill cranked up over the weekend as Anthony played in New York against the Knicks, a team he reportedly has interest in playing for one day. He downplayed all the reports that surfaced while he was in the Big Apple. “More of the drama, man,” Anthony told reporters. “I was there and so it was a hot topic to talk about it. I’m not worrying about it.

an NPC tournament semifinal last season. Carson trailed 4-2 with two out in the seventh, but the Cougars FroM 1B had runners at second and third when Sellers came to the plate as her game, no one is any better.” the team’s last hope. Sellers also can hit. She had a She hit a groundball to the right two-run triple against South side that would’ve been a routine, Rowan and a two-run single game-ending out for an average against West Iredell in the NPC runner, but she won a footrace to tourney as a junior. the first-base bag, losing a shoe in Her speed made the difference the process. as Carson claimed a comeback vicBoth runners scored to send the tory against strong North Iredell in game to extra innings, and Carson

That’s not my focus right now. My focus is to try to get some wins back home.” When asked if he wants to remain in a powder blue uniform, Anthony responded, “Of course.” the Nets were in volved in a three-tyeam trade earlier this week, getting two first-round draft picks. The picks increase the Nets' chance of making a bigger trade, perhaps now having the pieces for a potential deal with Denver to acquire Anthony. "We don't want to be mediocre or below average," said Johnson, whose team is 6-19. "We're aiming to be a championship team. We have a big plan.” Anthony says he just wants to focus on the Nuggets. That’s just fine with Nuggets coach George Karl, whose star is averaging 23.1 points a game this season. “Melo’s not going to bring my Christmas down,” Karl said. “He’s been a blessing in my career. He’s been a great player for me. We AssociAted Press need him to play really well this week for us there are plenty of rumors surrounding carmelo Anthony. to have a great week.”

eventually won the game in the eighth. Sellers and White both called it an emotional, get-over-the hump win for the Cougars, and North Iredell had SELLERS to be the best team Carson’s beaten in its four years of softball. Carson lost in the tournament championship game to East Rowan

and in the first round of the playoffs at Anson to finish 13-10, but the Cougars have high hopes for another good season — and their first playoff success — this spring. Sellers will be a big part of it, whether she’s asked to be a tablesetter or to drive in runs. “If I lead off, I try to be patient and I do OK, but I’m really a pretty aggressive hitter,” Sellers said. Sellers will score runs wherever she hits in the lineup. She said she’s been timed in 10.95 seconds

circling the bases. Sellers made the honor roll last March and plans to study biology at Belmont Abbey. She wants to go on from there to graduate school for physical therapy. “We definitely wish Marissa the best,” White said. “It’s the dream for every athlete to have sports help them get an education, and athletics are a great motivator as far as staying in school and getting that degree. I know that’s how it was with me.”

4B • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010




(Wagner) are really good at taking it to the hole, and we’ve got to take advantage of that.”


SURPRISE: One of the big surprises so far has been South Rowan scoring machine Johnathan Gaddy. Gaddy scored 82 points all last season in a reserve role, but he’s already scored 20-plus four times this year, including a career- GADDY best 24 against A.L. Brown.

against East Rowan. Even without its football players, Salisbury beat North Rowan, the Cavs’ only loss so far. Now that they have plenty of depth on the roster, the Hornets have a chance to win their fourth straight Sam Moir Christmas Classic, something no boys program has ever accomplished. The only three-peating programs have been Salisbury (197981), West (1992-94) and Salisbury (2007-09). Rankin has been tremendous in the Moir tournament and has been voted MVP each of the last two seasons.

MYSTERY MAN: The best athlete in the county that’s still flying under everyone’s radar? It might be South sophomore Josh Medlin, who quietly turned in an All-NPC football season and has been a nightly double-digit scorer in hoops.

500 CLUB: Salisbury senior Alex Weant is approaching the 500-point milestone. Five straight double-figure outings have lifted his total to 481. Senior John Knox, who started this season WEANT with 459 points, is likely to reach the 500 plateau during the Christmas tournament.

CARDIAC UNIT: If you don’t care who wins but are just looking for an exciting game to attend, South’s boys are your best bet. None of South’s seven games so far has been decided by more than five points. Now the bad news. South’s lost five of them, including the NPC opener at North Iredell. That one is going to hurt in the standings all season long.

GIRLS FROM 1B contest was a consolation setback against South Rowan in the 2002 event. That score also was 53-45 — strange but true. 

CAREER HIGHS: Charlotte signee Olivia Rankin scored a career-high 24 points against West on Wednesday, and Gardner-Webb-bound Jessica Heilig also produced a career-best effort with 19 points. Rankin has 709 career points, 371 at East Rowan and 438 at Salisbury. She missed one game this season with RANKIN an injury, but she still has a pretty good shot at 1,000 for her career, especially if she starts putting up some 24s. Radford signee Ashia Holmes ranks the highest of the current Hornets on the school’s all-time scoring chart. She 20th with 616 points.

86-22 YVC win against South Stanly tied the school record for fewest points allowed. North whipped Monroe 57-22 in 1961-62, setting a record that stood alone for nearly five decades. 

PROLIFIC: North’s already had eight different players score in double figures, so this is an unusually highpowered 1A team. North senior Javon Hargrave hasn’t really started rolling yet, but the muscleman has two 18-point games under his belt and now has 710 points for his career. That’s good for 21st on North’s all-time scoring list. 

SHOWDOWN: While North’s scheduled game against Albemarle this week was postponed until February due to Albemarle’s football run to the 1AA championship, the Cavs still face one of their more challenging league adversaries when they take on West Montgomery tonight.

last season. West star Ayana Avery scored 63 points in those two meetings, including a 41-point effort that was one of the biggest scoring sprees in school history. Avery, who signed with Radford, was held to seven points by Salisbury on Wednesday and has been limited to a total of 22 points in her three career outings against the Hornets, a team that includes some of her friends and AAU teammates. Avery still has bumped her career total to 1,596 points. The school record is Hillary Hampton’s 1,814. 

MILESTONE: West Rowan’s win at Davie County was the 50th during coach Erich Epps’ tenure with the Falcons. He’ll take a record of 51-33 into the Carson game, which figures to be an exciting matchup. 

SHOT BLOCKERS: Girls who are prolific shot-blockers are rarities, but Rowan now has three outstanding young rejectors and future college players in West sophomore Shay Steele, East freshman  Karleigh WHO’S NO. 2? With SalisWike and WIKE bury (5-1) in the driver’s Salisbury seat for the top Moir seed, freshman Carson (6-2) and West (5-1) Brielle Blaire. will go a long way toward deThe hype was pretty huge ciding the No. 2 seed when for Blaire prior to this seathey meet tonight in China son, but she’s more than Grove. lived up to it. She’s shooting West has never lost to a very high percentage and Carson, beating the Cougars is averaging better than 13 nine straight times, includpoints per game.  ing 69-51 and 77-59 decisions

West Montgomery is off to a 4-0 start in the YVC with early wins against Gray Stone, South Stanly, South Davidson and North Moore. Other than West Montgomery and Albemarle, it’s hard to see anyone in the league having the horses to hang with the Cavs. 

SKIDDING: East Rowan got off to a sizzling, emotional start against Carson at home on Tuesday but couldn’t sustain momentum. The Mustangs (0-8) are enduring a really tough stretch and have dropped 24 straight dating back to last season. Hopefully, the Mustangs will play 32 minutes and break through against someone soon. “We just can’t take any plays off,” first-year East coach Trey Ledbetter said. “That’s no knock on our kids at all, but we just don’t have the great talent some teams in this county do. We’ve got to play hard every minute.” East didn’t have any sort

STILL OPTIMISTIC: East’s 26 start includes an unexpected 72-57 NPC loss to West Iredell (1-6), but Porter remains optimistic. To get better, the Mustangs know they have to get Wike, who is a legit 6-foot-3, more involved offensively. She has a nice touch, but she isn’t getting a lot of shots and is averaging 6.6 points per game. Ashley Goins, a capable guard who is finally healthy, and Olivia Sabo, a tall outside shooter, have scored in double digits four times apiece for East, but the Mustangs have to discover at least one more scorer. They’ve been held under 50 points six times already. East has a good chance to gain some confidence and a conference victory tonight against depleted Statesville, which has had tough sledding so far. Statesville lost 66-18 to Carson. 

TOUGH TIMES: South faced uphill fights against strong Robinson and North Iredell its last two times on the

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of scoring punch at all returning, and it still doesn’t have a single player on the roster with 100 career points. The positive is Avery Rogers (four double figure games) and Jordan Shepherd (three times in double figures) have provided offensive proA. ROGERS duction most nights. Now the bad news. East plays Statesville tonight, and the Greyhounds may be the NPC’s most explosive club.

that feat five times, and Brandon Ferguson had a 31point night against East Rowan in 2006-07. 

TEVEN HEAVEN: A.L. Brown coach Shelwyn Klutz expected guard Teven Jones to be good. He hasn’t been good, though — he’s been great. Jones already has put games of 32, 31 and 35 points in the books. He’s the first Wonder to score 30 since DeMarcus “Smoke” Phifer had 30 and 32 to open the 2008-09 season. The best sign for the Wonders (4-2) is they won on Tuesday and Wednesday on the road with Jones scoring just 17 and 19. In both games, Klutz got production from his big guys.

COUGAR TOWN: Senior Cody Clanton scored a career-best 30 points against West Davidson and now has 577 for his career. Clanton became the third person in Carson history to score 30 points in a game. Darius Moose, a senior last season, accomplished

HOUSTON HITS: Carson’s Nick Houston scored 22 points in a 70-55 win against East Rowan on Tuesday. Houston’s had success against East. He scored a career-high 25 against the Mustangs last season. Houston owns seven 20point games in his career and 704 career points. He’s second to Moose in school history, but he won’t catch Moose, who still leads him by more than 1,000. Houston said it’s not the same without Moose this season, but that doesn’t mean the Cougars (3-5) can’t have success. “Sure we miss Moose because he helped us get open shots,” Houston said. “But the lane is also more open now, and we can get some things driving to the basket. Cody (Clanton) and Zach

DILLY OF A GAME: When Davie junior Shannon Dillard scored 33 points in an overtime win against West Rowan, it was the biggest game enjoyed by a War Eagle since Nemanja Kreckovic poured in 41 in 2002. Kreckovic made a bunch of 3s for Division II Northwood and went on to play pro ball in Bosnia. High-flying Davie, blessed with three talented Martin brothers, the dominating Dillard and sweetshooting Nate Jones, still has three games left before Christmas, but it has a chance to enter the Moir tournament 10-0.

floor, but it also missed out on a realistic chance to start this season 5-0. South (3-4) did pick up victories against three SPC teams that are still trying to figure things out (Northwest, Cox Mill, Central), but the Raiders dropped two very winnable games to A.L. Brown. A.L. Brown has some experience and talent, but it’s off to a 2-4 start, with its only two wins so far coming by 58-53 and 53-48 scores against South.

Cavaliers are in good shape in the 1A YVC at 2-1 thanks to tight wins against South Davidson and Gray Stone. North averaged 43.7 points per game last season, so its offense has picked up a little. The Cavs have topped 50 in both YVC victories. Most nights in the YVC, Teaunna Cuthbertson will overwhelm opponents with her leaping ability and athleticism. She’s averaged 15.3 points in North’s three YVC games. The junior has 490

points for her career, and she should break into the school’s alltime top 25 in a few CUTHBERTSON weeks. Guard Tiffany Brown has produced at least seven points in four of North’s five games, and opposing coaches say they like JoJo Carby for her quickness and Kelli Berry for her 3-point stroke.

POSITIVES: South sophomore Maria Gaddy has emerged as a pretty consistent scorer — five games with at least nine points — and coach Jarrod Smith hopes Kaitlyn Jones’ careerbest 14-point outburst against North Iredell on Tuesday is a sign of things to come. 

CLOSE CALLS: North (2-3) hasn’t scared anyone, but the

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STINGY: North Rowan’s

jon c. lakey/SALISBURY POST

Carson’s Nick Houston has produced the best scoring games of his career against East Rowan. He had 22 Tuesday.

R 12 67 51

HE CAN SHOOT: Seth Martin is a freshman and looks suspiciously like a ballboy, but he also appears to have nerves of steel to go with 25foot range. Coach Mike Gurley may not keep him on the varsity all season once Domonique Noble (Shrine Bowl) and B.J. Sherrill (concussion) are available, but for now Martin is there, and he’ll keep stretching defenses and maybe keep teams from triple-teaming Keshun Sherrill. Martin’s shooting ability gave West a chance to win at Davie, and Davie (7-0) hasn’t give many people a chance. • AIMING FOR 400: Gurley has 297 wins in the county and is still looking for No. 400 overall. He’s at 398 giong into Friday’s game at Carson.


SHERRILL WATCH: West guard Keshun Sherrill’s phenomenal early-season play continued with his 29-point effort in a losing cause against Salisbury. Earlier, the junior scored a career-best 36 against Davie. He now has 863 points for his career. That’s good for 16th all-time at West, and that all-time list in Mount Ulla includes a whole lot of household names.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 5B


Jackson: three TDs Associated Press

SAN DIEGO — Vincent Jackson reChargers 34 minded the 49ers 7 San Diego Chargers just what they missed during a nasty contract dispute. Jackson had a career-high three touchdown catches, Philip Rivers surpassed 4,000 yards passing for the third straight season and the Chargers beat Alex Smith and the San Francisco 49ers 34-7 on Thursday night to stay alive in the AFC West race. The Chargers (8-6) pulled within a half-game of AFC West leader Kansas City (8-5), which lost 31-0 at San Diego on Sunday. San Francisco was probably the toughest test left for the Chargers, who finish with games at Cincinnati (2-11) and Denver (3-10). If San Diego wins out and the Chiefs lose once, the Chargers will win their fifth straight division title. The Chargers came within 4:26 of having consecutive shutouts for the first time in

their 51-year history. Jackson had his first three TD grabs of the season, of 58, 11 and 21 yards. Jackson missed the first 10 games due to a bitter contract dispute. The 49ers (5-9) could wind up 7-9 and in a three-way tie and still win the NFC West, the NFL’s weakest division. Rivers and Jackson came out early in the fourth quarter and the Chargers leading easily 31-0. Rivers was 19 of 25 for 273 yards, giving him 4,141 for the season. He tied Hall of Famer Dan Fouts’ team record set from 1979-81. Jackson had five catches for 112 yards. Unhappy that the Chargers didn’t give him a long-term deal, Jackson sat out the first seven seasons. He then missed three more games while serving a team-imposed suspension. The move cost him some $3 million in salary. When he returned at Indianapolis on Nov. 28, he pulled a calf muscle two plays in and was done for the night and the next game. On the fourth play from

scrimmage, Rivers wound up and threw deep. The 6-foot-5 Jackson slowed down and reached out over 6-foot Nate Clements’ head to make the catch at about the 15 before outracing the cornerback into the end zone. Jackson exploited a mismatch against linebacker Takeo Spikes for an easy 11yard catch just before halftime. Jackson pulled in a 21yarder early in the fourth quarter, getting the ball just past the pylon. The play was upheld after a review. Mike Tolbert had a 1-yard TD run in the third quarter and Nate Kaeding kicked field goals of 25 and 39 yards. Smith fell far short of having the happy homecoming he was hoping for. Coming off a promising return following a five-game absence, he was 19 of 29 for 165 yards with one interception and was sacked six times. San Francisco’s only score came on Brian Westbrook’s 3yard run with 4:26 left. The 49ers watched as both a field goal and a touchdown

AssOciAted PRess

san diego’s Vincent Jackson dives into the end zone despite the efforts of tarell Brown. came off the scoreboard in a span of four plays early in the second quarter. Jeff Reed kicked a 38-yard field goal but San Diego’s Antonio Garay was whistled for unnecessary roughness for trying to gain leverage, giving the 49ers first-and-goal at the 10. Smith scrambled and dove

at the left pylon on third down and it was ruled a touchdown. The Chargers challenged and it was reversed, with Smith ruled down inches from the goal line. On fourth down at the 1, Brandon Siler threw Anthony Dixon for a 2-yard loss. Smith was playing against his hometown Chargers for

the first time in the regular season. He played at Helix High in La Mesa, where he was teammates with Reggie Bush. Chargers coach Norv Turner was the 49ers’ offensive coordinator in 2006 when Smith had his most promising season.

LeGrand takes award

Thin-skinned BCS honchos get just what they wanted

Associated Press

BY SCOTT ADAMSON Scripps Howard News

The people and their computers have spoken. Thus, the college football national championship will be settled between No. 1 Auburn and No. 2 Oregon on Jan. 10 in Glendale, Ariz. The Bowl Championship Series cartel is designed to pair two major teams from two major conferences in its manufactured title game, and the SEC champ vs. the Pac 10 winner should make for good theater. Of course Bill Hancock, the executive director of the BCS, surely breathed a sigh of relief when Nevada upset Boise State a couple of weekends back. The man who loves to repeat the mantra, “Every game counts!” when touting the super-terrific bowl system would’ve been quite uncomfortable with both the Broncos and TCU trying to crash his party. Fortunately, there was only one BCS-buster this season, meaning the Horned Frogs get the nice consolation prize of playing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl in exchange for being denied a chance to play for a championship. But let’s cut the BCS apologists a break. They’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Most recently it was discovered that the final prebowl BCS poll was flawed because of a miscalculation in some computer rankings. Instead of Boise State being No. 10 in the BCS and LSU No. 11, those rankings had to be flipped. Hancock is disturbed by the error and says “...this is-

sue will be near the top of the agenda for the conference commissioners’ annual review next spring.” And he’s also still upset over last month’s Sports Illustrated piece proposing a big-time college football playoff. In fact, the BCS sent out a lengthy email addressing what it considers SI’s flawed logic. “If (writers) Austin Murphy’s and Dan Wetzel’s phantom playoff scheme ever became reality, college football’s unique regular season would be greatly diminished,” Hancock writes. “SI’s writers failed to quote any student-athletes. Maybe that’s because they know that an ESPN The Magazine poll in August showed that when players were asked whether they would rather have a college football career with three bowl trips or one playoff trip, 77 percent favored the bowls and only 23 percent wanted a playoff.” Talk about a loaded question What would they have said if they had been asked if they’d rather have three playoff trips or one bowl? Or what if they had been asked if they’d rather go to a playoff and have a date with Jessica Alba or go to a bowl and have dinner with Joe Pesci’s limo driver? Don’t worry, Bill. There is no Football Bowl Subdivision playoff on the horizon so there’s no need to even worry about it right now. While all other divisions of college football will hold a tournament to set up a legitimate championship game, you and your boys can continue to arrange one.

App places two players Associated Press

NEW YORK — Appalachian State, with defensive end Jabari Fletcher and safety Mark Legree, and Montana State, with offensive tackle Mike Person and kicker Jason Cunningham, placed two players on the Associated Press FCS All-American team. Appalachian State quarterback Deandre Presley, also a finalist for the Payton Award, was selected to the second team. The third-team quarterback was Pat Devlin of Delaware. The Penn State transfer has led the Blue Hens to the semifinals, where they’ll face Georgia Southern on Saturday. Georgia Southern placed defensive tackle Brent Russell on the first team. The big star was Stephen F.

Austin quarterback Jeremy Moses, who helped transform a program that went 0-11 in his freshman year into a conference champion and capped his record-breaking career with an All-American season. The senior, who leads the nation in yards passing (3,998) and touchdown passes (34), was selected to The Associated Press FCS All-American team released Wednesday, along with running backs Nate Eachus of Colgate and Taiwan Jones of Eastern Washington. Eachus led the nation in rushing at 170 yards per game — including 147 yards on 35 carries against Syracuse — and scored 21 touchdowns. The receivers included Arkansas-Pine Bluff’s Raymond Webber, who leads the country in yards receiving with 1,429.

AssOciAted PRess

Michael Vick has become an advocate for the Humane society.

Vick hopes to own a dog one day Associated Press PHILADELPHIA — Michael Vick hopes to own a dog again someday. The Eagles quarterback and convicted dogfighting-ring operator told in a video interview posted this week that he genuinely cares for animals and one day hopes to have a dog as a household pet. “I would love to get another dog in the future,” Vick told the website, which is affiliated with NBC and focuses on AfricanAmerican issues. “I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process. I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love, and my passion for animals.” Vick served 18 months in prison after being convicted in 2007 in the Virginiabased ring. The federal judge overseeing the case prohibited him from owning a dog during three years of supervised release after prison.

“Vick should be banned from owning dogs for life,” Jane Dollinger, spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said in a news release this week. “Just as convicted pedophiles aren’t allowed free access to children, anyone who is responsible for hanging, electrocuting, or shooting dogs and who causes them to suffer in other unimaginable ways should never again be allowed access to dogs.” Since his release from prison, Vick has become an advocate for the Humane Society of the United States and makes school appearances to talk to students about his past. The group’s president, Wayne Pacelle, said it could be a “good thing” for Vick to own a dog, just not yet. “It’s too soon for Michael Vick to have a dog. Pet-keeping is a privilege and he lost that privilege when he committed atrocious acts of cruelty in the months and years before his arrest in 2007,” Pacelle said in a statement Thursday.

