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Housing committee seeks public help Board unable to find consensus on policies to improve conditions BY EMILY FORD


Mayor Beau Taylor, left, Jean Puckett, front, and Tim Linker, orange shirt, look over some old photos in the Rockwell Museum. The Town of Rockwell turned 100-years-old on Tuesday. The town was chartered on Feb. 22, 1911.

The century mark sneaks up on local town


OCKWELL — Rockwell’s official 100th birthday snuck up on everyone. Credit Patty Frick at the

post office on Broad Street for bring-

ing it to the town’s attention last week. In November, Frick noticed that a framed cross-stitch hanging near the post office counter depicted an old well (Rockwell’s namesake), with the words “Rockwell” and “Feb. 22, 1911” stitched underneath. Frick wasn’t sure what the date represented. Was it important to the post office’s history, or the town’s? She made a mental note to herself to find out. Last week, she fiMARK nally asked Tim LinkWINEKA er whether his mother, Alice, known for her cross-stitching, had maybe done the piece at the post office. It made sense. Tim’s dad, the late A.L. Linker, had been a rural mail carrier out of the Rockwell post of-

Patty Frick, Officer in Charge at the Rockwell Post Office, had been wondering about a framed cross stitched rendering of a well with the word Rockwell and a date of February 22, 1911. The artwork had been hanging on the wall in the Post Office for unknown years. No one at the Post Office knew exactly what the significance of the date, but after a few questions to the town, it was realized the date of when the town of Rockwell was chartered. fice for 32 years, and Alice retired as Rockwell’s town clerk in 1992 after 22 years. But Alice Linker reported the cross-stitch was not hers. The Linkers

knew, however, that the date represented Rockwell’s birth as an incorporated town.


The committee appointed by City Council to study controversial housing issues has struggled to find common ground and will hold a public forum to help build consensus. “It’s necessary that they reach some sort of compromise,” Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Blackwell said. The public forum, held in conjunction with the Neighborhood Leaders Alliance, is set for 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday in City Hall. The new Advisory Committee for Better Housing and Neighborhood Stabilization has met four times but agreed on nothing, said BLACKWELL Blackwell, who is not a member but has attended the meetings. “The committee has a unique opportunity to devise a plan to meet the needs of everybody in town — landlords, tenants and property owners,” Blackwell said. “The public forum seeks input from all those people. It includes everybody.” Blackwell said she hasn’t given up on the committee’s ability to make recommendations to City Council. “I fully expect they will have some sort of compromise to deliver,” she said. Chartered in November 2010, the group has 180 days to evaluate the city’s housing policies and recommend how Salisbury can improve housing conditions. Housing is a hot topic in Salisbury, where neighborhood advocates have argued for years for tougher regulations and enforcement, while landlords and developers say they don’t want to be punished with costly fees and inconvenient inspections. The advisory committee includes representatives from both sides of that debate. City Planner Joe Morris said the committee’s work is going well. “The process Thursday night will be helpful to the committee’s understanding of the sentiment in the larger community,” Morris said. “They will be able to work from there to forge consensus on a number of items, but there may be other recommendations where there is not consensus.” City Council has the final say on any change to housing policy or code. At the urging of Blackwell, Council charged the committee specifically to evaluate the creation of a housing commission. Committee co-chairman Nathan Chambers opposes the idea. Chambers said a housing commission, which is a group of residents appointed by a city to implement and enforce the housing code using fines and other methods, “drives investors away.”


Perdue proposes closing research stations Rowan facility shouldn’t be affected

East Spencer fire department resumes medical response B Y K ARISSA M INN


Gov. Bev Perdue has proposed shutting down seven unnamed agricultural research stations, but a state official says at this time, Piedmont Research Station doesn’t appear to be one of them. In her proposed budget for fiscal year 2012, released last week, the governor recommends closing seven stations that are “determined to be least significant or that cannot be properly managed within the consolidated budget.” This is estimated to save $4.57 million over two years. Perdue’s budget also recommends transferring all 12 research stations owned by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to N.C.

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In a file photo, researcher Jeremy Pattison looks over the rows of the strawberry plants in the tunnels at the test site at the Piedmont Research Station on Sherrills Ford Road. The research station shouldn’t be affected by Gov. Perdue’s proposed closings. State University, which owns six. Brian Long, public affairs diClosed stations then will be rector with the agriculture desold as surplus property, bring- partment, said Tuesday that Pering in another estimated $15.79 million over two years. See RESEARCH, 2A Today’s forecast 50º/34º Mostly cloudy, thunderstorms


Claude M. Ketchie Jr. Lucille P. Cline Mildred H. Winecoff Pauline G. Rabon

Marvin L. Taylor Lucy B. Page Viola M. Demarcus William G. Hall

EAST SPENCER — Medical response privileges were restored Friday to the East Spencer Fire Department, according to a county official. “They got the items that needed to be replaced or repaired addressed,” said Lennie Cooper, chief of Rowan County Emergency Medical Service, on Tuesday. “We did a subsequent inspection... and found everything was as it should be.” The fire department’s medical responder service was suspended immediately after a routine inspection Feb. 3 by the Emergency Services Department. The emergency department said it uncovered “several deficiencies,” including an inoperable automated external defibrillator, “grossly deficient” advanced airway supplies and the absence of mandatory overthe-counter medications.


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“They got the items that needed to be replaced or repaired addressed.” LENNIE COOPER Chief, Rowan County EMS

The county continued to provide paramedic service to the town while the East Spencer Fire Department could not respond to medical calls. Earlier this month, East Spencer Fire Chief Shane Cranfield said the order should have been made prior to the inspection but some paperwork had been misplaced. Cranfield said Tuesday that the fire department now has the supplies it needs, including a new defibrillator. Contact reporter Karissa Minn at 704-797-4222.

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Hamilton named as Concord’s next assistant city manager RESEARCH

Even the suggestion that rental property in Salisbury might undergo regular, required city inspections has made some investors leery, said Chambers, who owns Chambers Realty. He said he works for an investor who considered purchasing a duplex in Salisbury but decided instead to buy property in China Grove or Landis. “He’s going to wait to see what Salisbury does with this,” Chambers said. But another member of the advisory committee says regular city inspections of rental property are the best way to insure people are living in safe, sanitary conditions. “When I go to a restaurant, I know that it has been inspected and should have some level of sanitation,” said Garth Birdsey, an advocate for the Park Avenue neighborhood. “Why is that any different than a rental house?” Council’s decision to consider a housing commission came on the heels of revelations last summer of the worst living conditions Code Services Manager Chris

The Advisory Committee for Better Housing and Neighborhood Stabilization members are: Garth Birdsey, Burt Brinson, Ollie Mae Carroll, Nathan Chambers, Greta Connor, Kyna Foster, Eddie Hampton, Mimi Howard, Lou Manning, Calvin Turner, Dan Waggoner and Norde Wilson.

Often, tenants won’t report substandard living conditions because they are afraid of eviction, which is illegal, Branham said. Branham and Morris attended a meeting of the housing commission in Greensboro, considered a leader in North Carolina. “The Greensboro model is scary,” said Chambers, who viewed a video of the meeting taken by Morris and Branham. Salisbury already has the personnel and codes in place to ensure safe and sanitary living conditions, Chambers said. “It’s a myth that landlords intimidate people and will evict people who complain,” Chambers said. “People are not afraid to complain about their property.” The committee won’t come to a consensus on a housing commission or interim in-

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Correction In a story about the quilting group that meets at Haven Lutheran Church, organizer Joyce Heilig’s number was incorrect. If you have any materials to donate, you can call her at 704-633-1635.


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Four employees of the Rowan County Department of Senior Services will become employees of Rufty-Holmes Senior Center but will stay on the county’s health plan. The four current Rufty-Holmes employees will be covered under the nonprofit’s health plan unless county commissioners decide to place them on county insurance. An article in Tuesday’s Post was unclear.

Lottery numbers — RALEIGH (AP)— The winning lottery numbers selected Tuesday in the N.C. Education Lottery: Pick 3: 7-9-8, Pick 4: 1-1-3-1 Cash 5: 11-15-21-34-35 Div


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spections, he said. “We have folks in real estate who don’t want to see a program come about that would be expensive and could hurt our reputation as a business-friendly community,” said Chambers, who called the committee the best he’s ever worked on. Chambers agreed the city needs to address deteriorating housing conditions. “Something has to be done,” he said. “Bad property owners, we need to go after those guys.” He suggested an educational campaign, including doorknob hangers, to educate people about their rights and how to get in touch with code enforcement officers. “Leave our system in place, but we need to have some education in place for some of these people,” Chambers said. The advisory committee also has discussed revising city code and encouraging more affordable rental units. Members have talked about helping landlords track irresponsible tenants, as well as establishing a system for third-party conflict resolution in cases of minimum housing code violation.

due’s wording matches recommendations by the General Assembly’s Program Evaluation Division in a 2008 report. The report recommended closure of seven stations where only 12 percent of projects were conducted in 2007, and that list does not include Piedmont. “We’re working under the assumption that it’s the seven identified in the report,” Long said. “However, it is possible... that it may not be one of those stations, and there may be another that goes in its place. It’s still too soon to know for certain to know what’s going to happen.” The proposed budget also would transfer forest management tracts owned by the agriculture department to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Forest Resources. This reportedly would save $20.39 million over two years. The General Assembly will be working on the budget over the next several months and could make changes to these provisions. Stations named in the Program Evaluation Division report include Umstead Farm Unit, Castle Hayne-Hort Crops, Border Belt Tobacco, Upper Piedmont, Upper Mountain, Mountain — Waynesville and Oxford Tobacco. “This recommendation does not consider the scienContact reporter Karissa tific impact of closure, and Minn at 704-797-4222.

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Branham said he has ever seen in the city. Four homes in the 300 block of East 11th Street were “deplorable” during a May inspection, he said. Regular, required city inspections would help prevent people from living in squalor, said Birdsey. Birdsey said he owns rental property in other states that he must register and have inspected every four years. A similar program here would improve the quality of the housing stock and ferret out bad landlords, he said. “There are just a few who don’t care, but that’s all it takes to destroy a neighborhood,” he said. Inspections could cost as little as $50 every four years, he said. “Keep them reasonable and affordable for the landlords,” he said. Without required inspections, the city’s four code enforcement agents have no access to the inside of a house unless they receive a complaint or view substandard living conditions from the exterior, Branham said. “Interim inspections are definitely a good monitoring tool that would allow 100 percent follow up on rental properties in general,” he said.


to becoming involved in other aspects of the many services provided to our community.” Hamilton serves on the board of several different organizations, including the Hispanic Learning Center and the Cabarrus Literacy Council. He is a graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College and the FBI National Academy. Hamilton lives in Concord with his wife Susanne, a sixth-grade school teacher, and his daughter Sarah, 21. His daughter Valerie, died last year in Charlotte of a drug overdose. Michael Neal Harvey was charged in Valerie Hamilton’s death because he didn’t seek medical attention for her, authorities said. He is a member of First Presbyterian Church in Concord and the Cabarrus Rotary Club, and past president of the N.C. Association of Chiefs of Police. Hamilton will assume his new position on April 4. Deputy Chief Guy Smith will serve as interim police chief while a search is conducted for Hamilton’s successor.



losophy in Concord over the last 10 years. Prior to his tenure in Concord, Hamilton served in various capacities in the Hickory Police Department beginning in 1981 and left Hickory as its deputy chief of police. In his new position, Hamilton will be a principal assistant to the city manager with management projects, and provide guidance and support to department heads that provide public safety, recreation, housing, aviation and other municipal services. “I am excited and humbled to have this opportunity to continue to serve our community as assistant city manager,” Hamilton said in the press release. “Senior police command staff have known for the last couple of years my plan was to end my tenure as chief of police sometime this year. “While we all thought that would be through retirement, those commanders are well-prepared to continue providing a high level of police service without my day-to-day involvement. I look forward


CONCORD — City Manager Brian Hiatt has named Merl Hamilton the city’s next assistant city manager. The position has been vacant since 2010 when Jim Hipp returned to his native South Carolina to take the position of deputy county administrator of Spartanburg County. “Chief Hamilton has excellent communication and leadership skills that are well known in Concord and across the state,” Hiatt said in a press release. “While police chief, he has demonstrated the ability to develop partnerships within the community and promote accountability in the delivery of essential public safety services. These strengths will continue to be an asset to the organization in his new role.” Hamilton has served as Concord’s chief of police since June 2001. In his capacity as chief, he directed 184 sworn and non-sworn employees in meeting departmental goals and objectives, and managed a $16.4 million budget. Hamilton was instrumental in implementing the Community Oriented Policing phi-

it would be the responsibility of the strategic planning review panel to determine whether these stations are critical to agricultural research in North Carolina,” the report states. “For example, Upper Mountain ... may be needed because it is the only station at an altitude suitable for research on Christmas trees ... one of North Carolina’s major commodity crops.” The next two stations listed in order of number of projects are Caswell Farm Unit and Piedmont. Long said the report is flawed, and closing research stations could be harmful. “By our estimates over the next 20 to 30 years, the worldwide production of food is going to need to increase by about 50 percent,” Long said. At the same time, he said, the amount of farmland is decreasing, particularly in the United States and in North Carolina. This means farmers need to find ways to be more productive on the land they have. “Agriculture research has been instrumental in producing greater crop yields and improving farming techniques,” Long said. “You can’t really afford to sacrifice the industry’s productivity in the future and... our food security down the road in order to save a few dollars now.” Officials with the Piedmont Research Station could not be reached for comment Tuesday.





WEDNESDAY February 23, 2011


Tunneling will disrupt traffic


China Grove town workers hit the road BY SHAVONNE POTTS


A section of Loop Road in Kannapolis will be closed for months while workers bore a pedestrian tunnel to ease access to the N.C. Research Campus and Village Park.

Pedestrians will gain easier access to Research Campus Staff report

KANNAPOLIS — Part of Loop Road will be shut down for months starting Monday as the N.C. Department of Transportation builds a pedestrian tunnel and stormwater drainage line connecting the N.C. Research Campus and Village Park. Loop Road will be closed between West A and West C streets until the fall, the city said in a press release Tuesday. The N.C. Department of Transportation secured $1.2 million in federal stimulus funding for the tunnel and stormwater line. Kannapolis has also earmarked $1.35 million for the project from $35 million it borrowed to make improvements around the Research Campus. But city spokeswoman Karen Whichard said the tunnel and waterline could come in at a far lower price.

The Department of Transportation has awarded a contract for the stormwater line, which will cost $575,641.50. The state will take bids next month on building the pedestrian tunnel, so the final cost isn’t yet clear. Several years ago, the total price tag was estimated at more than $3 million, but that was before construction costs plummeted. “One of the positives of the recession is that building costs are coming in less than four years ago,� Whichard said. As the tunnel and stormwater line are being built, detour signs will direct drivers along alternate routes, including Main Street and roads within the Research Campus, the city said. Once in place, Whichard said, the tunnel and drain will benefit what city officials and developers expect to become a “dense urban

andy mooney/SALISBURY POST

staff will not be at Swink Street beginning next week, the March board meeting will still be held at 205 Swink St. For more questions about the move, contact China Grove town hall at 704-8572466. Contact reporter Shavonne Potts at 704-797-4253.

Spencer may seek delay in revaluation BY EMILY FORD andy mooney/SALISBURY POST

area� as the Research Campus is built out. It will also provide easier access to events at Village Park, where the city hosts residents at movies and concerts, as well as children

who play in the water park and ride the train. “We’ll probably use it in concerts once it’s completed, but it’s more of a longterm infrastructure item,� she said.

Wedding ad Two workers face embezzlement charges followed by bigamy charge BY SHELLEY SMITH

A wedding announcement in the newspaper led to a bigamy charge Monday, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office reported Tuesday. Leonard Eugene Straub III, 47, of 280 Pinevale Drive, was arrested Monday and charged with felony bigamy. He was released on a written promise to appear in court. According to the report, the investigation began Friday when estranged wife Shirley Straub called authorities to report a recent marriage between Leonard Straub and a Candice Bell from Mocksville. Shirley Straub told authorities that she had been married to Leonard Straub for a little over a year and never got a divorce. Deputies went to Leonard Straub’s Pinevale Drive residence Monday and spoke with him. The report said Leonard Straub told officers he knew why they were there and said he had contacted an attorney to complete the divorce.

CHINA GROVE — Town staff will pack up their files and belongings later this week and move to a temporary location so construction and renovations can begin on the fire and police departments. The first phase of the construction project will be the renovation of town hall. On Thursday and Friday the staff will move to the former South Rowan Medical Mall, at 308 E. Centerview St., until staff can move to its permanent location on North Main Street. The medical mall is located between King Eye Center and Dr. Raymond Lassiter’s dental office. The staff should be at the Centerview location and in operation on Monday, said interim Town Manager Ken Deal. The administration department, which includes town hall staff will be at this location for 18 months while the fire/police station on Main Street is being renovated. The police staff will move into town hall and the fire department will move over to the police side while renovations are being completed to the fire station. Once renovations are complete, town hall will share space with the fire station at its North Main Street location. Although administrative

Salisbury Police have charged two women after they say they took money from employers. Sharen Collins Burrell was charged Tuesday after investigators say she embezzled $127,712 from Cohen Roofing and Metal Inc. between 2007 and 2011. Burrell, 47, of 1050 Spring Valley Lane, Salisbury, was charged and placed in the Rowan County jail under a $10,000 secured bond. Burrell was the business manager for the company, and the investigation began BURRELL after someone in the company discovered an unauthorized check had been written to Burrell. Chris Cohen, owner of Cohen Roofing and Metal Inc., said Burrell had been taking money for the past three years and two months. He said he treated Burrell like a sister, but he was too trusting. “She was taking checks in small amounts, three a week, making them out to herself, forging my signature, and then cashing them,� Cohen said. “Once the checks cleared the computer, she went back and re-entered them as being paid to my vendors.� In 2010 alone, Burrell is accused of cash 114 checks, Cohen said, and she always wrote the checks in the same amounts, $497.25 being the most popular. Cohen, who has around 109 vendors, said Burrell spread out the “payments� evenly among the vendors. “She got it by my accountant, too. My accountant couldn’t believe her.�

Cohen said he shouldn’t have trusted Burrell, who he learned was a convicted felon, and has previously been charged with obtaining property by false pretenses. “I didn’t do a background check, and she didn’t disclose she was a convicted felon,� he said. He said as he searched through nearly four years of checks, he noticed the signatures were completely different, and found her pattern. “She knew where she could keep my accounts and it didn’t alert me,� Cohen said. “She took about $1,000 a week. But the last week I was able to stop the checks. HARRINGTON She took a big one for $2,000. She cashed it but it didn’t clear my bank.� Cohen said his business has carried on, but he probably lost about a week of production the first week in February while he was doing his own investigating. “I guess you could say once a criminal always a criminal,� Cohen said. “If they’re already a criminal and they see an opportunity, they’re going to take advantage of you.� Burrell is to make her first appearance in court Thursday. Salisbury Police also charged a China Grove woman Saturday, who they say took $98,000 from Dr. Robert Whitaker’s office. Sandra Dwiggins Harrington, 48, of 155 Whippoorwill Lane, was charged and placed in jail under a $1,500 secured bond. Police say Harrington was the office’s business manager, and cashed insurance checks that came to the business, signing Whitaker’s name. She appeared in court Tuesday.

“It sounds as though the state would need to know by next week if the county wanted to delay its revaluation ‌ and/or they would also want to know whether the municipalities within the county are on board with each other (one way or another) as well,â€? Town Manager Larry Smith said in an e-mail to board members. Town officials have invited county staff and commissioners to attend the meeting. “This might clear some concerns up for us as elected officials,â€? Everhart said in an e-mail to the Post.

SPENCER — Mayor Jody Everhart has called a meeting of the Spencer Board of Aldermen for 5:30 p.m. Thursday in Town Hall to discuss the county’s upcoming property revaluation. Salisbury City Council voted last week to ask the Rowan County Board of Commissioners to delay the revaluation process because falling values of expensive homes will shift the tax burden to lower-income homeowners. Spencer board members will discuss Salisbury’s resoContact reporter Emily lution. Ford at 704-797-4264.

911 call prompts review BY SHELLEY SMITH

Rowan County officials are investigating the response to a 911 call at the home of Wilson Smith, co-founder of Food Lion. Rowan EMS workers were called to 214 Bethel Drive after Smith fell early Sunday morning and was injured. Smith’s son, Ronnie, was at the house when responders arrived. Emergency Medical Technician Jessica Karriker alleges Ronnie Smith pushed her, and she had him charged Sunday with assault on a female. A Rowan County Sheriff’s deputy served Smith with the private warrant. Smith was given a written promise to appear in court. County Attorney Jay Dees said both Smith and Karriker gave conflicting stories, but officials are trying to find a resolution. “We’re still following up with some interviews,� Dees

said Tuesday. “It’s still pretty fresh.� Dees said he and Rowan County Emergency Management Coordinator Frank Thomason, plan to meet with Smith and Karriker this morning to “air this thing out and discuss what happened.� “The only appropriate resolution is to just end it and move forward,� he said. “I think ultimately, we would have a resolution (today), that I hope, is a resolution that does not require any legal action on anybody’s part.� In the warrant, Karriker says Ronnie Smith refused EMS help, and he became “irate� at the EMS crew members when they wanted to bring others to the scene because Karriker and the other EMT could not safely carry Wilson Smith down a flight of stairs. At some point, a Salisbury Police officer was called. In the warrant Karriker says, “The son came back to


16  H Health ealth N News ews R129207

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N.C. Rep. Harry Warren will speak with constituents at his first town hall meeting Friday. The event will be held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Rowan County Main Library in the Stanback Room. All interested citizens are invited to attend. According to a press release from Warren’s office, this forum will be the first in a series of monthly meetings held across House District 77 while the legislature is in session. “Warren is delivering on his campaign promise to keep his constituents informed of the activities at the General Assembly and to give them opportunities to ask questions and provide input,” the press release stated. “His goal is to maintain an open and accessible dialog with the people that he represents in Rowan County.” The next town hall meeting will be held in Cleveland on March 25, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

66-year-old gets life for shooting rival SYLVA (AP) — A 66-yearold Cashiers man has been sentenced to life in prison for killing a 73-year-old acquaintance in what prosecutors say was a fight over a woman. The Asheville CitizenTimes reports James Picklesimer thanked the jury for its time after he was found guilty of first-degree murder Monday. Prosecutors say Picklesimer shot George Gunter in the back of the head with a rifle as the man knelt on his living room floor three years ago. Authorities say Picklesimer went to Gunter’s home that night to kill him. Defense attorneys say Picklesimer was invited to the home to watch TV with Gunter’s girlfriend and only shot the older man in self-defense after he pulled out a pistol.


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SALISBURY — Pauline Gaskey Rabon, 74, of Salisbury, passed away Monday, Feb. 21, 2011, at her residence. Born March 27, 1936, in Rowan County, she was the daughter of the late Pauline Honeycutt Gaskey and Jake Gaskey. A graduate of Boyden High School, she retired from Hoechst-Celanese and worked part-time at Goodwill Industries and Hurley School cafeteria. She was a member of Calvary Baptist Church. Preceding her in death were a son, Jake Junior Rabon, who died Oct. 18, 1974; and sister Mary Bell Rabon, who died April 4, 1999. Survivors include her husband, Herman Junior Rabon, whom she married in 1951; sons Gary Max Rabon, Curtis Rabon of Salisbury; daughters Patricia Beck (Gary) of Yadkinville and Diane Owens (Tom) of Lexington; sister Dot Rabon (Bruce) of Salisbury; grandchildren Lisa St. Germain (Kelley), Melissa Hedrick, Bennie Ray Herbert Jr.; great-grandchildren Jake, Justin, Aury St. Germain, Taylor Little, Kendal, Daniels, Trey Herbert and Gabriel Herbert. Mrs. Rabon was a member of the Red Hat Society. She enjoyed watching her son in weight lifting. Her most favorite pastime was being with her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren and going to sporting events. She also enjoyed reading and working crossword puzzles. Visitation: 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 23 at Lyerly Funeral Home; and other times, the family will be at the residence. Service: 1 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 24 in the James C. Lyerly Chapel conducted by the Rev. Bobby Seagroves. Burial will follow at Rowan Memorial Park. Lyerly Funeral Home is assisting the Rabon family. Online condolences may be made at

SARASOTA, Fla. — William G. “Bill” Hall, of Sarasota, formerly of Derwood, Md., died suddenly on Dec. 6, 2010, in Sarasota. He was the beloved husband of the late Anne G. Hall; and father of John Hall of Thurmont, Md., Elizabeth Wright of Frederick, Md., and James Hall of Gaithersburg, Md. He is also survived by eight grandchildren; one great-grandchild; former wife and friend Harriet Garrison of Sarasota, Fla.; brothers Robert of Greensboro, N.C., Preston of Asheboro, N.C.; sisters Joann Ritchie and Mary Kay Elsasser, both of Chapin, S.C. He is also survived by many relatives from the Knipling and Scott families of Arlington, Va. He was preceded in death by one granddaughter, Kimberly Lynn Hall, on Dec. 6, 2003. Bill worked for NIST, formerly The National Bureau Of Standards, for 38 years, receiving the Bronze Medal award from the National Bureau of Standards. He was a distinguished member of the Montgomery Central Lions Club in Derwood, Md., where he held the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary and received the Melvin Jones Award. Bill grew up in Salisbury, N.C., where he played on the high school football team, and graduated from Catawba College. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He was an avid bow hunter and bagged many deer. He enjoyed British sports cars and his beloved 1960 AC Aceca. Funeral services were held Dec. 14, 2010, Sarasota, Fla., with inurnment in Sarasota Memorial Park for Veterans. A memorial service was held Dec. 20, 2010, at Good Shephard Lutheran Church, Gaithersburg, Md.