NFL still planning for Bears-Vikings game sprained shoulder and numbness in his hand. Ramsey is a nine-year veteran, once a The NFL notebook ... part-time starter for the Redskins. He was MINNEAPOLIS — The NFL said it's let go by the Dolphins last month and hasn't moving forward with plans to play Monday started a game since 2005. night's Vikings-Bears game at the UniverGIANTS sity of Minnesota's outdoor stadium deEAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — New York spite concerns about the site ranging from Giants wide receiver Steve Smith has been field conditions to player safety. placed on injured reserve with a knee inTCF Bank Stadium wasn't designed to jury. Smith injured cartilage in his left knee host a game this late in the year, and poin Monday night's win over Minnesota. He tential problems range from a rock-hard finished the season with 48 recepetions. field that could be unsafe for players to COLT, NOT JAKE frozen water pipes. The stadium is also BEREA, Ohio — Browns rookie quartersmaller than the Metrodome, possibly leav- back Colt McCoy will start Cleveland's final ing some ticket holders out of luck. three games this season, starting Sunday vs. Colts owner Robert Irsay said on TwitCincinnati (2-11). ter that Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis McCoy sat out the past three games after was available if needed. But NFL execusuffering a high ankle sprain on Nov. 21, tive vice president Eric Grubman said that but after he looked good in practice on "100 percent of our focus is on getting this Wednesday coach Eric Mangini decided to game played at the University of Minneso- move him back into the starting lineup ta." ahead of Jake Delhomme. It's unusual for VIKINGS QBS Mangini to announce his plans at quarterEDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — The Minneso- back, but felt the timing was right for Mcta Vikings have signed quarterback Patrick Coy and the Browns (5-8). Ramsey and placed quarterback Tarvaris L.A. DOWNTOWN Jackson on injured reserve, ending his seaLOS ANGELES (AP) — The developers son because of a turf toe injury with three who want to build an NFL stadium in downgames remaining. town Los Angeles unveiled renderings of Just like their stadium situation, the proposed designs for the sports and convenVikings are extremely unsettled at quartertion complex. back. Jackson got hurt in Monday's game Tim Romani, president of the project against the Giants. He was playing because management firm ICON Venue Group, Brett Favre's NFL-record streak of 297 promised Wednesday that AEG's project straight games started ended, due to a would come in at under $1 billion. Associated Press

The college notebook ... DALLAS — Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand has some sensation in his hands, but he remains paralyzed from the neck down. The family updated LeGrand's condition Thursday, the same day the junior defensive tackle was named the winner of the 2010 Discover Orange Bowl Courage Award. LeGrand, a junior from Avenel, N.J., was injured Oct. 16 in a game against Army. The award will be presented Jan. 3 at the Orange Bowl in Miami. FLORIDA STATE WAHPETON, N.D. — North Dakota State College of Science offensive lineman Jacob Fahrenkrug has signed a letter of intent to play football at Florida State. The 6-foot-4, 310-pound guard from Minneapolis told The Forum newspaper that he also considered Auburn and Arkansas. He plans to enroll at Florida State in January so he can participate in spring drills. PITTSBURGH PITTSBURGH — Miami (Ohio) coach Michael Haywood, known for his fiery speeches and CEOlike leadership skills, has been chosen by Pitt to succeed Dave Wannstedt. Haywood, 10-15 in two seasons in the MAC, held a series of meetings on campus Wednesday with Pitt officials — some of which were spotted by students. He then returned to Oxford, Ohio, where he broke the news to Miami's players at a late-night meeting.

UNC FROM 1B While academic issues have been handled by the student judicial system in the investigation, Orr said the student attorney general decided not to submit Ramsay’s case to the honor court. Still, the school checked with the NCAA, which eventually ruled Ramsay permanently ineligible. Baddour has said the penalty for Ramsay was too harsh, though he hasn’t discussed details. “Devon has consistently from the beginning said the decision from the NCAA was in error,” Orr said, “and I agree 100 percent with that.”

6B • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010


W O R L D / N AT I O N

California offering incentives to cut greenhouse gases SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California regulators on Thursday approved the first system in the nation to give polluting companies such as utilities and refineries financial incentives to emit fewer greenhouse gases. The Air Resources Board voted 91 to pass the key piece of California’s 2006 climate law — called AB32 — with the hope that other states will follow the lead of the world’s eighth largest economy. Officials are discussing plans to link the new system with similar ones under way or being planned in Canada, Europe and Asia. California is launching into a “historic adventure,” said Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the state’s air quality board. “We’re inventing this,” she said. “There is still going to be quite a bit

of action needed before it becomes operational.” California is trying to “fill the vacuum created by the failure of Congress to pass any kind of climate or energy legislation for many years now,” said Nichols. A standing-room only board chambers featured testimony from more than 170 witnesses Thursday. Outside the chambers, a few climate change skeptics held signs reading “Global Warming: Science by Homer Simpson.” Some businesses that would fall under the new rules say the system could dampen California’s already flagging economy, complicate lawmakers’ efforts to close a $28.1 billion revenue shortfall and lead to an increase in the price of electricity. The rate increases, however,

“I despise the fact that we send $1 billion a year to foreign places for our oil and to places that hate us.” GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in voicing his support for efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions

would still need approval from the state. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger told the board he is sensitive to the recession, but argued that many of the new jobs being created under the system are in the clean technology industry. “The real jobs we’re creating

right now are green jobs. Since 2006 or so green jobs have been created 10 times faster than in any other sector, so it’s also an economic plus,” he said. But he said reducing greenhouse gas pollution is not just about climate change, but about human health and national security. “I despise the fact that we send $1 billion a year to foreign places for our oil and to places that hate us. We send this money to people that hate us and that are organizing terrorists and trying to blow up our country,” he said. Supporters say the system will help spur economic recovery and innovation, pushing business to invest in clean technologies. They say the billions of dollars the state collects in the system could

Man behind WikiLeaks out on bail LONDON (AP) — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was released on bail Thursday — confined to a supporter’s 600-acre estate but free to get back to work spilling U.S. government secrets on his website as he fights Sweden’s attempt to extradite him on allegations of rape and molestation. The silver-haired Australian, who surrendered to British police Dec. 7, will have to observe a curfew, wear an electronic tag and report to police in person every day. But there are no restrictions on his Internet use, even as U.S. authorities consider charges related to thousands of leaked diplomatic cables and other secret documents WikiLeaks has released. The site has released just 1,621 of the more than 250,000 State Department documents it claims to possess, many of them containing critical or embarrassing U.S. assessments of foreign nations and their leaders. Assange — who’s been out of the public eye for more than a month — told supporters he will continue bringing government secrets to light. “It’s great to smell the fresh air of London again,” he said to cheers from outside the court. “I hope to continue my work.”

Some senators who voted to ban earmarks claim hundreds of them WASHINGTON (AP) — Twenty-five senators, mostly Republicans, who recently voted to ban homestate projects are claiming hundreds of earmarks in an almost $1.3 trillion bill to fund most federal programs and agencies until next year. Republicans are calling the 1,924-page bill a pork-filled mess and accusing Democrats of trying to jam it through Congress with minimal debate and little if any opportunity to make changes. Some GOP senators voiced outrage but made no effort to dump their own earmarks from the legislation, which has been in the works for months. The earmark-free approach promised by 39 Republicans and Democrats was adopted well after work got under way on the bill that’s coming to the Senate floor Thursday and has been endorsed by President Barack Obama. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said he’s unalterably opposed to the bill, but it still has $85 million of his earmarks, including $18 million for a railhead upgrade at Fort Knox and a $3 million infantry squad battle course at Fort Campbell. All told, McConnell obtained 38 earmarks, according to a database put together by the office of Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

A long way from victory is latest war assessment on Afghanistan WASHINGTON (AP) — Though mostly upbeat, the Obama administration’s assessment of war progress in Afghanistan suggests tough combat will continue for years and if the president begins to bring U.S. troops home next summer, as promised, the numbers will be small. The internal review of President Barack Obama’s year-old war strategy unveiled Thursday says that Taliban momentum has been halted in many parts of Afghanistan and

Billy Graham, Bush to meet Monday

associated press

sgt. richard a darvial from amery, Wis., of B company 2-327 infantry 101 airborne wears a santa hat as he smokes at an outpost near the pakistani border in Kunar province, eastern afghanistan, on thursday. that al-Qaida leaders who are thought to be plotting further terrorist attacks on the U.S. from Pakistan sanctuaries have suffered grievous losses. But the review makes clear that further progress won’t come easily. And it indicates that ultimate success depends heavily on factors beyond Obama’s control, such as Pakistan’s effectiveness in eliminating al-Qaida and Taliban havens on its side of the border. “We are on track to achieve our goals,” Obama declared from the White House in remarks echoing his announcement a year ago that he was escalating the war effort by sending an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan with the central aim of seizing the initiative from the Taliban. Though the White House’s rhetoric on the war hasn’t changed much in the past 12 months, other factors have. Public opinion in the U.S. and other coalition countries has soured on the war, casualties have increased sharply and, in the view of some international groups, the outlook for peace has dimmed.

States ask judge to throw out law on health care without a full trial PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — Attorneys for 20 states fighting the new federal health care law told a judge it will expand the government’s powers in dangerous and unintended ways. The states want U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson to issue a summary judgment throwing out the health care law without a full trial. They argue it violates people’s rights by forcing them to buy health insurance by 2014 or face penalties. “The act would leave more constitutional damage in its wake than any other statute in our history,” David Rivkin, an attorney for the states, told Vinson. President Barack Obama’s administration counters that Americans should not be allowed to opt out of the overhaul because everyone requires medical care. Government attorneys say the states do not have standing to challenge the law and want the case dismissed. In a separate case, U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson earlier this week became the first federal judge to strike down a key portion of the law when he sided with the state of Virginia and ruled the insurance requirement unconstitutional. That case is likely to go to the U.S. Supreme Court. Two other federal judges have upheld the insurance requirement.

$200 million sand berms called a waste of money on Gulf coast NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The big set of sand barriers erected by Louisiana’s governor to protect the coastline at the height of the Gulf oil spill was criticized by a presidential commission as a colossal, $200 million waste of BP’s money so far. Precious little oil ever washed up on the berms, according to the commission — a finding corroborated by a log of oil sightings and other government documents obtained by the Associated Press in public records requests. Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered the berms built over the objections of scientists and federal agencies — and secured money from BP to do it — out of frustration over what he saw as inaction by the Obama administration. During the crisis, Jindal boasted that the sand walls were stopping oil from coming ashore, and the idea proved popular in Louisiana. In its stinging report, however, the commission, appointed by President Barack Obama to investigate the spill, called the project “underwhelmingly effective, overwhelmingly expensive.” Still, the panel did concede that the sand might ultimately prove helpful in Louisiana’s long-term effort to restore its badly eroded coastline. Jindal disputed the commission’s findings on the berms.

Larry King ends CNN talk show after 25 years as cable stalwart NEW YORK (AP) — Larry King pulled down the curtain on his CNN talk show, “Larry King Live,” after 25 years, cable television’s once dominant voice now faded in a sea of sharp talkers. King, 77, had said this summer he would “hang up his nightly suspenders” after he was ushered to the door by a struggling network. British talk-show host and “America’s Got Talent” judge Piers Morgan takes over the 9 p.m. Eastern time slot in KING January. Ryan Seacrest was booked as the ringmaster for King’s finale. King has conducted some 50,000 interviews in a broadcasting career where he worked for decades in radio before joining CNN in 1985. He’s recorded more than 6,000 shows for CNN.

Filmmaker Blake Edwards dies at age 88 Associated Press

When Julie Andrews began writing her 2008 autobiography, “Home,” her husband Blake Edwards had just one piece of advice: “Characters make your story.” In an up-and-down career that spanned writing, directing and producing nearly 50 films, Edwards, who died late Wednesday, cultivated more than his share of indelible characters: Peter Sellers’ bumbling Inspector Clouseau of the “Pink Panther” movies, Dudley Moore’s equally clueless George Webber from “10,” Audrey Hepburn’s high fashion wild child Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” He knew laughter and sadness, making alcoholism seem hilarious

help fund clean air programs and help offset any increases in utility rates. Details of the uses of these new funds is still uncertain. California has already enacted the strictest climate-related regulations in the country involving renewable energy mandates for utilities, tighter fuel-efficiency standards for automobiles and low-carbon fuel standards. In the so-called cap-and-trade system, a company that produces pollution, such as a utility or a refinery, buys a permit that allows it to send a specified amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air each year. Those permits could then be bought and sold by the polluters in a marketplace. A company under its pollution allowance can sell the unused portion to a company that has exceeded its quota.

in “10” and desperate in “Days of Wine and Roses.” But his strength was comedy, farce and slapstick that he captured in a visual style trained on silent comedies. It was, after all, in his blood. Edwards’ stepfather, Jack McEdwards (the family name), was an assistant director, and his stepfather’s father, J. Gordon EDWARDS Edwards, was a pioneering director of silent films. Though born in Tulsa, Okla., Edwards was raised on movie sets. He was an extra and supporting actor before he was a filmmaker.

A child of Hollywood who made his home there, he would forever have a conflicted relationship with the industry he assailed, but to which he kept returning. He dropped in and out of favor, feuded with producers and famously satirized Hollywood in 1981’s scathing “S.O.B.” “I was certainly getting back at some of the producers of my life,” Edwards once remarked, “although I was a good deal less scathing than I could have been. The only way I got to make it was because of the huge success of ‘10,’ and even then they tried to sabotage it.” But he also made movies that added to Hollywood’s bottom line, particularly in the “Pink Panther” films.

In one of his last public appearances at a tribute from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in October, Edwards opened his remarks with fitting sarcasm: “Can I go now?” When the academy gave him an honorary Oscar for lifetime achievement in 2004, he accepted the award with a slapstick gag: He careened across the stage in a wheelchair, snagging the statue from Jim Carrey and crashing into the set. “That felt good,” he said, dusting himself off. Edwards, 88, died from complications of pneumonia at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif. At the time of his death, Edwards was working on two Broadway musicals.

CHARLOTTE (AP) — Former President George W. Bush is planning to meet with the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin during a visit to the evangelist’s Charlotte library on Monday. Todd Shearer, a spokesman for Franklin Graham, said Thursday that father and son plan to give the former president a private tour of the Billy Graham Library and that Bush will sign a book for the elder Graham. The 92-year-old makes limited public appearances now, spending most of his time at home in Montreat, about 110 miles northwest of Charlotte. Bush is on a book tour to promote the recently published “Decision Points.” He credits Graham with helping him follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. People who want books signed must purchase wristbands, which will be available Saturday at the library.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s coffin auctioned for $87,469 LOS ANGELES (AP) — The simple wooden coffin that was supposed to be Lee Harvey Oswald’s final resting place has been sold at auction for more than $87,000, and will soon have a new resting place of its own. The coffin was put on the auction block late last month by a Texas funeral home owner who swapped it with Oswald’s family for a new one when the body was briefly exhumed in 1981. It sold Thursday evening for $87,469, which includes a 20 percent buyers’ fee. Nate D. Sanders of Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Santa Monica, Calif., declined to provide details on the winning bidder. The auction was extended two hours because of a last-minute rush of bidding. Oswald was arrested in President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 death but was slain two days later by nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

Actor from ‘40-Year-Old Virgin’ gets life sentence for stabbing VISTA, Calif. (AP) — An actor who appeared in the film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” was sentenced Thursday to life in prison with possible parole for stabbing his ex-girlfriend more than 20 times when he stopped by her home unannounced and found her with another man. Shelley Malil was sentenced by San Diego County Superior Court Judge Harry Elias three months after a jury conMALIL victed the actor of attempted premeditated murder and assault with a deadly weapon. The victim, Kendra Beebe, suffered punctured lungs and wounds to her neck, chest, back and arms in the 2008 attack. Malil, 45, apologized for stabbing Beebe and said he wanted to go to prison. “I want to do whatever I need to do to make sure I make right from the wrong that I did,” he said. Prosecutor Keith Watanabe said the sentence calls for Malil to be eligible for parole in 12 years, but Malil could be freed in as few as nine years taking into account time already served and good behavior.

Army doctor gets six months for ‘birther’ stance, disobeying order FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — An Army doctor who disobeyed orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he questioned President Barack Obama’s eligibility to be commander in chief was sentenced by a jury Thursday to six months in a military prison and dismissal from the Army. Lakin had aligned himself with the “birther” movement that questions if Obama is a natural-born citizen, as the Constitution requires for presidents, and said he was inviting his own court martial.


Deirdre Parker Smith, Copy Editor, 704-797-4252

FRIDAY December 17, 2010


Learning experience

No more work outside; time to check garden tools he bulbs are planted and all the leaves are raked into the compost pile. The gardening season is now ready for its winter rest, and it’s time for garden tools and power equipment implements to be put away. Hand tools and equipment perform better and last longer with proper care and storage during the winter months. It’s important to DARRELL clean hoes, BLACKWELDER rakes and shovels before their long winter hiatus. Now’s the time to clean any remaining soil and sap. Have the items properly sharpened if necessary. It’s also an excellent time to build storage racks and organize garden tools. Take a close look at the basin of the fertilizer and lime spreaders. Fertilizer and nutrient residues easily corrode metal gears and other metal parts, reducing the life of the spreader. A thin coat of lightweight oil applied to moving metal parts prevents unnecessary corrosion. Pruners and loppers often need blades and springs after a season of heavy usage. Replace old blades and springs now to ensure readiness for early spring pruning for grapes and fruit trees. Discard dull pruners and other cutting tools that cannot be properly sharpened or maintained. These present a hazard to the operator and the results are often poor. Most home gardeners are finished with their garden tillers and lawn mow-


Rowan CoopERativE ExtEnSion

Rowan Master Gardeners prepare for an apple tasting at the Farmers Market this fall. Master Gardeners are committed to giving back to the community after they’ve completed their training.

Master Gardeners enjoy sharing knowledge G

ardeners are a special breed. We nurture plants, indoors and outdoors. In doing so, we also cultivate friendships. Many of us in Rowan County are fortunate to belong to an organization that allows us to learn and to share information about horticulture with the public. That organization, the Rowan County Extension Master Gardener Association, is a volunteer program of North Carolina Cooperative Extension. As volunteers, all are trained through a 14-week program, tested and then expected to repay those educational hours with approved service hours. After the first probationary year, those wanting to continue to perform additional service hours and are invited to join the assoCAROLE ciation. It is not mandaMASSEY tory to join the association, but why miss all the fun? This year has been a very active one for the association. Preparations began in January for programs and projects. Working with city of Salisbury Parks and Recreation, the West End Community Park and Gardens, and summer sessions at the Miller Center kept our members attuned to both a challenging growing season — first too wet, then too hot, and then too dry — and the need to educate our youth who are being distanced from nature and the simple pleasures of fresh fruit and vegetables. Earth Day on the Greenway was another way to reach youth and share the wonders of worms, rain barrels and tent caterpillars. Our Spring Plant Sale and Swap in May provides needed financial support for our activities. Construction was well under way at Millbridge Elementary School, where a Healthy Foods grant has funded a Discovery Garden. In cooperation with the Rowan County Health Department, Millbridge Elementary School and Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners have been


ers as the cool weather progresses. Now is the time to have the oil replaced and air filters cleaned. Paper filters may need to be replaced. Inspect the spark plug and replace if needed. Drain the gas if the engine is to be idle during the winter months. Over-wintering gas loses its octane and may cause carburetor problems later. It’s important to add fuel stabilizers to over-wintering gas, preventing octane and gumming problems. Inspect underneath the lawn mower deck for rust spots and accumulated grass clippings. Spray the underneath with a thin oil to prevent rust and use a putty knife to scrap off accumulated grass clippings. The lawn mower blade should be inspected for cracks or other deformities. Sharpen the blade now or replace with a new mulching blade. Consider replacing standard mower blades with mulching blades, which reduce excess clippings and add organic matter back to the lawn. Those who lack time, tools or ability should consider employing small engine repair shops. Shops are not busy now, but will be deluged in the spring with mowers and power equipment that need to be repaired or serviced. These simple tasks will increase the life of the tool and reduce frustrations in the upcoming season. Darrell Blackwelder is county extension director at the Rowan County Center, N.C. Cooperative Extension. Call 704-216-8970.

Wrap gifts creatively and green Home and Garden Television

Master Gardeners present an Earth Day program to students instrumental in building raised beds and instructing the students in proper methods of planting, cultivating, caring for and harvesting produce. There were also Millbridge summer camps for fun activities including garden mosaics and worm composting. Summer would not be the same without 4-H Summer Fun Week. Programs include terrariums, garden art, sensory containers and entomology (with an emphasis on spiders). Youth from 5-19 were invited to participate in these volunteer lead programs. This was the inaugural year for our Retro Flower Show. What a great way for both adults and youth to show off their skills in the garden, Lana Miller and Katherine Jones earned both with specimen stems and Silver Can certificates. themed arrangements. The Rowan County Fair is another way our volunteers offer their expertThis was also the year that the Agriise through an education fair booth and cultural Center on Old Concord Road as department heads in horticulture, fruits and vegetables and food preserSee GARDENERS, 2C vation.

It may be tempting to buy rolls of cheap, shiny paper to wrap your gifts, but this easy option won’t reflect the care you’ve put into choosing the gifts themselves — and it doesn’t benefit the planet. Gifts wrapped in reused paper can look stylish if you wrap them with care. Collect brown paper, out-of-date maps and atlases, old wall charts, calendars and unused rolls of wallpaper to build up a collection of instant Christmas wrapping. Pages from newspapers or magazines also make attractively wrapped gifts — use the sports section of a newspaper to wrap a gift for a sports fan, for example, or colorful comics to wrap gifts for children and teenagers. If your gift is an unusual shape, put it in a decorated or covered shoe box or shirt box, or use recycled paper sandwich

bags decorated with dried leaves, pressed home-grown flowers or feathers. A fun, quirky way to wrap a few of your favorite bulbs for an aspiring gardener is to place them inside one terra-cotta pot, place an identical upturned pot on top of it and decorate the joined rims with a length of trailing ivy. It’s the ultimate in ecofriendly wrapping, as the bulbs can be planted in the pots, and then the pots recycled indefinitely. You could also use vintage fabric or old, unwanted garments to wrap gifts: a length of velvet, an old scarf, cloth napkin, handkerchief or dishtowel can all be transformed into stylish gift-wrap. If every American family wrapped just three presents in reused or repurposed materials, it has been estimated that enough paper would be saved to cover 45,000 football fields.

Staycation again this year? Check out new NC travel guide N.C. Division of Tourism

RALEIGH — New state travel guides are available from the N.C. Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development. “The Official 2011 North Carolina Travel Guide” is a 180-page handbook featuring the state’s natural, manmade and historic attractions, brought to life with new digital options. The cover image features Durham’s Brightleaf Square which houses restaurants and shops in historic downtown tobacco warehouses. The Travel Guide’s electronic extras, which include video tours and barcode scans, complement the feature articles and other content, which take in more than 800 attractions, nearly 4,000 accommodations and

travel resources in every county. These upgrades also make the 2011 publication the most technologically advanced of any state travel guide. Lynn Minges, assistant secretary for tourism, marketing and global Branding in the N.C. Department of Commerce, said the guide offers more tools to help travelers “explore the natural beauty of our beaches and mountains, the charm and culture of our towns and cities, and the pleasures of our food and drink.” The Travel Guide is available for free at all nine N.C. interstate welcome centers, by calling 1-800-VISITNC or by placing an order at, the state’s official website for travel information. Online users can access the guide at Versions for the iPhone and other mobile devices are also available. Readers of the guide's print and online editions will find abundant information in articles about the Civil War sesquicentennial, film sites from Wilmington to Asheville, escape-worthy spas and resorts, museums, motorsports, wineries and brewpubs, and restaurants where local flavors prevail. The print version directs readers to online extras, and the online edition links directly to videos and related content. “Take the Blue Ridge Parkway map,” Minges said. “In the printed guide, the map has text about scenic overlooks from Sparta to Sylva. In the online version, the map is inter-

active, with the information for the mileposts popping out. And both maps steer you to the website to watch a video of the parkway at its most vivid.” Readers will also notice “quick response” (QR) barcodes that scannerequipped cell phones can read to access more information. Additional usefulness comes from a low-tech feature: red “free for all” symbols that point out free activities. Tourism remains one of the state’s most vital industries, generating $22.2 billion a year in economic demand and sustaining 378,000 jobs. Travel-related employment spans all sectors, with 8.6 percent of the state’s wage and salary employment directly or indirectly dependent on tourism.

2C • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010

Guides can help you see best of our state

I have received several questions concerning the increased costs of energy for heating and cooling the home. Most of the questions concern whether to add insulation to the attic and whether it’s costefficient. From what I can gather, the cost of energy is expected to rise in the foreseeable future. Because of these increases, you may not notice a difference in your heating bills at first, but over time I believe adding insulation will save you money. Taking into account the cost of adding insulation versus the expected rise in energy costs over the next seven to 10 years, I’m sure that you will find adding insulation to be cost-efficient. First, you need to know how much and what type of insulation you currently have. There are loose-fill products such as fiberglass, cellulose and granular, and blanket types of insulation of fiberglass and mineral fibers. Granular insulation, a small pebblelike material, is commonly referred to as vermiculite. Vermiculite and possibly some rock-wool insulating materials may contain asbestos, a known health hazard. If you do not suspect that the materials contain asbestos, measure the depth or thickness of the material. Record this information so that you can find the R-value of the material. Second, DO NOT cover any of the older knob-and-tube wiring in the attic or walls of the home. The ceramic knobs used to support the wires on ceiling and floor joists and the ceramic tubes used where the wire passes through the joists can easily identify knob and tube. This type of wiring is air-cooled and covering it can lead to a fire in the walls or attic. How much additional insulation do you need? The thermal value of insulating materials is rated as an R-value, such as R-19 or R-30. The larger the R-value, the better the insulating material is at preventing thermal transfer. The Department of Energy has a website where you enter your ZIP code and other information, and the R-value approved for your area will appear ( /insulation/ins—16.html). By far, expanding-foam insulation has the greater R-val-

ue, but you would most likely need to remove the existing insulation for proper installation. Expanding foam can be sprayed on the underside of the roof decking, but any residue from a loose-fill insulation could cause the foam to lose adhesion. Loose-fill cellulose insulation has too much density to apply over fiberglass, but you can apply loose-fill fiberglass over cellulose. The added weight of the cellulose over fiberglass would compress the fiberglass, and it would lose some of its R-value. The following is a list of insulating materials and the Rvalue per inch of depth for each: Loose-fill fiberglass has an R-value per/inch of 2.2 to 2.9; loose-fill cellulose. 3.1 to 3.8; blankets of fiberglass, 2.9 to 3.8; and polyicynene (expanding foam), 3.6 to 4.3. A handy homeowner can lease the equipment required to install loose-fill insulating materials or simply install the blanket materials by hand. The polyicynene foam needs to be installed by a professional. Dwight Barnett is a certified master inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors. Write to him with home-improvement questions at C. Dwight Barnett, Evansville Courier & Press, P.O. Box 286, Evansville, IN 47702, or e-mail him at Please include a SASE with your questions.

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Department of Transportation offers wildflower T-shirts, Scenic Byway guides, free maps and other items as gift ideas this holiday season. • Byways: The book “North Carolina Scenic Byways” details 51 routes across the state that allow motorists and bicyclists to discover the state’s deep history, cultural treasures and natural beauty. To download a copy of the book or to request a printed copy (a $5 donation is requested), go to travel/scenic/default.html. • Cycling maps: Free maps detail many established bike routes that crisscross the state. These printed guides include the nine highway routes that cover 3,000 miles of road; 10 urban area maps that include Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and Wilmington, and 20 regional and local maps of bike routes in suburban and rural communities. Available at http:// html. • Wildflowers: To help support its Wildflower Program, NCDOT is making available a T-shirt, a planting video and seed packets. To learn more, go to http://


ly updated, the color map will DOT and its programs, visit be available in January. Or- dering information is available at travel/mappubs/statetransportationmap/. Maps are also available by calling 1-877DOT-4YOU. To learn more about NC-




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side/promo/WildflowerBucket.pdf. • Driving manual: The Driver’s Handbook can be downloaded online and covers everything they need to know to stay safe behind the wheel. To download a copy or locate a convenient DMV office where you can pick up a printed version, go to http:// services/drivershandbook/ • Road map: Get a jump on the new year by pre-ordering the 2011-2012 edition of the North Carolina State Map. Ful-



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Combat rising heating costs with right insulation Scripps Howard News Service



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began its landscape facelift. The original plantings had become overgrown and somewhat demanding of maintenance. With the training and availability of Master Gardener volunteers, what better community service project and demonstration site could there be than the Ag Center? Watch for continued programs, such as the recent Pavers Workshop conducted by Cline’s Landscapes. Supporting other local volunteer organizations is an important role. Our entry for the ARC Festival of Trees was titled “The Legend of the Christmas Spider.” Who else would decorate a Christmas tree with Araneae? The dining room of the Dr. Josephus Hall House also benefits from the gardeners efforts with greenery in the Victorian manner during the holidays. To celebrate the year, the association hosts a Christmas social and rewards certain volunteers whose extra efforts have benefited both the community and the organization. Certificates of appreciation were given to Sheila Armstrong, Sherry Walker, Carol Comer, Pat Stellute and Vance Meek. Silver Can certificates were awarded to Katherine Jones and Lana Miller. Darrell Blackwelder, recently promoted county extension director and Master Gardener No. 1, received the first “Golden Post Hole Digger” for his support and guidance in 2010. Carole Massey is a Master Gardener volunteer with the Cooperative Extension Service in Rowan County.

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 3C


Avoiding holiday pounds comes down to organization

Time-crunch holiday decorating ideas BY MARY CAROL GARRITY Scripps Howard News Service

Need some ideas for holiday decorating even though Christmas is less than two weeks away? We’ve got you covered. Let’s start with the kitchen. Assorted Christmas candies are excellent tools to use in quick holiday displays. Fill apothecary jars, sorbet cups or glass vases with candy canes, colorful candy ribbons, gumdrops and other candies that make you think of the holidays. Then, place them on your kitchen windowsills. That’s what I did for my holiday open house this year, creating a quick but dramatic treatment you could replicate in minutes. First, I placed a few of the snowflake-shaped wire photo holders we carry at Nell Hill’s on the sill, then inserted holiday cards and family photos from holidays past. I tucked a few candy canes in a pretty glass and a fun vintage ornament in another. There you have it: a head-turning display — done in practically no time. I also like to use fresh fruit for last-minute decorating, and pomegranates are among my favorites. Fill sorbet glasses with red pomegranates, for example, and then put them on a windowsill or table. Pinecones and snips of greenery taken from your own shrubbery are also great last-minute options. When I decorated my kitchen table for my open house this year, I just lined up three little Christmas trees down the table’s center. It was so adorable, you could stop there. For your foyer, think wreath or evergreen swag from the newel post. The built-in bench in my home’s breezeway is the perfect spot to put a little seasonal arrangement. For the holidays this year, I filled a black iron planter with some greens. It took just a few minutes to pull it together, but this ensured that my guests were greeted with a warm holiday welcome. One of my last-minute tricks is to hang holiday decor from the window sashes in my living room. It takes just minutes, but has a powerful visual impact. Lanterns are one of my favorite tools this year, so for my open house, I hung flatbacked black metal lanterns from the window sashes above the window seat in my living room. You can also do the same trick with wreaths. Hang the wreaths from a festive ribbon secured to a tiny nail just below the ceiling molding or wire the wreaths to your window locks. Another favorite idea is to

fill two cylinder vases with pinecones, ornaments or spray-painted nuts, then put them on each end of your fireplace mantel. The column has been adapted from Mary Carol Garblog at rity’s She can be reached at


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workouts sacred time and never strayed. It helped me get through the stress of the season and also let me eat a few extra treats without the guilt. Three Tips for Trimming the Fat from Your Holiday Season: 1. Keep Track! This is the No. 1 rule of many diets, and once you start writing down what you eat, you’ll be surprised at how many calories you’re consuming. If it goes in your mouth, keep track and write it down. And yes, that fistful of red and green M&Ms should be included! 2. Be Accountable. There is a reason the buddy system works. People generally want to avoid disappointing others. If you think you’re going to

Aviva Goldfarb has on her healthy menu. The writers are co-founders of Buttoned Up, a company dedicated to helping stressed women get organized. Send ideas and questions to For more columns, go to

Land Development District Map Amendment (Rezoning)

4:00 pm, Tuesday, December 21, 2010

City Council Chambers – City Hall 217 South Main Street Salisbury, North Carolina At the time, date, and place indicated above, the Salisbury City Council will conduct a public hearing to consider the following District Map Amendment: DISTRICT MAP AMENDMENT: LDOZ-10-2010 Petitioner(s): ..........................................City of Salisbury Owner(s): ..............................................Multiple (see file) Address: ................................................Multiple (see file) Tax Map - Parcel(s):..............................Multiple (see file) Size / Scope: ..........................................Approximately 43.6 acres (147 parcels) Location: ................................................All of Weatherstone Subdivision, which is located off of Camp Road across the street from the State Prison REQUEST: Request to amend the City of Salisbury Land Development District Map by rezoning approx. 44 acres (147 parcels) within the Weatherstone Subdivision from GENERAL RESIDENTIAL (GR-3) to MANUFACTURED HOME DEVELOPMENT – NEIGHBORHOOD (MHD-NEIGH)

Granite Auto Parts & Service



Hwy. 52 Granite Quarry

704-857-5684 Call now for the lowest payments on high efficiency Trane equipment from S.A. Sloop Heating & AC, Inc. Visit us on Facebook:


while it’s once a year, I don’t have to have everything, so I’ve instituted a new rule to avoid the holiday bulge. I let myself have one treat daily. So, if I want to have a slice of cake, that’s fine, but I can’t pop Godivas in my mouth at my desk later that day. One treat makes me feel like I’ve indulged without the overindulgence. Alicia on “keeping my schedule sacred”: I feel pulled in so many directions during the holidays. On top of the usual stuff, there are gifts to buy, parties to attend, a house to decorate — it gets crazy. I have found in the past that I tend to drop the “me” time and end up skipping workouts to fit in other tasks. Last year, I made my

are just going to be some nights that you ate a handful of tiny quiches for dinner, but on the nights that you are home with no obligations, make sure you eat healthy meals and snacks. If you have a hard time with meal planning, we are huge believers in the Five O’Clock Scramble ( Buy the cookbook or sign up for the online meal-planning system. Just put your brain on autopilot and make whatever

PLANNING BOARD RECOMMENDATION: At their meeting of November 23, 2010 the Planning Board voted 7-0 to recommend APPROVAL of the proposed map amendment. A copy of the above petition is available for public review at City Hall (217 South Main Street). Persons wishing a copy, or additional information, should call (704) 638-5244. If persons would like to respond in writing, they may do so by mailing a letter to Community Planning Services, P.O. Box 479, Salisbury, NC 28145 or by e-mail to Citizens interested in the proposal are invited to attend and participate in the public hearing. Changes may be made in the above proposal as a result of debate, objection, or discussion. This the 8th day of December 2010.


Myra B. Heard, CMC City Clerk ********** The above NOTICE was published first in the SALISBURY POST in its issue of Saturday, December 11, 2010. R127727




Land Development Ordinance and Land Development District Map Amendment (Rezoning) to amend the Conditional District Overlay 4:00 pm, Tuesday, December 21, 2010

City Council Chambers – City Hall 217 South Main Street Salisbury, North Carolina

At the time, date, and place indicated above, the Salisbury City Council will conduct a public hearing to consider the following Conditional District Overlay amendment: CD-07-2010 DISTRICT MAP AMENDMENT: Petitioner(s): ..............................................Diocese of Charlotte Housing Corp. Owner(s):....................................................same Address:......................................................Unnumbered Lumen Christi Lane Tax Map - Parcel(s):..................................327-133 Size / Scope:................................................Approximately 2.6 acres (1 parcel) Location: ....................................................Located along the east side of the Lumen Christi Lane cul-de-sac just south of the Colonial Pipeline easement

REQUEST: Request to amend City of Salisbury Land Development Ordinance and Land Development District Map by rezoning approximately 2.6 acres by amending a portion of the Sacred Heart Conditional District Overlay to permit the development of a 19-unit apartment complex.

PLANNING BOARD RECOMMENDATION: At their meeting of November 23, 2010, the Planning Board voted unanimously (7-0) to recommend approval of the proposed Conditional District Overlay amendment. A copy of the above petition (incl. Master Plan) is available for public review at City Hall (217 South Main Street). Persons wishing a copy or additional information should call (704) 638-5244. If persons would like to respond in writing, they may do so by mailing a letter to Community Planning Services, P.O. Box 479, Salisbury, NC 28145 or by e-mail to

Citizens interested in the proposal are invited to attend and participate in the public hearing. Changes may be made in the above proposal as a result of debate, objection, or discussion. This the 8th day of December 2010.

CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA BY: Myra B. Heard, CMC City Clerk ********** The above NOTICE was published first in the SALISBURY POST in its issue of Saturday, December 11, 2010.



It’s the mother of all hangovers — the holiday weight gain. So while it may not shock you to learn on Jan. 2 that your weight’s crept up a bit, it’s definitely disheartening. It’s so hard to resist the cookies and cakes and extra helpings of mashed potatoes ... and it’s only once a year, right? Take heart in knowing that you can enjoy yourself this holiday season without setting yourself up for disappointment come January. It just takes a little organization now to save yourself later. Sarah on “not getting swept up in the moment”: It seems like once December hits, it’s an eating-anddrinking roller-coaster ride, and I’m the first one lining up. Whether it’s the goodies in the office, the after-work parties or the weekend get-togethers, I definitely get caught up in the moment and indulge. I have to remind myself that

overindulge this season, find a buddy who will keep you accountable. Pick a date (Jan. 2 is always good) and make a bet, then tell your friend that you’ll check in with your weight. If either of you has gained more than three pounds from your starting weight, you owe the other one $150. We chose $150 because it is not an inconsequential sum. You can go with less, or more — just make sure that it is a number that will motivate you to avoid the gain. With real money at stake, you’ll be surprised at how you can resist that sprinkle cookie at the office party. 3. Eat Well When You Can. Nobody is perfect, and there


“I feel pulled in so many directions during the holidays ... I have found in the past that I tend to drop the ‘me’ time and end up skipping workouts to fit in other tasks.”

R 12 67 38



4C • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010



Family can’t seem to split the sprouts Dear Amy: I have been a vegetarian since the 1980s and a vegan for about 10 years. My family has always been critical of my choice to avoid animal products, but they have also been careful to offer plantfood based when I visit. Recently I moved closer ASK to my family, AMY and we meet for meals at least once a week. When they eat at my house, their contribution to dinner always contains meat — I don’t like it, but I don’t say anything, even when blood from a rare roast spilled all over my counter. Lately they have been commenting that it is a lot of trouble to provide food for me and that it is my obligation to eat whatever they make. I always bring something to share, and I am really not picky — if all they can do is separate out a potato and some veggies before adding butter and mayonnaise, that is perfectly fine with me. Also, they think I should cook meat dishes when they visit because they make vegetarian dishes for me. I love my family and I know they love me, but this is starting to make me very uncomfortable. I have tried talking with them about it, but they just say my food choices are unreasonable. Please don’t suggest I start eating animal products, but what can I do to defuse this? — Vegan Victim Dear Vegan: Because you and your family eat from opposite ends of the food chain,

the most logical solution is that whoever hosts a meal in your family should provide the table, cutlery, a vegetable or fruit salad and his or her own entree. Anything additional should be carted in by the guest. Your diet is your choice, and it is not unreasonable. But this tussle about food is probably not only about food — but the playing out of a family dynamic that has been going on for some time. You will know you’ve successfully handled this if you can get together with your family without your diets being the main topic of conversation. Dear Amy: My girlfriend and I talk about everything except her relationship with her dad. Her parents have been divorced for five years, and her father is angry because her mother left him for another man. I didn’t realize how bad things were until I picked her up one day and she ran to my car, crying. She told me he bullies and verbally abuses her. She was pressured into going to her dad’s for Thanksgiving dinner. I went to visit my family. While she was there, he hit her in front of several of his family members. She texted me as soon as it happened. I was not in a position to go get her because I was so far away. She made it through the rest of the trip, but I learned it wasn’t the first time that he hit her. She absolutely refused to talk to her mother about it. When I had a chance to be alone with her mother, I showed her the text messages

about what had happened. My girlfriend found out and was extremely hurt by my going behind her back on this but eventually was glad that I did, although she told me that I had lost her trust. Was there a better way to handle this? — Frightened Boyfriend Dear Frightened: When you hear about an assault, you have to act, and you did. The message you conveyed to your girlfriend is that some confidences cannot be kept, that her safety is paramount and that you are on her side. In addition to telling her mother about this, you should urge your girlfriend to be open about what is going on, to keep away from her father and to get additional help. Dear Amy: I don’t have problems with my 17-year-old daughter wearing inappropriate clothing. We have discussed this subject many times. I have also let her know that if she chooses to purchase something inappropriate, I will purchase the same clothing and wear it the same day she does. I work at the same school district she attends, so that helps! — Lucky Mom Dear Lucky: Let’s hope she doesn’t call your bluff. Send questions via e-mail to or by mail to Ask Amy, Chicago Tribune, TT500, 435 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611. Amy Dickinson’s memoir, “The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Mother, a Daughter and the Town that Raised Them” (Hyperion), is available in bookstores. TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES

Last-minute holiday solutions 10-minute rescue


The phone rings. Surprise! Long-lost friends will be at your front door in 10 minutes. You have no time to clean the house or even to panic. Instead, move into high gear with this 10-minute rescue: 1) Set a small pan of water over medium heat. Add spices — such as cinnamon, allspice and cloves — and leave it to heat. 2) Grab a box or a grocery bag, and clear all coffee tables, end taand bles kitchen counters into it. MARY Stash it in a HUNT closet. 3) Gather all bathroom clutter, and deposit it in the tub or shower and draw the curtain. 4) Clean all flat surfaces you cleared with furniture polish or all-purpose cleaner. 5) Starting at the front door, vacuum the visible areas. 6) Light the candles and the fireplace. Switch on the stereo, and turn down the lights. Whew! You made it. The house looks great. Smells good, too. Enjoy your company, and when they are gone, take a few more minutes to go through the box in the closet. And don't forget the tub.