HIGH POINT — Mr. Marvin Lester Taylor, 66, of High Point, passed away Monday, Feb. 21, 2011, at High Point Regional Medical Center. Born Feb. 8, 1945, in Alma, Ga., to Letha Black Taylor and Orren Taylor, who passed away when he was young, he was raised by Jack and Rena Hutto. Mr. Taylor graduated from Bacon County High School in Alma, Ga., and received his Associate Degree from Gaston College in Gastonia and a Bachelor Degree from NC A&T in Greensboro. Mr. Taylor was an engineer for AT&T where he retired in 2004 after more than 20 years of work. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and served in Vietnam. He was a member of the Masonic Bulla Lodge in Burlington. Mr. Taylor was preceded in death by a son, Orren Taylor. in September 1976. He is survived by his wife, Ruby Shoaf Taylor. whom he married May 22, 1971; two daughters, Rachel Taylor Norman and husband Greg of Winston-Salem and Emily Miranda Gutierrez and husband Jeff of Navarre, Fla.; and four grandchildren, Wyatt and Audrey Norman and Sebastian and Miranda Gutierrez. Visitation: 10-11 a.m. Thursday (Feb. 24) at Thyatira Presbyterian Church Parlor. Service: Graveside service will follow at 11 a.m. at Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cemetery, conducted by Rev. Sandra Kern. Memorials: May be made to Thyatira Presbyterian Church, 220 White Road, Salisbury, NC 28147; or Triad Flight of Honor, P.O. Box 4613, Greensboro, NC 27404. Summersett Funeral Home is serving the Taylor family. Online condolences may be made at

SALISBURY — Lucy Blankenship Page, 91, of Salisbury, went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011, at The Laurels of Salisbury. Born Oct. 15, 1919, in Iredell County, she was the daughter of the late Mamie Call Blankenship and A.G. Blankenship. Mrs. Page was educated in Iredell County schools. A homemaker and avid gardener, she was a member of Liberty United Methodist Church. Preceding her in death were her husband, Hardy William Page, Sr., who died Dec. 10, 1986; and two sisters, Fay Williams and Mary Steward. Survivors include her son, H. William Page, Jr. (Doris); daughters Jane Ketchie (Frank), all of Salisbury, Marie Bowen (Daniel) of Kernersville; brothers Paul Blankenship (AnnaBell) of Pennsylvania and Charles Blankenship (Nannie) of Woodleaf; sister Emily Dotson of Winston-Salem; six grandchildren, Mark Ketchie, Gary Ketchie (Kim), all of Salisbury, Robin Cain (Ricky) of Rockwell, Kelli Bame (Robert) of Salisbury, Johnny Bowen (JoAnna) and Amy Bowen, all of Kernersville; 12 great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren. Visitation and Service: Visitation is 10-11 am. Thursday, Feb. 24 at Lyerly Funeral Home. The service will begin at 11 a.m. in the James C. Lyerly Chapel with the Rev. Brad Cunningham officiating. Burial will follow at Rowan Memorial Park. Memorials: Liberty United Methodist Church, 3940 Liberty Road, Gold Hill, NC 28071. Lyerly Funeral Home is serving the Page family. Online condolences may be made at

Lucille Peoples Cline SALISBURY — Lucille “Lucy” Peoples Cline, 82, of Salisbury, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011, at her home. Arrangements are incomplete at this time. Summersett Funeral Home is assisting the Cline family.

FROM 4a where I was standing in the sunroom and placed his hands on my shoulders and aggressively shoved me backward ... Son tried multiple times to come at me aggressively and was stopped by the care givers.” Ronnie Smith said Tuesday that Karriker’s accusations are false. “At absolutely no time did I ever hit, strike, push, grab or intentionally do anything to give anyone any reason to allege that I unlawfully touched or did anything to harm this young lady, or give anyone the impression that I was even thinking of doing any physical harm to anyone whatsoever,” Ronnie Smith said. Ronnie Smith said a private ambulance service eventually took his father to the hospital. He believes the charge against him is secondary to questions about why EMS did not transport his father. “We wanted to get him as quickly as we could to the emergency room and we were unsuccessful in doing that,” he said. Ronnie Smith said he plans on meeting this morning to iron things out. Karriker would not comment. Dees said officials will be interviewing people today, but hopes the matter will be resolved quickly. “This was a misunderstanding,” he said. “There was a call to his house ... EMS responded. Decisions were made at the scene that we’re still looking into to make sure they responded appropriately. “They requested backup. Ronnie apparently didn’t want it... Our employee said Ronnie pushed her, he said he didn’t. That’s why we need to get both parties in,” Dees said. “It is my hope that all issues related to the EMS dispatch response, any misunderstanding regarding EMS transport requirements, as well as the private warrant taken out by Ms. Karriker will be resolved in an amicable manner without resort to legal claims by either party,” Dees said.

Mildred H. Winecoff GOLD HILL — Mildred Harwood Winecoff, 91, of Gold Hill, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011, at Rowan Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. She was born on Oct. 7, 1919, in Stanly County to the late John Rufus and Gladie Ophelia Efird Harwood. She was also preceded in death by her first husband, Paul Measimer; second husband Frank Wilson Winecoff, who passed away in 1988; brothers Brown and Lester Harwood; and sisters Nada Furr and Hazel Harwood. She was of the Lutheran faith and was a retired brake parts assembler. She is survived by her son, Bobbie Harwood of Colchester, Conn.; grandson and caregiver Paul Johnston (Jerri) of Gold Hill, and 10 other grandchildren; 18 greatgrandchildren; and nine great-great-grandchildren. Visitation: A visitation will be held Friday, Feb. 25 at Hartsell Funeral Home, Albemarle, from 7 until 9 p.m. At other times, the family will be meeting at the home of her grandson, Paul Johnston, at 1020 Panhandle Road, Gold Hill. Service: A funeral service will be held Saturday, Feb. 26 at Hartsell Funeral Home chapel at 11 a.m. Burial will be at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church Cemetery. The family would like to thank Dr. Agner and Dr. Seifert of RDC of Salisbury and the nursing staff at RRMC for their assistance during her declining health. Hartsell Funeral Home of Albemarle is serving the Winecoff family. Online condolences may be made at

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SPENCER — Viola Morris Demarcus, 90, passed away peacefully Monday afternoon, Feb. 21, 2011, at Magnolia Gardens Extended Care Community, where she had been a resident. Born Nov. 8, 1920, in Rowan County, she was a daughter to the late Henry A. and Cora Albright Morris. Educated in Rowan County schools, Mrs. Demarcus was a long-time faithful member of Mt. Zion United Church of Christ, which she dearly loved and where she had been very active as long as her health permitted. Mrs. Demarcus retired from China Grove Cotton Mill. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Lewis W. Demarcus; brothers Grady and Robert Morris; and her sister, Kathleen Propst. Surviving family members include her nephews, Billy Morris and wife Judith, Bobby Morris and wife Carol, both of China Grove, and Harry Propst and wife Joleen of Durham. Great-nieces and great-nephews and their families also survive. Visitation and Service: The family will receive friends Thursday 1-2 p.m. at Mt. Zion United Church of Christ, with the funeral service beginning at 2 p.m., conducted by the Rev Jerry Moore, pastor. Burial will follow in West Lawn Memorial Park. Memorials: May be made to Mt. Zion United Church of Christ, P.O. Box 1298, China grove, NC 28023. Online condolences may be made at Linn-Honeycutt Funeral Home in China Grove is serving the family of Mrs. Demarcus.

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SALISBURY — Claude M. Ketchie, Jr., 82, of Salisbury, passed away Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011, at Autumn Care of Salisbury. Arrangements are incomplete with Lyerly Funeral Home in charge.

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Mr. Jim Brown Edmiston Graveside Service 2:00 PM Wednesday Back Creek Presbyterian Cemetery Visitation to Follow ——

Mrs. Pauline Gaskey Rabon Visitation: 7-8:30 PM Wednesday Service: 1:00 PM Thursday James C. Lyerly Chapel ——

Mrs. Lucy Blankenship Page Visitation: 10-11:00 AM Thursday Service: 11:00 AM James C. Lyerly Chapel ——————

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Mrs. Ailene Humphrey Safrit 1:00 PM Wednesday Salem Lutheran Church

Wee do W d hear h this, thi and in lots of ways. way Often it’s it’s a combination: weariness, wea anxiety ... and not really anxiety... knowing what to do. d


Mr. Emmette Gray Thompson Jr. 11:00 AM Wednesday St. John's Lutheran Church Visitation: 10-11:00 AM Wednesday At the Church Library ——

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Chairman named for diabetes fundraiser KANNAPOLIS — Dr. Michael Luther, president of the David H. Murdock Research Institute at the N.C. Research Campus, is serving as chairman of this year’s Walk LUTHER to Cure Diabetes. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will hold the annual walk April 9 at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium in Kannapolis. The foundation is the world leader in funding research to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and is the largest charitable advocate for diabetes science worldwide. Money raised through events like the walk will help support the most promising research around the globe. Residents are encouraged to form a team or become part of the N.C. Research Campus team. The Team Captains Kickoff Luncheon is set for 11:30 a.m. Thursday at the Speedway Club at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Call 704-561-0828 to reserve a seat. To register a team and receive materials and information to start a fundraising campaign, call 704-561-0828 or e-mail Lynne Foreman at



Bed bugs get another blast at Catawba Exterminators treat dorm rooms Staff report

Students at a Catawba College dorm were back in their rooms Tuesday after an exterminator treated for bed bugs on Monday, the second time the college has had to battle the critters this academic year. Catawba hired exterminators to treat seven rooms in Woodson Hall on Monday and kept students out from noon until 6:30 p.m. “Even though there are only a small percentage of these rooms that might have a bug at this point, there is

enough evidence of the bed bugs to warrant our proactive and comprehensive approach,” Ben Smith, dean of students, wrote in an e-mail to students and faculty. Catawba spokeswoman Tonia Black-Gold said Tuesday afternoon the exterminator hired by the college was still on campus inspecting the rest of the hall. “We also had a company with canine detection out on campus today and they found no other incidents of bed bugs in Woodson,” she said. Catawba hired exterminators to inspect and treat sev-

eral residence halls in September after an outbreak of bed bugs. Since that time, Smith wrote in his e-mail, “we have been very diligent about our inspections of all residence halls by the exterminators and we have also added a quarterly inspection with a company that uses canine detection. “Up until this past weekend, all residence hall rooms and beds had been inspected and had been certified as bed bug free.” Smith noted that bed bugs are becoming an increasing problem nationwide and said that’s “believed to be due to the discontinued use of the toxic chemicals which are needed to control them. Cur-

rent measures are effective, but must be followed judiciously.” When bed bugs are discovered in a room at Catawba, he said the whole room is treated and adjacent rooms are inspected and may be treated. Although bed bugs don’t carry disease, they are hard to eradicate and rooms may require multiple treatments. Over the last several years, Catawba College has experienced fewer than a dozen confirmed cases of bed bugs, Smith wrote. And he wrote that multiple offices are working together to prevent the pests by providing information and services to students.

Man faces charges after woman was beaten A Salisbury man was recently arrested on a felony charge of habitual misdemeanor assault. Christopher Darnell Pharr, 25, of 1828 Rosemont St., was charged Friday night and was held in the Rowan County jail without bond until Sunday. According to a report by the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, officers were dispatched Friday to 205 Kings Terrace where an assault with a handgun was reported. On their way to the home, an officer noticed a man walking down Mount Hope Church Road. As he got closer, the officer saw the man throw something white into a ditch, then run into the ditch

and try to hide, the report said. Officers held the man, who was identified as Pharr, until a police dog was brought in. The dog found a bag holding of .380-caliber ammunition. Officers took Pharr PHARR to the residence, where they found the gun. The victim, Samantha Pressley, told officers the gun was not fired, but she said she had been assaulted over the past several days, the report said.

Authorities said Pressley told them Pharr had hit her in the face a few days before then and had kicked her in the pelvic area that morning. The report noted Pressley had discoloration around one of her eyes and several bruises on her arms. Authorities called the Rowan County Department of Social Services because at least one child was in the home. Pharr has a record with the N.C. Department of Corrections dating to 2003, including several charges of assault on law enforcement, driving while impaired, felony drug possession, carrying a concealed weapon, assault by pointing a gun and assault on a female.

$1,000 grant pays for swim classes

Resident treated for smoke inhalation One person was treated for smoke inhalation after a fire Monday evening at 2635 S. Main St., Kannapolis. Firefighters arrived at 5:31 p.m. Monday to find smoke coming from the residence and put the fire out. The occupant of the home was taken by Cabarrus County EMS to NorthEast Medical Center for observation. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

UNCW students safe after N.Z. quake WILMINGTON (AP) — Six University of North CarolinaWilmington students studying in New Zealand are safe after the island nation was rocked by an earthquake. University officials told WWAY-TV that only one student was in Christchurch when the earthquake hit. The home she was staying in was damaged, but she is safe. The school says the other five students were studying away from the quake in areas that were not damaged.

4-H members show off their horse sense The West Central District 4-H Horse Bowl Contest was held Feb. 12 at the Iredell County Extension Office. This contest allows 4H members to use their knowledge of SARA horses and related subDRAKE ject matter to compete on a four-member team. They display their knowledge in a competitive and friendly atmosphere. Teams are divided according to age into three categories: junior, mixed (with both junior and senior members) and senior. In the junior division, Rowan County placed first; Burke County, second; Lincoln County, third; and Alexander County, fourth. In the mixed division, Catawba County placed first; Alexander County, second; Burke County, third; and Alleghany County, fourth. In in-

dividual high points scoring, Micah Furr placed first among junior level participants. The members of the Rowan County 4-H junior team were Hannah Barringer, Luke Barringer, Erin Christner, Micah Furr and Noah Reid. The team was coached by 4-H leader Ann Furr. Alyssa Hudson-Tolles, Rowan County 4-H volunteer, also attended the event to assist with the competiSubmitted photo tion. micah Furr, left, erin Christner, Noah Reid and hanna Each county was required barringer compete in the 4-h horse bowl. to send one volunteer. The team will now compete in the North Carolina 4H State Horse Bowl Contest against winning teams from each of the six extension districts. Two teams from each district are invited to compete. The N.C. 4-H State Horse Bowl will be March 5 at N.C. A&T State University. Sara Drake is a Rowan County Cooperative Extension Agent in 4-H Youth Development.

o t o h P Home PECIAL



Ever wanted to learn to dance the Shim Sham Shimmy? Here’s your chance, and for free. Three free Shim Sham Shimmy lessons will begin Saturday at the City Park Recreation Center. Participants are invited to perform the dance as a group March 19 during the talent show at the Salisbury Civic Center. Children and adults who love to dance are invited. The Shim Sham Shimmy is a line dance that looks and feels like a tap dance. But tap shoes are not required, and the steps are easy enough for anyone to learn, even those who have never tap danced. Created by Leonard Reed and Willie Bryant in 1927, the Shim Sham Shimmy has become a tradition in many clubs and dance halls where people swing dance today. There are several alternative choreographies, including one developed by Frankie Manning. Instructor Diana Moghrabi will teach three lessons at City Park — 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, 5:30 to 7 p.m. March 3 and 10 a.m. to noon March 12. Moghrabi said she hopes the group also will perform on Fisher Street during a Friday Night Out. Contact reporter Emily Ford at 704-797-4264.

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Judge says final tests are still needed

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RALEIGH (AP) — A Wake County judge has written a letter to lawmakers telling them a bill getting rid of four endof-course tests would violate the North Carolina constitution. Superior Court Judge Howard Manning Jr.’s letter said lawmakers will set up a constitutional confrontation if they end standardized tests in U.S. History, Algebra 2, Physical Science and Civics and Economics. Supporters of getting rid of the tests say they aren’t federally mandated and will save money. The bill passed the House and is in the Senate. But Manning says the tests make sure all children have an equal opportunity to get a quality education.


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The YMCA of Rowan County was awarded a $1,000 grant to expand the reach of its parent/child water enrichment programs in the Rowan County community. The gift is one of 150 grants of $1,000 each awarded by Huggies Little Swimmers brand of diapers YMCAs across the country. The grant will be used to provide financial assistance to low-income and underserved families who wish to engage in YMCA parent/child water enrichment programs, which are designed for children from 6 months to 4 years of age. The YMCA of Rowan County will now have the opportunity to provide additional scholarship assistance to those children and their families who could not otherwise afford to participate in swimming lessons.

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North Carolina health care challenge given final OK “This issue, which is already working its way through the courts, is a distraction from what the people of North Carolina need us to do right now: help create jobs and strengthen education.” GOV. BEV PERDUE

he wouldn’t enter a lawsuit seeking to overturn the federal law, saying health care was a policy decision that should be decided by elected representatives and not appointed federal judges. House Speaker Thom Tillis, RMecklenburg, said he’s fine for Perdue to let the bill become law and expects Cooper’s office will carry out the state law and “concur with our objection” to the federal law. House Democrats criticized Republicans for trying to push through the challenge so early in the legislative session, saying it was a politically motivated measure that

RALEIGH (AP) — People who feel threatened for their lives in their home, car or job by someone forcibly breaking in would have a stronger legal basis to use deadly force against the intruder in a measure approved unanimously by a state Senate judiciary committee. The bill, which attempts to expand widely what’s known as the “castle doctrine,” is considered a crime deterrent by supporters who say legally armed citizens should have the right to protect themselves against an unlawful entry. Current law allows the use of deadly force to someone in a home, but the person may have to prove to police afterward he was faced with a reasonable fear of death or bodily injury. If the bill becomes law, the options people have in protecting themselves would increase in places where they would be immune from criminal or civil liability. They also are presumed in the law as having been justified in firing a weapon or attacking an intruder in self-defense. A prosecutor could still chal-

lenge that presumption in court. Under the measure that now goes to the full Senate, the presumption to use force also would include motorists during a carjacking, or at a place of business where a person believes they are being physically threatened by an intruder. “So often citizens are faced with these threats to their lives, and they really shouldn’t have to secondguess themselves and worrying about whether they’re going to be prosecuted,” Sen. Buck Newton, R-Wilson, who once represented a couple who shot a would-be robber at their vegetable stand. He offered an approved amendment that would greatly expand the doctrine in North Carolina law. Grass Roots North Carolina, a gun-rights group, had sought the change to prevent motorists being carjacked. The Senate approved a bill two years ago only focused on home intrusions. “This is now a strong law which we’re confident will deter violent crime,” group

president Paul Valone said after the vote. “We’re not interested in having people shooting other people ... if concealed handgun laws have proven anything, it’s that criminals avoid armed victims.” More than 30 states currently have portions of the castle doctrine on the books, according to research performed by General Assembly staff. North Carolina’s law would become one of the more comprehensive in the country when it comes to helping protect citizens trying to defend themselves, Valone said. Sen. Doug Berger, DFranklin, one of the primary sponsors of the original edition of the bill, said he was concerned about Newton’s amendment because of the workplace provision, which he called too broad. If someone broke into a big discount store or warehouse, a person inside may have more space to avoid a confrontation. The person also may know it’s more likely the intruder is only trying to steal property, not trying

to kill someone, Berger said. “This will increase the number of people being shot,” Berger said. He offered — and later withdrew — an amendment to remove the workplace provision. It still would have given the threatened person the ability to shoot if they held a reasonable fear of death or serious injury. Some committee members said the workplace measure would provide extra security for employees, particularly women, who work after dark. Sen. Tommy Tucker, R-Union, said he has an armed worker on the premises of his heating and air conditioning service company when his female workers take service calls until 11 p.m. Sen. Debbie Clary, RCleveland, said she sometimes works into the evening and knows other real estate agents and attorneys who do the same. “It’s not like there’s a big alarm system,” Clary said. “That person could be breaking in for numerous reasons to do you bodily harm.”

Questions linger on abuse accusations for Zahra Baker CHARLOTTE (AP) — Social Service agencies in two counties visited Zahra Baker’s home seven times last year, but never found that she was being mistreated, and critics said Tuesday that it raises troubling questions about whether the system failed the slain little girl. The agencies in Catawba and Caldwell counties are refusing to disclose details about how they conducted their investigations, but said they followed all the procedures and guidelines. Friends and neighbors of the 10year-old freckled face girl with the wide smile who survived bone cancer say they repeatedly complained she was being abused by Elisa Baker, Zahra’s stepmother, who has been charged in her death. Critics said they were disappointed in how the agencies handled the case, and they’re worried that something like Zahra’s death could happen again. “I hate that we’ll probably never know anything about those investigations, and my guess is that nobody will ever have to answer for any of that,” said Kristie Pope, who started The Zahra Project last year after the 10year-old Australian was reported missing. “That’s a shame.” Her group is pushing for legislation in the General Assembly this year that would increase the maximum penalty for felony child abuse to life in prison, and would change the way social service agencies investigate reports of child mistreatment. Zahra died last year under and her remains were discovered in different places. Her skull still hasn’t been recovered. On Monday, a Catawba County grand jury indicted 42-year-old Elisa Baker on a charges of second-degree murder. Calls to Elisa Baker’s lawyers were not returned Tuesday. Hours after the indictment, the social service departments in Catawba and Caldwell counties released statements about investigations of child abuse and neglect at the Baker home in 2010. Investigators from both agencies made at least seven visits to the family between Feb. 1 and Aug. 5, in response to three reports that Zahra was being mistreated, including one report followed by a second complaint. In all cases, the investigators did not find evidence to substantiate the

Hickory police chief tom adkins speaks during a news conference in Hickory on Monday. a grand jury in catawba county charged elisa Baker with second-degree murder in the death of Zahra Baker.

Greenville police charge son with killing father GREENVILLE (AP) — Authorities say a 25-year-old man has been arrested at a psychiatric hospital and charged with killing his father, who was shot as he moved his son out of a Greenville apartment. Bond on a murder charge was set at $2.5 million Tuesday for Kevin Kleber, a day after he was arrested at Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro. Police would not say why Kleber was at the state psychiatric hospital. Investigators say 55-yearold Roy Kleber was shot Jan. 9 as he helped his son move from apartments near East Carolina University. Police say Kevin Kleber first told them a black man broke into the apartment and shot his father, but later admitted he made up that story.

Cumberland County blaze ravages nearly 1,000 acres FAYETTEVILLE (AP) — A wildfire spreading across nearly 1,000 acres in Cumberland County is being fueled by dry brush and pines. Officials say wind gusts are hampering efforts to contain the blaze. No injuries have been reported. Several homes were evacuated for a time Monday while firefighters worked to establish fire containment lines. Part of N.C. 53 remains closed. The wildfire started near Gray’s Creek. It was the third to erupt in the Cape Fear region Monday. Robe-

r nte i W le


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mistreatment claims, a result not uncommon in cases where families are isolated from the surrounding community, according to Rosie Allen, president of Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina. “This is a horrible, tragic death and it can only result in outrage, but it’s not your typical child abuse case,” she said. “This family, from all reports, was very isolated, and when families live in isolation it’s very difficult to get any kind of substantiation” in complaints of mistreatment. The Baker family — Elisa, Zahra, and Zahra’s father, Adam, who brought the girl with him from Australia when he married Elisa — moved from Caldwell County to Catawba County in 2010, and Zahra was apparently never enrolled in Catawba County schools. Neighbors who lived near the Bakers in Hickory said they didn’t even know a little girl lived nearby until after Zahra was reported missing in October. “I hear the frustration from some people, but I know DSS has a very difficult job,” said Hickory Mayor Rudy Wright, who early on in the investigation put a huge full-color poster of Zahra outside his business. Statewide, there are about 125,000 reports of child abuse or neglect per year, with roughly 25,000 of them substantiated, Allen said, with county social service agencies facing the same pressure as other government bodies. “The system is already very taxed, and it’s a fragile system just because of the nature of the work,” she said. Catawba County DSS spokeswoman Margaret Allen wouldn’t discuss the

details because of the pending prosecution. That includes questions about whether investigators ever looked into Elisa Baker’s past — other agencies in North Carolina investigated allegations that Elisa Baker abused her biological children — or whether the Bakers were given advanced warning before investigators showed up. In Caldwell County, a neighbor said Elisa Baker told her that she knew in advance when DSS was coming, and that she would clean up the house and make sure “Zahra knew what to say.” “That little girl was so scared. They threatened her. She didn’t want to be taken away,” said Kayla Rotenberry. Members of the board that oversees Caldwell County’s Department of Social Services either declined to comment or didn’t return calls Tuesday. In cases where a child dies of suspected mistreatment or the family has been contacted by social services in the past six months, the case is referred to the state Child Fatality Review Team. The team, which includes participants from law enforcement, medicine and other fields, doesn’t have a fixed timeframe for finishing its review, and its report can be sealed by the local district attorney if a criminal case is involved, according to Jeff Olson, the local support manager for the fatality review team. In a statement, Catawba County’s Margaret Allen said the agency believes it did everything it could to protect Zahra. “We always strive to protect children,” she said. “We follow the state guidelines in our investigations.”

son County and Scotland County also reported wildfires. In nearby Hoke County, a man collapsed and died while fighting a blaze at his home, and a firefighter suffered a heart attack while working in Harnett County. The National Weather Service is recommending that all outdoor burning be postponed.

Woman found shot to death at lodge SALUDA (AP) — Investigators think a woman found dead at the hotel her family owns in the North Carolina mountains was the victim of a robbery. Polk County Sheriff Donald Hill says a family member found 53-year-old Vanessa Mintz shot to death Saturday morning at the Saluda Mountain Lodge just off Interstate 26. Hill released few other details about the killing. No arrests have been made.


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Presumption for deadly force OKd in Senate bill

could ultimately harm hundreds of thousands of people who lack insurance or don’t have enough. “You said the election was about jobs,” said House Minority Leader Joe Hackney, D-Orange. “It wasn’t about jobs, it’s about settling old political scores. And this is just one thing you’re trying to settle.” The insurance mandate, which begins in 2014, is part of the federal law that also would bar insurers from turning away people with medical conditions the same year, require companies to cover young adults up to age 26 on their parents’ policies, and extends coverage to more than 30 million Americans.

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and strengthen education.” The largely party-line vote in both the House and Senate — two Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the measure Tuesday — would make a veto difficult to override. House Republicans would probably need a couple more Democrats to defect. Perdue already entered a confrontation Tuesday by vetoing a Republican bill that directed her to find spending cuts and take other cash to collect funds to help close next year’s budget. Through a spokeswoman, Cooper declined to comment Tuesday. Cooper, a Democrat, said last year


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health care. North Carolina should enter the litigation, said House Majority Leader Paul Stam said during debate. Twenty-six states already have entered one of the cases, in Florida. “This is the American way — to challenge unconstitutional things in court,” said Stam, R-Wake. “That’s what we’re asking him to do. This is not about secession. This is not about nullification.” Perdue said last week she wouldn’t sign the bill but also may decline to veto the bill, meaning the measure would become law after 10 days on her desk without her signature. Republicans made passing the bill a part of their fall campaign platform. “It is difficult to understand why the General Assembly’s leadership has chosen this issue as their top priority to push through the Legislature,” Perdue said in a statement. “This issue, which is already working its way through the courts, is a distraction from what the people of North Carolina need us to do right now: help create jobs


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RALEIGH (AP) — A Republican bill that would prompt North Carolina to challenge the 2010 federal health care overhaul won final legislative approval Tuesday and is headed to Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue, who seems to want to avoid another standoff with the new GOP majority. The House voted 69-49 to accept Senate changes to a measure the House approved three weeks ago that seeks to block a provision requiring most people buy health insurance or face a penalty. The measure also directs Attorney General Roy Cooper to defend the challenge or bring an action in court to enforce the challenge if the measure become law. Two federal judges already have found all or parts of the federal law unconstitutional, while three other judges have upheld the law, including one on Tuesday. The case’s final destination is likely to be the U.S. Supreme Court. Republicans have said the mandate violates the right for individuals to make choices about their

As cattlemen progress through the spring calving season, cattlemen should be assessing each cow’s body condition and separating thin cows needing more feed. Restricting feed to cows late in gestation does very little to decrease calving difficulties/calf birthweights, but definitely decreases calf vigor and decreases the quality of a cow’s antibody rich colostrum. Calves should receive colostrum within six hours of birth and survival of the calf starts with cow herd nutrition, which affects the calf’s immune status. Calving losses can also be minimized by providing extra care to the cow herd, especially first-calf heifers. First-calf heifers are still growing, meaning they need more feed to maintain themselves, their pregnancy, to produce milk after calving, plus growth. Separate first-calf heifers from the mature cow herd so extra nutrition can be provided, plus first-calf heifers may have a calving assistance rate as high as 30 percent to 40 percent. Closely observe first-calf heifers and have them in a pasture with easy access to handling facilities where assistance can be given as needed. An adequate nutritional program is essential if cows are going to rebreed in a short interval and maintain a concentrated calving season. The management and nutrition a cow receives from approximately 50 days pre-calving until rebreeding has a tremendous influence on reproductive efficiency. Energy supplementation of cows may be needed, especially post-calving through rebreeding. There is a graded stocker sale March 17 at Harward Brothers Livestock, Turnersburg. Only cattle of predominately beef breeding will be accepted for the sale. Cattle must weigh at least 300 pounds, come directly from the farm, and only steers and heifers are eligible. Official rules and regulations for the sale are available at the Rowan County Cooperative Extension Office, 2727-A Old Concord Road or by calling 704-216-8973. Brad Johnson is an agent in agriculturelivestock and dairy, with the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service in Rowan County.

FUQUAY-VARINA (AP) — A former Wake County high school girls basketball coach has pleaded guilty to sex charges involving a female student. Mardy Lee Cutchin of

Fuquay-Varina was charged with three counts of sexual offense and two counts of sexual battery. Prosecutor Melanie Shekita said Monday the pair had agreed to kill themselves if

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Perdue vetoes 1st bill by GOP majority RALEIGH (AP) — Gov. Beverly Perdue vetoed legislation Tuesday penned by the new Republican majority at the Legislature for the first time — a bill she says would harm her administration’s ability to jump-start job creation in the state. As expected, the Democratic incumbent used her veto stamp on a budget-savings bill that attempts to collect nearly $540 million — at least $400 million in savings from the current-year budget and almost $140 million in reserves — for carry-over to close an estimated $2.4 billion budget gap next fiscal year. Perdue has said for weeks she didn’t like the bill because it would take $8.2 million from a pair of economic incentive initiatives her office uses to recruit companies. Nearly $68 million heading to the Golden LEAF Foundation, which received half of North Carolina’s share of the national tobacco settlement to help economically distressed areas, also would be intercepted. In her formal veto message to the Legislature, Perdue wrote she’s already used her powers to find at least $400 million in spending reductions this year and accounted for it in her proposed budget for the next two years released last week. The other remaining sections aren’t necessary and interfere the state’s capacity to generate jobs, she wrote. “The bill in its current form forces a one-time cash grab from funds that are intended to create jobs and spur economic development,” Perdue said in a prepared statement. “That’s not the right move for North Carolina, where jobs

simply must be our No. 1 priority.” The bill now returns to the Legislature, where an override effort never got off the ground. Instead, Senate leader Phil Berger said a bill filed late Tuesday would direct Perdue to essentially make up the difference and find another $137.7 million by either cuts or PERDUE pots of money. “We believe that there is money being spent this year that doesn’t need to be spent, especially since we know we don’t know have enough money next year,” said House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, adding he was disappointed by Perdue’s veto. “We’ll have to dig deeper if we don’t come to some consensus and the Governor’s Office doesn’t work with us to get there.” Getting an override would have been difficult. Threefifths of the members voting on an override in the House and Senate would have had to agree to make the vetoed measure become law anyway. The bill was originally approved along party lines, which means the bill would appear to fall a few votes short of a veto-proof majority in the House. The debate grew more pointed and sharp online as Berger and Perdue’s press office went on social media outlets. Shortly before the veto, Perdue communications di-

rector Chrissy Pearson tweeted details on several potential projects across the state — ranging from 21 to 113 jobs, that could be jeopardized if Perdue’s deal sweeteners are taken this year. The names of the companies being recruited weren’t mentioned. There also are “several other, new projects promising 900 jobs and more than $100 (million) investment that may need a grant to seal the deal,” Pearson wrote. But Republican leaders have rejected the Perdue administration’s argument that the bill would kill jobs, saying that two funds — the One North Carolina Fund and Job Development Investment Grant program — would still have money set aside even if the bill became law. Perdue also could come to the Legislature to approve incentives to lure business if they are really necessary during remainder of the fiscal year, the GOP has said. North Carolina governors have now vetoed 11 bills since the chief executive received the authority in 1997 following a change to the state constitution — making the state the last in the country to give the governor the power to veto. Tuesday’s veto was Perdue’s second. She blocked a 2009 bill that would have expanded the list of documents General Assembly members could keep confidential. Gov. Jim Hunt never issued one, but Gov. Mike Easley stamped “veto” on nine bills presented to him. In only one case has a Legislature overridden a veto — a 2008 measure easing restrictions on towing boats.

Senate looks to rid $2.5B unemployment debt RALEIGH (AP) — Senate Republicans want state government to hire an outside consultant to find ways to fix problems at the agency that oversees collecting unemployment taxes and disbursing them to jobless residents. A trio of senators introduced a bill Tuesday that would direct the state Commerce Department to hire a firm that would make recommendations on the state’s unemployment insurance system. The state had borrowed nearly $2.6 billion from the federal government as of last month to help pay benefit checks. The first repayment installment is due Sept. 30. The state collected unemployment insurance taxes from employers of $955 million during 2010 while paying

out benefits of $1.9 billion, according to the legislation, which is expected to be heard Wednesday in the Senate Finance Committee. “The perception that I have is North Carolina has not done a particularly good job over the past 10 years or so of setting aside the dollars necessary to cover losses,” said Senate leader Phil Berger, RRockingham, adding he’s been given descriptions of a state Employment Security Commission which oversees unemployment benefits, as a “dysfunctional” agency. “Major reforms regarding the unemployment insurance tax structure must be developed and implemented as soon as practicable,” the legislation said. Berger didn’t rule out re-

quiring businesses to pay more into the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund to help the state pay down the borrowed amount. The Legislature directed the unemployment tax be reduced five times between 1994 and 1999, according to a document provided recently by the Employment Security Commission. “We want to do everything we can to keep rates low, but it’s got to be a fund that has some solvency to it,” Berger told reporters.

Cutchin was sentenced to jail. The plea agreement calls for Cutchin to serve five years of probation, pay a $200 fine and register as a sex offender.


hope livestock producers have noticed that prices for their livestock are at incredibly high levels. In fact, I’ve never seen cattle prices this high. I’m sure producers have also noticed that grain prices are also at record highs. According to an article by the USDA, factors currently operating in the cattle/beef complex are reduced supplies of feeder cattle for placement in feedyards later this year, high grain prices, dry conditions in the southern United States that could affect both pasture and crops later in the year, high demand for domestic processing beef, and increasBRAD ing export demand for beef, JOHNSON in part, due to a weak dollar. At first glance, most of these factors suggest the potential for higher cattle prices, and ultimately, higher prices for beef in 2011 and beyond. However, grain prices at some higher level could begin to choke off demand for some feeder cattle, beef prices at some level could begin to choke off domestic beef demand and changing weather conditions here and abroad could significantly affect the overall price outlook in either direction. While turning beef cow inventories around this year from their ongoing decline could be possible, it is not likely, especially with beef replacement heifer numbers at their Jan. 1, 2001 levels. To take advantage of these high prices, many cattlemen are keeping large numbers of replacement females, consequently not being as selective of their replacements. This is all well and good in the short-term, but I hope cattlemen think through several questions and recommendations. Do you have enough pasture/harvested forage to maintain more females? Average pasture land in the Piedmont generally requires two acres of grass to support a cow/calf pair on an annual basis. Land that has been maintained and improved with fertilizer and lime, plus rotational grazing, and routine weed control will support more cattle per acre.

Former coach pleads guilty in sex case

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FOOD Pizza Experiment WEDNESDAY February 23, 2011


Katie Scarvey, Lifestyle Editor, 704-797-4270

The Great

Can Will Douglas eat pizza 14 days in a row and not get tired of it? BY KATIE SCARVEY

elcome to CiCi’s!” Most people hear that chipper greeting only once in a while, or maybe weekly if they really like pizza. But Will Douglas heard it for 14 days in a row as he walked through the door of the local CiCi’s Pizza recently. A few weeks ago, the 16year-old Carson junior announced at home that he could eat pizza every day and never get tired of it. “I’ll bet you’ll be tired of it within two weeks,” replied Will’s father, Howard Douglas. And so a bet was born. Will would eat dinner at CiCi’s Pizza every night for 14 straight nights to see if he’d get sick of it. And only pizza: no salad, no dessert. CiCi’s is known for its pizza buffet, which has a variety of offerings, such as macaroni and cheese pizza. You’d probably assume, then, that Will took advantage of the choices. You’d be wrong. Will stuck to his favorite: buffalo chicken pizza. Every day. For 14 days. And as if to punctuate that he really wasn’t lying about liking pizza so much, on the very last day of the bet, he even ate buffalo chicken pizza for lunch. Fortunately for Howard, who forked over the cash for the dinners, CiCi’s buffet is economical, especially if you’re feeding a teenage boy with the kind of metabolism the rest of us would die for. The all-you-can-eat buffet at the restaurant on Jake Alexander Boulevard runs $4.99, and Will occasionally used a coupon, so the total cost for two weeks’ worth of dinners was less than $70, Will says. He took some buddies with him, but no one person was willing to join him more than three times, he said. Of course the employees at CiCi’s noticed the six-foot tall teenager who was showing up to chow down every night. “I remember seeing him in here the second or third night in a row, and I was curious about it,” said assistant manager Travis Barber. Every now and again, Travis notices the same person coming in on consecutive evenings, but not often, he says. “I found that pretty cool, that someone would be so de-


katie scarvey/SAliSBury PoSt

Will Douglas, right, finishes his 14th day of eating nothing but pizza for dinner. His father, Howard Douglas, made a bet with Will that he’d be sick of pizza before the two weeks were up. At left are Will’s mom, Wendy, and Gracie, his sister. Before the two weeks were over, the CiCi’s on Jake Alexander Boulevard where Will was eating pizza every evening offered him a job.

Will estimates that over the 14 days, he ate 230 slices of pizza for dinner. The most he ate in one sitting was 22 slices. voted and love pizza so much and come in two weeks straight.” On maybe the fifth or sixth day, Travis was kidding around with Will and made a joke about Will getting a job there. Will jumped on the suggestion: “Can I have one?” Travis tossed the question to employee Peter Vaeth: “Hey, should we hire this guy?” Peter didn’t see why not. So Will filled out an application and manager Gabriel Perez made it official. Howard now considers that $70 a very good investment. Will has already started his new job, working it in between his role as the drum major for the Carson High School band and tennis practice. If you’re wondering, Will actually has been known to eat things other than pizza. If the bet hadn’t been about pizza, he

says, buffalo chicken wings are a food that he doesn’t think he would get tired of. A theme seems to be emerging. On the last day of the bet, while the rest of his family joined him, Will plowed through several plates of pizza, though it should be noted that he did leave the crusts behind. After about 16 pieces, surely Will was full, right? “Not really,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. Although technically, Will was supposed to eat only pizza for dinner for two weeks, Howard threw in the towel a little early. Since Sunday was night 14, Howard said dessert would be OK, so Will made one more trip to the buffet and came back with some cinnamon buns and — believe it or not — a few more slices of buffalo chicken pizza. The most he ate at one sit-

Will Douglas loves CiCi’s buffalo chicken pizza enough to have eaten it for dinner every day over a 14-day period. He doesn’t, however, eat the crusts. ting was 22 pieces, he says. He estimates that over the 14 days, he consumed 230 slices of pizza for dinner. A CiCi’s pizza has 10 slices, so Will ate about 23 pizzas in two weeks. Well, more, actually, if you count the pizza he sometimes had for lunch. Will admits that before the bet started, he thought he might get sick of pizza after a week or so, but it never happened, he says.

In fact, when asked if he’s relieved that the Great Pizza Experiment is over, Will says, “I’m kind of sad. The reality is setting in.” Perhaps what is most surprising is that Will actually lost weight during the two-week period. He went from a svelte 157 pounds to an even svelter 152. Perhaps Cici’s has found its own version of Subway’s Jared?

Pat Branning publishes new coffee table cookbook “The South is a place where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, front porches are wide and words are long. Pecan pie is a staple. Y’all is the only proper noun. Chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy. Everything is darlin’ and someone’s heart is always being blessed.” — “Shrimp, Collards & Grits,” by Pat Branning Author and food columnist Pat Branning, who lives in Salisbury, has released a new book: “Shrimp, Collards & Grits: Recipes, Stories and Art from the Creeks and Gardens of the Lowcountry.” The book release coincides with the Beaufort, S.C. tricentennial year. Branning published a lowcountry cookbook in 2009, but the recipes, story and art are all new in this one, she notes.

In addition to almost 200 lowcountry recipes, the fullcolor coffee table cookbook features 150 fine art paintings by such noted Southern artists as Ray Ellis, John Carroll Doyle and Joe Bowler among others. Branning will be a featured author at this year’s Charleston Food and Wine Festival March 3-6. She will be signing advance copies of her new book there Friday, March 4 and Sunday, March 6. The book retails for $34.95 and pre-sales are going on now at and The book will be available in bookstores in mid-March. The Literary Bookpost can accept pre-orders. To celebrate Beaufort’s birthday, a limited, signed commemorative edition in a slipcase will be offered for $60.


Nathalie Dupree, author of 10 cookbooks and two-time James Beard Award winner, has said called Branning a “charming storyteller who combines the unmistakable Southern cadence of stories swapped across the dinner table with delicious Southern recipes.” Branning used to be Women’s Editor for WSB Atlanta and a hostess for South Carolina ETV. She used to host daily broadcasts on food and entertaining, teaming up with great chefs from around the country while developing a passion for anything Southern — particularly cooking. Today, Branning works as a freelance writer, cookbook author and food editor for the Her website is, a source for recipes, art and stories about the lowcountry.




Readers share tips on sofa washing, cheap breakfast completely dry and beautiful. I have a tendency to “pop”) and microwave for approximately one would never have believed this. I have put some items — Lisa, minute. Spread bread with butter or California other condiment (I like spicy musthrough my clothes washer that were never intended for that type tard), and assemble the sandwich • Cell phone speaker system. To when the egg is done cooking. Even of cleaning, with mostly success. I figure that when it comes down to save money, I cancelled my land line my 12-year-old can make her own either throwing an when I became unemployed and breakfast without having to dirty a item into the trash or now only have a cell phone. I didn’t frying pan. — Kristen, giving it one last- want to haul it around with me at Iowa ditch effort, I’ll go home, so I purchased a baby moniwith the latter. I’ve tor with two speakers. Now, I leave • Mule team bests cat odors. My “laundered” leather my phone next to the monitor and shoes, handbags, can hear my phone ringing any- senior cat became confused and make-up bags, where in the house. The monitor thought her litter box was a certain shower curtains and does double duty because I have it spot on my carpet. After trying four patio chair cushions. placed near the television, so I can or five different treatments to no Funny, I’d never listen to the news when I’m in the avail, I followed the directions on MARY thought about wash- kitchen or getting ready in the the side of the box of 20 Mule Team HUNT Borax for deodorizing mattresses ing a sofa. Until to- morning. — Mary Jo, of urine odor. The carpet is good as day. e-mail new after only one application! Outdoor sofa cleanup. My parents’ — Elaine, white sofa set became dingy and Pennsylvania • McCheap breakfast. Our family spotted from water rings and cleaning stains, though it was makes breakfast sandwiches faster • Gift card running balance. When rarely used and had been profes- and cheaper than the fast food sionally cleaned. Instead of throw- places. It’s easy! First, put bread or I receive a new gift card, I write the ing it out, we decided to wash it. On a split English muffin in the toast- amount on the card with a permaa sunny day, we moved it outside, er. Spray a microwave-safe coffee nent marker. Then, as I use the hosed it all down, soaked it with mug or ramekin with cooking spray card, I update the “amount,” so I alOxyclean and then scrubbed it with and break an egg into it. Scramble ways know the balance. — Tom, laundry detergent. We left it in the the egg slightly, cover the mug (I Mississippi sun, and at the end of the day it was usually just use a saucer, as eggs do

• Freeze out ice cream frost. To eliminate frost from forming on the inside top of an ice cream container, store the container in the freezer upside down. — DLB, e-mail

Would you like to send a tip to Mary? You can e-mail her at, or write to Everyday Cheapskate, P.O. Box 2135, Paramount, CA 90723. Include your first and last name and state. Mary Hunt is the founder of and author of 18 books, including “DebtProof Living” and “Tiptionary 2.” To find out more about Mary and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate website at CREATORS.COM

Dwayne McDuffie, comic and animation writer, dies PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Dwayne McDuffie, who wrote scores of comic books for Marvel and DC and founded his own pub- WE BUY GOLD & SILVER!



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The downtown of Rockwell has changed in the last hundred years with the addition of the water tower in the late ’30s.

Some town members gathered at the Rockwell Museum for a piece of cake and a Pepsi. He said it’s a quiet community, “away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.” It’s where he raised his children and where he’ll probably die, Draper said. “It’s a friendly town,” said Alderman Charles Wingerson, who moved here in 1977 and has been on the town board, off and on, for close to 14 years. “You have great neighbors who don’t stick their noses into your business, but they are there if you need them.” Jean Puckett (his mother meant his name to be pronounced the French way, though everyone says “Gene”) moved here when he was 2 years old. He grew up in Rockwell, married a girl from Rockwell, raised a family, made a career and retired to oversee the Rockwell Museum. “There wasn’t a whole lot of excitement,” he said of living here, “but you knew where you stood and had a lot of friends.”

The Rockwell Museum, open from 2-4 p.m. Sundays, is worth a visit. Artifacts include things such as an early 1900s coffin from the Rockwell Casket Co., a block ice shaver from the Rockwell Drug Co. and a copper kettle from the R.W. Brown family. Puckett has display cases full of photographs and memorabilia from families, town politics, schools, baseball teams, churches, clubs and businesses. Taylor said there’s even more stuff stored upstairs. The museum already has embarked on creating a 10panel mural of Rockwell’s early history, which is being painted, as funds are raised, by artist James Raye. The first panel deals, of course, with the rock well from the 1800s that was located north of the present day town. The watering hole was part of a shady camping spot at the Peter Miller Farm. The oak trees were

hewed out to create drinking troughs for horses. As the Yadkin Railroad was being built, rail officials wanted this growing community, which by then called itself Rockwell, to change its name. There apparently was a place in Virginia with a similar name. But residents balked, and the name “Rockwell” stuck. The rail line proved to be a boost for the town. Similarly, the completion of the Salisbury-Albemarle Highway in 1925 (U.S. 52) also was a plus for economic development. The town became known for having a Cannon Mills plant and companies such as Sides Lumber Co., the Bank of Rockwell, Rockwell Mining Co. and Rockwell Furniture Co. The town employs nine people today, many of whom wear multiple hats — sort of like the folks in television’s Hooterville. Tim Linker, for example, is Rockwell’s public works director, zoning officer and fire chief. Tim’s mother, Alice, not only served as town clerk and secretary in her day, but she also helped read the water meters. In the den at her home, Alice Linker has her own cross-stitch depiction of Rockwell’s well. As for the cross-stitch well at the post office, its creator remains a mystery to Frick. But without it, there might have been no birthday cake Tuesday. Contact Mark Wineka at 704-797-4263, or mwineka@

Call Piedmont at 1.800.752.7504 if you smell natural gas or suspect a leak! NATURAL GAS FACTS > Natural gas smells like rotten eggs > Leaks often cause bubbling water,

blowing dirt, dead plants or a hissing sound near a natural gas line or meter

IF YOU SUSPECT A LEAK > Leave the area immediately > DO NOT use anything electrical

that may create a spark, this includes a cell phone > Call Piedmont at 1.800.752.7504, or call 911 if the smell is strong or if you can’t remember our number > DO NOT attempt to locate the source of a leak > DO NOT attempt to stop a leak Call 811 Before You Dig! Remember! It’s against the law to dig anywhere - no matter how small - without dialing 811 first to locate your natural gas lines! It’s a FREE call!