A single focal point. When it comes to holiday decorating, less can be more elegant and less time-consuming. You don't have to decorate every square inch of the house. Hang one large wreath or decorate only the mantel, and let that be the focal point. Oodles of candles. If the holiday arrives before you find time to decorate, don't panic. All you really need are lots of cheap unscented white candles in all shapes and sizes. Put them everywhere. Turn down the electric lights and your home will look great. Candlelight is inexpensive, very theatrical and so forgiving. Remove candle wax. Remove drips by softening them with a hair dryer and then wiping them away with a paper towel. Or harden the wax by covering it with an ice cube wrapped in plastic. Scrape off the wax with a plastic spatula. Anything natural. Look outdoors for anything green -such as juniper bushes, magnolia leaves, pine boughs, even twigs or branches -- that you can cut and bring indoors. Arrange on mantel or table. Intertwine with red ribbon. Light bulb sleeves. Save the paper sleeves light bulbs come in. They are the perfect shape and size to use to store Christmas tree ornaments. Clean carpet. If you have your carpet professionally cleaned, you can save time

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and money by not moving the furniture and cleaning only the high-traffic areas.

Gift ideas Make a contribution to a charity in the name of your recipient. The organization will send out a gift card announcing your generosity. Any dollar amount is appreciated, however the exact amount of your donation typically is not disclosed. Give what you do. Make your gift what you do well. Make up your own gift certificate announcing your gift of baby-sitting, errand running, chauffeuring, gardening, window washing, graphic design, computer lessons or car washing. Toy swap. If you have very young children, arrange with other families to swap toys instead of having everyone buy new ones this year. Clean them up, and wrap them up; the kids will be none the wiser. Mary Hunt is the founder of and author of 18 books, including her latest, "Can I Pay My Credit Card Bill With a Credit Card?" You can e-mail her at, or write to Everyday Cheapskate, P.O. Box 2135, Paramount, CA 90723. To find out more about Mary Hunt and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

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3900 Twin/Twin Metal Bunkbed “The excitement of this is Year’s Rockin’ Eve with just a glimpse of what our up- Ryan Seacrest 2011,” which coming tour will be,” the five begins at 10 p.m. EST on Dec. members of New Kids on the 31 and ends around 2 a.m. on Block added. Jan. 1. Pop singers Ke$ha and Other performers include LOS ANGELES (AP) — Taio Cruz are also set to per- Jennifer Hudson, Willow New Kids on the Block and form from New York’s Times Smith, Ne-Yo, Avril Lavigne Backstreet Boys are bringing Square on “Dick Clark’s New and Train. their ’90s boy-band magic to Dick Clark’s annual New Year’s Eve TV special. Thank you for reading the Producers say the two groups are mashing up to close out 2011 on the ABC special. The two bands, who have This holiday season we hope melded their monikers to become NKOTBSB, performed you continue to support local together live for the first time community businesses. on the Dick Clark-produced American Music Awards last month. The supergroup plans Start your holiday off by to tour North America together next summer. shopping locally. “The NKOTBSB just keeps snowballing ... and nothing is as exciting as Times Square’s New Year’s countdown,” the Backstreet Boys said Thursday. R126809




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Going green with holiday greetings BY MAUREEN GILMER Scripps Howard News Service

It’s no wonder that folks aren’t sending out Christmas cards like they use to. When you add up the cost of cards, envelopes, the gas, time and parking to shop for them (not to mention postage), this old tradition is downright pricey. For anyone with a computer, there’s a free, green way to send out holiday greetings. Create your own electronic holiday cards with a simple email and beautiful images. For garden lovers, there are some excellent free online resources of botanical illustrations. These include antique renderings of conifer trees, holly and other plants traditionally linked to the midwinter holiday season. The richest source for botanical pictures is at the Missouri Botanical Garden Library’s website, “Illustrated Garden” ( rarebooks/browse.asp). It has scanned whole books of rare botanical art from extensive archives, making them all available online. Another great source is the New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery, where it now offers thousands of images scanned from its archives ( The “Nature Illustrated Collection” features many plant renderings, including conifers and other holiday species. “Vintage Holiday Postcards” contains a wide range of turn-of-the20th-century holiday cards from both American and European sources. For those celebrating Hanukkah, the “Illuminated Hebrew Manuscripts” are an excellent resource for greeting cards. These beautiful and sentimental color JPEG files are lowresolution, making them easy to download and slot into a holiday-greeting e-mail. When you find an image online that would make a good holiday card, download and save it to your computer. Do this by right clicking on the image. A pull-down menu will include the option “save im-

age as.” Click this to reach the next menu that will show the “My Documents” section of your computer as the default location for your images. You can make a separate folder for these downloads for easier access. The image will automatically save in the universal JPEG format that is easy to use in any photo or graphics program. You can save under the existing image code of origin or rename it. (Keep in mind that these are instructions for a PC.) When using these and any other online images from graphics databases, please read the copyright restrictions. Most are free for personal use, but may not be sold or used on websites. During the dreary days of winter, it’s fun to browse through these fabulous graphic archives in the comfort of your home. They are an incredible visual resource, owing to the efforts of institutions to make their vast and previously little known collections available for the public to enjoy. If you would like more information on using online JPEGs, download the free ebook “Online Botanical Illustrations” at It will help you better understand the process of utilizing online graphics from sources around the world. The great museums and universities of Europe, with their ancient illuminated manuscripts, are gradually digitizing their collections, so don’t overlook these even if they’re in different languages. In a time when everyone is pinching pennies, cards and sentiments are more important than ever. With computers widely available, using these images for other kinds of paper crafts is a real money-saver. Print your pictures for scrapbook projects or frame them as miniatures to decorate your home. Don’t overlook their value as holiday gifts, either. There’s a

Make it with kids: Tissue paper and yarn trees BY CATHIE FILIAN Scripps Howard News Service

Keep the little ones busy with a simple and colorful project that will have them crafting all afternoon. This project is perfect for kids of all ages and a great way to use up scraps of yarn and tissue paper. The combination of Mod Podge Gloss and glitter creates an ultrashiny look that kids love. Use up scraps of tissue paper or color-coordinate them to your home decorating style. Old magazines, wrapping-paper scraps and old book pages make amazing designs, too. Yarn scraps can be colorcoordinated to the paper — or go wild with mixed designs. The instructions are just a springboard for children’s imaginations. Cover the table with a plastic cloth and let the kids create their own designs. Place bowls with pompoms, sequins, ribbons or other embellishments and let them glue them to the trees in their desired patterns. For teachers or anyone else wanting to make this in bulk,

This fir tree illustration, above, comes from a German database of medicinal plants.The rendering of this bromeliad and its insect pollinators reminds us that botanical illustrations originated to show valuable scientific data. ScrippS Howard NewS Service

perfect picture for everyone on your list. Maureen Gilmer is a horticulturist. Her blog, the MoZone, offers ideas for cashstrapped families. Read the blog. E-mail her blog at


visit online shops like Create For Less, where you can find larger quantities of cones. If you have a local floral-supply shop, try it, too. Dollar stores can also be a good resource for cones. Grab some cones, scrap tissue paper and yarn, and have the kids craft a custom tree decoration for your home this holiday season. Materials: Mod Podge Gloss Glitter — ultra-fine 3 Styrofoam trees — different sizes Scissors Tissue paper — pink, pale green and turquoise Yarn — raspberry; olive, dark turquoise Wax paper Optional: School glue and scrap embellishments Steps: 1. Cut the tissue paper into random-shaped small, squares. Apply the squares to the Styrofoam tree with Mod Podge. Top-coat with a layer of Mod Podge. Add additional layers of tissue. Allow for drying time between layers. 2. Cut the yarn into 3- to 5foot-long pieces. (Use more yarn for a fuller wrap and less yarn for an open look.) Pool some Mod Podge onto a piece of wax paper, add glitter to the Mod Podge, stir to combine. Saturate the yarn in the Mod Podge and glitter. Wrap the wet yarn around the cones. Allow to dry. 3. Optional: Use school glue to attach other embellishments (pompoms, sequins or ribbons).

Cathie Filian is a lifestyle expert, Emmy-nominated telScrippS Howard NewS Service evision host, author Keep little ones busy by letting them and designer. Learn create their own christmas tree out of more about Cathie at yarn and tissue paper.

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Zits/Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Jump Start/Robb Armstrong

For Better or For Worse/Lynn Johnston

Frank & Ernest/Bob Thaves

Dilbert/Scott Adams Non Sequitur/Wiley Miller

Garfield/Jim Davis Pickles/Brian Crane

Hagar The Horrible/Chris Browne Dennis/Hank Ketcham

Family Circus/Bil Keane

Blondie/Dean Young and John Marshall


Get Fuzzy/Darby Conley

The Born Loser/Art and Chip Sansom

Sudoku/United Feature Syndicate Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Answer to Previous Puzzle

Celebrity Cipher/Luis Campos


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 7C



A - Time Warner/Salisbury/Metrolina

Friday, Dec. 17

You'll have both the talent and the knowledge to succeed in the area of your choosing in the near future, but it will still be up to you to make CBS Evening Wheel of Jeopardy! Yes, Virginia Å Frosty the Late Show W/ Frosty Returns I Get That a Lot Blue Bloods “What You See” (In News 2 at 11 ^ WFMY News/Couric Snowman (N) Å Stereo) Å (N) Å Letterman Fortune (N) Å (N) Å Å the most of your opportunities. Be careful not WBTV News Who Wants to Yes, Virginia (In Frosty the Frosty Returns I Get That a Lot Blue Bloods “What You See” The WBTV 3 News Late Show With to take on a partner who might drag you down. # WBTV 3 CBS Evening News With Katie Prime Time (N) Be a Millionaire Stereo) Å Snowman (In (In Stereo) Å (N) (In Stereo) NYPD searches for a homemade at 11 PM (N) David Letterman CBS Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — You are like(N) Å Couric (N) Stereo) Å bomb. Å Å ly to have plenty of chances for material gain, Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld Elaine Extra (N) (In TMZ (N) (In Movie: ›› “Are We There Yet?” (2005) Ice Cube, Nia Long. Hoping to FOX 8 10:00 News (N) ( WGHP 22 Access breaks up with accepts a suit Hollywood Stereo) Å Stereo) Å impress a beautiful divorcee, a man takes her two mischievous children yet if your ego provides you with faulty counFOX her beau. from a comic. (N) Å on a disastrous road trip. (In Stereo) sel, you may forgo taking advantage of what is Inside Edition Entertainment Supernanny “Fernandez Family” Primetime: What Would You Do? 20/20 (N) (In Stereo) Å WSOC 9 News (:35) Nightline ) WSOC 9 ABC World at hand. (N) Å News With Tonight (N) (In A couple struggle to control three (In Stereo) Å Tonight (N) Å (N) Å ABC Diane Sawyer Stereo) Å kids. (N) Å Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — Having the abilNBC Nightly Inside Edition Entertainment Minute to Win It “A Family Affair” Dateline NBC (In Stereo) Å (:15) WXII 12 (:35) The ity to assess developments realistically won't be , WXII News (N) (In (N) Å Tonight (N) (In Competing for cash and holiday Sports Report Tonight Show a problem for you. However, trouble could beNBC Stereo) Å Stereo) Å prizes. Å With Jay Leno gin when, for some reason, you behave contrary (:35) Fox News The Simpsons King of the Hill Everybody How I Met Your How I Met Your Movie: ›› “Are We There Yet?” (2005) Ice Cube, Nia Long. Hoping to Fox News at Edge (In Stereo) Å “Dream Weaver” impress a beautiful divorcee, a man takes her two mischievous children 10 (N) 2 WCCB 11 Loves Raymond Mother “Woooo!” Mother Å to your better judgment. on a disastrous road trip. (In Stereo) Å Å Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)—- Be extremely (:35) The NBC Jeopardy! Wheel Minute Dateline Å NewsChannel Nightly of to Win It “A Family Affair” NBC (In Stereo) D WCNC 6 diligent about your commercial affairs. You Tonight Show News (N) (In (N) Å Fortune “National Competing for cash and holiday 36 News at NBC With Jay Leno Stereo) Å Parks” (N) prizes. Å 11:00 (N) could be at the losing end of things if you select PBS NewsHour (N) (In Stereo) Å McLaughlin Carolina Built for the People: The Story of With These Hands: Story of an Theodore Roosevelt: A Cowboy’s to do business with a firm that isn't what it repJ WTVI 4 MotorWeek (N) Å Group (N) Business Review the TVA (In Stereo) Å American Furniture Factory Ride to the White House resents itself to be. ABC World Entourage “Date (:35) Nightline Are You Who Wants/ Supernanny A couple struggle to Primetime: What Would You Do? 20/20 (N) (In Stereo) Å M WXLV Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20) — Take care whom News (In Stereo) Å Night” Smarter? (N) Å Millionaire control three kids. (N) Å you choose to team up with, because, although WJZY News at (:35) Seinfeld Å New Adv./Old (:35) The Office Guy (In Two and a Half Two and a Half The Vampire Diaries Elena looks The Vampire Diaries Caroline N WJZY 8 Family Å Stereo) Å Men Christine Men into Katherine’s past. makes a terrifying discovery. 10 (N) you may apply ample energy and vitality to get The Simpsons Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Monk Monk must stop a killer. The Office Monk (In Stereo) Å The Office House-Payne Meet, Browns P WMYV things done right, a lethargic associate could George Lopez Family Feud (In Law & Order: Special Victims Monk “Mr. Monk and the 12th Monk “Mr. Monk and the Paperboy” Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry’s My Wife and hamper your progress. “Landlord Å Stereo) Unit “Strain” Detectives suspect an Man” Monk must stop a killer. (In Monk’s paperboy is murdered. (In House of Payne House of Payne Kids “Making the W WMYT 12 Aries (March 21-April 19) — Don't let a smooth Almighty” Å Å Å activist. Å Stereo) Å Stereo) Å Grade” operator chisel you for the work you've done for (:00) PBS Nightly North Carolina Washington North Carolina North Carolina The Perfect Tree The Raleigh Ringers: One Winter Need to Know (N) (In Stereo) Å Business Now (In Stereo) Week (N) (In Weekend (In People “Bev (In Stereo) Å Evening at Meymandi: A Holiday Z WUNG 5 NewsHour him/her. Let this person know that you know (N) Å Report (N) Å Å Stereo) Å Stereo) Å Purdue” Å Special Å you are worthy of proper compensation and that CABLE CHANNELS nothing else will do. Criminal Minds The team hunts for Criminal Minds “100” The team Criminal Minds Dr. Reid investiCriminal Minds The team must Criminal Criminal Minds Three college A&E 36 (:00) Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Avoid hanging Minds Å athletes disappear. Å a serial arsonist. Å races to find the Reaper. gates an old murder. Å solve a home invasion. Å out with individuals who are known for causing (:15) Movie: ›››› “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947) Maureen Movie: ››› “White Christmas” (1954) Bing Movie: ›››› “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947) Maureen O’Hara, AMC 27 (5:15) Crosby, Danny Kaye. Å John Payne, Edmund Gwenn. O’Hara, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn. problems. Not only should you steer clear of I Shouldn’t Be Alive Å Fatal Attractions Å The Haunted (In Stereo) Å Fatal Attractions Å Piranhas (In Stereo) Å ANIM 38 Monsters trouble generally, but also you're likely to be (:00) Å Movie: ››‡ “Lockdown” Å Movie: ›‡ “A Å 106 & Park: BET’s Top 10 Live (2000) Man Apart” (2003) Vin Diesel. BET 59 judged by the company you keep. Real Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Movie: ››› “Something’s Gotta Give” (2003) Jack Nicholson. Something’s BRAVO 37 Housewives Gemini (May 21-June 20) — If you find yourMad Money The Kudlow Report (N) The Apprentice Å CNBC Titans “Donald Trump” Porn: Business of Pleasure Mad Money CNBC 34 self in the middle of an arrangement in which Parker Spitzer (N) Larry King Live (N) Å Anderson Cooper 360 Å CNN 32 Situation Rm John King, USA (N) you must take sides between a family member Swamp Loggers Dave is in charge Gold Rush: Alaska When the Gold Rush: Alaska The greenhorn Gold Rush: Alaska Tensions build Gold Rush: Alaska When the Cab (In DISC 35 Cash and a friend, and both are right in your opinion, Stereo) Å of the swamp. Å going gets tough. Å miners are at risk. Å among the families. (N) going gets tough. Å hang in there with your kinfolk. Pair of Kings Wizards of Phineas and (:45) Phineas Fish Hooks Shake it Up! Wizards of Wizards of Wizards of Suite Life Pair of Kings DISN 54 The on Deck Å (N) Å (N) Å Waverly Place (N) Å Ferb Å and Ferb “Party It Up” Waverly Place Waverly Place Waverly Place Cancer (June 21-July 22) — It could be one of Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian Kardashian The Soup (N) Fashion Police Chelsea Lately E! News E! 49 E! Investigates E! News (N) those days when you may be asked to bend a litNBA Basketball Miami Heat at New York Knicks. From Madison Square Garden in New NBA Basketball Phoenix Suns at Dallas Mavericks. From American Airlines Center in tle in order to get along with others. Do so, but ESPN 39 (:00) SportsCenter Å York. (Live) Dallas. (Live) only as long as you don't have to lower your stanNFL Live (N) Football Live College Football NCAA Division I, First Semifinal: Teams TBA. (Live) Å SportsCenter NFL Live (N) ESPN2 68 Interruption dards. (:00) Movie: ›››‡ “The Incredibles” (2004) Voices of Craig T. Movie: ›››› “WALL-E” (2008) Voices of Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Mickey’s Xmas The 700 Club Å FAM 29 Nelson, Holly Hunter. Å Jeff Garlin. Premiere. Å Carol Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Finances could weigh Air Racing From New York. Boxing Ji-Hoon Kim vs. Miguel Angel Vazquez. The Game 365 Final Score ACC Final Score FSCR 40 Football Pr. heavily on you. On one hand, you are likely to Movie: ››‡ “Pineapple Express” (2008) Seth Rogen, James Franco, Gary Cole. and a Half Movie: ›‡ “Grandma’s Boy” (2006) Doris Roberts, Allen Covert, It’s Always make substantial gains, but on the other hand, FX 45 Two Men Shirley Jones. Sunny in Phila. your extravagant urges could put you right back Hannity (N) Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor FXNWS 57 Special Report FOX Report W/ Shepard Smith The O’Reilly Factor (N) Å where you began. Fabulous World of Golf Fabulous World of Golf 12 Nights 12 Nights 12 Nights 12 Nights Golf Central GOLF 66 Fabulous World of Golf Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Although you might Movie: “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” (2010) Å Movie: “All I Want for Christmas” (2007) Gail O’Grady. Å HALL 76 (:00) Movie: “Christmas in Canaan” (2009) Å be willing to pull your own weight, your associHouse Hunters Holiday Battle Holiday Battle Hunters Int’l Hunters Int’l Hunters Int’l Hunters Int’l Hunters Int’l Hunters Int’l HGTV 46 Designed-Sell Hunters Int’l ates might not be of the same mind. It'll be up Gangland “Road Warriors” Å Gangland Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Top Gear The Ford F150 Raptor Modern Marvels A look at what is The Beatles on Record Å HIST 65 (:00) to you to make them understand that there are vs. a parachutist. Å still made in the USA. (N) Å The Waltons Inspiration To Life Today Joyce Meyer ACLJ-Week Degree Life Fellowship no free rides. INSP 78 Highway Hvn. 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Doomsday: Book of Revelation Dog Whisperer Border Wars “Fog of War” Border Wars Dog Whisperer NGEO 58 Border Wars Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Be careful that George Lopez Glenn Martin, DDS (N) (In Stereo) The Nanny (In The Nanny (In iCarly (In Stereo) iCarly (In Stereo) iCarly (In Stereo) Big Time Rush (In Stereo) Å Everybody NICK 30 Å Hates Chris Stereo) Å Stereo) Å Å Å Å Å you don't ignore someone to whom you are truMovie: “You, Me and Dupree” (2006) Å Movie: ››‡ “You, Me and Dupree” (2006) Owen Wilson. Å OXYGEN 62 (:00) Movie: ››‡ “Just Friends” ly indebted while rewarding another who is toWays to Die Ways to Die Ways to Die Ways to Die 1,000 Ways to Die (In Stereo) 1,000 Ways to Die (In Stereo) Entourage Entourage SPIKE 44 Ways to Die tally undeserving. Even if it is a thoughtless act, Hawks Live! NBA Basketball Charlotte Bobcats at Atlanta Hawks. (Live) Hawks Live! 3 Wide Life Raceline (N) Brawl Call SPSO 60 Eastern Golf it can still hurt. A














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WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) (In Stereo) Å

Sanctuary “Hollow Men” (N) (In Stargate SG-1 “Inauguration” Vice Stereo) Å President Kinsey. Å Movie: ››› “My Cousin Vinny” (1992) Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei, Ralph Macchio. Å (:40) The Office

Family Guy (In Family Guy (In Stereo) Å Stereo) Å Å Movie: ››› “In the Good Old Summertime” (1949) Judy Garland, Movie: “Little Movie: ››› “Holiday Affair” (1949) Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh. Å Van Johnson, S.Z. Sakall. Å (DVS) Women” What Not to Wear “Sarah W.” What Not to Wear “Disa” What Not to Wear “Sarah W.” Stuffocating (N) Å (:15) Christmas in Washington Å Christmas in Washington (N) Å Movie: ›››› “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger. Å (DVS) Conspiracy Theory-Ventura Conspiracy Theory-Ventura Conspiracy Theory-Ventura Forensic Files Forensic Files Roseanne (In EverybodyEverybodyEverybodyRoseanne “D-ISanford & Son Sanford & Son EverybodyStereo) Å Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond V-O-R-C-E” Å Å NCIS “Knockout” Vance investigates Movie: ››› “Elf” (2003) Will Ferrell, James Caan, Bob Newhart. Å Psych What life would have been a boxer’s death. Å like. Å The Oprah Winfrey Show Dr. Phil (In Stereo) Å Eyewitness Entertainment The Insider Inside Edition New Adv./Old New Adv./Old How I Met Your How I Met Your WGN News at Nine (N) (In Stereo) Scrubs (In Scrubs J.D. is Mother Mother Christine Christine Å Stereo) Å pushed aside.