So Tuesday, Town Clerk Sue Morton ordered a birthday cake from Food Lion, and a few town officials gathered with Jean Puckett at the Rockwell Museum to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rockwell’s incorporation. Nearby, the town gazebo sported a hastily produced 100th birthday banner and balloons flying in the wind. There’s an easy explanation for the low-key celebration — as evidenced in the town seal, which says Rockwell was “established in 1895.” Back in 1995, Rockwell residents celebrated what they considered the town’s real centennial. They did it right then, with a parade and everything. Puckett said 1895 was when people really started calling this burg of 2,083 people “Rockwell,” although the official incorporation in the state’s eyes came 16 years later. Rockwell is a thriving place these days. Most every storefront along Main Street (U.S. 52) has some kind of business. Mayor Beau Taylor sheepishly says you could call it the “Town of Restaurants,” because it has at least 13 by his count. Morton agreed, ticking off all variety of eateries available — barbecue, fastfood, Italian, Greek and Chinese. All that’s missing, really, is a Mexican restaurant. But there’s a lot more to Rockwell than restaurants. Churches provide many ribs to the town’s skeleton. Rockwell Elementary School lies near the heart of town; on the outskirts, Rockwell Park offers three shelters and a place to play and exercise. The bigger manufacturers (and taxpayers) on the extremities include Schult Homes, SupplyOne, FillTech, Thor-Lo and Rockwell Casket Co. Along or near the main artery of U.S. 52, the town seems to have it all — the East Rowan Library; the post office; two banks; drugstores; a major grocer; a funeral home (Powles); a McDonald’s and a Hardees; a Family Dollar and a Dollar General; and auto parts, sporting goods, hardware and ABC stores. It’s a town built on names such as Holshouser, Peeler, Lentz, Sides, Kluttz, Poole, Barringer and Bost. And it’s a place newcomers have always found hard to leave. Taylor, the mayor since 2003 and only the 17th in the town’s history, moved here in 1974 as a Food Town manager. He said Rockwell is close enough to bigger N.C. cities, yet far enough away to keep its small-town identity. “It’s a good town,” he said. Taylor learned again this year just how many close friends and neighbors a town such as Rockwell provides when he suffered a small stroke and had surgery for a hole in his heart. Mayor Pro Tem Tim Draper moved here in 1992.

lishing company before crossing over to television and animation, has died. He was 49. DC Comics says the Detroit, Mich.-native died Monday, a day after his birthday. His cause and place of death weren’t immediately known. McDuffie wrote comics for the New York-based DC and Marvel, including runs on “Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight,” the Fantastic Four and the Justice League of America. He also penned several animated features, including the justreleased “All Star Superman,” “Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths” and animated TV series “Static Shock” and “Ben 10: Alien Force.” He founded publishing company Milestone Media in 1992.


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Investing in seniors ounty officials are assuring senior citizens that services and support they’ve received in the past will not change as the Rufty-Holmes Senior Center takes over management of programs that currently operate under the Department of Senior Services. That’s a promise that needs to be kept for a variety of reasons. This consolidation, and the decision to split off county transit services, may make sense in terms of cutting administrative costs. It also fits in with the many senior programs already in place at Rufty-Holmes. But the proof will be in whether Rowan’s older residents will continue to enjoy the level of services and programs they’ve come to expect. Currently, about 15 percent of the county’s population falls into the 65 and older category, a proportion that is projected to rise as the overall population ages, and North Carolina, in particular, attracts more retirees and empty-nesters. That graying of Rowan presents challenges as well as opportunities Those who’ve not yet sought services for themselves or family members may be unaware of the breadth of programs available. These range from dietary and nutrition programs such as “Lunch and More” and supplemental meals to securing in-home aide services and adult day care. Senior citizens lost in the Medicare maze can obtain assistance through Project SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program), while there’s yet another program that helps older residents who are looking for employment. Another valuable program, “Are You OK?”, allows seniors to sign up for a daily telephone safety check to make sure they’re healthy and safe — and alert authorities if they fail to respond. Such services help provide comfort and convenience for seniors, while easing the burden on caregivers. However, there’s also a bottom-line payoff. Helping seniors live healthier, more independent lives can also help avoid or at least delay costlier interventions, including those that place a greater burden on local resources. The availability of services and senior-oriented amenities can be a selling point when seniors are seeking a new community for their retirement years. We’re often reminded that when we put money into education and other programs that benefit children, it’s not just an expenditure — it’s an investment. You can say the same about providing for the wellbeing of senior citizens. It’s not just another budget item; it’s an investment. And it’s one that many of us stand to benefit from in our later years.


Common sense

(Or uncommon wisdom, as the case may be)

I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times. — Everett Dirksen

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uggested things to say when a woman is sexually assaulted: Is there anything I can do? I am so sorry this happened. I am with you. You would think suggestions would be unnecessary. You would think the essential fact of being human and knowing another human being has been hurt in one of the worst ways possible would make the words automatic. But the recent attack on Lara Logan of CBS News — beaten and assaulted while reporting on the uprising in Egypt — suggests that is not always the case. “Lara Logan is lucky LEONARD she’s alive,” wrote somePITTS thing named Jim Hoff, blogging on something called Gateway Pundit. “Her liberal belief system almost got her killed on Friday. ... Why did this attractive blonde female reporter wander into Tahrir Square last Friday? Why did she think this was a good idea? ... Was it her political correctness that about got her killed?” Something named Debbie Schlussel, blogging on an eponymous website, used the attack as a launching pad for a screed against the “animals” Schlussel blamed — meaning not the attackers themselves, but Islam writ large. “So sad, too bad, Lara. No one told her to go there. She knew the risks. And she should have known what Islam is all about.” On the other side of the bipolar Amer-

ican political divide, something named Nir Rosen — a journalist and a fellow at New York University — mocked Logan in a series of tweets as a “warmonger,” presumably for her coverage of the Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars, and said he was “rolling my eyes” at the attention she'd be getting. Let us pass lightly on the specific “thoughts” — a term used advisedly here — raised by these individuals, except to note that, contrary to what Hoff and Schlussel imply, Logan did not wander aimlessly into that square. The woman is a reporter and she was doing what reporters do: going places, sometimes dicey, difficult or dangerous places, in order to originate the information that allows the rest of us to opine from the comfort of our chairs. The suggestion that in doing her job, Logan somehow “deserved” what happened to her is appalling. As is Hoff’s political spin, Rosen’s mockery and Schlussel’s frothing bigotry. But what is also appalling — arguably, more appalling — is the reflexive objectification of a woman who has been violently violated. To read these comments and the many more like them

The suggestion that in doing her job, Lara Logan somehow ‘deserved’ what happened to her is appalling.

circulating the web, it is easy to forget that we are talking about a real attack upon a real woman who must now grapple with real consequences. It’s as if some feel Logan’s tragedy exists only as a vehicle for them to score political points. One in every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape. The number — it comes from the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network ( — bears repeating: one in six. Rape is nearly as common as the common cold. And can you imagine looking into the eyes of that one woman in six and saying something as asinine, as unfeeling, as heart dead and soul cold as, “So sad, too bad”? Yet this sort of thing, this treating of other people’s traumas as if they were abstractions unworthy of reverence, is common now in the public forum. As in the vitriol that attended the deaths of Tony Snow, Robert Novak and Sen. Edward Kennedy. The great irony of the Internet era, the era that brought the world together, is that in some ways, we live at a greater remove from one another, from simple decency, and from our own humanity, than ever before. Lara Logan was sexually assaulted. She is a real person — she exists somewhere at this very moment — and she is deserving of our compassion, our empathy and our prayers. There was a time that would have been unnecessary to say. • • • Leonard Pitts is a columnist for the Miami Herald. E-mail: lpitts@miamiherald .com

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR A sad epilogue to a sorrowful story My heart is sad today to read that a cocaine overdose was the cause of Milton Barber’s death. What a waste! Admittedly, cocaine is hard to discern, but I never saw him when I felt he was under the influence of drugs. This news, however, does not change my regard for Milton. He was a good man. He graced our life. I hope we graced his in some way. I will forever regret that we could not help save him for a better life — for he was worth saving. — Betty Bills Salisbury

Another flabby plot? War on obesity feeds anti-Obama hysteria ASHINGTON — Driving on a very cold day recently and searching the car radio for something more than rock or country western, I hit the seek button and suddenly was jolted by a woman’s voice that within seconds warned me that I was about to have my constitutional rights usurped through control of my diet. With some of the same fascination for the bizarre that compels one to watch a praying mantis dispose of her mate after conjugation, I resisted the temptation to turn away. I was transfixed, even shaken. How could this be? Was there actually a giant White House conspiracy to control every aspect of my life,even the inalienable right to shortDAN it through gluttony? Is THOMASSON en Michele Obama’s war on obesity an actual first step toward that end? I had no idea who owned the voice filling the car with such frightening rhetoric. I even considered for a moment that a voice on high had taken over control of the airways and was directing a personal alert to me. After a few more shattering observations often in a mocking tone, the person scaring 10 pounds off me was identified as one Laura Ingram, whom I vaguely recognized as a regular herald of doom and disaster. There are a pervasive number of these people out there in radio land, and I breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t listening to a messenger from the other world, just one who regularly predicts things like “the world is coming to an end in 10 days if they can find enough trumpeters, but they probably won’t be able to because the Democrats (i.e. Obama and company) are trying to ban the instrument along with hamburgers.” Imagine my relief. I even prided myself that being able to recognize the difference between them and an actual soothsayer lifted me a degree or so above the lowest common denominator that seems to be much of their audience. Well, at least I liked to think it did. But everyone wants to be a snob now and then. I listened for only a few minutes more before switching back to a hard rock station which reaffirmed my conclusion that I was still in the 21st Century and not in the 19th where Ms. Ingram and others appear to live or would like us to return to. That of course is their constitutional prerogative and I would do nothing to disturb that except turn it off whenever I inadvertently hit their number on


the dial. That, of course, is the same reaction they would have for me if they read one of my columns, which doesn’t seem likely. How, I wondered as I drove on comforted by the blare of an unintelligible heavy metal band, is the first lady’s campaign to stop us from doubling ourselves through dietary insanity a subversive plot to undermine our basic freedoms? Is not cautioning us about the evils of overindulgence at an early age worthy of at least philosophical detente and political bipartisanship? And is it blasphemous to say that breast feeding is a good thing because it helps fight the expanded tummy syndrome at the earliest age? Is allowing working mothers a tax break for breast pumps grounds for a ASSOCIATED PRESS congressional invesFirst Lady Michele tigation as unfair to Obama has drawn those who choose to conservative fire for bottle feed formula? Apparently that her campaigns to reduce childhood obesi- is the case since leading conservaty and give working tive mouths like moms a tax break on Minnesota GOP Rep. breast pumps. Michele Bachmann have turned it into a major issue right up there with the soaring deficit. Could it be that by disparaging even the common sense encouragement of better diet, the real object is to question the legitimacy of the Obama family’s occupancy of the White House? Unfortunately, millions of Americans who daily turn their dials to the shrill allegations of government run amuck and leaders who are Godless exponents of control right out of George Orwell by Aldus Huxley really thinks so. What they miss is what drives their heroes’ engines — money and lots of it. One gets the feeling that many of these prognosticators could, as they say, “teach it round or teach it flat,” whoever pays the most. It would be hard to imagine they actually believe all the drivel they espouse during drive time. • • • Dan K. Thomasson is aformer editor of the Scripps Howard News Service. E-mail: thomassondan@aol.

Animals can use ... Feb. 20-26th is National Justice for Animals week. Animal victims cannot speak for themselves, we must speak for them. Please report animal abuse and make sure that the lives and interest of all animals are protected. There are a lot of dogs and cats put out of cars and homes because people do not, or cannot, care for them any longer. We as citizens have an obligation to report cruelty and abandonment of God’s creatures. The people who breed or allow breeding of unwanted animals make the situation worse. Adopt a shelter animal today. The reward is unbelievable. — Debra Byers Statesville

... more justice Whoever left two defenseless puppies under the keypad outside our neighborhood near High Rock Lake, shame on you and shame on those who have done it before. The puppies are fine now, with a little food, water and love. I am in the process of finding homes for them. If you don’t want to be responsible for a litter, at least get your pets spayed and neutered. There are resources out there. Society can do without this type of irresponsibility. — Georgia Sorensen Salisbury

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World/Nation briefs


Libya’s Gadhafi vows to fight to his ‘last drop of blood’ CAIRO (AP) — A defiant Moammar Gadhafi vowed to fight to his “last drop of blood” and roared at supporters to strike back against Libyan protesters to defend his embattled regime Tuesday, signaling an escalation of the a crackdown that has thrown the capital into scenes of mayhem, wild shooting and bodies in the streets. The speech by the Libyan leader — who shouted and pounded his fists on the podium — was an all-out call for his backers to impose control over the capital and take back other cities. After a week of upheaval, protesters backed by defecting army units have claimed control over almost the entire eastern half of Libya’s 1,000-mile Mediterranean coast, including several oil-producing areas. “You men and women who love Gadhafi ... get out of your homes and fill the streets,” he said. “Leave your homes and attack them in their lairs.” Celebratory gunfire by Gadhafi supporters rang out in the capital of Tripoli after the leader’s speech, while in protester-held Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city, people threw shoes in contempt at a screen showing his address. State TV showed a crowd of Gadhafi supporters in Tripoli’s Green Square, raising his portrait and waving flags as they swayed to music after the address. Residents contacted by The Associated Press said no anti-government protesters ventured out of their homes after dark, and gun-toting guards manned checkpoints with occasional bursts of gunfire heard throughout the city.

4 American hostages killed by pirates off Somali coast NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A pirate fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a U.S. Navy destroyer shadowing a hijacked yacht with four Americans aboard Tuesday. Then gunfire erupted, the military said. U.S. special forces rushed to the yacht only to find the four Americans fatally wounded. The experienced yacht enthusiasts from California and Washington are the first Americans killed by Somali pirates since the start of attacks off East Africa several years ago. One of the American couples on board had been sailing around the world since 2004 handing out Bibles. Their deaths appeared to underscore an increasingly brutal and aggressive shift by pirates in their treatment of hostages. Killing hostages “has now become part of our rules,” said a pirate who identified himself as Muse Abdi and referred to last week’s sentencing of a pirate to 33 years in prison for the 2009 attack on the U.S. cargo vessel the Maersk Alabama. “From now on, anyone who tries to rescue the hostages in our hands will only collect dead bodies,” he said. “It will never ever happen that hostages are rescued and we are hauled to prison.”

Wis. lawmakers take up bill to undercut unions MADISON, Wis. (AP) — With their Senate colleagues still in hiding, Democrats in the Wisconsin Assembly began introducing a barrage of 100 amendments Tuesday to try to stymie the Republican governor’s plan to strip unionized public employees of most of their bargaining rights. Both houses of the GOPcontrolled Legislature convened shortly before noon amid noisy protests outside the state Capitol that began more than a week ago in an epic showdown that is being watched nervously by organized labor across the country. The Senate was unable to take up the union measure because its 14 Democrats skipped town last week, denying the chamber a quorum. But Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald pledged that his chamber would approve the bill this week, despite the blizzard of Democratic amendments.

This image broadcast on Libyan state television Tuesday shows Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as he addresses the nation in Tripoli, Libya. Gadhafi vowed to fight on against protesters demanding his ouster and die as martyr. associaTed press

Turning up the pressure on the Democrats, Gov. Scott Walker warned that state employees could start receiving layoff notices as early as next week if the bill isn’t passed soon. The layoffs couldn’t take effect immediately — existing union contracts could forestall them for weeks or months — and Walker wouldn’t say which jobs he would go after first. “Hopefully we don’t get to that point,” the governor said in a statement.

ing bill, thus requiring the stopgap bill. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, rejected Reid’s proposal, which was revealed in a politically freighted statement charging that Boehner is maneuvering the government toward a shutdown by insisting on immediate spending cuts.

Ehmanuel wins mayoral race in Chicago

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP) — Some screamed from inside collapsed buildings. One woman used her mobile phone to call her children to say goodbye. Others tapped on the rubble to communicate with those on the outside. Search teams using their bare hands, dogs, heavy cranes and earth movers frantically on worked Wednesday in one of New Zealand’s largest cities to find survivors of a powerful earthquake as officials raised the death toll to at least 75. Rescuers pulled nearly three dozen survivors from amid the crumbled concrete, twisted metal and huge mounds of brick across Christchurch. Officials feared that the death toll could rise further, ranking the 6.3-magnitude earthquake among the island nation’s worst in 80 years. They say at least 100 more people are missing. “There are bodies littering the streets, they are trapped in cars, crushed under rubble and where they are clearly deceased our focus ... has turned to the living,” police Superintendent Russell Gibson said.

CHICAGO (AP) — Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor of Chicago on Tuesday, easily overwhelming five rivals to take the helm of the nation’s third-largest city as it prepares to chart a new course without the retiring Richard M. Daley. With 98 percent of the precincts reporting, Emanuel had trounced all his opponents with 55 percent of the vote — a margin that allowed him to avoid an April runoff. He needed more than 50 percent of the vote to win outright. It was the city’s first mayoral race in more than 60 years without an incumbent on the ballot and the first in more than two decades without Daley among the candidates. Daley and his father have led Chicago for more than 43 out of the last 56 years. Emanuel called the victory “humbling” and thanked Daley for his lifetime of service, saying the outgoing mayor had “earned a special place in our hearts and our history.” The other major candidates — former Chicago schools president Gery Chico, former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun and City Clerk Miguel del Valle — had hoped to force a runoff that would have extended the campaign for six more weeks. But they were no match for Emanuel’s momentum and money.

Reid proposes 30-day stopgap spending bill to avert shutdown WASHINGTON (AP) — The top Democrat in the Senate said Tuesday that he’ll bring legislation to the floor next week to keep the government running at current spending levels for 30 days to avoid a shutdown in March. The move by Majority Leader Harry Reid is in keeping with longstanding tradition, but it was immediately rejected by GOP leaders who assailed the Nevada Democrat for freezing spending at levels inflated by generous budget increases provided under President Barack Obama. A short-term bill is required because the House on Saturday passed a $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill to finance the government through Sept. 30. That measure would slash domestic agency budgets by more than $60 billion over the last seven months of the budget year, which would lead to widespread furloughs of federal workers and dismantle a host of environmental regulations. It will take weeks or even months to work out differences on the massive spend-

New Zealand earthquake death toll rises to 75

Israel: Iranian vessels are part of plan to control Middle East JERUSALEM (AP) — Two Iranian warships sailed from the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean on Tuesday, the first such trip in at least three decades, eliciting Israeli charges that Tehran is seeking to dominate the Middle East. The vessels headed toward Syria, but were expected to remain in international waters as they passed the Israeli coast. The voyage took the frigate Alvand and the supply Kharq close to NATO’s southern flank and could further destabilize the Middle East, a region already reeling from an unprecedented wave of anti-government rebellions. In Tehran, the deputy commander of the Iranian navy said that Iran has “suprised the Zionist regime” with the journey to the Mediterranean. “The world arrogance (U.S.) should know that the army of the Islamic Republic is fully prepared to defend the holy ideals of the Islamic Republic and this readiness grows day by day,” Brigadier-General Abdolrahim Mousavi told the official Iranian news agency IRNA.

US Sen. John Thune says he won’t seek presidency in 2012 PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — U.S. Sen. John Thune said Tuesday that he won’t join what’s expected to be a crowded

GOP field of presidential hopefuls next year, concluding he would have a difficult time fundraising and that President Barack Obama would be tough to beat. Thune was seen as one of several potential challengers to Obama in 2012. His exit is the first clear signal of who will — and who will not — compete for the Republicans’ nomination.

Thune, 50, told The Associated Press Tuesday that he’s not as recognizable as other possible candidates and wouldn’t be able to raise enough money for the race. “We would have a more difficult time with the resources than perhaps some other better-known candidates would have,” Thune said. He declined to endorse any other potential contenders. The senator is not well known outside South Dakota, but some Republican operatives had hoped he might emerge over time as a presidential contender with solid conservative credentials and a can-do, common-sense Midwestern aura.

Human Rights Watch assails US for lack of paid parental leave NEW YORK (AP) — Americans often take pride in ways their nation differs from others. But one distinction — lack of a nationwide policy of paid maternity leave — is cited in a new report as an embarrassment that could be redressed at low cost and without harm to employers “Despite its enthusiasm

Member Schools of the North Carolina

about ‘family values,’ the U.S. is decades behind other countries in ensuring the well-being of working families,” said Janet Walsh, deputy director of the women’s rights division of Human Rights Watch. “Being an outlier is nothing to be proud of in a case like this.” Human Rights Watch, based in New York, focuses most of its investigations on abuses abroad. But on Wednesday, with release of a report by Walsh on work/family policies in the U.S., it takes the relatively unusual step of critiquing a phenomenon affecting tens of millions of Americans. The report, “Failing its Families,” says at least 178 countries have national laws guaranteeing paid leave for new mothers, while the handful of exceptions include the U.S., Swaziland and Papua New Guinea. More than 50 nations, including most Western countries, also guarantee paid leave for new fathers. Past efforts in Congress to enact a paid family leave law have floundered, drawing opposition from business lobbyists who say it would be a burden on employers.

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Suspended UConn coach Jim Calhoun cited by NCAA/4B

WEDNESDAY February 23, 2011



Carmelo heads to the big apple BY BRIAN MAHONEY Associated Press

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — The New York Knicks were searching for a second superstar when Carmelo Anthony became available. The price was high, but they’re certain he’s worth it. “When you go out hunting, would you rather have a bigger gun or a little gun?” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “We got a bigger gun.” The Knicks agreed to a trade with the Denver Nuggets for Anthony on MonAssociAted Press day night, a person with carmelo Anthony will head to New York in style after being knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press. The teams traded from denver.

NASCAR’s scoring system complex BY JENNA FRYER Associated Press

C H A R L O T T E — NASCAR’s simplified new points system turned out not to be so simple after the first full weekend of racing. Carl Edwards left Daytona International Speedway as the Sprint Cup Series points leader. Landon Cassill heads the Nationwide Series standings, and Clay Rogers is atop the Trucks Series standings. None of them won a single race last weekend. So what gives? NASCAR before the season made a series of tweaks to the scoring system, including a rule that drivers can only collect points in one series. Drivers can run in multiple series, but all had to check a box next to the one they wanted to race for the championship in on their annual NASCAR application. So the three race winners at Daytona last weekend were all ineligible for points in the events they won. Michael Waltrip kicked it off with a Friday night victory in the Trucks, and he’s collecting points in Cup. Same

were awaiting the completion of a conference call with the NBA on Tuesday before the deal, which also includes the Minnesota Timberwolves, could become official. Anthony will join fellow All-Star Amare Stoudemire in the frontcourt, giving the Knicks the potent duo they hoped they could assemble last summer in free agency. Instead, they had to give up much of their core, but in return they get one of the NBA’s top scorers. “We liked the way our team played this year and I looked at it and I thought we had one piece that was at the high lev-

el of the league. We always wanted two pieces at least,” team president Donnie Walsh said. Stoudemire has led the Knicks to a 28-26 record this season, but said Tuesday they will be even more dangerous with Anthony bringing his 25.2 points per game to join his 26.1 average. “Every team needs a 1, 1A punch,” Stoudemire said. “And so with the ways that we both can score .... we’re very versatile, so it’s hard to guard us.” Stoudemire said he had “no doubt” the All-Star forwards and longtime friends could play together, and said Antho-

ny would handle the move to New York as well as he has. “It’s what he wants. It’s what I wanted, to come to New York and play on the big stage,” Stoudemire said. “He has the same type of swag. This is what he wants and he can handle it. We’re going to do it together.” The Knicks haven’t made the playoffs since 2004, but are in sixth place in the Eastern Conference in their first season since acquiring Stoudemire from Phoenix last summer. He thinks the blockbuster deal could make them



with Tony Stewart, who won the Nationwide race on Saturday. Then Trevor Bayne, who is slated to run for the Nationwide title, won the Daytona 500. “Obviously this is an anomaly,” NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said Tuesday. “But this change in allowing drivers to race for only one championship was the fan’s No. 1 favorite change of the offseason, hands down, not even close. I am sure over time everyone will appreciate this and see that it’s for the good of the sport.” NASCAR made the one series rule to move along the development of younger drivers and stop established Cup veterans from dominating its two lower national series. Car owners and sponsors have been reluctant the past several years to invest in unproven drivers, and there’s very little turnover in the elite Cup Series. Drivers have had to bounce around from ride to ride, including the 20-yearold Bayne, who on Sunday became the youngest Day-


Hokies Topple Wake Associated Press WINSTON-SALEM — Virginia Tech can’t afford any more slip-ups if it is to make the NCAA Tournament field. So coach Seth Greenberg let out a sigh of relief after the Hokies beat Wake Forest 7662 on Tuesday night. The Hokies took care of business in convincing fashion, taking control late in the first half and leading by as many as 21 points in the second half. It was a game, Greenberg said, that could have been a “trap” with the Hokies looking forward to Saturday night’s home showdown against top-ranked Duke. The Hokies had beaten Wake Forest 94-65 in January. “I’m really proud of our guys,” Greenberg said. “I thought our approach was outstanding. Our approach has always been the next game, and I thought our kids really did handle that. I thought our kids shared the ball, and they kinda hung together.” Virginia Tech (18-8, 8-5 Atlantic Coast Conference) came into the game with an RPI of 67, so it is squarely on the NCAA Tournament bubble. “Eight wins in the ACC is not easy,” Greenberg said. “I don’t care if the league’s good, the league’s bad — it is not easy. That’s an accomplishment with three games remaining. I’m really proud of

jon c. lakey/sALisBUrY Post

salisbury’s Jessica Heilig, left, and Ashia Holmes, right, hope to keep giving teams headaches with a win tonight againstWest stokes.

Who’s up for Round 2? BY MIKE LONDON

AssociAted Press

Wake’s travis McKie takes a shot over Virginia tech’s Jared Allen in tuesday’s Acc clash. the way this team has evolved, and now we have a chance to play the best team in America and (ESPN) College Game Day can actually be there now. If we had lost this game, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the event that it’s going to be now.” The Hokies got 17 points each from Malcolm Delaney, Jeff Allen and Jarell Eddie. Delaney, a 6-foot-3 senior, triggered the initial surge

See TECH, 3B

Eight local basketball teams survived the first round of sectionals on Monday and return to action tonight. They got to this point — you can call it the second round or the sectional semifinals, whichever you prefer, in lots of different ways. North Rowan’s boys had it almost too easy. The Cavaliers romped 72-29 against the N.C. School of Science & Mathematics Unicorns while resting three key players. Some made it look easy. West Rowan’s boys, who have won 11 of their last 12, annihilated talented Central Cabarrus in the second half. Some fought for their lives for 32 minutes. West Rowan’s girls and Davie’s boys fit that category. Both overcame all kinds of adversity to win tight games on the road. Home games tonight? Salisbury’s boys and girls will stage another doubleheader, although it’s the last guaranteed home appearance for

both squads. West Rowan’s boys didn’t expect another home game, but they got one when A.L. Brown, a No. 5 seed, won at Marvin Ridge. The Falcons and Wonders will tangle in Mount Ulla. Hitting the road tonight are North’s boys, Davie’s boys, Carson’s girls and West’s girls. Standard gametime is 7 p.m. The doubleheader at Salisbury starts at 6. North’s boys will play at 7:30. Girls games West Stokes (9-15) at Salisbury (221), 2A West Stokes shocked Lincolnton in the first round, but the reward wasn’t ideal. West Stokes averages fewer than 30 points a game, so the purple-clad Wildcats may be challenged to stay within 40 of the Hornets, who are gearing up for a run at their third straight 2A title. The first serious challenge for the Hornets should come Friday when they’ll likely be on the road at eighthranked North Surry. Carson girls (18-6) at Monroe Park-

wood (23-2), 3A Parkwood is ranked sixth in the state in 3A, 23-2 is impressive, and the Cougars are facing a long trip, but this definitely looks winnable. A.L. Brown, the fifth-place team in the SPC, nearly won at Parkwood on Monday. Carson averages 61 points per game, while Parkwood averages 52, and it’s very likely Parkwood hasn’t played anyone nearly as good as Salisbury or North Iredell. Morgan Brown leads Parkwood with 16.5 points a game, and Tori Tsitouris has hit 31 3-pointers. West Rowan (18-9) at Charlotte Harding (19-7), 3A West’s girls are underdogs on the road, but they’ll match up with Harding’s speed and athleticism much better than East Rowan did on Monday. West gets 50 points most nights from the prolific trio of Ayana Avery, Shay Steele and Nycieko Dixon and can win



CARMELO FroM 1B better equipped to face teams such as Boston or Miami, which already have multiple All-Stars, in the postseason. “It’s not easy and it’s not going to get any easier for us now because the target is on our back,” Stoudemire said. “Teams are going to be eager to play against us.” The Knicks also would acquire Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman in the deal that was first reported by the Denver Post. They are playing a heavy price, trading Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov and a 2014 first-round draft pick to the Nuggets, who would get additional picks and cash. But the Knicks felt they had to make the move after failing last summer to land two superstars through free agency. “Now we’ve got two guys in our stable,” D’Antoni said. The completion of the deal is delayed while Anthony first signs a three-year, $65 million contract extension with the

TECH FroM 1B with 12 first-half points as the Hokies pulled out to a 38-25 halftime lead. Allen, a 6-7 senior, hit 7 of 10 from the field and had eight rebounds despite playing with a stomach virus. And Eddie, a 6-7 freshman who was returning from a onegame suspension, came off the bench to go 6 for 6 from the field with three 3-pointers. He also led the team with nine rebounds, on a night when the Hokies held a 35-23 rebounding advantage. The Hokies, who shot 60 percent from the field (27 of 45) and were 8 of 12 from 3point range, also got 12 points from Erick Green. Travis McKie led Wake Forest (8-20, 1-12 ) with 22 points and nine rebounds. Gary Clark scored 13. The Deacons shot 42.4 percent from the field (25 of 59) and were just 3 of 18 from 3-point range. Wake Forest coach Jeff Bzdelik was unhappy with his team’s defense, particularly at the start of the second half. “You can’t allow a team to score on nine of its first 10 possessions, or whatever it was,” Bzdelik said. “We need to be able to defend. Simply put, you need to get stops. You can’t allow teams to score at will like they did. “Most young teams don’t defend very well, because it’s all new to them. But we’re not a young team anymore. We’ve played 28 games.”

SPORTS Nuggets before the trade conference call can be held. It was Anthony’s refusal to take the extension when the Nuggets offered it to him last summer that forced them to explore trading their leading scorer. The Knicks hoped they could sign him next summer in free agency, but felt they couldn’t wait because Anthony wanted the extension this season, before a new collective bargaining agreement next summer could severely restrict salaries, and that could have forced him to lock in long term with whatever team Denver traded him to. So the Knicks agreed to trade four of their top six players, realizing there were few chances to add a player of Anthony’s caliber to one like Stoudemire. The Knicks hope Anthony will be able to play Wednesday when they host Milwaukee. He is expected to arrive in New York to take his physical late Tuesday or Wednesday morning. New York’s once-passionate fan base was turned off by the team’s poor play on the court and embarrassing press off it for most of the decade under Isiah Thomas’ reign. But in the third season under


Walsh and D’Antoni, the buzz has come back, and it’s only going to get louder once Anthony takes the court. “New York City was on fire even before this trade happened with Carmelo, thanks to (the traded players) and I think with the help of Carmelo and Chauncey and the rest of the guys, we have a great shot at it,” Stoudemire said. Though Anthony was the focus, the Knicks are excited about the acquisition of Billups, a former NBA finals MVP and All-Star who remains one of the league’s top point guards and will orchestrate D’Antoni’s pick-and-roll offense. The Anthony trade saga lasted all season and often overshadowed the Knicks’ improved play. During a chaotic final week, the Nuggets entertained offers from the Knicks and New Jersey Nets, with both owners meeting with Anthony during the All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. Walsh repeated the Knicks’ previous denials that Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan — with advice from Thomas — had taken the Anthony pursuit out of his hands and paid more than carmelo Anthony has averaged 25.2 points per game this season. Walsh would have.

AssociAted Press

Lighty charges Buckeyes past Illinois Associated Press From around college hoops... COLUMBUS, Ohio — David Lighty scored 17 of his 21 points in the second half and William Buford had all 17 of his in the first to lead No. 2 Ohio State past Illinois 89-70 on Tuesday night. Jared Sullinger 12 points and 11 rebounds for the Buckeyes (26-2, 13-2 Big Ten), who had lost two of three after winning their first 25 games. Mike Davis scored 18 points and Demetri McCamey had 15 points and six assists. Ohio State shot 53 percent from the field to end Illinois’ string of 37 consecutive games holding an opponent under 50 percent. No. 5 Texas 76, Iowa St. 53 AUSTIN, Texas — Jordan Hamilton broke out of a two-game shooting slump with 20 points and Texas rebounded from its first loss in a month. Tristan Thompson shook off an early flub when he tipped the ball into the wrong basket to finish with 17 points and 14 rebounds for the Longhorns (24-4, 121 Big 12). Hamilton and Thompson keyed a big Texas run at the start of the second half that put the game away. Texas had won 11

AssociAted Press

ohio state coach thad Matta yells out instructions from the sideline against ilinois. straight to grab first place in the Big 12 before losing at Nebraska last weekend. Diante Garrett scored 16 points to lead the Cyclones.(1414, 1-12), who lost their 10th straight overall and seventh in a row to Texas.

No. 16 Louisville 55, Rutgers nine shots from long range in opening a 19-point first-half PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Pre- lead and handing Rutgers (13ston Knowles hit three 3-point- 14, 4-11) its third straight loss ers in a game-opening 17-2 run and seventh in eight games. for Louisville. Knowles finished with 14 The Cardinals (21-7, 10-5 points and eight rebounds and Big East) hit six of their first Kyle Kuric added 11 points for 37

Bobcats handle Raptors Associated Press From around the NBA... CHARLOTTE — D.J. Augustin had 23 points and eight assists, and Charlotte cruised past listless Toronto despite losing top scorer Stephen Jackson to a strained left hamstring in a 114-101 win. Gerald Wallace added 20 points and Boris Diaw had 16 points and nine assists for the Bobcats, who took control with a dominant second quarter before Jackson got hurt midway through the third. Jackson, who scored 13 points, collided with Toronto’s Amir Johnson after a driving layup and later limped to the locker room while clutching his left leg. He returned to the bench a few minutes later, but didn’t play again. Sonny Weems scored 19 points and Andrea Bargnani added 18 points and eight rebounds for the Raptors, who lost their 11th straight road game to tie a franchise record. Heat 117, Kings 97 MIAMI — LeBron James scored 31 points, Dwyane Wade added 23 and the Miami Heat opened their post-AllStar schedule with an easy 117-97 win over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night. The Heat never trailed, AssociAted Press jumping out to a 35-16 lead afcharlotte’s d.J. Augustin, right is fouled by toronto’s Jose ter the first quarter and evencalderon, left, in the Bobcats’ 114-101 victory. tually going up by as many as

29 before the starters got pulled. Chris Bosh had a 22-point, nine-rebound night and Mario Chalmers added 14 points for Miami, which won for the 11th time in its last 12 games. The Heat made seven straight shots on the way to shooting 64 percent in the opening quarter, setting the stage for a rout. Samuel Dalembert had 18 points and 13 rebounds off the bench for the Kings, who are 1-8 in February. Thunder 111, Clippers 88 OKLAHOMA CITY — Jeff Green scored 22 points, Kevin Durant added 21 and Oklahoma City spoiled Blake Griffin’s return to his hometown by beating Los Angeles. Griffin made a run at his first career triple-double but came up two assists shy. He followed his slam dunk title and rare All-Star appearance by a rookie by amassing 28 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists, but the Clippers sorely missed him when he was out of the game. Los Angeles gave up a 16-0 run with Griffin on the bench at the end of the first half with three fouls, and he was out again when the Thunder put it away early in the fourth quarter. Pacers 113, Wizards 96 WASHINGTON — Danny

Granger had 21 points and 10 rebounds, and Indiana piled on the fast-break points to open the season’s homestretch with a rout of Washington. Tyler Hansbrough added 17 points in 21 minutes as the Pacers broke a two-game losing streak and improved to 83 under interim coach Frank Vogel. Indiana, despite sitting five games below .500, holds the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and moved within a halfgame of seventh-place Philadelphia as the focus turns toward the postseason now that the All-Star break is over. The Pacers scored all 26 of their fast-break points by the third quarter and would have broken their season high of 28 if they hadn’t started taking their time because they were so far ahead. Rockets 108, Pistons 100 AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Rookie forward Patrick Patterson scored a career-high 20 points, including seven in a row late in the fourth quarter as Houston pulled away from Detroit. After both teams had blown double-digit leads, Patterson’s tip-in gave the Rockets a 9594 advantage. He added a three-point play and a pair of free throws to make it a sixpoint game with 2:35 to play.

Louisville, which held Rutgers to a season-low point total in its second best defensive performance of the season. Gilvydas Biruta had 12 points to lead the Scarlet Knights, who made 13 field goals in shooting a season-low 29.5 percent. The 37 points were the fewest for Rutgers since it had that many in a 2007 loss to DePaul. Louisville’s previous opponent low this season was 35 against San Francisco. Tennessee 60, No. 18 Vanderbilt 51 NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Scotty Hopson scored 19 points, and Tennessee rallied from 11 points down in the second half to sweep the season series from its instate rival. Tennessee (17-11, 7-6 Southeastern Conference) has won two of its last three, and this time the Vols won by hitting their free throws when it mattered most. Hopson hit all six of his attempts as Tennessee, which hit only three of its first nine from the line, hit 11 of 12 over the final 2:52. Melvin Goins scored 15 points for the Vols who won in coach Bruce Pearl’s 200th game at Tennessee. He celebrated by blowing a few kisses at fans as he left the court at Memorial Gym. The Commodores (20-7, 85) snapped a five-game winning streak. John Jenkins, the SEC’s leading scorer, had 11 points for Vanderbilt.

‘Canes fall in Overtime Associated Press RALEIGH — The New York Rangers are getting their wins in heart-stopping fashion lately as they try to hold onto a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Regulation victories? They have been scarce for coach John Tortorella’s team, which is living on the edge with a slim lead over the eighthplace Carolina Hurricanes. Wojtek Wolski tied the game late in regulation, and then scored the only goal in the shootout to lift New York to a 4-3 victory over the Hurricanes on Tuesday night. The Rangers had lost eight of 10, but they kept fighting after Jussi Jokinen scored two third-period goals to give the Hurricanes their only lead. “We felt we were getting a lot of scoring chances, felt that we were playing well,” Tortorella said. “We just stayed with it, we just kept on playing, and I thought as the third period went on, we kept on grinding and shifted all the momentum playing in their end zone.” New York won in a shootout for the fourth time since Jan. 22, which accounts for all but one of the its victories in that span.




Calhoun struck down by NCAA Associated Press

jon c. lakey/sALisBUrY Post

Javon Hargrave and North rowan hope to advance to the sectional final with a win tonight at saxapahaw river Mill.

PLAYOFFS FroM 1B if it holds the Rams to 60 or so. If Carson and West both win they’ll meet for the fifth time this season on Friday in China Grove in a game to decide a regional berth. Boys games North Rowan (22-5) at Saxapahaw River Mill (9-20), 1A If you’re looking at the records and wondering why the heck North Rowan is on the road tonight, well, you’re staring at a basic flaw in the playoff system. North Rowan emerged from a hard fight in the YVC tournament — a league with nine 1A teams — with the No. 1 seed for the playoffs. River Mill actually finished seventh — no kidding, seventh — in a split 1A/2A league, but as the highest finisher among the 1A schools, it

was granted a No. 1 seed. And since the YVC has the lowest seeding priority of all the 1A leagues this year, North gets to hit the road tonight. The good news for North fans is the Cavaliers shouldn’t have much trouble once they locate the school. River Mill beat Science & Math’s Unicorns 43-39 recently and they also edged the feared Fighting Pickles of N.C. School of the Arts by a single point. River Mill lost to Davie 8345 and to Thomasville 62-39, which gives you an idea of how the Jaguars are going to fare against North. A trip to Monroe is likely for North on Friday. Surry Central (14-13) at Salisbury (18-6), 2A Surry Central upset East Lincoln in Denver on Monday, with Ethan Wilmoth scoring 27 points for the Golden Eagles. Surry Central is usually a man-to-man team but won by playing zone on Monday.

Salisbury, which has won 12 of its last 14, is capable of putting all five starters in double figures and probably has too much speed and firepower for Surry Central. If Salisbury wins, it will either play at West Stokes or at home against Waxhaw Cuthbertson on Friday. A.L. Brown (13-9) at West Rowan (16-10), 3A West’s boys are playing as well as anyone in the county right now — except maybe the Salisbury girls. While the overall record still doesn’t look like vintage West, the Falcons have lost just once since Domonique Noble got healthy. Two great guards will be on the floor — West junior Keshun Sherrill and Brown senior Teven Jones. Both average 21 points a game, so they’ll probably neutralize each other. This game is going to be decided on the backboards, and the Falcons were stout in that area against Central

Cabarrus on Monday. The winner travels to Waddell or Northwest Cabarrus. Davie (19-5) at Pfafftown Reagan (24-1), 4A Howard West, who coached those super-talented teams at R.J. Reynolds a decade ago, is now in charge of a Reagan group that coaches compare to those highly skilled East Rowan squads that made playoff runs a few years ago. Reagan has no post presence, but it has five players who can shoot, handle and pass. Davie lost 66-63 and 77-58 to Reagan in CPC games. Reagan’s recent loss to Mount Tabor provides Davie encouragement. Davie has beaten Mount Tabor. If the War Eagles can overpower Reagan in the paint with Shannon Dillard, they may be able to pull the upset and win 20 games for the first time since 2000. Grimsley or Southwest Guilford would be next if Davie advances.

UConn coach Jim Calhoun was suspended by the NCAA for three games next season for recruiting violations committed under his watch, though the program dodged a major sanction when it was spared a postseason ban. Calhoun was cited by the NCAA on Tuesday for failing to create an atmosphere of compliance within his program and was suspended for the first three Big East games during the 201112 season. The NCAA also hit UConn with scholarship reductions for three academic years, recruiting restrictions, permanent disassociation of a booster and three years probation. As a part of the disassociation of the booster, not named in the report, the university will not be able to accept financial contributions, recruiting assistance or provide him with any benefit and privileges. “We think the penalty is appropriate,” said Dennis Thomas, chairman of the Committee on Infractions. “The head coach should be aware, but, also in the same frame, the head coach obviously cannot be aware of everything that goes on within the program. However, the head coach bears that responsibility.” Thomas said Calhoun will serve the suspension next year because UConn could appeal the decision. • STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Another game, another milestone within reach for Penn State’s Talor Battle. The senior guard needs three assists to become the first Big Ten player and just the 10th in Division I history to have 2,000 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assists in his career. The last player to reach the impressive trifecta was Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez

last year. But Vasquez has one accomplishment on his resume that has so far eluded Battle — playing in the NCAA tournament. “It’s a pretty cool milestone,” Battle said Tuesday before practice, sporting a stoic look. “It’s not that I don’t want to hear about it. But fielding questions (about it) is kind of annoying because all I care about is winning games.”

BaSeBall COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — Former major league general manager Roland Hemond was selected to receive the Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hall of Fame. Hemond became the second winner of the award, the Hall announced Tuesday. O’Neil, a Negro Leagues star and the first black coach in the majors, received it posthumously in 2008, two years after his death. “When you read a description of the Buck O’Neil Lifetime Achievement Award — character, integrity, dignity, extraordinary efforts and positive impact, you truly are reading a description of Roland Hemond,” said White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, a member of the Hall’s board. Reinsdorf was in Hemond’s office when the call informing him of the award came in.

coll. FooTBall BLACKSBURG, Va. — Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer shuffled his coaching staff Tuesday, removing game-day play-calling from offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring and handing those duties to quarterbacks coach Mike O’Cain. Beamer said Tech’s embarrassing 40-12 loss to Stanford in the Orange Bowl was a factor in the wholesale changes. “I think we had a disappointing Orange Bowl,” Beamer said during a conference call. “I think as you look at it you make decisions that you think are best for your football program.”

Shockey released by Saints

NASCAR FroM 1B tona 500 winner in race history. He left Michael Waltrip Racing late last season when that team had no sponsorship lined up for 2011, was snapped up by Roush Fenway Racing, and planned to run for the Nationwide title this year even though RFR has no sponsorship for him. The sponsorship situation hadn’t changed Tuesday, a Roush spokesman said, and Bayne reiterated he has no plans to change series and instead race for the Cup title. Poston said drivers are allowed to change their mind once during the season, but do not get retroactive points. Poston said NASCAR believes the new guidelines will ultimately help younger drivers get exposure, and cited Cassill and Reed Sorenson as examples of drivers who benefited following the Nationwide race at Daytona. Cassill finished third and Sorenson finished fifth, but both had post-race news conferences because they were the highest-finishing drivers to collect points. Cassill has a 1-point lead over Sorenson in the standings, but has no ride lined up for Phoenix. He used his news conference to lobby for a job. “I had two or three fulltime ride opportunities in the Trucks and Nationwide Series this year that were passed over for veteran drivers,” he said. “I want to be able to put myself in front of these sponsors and be like, ‘Guys, I bring energy, I bring fire. I’m talented. That’s why I’m here. ‘ “But the sponsors want the drivers that have been used over and over again.” Poston said NASCAR hopes the new system will encourage sponsors to sign on with younger drivers. “We believe this system will be helpful long-term for all drivers,” he said.

AssociAted Press

tiger Woods signs autographs for fans on tuesday.

Tiger stays focused on game Associated Press MARANA, Ariz. — Tiger Woods is the talk of the Match Play Championship again. At least this year it’s about how he plays, not what he says. That doesn’t mean his prospects are any better. Woods passes another mile marker this week on what appears to be a slow road back. The first was Thanksgiving, the one-year anniversary of when his life came crashing down around him. The next one will be at the Masters, where he finally returned to golf. It was a year ago at the Match Play Championship that Woods showed just how much golf revolves around him. “The day the world came to a standstill,” Retief Goosen said with a grin. The opening round Wednesday was no more than three hours old when word came that Woods, who had been in seclusion since revelations of his extramarital affairs, would be speaking publicly for the first time from across the country at the TPC Sawgrass. Just like that, the 32 winners that day didn’t matter. Players were ignored again two days later, when Woods gave a 131/2-minute statement that was televised around the world. He spoke about two hours before third-round matches, and Dove Mountain was

buzzing with media. They weren’t there for the golf. “I remember turning up to the golf course and there were 50 media guys around the clubhouse, waiting for us to go to the locker room,” Paul Casey said. “It was headphones in and hat on. Even if I did want to speak, I didn’t know what to say. We were trying to absorb it as much as everyone. It was strange. I don’t know about the rest of the players. I watched it with curiosity.” Goosen avoided the media by going through a back entrance, and he wasn’t alone. “They were all standing there waiting for you to say something and blow it all out of proportion,” Goosen said. Eight players advanced to the quarterfinals that day, a forgotten achievement. One of them was Stewart Cink, who went 19 holes to beat Charl Schwartzel, then walked back toward the clubhouse to see a larger-than-usual group of reporters waiting for him. He was asked seven questions — all about Woods. “I wanted to talk about my match,” Cink said with a laugh. “I did get a couple of questions ... from the PGA Tour media official.” Ian Poulter didn’t even turn on the TV that morning. He didn’t want anything to distract from his match, and not watching meant he would have nothing to say.

Associated Press Around the NFL... NEW ORLEANS — For flamboyant tight end Jeremy Shockey, the party is over — at least in New Orleans. Shockey was released Tuesday by the Saints, who appear ready to move on with promising second-year pro and 2010 third-round draft choice Jimmy Graham. Shockey was no stranger to the Big Easy social scene and also helped give the city a reason to celebrate like never before. He made a crucial touchdown catch in the fourth quarter of the Saints’ lone Super Bowl victory over Indianapolis in Miami just more than a year ago. But with one season and $4.2 million in base salary left on Shockey’s contract, the Saints decided the best way to pursue a second championship would be without the 30-year-old, nine-year veteran. “Jeremy played an important role in helping our team bring a Super Bowl championship to New Orleans,” coach Sean Payton said. • WASHINGTON — Federally mediated negotiations between the NFL and the players’ union have stretched 35 hours over five consecutive days — and they aren’t done. The mediation is voluntary — in theory, each side could walk away at any time — yet it now appears very likely that the current round of talks will stretch through Thursday, which would make for a full week. One indication: The union sent a memo Tuesday to let player agents know that their meeting that was supposed to happen Thursday in Indianapolis is being postponed because of the mediation. Commissioner Roger Goodell, NFL Players Association executive director

AssociAted Press

the saints released Jeremy shockey tuesday and believe Jimmy Graham can fill the void. DeMaurice Smith and members of their bargaining teams met for about eight hours Tuesday at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, a U.S. government agency. • CHARLOTTE — The Carolina Panthers placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on two-time Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil on Tuesday, a move that will help keep the core of the offensive line intact but will also make two other key players unrestricted free agents. General manager Marty Hurney chose to restrict Kalil’s free agency over running back DeAngelo Williams and defensive end Charles Johnson. They will likely become two of the more sought after players when a labor deal is struck and free agency be-

gins. • DENVER — The Denver Broncos have signed Champ Bailey to a four-year deal, keeping the perennial Pro Bowl cornerback off the free agent market. John Elway, the Broncos’ chief of football operations, announced the move in a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon. • CLEVELAND — The Browns aren’t kicking Phil Dawson aside. The team placed its franchise tag on the longtime dependable kicker, the only player remaining from Cleveland’s 1999 expansion squad. Dawson, who was expected to become a free agent, will make $3.25 million next season, and it’s possible he could still sign a long-term contract with the Browns.