The life and career of football coach Vince 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to Movie: ››‡ “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, The Best of 15 Lombardi Lombardi. (In Stereo) Å the NHL Winter Classic Rachel McAdams. (In Stereo) Å Katie Morgan









(:45) Movie: “Pirate Radio” Movie: ››› “Gran Torino” (2008) Clint Eastwood, Christopher “SomethingMovie: ›››‡ “Avatar” (2009) Sam Worthington, Voice of Zoe Saldana, Sigourney (:45) Movie: Lrd.” Carley, Bee Vang. (In Stereo) Å Weaver. (In Stereo) Å “Training Day” (:00) Movie: ››› “The Grey Zone” (2001) David In Treatment Å In Treatment Å In Treatment Å In Treatment Å Movie: ››› “I Love You, Man” (2009) Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Arquette. (In Stereo) Å Rashida Jones. (In Stereo) Å (:45) Movie: ›› “He’s Just Not That Into You” (2009) Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, (:00) Movie: ››‡ “Red Heat” Movie: ›››‡ “Braveheart” (1995) Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, (1988) (In Stereo) Drew Barrymore. (In Stereo) Å Patrick McGoohan. (In Stereo) Å (:05) Movie: “Extreme Movie” (2008) Michael Cera, “Cocaine (:00) Inside the Movie: ›‡ “Play the Game” (2008) Andy Griffith. iTV. An octogenarian Kathleen Madigan: Gone Cowboys II” Frankie Muniz. iTV. (In Stereo) Madigan (iTV) (N) NFL Å and his grandson look for love. (In Stereo)

Reader asks about winter toenail fungus Dear Dr. Gott: I often have a problem with toenail fungus in the summertime, but it’s understandable because I spend a lot of time at our town pool and in the locker room afterward so I can change out of my bathing suit. This I have learned to accept. I live in the upper northwest section of the country, and I have the start of another fungal infection. This is first time DR. PETER the this has hapGOTT pened during the winter, and I am totally confused as to why. Our pool is closed until warm weather returns, and I’m in my home, which I thought was safe from the problem. I was wrong. Can you shed some light on this annoying problem? Dear reader: You’re not the first person with this complaint. We tend to forget that damp, cold weather can also trigger just such an infection. I’m sure you have already pulled your winter boots out of the closet and have worn them when grocery shopping, taking your children to functions, or when walking and hiking to keep in shape. It’s cold. We don’t stop to think that our feet are cozy and warm — sometimes sweating — when we have the heat on in the car during travel or when simply walking around the block. The warmth and moisture combine to set the

stage for such a problem to occur. You might consider trimming your nail and applying a petrolatum menthol salve to the top and underside twice daily. The process may take a month or more, but a healthy nail should ultimately grow out, replacing the yellow discoloration you are likely experiencing. Some people achieve success by either dabbing a cotton ball with white vinegar or simply pouring the liquid over the affected area twice daily. Again, patience is necessary for results. If you would like to investigate another avenue, there are a number of over-thecounter remedies, including Miranel, found at Walgreens pharmacies. I personally know people who have used this over-the-counter antifungal successfully for the specific problem you are experiencing. It contains miconazole ointment, tea tree oil and a host of other effective ingredients. Miranel can also be used to treat ringworm, athlete’s foot and the irritation that can appear between the toes. Consider one of my recommendations and be sure to follow up with treatment in the future at the first sign of infection. To give you related information on methods for treating toenail fungus and other home remedies, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report “Compelling Home Remedies.” Other readers who would like a copy should send a self-addressed, stamped No. 10 envelope and a $2 US check or money or-

der made payable to Newsletter and forwarded to PO Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. Be sure to mention the title or print out an order form from my website Dear Dr. Gott: I don’t know how to search your web page for home remedies for athlete’s foot. Actually, I can’t figure out how to search for anything. Dear reader: Let’s see if we can take the process step by step with good results. In the address bar at the top of your browser, type in This will bring you to the home page of my website. In the top right hand top corner, you should see a box and the word “search” next to it. Click in the box and type in the topic you wish information on. Then click the search button. You will be directed to the appropriate page. I just did, only to find I don’t have information up regarding athlete’s foot; however, I was able to type in countless other subjects successfully. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Stay tuned. Athlete’s foot will be discussed soon. Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician and the author of several books, including “Live Longer, Live Better,” “Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet” and “Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook,” which are available at most bookstores or online. His website is www.AskDrGottMD. com. United FeatUre Syndicate

United FeatUre Syndicate

Today’s celebrity birthdays Actor George Lindsey (“The Andy Griffith Show,” “Mayberry R.F.D.”) is 75. Singer-actor Tommy Steele is 74. Keyboardist-singer Art Neville of the Neville Brothers is 73. Actor Bernard Hill is 66. Actor Ernie Hudson (“Ghostbusters”) is 65. “Hardball” host Chris Matthews is 65. Actor-comedian Eugene Levy is 64. Singer Paul Rodgers is 61. Singer Wanda Hutchinson of The Emotions is 59. Country singer Sharon White of The Whites is 57. Actor Barry Livingston (“My Three Sons”) is 57. Actor Bill Pullman is 57. Director-producer Peter Farrelly (“There's Something About Mary,” “Dumb and Dumber”) is 54. Bassist Mike Mills of R.E.M. is 52. Singer Sarah Dallin of Bananarama is 49. Country singer Tracy Byrd is 44. Actor Sean Patrick Thomas (“The District”) is 40. Actor Giovanni Ribisi is 36.

Bridge hand: A natural reaction that costs points BY PHILLIP ALDER United Feature Syndicate

Near beginners have a natural tendency to assume that everything will be for the best, with suits dividing favorably and finesses working more than 50 percent of the time. Players with more experience know better. In this deal, you reach the second-best contract of four spades. West leads the heart ace. When East encourages enthusiastically with his 10, West continues with the heart king. How would you plan the play? Not that four spades is shabby, but five diamonds is best, needing only a 3-2 trump split. However, one can understand North’s reticence to raise with such poor support. And since North had

not responded two spades, he felt safe in rebidding three spades with only honor-doubleton. You seem to have only two losers: the heart ace and dia-

mond ace. But suppose you ruff at trick two and draw trumps. When spades break 4-2 (the most likely division), you are now out of trumps. You can knock out the diamond ace, but the defenders will cash three heart tricks. And if you stop pulling trumps after three rounds, then turn to diamonds, East will take his ace and lead the heart queen, driving out your last trump while West still has one. After ruffing the second trick, play a diamond. If you win the trick, pull trumps and claim 10 tricks: five spades, one diamond and four clubs. If East takes his ace and plays the heart queen, discard from your hand. Then you can ruff another heart with dummy’s spade queen, draw trumps, and claim.

Queen of Soul tells Jet: Details of illness coming DETROIT (AP) — Music ment Wednesday that she hospital for three days and legend Aretha Franklin tells had been home from the that she has a private nurse. Jet magazine that she soon will reveal what prompted her recent surgery at a Detroit hospital. SHOWPLACE OF KANNAPOLIS Franklin told the magCANNON VILLAGE azine that friends know 704-932-5111 she is “a lot more than the 111 West First Street Kannapolis, NC 28081 girl in the pink Cadillac on the Freeway of Love OPEN AT 1:45PM MON-TUES who also sings about Re- BURLESQUE (PG-13) 7:05 TANGLED (PG) spect” and that they have CHRONICLES OF NARNIA 12:00 2:25 4:50 7:15 9:40 TOURIST (PG-13) (PG) prayed for her “without (PG) 11:40 2:35 5:15 8:00 THE 11:35 2:10 4:40 7:20 9:50 CHRONICLES OF NARNIA ceasing.” TRON: LEGACY (PG) 3D (PG) 12:40 1:35 3:25 Fri. 5:00, 7:00, 8:30 11:30 2:30 5:30 8:30 The 68-year-old Queen 4:20 6:10 7:00 8:55 9:50 Sat. 1:30, 3:15, 5:00, 7:00, 8:30 TRON: LEGACY 3D (PG) DATE (R) 11:45 4:55 of Soul underwent an DUE 1:00 4:00 7:0 10:00 Sun. 1:30, 3:15, 5:00, 7:00 THE FIGHTER (R) UNSTOPPABLE (PG-13) undisclosed surgical pro- 1:10 4:15 7:25 10:05 Mon.-Thurs. 7:00 11:50 2:15 4:35 9:55 cedure earlier this month. HARRY POTTER AND THE YOGI BEAR (PG) R128291 DEATHLY HALLOWS (PG-13) 11:25 1:40 3:45 6:00 8:05 Franklin already had can- 11:55 3:05 6:20 9:35 A D M I S S I O N 10:10 celed concert dates and HOW DO YOU KNOW YOGI BEAR 3D (PG) 12:35 Before 6:00 PM $3.00 personal appearances (PG-13) 1:05 3:50 6:55 9:45 2:45 4:55 7:05 9:15 For All Persons-All Ages SOCIAL NETWORK (PG-13) Times are good through through May. 2:05 7:10 After 6:00 PM $4.00 For Adults, Sunday only Franklin said in a state$3.00 for 2-12 and 55+ R128678



8C • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010











SSTK: TK: 5954, 5954, MODEL: MODEL: 12111 12111



SSTK: TK: 6019, 6019, M MODEL: ODEL: 21060 21060

SSTK: TK: 5945, 5945, MODEL: MODEL: 11411 11411






NISSAN 22009 009 N ISSAN

NISSAN 22008 008 & 2009 2009 N ISSAN







SSTK: TK: TT1965 1965

SSTK: TK: T1949 T1949




10 0,988 ,988

13,988 3,988 3 AT AT $2 21,988 1,988 11,988 1,988 5 AATT $1





7988 7988 ’03 DODGE DODGE SSTRATUS TRATUS SSXT XT ’03 $ DOOR, LLOCAL OCAL TRADE, TRADE, EXTRA EXTRA CCLEAN, LEAN, STK#5983B STK#5983B ........................ ........................ 5988 5988 4 DOOR, ’00 ’00 CHEVY CHEVY SS-10 -10 EXTRA EXTRA CAB CAB $ ALLOYS, NEW NEW TIRES, TIRES, STK#6057A STK#6057A ............................................................. ............................................................. 7988 7988 ALLOYS, ‘04 CHRYSLER CHRYSLER PPTT CCRUISER RUISER ‘04 $ GREAT GREAT PRICE PRICE AND AND LOTS LOTS OF OF VALUE, VAALUE, STK# STK# 5816B 5816B............................... ............................... 7988 7988 ‘06 DODGE DODGE DDAKOTA AKOTA CCLUB LUB CAB CAB ‘06 $ STK# STK# 5838C 5838C ............................................................................................ .......................................................................................... 10,988 10,988



1 2,988 12,988 ’06 NISSAN NISSAN XXTERRA TERRA 2WD 2WD ’06 $ FULL PPOWER, OWER, AALLOYS, LLOYS, NNEW EW TTIRES, IRES, SSTK#P1956 TK#P1956 .................... .................. 1 4,988 FULL 14,988 ‘04 ‘04 NISSAN NISSAN 350Z 350Z TTOURING OURING $ AT, LTHR, LTHR, NNEW EW TTIRES, IRES, SSPORTY PORTY CCOUPE, OUPE, SSTK#5974A TK#5974A............. ............. 1 4,988 AT, 14,988 ‘08 VW VW BEETLE BEETLE ‘08 $ P/W, 14,988 P/ W, PP/L, /L, AAUTOMATIC, UTOMATIC, CCLEAN LEAN & SSPORTY, PORTY, SSTK# TK# 55917B 917B ....... ..... 1 4,988 ’05 NISSAN NISSAN FFRONTIER RONTIER NISMO NISMO 4X4 4X4 $ ’05 CREW 15,988 CREW CAB, CAB, FFULL ULL POWER, POWER, TTOW OW PKG., PKG., RARE, RARE, STK#5821B STK#5821B .... 1 5,988



1 5,988 15,988 ‘08 CHVY CHVY SILVERADO SILVERADO EXTRA EXTRA CAB CAB $ ‘08 FULL POWER, POWER, 112K 2K MMILES, ILES, SSTK# TK# PPP1948 P1948 ..................................... ................................... 19,988 19,988 FULL ’08 ’08 NISSAN NISSAN TITAN TITAN SE SE CREW CREW CAB CAB $ FULL POWER, POWER, CERTIFIED CERTIFIED TO TO 100K, 100K, STK#P1886AA STK#P1886A A ................ ................ 2 1,988 FULL 21,988 ’07 JEEP JEEP GRAND GRAND CHEROKEE CHEROKEE LTD LTD $ ’07 LEATHER, 21,988 LEATHER, SSUNROOF, UNROOF, CCHROME HROME WHEELS, WHEELS, SSTK#P1959 TK#P1959 ............ ............ 2 1,988 ’07 NISSAN NISSAN TTITAN ITAN LE LE 4X4 4X4 ’07 $ LEATHER, LEATHER, TOW TOW PKG, PKG, LOADED, LOADED, CERTIFIED, CERTIFIED, SSTK#P1978 TK#P1978 ....... ..... 22,988 22,988


STK# P1867A P1867A NNICELY ICELY EEQUIPPED..................................................... QUIPPED..................................................... STK#



22,988 22,988 $ 33RD RD RROW OW SEAT, SEAT, LEATHER, LEATHER, LOADED, LOADED, STK#6010A STK#6010A .................. .................. 2 4,988 24,988 ’08 INFINITI INFINITI GG35 35 AAWD WD ’08 $ BOSE, 24,988 LLEATHER, EATHER, SUNROOF, SUNROOF, BO SE, 330K 0K MMILES, ILES, SSTK#P1928 TK#P1928 ........... ........... 2 4,988 ’07 GMC GMC SSIERRA IERRA SSLT LT ’07 $ LLEATHER, EATHER, Z71 Z71 PKG, PKG, TOW TOW PKG, PKG, STK#P1987 STK#P1987 ............................. ............................. 25,988 25,988 DDIAMONF IAMONF IINN TTHE HE RROUGH, OUGH, LLOW OW MMILES, ILES, SSTK#5922A TK#5922A ............. .............



1-000-000-0000  2-000-000-0000  5-Day 5-D ay Forecast for for Salisbury Salisbury Today



High 47°

Low 27°

41°/ 27°

Mostly sunny

Mostly cloudy tonight

National Cities




41°/ 22°

43°/ 27°

43°/ 25°

Mostly sunny

Partly cloudy

Chance of rain R127712


Order Your Live Wreaths & Frasier Fir Trees Now!

4070 Woodleaf Rd., Salisbury 704-636-7208

Knoxville Kn K le 38/25

Boone 36/ 36/23

Frank Franklin n 49 4 49/27 7

Hi Hickory kkory 45/27

A Asheville s ville lle 4 45 45/25

Sp Spartanburg nb 50/3 50/31

Kit Kittyy Haw H Hawk w wk 40 40/31 0//31 0 1

W Wilmington to 52/36

Atlanta 49/31

Co C Col Columbia bia 54/ 54/34 Augusta Au A u ug 5 58 58/ 58/38 8/ 8 8/38

.. ... Sunrise-.............................. Sunset tonight Moonrise today................... Moonset today....................

7:25 a.m. 5:10 p.m. 2:14 p.m. 3:45 a.m.

Dec 21 Dec 27 Jan 4 Jan 12 Full L La Last a New First

Aiken ken en 56/ 56 56/38 /3 3

A Al Allendale llen e ll 6 61/41 /41 41 na ah Savannah 65/47 7

Today Hi Lo W 32 17 pc 55 44 pc 61 54 r 77 65 pc 16 5 pc 60 44 sh 36 27 pc 24 9 pc 35 24 pc 62 50 pc 33 14 pc 34 24 pc

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 38 21 pc 60 50 r 63 54 r 80 62 sh 14 5 pc 53 37 pc 37 27 pc 25 9 pc 36 26 cd 67 50 pc 41 26 sn 36 25 cd

Moreh Mo M Morehead o ehea oreh orehea hea ad C ad Ci Cit City ittyy ity 4 1 47/31

Today Hi Lo W 71 51 s 39 28 pc 13 10 pc 35 28 pc 87 73 pc 41 19 sn 51 41 s

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 60 50 s 37 32 sn 21 13 sn 37 26 sn 89 73 r 44 21 s 55 39 s

Ch Charleston le les es 6 61 61/47 H n He e Hilton Head 6 65/ 65/50 5///50 0 Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.

Charlotte e Yesterday.... 41 ........ good .......... particulates Today..... 45 ...... good N. C. Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources 0-50 good, 51-100 moderate, 101-150 unhealthy for sensitive grps., 151-200 unhealthy, 201-300 verryy unhealthy, 301-500 haazzardous

Seattle S ttle Se eat atttle le 44/39 4 44 4 4///3 3 39 9



Air Quality Ind Index ex

24 hours through 8 p.m. yest........... 0.00" Month to date................................... ...................................1.27" 1.27" Normal year to date....................... 41.93" Year to date................................... .................... .. 35.93" -10s

Forecasts and graphics provided by Weather Underground @2010

Myrtle yr le yrtl eB Be Bea Beach ea each 5 54 54/38 4//38 4/3 4 /3

Salisburry y Today: .8 - low Saturday: .1 - low Sunday: .1 - low

High.................................................... 42° Low..................................................... 28° Last year's high.................................. 47° ....................................26° Last year's low.................................... 26° Normal high........................................ 54° Normal low......................................... 35° Record high........................... 75° in 1971 .............................12° Record low............................. 12° in 1958 ...............................81% Humidity at noon............................... 81%


Southport outh uth 5 54/38


Above/Below Full Pool

High Rock Lake..............651.9 .............. 651.9.......... -3.10 Badin Lake................... 539.5.......... -2.50 Tuckertown Lake............ 594.4........... -1.6 Tillery Lake.................. 271.2.......... -7.80 Blewett Falls.................176.5 ................. 176.5.......... -2.50 Lake Norman................ 97.20........... -2.8

City Jerusalem London Moscow Paris Rio Seoul Tokyo

Pollen Index

Precipitation Cape Ha C Hatteras atter atte attera tte ter era ra ass a 43 4 43/3 43/34 3/3 3/ /34 3

G Greenville n e 49/31 31


Go Goldsboro bo b 43/25

L Lumberton b be 49 49/31 1

Darlin D Darli Darlington 52/32 /3 /32

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 28 21 pc 42 22 s 66 51 r 21 12 pc 68 66 r 13 -5 pc 32 22 pc

Data from Salisbury through ough 6 p.m. yest. Temperature

Ral Raleigh al 4 43/27

Charlotte ha t e 49/29

City Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New Orleans New York Omaha Philadelphia Phoenix Salt Lake City Washington, DC


Danville D l 40/25 Greensboro o Durham D h m 43/27 41/25 25 5

Salisbury Salisb S alisb sb b y bury 47/27 27

Today Hi Lo W 32 21 sn 44 17 s 73 51 pc 30 12 sn 87 66 s 19 -2 pc 35 19 pc

City Amsterdam Beijing Beirut Berlin Buenos Aires Calgary Dublin



Regional Regio g onal W Weather eather Winston Win Wins Salem a 43/ 7 43/27

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 44 28 r 36 24 cd 35 24 cd 19 12 pc 37 29 pc 19 9 pc 26 11 pc 50 34 pc 36 23 pc 25 15 fl -15 -30 pc 23 10 pc

World Cities

Florist Quality

We carry only #1 grade trees at competitive prices.

Today Hi Lo W 50 32 pc 34 21 pc 34 21 pc 21 9 pc 36 25 s 22 9 pc 29 14 pc 50 31 pc 33 14 pc 30 17 pc -16 -32 s 28 10 pc

City Atlanta Atlantic City Baltimore Billings Boston Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Fairbanks Indianapolis


10s 20s

San Sa an n Francisco Francciis Fr iscco o


52/52 5 2 52 2/5 /5 52

B Billings iilllllin in ng g gss

Minneapolis M iin oliiss n nn n ne e ea a ap p po

21 1 1///9 21/9 2 9

16/5 1 6//5 5 16

Detroit D e etroit ttroit rroit oit it Denver D e en n nver vver e err


3 33 33/14 3//1 1 14 4

60s 70s

36/27 3 6 6/27 //27 27

22/9 22 2 2 2///9 9



Ne New ew wY York Yo o orrrkk Chicago C h hiiiccca a ag g go o


3 30/17 30 0 0///1 1 17 7

ng e e Los Los os A Angeles An ge ellle ess

Kansas K Ka a ansas n nsssas as City as Cit ity

5 61//5 61/54 54 4

33 3 33/20 3//20 3/20 20

Cold Front

90s Warm Front

60/32 6 0 0///3 3 32 2 Miami M iia a am m mii 77/65 6 5 77//6 65

Staationary 110s Front


H Houston ousstton

Rain n Flurries rries

Snow Ice

58/39 5 58 8//3 39


Kari Kiefer Wunderground Meteorologist


50/32 3 2 5 50 0//3 0/ 32


Showers T-storms -sttorms

34/24 2 4 3 34 4//2 4/ 24

A Atlanta tlan an nttta a Ell P E Paso aso

Washington W a asssh hin ing ng gttton o on n

Wintry weather across the East will diminish early on Friday, while wet and snowy conditions return to the West Coast. A low pressure system over the Mid-Atlantic states will move offshore and out into the Atlantic Ocean. The system will continue pushing a cold front southeastward over the Gulf states. This will kick up a few scattered rain showers throughout the day. In the North, the flow around this system will continue pushing cold air over the Great Lakes, which will pick up moisture and produced lake effect snow showers over the southeastern shores. Expect these snow showers to produce less snow than the past few days, with accumulation ranging from 1-3 inches, possibly up to 6 inches in northern New York. The nation remains cold with highs in the 60s in the South, while the North remains in the 10s and 20s. In the West, another low pressure system spinning off the West Coast will approach California on Friday and push ample Pacific moisture onshore. A trough of low pressure extends southeastward from this system and pushes into California early in the day, then the cold front in the north will push into the Pacific Northwest later in the day. Expect widespread scattered rain showers and high elevations snow showers over most of California, while chances of showers will increase in the afternoon across the Pacific Northwest. Expect another chilly day with highs in the 40s and 50s. Between these two systems, a trough of low pressure continues skirting over the Southern Rockies and into the Central Plains. This will bring more rain and high elevation snow to Colorado and New Mexico.