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LPN or CMA Busy Urgent Care in Salisbury looking for a FT LPN or CMA. Three 12 hour days a week with alternating weekends. Email resumes to or fax to 704-637-2746. No phone calls. Custodian/Janitorial

Custodian Positions Two positions available; one part-time (20 hours/week) and one full-time. The fulltime position is eligible for College benefits. Duties include the general cleaning of assigned buildings on the campus. Floor and carpet care experience preferred. Weekend work at times. Moderate lifting required. Submit applications/resumes to: Larry Farmer, Human Resources Officer, Catawba College, 2300 West Innes Street, Salisbury, N.C. 28144; by email to: or by fax to: 704- 637-4289. Catawba College is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Antiques & Collectibles

Cotton Fabric. About 22 yards of various prints. 8 children's different designs. $35 for all. 704-279-8694


Nail Technician needed, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Pay with commission or by hour 704-279-8319

for local co. Must have CDL, 2 yrs. exper. & clean driving record. Benefits avail. Call 704-638-9987



OTR Driver, leave on Sunday night or Monday morning, return on Thurs. Must have CDL-A w/HazMat. 704-361-3867

Earn Extra Money! Deliver the new AT&T Real Yellow Pages in the Salisbury area. FT/PT, daily work, quick pay, must be 18 yrs+, have drivers license & insured vehicle (800)422-1955 Ext. 4 8:00A-4:30P Mon-Fri Healthcare

Certified Med Techs needed. Best of Care Assisted Living, 234 Northdale Ave., Kannapolis. 704-933-4339.

Great benefits. Fax resume to 704-216-2011

Computers & Software

Speakers. 2 Bose 201 Series IV Direct/Reflecting Speakers. Excellent cond. Cost $200. for $75. Sacrifice Rockwell 704-202-5022

Dell Laptop Computer, internet ready, wireless, Windows XP. $165. 980-205-0947

Clothes Adult & Children

Rosetta Stone - $75 Windows 7 - $50 Photoshop CS5 - $50 Call Chris 704-970-6562

Boots. Women's Timberland boots 8½M, white / blue $40. 704-640-4373 after 5pm

Consignment Growing Pains Family Consignments Call (704)638-0870 115 W. Innes Street

Call Classifieds to place your yard sale ad... 704-797-4220

Process Server, serving Legal documents. Experience required. Email resume to Skilled Labor

Electrician & Helper needed for commercial work. Must be willing to travel. Exp. req. 704855-5600 Ext. 20 & 27

Seeking Employment NEED home care or child care? Certified Nursing Assistant looking to work evenings. References provided. Salisbury/ Concord area. Carol, 704-279-5750

JVC Audio/Video Control Receiver, Powered Infinity subwoofer, 6 JBL speakers. Excel. Cond. $150. Rockwell. Please call 704-279-8333

Boppy tummy time mat, $20; Fisher Price play mat, $20; Monkey travel high chair, $20. Call Katie 704-280-5869




Farm Equipment, new & used. McDaniel Auction Co. 704-278-0726 or 704798-9259. NCAL 48, NCFL 8620. Your authorized farm equipment dealer.

Flowers & Plants

Headline type

to show your stuff!

Assorted Lego pieces, different sizes. $30. Please call 704-642-1301 or 704-213-7707

Ladder, 12 ft. wooden extension, $25. 2 six-inch heavy duty c-clamps, $20. Walker 5-ton air truck bumper jack, $200. Call 704-633-3419

Lumber All New!

Games. Nintendo 4 game Gun, fishing rod. $250. Like new. Used 5 times. Call 704-531-4938

2x6x16 $7 2x3x studs $1.25 2x6x8 studs $3.25 2x4x14 $3.50 2x4x7 $1.50 Floor trusses $5 each 704-202-0326

Trolling Motor - Minn Kota, foot controlled, 4 speed, 24 lb. Thrust, low hrs., used very little. $200 firm. 980-621-1520

Lawn and Garden Holshouser Cycle Shop Lawn mower repairs and trimmer sharpening. Pick up & delivery. (704)637-2856

Machine & Tools

METAL: Angle, Channel, Pipe, Sheet & Plate Shear Fabrication & Welding FAB DESIGNS 2231 Old Wilkesboro Rd Open Mon-Fri 7-3:30 704-636-2349 Moving boxes, used from Allied Vans. 70 available. All sizes w/packing paper. $4/box. 704-762-9371

Table saw, Rockwell floor model with carbide blade. $75. Angle grinder 4½” Skill, $15. Drill Mast. $10. 704-857-9275

Sewing machines, portable. 2 avail. $60 ea. RND oil drums, 550 gallon, $70. 300 gallon, $40. 704-857-5445

Tiller $75 Please Call 704-2791711, no calls after 8pm

Shark Steam cleaner, $75; Hunter Ceiling Sports Fan, $60; Autographed Football card, Joe Montana, $15. 704-633-7757.

Misc For Sale

Show off your stuff!

Aquarium, 55gal with pine stand, hood, lights & Magnum 350 filter, $300. Call 704-213-1215

Firewood for Sale: Pick-up/Dump Truck sized loads, delivered. 704-647-4772

Basketball Goal - $60 Antique Pie Safe - $250 Rockwell. 336-239-4942

Furniture & Appliances

With our

Antique Table with 2 drop leafs, $100; old serving cart, $75; 2 cedar boxes, $75 each; large cedar box, $100. 704-279-1711, no calls after 8pm Bed, full size, dresser with mirror, like new, quality construction. 704637-3679

Bedroom suite. 3 piece Mahogany. With mirrors. $250. Please call 704213-9191 for more info.

Homes for Sale

Want to Buy Merchandise

Alexander Place

All Coin Collections Silver, gold & copper. Will buy foreign & scrap gold. 704-636-8123 Andy's Logging. Want to buy timber. Land owner paid by thousand board foot. Paid for pulp wood. Minimum of 1 acre. 336-467-0560 Timber wanted - Pine or hardwood. 5 acres or more select or clear cut. Shaver Wood Products, Inc. Call 704-278-9291. Watches – and scrap gold jewelry. 704-636-9277 or cell 704-239-9298

Business Opportunities A COKE/M&M vending route! 100% Finc. Do you earn $2K/wk? Loc's in Salis. 800-367-2106 x 6020 J.Y. Monk Real Estate School-Get licensed fast, Charlotte/Concord courses. $399 tuition fee. Free Brochure. 800-849-0932

Free Stuff

Cat - free to loving home, 2 yr. old female, blue eyes, call between 10am and 6pm at 704 636 1054

Lost & Found Send us a photo and description we'll advertise it in the paper for 15 days, and online for 30 days

Air Conditioners, Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Frig. $65 & up. Used TV & Appliance Center Service after the sale. 704-279-6500

for only




704-797-4220 *some restrictions apply

Bingham Smith Lumber Co. !!!NOW AVAILABLE!!! Metal Roofing Many colors. Custom lengths, trim, accessories, & trusses. Call 980-234-8093 Patrick Smith

Couches – (1) Multicolored, $40 obo; (1) brown plaid, $100 obo; Entertainment Center, $75. 704-279-1711 no calls after 8pm

BINGHAM-SMITH LUMBER CO. Save money on lumber. Treated and Untreated. Round Fence Post in all sizes. Save extra when Call buying full units. Patrick at 980-234-8093.

Dining Table, seats 6 w/ matching hutch $400 for both obo. Call 704-6471577, ask for Susan

Camper top for a pick up truck, 78x61. $65. Good condition. $65. 704-6360517

New American ProLine Natural Gas 40 gallon Water Heater. Contractor paid. $530. Your price $400. Rockwell. Call 704202-5022

Fish Pond, free form, 51" x 32", 18" deep, heavy duty black plastic. 3 builtin plant shelves. Cost $170. Excellent condition $80. 704-279-8694

Smith Corona Word processing typewriter SD 670. $30. 704-642-1301 or 704-213-7701 STEEL, Channel, Angle, Flat Bars, Pipe Orders Cut to Length. Mobile Home Truss- $6 ea.; Vinyl floor covering- $4.89 yd.; Carpet- $5.75 yd.; Masonite Siding 4x8- $14; 12”x16' lap siding at $6.95 ea. School Desks - $7.50 ea. RECYCLING, Top prices paid for Aluminum cans, Copper, Brass, Radiators, Aluminum. Davis Enterprises Inc. 7585 Sherrills Ford Rd. Salisbury, NC 28147 704-636-9821

The Brewers' Brew That Overflowed by De An Simmons is an autobiographical memoir of music, tragedy & qualms. Many say it would make a good film on bipolar disorder. Available at The Literary Bookpost, 110 S. Main St., Salisbury, & other online retailers.

China Grove, 2 new homes under construction ... buy now and pick your own colors. Priced at only $114,900 and comes with a stove and dishwasher. B&R Realty 704-633-2394 BUYER BEWARE The Salisbury Post Classified Advertising staff monitors all ad submissions for honesty and integrity. However, some fraudulent ads are not detectable. Please protect yourself by checking the validity of any offer before you invest money in a business opportunity, job offer or purchase.

Bank Foreclosures & Distress Sales. These homes need work! For a FREE list:

East Salis. 4BR, 2½BA. Lease option purchase. Interest rates are low. Good time to build. 704-638-0108

Great home priced 33k below tax value! Builder says bring all offers! Make lower interest rates work for you! Walk into your brand new home w/ equity! 3,112 sf 4BR, 4BA on .918 ac. Quality built w/lots of custom features. Central to Salis., Mooresville, Concord. MLS #50008 Teresa Rufty TMR Realty (704) 433-2582

Lovely Home

West Rowan - 401 Primrose - Perfect for that growing family!! 3,700+sf, .8 acres, 6 BR, 4½ BA, large rooms, lots of storage, tile throughout. Priced in the $200's. Motivated Seller! Bring Offer! USDA 100% Financing still available - MLS #49584 Teresa Rufty, TMR Realty, Inc. (704) 433-2582

Motivated Seller!

E. Spencer

Bring All Offers

3 BR, 2 BA, newer kitchen, large dining room, split bedrooms, nice porches, huge detached garage, concrete drives. R51548 $84,900. Monica Poole 704-245-4628 B&R Realty East Rowan

New Listing

Beautiful 3 BR, 2 BA in a great location, walk-in closets, cathedral ceiling, room, double great attached garage, large lot, back-up generator. A must see. R51757. $249,900. B&R Realty, 704-202-6041

East Rowan

Gold Hill area. 3BR, 1BA. 1,123 sq. ft. living area. Hardwood floors, partial basement, storage building. Large lot. 2.03 acres. East schools. Rowan/Rockwell Asking $79,500. 704-2795674 or 704-637-1202

Move in Ready!

Completely remodeled. 3BR, 2BA. 1202 Bell St., Salisbury. Granite counter tops, new stainless steel appliances, new roof, windows and heat & air, hardwood floors, fresh paint. MUST SEE! $120,000. Will pay closing and possibly down payment. Call for appointment 704-637-6567

Move-In Condition!

Call today about our Private Party Special!

Bedroom suite, new 5 piece. All for $297.97. Hometown Furniture, 322 S. Main St. 704-633-7777

3 ft. Leyland Cypress or Green Giant Trees. Makes a beautiful property line boundary or privacy screen. 1 gallon $10 per tree. 3 gallon 5 ft. & full, $30. Varieties of Gardenias, Nandina, Juniper, Holly, Ligustrum, Hosta, Viburnum, Gold Mop, Camelias, Arbor-vitae, Azaleas AND MORE! $8. All of the above include delivery & installation! 704-274-0569

Want to get results? Use

Air Hockey Table $50. Please Call 704-279-1711, no calls after 8pm

ANDERSON'S SEW & SO, Husqvarna, Viking Sewing Machines. Patterns, Notions, Fabrics. 10104 Old Beatty Ford Rd., Rockwell. 704-279-3647

Fuel & Wood

Farm Equipment & Supplies

Stop Smoking~Lose Weight It's Easy & Very Effective Decide Today 704-933-1982

Games and Toys

Hunting and Fishing


Dress, black satin. Knee length. Wide straps with rhinestones. Size 24W. Never worn. Paid $80. Asking $25. Call 704636-2855 before 8pm.


HYPNOSIS will work for you!

Local plumbing company needs experienced service plumber. Excellent pay and benefits. Driver's license required. Plumbing license helpful. Call 704-933-8010, ask for Brad.


Baby Items

Clothes. Women's 3X-4X, 15 pieces, $2 each. Please call 704-640-4373 after 5 p.m.


Clothes Adult & Children

Ridge dishes, Blue complete place setting for 6 plus serving pieces. 52 pieces. $300. Rockwell 704-202-5022

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies


Square bales. 400 bales of fescue. 500 bales of brown top millet. $2.50/bale. 704-239-6242

Bike. 20", 15 speed boy's bicycle, Roadmaster, Ultraterrain. $40. 704642-1301 / 704-213-7707

Homes for Sale

Lost dog. From home in Spencer on Main St. near the Moose Lodge. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call 704-400-9913 or 704239-3732. Please help us bring T-Bone home! Found 2 Male Dachshund, (1) light & chocolate color and (1) light brown & gray. Found at Old Beatty Ford Rd. & Church Rd Organ intersection on 2/17/11. 704-279-1788 Found Cat. Older, looks be Himalayan, to Thursday, Feb. 17 in Cooper Rd area. 704855-4528. Found Dog, Jack Russell Terrier, on Luther East Barger Road, Rowan Area. Call (704) 279-4736 with description to claim dog. Found dog. Black Pug mix. Male. Found in Rockwell/Main St. area. Call 704-213-0482 or 704-232-9679 Lost Black Snoodle, male, 4 yrs. old, his name is Louie, from Mountview Drive area, Mocksville. Kids are heartbroken. 336-751-2202

Rockwell, 3 BR, 2 BA. Cute brick home in quiet subdivision. Outbuilding, wooded lot, nice deck off back. Kitchen appliances stay. R51385 $129,900 B&R Realty Dale Yontz 704.202.3663 Fulton Heights


Salis. 3BR/2BA, 1100 s.f., + 300 s.f. additonal storage in fenced in back yard, built in 1988, recently remodeled & appraised at $102,500. Open to reasonable offer. 704-267-8700 or e-mail:

New Listing

3 BR, 2 BA, Attached carport, Rocking Chair front porch, nice yard. R50846 $119,900 Monica Poole 704.245.4628 B&R Realty

1116 Holmes Street, 3 BR, 1 full BA, 2 half BA, wonderful starter or investment home. Sits on .479 acres, single carport, outside storage building, new HVAC & ductwork. Selling AS IS. Seller is open to all offers. Realty, Teresa TMR Rufty, 704-433-2582 Rockwell

Granite Quarry. 1112 Birch St. (Eastwood Dev) 3BR, 2BA. 1,900 sq. ft. w/ in-ground pool. Beautiful home inside with open floor plan, hardwood floors, large master suite, cathedral ceilings and sunroom. Tastefully landscaped outside. A MUST SEE and owner is ready to sell! $179,800. Please call 704-433-0111

3 BR, 2 BA. Wood floors in great room, split bedroom floor plan, formal dining room, back deck, Koi pond, lush landscaping, wired storage building. R51819A $174,900 B&R Realty, Lesa Prince 704796-1811



25th Birthday Sadé Granford (Duca)

Happy Birthday Nona! I love you, more! Graham Forod Hosch, II…Deuce

Happy 44th Birthday to our Mommy, Jill! Happy Birthday to the best Dad ever! We love you! Mason, Benjamin & Katelyn

I Love You!

Happy Birthday Ba-LaLa! Daddy loves you so much. Today is your day!

Your Mother

Happy Birthday Sadé. From your whole family. We love you!

Happy Birthday Momma. From your little fellow Kingston

Happy Birthday Jenna Freeze! We love you! Love, Dad, Teia, Tori & Jamie

One Year Anniversary

BUY ONE Seafood or Short Order Plate FOR $5.99 OR MORE FEBRUARY plus 2 drinks and GET THE SECOND SPECIALS Seafood or Short Order of equal 4-8PM ONLY or lesser value FOR 50% OFF

HOT DOGS 5/$5.00


We Deliver Parties, Church Events, Etc.



Fax: 704-630-0157 In Person: 131 W. Innes Street Online:

MawMaw wants to thank all her customers for your continued support!

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5550 Hwy 601 • Salisbury, NC 28147 • 704-647-9807 HOURS: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat: 11AM-8PM Wednesday 11AM-3PM • Closed on Sundays S48968

Birthday? ...

Team Bounce 704-202-6200

Hours of daily personal attention and doggie fun at our safe 20 acre facility. Professional homestyle boarding, training, and play days with a certified handler/trainer who loves dogs as much as you do.

We want to be your flower shop!

Salisbury Flower Shop S45263

Please Fax, hand deliver or fill out form online 18 WORDS MAX. Number of free greetings per person may be limited, combined or excluded, contingent on space available. Please limit your birthday greetings to 4 per Birthday.

MawMaws Kozy Kitchen



1628 West Innes St. Salisbury, NC • 704-633-5310





Want to Downsize Your Gas Guzzler? Find your answer in the Salisbury Post Classifieds – in print and online!

Go to or call 704-797-4220.

Homes for Sale

Rockwell Rockwell

A Must See


06 CIVIC. Runs great. 34 MPG, 30k miles. Call Jim 555-3210.

Homes for Sale

3 BR, 2 BA in Hunters Pointe. Above ground pool, garage, huge area that could easily be finished upstairs. R51150A. $179,900. B&R Realty 704-633-2394


PRICE REDUCED $27K – 365 D. Earnhardt Rd. 3BR, 2BA, on 3.11 acres, Large with great rooms closet/storage space, oversized garage. A definite must see!! Priced in the $200's!! Motivated Seller, bring offers. MLS #50302 Teresa Rufty, TMR Realty, Inc. 704-433-2582

Legals No. 61014 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Administrator for the Estate of Barry Lane Beaver, 6445 Wright Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 1st day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 31st day of January, 2011. Michael A. Beaver, Admn. For the estate of Barry Lane Beaver, deceased, File 11E114, 6445 Wright Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081 Attorney at Law: Bruce L. James, 10105 Hickorywood Hill Avenue, Huntersville, NC 29078 No. 61050 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Executor for the Estate of Mary F. Plummer, 710 Julian Road, Salisbury, NC 28147. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 14th day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 7th day of February, 2011. Christopher B. Blame, Executor for the estate of Mary F. Plummer, deceased, File 11E147, 2445 S.W. 18th Terrace, Apt. 305, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 Resident Process Agent, Sidney J. Bame, 1618 Old South Main Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 No. 61013 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having Qualified as Executor for the estate of Walter Lee Day, 2245 Stirewalt Rd., China Grove, NC 28023, this is to notify all persons, firms and corporation having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 3rd day of May, 2011 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 26th day of January, 2011. Barbara Jean Fox, Executor of the estate of Walter Lee Day, File #11E90, 2245 Stirewalt Rd., China Grove, NC 28023 Attorney at Law, Richard D. Locklear, P.O. Box 56, Landis, NC 28088

No. 61071 NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE NORTH CAROLINA, ROWAN COUNTY - 10 SP 1125 Under and by virtue of a Power of Sale contained in that certain Deed of Trust executed by Wayne Howard Wagoner and Deborah D. Sims to Graham M Carlton, Trustee(s), which was dated October 30, 2000 and recorded on October 30, 2000 in Book 0893 at Page 0049, Rowan County Registry, North Carolina. Default having been made in the payment of the note thereby secured by the said Deed of Trust and the undersigned, Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, having been substituted as Trustee in said Deed of Trust, and the holder of the note evidencing said indebtedness having directed that the Deed of Trust be foreclosed, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at the courthouse door of the county courthouse where the property is located, or the usual and customary location at the county courthouse for conducting the sale on February 24, 2011 at 10:00AM, and will sell to the highest bidder for cash the following described property situated in Rowan County, North Carolina, to wit: Lying in Unity Township, Rowan County, North Carolina and being Lot Number 3, containing 5.31 acres of MEADOW ESTATES SUBDIVISION as described on plat by Don Allen and Associates P.A., dated August 2, 2000 and recorded in Book of Maps 9995, Page 3963, Rowan County Registry. Save and except any releases, deeds of release or prior conveyances of record. Said property is commonly known as 565 Campbell Road, Woodleaf, NC 27054. Third party purchasers must pay the excise tax, and the court costs of Forty-Five Cents (45) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) pursuant to NCGS 7A-308(a)(1). A cash deposit (no personal checks) of five percent (5%) of the purchase price, or Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($750.00), whichever is greater, will be required at the time of the sale. Following the expiration of the statutory upset bid period, all the remaining amounts are immediately due and owing. Said property to be offered pursuant to this Notice of Sale is being offered for sale, transfer and conveyance "AS IS WHERE IS." There are no representations of warranty relating to the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions existing in, on, at, or relating to the property being offered for sale. This sale is made subject to all prior liens, unpaid taxes, any unpaid land transfer taxes, special assessments, easements, rights of way, deeds of release, and any other encumbrances or exceptions of record. To the best of the knowledge and belief of the undersigned, the current owner(s) of the property is/are Wayne H. Wagoner. An Order for possession of the property may be issued pursuant to G.S. 45-21.29 in favor of the purchaser and against the party or parties in possession by the clerk of superior court of the county in which the property is sold. Any person who occupies the property pursuant to a rental agreement entered into or renewed on or after October 1, 2007, may, after receiving the notice of sale, terminate the rental agreement upon 10 days' written notice to the landlord. The notice shall also state that upon termination of a rental agreement, the tenant is liable for rent due under the rental agreement prorated to the effective date of the termination. If the trustee is unable to convey title to this property for any reason, the sole remedy of the purchaser is the return of the deposit. Reasons of such inability to convey include, but are not limited to, the filing of a bankruptcy petition prior to the confirmation of the sale and reinstatement of the loan without the knowledge of the trustee. If the validity of the sale is challenged by any party, the trustee, in their sole discretion, if they believe the challenge to have merit, may request the court to declare the sale to be void and return the deposit. The purchaser will have no further remedy. Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, Substitute Trustee By: Attorney, Brock & Scott, PLLC,Attorneys for Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC 5431 Oleander Drive Suite 200, Wilmington, NC 28403 PHONE: (910) 392-4988, FAX: (910) 392-8587 File No.: 10-35219-FC01 No. 61072 NOTICE OF SALE IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE OF NORTH CAROLINA SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION - ROWAN COUNTY - 10 sp 1143 IN THE MATTER OF THE FORECLOSURE OF A DEED OF TRUST EXECUTED BY MARK E. KELLER, JR. AND HEATHER G. KELLER DATED JULY 31, 2000 AND RECORDED IN BOOK 886 AT PAGE 338 AND MODIFIED BY AGREEMENT RECORDED JUNE 10, 2003 IN BOOK 977, PAGE 112 AND MODIFIED AGAIN BY AGREEMENT RECORDED MAY 21, 2004 IN BOOK 1008, PAGE 958 IN THE ROWAN COUNTY PUBLIC REGISTRY, NORTH CAROLINA Under and by virtue of the power and authority contained in the above-referenced deed of trust and because of default in the payment of the secured indebtedness and failure to perform the stipulation and agreements therein contained and, pursuant to demand of the owner and holder of the secured debt, the undersigned substitute trustee will expose for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the usual place of sale at the county courthouse of said county at 1:30 PM on March 1, 2011 the following described real estate and any other improvements which may be situated thereon, in Rowan County, North Carolina, and being more particularly described as follows:

No. 61106 The Rowan-Salisbury School System is accepting bids from companies interested in providing the hard cover books required to support a new media center being established at Henderson Independent HS. Bid proposals accepted until Friday, March 4th at 5:00p. For further details contact Chris Vecchione, Project Coordinator @ 704-639-7088 or No. 61101 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Administrator for the Estate of Ruth Hodge Lee, 8195 Karriker Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 24th day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 18th day of February, 2011. Ruth Hodge Lee, deceased, Rowan County File #2011E163, Cynthia Meacham, 191 Antler Way, Salisbury, NC 28144 Attorney: William W. Cameron, III, 117 W. Council Street, Salisbury, NC 28144

No. 61104 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Administrator for the Estate of Woodrow Albert Hooks, 7971 Arizona Place, Kannapolis, NC 28081. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 23rd day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 17th day of February, 2011. Woodrow Albert Hooks, deceased, Rowan County File #2011E129, William Albert Hooks, 1406 Todd Ave., Kannapolis, NC 28081

No. 61105 The Rowan-Salisbury School System is accepting bids from companies interested in providing (2) 4-student science lab stations required to support a new science lab being established at Henderson Independent HS. Bid proposals accepted until Thursday, March 3rd at 5:00p. For further details regarding the requirements of the science lab stations, contact Chris Vecchione, Project Coordinator @ 704-6397088 or No. 61015

NO. 61102 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having Qualified as Executor of the Estate of Donald C. Markham, Jr., 2835 Hill Top Drive, Salisbury, NC 28147, this is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before: May 23, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 17th day of February, 2011. Donald C. Markham, Jr., deceased, Rowan County File #2011E27, Kimberly M. Schrank, 231 Armstrong Road, Rochester, NY 14612 Attorney: Carole Carlton Brooke, PO Box 903, China Grove, NC 28023

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Executor for the Estate of Pauline Bertha Allison, 108 W. Main Street, Cleveland, NC 27013. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 1st day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 31st day of January, 2011. Polly A. Walker, Executor for the estate of Pauline Bertha Allison, deceased, File 11E23, 296 Bailey Road, Mooresville, NC 28117

No. 61070

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Executor for the Estate of Charlie R. Pethel, 8597 Smith Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 13th day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 7th day of February, 2011. Charlie R. Pethel, deceased, Rowan County File 2011E143, Ronald E. Pethel, 3826 Hwy. 187 South, Anderson, SC 29626

NOTICE OF SALE IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE OF NORTH CAROLINA SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION - ROWAN COUNTY - 11sp12 IN THE MATTER OF THE FORECLOSURE OF A DEED OF TRUST EXECUTED BY NEBRASKA WELLS AND JUDY B. WELLS DATED OCTOBER 1, 1987 AND RECORDED IN BOOK 429 AT PAGE 251 IN THE ROWAN COUNTY PUBLIC REGISTRY, NORTH CAROLINA Under and by virtue of the power and authority contained in the above-referenced deed of trust and because of default in the payment of the secured indebtedness and failure to perform the stipulation and agreements therein contained and, pursuant to demand of the owner and holder of the secured debt, the undersigned substitute trustee will expose for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the usual place of sale at the county courthouse of said county at 10:00 AM on March 2, 2011 the following described real estate and any other improvements which may be situated thereon, in Rowan County, North Carolina, and being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at an eip in the Southwest edge of the right of way of W. Henderson Street, being 150 ft. (+-) from intersection of N. Church Street in the edge of a 10 foot Alley; thence with the edge of said Alley, S. 47-28-51 W. 201.75 ft. to a nip; thence continuing in said Alley, N. 41-43-37 W. 59.35 ft. to a n.i.p; thence N. 29-0940 W, 41.77 ft. to a n.i.p in the edge of a 10 foot alley; thence with the edge of said Alley, N. 47-32-15 E. 190.00 ft. an e.i.p in edge of W. Henderson Street; thence with the edge of said Street, S. 43-15-11 E. 99.80 ft. to the beginning, containing 0.455 acre on plat dated 9/25/87 by Richard L. Shulenburger, RLS, also see recorded map in Map Book, Page 25-A in Rowan County Registry. And Being more commonly known as: 215 West Henderson St, Salisbury, NC 28144 The record owner(s) of the property, as reflected on the records of the Register of Deeds, is/are Nebraska Wells and Judy B. Wells. The property to be offered pursuant to this notice of sale is being offered for sale, transfer and conveyance "AS IS, WHERE IS." Neither the Trustee nor the holder of the note secured by the deed of trust, being foreclosed, nor the officers, directors, attorneys, employees, agents or authorized representative of either Trustee or the holder of the note make any representation or warranty relating to the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions existing in, on, at or relating to the property being offered for sale. Any and all responsibilities or liabilities arising out of or in any way relating to any such condition expressly are disclaimed. This sale is made subject to all prior liens and encumbrances, and unpaid taxes and assessments including but not limited to any transfer tax associated with the foreclosure. A deposit of five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid or seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), whichever is greater, is required and must be tendered in the form of certified funds at the time of the sale. This sale will be held open ten days for upset bids as required by law. Following the expiration of the statutory upset period, all remaining amounts are IMMEDIATELY DUE AND OWING. Failure to remit funds in a timely manner will result in a Declaration of Default and any deposit will be frozen pending the outcome of any re-sale. SPECIAL NOTICE FOR LEASEHOLD TENANTS: If you are a tenant residing in the property, be advised that an Order for Possession of the property may be issued in favor of the purchaser. Also, if your lease began or was renewed on or after October 1, 2007, be advised that you may terminate the rental agreement upon 10 days written notice to the landlord. You may be liable for rent due under the agreement prorated to the effective date of the termination. The date of this Notice is January 31, 2011. Grady I. Ingle Or Elizabeth B. Ells, Substitute Trustee, 10-003413 10130 Perimeter Parkway, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28216 (704) 333-8107 No. 61099 NOTICE OF SALE IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE OF NORTH CAROLINA SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION - ROWAN COUNTY - 11sp45 IN THE MATTER OF THE FORECLOSURE OF A DEED OF TRUST EXECUTED BY KENNETH R. GULLETTE AND SUSAN F. GULLETTE DATED NOVEMBER 6, 2003 AND RECORDED IN BOOK 992 AT PAGE 838 IN THE ROWAN COUNTY PUBLIC REGISTRY, NORTH CAROLINA Under and by virtue of the power and authority contained in the above-referenced deed of trust and because of default in the payment of the secured indebtedness and failure to perform the stipulation and agreements therein contained and, pursuant to demand of the owner and holder of the secured debt, the undersigned substitute trustee will expose for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the usual place of sale at the county courthouse of said county at 12:00 PM on March 9, 2011 the following described real estate and any other improvements which may be situated thereon, in Rowan County, North Carolina, and being more particularly described as follows: Lying and being situated in Rowan County, North Carolina and more particularly described as follows: Lying in China Grove Township and being Lot No. 39 as shown on the Map of East Jackson Park, a map of said property being on file in the Office of the Register of Deeds in Book of Maps at Page 836.

Lying and being in the City of China Grove, China Grove Township, Rowan County, North Carolina, and being Lot No. 9, Block "F", Section Three (3) of West Haven as surveyed and platted, a copy of which plat is filed in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Rowan County, in Book of Maps at Page 1323, to which map reference is hereby made for a more complete description thereof by metes and bounds.

Beginning at a stake in the southeastern corner of the intersection of Centerfield Avenue and Woodlawn Street (the Northwestern corner of Lot No. 39) and runs thence, S. 4-14 W. 130 feet with the eastern edge of Centerfield Avenue to a point in the eastern edge of Centerfield Avenue, the western common corner of Lot No. 39 and 61; thence with the dividing line of Lot No. 39 and 61, S. 85-46 E. 100 feet to a point, a common corner of Lots Nos. 39, 40, 61 and 62; thence with dividing line of Lots Nos. 39 and 40 N. 4-14 E. 130 feet to a point in the southern edge of Woodlawn Street, front common corner of Lots Nos. 39 and 40; thence with the southern edge of Woodlawn Street N. 85-46 W. 100 feet to the point of beginning.

And Being more commonly known as: 825 Laurel St, China Grove, NC 28023

And Being more commonly known as: 2300 Woodlawn St, Kannapolis, NC 28083

The record owner(s) of the property, as reflected on the records of the Register of Deeds, is/are Mark E. Keller, Jr. and Heather G. Keller.

The record owner(s) of the property, as reflected on the records of the Register of Deeds, is/are Kenneth R. Gullette and Susan F. Gullette.

The property to be offered pursuant to this notice of sale is being offered for sale, transfer and conveyance "AS IS, WHERE IS." Neither the Trustee nor the holder of the note secured by the deed of trust, being foreclosed, nor the officers, directors, attorneys, employees, agents or authorized representative of either Trustee or the holder of the note make any representation or warranty relating to the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions existing in, on, at or relating to the property being offered for sale. Any and all responsibilities or liabilities arising out of or in any way relating to any such condition expressly are disclaimed. This sale is made subject to all prior liens and encumbrances, and unpaid taxes and assessments including but not limited to any transfer tax associated with the foreclosure. A deposit of five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid or seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), whichever is greater, is required and must be tendered in the form of certified funds at the time of the sale. This sale will be held open ten days for upset bids as required by law. Following the expiration of the statutory upset period, all remaining amounts are IMMEDIATELY DUE AND OWING. Failure to remit funds in a timely manner will result in a Declaration of Default and any deposit will be frozen pending the outcome of any re-sale.

The property to be offered pursuant to this notice of sale is being offered for sale, transfer and conveyance "AS IS, WHERE IS." Neither the Trustee nor the holder of the note secured by the deed of trust, being foreclosed, nor the officers, directors, attorneys, employees, agents or authorized representative of either Trustee or the holder of the note make any representation or warranty relating to the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions existing in, on, at or relating to the property being offered for sale. Any and all responsibilities or liabilities arising out of or in any way relating to any such condition expressly are disclaimed. This sale is made subject to all prior liens and encumbrances, and unpaid taxes and assessments including but not limited to any transfer tax associated with the foreclosure. A deposit of five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid or seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), whichever is greater, is required and must be tendered in the form of certified funds at the time of the sale. This sale will be held open ten days for upset bids as required by law. Following the expiration of the statutory upset period, all remaining amounts are IMMEDIATELY DUE AND OWING. Failure to remit funds in a timely manner will result in a Declaration of Default and any deposit will be frozen pending the outcome of any re-sale.

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR LEASEHOLD TENANTS: If you are a tenant residing in the property, be advised that an Order for Possession of the property may be issued in favor of the purchaser. Also, if your lease began or was renewed on or after October 1, 2007, be advised that you may terminate the rental agreement upon 10 days written notice to the landlord. You may be liable for rent due under the agreement prorated to the effective date of the termination.

SPECIAL NOTICE FOR LEASEHOLD TENANTS: If you are a tenant residing in the property, be advised that an Order for Possession of the property may be issued in favor of the purchaser. Also, if your lease began or was renewed on or after October 1, 2007, be advised that you may terminate the rental agreement upon 10 days written notice to the landlord. You may be liable for rent due under the agreement prorated to the effective date of the termination.

The date of this Notice is February 8, 2011.

The date of this Notice is February 15, 2011.

Grady I. Ingle Or Elizabeth B. Ells, Substitute Trustee, 10-011357 10130 Perimeter Parkway, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28216 (704) 333-8107

Grady I. Ingle Or Elizabeth B. Ells, Substitute Trustee, 11-012095 10130 Perimeter Parkway, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28216 (704) 333-8107

No. 61046

No. 61100 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Executor for the Estate of John Conaway Lucas, 225 Castle Keep Road, Salisbury, NC 28146. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 24th day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 18th day of February, 2011. John Conaway Lucas, deceased, Rowan County File #2011E195, Carol Ann Lucas Cullifer, 180 Seneca Lane, PO 21, Wiley, GA 30581 No. 61103 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having qualified as Administrator for the Estate of Eleanor Faye Barringer Clontz, 1230 Short Street, Salisbury, NC 28144. This is to notify all persons, firms and corporations having claims against the said decedent to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 27th day of May, 2011, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons, firms and corporations indebted to said estate are notified to make immediate payment. This the 21st day of February, 2011. Eleanor Faye Barringer Clontz, deceased, Rowan County File #2010E714, Shirley Sue Clontz Ramsey, PO Box 533, East Spencer, NC 28039

No. 61098 AMENDED NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE 10 SP 218 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in a certain Deed of Trust made by Terry S. Freeze and Andrea F. Freeze to Mitchell L. Heffernan, Trustee (s), dated the 9th day of February, 2004, and recorded in Book 999, Page 956, in Rowan County Registry, North Carolina, default having been made in the payment of the note thereby secured by the said Deed of Trust and the undersigned, Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. having been substituted as Trustee in said Deed of Trust by an instrument duly recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Rowan County, North Carolina and the holder of the note evidencing said indebtedness having directed that the Deed of Trust be foreclosed, the undersigned Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at the courthouse door in the City of Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, or the customary location designated for foreclosure sales, at 2:00 PM on March 9, 2011 and will sell to the highest bidder for cash the following real estate situated in the County of Rowan, North Carolina, and being more particularly described as follows: All that certain lot or parcel of land situated in China Grove and Litaker Townships, Rowan County, North Carolina and more particularly described as follows: Tract 1; Beginning at an existing iron rod, the common corner of Phillips (767/144) and Stegal (784/849) in the line of Bell (534/103), (which beginning point is North 02 deg. 52 min. 17 sec East 197.61 feet and North 03 deg. 25 min. 20 sec. East 284.86 feet from an axle found in the northern margin of the right of way of Irish Potato Road in which axle is North 88 deg. 51 min. 22 sec. East 2144.90 feet from an existing railroad spike in the centerline of the intersection of Old Concord Road and Irish Potato Road): Thence from said Beginning point, with the line of Stegal North 84 deg. 58 min. 15 sec. West 287.89 feet to a new iron, the northwest corner of Stegal; thence North 02 deg. 54 min. 42 sec. East 12.00 feet to an existing iron pin; thence North 84 deg. 59 min. 38 sec. West 101.47 feet to a new iron; thence a new line North 02 deg. 54 min. 24 sec. East 104.56 feet to a new iron in the line of Lear (780/715) (which iron is South 84 deg. 18 min. 37 sec. East 707.52 feet from an existing iron in the southeastern margin of the right of way of Old Concord Road); thence with Lear South 84 deg. 18 min. 37 sec. East 396.01 feet to an existing iron in the line of Bell; thence with Bell South 6 deg. 32 min. 47 sec. West 99.87 feet to an existing iron; thence continuing with Bell South 3 deg. 25 min. 20 sec. West 12.00 feet to an existing iron, the point and place of BEGINNING, and being 1.0 acre as shown on the survey and map by Donald J. Moore, PC, dated April 19, 2000, revised May 14, 2000. Tract 2: Beginning at an existing iron rod, the common corner of Phillips (767/144) and Stegal (784/849) in the line of Bell (534/103), (which beginning point is North 02 deg. 52 min. 17 sec. East 197.61 feet and North 03 deg. 25 min. 20 sec. East 284.86 feet from an axle found in the northern margin of the right of way of Irish Potato Road, and which axle is North 88 deg. 51 min. 22 sec. East 2144.90 feet from an existing railroad spike in the centerline of the intersection of Old Concord Road and Irish Potato Road); Thence from said Beginning point, with the line of Bell South 03 deg. 25 min. 20 sec. West 130.73 feet to a new iron; thence a new line North 81 deg. 55 min. 17 sec. West 129.47 feet to a new iron; thence a new line North 00 deg. 45 min. 52 sec. East 124.15 feet to a new iron in the line of Freeze (882/729) thence with Freeze South 84 deg. 58 min. 15 sec. East 134.86 feet to the point and place of Beginning, and being 0.385 acre as shown on the survey and map by Donald J. Moore, PC, dated April 19, 2000, revised July, 2000. Together with improvements located thereon; said property being located at 177 Lillyfield Drive, Rockwell, North Carolina. Trustee may, in the Trustee's sole discretion, delay the sale for up to one hour as provided in NCGS 45-21.23. Should the property be purchased by a third party, that party must pay the excise tax, as well as the court costs of Forty-Five Cents ($0.45) per One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) required by NCGS 7A-308(a)(1). The property to be offered pursuant to this notice of sale is being offered for sale, transfer and conveyance "AS IS, WHERE IS." Neither the Trustee nor the holder of the note secured by the deed of trust/security agreement, or both, being foreclosed, nor the officers, directors, attorneys, employees, agents or authorized representative of either the Trustee or the holder of the note make any representation or warranty relating to the title or any physical, environmental, health or safety conditions existing in, on, at or relating to the property being offered for sale, and any and all responsibilities or liabilities arising out of or in any way relating to any such condition expressly are disclaimed. Also, this property is being sold subject to all taxes, special assessments, and prior liens or encumbrances of record and any recorded releases. Said property is also being sold subject to applicable Federal and State laws. A cash deposit or cashier's check (no personal checks) of five percent (5%) of the purchase price, or seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), whichever is greater, will be required at the time of the sale. An order for possession of the property may be issued pursuant to G.S. 45-21.29 in favor of the purchaser and against the party or parties in possession by the clerk of superior court of the county in which the property is sold. Any person who occupies the property pursuant to a rental agreement entered into or renewed on or after October 1, 2007, may after receiving the notice of sale, terminate the rental agreement upon 10 days' written notice to the landlord. Upon termination of a rental agreement, the tenant is liable for rent due under the rental agreement prorated to the effective date of the termination. If the trustee is unable to convey title to this property for any reason, the sole remedy of the purchaser is the return of the deposit. Reasons of such inability to convey include, but are not limited to, the filing of a bankruptcy petition prior to the confirmation of the sale and reinstatement of the loan without the knowledge of the trustee. If the validity of the sale is challenged by any party, the trustee, in their sole discretion, if they believe the challenge to have merit, may request the court to declare the sale to be void and return the deposit. The purchaser will have no further remedy. THIS IS A COMMUNICATION FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. THE PURPOSE OF THIS COMMUNICATION IS TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE, except as stated below in the instance of bankruptcy protection. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE PROTECTION OF THE BANKRUPTCY COURT OR HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED AS A RESULT OF A BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDING, THIS NOTICE IS GIVEN TO YOU PURSUANT TO STATUTORY REQUIREMENT AND FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES AND IS NOT INTENDED AS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT OR AS AN ACT TO COLLECT, ASSESS, OR RECOVER ALL OR ANY PORTION OF THE DEBT FROM YOU PERSONALLY. This 16th day of February, 2011. SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE SERVICES, INC., SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE BY: Attorney at Law, The Law Firm of Hutchens, Senter & Britton, P.A. Attorneys for Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. P.O. Box 1028, 4317 Ramsey Street, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28311, Case No: 1029092

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Land for Sale

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Salisbury & Shelby, 2, 3 & 4 BR, starting at $29,900! Must see! Call today 704-633-6035

Bringle Ferry Rd. 2 tracts. Will sell land or custom build. A50140A. B&R Realty, Monica 704-245-4628



W. Rowan 1.19 acs. Old Stony Knob Rd. Possible owner financing. Reduced $19,900. 704-640-3222

For Sale, Rent, or Trade ~ Really!

New Home

W. Rowan

FARM FOR SALE Rockwell. 507 Depot St. 3BR, 1½BA. Storage bldg. Fenced yard. Lrg screened back porch. Lrg lot. Stove, refrig., & dishwasher stay. Completely remodeled. Central HVAC. Closing costs neg. Trade considered. $94,900. Duncan Properties 704-202-8143

Forest Creek. 3 Bedroom, 1.5 bath. New home priced at only $98,900. R48764 B&R Realty 704.633.2394 Salisbury

New Listing



2 BR, 1 BA, hardwood floors, detached carport, handicap ramp. $99,900 R47208 B&R Realty 704.633.2394 Salisbury

3 BR, 2 BA home in wonderful location! Cathedral ceiling, split floor plan, double garage, large deck, storage building, corner lot. $154,900 R51853 Monica Poole 704-2454628 B&R Realty Salisbury

New Listing

Awesome Location

3BR, 2BA. Wonderful location, new hardwoods in master BR and living room. Lovely kitchen with new stainless appliances. Deck, private back yard. R51492 $124,900 Monica Poole B&R Realty 704-245-4628

3 BR 2.5 BA has many extras! Great kitchen w/granite, subzero ref., gas cooktop. Formal dining, huge garage, barn, greenhouse. Great for horses or car buffs! R51894 $439,500. Dale Yontz. 704-202-3663 B&R Realty

Over 2 Acres

Convenient Location 3 BR, 2.5 BA, wonderful home on over 2 acres, horses allowed, partially fenced back yard, storage building. $164,900 R51465 B&R Realty 704.633.2394 Salisbury


Convenient Location Salisbury, Safrit Rd., 3BR/2BA modular home in country, 1.34 acres, workshop. Outbuildings, above ground carport, pool, deck, metal roof, thermal windows, gas logs. $85,000. 704-8596273.

Motivated Seller New Listing

Cute 1 BR 1 BA waterfront log home with beautiful view! Ceiling fans, fireplace, front and back porches. R51875 $189,900. Dale Yontz 704-202-3663 B&R Realty

All Lots Reduced PRICED TO SELL!! BRING OFFERS!! Take advantage of lower land costs and interest rates! Six lots from .94 to 3.6 acres. Near Salis., Mooresville, Concord. Wooded & basement lots are available-builders are welcome. Teresa Rufty TMR Development. 704-433-2582.

Olde Fields Subdivision. ½ acre to over 2 acre lots starting at available $36,000. B&R Realty 704.633.2394

Barnhardt Meadows. Quality home sites in country setting, restricted, pool and pool House complete. Use your builder or let us build for you. Lots start at $24,900. B&R Realty 704-633-2394

Knox Farm Subdivision. Beautiful lots available now starting at $19,900. B&R Realty 704.633.2394

Unique Property

Mechanics DREAM Home, 28x32 shop with lift & air compressor, storage space & ½ bath. All living space has been completely refurbished. Property has space that could be used as a home office or dining room, deck on rear, 3 BR, 1 BA. R51824A $164,500 B&R Realty, Monica Poole 704-245-4628 Salisbury. 2 or 3 bedroom Townhomes. For information, call Summit Developers, Inc. 704-797-0200

Salisbury. 3BR,2½BA. 1.85 acres, corner lot. 1,840 sq. ft. 2 car garage, $195,000. 1070 Dunns Mtn. Church Rd. Call 704-326-6490

Manufactured Home Sales $500 Down moves you in. Call and ask me how? Please call (704) 225-8850

A Country Paradise

Motivated Seller

15 minutes N. of Salisbury. 2 BR, 2 BA singlewide on large treed lot in quiet area with space to plant flowers. $850 start-up, $450/mo incl. lot rent, home payment, taxes, insurance. RENT or RENT-TOOWN. 704-210-8176. Call after noon. American Homes of Rockwell Oldest Dealer in Rowan County. Best prices anywhere. 704-279-7997

Wanted: Real Estate *Cash in 7 days or less *Facing or In Foreclosure *Properties in any condition *No property too small/large

3 BR, 2 BA, Well established neighborhood. All brick home with large deck. Large 2 car garage. R50188 $163,900 B&R Realty 704.633.2394

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


For the lake or awesome back yards! Over 1800 sqft., true modular with foundation on your land. $113,293. Call to see the “great kitchen.” 704-463-1516 Salisbury Area 3 or 4 bedroom, 2 baths, $500 down under $700 per month. 704-225-8850

Real Estate Services Allen Tate Realtors Daniel Almazan, Broker 704-202-0091 B & R REALTY 704-633-2394

Century 21 Towne & Country 474 Jake Alexander Blvd. (704)637-7721 Salisbury. 925 Agner Rd. Below tax and appraisal value at $399,000. 3 BR/2BA brick home w/sunroom and 2 car garage sits in the middle of this beautiful property. Open and wooded pasture areas w/barn. 704-603-8244 or 704-209-1405

Investment Property

China Grove

Child Care Facility/Commercial Bldg.

China Grove. 2BR, 2BA. All electric. Clean & safe. No pets. $575/month + deposit. 704-202-0605 CLANCY HILLS APARTMENTS 1, 2 & 3 BR, conveniently located in Salisbury. Handicap accessible units available. Section 8 assistance available. 704-6366408. Office Hours: M–F TDD Relay 9:00-12:00. 1-800-735-2962 Equal Housing Opportunity.

Clean, well maintained, 2 BR Duplex. Central heat/air, all electric. Section 8 welcome. 704-202-5790

1 & 2BR. Nice, well maintained, responsible landlord. $415-$435. Salisbury, in town. 704-642-1955

1, 2, & 3 BR Huge Apartments, very nice. $375 & up. 704-754-1480 2 BR, 1 BA off Morlan Park Rd., has refrig. & stove, furnished yard maint. & garbage pickup. No pets. Rent $550, Dep. $500. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446 2 BR, 1 BA, close to Salisbury High. Rent $425, dep. $400. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446 2BR brick duplex with carport, convenient to hospita. $450 per month. 704-637-1020 AAA+ Apartments $425-$950/mo. Chambers Realty 704-637-1020

Airport Rd., 1BR with stove, refrig., garbage pickup & water incl. Month-month lease. No pets. $400/mo+$300 deposit. Furnished $425/mo. 704-279-3808 Airport Road, All elec. 2 BR, 1 BA. $450 per month + dep. & lease. Call 704-637-0370

BEST VALUE Quiet & Convenient, 2 bedroom town house, 1½ baths. All Electric, Central heat/air, no pets, pool. $550/mo. Includes water & basic cable.

West Side Manor Robert Cobb Rentals 2345 Statesville Blvd. Near Salisbury Mall

“A Good Place to Live” 1, 2, & 3 Bedrooms Affordable & Spacious Water Included 704-636-8385 Duplexes & Apts, Rockwell$500-$600. TWO Bedrooms Marie Leonard-Hartsell Wallace Realty 704-239-3096 Eaman Park Apts. 2BR, 1BA. Near Salisbury High. $375/mo. Newly renovated. No pets. 704-798-3896 East Salisbury. 1BR, 1BA. Full kitchen. Nice deck. Washer/dryer hookup. Call 704-638-0108 Fleming Heights Apartments 55 & older 704-636-5655 Mon.-Fri. 2pm-5pm. Call for more information. Equal Housing Opportunity. TDD Sect. 8 vouchers accepted. 800-735-2962 Livingstone. 3BR, 1BA duplex. Electric, cent. air/ heat, appl. No pets. $525/mo. 704-636-3307

Lovely Duplex Rowan Hospital area. 2BR, 1BA. Heat, air, water, appl. incl. $675. 704-633-3997 Moreland Pk area. 2BR all appliances furnished. $495-$595/mo. Deposit negotiable. Section 8 welcome. 336-247-2593 Moving to Town? Need a home or Apartment? We manage rental homes & apartments. Call and let us help you. Waggoner Realty Co. 704-633-0462

Rolling Hills Townhomes 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms Salisbury's Finest! 315 Ashbrook Rd 704-637-6207 Call for Spring Specials!