Get the Whole Picture at—The —The Best Known Secret in Weather™


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 1D










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13,990 06 Honda Civic EX

one owner, very clean, only 36k


13,990 2005 Yukon XL 4wd leather,bose system,on star,clean vehicle history




10,995 09 Chevrolet HHR LT GM factory certified, low miles


11,495 08 Dodge Charger

Sporty One Owner Auto With Lots Of Options. Stk P1462

09 Chrysler Sebring LX Auto, AC, Low Miles and More!! Stk#P1440


11,990 08 Nissan Frontier SE

King Cab, Very Clean, Low Miles

$ $ 14,990 13,990 13,995 Honda Pilot LX 07 Tahoe LTZ 10 Impala LTZ 09 auto,rear ent,back up GM Factory GM FACTORY CERTIFIED AND $

Certified,Leather,Roof &Much More!!



camera,low miles,very clean,stock #5781a






04 Ford Ranger Super Cab XLT Auto, Low Miles, Very Clean


12,990 07 Chevy Trailblazer LT GM Factory certfied $ 15,490 07 Cadillac Escalade AWD 22” chrome wheels, NAV, rear entertainment & more






08 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE Auto, Power Pkg, Low Miles and More! Stk#P1400



2005 Ford Fusion SEL One owner local trade in clean vehicle history leather, sunroof and more



704-933-1104 800-467-1104 Toll Free

I-85 Exit 58 - 1 Mile • 1520 South Cannon Blvd. • KANNAPOLIS


SHOP 24 HRS @ All prices are plus tax, tag, title and doc fee. Dealer retains MRF rebates where applicable. Must also qualify for Ally DPA




very clean, low miles stock #5640b

07 Chevy Malibu One Owner, Very Clean, Only 30K, #P1478


2D • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 Recreational Vehicles Mustang, 1985. Drag car. Fuel cell, roll cage, subframe connectors, torque box reinforced kit, 2 fuel pumps and lines ran. Needs engine and drag race ready. $2200. Call Adam 704-431-5144

Service & Parts


Wholesale Not Retail If it's a battery, we sell it! We Buy Old Batteries! Faith Rd. to Hwy 152 Store across from Sifford's Marathon 704-213-1005 $5 off with ad

Trust. It’s the reason 74% of area residents read the Salisbury Post on a daily basis. Classifieds give you affordable access to those loyal readers.

Transportation Financing

Service & Parts

Authorized EZGO Dealer. 30 years selling, servicing GOLF CARS Golf Car Batteries 6 volt, 8 volt. Golf car utility sales. US 52, 5 miles south of Salisbury. Beside East Rowan HS & Old Stone Winery. Look for EZGO sign. 704-245-3660 Toyota, 2007-2008, Camry hood & front bumper. OEM. Like new. $125 for both or $75 each. 704-960-2735

Transportation Dealerships

Transportation Financing

Tim Marburger Honda 1309 N First St. (Hwy 52) Albemarle NC 704-983-4107 Troutman Motor Co. Highway 29 South, Concord, NC 704-782-3105

Trucks, SUVs & Vans





Iredell Memorial Hospital is hiring a Birthplace RN, Critical Care RN, OR RN and ED RN. See our ad on the Jobs page of the Sunday & Wednesday editions & online at:

Drivers Wanted Full or part time. Req: Class A CDL, clean MVR, min. 25 yrs old w/3 yrs exp. Benefits: Pd health & dental ins., 401(k) w/match, pd holidays, vac., & qtrly. bonus. New equip. Call 704630-1160

Looking for a New Pet or a Cleaner House?


(704) 797-4220

Family Service Counselor Flexible hrs. Cemetery sales. Full benefit program. Nights & weekends req. Excellent commissions. Training program. Outside Sales Rep. FT/PT. Flexible hrs. Cemetery Sales. Great commissions. Sales exp. preferred. Background check req. Call Lynn Waddell at 704-857-9414

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Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Ford Edge SEL SUV, 2007. Blazing copper exterior with charcoal interior. Stock #T11179B. $17,897. $299/month Call now!1-800-542-9758

Ford Ranger Extended Cab XLT, 2004. Oxford White with gray cloth. 5 speed auto. trans. w/OD 704-603-4255

There is a NEW group of people EVERY day, looking for a DEAL in the classifieds.

Employment $10 to start. Earn 40%. Call 704-754-2731 or 704-607-4530 Earn extra holiday cash. $10 to start. 704-2329800 or 704-278-2399


Position Avail. for LPN or RN. Full Time, Apply in person. No phone calls please. Brightmoor Nursing Center, 610 W. Fisher St. Person w/plumbing skills to assist rental properties co. P/T. License not req'd. 704-642-1955 Seeking certified exercise instructor to lead cardio & strength training class for older adults Monday evenings 5-6:30 pm, & to substitute for various daytime & evening exercise classes in a growing senior adult exercise program. Hourly wage based on certification levels & experience. Contact Susan at 704-216-7714.

200 Klumac Rd. Salisbury, NC 28144

9am-5pm Sat. Dec. 18th Thurs. Dec. 23rd Fri. Dec. 24th Computer Chairs Jewelry Coffee Mugs Ladies' Kids' Men's Socks Coats Clothes Shoes Gloves And Many More Items Too Numerous to Mention

Jeep, 2007, Compass Sport. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock!

Honda CR-V LX SUV, 2008. Stock #T10761A. Glacier blue metallic interior and gray interior. $18,697. $319/month Call now!1-800-542-9758

Ford, 2003, Explorer. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Honda Element LX SUV, 2008. Tango Red Pearl exterior w/Titanium/Black interior. Stock #T10724A. $15,897. $269/mo. 1-800-542-9758

Toyota Sienna CE, 2007. 4 door passenger Stock #P7544. van. $16,597. $279/month Call now!1-800-542-9758


(704) 797-4220

Nissan Frontier SE, 2007 crew cab 4.0 v6 auto trans, Black Opal with Grey cloth interior am, fm, cd, alloy rims, cargo net, EXTRA NICE!!!!! 704-603-4255

Toyota, 2002 Sienna LOADED! Grey XLE leather seats, 3.0 V6 back with auto trans, tape, cd changer, all pwr. Duel heated seats, sunroof low price what more could you ask for! 704-603-4255

Jeep, 2006, Grand Cherokee LAR/COL/FR. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Looking for a New Pet or a Cleaner House? GMC, 2000. Yukon/Denali 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Honda Pilot 2005. Red Pearl with tan leather interior, automatic transmiswith overdrive. sion 704-603-4255



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Toyota 4 Runner, 1997 Limited Forest Green on Tan Leather interior V6 auto trans, am, fm, cd, tape, SUNROOF, alloy rims, good tires, CHEAP TRANSPORTATION!!!! 704-603-4255

Volvo V70, 2.4 T, 2001. Ash Gold Metallic exterior with tan interior. 5 speed auto trans. w/ winter mode. 704-603-4255




Yard Sale Area 4 Rockwell Christmas & Bake Sale, 112 E. Main Street, Rockwell at Rachel's Auction, Friday & Saturday, December 17 & 18, 10am-5pm. Lots of Christmas items.

Davie-Clemmons Yard Sales YARD SALE AREAS Area 1 - Salisbury, East Spencer, & Spencer

Giving away kittens or puppies?

Got puppies or kittens for sale?


Area 3 - S. Rowan incl Landis, China Grove, Kannapolis & Mooresville Area 4 - E. Rowan incl. Granite Quarry, Faith, Rockwell & Gold Hill Area 5 - Davidson Co. Area 6 – Davie Co. and parts of Davidson Co. This is a rough guide to help plan your stops, actual areas are determined by zip code. Please see map in your Salisbury Post or online at under Marketplace click on 'Yard Sale Map' to see details.

JUSTIN BIEBER 4x6" autographed photo w/coa & life-size cardboard standee. Both new. $250. Kannapolis. Call 980-428-0000


Adorable Pups!

Area 2 – W. Rowan incl Woodleaf, Mt. Ulla & Cleveland

Antiques & Collectibles

Christmas Indoor Yard Sale

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, 2005. Bright silver metallic with black cloth interior. 6 speed manual trans. AM, FM, CD Player, rollover protection system. 29K miles. 704-603-4255


Experienced Med Tech needed. 3rd shift. Apply in person at: The Meadows of Rockwell, 612 Hwy 152 E, Rockwell. No phone calls please.

Suzuki XL7 Luxury SUV 2007. Stock #F10395A. Majestic silver exterior with grey interior. $16,697. $289/month Call now!1-800-542-9758

Jeep, 2003, Wrangler Sahara. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! 150+ Vehicles in Stock!

Dodge, 2004 Dakota. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Yard Sale Area 1


Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Chevrolet, 1997, S10. 3 door. V-6 auto. $3,395. 62K miles. Call 704-6377327 for more info.

Chevrolet Trailblazer LS SUV, 2006. Silverstone metallic exterior w/light gray interior. Stock #T10295A. $12,797. Payment $209/mo. Call now 1-800-542-9758


Check out the Classifieds in today’s Salisbury Post!

Chevrolet 2005 Silverado, extended cab, 212K miles, good mechanical condition. $3,800. 704-2451060 leave message

Chevy Suburban 2006 Dark Blue metallic w/tan leather interior, 4 speed auto trans, am, fm, cd premium sound. Third row seating, navigation, sunroof, DVD. 704-603-4255

Looking for a new pet? owner? home?

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS Regular Cab, 2008. Stock #F10479A. $22,697. $389/mo. Call 1-800-542-9758 now!

Chevrolet, 2005, Colorado 100% Guaranteed Credit Over 150+ Approval! Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Call Steve today! 704-603-4255

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Chevrolet, 2006, Equinox LT. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Transportation Financing

We are the area's largest selection of quality preowned autos. Financing avail. to suit a variety of needs. Carfax avail. No Gimmicks – We take pride in giving excellent service to all our customers.

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! Tim Marburger Dodge 877-792-9700

CLONINGER FORD, INC. “Try us before you buy.” 511 Jake Alexander Blvd. 704-633-9321 TEAM CHEVROLET, CADILLAC, BUICK, GMC. 704-216-8000



We sold our puppies! Another great response after placing our ad! ~ L.A., Mocksville


Dogs CKC puppies. Chihuahuas & Poms, Shih Tzu. 10 weeks & up. Shot. $200 cash. 704-633-5344 Free Boston Terrier/ Chihuahua Mix. To Good Home Only. Very Active. Great Christmas Gift. Call David 704-210-4253


Christmas Joy!

Chihuahuas. Two are teacup, one male and one female $350 each. One female Chihuahua $300. Black & tan and black & white. Ready now for their new home. 704-6405463


Full blooded Rottweiler puppies for sale. Parents on site. Great price: $200.00 3-Males and 3Females. Call for appt. or more information. Ask for Ashley: 704-603-8442 or 704-310-0069 or leave a detailed message.

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Have a Schnauzer Christmas!

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies. Full-blooded. 6-7 wks old. Very playful. 1st shots, dewormed & tails docked. Black & Salt-n-pepper. Parents on site. $225. 704279-8506 or 704-232-0116

Chia-Do's, 5 weeks old, 2 males & 2 females, first shots. $150. Will hold until Christmas. 704-6409149 of 704-640-9128

Puppies, German Shepherd. 2 females, 4 males. Ready for Christmas. Fullblooded. Parents on-site. 1st shots & dewormed. $175. 704-279-0918


Look at Me Now!

Puppies. Schnauzers. Ready. 1st shots, dewormed. Parents on site. Four females & two males. $300. 704-2989099 or 704-209-1190

Puppies. Min. ShortHaired Dachshunds, 4 females and 1 male, born Nov. 26, dewormed, parents on site. $200-$250 each. Ready week of Christmas. 704-310-9607



Check Out Our December Special! Boarding 20% discount. Rowan Animal Clinic. 704-6363408 for appt.

Wrap Me Up! Take Me Home! Rottweiler Puppies looking for their forever home! Ready Now! 1st shots. Parents on Site. Makes a great Christmas Present!! $400. Please Call 704-267-7565 Chihuahuas. 5 females. Cinnamon & white & Blue (Tri-Color), $300 ea. CKC. Cash. 8 wks. Tiny toy size (4-5 lbs) full grown. Little apple head. 704-603-8257.

Yorkie AKC, CKC. Toy & tea cup size. Ready for Christmas. Call Rhonda 704-224-9692. Check the site for pricing and availability.

SOLD I sold my TV in less than 2 days! What great results! ~ C.B., Salisbury


Supplies and Services Adopt a Puppy or Kitten for Christmas. $80. (3) Coton de Tulear for Sale, small white, long hair exotic breed dogs. $400 ea. Salisbury Animal Hospital 1500 E. Innes St. 704-637-0227

Military footlockers (2). Both for $30. WWII iron cross, $100. 1950's combat boots, $75. Call 704633-0957 Oak whiskey barrel, $98. tabletop crank phono, $75. Wall mirrors, 2 at $50 ea. 704-633-0957 Raggedy Ann & Andy Collectibles and Racing Collectibles. Call 336853-6553 LM Vietnam class A coat badged, $85. Box WWII magazines, $20. WWI German sword, $325. 704-633-0957 WWII ike badged, $65. Korea ike badged, $95. Kevlar helmet, $50. VN beret, $125. 704-633-0957

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131 West Innest Street • 704-797-4220

SALISBURY POST Baby Items Baby Swing. Fisher Price "Rainforest" fullsized baby swing. Battery/power cord opt. Great condition. $50 Call 704-797-1824 Crib Bedding - Black Toile Crib Bedding Set, includes comforter, crib skirt, 2 window valances. $35 obo. 704-754-7135 or email heathermarie0318@ in Pickup Rockwell Crib. Babies-R-Us white crib with drawer underneath. Good Condition. $100. 704-938-3452

Boocoo Auction Items *All Boocoo Auction Items are subject to prior sale, and can be seen at

Food & Produce


Pecans – Locally grown. $1.50 per pound, in shell Please Call 704-279-3625

Watch. Very unusual looking men's watch. Ad Kaye Hollywood. $250. Call 704-633-7425

Pecans for sale. Local this year's crop. $1.50/lb. In the shell. Call 704-8571822 for more information

Lawn and Garden

Fuel & Wood

Firewood - Hickory and Oak. Long Bed Pickup Delivery - $80, Dump Truck Delivery - $240. 704-239-1955 Firewood – Split, dried, Oak. $50 per pick-up truck load. Will deliver to China Grove, Salisbury area. 704-857-9254

Firewood for Sale: Pick-up/Dump Truck sized loads, delivered. 704-647-4772 Firewood. Oak, cherry & gum. $64/load. Free delivery. Call 704-4330651 or 704-636-4984

Keep Warm


Wood. 3½ cords good quality seasoned hardwood. $250. Also half cord of wood for $45. Will deliver in Rowan & surrounding counties. Call Jerry at 704-6380099

Furniture & Appliances

2003 New Holland Skid Steer Loader with VTS track system $19,000 336-596-1298

Air Conditioners, Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Frig. $65 & up. Used TV & Appliance Center Service after the sale. 704-279-6500

TV cabinet. Looks like Bob Timberlake furniture. Ex$150. cellent condition. Salisbury 704-630-9595

Clothes. XL & 2X t-shirts, $2 ea. (50) Men's jeans 38x29, $5 ea. (25) Good condition. 704-638-8965

Bedroom suite, new 5 piece. All for $297.97. Hometown Furniture, 322 S. Main St. 704-633-7777

Harley Davidson steeltoed work boots - lace up and zipper - size 10 1/2 W - brand new in box. 704-209-3213 between 5-9pm. $100 firm

China Hutch, lighted. Great condition, $150. Call between 5pm-9pm 704-209-3213

Christmas Special!

Computer. Complete P4 Dell. Internet ready, CD burner. Mouse, keyboard, 17” monitor included. $100. Please call 980-205-0947 Laptop, Windows 7 - WIFI enabled, Case included, Dual Core processor, $200 obo. Call Aaron at 336-300-5489 Monitor. Brand new 15 inch computer monitor. Never used. Paid $150. Sell for $75. Call Kip 704-433-2499

Consignment Growing Pains Family Consignments Call (704)638-0870 115 W. Innes Street

Electronics Surround Sound, Sony Almost New. $100 Please Call 704-856-8107

Farm Equipment & Supplies Farm Equipment, new & used. McDaniel Auction Co. 704-278-0726 or 704798-9259. NCAL 48, NCFL 8620. Your authorized farm equipment dealer.

Flowers & Plants

Coffee table. Queen Anne mahogany/ glass top coffee table, 40"X40". Excellent condition. $125. 704-938-3452. Dining Set 1950's Cherry Wood. Includes table, 4 chairs, hutch, buffet & Needs china cabinet. some work. $500 or best offer. Call Kip 704-4332499 Dining table w/four chairs, $150; tan sofa, $160; coffee table & matching end tables $150, desk chair, $30. All like new. 704-636-2738

Heating system. Laser vented (kerosene), heats 1,670-2,000 sq. ft. Exc. operating condition. Comforts of central heating system in 1 compact, roomsized unit. Thermostatically controlled, digitally programmable, w/set-back. Includes other accessories that came w/heater. Buyer uninstalls & moves. $950 Cash only or cashier's check. 704-202-0774 Kitchen table & four chairs. Light wood, double drop leaf, extra leaf & 4 chairs in good condition. $100 704-431-4998 Sofa - Hunter Green, Reclining leather sofa. Excellent condition. $450. Call 704-433-4565 Twin Bedroom Set, Sturdy, Headboard, tall dresser, long dresser w/mirror & nightstand. $250 or best offer. Call Kip 704-433-2499 Washer. Front load washer. Needs minor repair $125. Please call 704-267-1560

Games and Toys Air hockey table. Automatic with scorekeeper & timer. Nice. $250. Call 704-857-5793

Great Gift! 42'' Leyland Cypress or Green Giant Trees. Makes a beautiful property line boundary or privacy screen. $10 per tree. Varieties of Gardenias, Nandina, Juniper, Holly, Ligustrum, Burning Bush, Hosta, Viburnum, Gold Mop, Camelias, Forsythia, Arborvitae, Azaleas AND MORE! $6. All of the above include delivery & installation! 704-274-0569

Food & Produce


GT-5. Collector's edition. BRAND NEW. NEVER opened. $120. Please call 704-636-1803 for more info.

Let's play! Set of 8 XBOX 360 games, rated Teen & Mature. $90. 704-4334565

Toys Little People Barn w/Silo, Animals & Farmer; Little People Fun Sounds Race Track; Tonka Large Wheel Pal Soft School Bus; Tonka Firehouse; Playskool Interactive ABC 123 Learning Toy; Poseable Blue from Blues Clues. $25 for all. 704-754-7135

Jewelry Pecans, large size – Fresh! Locally grown. $4/lb delivered, in shell. Please call 704-636-1803 for more information

Holshouser Cycle Shop Lawn mower repairs and trimmer sharpening. Pick up & delivery. (704)637-2856

Chainsaws. Husqvarna 338 XPT, $275. 40, $125. 41, $100. Call 704-2795765 or 704-202-4281 Chainsaws. Stihl 1-440, $300. 1-041 (for parts) $50. 1-051, $150. Call 704-2795765 or 704-202-4281 Chainsaws. Stihl 3MS191T, $300. 1-MS250, $125. Please call 704-2795765 or 704-202-4281 Woodsplitter, factory. 3 pt hitch. 48” cylinder, $450. Please call 704-279-5765 or 704-202-4281

Misc For Sale ANDERSON'S SEW & SO, Husqvarna, Viking Sewing Machines. Patterns, Notions, Fabrics. 10104 Old Beatty Ford Rd., Rockwell. 704-279-3647

Bingham Smith Lumber Co. !!!NOW AVAILABLE!!! Metal Roofing Many colors. Custom lengths, trim, accessories, & trusses. Call 980-234-8093 Patrick Smith

Ring. Diamond solitaire. ¾ ct. Size 6. 14k white gold. Appraised $4,000. Asking $2,300. See at Debbie Barnhardt Jewelry in Spencer. Stock # 10087.

Lost & Found

$500 Reward Rifle. M1922 Mauser design rifle, Brazil made, bolt action, dark walnut stock. Black leather sling. Bayonet ready. $650. Call 704-762-9197 *similar to photo

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STEEL, Channel, Angle, Flat Bars, Pipe Orders Cut to Length. Mobile Home Truss- $6 ea.; Vinyl floor covering- $4.89 yd.; Carpet- $5.75 yd.; Masonite Siding 4x8- $14; 12”x16' lap siding at $6.95 ea. School Desks - $7.50 ea. RECYCLING, Top prices paid for Aluminum cans, Copper, Brass, Radiators, Aluminum. Davis Enterprises Inc. 7585 Sherrills Ford Rd. Salisbury, NC 28147 704-636-9821 Stop Smoking Cigarettes No Patches, No Gum, No Pills With Hypnosis It's Easy! Also Weight Control. 704-933-1982

Lost dog. Miniature Dachshund, dapple (black, white & brown), female. Lost near Highway Patrol Station. 3 kids are missing me. 704-232-1494 or 704633-2581 Ask for Brandy Found – Two Beagles in China Grove / Bostian Heights area Dec. 4th. Call to identify. 704-2027686. Found dog. Beagle mix. Female, white with brown markings. High Rock Lake area. 704-637-9014 Found dog. Chow. Male. In Kannapolis. Been in area for about 2 weeks. Call 704-938-9776 to identify. Found keys. Evening of Dec. 15th. Outside of Washco dental office in Spencer. To identify, call 704-633-9368 Lost dog. Black Lab mix, male. 2 years old. Last seen in Rowan Mill Rd. area & Balfour Dr. on Monday 12/6. Answers to “Bo.” Please call 704638-9348 if you have seen him. Lost dog. Sheep dog. Male, black & white. Weighs 60-70lbs. Please call 704-213-3612 or 704-213-0945

Monument & Cemetery Lots Rowan Memorial Gardens, Fountain of Garden Section, one plot, $1,250. 336-752-2748

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Alexander Place

East Area

China Grove, 2 new homes under construction ... buy now and pick your own colors. Priced at only $114,900 and comes with a stove and dishwasher. B&R Realty 704-633-2394 BUYER BEWARE The Salisbury Post Classified Advertising staff monitors all ad submissions for honesty and integrity. However, some fraudulent ads are not detectable. Please protect yourself by checking the validity of any offer before you invest money in a business opportunity, job offer or purchase.

Toy watches, 92 available. $100 each. Skil saw, $25. Please call 704-6364984 for more information

BINGHAM-SMITH LUMBER CO. Save money on lumber. Treated and Untreated. Round Fence Post in all sizes. Save extra when buying full units. Call Patrick at 980-234-8093.

Huge Price Reduction!

3BR/2BA D/W on 1.07 acres, new roof and HVAC. New Price! $89,000. MLS 982148 Jane Urban Allen Tate Realty 704-650-6075

Country Club Area

Homes for Sale Salisbury, Henderson Estates, 3 BR, 2.5 BA, Basement, Double Attached Carport, R48766 $149,900 Monica Poole 704.245.4628 B&R Realty

Wood splitter. New motor, 1¼ horsepower. Split up or down. 704636-5220

GOING ON VACATION? Send Us Photos Of You with your Salisbury Post to:

1409 South Martin Luther King Jr Ave., 2 BR, 1 BA, fixer upper. Owner financing or cash discount. $750 Down $411/month. 1-803-403-9555

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Homes for Sale Bank Foreclosures & Distress Sales. These homes need work! For a FREE list:

3 BR, 1 BA Full Unfinished Basement. Sunroom with fireplace. Double garage. R50828 $89,900 B & R Realty 704.633.2394 East Rowan

Lot for sale, 50 by 150, with brick structure house present. Needs lots of work. $4800. Priced for quick sale. Call today (336)431-5092 or if no answer (336)803-2104.

East Salisbury. 4BR, 2½BA. Lease option purchase.1,800 sq. ft. +/-. Call 704-638-0108 Salisbury




Hurry, Hurry!

East Rowan home $35,000 less than tax value. Over an acre, close to I-85 & Hwy 52, Rockwell. Needs TLC. 51185 $79,900. Call Varina Bunts, B&R Realty @ 704.640.5200

2 BR, 1 BA, hardwood floors, detached carport, handicap ramp. $99,900 R47208 B&R Realty 704.633.2394 Salisbury

3BR, 2BA. Wonderful location, new hardwoods in master BR and living room. Lovely kitchen with new stainless appliances. Deck, private back yard. R51492 $124,900 Monica Poole B&R Realty 704-245-4628 Salisbury

Convenient Location


China Grove

Wheel covers, 13”. In box, new. Fits all vehicles. $40. Please call 704-232-3339

Homes for Sale

East Rowan

Rockwell, 3 BR, 2 BA. Cute brick home in quiet subdivision. Outbuilding, wooded lot, nice deck off back. Kitchen appliances stay. R51385 $129,900 B&R Realty Dale Yontz 704.202.3663

Very nice 2 BR 2.5 BA condo overlooking golf course and pool! Great views, freshly decorated, screened in porch at rear. T51378. $103,900 B&R Monica Poole Realty 704-245-4628

2BR, 1BA. Cute home in city on corner lot. Easy access to shopping, great investment or for first time home buyer. R50827 $49,900 704.633.2394 B&R Realty


Fulton Heights


Tanning bed, Wolff. 24 bulb, 220 volt. Good condition. $450 obo. Call 704-633-2208

TV Tables (2) $35 ea. 2 floor lamps, $25 ea. 9X12 green rug, $35. Good condition. 704-638-8965

Beautiful !

Clothes Adult & Children

Computers & Software

Misc For Sale

Machine & Tools

FIREWOOD FOR SALE Split OR Logs. Delivery negotiable. Please call for info: 704-636-5541

Building Equip. & Supplies

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010 • 3D


3 BR, 2 BA, Attached carport, Rocking Chair front porch, nice yard. R50846 $119,900 Monica Poole 704.245.4628 B&R Realty

Salisbury. 925 Agner Rd. Below tax and appraisal value at $399,000. 3 BR/2BA brick home w/sunroom and 2 car garage sits in the middle of this beautiful property. Open and wooded pasture areas w/barn. 704-603-8244 or 704-209-1405

For Sale By Owner House and 6+ Acres with Stream


A Must See

E. Spencer

New Listing

3 BR, 2 BA, newer kitchen, large dining room, split bedrooms, nice porches, huge detached garage, concrete drives. R51548 $99,000. Monica Poole 704-245-4628 B&R Realty

3 BR, 2 BA in Hunters Pointe. Above ground pool, garage, huge area that could easily finished upstairs. R51150A. $179,900. B&R Realty 704-633-2394

3-BR, 2-BA house at end of long, winding drive on 6plus acres on U.S. Highway 64 W in Davie County. 1,281 sq. ft. Two-car garage, 21-by-42 heated basement (outside entrance only), cottage-type outbuilding, and 10-by-42 covered back porch offers place to entertain, relax and enjoy a beautiful mountain view. Fence and row of Leyland cypresses provide privacy. Stream at back of property makes great picnic area. Call 336-407-3981, $175,000 - price negotiable.

Let us know! We will run your ad with a photo for 15 days in print and 30 days online. Cost is just $30. Call the Salisbury Post Classified Department at 704-797-4220 or email X

Bedding - Pottery Barn monster truck twin quilt, sheets, pillow case, sham, rug & monster truck pillow. $125. Good Condition, Laura 704637-1248 Dog house. Large barn style. $30. Large heavy duty igloo dog house. Very nice. $60. Call 704279-6393

Sporting Goods Tent - OZARK TRAIL XL TENT, 20ft. X 11ft floor 6ft. 6 in. center height. Sleeps 10. $100. 704857-2945 China Grove.

Want to Buy Merchandise

Doll house, Little Tykes. With extra accessories. $100. Pilates chair w/ Windsor DVDs, $50. Call 704-279-6393

AA Antiques. Buying anything old, scrap gold & silver. Will help with your estate or yard sale. 704-433-1951.

Handbags. Crossbody w/ zip top, tan/white, new, $20. Betty Boop, new, brown & black mini-tote, $25. Minitote, new, blue & green. $15. Call before 5pm, 704-232-3339

All Coin Collections Silver, gold & copper. Will buy foreign & scrap gold. 704-636-8123

Handicap ramps with rails. Pressure treated. Just built. 10' & 20'. $250 for both. 704-640-5750

Cash Paid Sterling silver flatware sets, tea sets, gold wedding bands, class rings, wrist watches. 704-305-0315

Heater. Siegelermatic controls chimney heater. Good condition. $100. Call 704-638-9555

Timber wanted - Pine or hardwood. 5 acres or more select or clear cut. Shaver Wood Products, Inc. Call 704-278-9291.

Kerosene Heater. Dynaglo 23,000 btu convection kerosene heater with extras and fuel $85. 704209-6460

Watches – and scrap gold jewelry. 704-636-9277 or cell 704-239-9298

Keyboard. Yamaha electric. With stand & carrying case. $50. 4 drawer size heavy duty metal file cabinet. $75. Please call 704-279-6393

Business Opportunities

Massage table, portable. 84”. Headrest, carrying case, green. $100. Teeter Hang Ups Inversion table with DVDs, $100. 704279-6393

J.Y. Monk Real Estate School-Get licensed fast, Charlotte/Concord courses. $399 tuition fee. Free Brochure. 800-849-0932

METAL: Angle, Channel, Pipe, Sheet & Plate Shear Fabrication & Welding FAB DESIGNS 2231 Old Wilkesboro Rd Open Mon-Fri 7-3:30 704-636-2349

Free Stuff

Newsbags. One-use, 4 in. + wider. 100's: 40¢ each 50-pack. Good. Please call 704-754-8837 Playground. Jungle Adventure wooden playground. Swings, slide, monkey bars, climbing wall. $350. Good condition. Laura 704-637-1248

Free dog. Neutered male Yellow Lab. 3-4 years old. Very gentle dog. He was a stray that has not been claimed. 704-8557468

Revolver. 6 shot, 44 calibre black powder revolver. 14” long. Never fired. All accessories included. $350 OBO. 704-633-7425

Free Puppies. German Shepard/Lab Mix. 9-10 wks old. Very loving! Would make great Christmas presents. Call 704-239-4808 anytime!

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auctions /boocoo

see swhat’s new, tolocal To T o To see what’s what’ ne new, w, ggo o to [insert [insergo t yyour our] newspaperr..ccom] and click onb the auctions link. click on the and boocoo o ocboocoo oo auctions link.



4D • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2010



Happy 3rd Birthday Pumpkin

Madisyn Happy 60th Birthday to my wonderful wife & best friend. Love always, Paul

• Birthday & Holiday Gift Baskets • Party Trays • Fresh Breads

Oh, no. Look who's turning the BIG 60! Chris Bishop. Happy birthday, Mom!! Love, Angela, Todd, Laura and Venius

Love Mommy & Daddy

Baked Fresh To Order!




1/2 Ham (8 lb or more) & turkey breast or whole turkey, 2 large sides and large dessert.

Please Fax, hand deliver or fill out form online 18 WORDS MAX. Number of free greetings per person may be limited, combined or excluded, contingent on space available.


We are so there! $

1/2 Ham (8 lb or more) Coupon offer expires 12/31/10 Not valid with any other coupon.

Coupon offer expires 12/31/10 Not valid with any other coupon.



Hours of daily personal attention and doggie fun at our safe 20 acre facility. Professional homestyle boarding, training, and play days with a certified handler/trainer who loves dogs as much as you do.


KEN WEDDINGTON Total Auctioneering Services 140 Eastside Dr., China Grove 704-8577458 License 392


plus tax $6.25

By appt. only Call 704-857-1854 R. Giles Moss Auction & Real Estate-NCAL #2036. Full Service Auction Company. Estates ** Real Estate Had your home listed a long time? Try selling at auction. 704-782-5625

Rowan Auction Co. Professional Auction Services: Salis., NC 704-633-0809 Kip Jennings NCAL 6340.

Automotive Services Genesis Auto Detailing & Headlight Restoration. Complete service. Pick up/ delivery avail. 704-279-2600

Carport and Garages

Perry's Overhead Doors Sales, Service & Installation, Residential / Commercial. Wesley Perry 704-279-7325


Cleaning Services


playing all your favorite Christmas tunes, love songs and background music for Christmas dinners, parties and gatherings.

weddings | portraits | events





5550 Hwy 601 • Salisbury, NC 28147 • 704-647-9807 S40137

HOURS: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 11AM-8PM Wednesday 11AM-3PM • Closed on Sundays S48510

Lawn Maint. & Landscaping

Grading & Hauling





704-633-9295 FREE ESTIMATES Licensed, bonded and insured. Since 1985.

Carport and Garages Lippard Garage Doors Installations, repairs, electric openers. 704636-7603 / 704-798-7603

We Build Garages, 24x24 = $12,500. All sizes built! ~ 704-633-5033 ~

Chimney Sweep & Fireplace

3 Check for Cracks & Obstructions & Repair NC licensed, Insured

~ 704-425-8870 ~

Cleaning Services Christian mom for cleaning jobs & ironing. Great rates. 704-932-1069 or 704791-9185

Maid 4 U Cleaning Service 15+ Yrs. Reliable Svc. Kelly Wright Holiday Discounts Residential, Real Estate Commercial 704-773-0828 We can provide you with an affordable customized home cleaning service. Have your home cleaned the way you like it! Insured, refs available. Call Kim Taft! 704-433-2502

“Clean as a Whistle”

Need extra cash? Check out our JOBS section and you will be on your way to making money.


Lawn Maint. & Landscaping

131 West Innest Street • 704-797-4220

WOW! Clean Again! November Special! Lowest Prices in Town, Senior Citizens Discount, Residential/Commercial References available upon request. For more info. call 704-762-1402

Drywall Services OLYMPIC DRYWALL New Homes Additions & Repairs Small Commercial

704-279-2600 Since 1955

• Home Improvement

Manufactured Home Services

HMC Handyman Services. Any job around the house. Please call 704-239-4883

Mobile Home Supplies~ City Consignment Company New & Used Furniture. Please Call 704636-2004

Professional Services Unlimited Quality work at affordable prices NC G.C. #17608 NC Home Inspector #107. Complete contracting service, under home repairs, foundation and masonry repairs, light tractor work and property maintenence. 36 Years Exp. We accept Visa/MC. 704-633-3584 Duke C. Brown Sr. Owner A HANDYMAN & MOORE Kitchen & Bath remodeling Quality Home Improvements Carpentry, Plumbing, Electric Clark Moore 704-213-4471 Around the House Repairs Carpentry. Electrical. Plumbing. H & H Construction 704-633-2219

Junk Removal $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ We Buy Any Type of Scrap Metal At the Best Prices...



Browning ConstructionStructural repair, flooring installations, additions, decks, garages. 704-637-1578 LGC

Anthony's Scrap Metal Service. Top prices paid for any type of metal or batteries. Free haul away. 704-433-1951

Garages, new homes, remodeling, roofing, siding, back hoe, loader 704-6369569 Maddry Const Lic G.C.

CASH FOR JUNK CARS And batteries. Call 704-279-7480 or 704-798-2930

Reliable Fence All Your Fencing Needs, Reasonable Rates, 21 years experience. (704)640-0223

Hometown Lawn Care & Handyman Service. Mowing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, odd jobs ~inside & out. Comm, res. Insured. Free estimates. “No job too small” 704-433-7514 Larry Sheets, owner

Financial Services “We can remove bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and bad loans from your credit file forever!” The Federal Trade Commission says companies that promise to scrub your credit report of accurate negative information for a fee are lying. Under federal law, accurate negative information can be reported for up to seven years, and some bankruptcies for up to ten years. Learn about managing credit and debt at A message from the Salisbury Post and the FTC.

Kitchens, Baths, Sunrooms, Remodel, Additions, Wood & Composite Decks, Garages, Vinyl Rails, Windows, Siding. & Roofing. ~ 704-633-5033 ~


Buying Vehicles, Junk or Not, with or without titles. Any/ All. 704-239-6356

Lawn Equipment Repair Services Lyerly's ATV & Mower Repair Free estimates. All types of repairs Pickup/delivery avail. 704-642-2787

Earl's Lawn Care 3Mowing 3Yard Cleanup 3Trimming Bushes 3Leaf

Removal 3Gutter Cleaning

Complete crawlspace work, Wood floor leveling, jacks installed, rotten wood replaced due to water or termites, brick/block/tile work, foundations, etc. 704-933-3494

Tree Service

A-1 Tree Service 3Established since 1978 3Reliable & Reasonable 3Insured Free Estimates! Recognized by the Salisbury Tree Board

John Sigmon Stump grinding, Prompt service for 30+ years, Free Estimates. John Sigmon, 704-279-5763.

To Sell.. Buy..Call Classifieds 704-797-POST

3Core Aeration 3Fertilizing

FREE Estimates

704-636-3415 704-640-3842 GAYLOR'S LAWNCARE For ALL your lawn care needs! *FREE ESTIMATES* 704-639-9925/ 704-640-0542

Graham's Tree Service Free estimates, reasonable rates. Licensed, Insured, Bonded. 704-633-9304 Johnny Yarborough, Tree Expert trimming, topping, & removal of stumps by machine. Wood splitting, lots cleared. 10% off to senior citizens. 704-857-1731 MOORE'S Tree TrimmingTopping & Removing. Use Bucket Truck, 704-209-6254 Licensed, Insured & Bonded TREE WORKS by Jonathan Keener. Insured – Free estimates! Please call 704-636-0954.

Moving and Storage

To advertise in this directory call

TH Jones Mini-Max Storage 116 Balfour Street Granite Quarry Please 704-279-3808


Painting and Decorating Bowen Painting Interior and Exterior Painting 704-630-6976.



J o h n s o n’ s B a r b e r S h o p

Cathy's Painting Service Interior & exterior, new & repaints. 704-279-5335

We will come to you! F David, 704-314-7846

Lawn Maint. & Landscaping

The Floor Doctor

Guttering, leaf guard, metal & shingle roofs. Ask about tax credits.

~ 704-633-5033 ~


Tree Service

~ 704-202-8881~

Brisson - HandyMan Home Repair, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, etc. Insured. 704-798-8199

Free Estimates Bud Shuler & Sons Fence Co. 225 W Kerr St 704-633-6620 or 704-638-2000 Price Leader since 1963

Roofing and Guttering SEAMLESS GUTTER Licensed Contractor C.M. Walton Construction, 704-202-8181

Piedmont AC & Heating Electrical Services Lowest prices in town!! 704-213-4022

Classifeds 704-797-4220

704-274-0569 | 919.923.6416

Heating and Air Conditioning

Home Improvement

Call now to book your reservation!


1628 West Innes St. Salisbury, NC • 704-633-5310

Job Seeker meeting at 112 E. Main St., Rockwell. 6:30pm Mons. Rachel Corl, Auctioneer. 704-279-3596

413 E. Innes St. • 704-633-1110 • Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7; Sat 10-6; Sun 11-2

Czuba Photography

Beaver Grading Quality work, reasonable rates. Free Estimates 704-6364592


2 Hot Dogs, Fries & Drink ..............$4.49

We want to be your flower shop!


Heritage Auction Co. Glenn M.Hester NC#4453 Salisbury (704)636-9277

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7; Sat 10-6; Sun 11-2

& CAFE of Salisbury

EXPIRES 12-31-10

Every Night Kids Under 12 eat for 99¢ with 2 paying Adults

Cleaning Services

Carolina's Auction Rod Poole, NCAL#2446 Salisbury (704)633-7369

All Gift Certificates must be used at the Salisbury location & can not be used at time of purchase.


Salisbury Flower Shop

Auction Thursday 12pm 429 N. Lee St. Salisbury Antiques, Collectibles, Used Furniture 704-213-4101

Party Trays

413 E. Innes Street • 704-633-1110

MawMaws Kozy Kitchen

Birthday? ...

EXPIRES 12-31-10


THE HONEYBAKED HAM CO. & CAFE 704-633-1110 • Fax 704-633-1510 of Salisbury

(under Website Forms, bottom right column)


OFF 10 people or more Not valid with any other coupon.

IT 76

Mon-Fri: 10-7 EX WEST OFF Sat 10-6 HWY 85! Sun 11-2

413 E. Innes St. Salisbury

Fax: 704-630-0157 In Person: 131 W. Innes Street Online:






Buy a $50 Gift Certificate & receive a $10 Gift Certificate

having a

HAIRCUT Every Fri & Sat in December

1121 Old Concord Rd 704-798-6949

Come and keep your HAIRLINE sharp and your FADE tight!


Stoner Painting Contractor

Phillip’s Bridal Cottage “Personal Shopper for Brides”

Designer Wedding Gowns, Tiaras, Veils & Shoes


• 25 years exp. • Int./Ext. painting • Pressure washing • Staining • References • Insured 704-239-7553

1716 Hwy 52 North - Albemarle (Beside the Waffle House)

Tuesday – Thursday – Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Wednesday and Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM S47989

Pools and Supplies Bost Pools – Call me about your swimming pool. Installation, service, liner & replacement. (704) 637-1617

Roofing and Guttering

Quality Haircut


4.99 DEBBIE’S HAIR DESIGNS for new customers only

men • women • children 1008 S. Main Street • Salisbury, N.C. Call for an appointment





704/630-9970 or 704/433-0595

SALISBURY POST Homes for Sale Genesis Realty 704-933-5000 Foreclosure Experts SALISBURY 3 BR, 2 baths, $105,000 for details. 704-640-5921 Salisbury houses for rent starting at $395/mo. Houses for sale starting at $29,900. 704-633-6035 Salisbury

Land for Sale W. Rowan 1.19 acs. Old Stony Knob Rd. Possible owner financing. Reduced $19,900. 704-640-3222

Lots for Sale N. Rowan-Nice, wooded subdivision lot. $15,300. 51225. Varina Bunts B&R Realty 704.640.5200 Southwestern Rowan Co.

Motivated Seller


New Construction

Western Rowan County

Brand new & ready for you, this home offers 3BR, 2BA, hardwoods, ceramic, stainless appliances, deck. R51547. $99,900. Call Monica today! 704.245.4628 B&R Realty Salisbury

New Home

Knox Farm Subdivision. Beautiful lots available now starting at $19,900. B&R Realty 704.633.2394

Manufactured Home Sales $500 Down moves you in. Call and ask me how? Please call (704) 225-8850

Forest Creek. 3 BedNew room, 1.5 bath. home priced at only $98,900. R48764 B&R Realty 704.633.2394 Salisbury

New Listing

3rd Creek Ch. Rd. 3BR, 2BA. DW. .71 acre. 1,700 sq. ft. FP, LR, den. $540 about. Fin. avail. 704-489-1158 American Homes of Rockwell Oldest Dealer in Rowan County. Best prices anywhere. 704-279-7997 Salisbury Area 3 or 4 bedroom, 2 baths, $500 down under $700 per month. 704-225-8850

Timber Run Subdivision, 4 BR, 2.5 BA, granite countertops, wood floors, rec room, screened porch, deck. R51603 $349,900 Dale Yontz 704.202.3663



Open House Sat., Dec. 19, 2-4pm

190 Price Rd


Over 2 Acres

AAA+ Apartments $425-$950/mo. Chambers Realty 704-637-1020

2BR brick duplex with carport, convenient to hospita. $450 per month. 704-637-1020

WELCOME HOME TO DEER PARK APTS. We have immediate openings for 1 & 2 BR apts. Call or come by and ask about our move-in specials. 704-278-4340 for info. For immediate info call 1-828-442-7116

Airport Rd. area. 118-A Overbrook Rd. ½ rent for December. 2 story apt. $535/mo. Very nice. Daytime 704-637-0775

Airport Rd., 1BR with stove, refrig., garbage pickup & water incl. Month-month lease. No pets. $400/mo+$300 deposit. Furnished $425/mo. 704-279-3808

3 BR, 2.5 BA, wonderful home on over 2 acres, horses allowed, partially fenced back yard, storage building. $164,900 R51465 B&R Realty 704.633.2394 Salisbury

West Side Manor Robert Cobb Rentals 2345 Statesville Blvd. Near Salisbury Mall

704-633-1234 China Grove 2BR, 1½ BA $450/month, deposit req. Approx. 1000 sqft. Call 704-798-9495. China Grove. 1BR Apartment completely furnished. No pets. 704857-8503 Lv. Msg. China Grove. 2BR, 2BA. All electric. Clean & safe. No pets. $575/month + deposit. 704-202-0605 China Grove. One room eff. w/ private bathroom & kitchenette. All utilities incl'd. $379/mo. + $100 deposit. 704-857-8112 CLANCY HILLS APARTMENTS 1, 2 & 3 BR, conveniently located in Salisbury. Handicap accessible units available. Section 8 assistance available. 704-6366408. Office Hours: M–F 9:00-12:00. TDD Relay Equal 1-800-735-2962 Housing Opportunity.


3 BR, 2 BA. Well cared for, kitchen with granite, eat at bar, dining area, large living room, mature trees, garden spot, 2 car garage plus storage bldgs. $149,500. Monica Poole 704.245.4628 B&R Realty Salisbury


Colonial Village Apts.

Allen Tate Realtors

“A Good Place to Live” 1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms Affordable & Spacious Water Included 704-636-8385

Arey RealtyREAL Service in Real Estate 704-633-5334 B & R REALTY 704-633-2394

Century 21 Towne & Country 474 Jake Alexander Blvd. (704)637-7721 Forest Glen Realty Darlene Blount, Broker 704-633-8867 KEY REAL ESTATE, INC. 1755 U.S. HWY 29. South China Grove, NC 28023 704-857-0539

3 BR, 2.5 BA, nice wood floors. Range, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer, dryer, gas logs, outbuilding. 1 yr home warranty. $1,500 carpet allowances. R49933A $195,500 B&R Realty Dale Yontz 704.202.3663

Rebecca Jones Realty 610 E. Liberty St, China Grove 704-857-SELL


William R. Kennedy Realty 428 E. Fisher Street 704-638-0673

Rent With Option!

North of China Grove, 225 Lois Lane. 3BR/2BA, Double garage and deck on a quiet dead end street. Country setting. No water bills. No city tax. Possible owner financing. Will work with slow credit. $975/mo + dep. Please call 704-857-8406 Salisbury. 2 or 3 bedroom Townhomes. For information, call Summit Developers, Inc. 704-797-0200 Spencer

Craftsman Style

Clean, well maintained, 2 BR Duplex. Central heat/air, all electric. Section 8 welcome. 704-202-5790

Real Estate Services Daniel Almazan, Broker 704-202-0091

Rowan Realty, Professional, Accountable, Personable . 704-633-1071

Real Estate Commercial Downtown Salis, 2300 sf office space, remodeled, off street pking. 633-7300

Wanted: Real Estate *Cash in 7 days or less *Facing or In Foreclosure *Properties in any condition *No property too small/large Call 24 hours, 7 days ** 704-239-2033 ** $$$$$$

Crosswinds Senior Apartments. Must be 55 years of age and older Beautiful one bedroom available apartments now. Call 704-639-9692 Our Gift to you--No rent due till January 1st with a $99 deposit. Eaman Park Apts. 2BR, 1BA. Near Salisbury High. $375/mo. Newly renovated. No pets. 704-798-3896 EXTRA NICE! Spencer. 1BR, furnished, $400/mo. Water & garbage P/U incl'd. 336-596-6726 Faith. 1BR/1BA. Kitchen. Cable hook-up. Water incl'd Freshly painted. $375/mo. Dep. req'd. 704-213-9898 Franklin St. 2 BR, 1 BA. Newly refurbished inside. Rent $495, dep. $400. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446 Holly Leaf Apts. 2BR, 1½BA. $555. Kitchen appliances, W/D connection, cable ready. 704-637-5588

Apartments 1 & 2BR. Nice, well maintained, responsible landlord. $415-$435. Salisbury, in town. 704-642-1955

Land for Sale ********************** Front St. 3.37 acres, almost completed 50' x100' bldg. $44K. 704-636-1477

East Rowan. 10 acres. 160 ft. road frontage on Gold Knob Rd. Wooded. Paved road. Near East Rowan High School $94,500. 704-279-4629

1, 2, & 3 BR Huge Apartments, very nice. $375 & up. 704-890-4587 1BR/1BA duplex fully furnished. TV, BR suite, LR furniture, refrig., washer / dryer, Sect. 8 approved. Heat, air, electricity & water incl'd. $750/mo + $500 dep. 704-636-1850 2 BR, 1 BA at Willow Oaks on Old Concord Rd. Has refrigerator & stove. All elect. Rent $399, Dep. $400. Rowan Properties 704-633-0446

Hidden Creek, Large 2 BR, 2 BA end unit, all appl. pool + W/D, $825/mo + $400 dep. Ref. 1 yr. lease, no smoking, no pets. 704-640-8542

Houses for Rent

Houses for Rent


Salisbury/Spencer 2, 4 & 5 BR $450-$850/mo. 704202-3644 or leave message. No calls after 7pm

I rented my property in less than 3 days! What great results! ~R.S., Salisbury

RENTED Rockwell, near Rockwell Park. 2BR, 1½BA. Brick home w/garage, deck. Very nice neighborhood. All appl. $700/mo. + dep. 704-6365992 or 704-245-8123 Salisbury 2BR. $525 and up. GOODMAN RENTALS 704-633-4802 Salisbury

Quiet Setting

Salisbury. 2BR, 2BA spacious 1st floor condo. Appliances, fireplace, covered porch. Pool, tennis court. $750/mo. + deposit. 704-209-1805 Lv. msg. Wiltshire Village Condo for Rent, $700. 2nd floor. Want a 2BR, 2BA in a quiet setting? Call Bryce, Wallace Realty 704-202-1319

3 BR, 2 BA, West/Hurley Schools. Quiet, private location in nice subdivision. 3 miles to mall. Central heat/air, appliances, dishwasher, wired storage building, concrete drive. $800 plus deposit. 704-279-0476 Salisbury 4BR/2BA, brick ranch, basement, 2,000 SF, garage, nice area. $1,195/mo. 704-630-0695

Houses for Rent 2 to 5 BR. HUD Section 8. Nice homes, nice st areas. Call us 1 . 704-630-0695 3 Homes. 2-East district, 1Carson district. 3 BR, 2 BA. $800-$1050. Lease, dep. & ref. req. 704.798.7233 4BR, 3BA. 2,000 sq.ft. ± VERY NICE! Includes 2BR guest house on property. ONLY $5,000 dn! TAKE OVER PAYMENTS! 704-630-0695 Carolina Blvd. #BR, 2BA . All appliances incl., 4-car carport, big yard. $800/mo + deposit. 704-637-6618 CATAWBA COLLEGE Walk to class, 3 BR, 1 BA, excellent neighborhood, central heat & air. Old house but well-built & maintained, good 4-car parking, no carport, $750 $750/month deposit + 704-433-1936

Don't Pay Rent! 3BR, 2BA homes at 108 John Michael Lane & Crescent Heights. Call 704-239-3690 for info. E. Spencer, 306 E. Torbush, 3BR/1½ BA, fully furnished: 2 large TVs, 3 BR suites, LR furniture, dish washer, refrig., washer / dryer, central heat/air. Sect. 8 approved. $875/mo + $500 dep. 704-636-1850 district. Faith/Carson 3BR / 2BA, no smoking, no pets. $650/mo + dep + refs. 704-279-8428 Fulton St. 3 BR, 1 ½ BA. Refrigerator, stove furnished. Rent $725, Dep., $700. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446 High Rock Lake - 2BR, 2BA, lake front property. Utilities are included. $650/mo. 336-798-6157 Houses: 3BRs, 1BA. Apartments: 2 & 3 BR's, 1BA Deposit required. Faith Realty 704-630-9650 Inside city limits. 2BR & 3BR units. Central HVAC. $575-$700/mo. 704-239-4883 Broker

Salisbury City, Near Hospital. 4BR/2½BA, 2,250 Sq. Ft., Two Car Garage, Fenced Backyard. $1500/month + $1500 deposit. Call Lauren 704-232-0823. Salisbury

For Rent by US Realty *3BR/1BA - $650/mo. *3BR/2/5 BA - $750/mo. *3BR/2BA + ofc., garage & storage bldg. - $1,100/mo Please call Shelly at 704202-7996 Salisbury

Great Convenient Location!

Spencer. 3BR. Appliances. Well water. $550/ mo. + $500 dep. 704630-0785 / 704-433-3510 Spencer. 3BRs & 2BAs. Remodeled. Great area! Owner financing available. 704-202-2696

Salisbury. In town. Convenient location on S. Main Level access. Utilities paid. Parking lot. 704-638-0108

W Rowan/Woodleaf school dist. 2BR/1BA house. Taking applications. No pets. $425/mo. 704-754-7421 West Rowan area. Big home. 20 acres. $895/ month. Please call 704239-0691 Woodleaf & Kannapolis 3-4BR, 2BA. $650-$700/ mo. Deposit required. Please call 704-788-1603

Office and Commercial Rental st

1 Month Free Rent! Salisbury, Kent Executive Park office suites, $100 & up. Utilities paid. Conference room, internet access, break room, ample parking. 704-202-5879 450 to 1,000 sq. ft. of Warehouse Space off Jake Alexander Blvd. Call 704279-8377 or 704-279-6882

Rockwell Area. Apt. & Duplexes. $500-$600. 2BR Quiet Community. Marie Leonard-Hartsell at Wallace Realty 704-239-3096 Salis. 1BR & 2BR. Wood floors, appls, great location. $395-$450/mo. + dep. 704630-0785 or 704-433-3510 Salis. 521/523 E. Cemetary St. 1BR/$330; 2BR/$350. Sect 8 OK. No pets. Dep. req. 704-507-3915. Salis. Nice modern 1BR, energy efficient, water furnished, off Jake Alexander $395 + dep. 704-640-5750 Salisbury city. 2BR, 1BA duplex. VA convenient. Remodeled. Cent. air/heat. $475 + dep. 704-640-5750 Salisbury, city. 2BR, 1BA. Stove, refrigerator. New carpet. $500/mo., $500 dep. 704-633-4081

Manufactured Home for Rent

Camp Rd, 2BR, 1BA. Appls, water, sewer, trash incl. Pet OK. $475/mo. + $475 dep. 704-279-7463

Morgan School Area – 2 & 3 BR, water & trash included. Deposit required Max occupancy 4. 704-637-9218

Cooleemee. 2BR $100 / wk, $400 dep on ½ ac lot. 336-998-8797, 704-9751579 or 704-489-8840 East Area. 2BR, water, trash. Limit 2. Dep. req. No pets. Call 704-6367531 or 704-202-4991

Spencer Shops Lease great retail space for as little as $750/mo for 2,000 sq ft at. 704-431-8636

EAST ROWAN AREA Taking apps. 2 BR, max. occ. 3, no pets, garbage, & lawn service incl. 704-2793882/ 980-234-2469

Warehouse space / manufacturing as low as $1.25/sq. ft./yr. Deposit. Call 704-431-8636

Ellis Park. 3BR/2BA. Appls., water, sewer, incl'd. $525/mo. + $525 deposit. Pet OK. 704-279-7463

Industrial/ Warehouse Salisbury - 2100 sq. ft. Warehouse, close to I-85. $600 per month. Please Call 704-213-0459

Manufactured Home for Rent Between Salis. & China Grove. 2BR. No pets. Appl. & trash pickup incl. $475/ mo + dep. 704-855-7720 Cleveland area. 3BR / 2BA, 2 units. One on Raven Court & one on Springway Rd. Also, 2BR/2BA coming soon. 704-500-4670

Faith–2 BR, 1 BA. $350/mo. + dep. 2 BR, 1 BA, $425/mo. + dep. Near Carson High. 704239-2833 Gold Hill, 2 bedroom, trash and lawn service included. No pets. $450 month. 704-433-1255 Hurley School Rd. 2 BR, 2 BA. Nice yard, subdivision. Central air/ heat. $460/mo. + dep. 704-640-5750 Hurley School Rd. area. 2BR, 1BA. Private lot. All electric. $275/mo. + deposit. 704-640-5750 Linwood 2BR/1BA, S/W private lot, $425/mo + deposit required, no pets. Call 704-633-9712

Near Faith. SW on private, wooded lot. No pets. Max. occupancy 3. Credit check & deposit req. $400/mo. 704-279-4838 Rockwell 2BR/1BA, W/D, stove & refrig, includes water & trash. No pet. $450/mo, $400 dep. 704279-8880 S. Salisbury 2BR/2BA, priv lot, $550/mo + dep. Also, garage apt for single $95/wk. 704-857-1854 Salis 3990 Statesville Blvd., Lot 12, 3BR/2BA, $439/mo. + dep. FOR SALE OR RENT! 704-640-3222 Salisbury. 3BR, 2BA doublewide. $600/mo. + $600 deposit. 980-6212009 after 7pm Salisbury. Wildwood Rd. 3BR, 2BA doublewide on private lot. 2,000 sq. ft. Lrg. back deck. Storage bldg. $600/mo. 704-855-7661 West & South Rowan. 2 & 3 BR. No pets. Perfect for 3. Water included. Please call 704-857-6951

Rooms for Rent MILLER HOTEL Rooms for Rent Weekly $110 & up 704-855-2100

China Grove. 1200 sq ft. $800/mo + deposit. Call 704-855-2100 Furnished Key Man Office Suites - $250-350. Jake & 150. Util & internet incl. 704-721-6831 Granite Quarry Holiday Special! Only 3 Units left! Move in by 12/31/10 & pay no rent until 3/1/2011! Commercial Metal Buildings perfect for contractor, video surveillance & parking. Call 704-279-4422 or 704-2323333 for more info. Kannapolis

303-B W. Council St. Impressive entry foyer w/mahoghany staircase. Downstairs: L/R, country kit. w/FP. Laundry room, ½BA. Upstairs: 2BR, jacuzzi BA. Uniquely historic, but modern. 704-691-4459

Salisbury N. Fulton St., 2BR/1BA Duplex, limit 3, no pets, $525/month + deposit. 704-855-2100 Salisbury, 1314 Lincolnton Rd., 2 BR, 1 BA brick house. Hardwood floors throughout, close to Jake Alexander Blvd. Wallace Realty 704-636-2021 Salisbury, 3BR, 1BA Duplex. All electric, central air/heat, appliances, hookups. Near VA. $525. 704-636-3307

For Sale or Lease!

Kannapolis area. 2,500 s.f. church complete with pews, 10 yrs old, heat & AC on 3.5 acres, lots of parking. Can be used for office space, shop or warehouse $1,100/mo. 704-791-6750 Numerous Commercial and office rentals to suit your needs. Ranging from 500 to 5,000 sq. ft. Call Victor Wallace at Wallace Realty, 704-636-2021 Salisbury

Salisbury, 928 S. Jackson St., 3BR/1BA, $600/mo + $600 dep., Section 8 OK, no pets. 704-507-3915 Salisbury, in country. 3BR, 2BA. With in-law apartment. $1000/mo. No pets. Deposit & ref. 704855-2100 Salisbury, S. Main St, 3BR/1½BA, cent. H/A, W/D hookup, big kitchen, stove & refrig, garage, $550/mo. Application is req'd and deposit req'd. M-F 9am5pm. 704-637-3889

Kannapolis–1704 Moose Rd. 3 BR, 1 BA, $675 monthly. China Grove–440 Sylvan Rd. 3 BR, 2 BA, $725 monthly. KREA 704-933-2231

Salisbury. 3 & 2 Bedroom Houses. $500-$1,000. Also, Duplex Apartments. 704636-6100 or 704-633-8263

Landis - 2 BR, 1 BA, central heat/air, 12x24 outside storage. $575/ mo. + $575 dep. Call 704-202-4691

Salisbury. 3BR, 1BA. All appliances, fenced in yard. Dep. and refs. required. 704-223-0351

Miller Chapel Rd. 2BR. Office, appl., Large yard. Limit 2. No pets. $650/mo + dep. 704-855-7720

Salisbury/E. Spencer 2 BR, 1 BA. $425. 704-2482520. Sect. 8 OK. CarolinaPiedmont Properties

Office Space

We have office suites available in the Executive Center. First Month Free with No Deposit! With all utilities from $150 and up. Lots of amenities. Call Karen Rufty at B & R Realty 704-202-6041

Salisbury. Six individual offices, new central heat/air, heavily insulated for energy efficiency, fully carpeted (to be installed) except stone at entrance. Conference room, employee break room, tile bathroom, and nice, large reception area. Perfect location near the Court House and County Building. Want to lease but will sell. Perfect for dual occupancy. By appointment only. 704-636-1850

Mitchell Ave., 2BR, hardwood floors, marble in kitchen, carport, $500/mo + dep. 704-636-1633

Moving to Town? Need a home or Apartment? We manage rental homes & apartments. Call and let us help you. Waggoner Realty Co. 704-633-0462

Manufactured Home for Rent

5,000, 10,000 & 20,000 sqft. Buildings available with loading docks and offices. Call Bradshaw Real Estate 704-633-9011

Rowan Hospital area. 2BR, 1BA. Heat, air, water, appl. incl. $675. 704-633-3997

Moreland Pk area. 2BR all appliances furnished. $495-$595/mo. Deposit negotiable. Section 8 welcome. 336-247-2593

Office and Commercial Rental Salisbury. 12,000 sq ft corner building at Jake Alexander and Industrial Blvd. Ideal for retail office space, church, etc. Heat and air. Please call 704279-8377 with inquiries.

Lovely Duplex

4 BR 2BA, like new Craftsman Style, huge front porch, renovated kitchen and bath, fresh paint. R51516 $127,000 Dale Yontz B&R Realty 704-202-3663

Condos and Townhomes

BEST VALUE Quiet & Convenient, 2 bedroom town house, 1½ baths. All Electric, Central heat/air, no pets, pool. $550/mo. Includes water & basic cable.

3BR/2BA, 2.75 acres, one mile from High Rock Lake, one year old Samsung appliances, tons of upgrades, Pergo floors, 1400+ sq feet, Oakwood manufactured. Asking $125,000. 704-202-2228 or 704-224-1286


2 BR, 1 BA, close to Salisbury High. Rent $425, dep. $400. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446

Airport Rd. Duplex. 2BR, 2BA. $575/mo. 2BR, 1BA $550/mo., lease + dep., water furnished. No pets. Call 704-637-0370

Barnhardt Meadows. Quality home sites in country setting, restricted, pool and pool House complete. Use your builder or let us build for you. Lots start at $24,900. B&R Realty 704-633-2394

3 BR, 2 BA, Well established neighborhood. All brick home with large deck. Large 2 car garage. R50188 $163,900 B&R Realty 704.633.2394

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