Salisbury. 1BR. Fully furnished apt. Utilities included. No pets. $550/mo. Deposit & ref. 704-855-2100 Salisbury. Free Rent, Free Water, New All Elec. Heat/air, on bus route. $495. 704-239-0691 STONWYCK VILLIAGE IN GRANITE QUARRY Nice 2BR, energy efficient apt., stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, water & sewer furnished, central heat/ac, vaulted ceiling, washer/dryer connection. $495 to $550 /Mo, $400 deposit. 1 year lease, no pets. 704-279-3808 WELCOME HOME TO DEER PARK APTS. We have immediate openings for 1 & 2 BR apts. Call or come by and ask about our move-in specials. 704-278-4340 for info. For immediate info call 1-828-442-7116

Condos and Townhomes E. Salisbury. 3BR, 2BA duplex. East Schools. All electric. Central air & heat. Call 704-638-0108 Salis. Luxury Townhome on golf course 3BR/2½BA, one small pet allowed. $1,150/mo + dep. 1-800-359-1324 Wiltshire Village Condo for Rent, $700. 2nd floor. Want a 2BR, 2BA in a quiet setting? Call Bryce, Wallace Realty 704-202-1319


Houses for Rent

China Grove. One room eff. w/ private bathroom & kitchenette. All utilities incl'd. $379/mo. + $100 deposit. 704-857-8112

3 BR, 1 BA, has refrigerator, stove & big yard. No pets. $625/rent + $600/dep. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446

Condos and Townhomes

Condos and Townhomes

KEY REAL ESTATE, INC. 1755 U.S. HWY 29. South China Grove, NC 28023 704-857-0539 Rebecca Jones Realty 610 E. Liberty St, China Grove 704-857-SELL

William R. Kennedy Realty 428 E. Fisher Street 704-638-0673

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Colony Garden Apartments 2BR and 1-1/2 BA Town Homes $575/mo. College Students Welcome! Near Salisbury VA Hospital 704-762-0795 Houses for Rent More Details = Faster Sales!

Attn. Landlords House Apple Realty has a 10 year / 95+% occupancy rate on prop's we've managed. 704-633-5067 Concord, 87 Meadow Ave, 3 BR, 1 BA, $700 mo.; Kannapolis, 314 North Ave, 3 BR, 2 BA, $800 mo. First full month rent free. KREA 704-933-2231

Don't Pay Rent! 3BR, 2BA home at Crescent Heights. Call 704-239-3690 for info. Fulton St. 3 BR, 1 ½ BA. Refrigerator, stove furnished. Rent $725, Dep., $700. Call Rowan Properties 704-633-0446 Granite Quarry, 309 Aspen Ave., 3 BR, 2 BA, $750/mo. + $750 deposit. 704-855-5353 Granite Quarry. 3BR, 2BA. Double garage. Fenced backyard. $1,000/ mo + dep. 704-642-1343 Houses: 3BRs, 1BA. Apartments: 2 & 3 BR's, 1BA Deposit required. Faith Realty 704-630-9650 Kannapolis, $550/mo. 4922 Atlanta St, 120 Basin Ave, E. Spencer, $425/mo. 2BR, 1BA Carolina-Piedmont Prop. 704-248-2520 Landis 2BR / 1BA. Good school district. Lease option or owner financing. 704-202-2696

RENTED I rented my house pretty quickly! Thanks for the great ad! ~T.F., Gold Hill

RENTED Rockwell 2BR/1BA, appls, central H/A, large storage bldg., $575/mo + dep. 704279-6850 or 704-798-3035 Sali. 4 BR, 1½ BA $800 all elec., brick, E. Spen. Apt. 2 BR, 1 BA, $425. Carolina-Piedmont Properties 704-248-2520

2 Homes in East Rowan, 3 BR, 2 BA. $975-$1050. Lease, dep. & ref. req. 704.798.7233

Office and Commercial Rental China Grove. 1200 sq ft. $800/mo + deposit. Call 704-855-2100 Furnished Key Man Office Suites - $250-350. Jake & 150. Util & internet incl. 704-721-6831 Granite Quarry - Start the New Year Right! Only two units left! Move in by 1/31/11 and pay no rent until 4/1/11. Comm. Metal Bldg. perfect for hobbyist or contractor. Call for details 704-232-3333 Numerous Commercial and office rentals to suit your needs. Ranging from 500 to 5,000 sq. ft. Call Victor Wallace at Wallace Realty, 704-636-2021

Salisbury 345 Cromer Rd. & 504 Cruise Rd, 3BRs in countryside, $850/mo. & 922 N. Main St. 3BR, $650/mo. 704-645-9986 Salisbury City. 2BR / 1BA, new vinyl, new roof, fenced bk yd. $495/mo + dep. 704-640-5750 Salisbury city. 3BR, 1BA. New central air & heat. Total electric. $550/ mo. + dep. 704-640-5750 Salisbury

They don't build them like this anymore!

Hardwood floors, expansive kitchen, jetted tub, beautiful original mantles & staircase, bedrooms w/great storage, 2 large rooms can be used as LR, den or ofc., walking distance to shops & dining. 704-616-1383 Salisbury, in country. 3BR, 2BA. $975/mo. Utilities included. No pets. Dep. & ref. 704-855-2100 Salisbury. 3 & 2 Bedroom Houses. $500-$1,000. Also, Duplex Apartments. 704636-6100 or 704-633-8263 Salisbury. 3BR, 2BA. Large lot. Water included. No pets. $850/mo. Deposit & ref. 704-855-2100

Salisbury. 3BR/2BA with 2 car garage. No pets. No smoking in the house. 5 miles from 85, rental references required. $750 per month, deposit & 1st month's rent. Call 704858-0014 or 704-433-7530

Office Complex Salisbury. Perfect location near Court House & County Building. Six individual offices. New central heat/air, heavily insulated for energy efficiency, fully carpeted (to be installed) except stone at entrance, conference room, employee break room, tile bathroom, complete integrated phone system with video capability in each office & nice reception area. Want to lease but will sell. Perfect for dual occupancy. By appt only. 704-636-1850 RESTAURANT clean, Exceptionally well maintained restaurant. Building & all equipment lease for $2900 / month Call 704-310-0346 to schedule viewing & for more information.


Office Space

We have office suites available in the Executive Center. First Month Free with No Deposit! With all utilities from $150 and up. Lots of amenities. Call Karen Rufty at B & R Realty 704-202-6041 Salisbury, Kent Executive Park ofc suites, ground flr. avail. Utilities pd. Conf. rm., internet access, break room, pkg. 704-202-5879

Spencer Shops Lease great retail space for as little as $750/mo for 2,000 sq ft at. 704-431-8636 Statesville Blvd., Suitable for beauty shop or office. Please Call 704-636-6100

Rooms for Rent

Dodge Avenger, 2008. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

MILLER HOTEL Rooms for Rent Weekly $110 & up 704-855-2100 Salisbury

West 13th St., in well established, nice neighborhood, totally furnished, internet, microwave, range, refrigerator, washer & dryer, all utitilies included. Single person only. No pets. $110/wk. + small deposit. 336-927-1738 Wkly rooms $150; daily from $35. Pool, HBO, wi-fi, phone, micro, fridge, breakfast. Exit 63, off I-85. 704-933-5080

Dodge Charger SXT, 2006. Silver steel metallic clearcoat exterior with dark/light slate gray interior. Stock #F11177A. $14,279.1-800-542-9758

Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie, 2007. Inferno red crystal clearcoat w/medium slate interior. Stock# gray Badboy. $36,979. 1-800542-9758

Financing Available! Autos

HONDA, 2003, ACCORD EX. $500-800 down, will help finance. Credit, No Problem! Private party sale. Call 704-838-1538 BMW 5 Series 530i, 2004. 4 door, manual transmission, new tires, sun/ moon roof, A/C, bucket seats, black w/black, leather int., keyless entry. 96K mi., $14,996. 704-4252913 or 704-856-8129

Ford Focus SES Sedan, 2006. Liquid gray clearcoat metallic exterior w/dark flint interior. Stock #F10444A. $6,477 1-800-542-9758

Cadillac CTS, 2006. Blackberry exterior w/ebony interior. Stock #F11236A. $16,779. Call Now 1-800-542-9758. Ford Focus SES, 2010. exterior w/ Ebony charcoal black interior. Stock #P7626. $17,879. 1-800-542-9758

Camaro SS, 1999 with white leather interior, V8, six speed, AM/FM/CD, MP3, DVD player w/JL subwoofer, T-tops, ridiculously low miles, chrome rims, EXTRA CLEAN! 704-603-4255

Warehouse space / manufacturing as low as $1.25/sq. ft./yr. Deposit. Call 704-431-8636

Ford Focus, 2009 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Manufactured Home for Rent 3 BEDROOM 3 BEDROOM, PRIVATE LOT $450 mth + deposit, NO indoor pets 704-3095017 (Habla Espanol) Between Salis. & China Grove. 2BR. No pets. Appl. & trash pickup incl. $475/ mo + dep. 704-855-7720 Bostian Heights. 2BR. Trash, lawn, & water service. No pets. $425/mo + deposit. 704-857-4843 LM

East Area. 2BR, water, trash. Limit 2. Dep. req. No pets. Call 704-6367531 or 704-202-4991


East Area. 2BR/2BA, on 3 acre private lot, carport, appls, $600/mo. + dep. No pets. 704-202-4668 East Rowan. 2BR. trash and lawn service included. No pets. $450 month. 704-433-1255 Faith area. 2BR, 1BA. A/C, appliances, water/ sewer, quiet. No pets. $375-$450/mo. + deposit. 704-279-2939

Spencer. 3BR. Appliances. Well water. $495/ mo. + $400 dep. Please call 704-630-0785

Great Area!

Office and Commercial Rental

Faith area. 1525 Rainey Road, 2BR, 1BA. Central heat & air, appliances, washer & dryer, water/sewer, quiet area. No pets. $450/mo. + deposit. 704-279-2939

450 to 1,000 sq. ft. of Warehouse Space off Jake Alexander Blvd. Call 704279-8377 or 704-279-6882

West & South Rowan. 2 & 3 BR. No pets. Perfect for 3. Water included. Please call 704-857-6951

Salisbury. 12,000 sq ft corner building at Jake Alexander and Industrial Blvd. Ideal for retail office space, church, etc. Heat and air. Please call 704279-8377 with inquiries.

Salisbury/Spencer 2, 4 & 5 BR $450-$850/mo. 704202-3644 or leave message. No calls after 7pm

Salisbury, Kent Executive Park office suites, $100 & up. Utilities paid. Conference room, internet access, break room, ample parking. 704-202-5879

Granite Quarry, 3 BR, 2 BA, DW. $700/mo. Salis., 2 BR, 1 BA house, $425/ mo. No Pets. 704-239-2833

Salisbury. 4BR, 1½BA. Central air/heat. Carpet. $625/mo. + deposit. Call 704-636-3307

1st Month Free Rent!


Faith. 2BR, 1BA. Water, trash, lawn maint. incl. No pets. Ref. $425. 704-2794282 or 704-202-3876

Salisbury 421 Faith Rd. Approx. 1,000 sq. ft. commercial property. $625 / mo. + dep. 704-633-9556

Cleveland. Very nice large 3BR/2BA manufactured home located on large private lot. Rent with option to buy $800/mo. 704-855-2300

2 BR, 1 BA, nice yard with utility building & carport. Appliances & Washer/Dryer included. New heat system. Good location. $650/mo. + $600 deposit. 704-202-0605

Manufactured Home for Rent

Office Building with 3 office suites; small office in office complex avail.; 5,000 sq.ft. warehouse w/loading docks & small office. Call Bradshaw Real Estate 704-633-9011

Salisbury 2BR. $525 and up. GOODMAN RENTALS 704-633-4802

Salisbury – 2 BR duplex in excellent cond., w/ appl. $560/mo. + dep. Ryburn Rentals 704-637-0601

Forest Glen Realty Darlene Blount, Broker 704-633-8867

Rowan Realty, Professional, Accountable, Personable . 704-633-1071

Approximately 5,000 sq. ft. Child care facility / commercial building with commercial kitchen on approximately 1.75 acres. Daycare supplies included. Playground measures 10,000 sq. ft. Call 704-855-9768

Apartments 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Available Now! Ro-Well Apartments, Rockwell. Central heat/air, laundry facility on site, nice area. Equal Housing Opportunity Rental Assistance when available; handicapped equipped when available. 704-279-6330, TDD users 828-645-7196.

Available Now! 1 BR for senior citizens 55 years of age and older. Rent $465, water, sewer & trash included. $99 security deposit. Office hours Tuesday & Thursday 9am-2pm. Call 704-639-9692. Some income restrictions apply


4 BR 2BA, like new Craftsman Style, huge front porch, renovated kitchen and bath, fresh paint. R51516 $124,900 Dale Yontz B&R Realty 704-202-3663

Investment Property

Commercial property, 8194 heated sq.ft., almost 12,933 all together. Showroom, offices, & warehouse space. $359,000. #51758 Call Varina @ B&R Realty 704-640-5200 or 704-633-2394.

Airport Rd. Duplex. 2BR, 2BA. $575/mo. 2BR, 1BA $550/mo., lease + dep., water furnished. No pets. Call 704-637-0370

Spencer Salisbury


Call 24 hours, 7 days ** 704-239-2033 ** $$$$$$


Great Location


Downtown Salis, 2300 sf office space, remodeled, off street pking. 633-7300

Lots for Sale

Western Rowan County


Brand new & ready for you, this home offers 3BR, 2BA, hardwoods, ceramic, stainless appliances, deck. R51547. $99,900. Call Monica today! 704.245.4628 B&R Realty

Convenience store business for sale with large game room/mini bar. Includes all stock, security system, ice maker, coolers, etc. $20,000. $8,000 Down, payments $155/mo., Building rent $900/mo. or move business. 704857-0625

Houses for Rent


Colonial Village Apts.

Southwestern Rowan Co.


Very nice 2 BR 2.5 BA condo overlooking golf course and pool! Great views, freshly decorated, screened in porch at rear. T51378. $98,500 B&R Monica Poole Realty 704-245-4628

Gorgeous farm in West Rowan for sale. Mostly open 10 to 179 acre tracts, prices starting at $9,000 per acre. Call Gina Compton, ERA Knight Realty, 704-4002632 for information.

Real Estate Commercial



Timber Run Subdivision, 4 BR, 2.5 BA, granite countertops, wood floors, rec room, screened porch, deck. R51603 $349,900 B & R Realty Dale Yontz 704.202.3663



To place an ad call the Classified Department at 704-797-4220

Chevrolet 2007 Trail Blazer LT. Dk blue w/black int., 4 dooor, 2 wheel drive, automatic, keyless entry, anti-lock brakes, steering wheel controls, 6 cylinder, 28K miles, $15,996. 704-4252913 or 704-856-8129

Chevrolet Impala, 2007 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Chrysler Sebring GTC, 2006. Silver steel metallic clearcoat, black vinyl top & dark slate gray interior. Stock #T11257A. $7,979. 1-800-542-9758

Ford Fusion SE, 2010. Smokestone metallic w/medium light stone interior. Stock #P7634. $17,679. 1-800-542-9758.

Ford Fusion SEL, 2008. 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe, 2008. Performance White clearcoat w/Light Graphite interior. Stock #T11263A. $24,879. 1-800-542-9758.


PRICE~QUALITY~LOCATION 2BR ~ 1.5 BA ~ Starting at $555

Senior Discount

Water, Sewage & Garbage included

704-637-5588 WITH 12 MONTH LEASE

2205 Woodleaf Rd., Salisbury, NC 28147 Located at Woodleaf Road & Holly Avenue






Warm weather is just around the corner .... and so is our S







Ford Mustang GT, 2006. Satin Silver Metallic / Light Graphite cloth interior. 4.6 V8 5-speed trans. SHAKER SOUND SYSTEM, all pwr, aftermarket rims. EXTRA CLEAN MUSCLE MACHINE !!! Call Steve at 704-603-4255


Ford Taurus, 2005. Light Tundra metallic w/tan cloth interior, 3.0 V6 auto trans, AM/FM/CD, alloy rims, all power. CHEAP RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION! Call Steve 704-603-4255

S E R V I C E S S P E C I A L S E C T I O N This popular feature is filled with ideas for home and garden improvement and professionals offering services. It publishes Sunday, March 27, 2011 and will be online for 30 days in a special SPRING HOME & GARDEN section The page will offer ad sizes of approximately 2.5” x 2.5”



Hyundai 2004 Tiburon GT. Black w/black leather int., power windows & locks, power & heated mirrors, alloy wheels, A/C, 6 cylinder, front wheel drive, spoiler. 80K miles, $8,995. 704-4252913 or 704-856-8129.


FREE COLOR & blocks may be purchased in multiples


Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 2008. Silver w/ Dark Slate Gray. Stock #T11223A. $19,179. 1-800-542-9758

Kia Rio, 2008 100% Guaranteed Credit Over 150+ Approval! Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Lexus LS 400, 1999, Cashmere Beige Metallic ext. w/Cypress Leather interior, 4.0, V8 auto trans AM/FM/CD changer, all power ops, SUNROOF, alloy rims RIDE & DRIVE TODAY!! 704-603-4255


Mazda RX8, 2005 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Nissan 2006 Maxima SL. Pristine, 4 door, Gray w/black leather seats, 6 sylinder, sunroof, power locks, keyless entry, A/C, heated power mirrors, antitheft system. 52K mi., $13,495. 704-425-2913 or 704-856-8129

Nissan Maxima, 2004 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

All you have to do is supply us with your business name, phone number & description of what you do. We can create your ad for you complete with artwork!

Hurry! Deadline is Friday, March 18th, 2011 fax the form below to 704-630-0157 mail to: Salisbury Post c/o Classified, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145 e-mail to: • call us: 704-797-4220

It’s Easy!

Jaguar S-Type, 2005. Black w/black leather interior, 6 sp. auto trans, 4.2L V8 engine, AM/FM/CD Changer, Premium Sound. Call Steve today! 704-6034255

Name ______________________________________________________________Phone ______________________ Business _______________________________________________________________________________________

Lincoln MKZ, 2007, Opal w/black Black leather interior, 3.5 V6, auto trans, all power options, dual power seats, AM/FM/CD, HEAT & AIR COOLED SEATS, chrome rims, AWESOME RIDE!!! 704-603-4255

Address________________________________________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________________________________State__________Zip _________ Description of services you offer (what you want ad to say) ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Jeep 1996 Grand Cherokee, 4 door, 4 wheel drive, one owner, garage kept, red w/gray interior, good mechanical condition, $2,000. 704-202-4098

______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________ C46112


Carport and Garages

Auction Thursday 12pm 429 N. Lee St. Salisbury Antiques, Collectibles, Used Furniture 704-213-4101

Lippard Garage Doors Installations, repairs, electric openers. 704636-7603 / 704-798-7603

Carolina's Auction Rod Poole, NCAL#2446 Salisbury (704)633-7369

OLYMPIC DRYWALL New Homes Additions & Repairs Small Commercial Ceiling Texture Removal

704-279-2600 Perry's Overhead Doors Sales, Service & Installation, Residential / Commercial. Wesley Perry 704-279-7325

Heritage Auction Co. Glenn M.Hester NC#4453 Salisbury (704)636-9277

Job Seeker meeting at 112 E. Main St., Rockwell. 6:30pm Mons. Rachel Corl, Auctioneer. 704-279-3596 KEN WEDDINGTON Total Auctioneering Services 140 Eastside Dr., China Grove 704-8577458 License 392

We Build Garages, 24x24 = $12,500. All sizes built! ~ 704-633-5033 ~

R. Giles Moss Auction & Real Estate-NCAL #2036. Full Service Auction Company. Estates ** Real Estate Had your home listed a long time? Try selling at auction. 704-782-5625

Child Care and Nursery Schools

Rockwell After School Child Care. Meals & help with homework. Call and leave msg. 704-239-2445

Rowan Auction Co. Professional Auction Services: Salis., NC 704-633-0809 Kip Jennings NCAL 6340.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Complete Cleaning Service. Basic, windows, spring, new construction, & more. 704-857-1708

WOW! Clean Again! New Year's Special Lowest Prices in Town, Senior Citizens Discount, Residential/Commercial References available upon request. For more info. call 704-762-1402


Drywall Services

Call us and Get Results!





Since 1955

Fencing Free Estimates Bud Shuler & Sons Fence Co. 225 W Kerr St 704-633-6620 or 704-638-2000 Price Leader since 1963

FREE ESTIMATES Licensed, bonded and insured. Since 1985.

Do you want first shot at the qualified buyers, or the last chance? Description brings results!

Piedmont AC & Heating Electrical Services Lowest prices in town!! 704-213-4022

Home Improvement A HANDYMAN & MOORE Kitchen & Bath remodeling Quality Home Improvements Carpentry, Plumbing, Electric Clark Moore 704-213-4471 Around the House Repairs Carpentry. Electrical. Plumbing. H & H Construction 704-633-2219

Home Improvement Kitchens, Baths, Sunrooms, Remodel, Additions, Wood & Composite Decks, Garages, Vinyl Rails, Windows, Siding. & Roofing. ~ 704-633-5033 ~ T E M Framing Repairs, remodeling, vinyl siding, rails, windows, decks. From the basement to the roof and everything in between. 704-202-9663

Junk Removal

Hide While You Seek! Our ‘blind boxes’ protect your privacy.

Toyota Avalon XLS Sedan, 2002. Woodland Pearl w/Ivory interior. Stock #T11232A. $11,879. 1-800-542-9758

Lawn Maint. & Landscaping

Miscellaneous Services

Roofing and Guttering

I buy junk cars. Will pay cash. $250 & up. Larger cars, larger cash! Call 704-239-1471

Basinger Sewing Machine Repair

WILL BUY OLD CARS Complete with keys and title or proof of ownership, $250 and up. (Salisbury area) RC's 704-267-4163

$3 U Pick Up. $3.50 delivered & $5 spread

Outdoors By Overcash Mowing, shrub trimming & leaf blowing. 704-630-0120

Lawn Maint. & Landscaping

Reliable Fence All Your Fencing Needs, Reasonable Rates, 21 years experience. (704)640-0223

Financial Services “We can remove bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and bad loans from your credit file forever!” The Federal Trade Commission says companies that promise to scrub your credit report of accurate negative information for a fee are lying. Under federal law, accurate negative information can be reported for up to seven years, and some bankruptcies for up to ten years. Learn about managing credit and debt at A message from the Salisbury Post and the FTC.

Backhoe work, lots cleared, ditches, demolition, hauling. Reasonable prices. 704-637-3251 Beaver Grading Quality work, reasonable rates. Free Estimates 704-6364592


The Floor Doctor

Brisson - HandyMan Home Repair, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, etc. Insured. 704-798-8199

Complete crawlspace work, Wood floor leveling, jacks installed, rotten wood replaced due to water or termites, brick/block/tile work, foundations, etc. 704-933-3494

Quality work at affordable prices NC G.C. #17608 NC Home Inspector #107. Complete contracting services, under home repairs, foundation & masonry repairs, light tractor work & property maintenence. Pier, dock & seawall repair. 36 Yrs Exp. 704-633-3584 Duke C. Brown Sr. Owner Garages, new homes, remodeling, roofing, siding, back hoe, loader 704-6369569 Maddry Const Lic G.C.

Junk Removal $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ We Buy Any Type of Scrap Metal At the Best Prices...

Guaranteed! Hometown Lawn Care & Handyman Service. Mowing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, odd jobs ~inside & out. Comm, res. Insured. Free estimates. “No job too small” 704-433-7514 Larry Sheets, owner Remodeling. Hardwood & Vinyl flooring, carpet, decks added. Top Quality work! 704-637-3251

Household sewing machines, new and older models and parts.

704-797-6840 704-797-6839

Moving and Storage TH Jones Mini-Max Storage 116 Balfour Street Granite Quarry Please 704-279-3808


We will come to you! F David, 704-314-7846

CASH FOR JUNK CARS And batteries. Call 704-279-7480 or 704-798-2930

CASH PAID for junk cars. $260 & up. Please call Tim at 980234-6649 for more info.

Bowen Painting Interior and Exterior Painting 704-630-6976.

Hard to read ads don’t work well. Abbreviations lead to slower sales. Lawn Equipment Repair Services

Manufactured Home Services

Lyerly's ATV & Mower Repair Free estimates. All types of repairs Pickup/delivery avail. 704-642-2787

Mobile Home Supplies~ City Consignment Company New & Used Furniture. Please Call 704636-2004

Lawn Maint. & Landscaping

Miscellaneous Services

Billy J. Cranfield, Total Landscape

Neet Scrubs Best Prices in Town Neet Scrubs provides scrubs, lab coats, shoes & other accessories in Salisbury. We carry premium brand scrub sets with sizes for petite to extra tall costumers. We carry brand names. Learn More About Neet Scrubs: Special orders available. Custom screen printed emblems and logos available. Group package discounts available. Lab coats, shoes, and other accessories are available at discount prices. Contact Neet Scrubs today at 704-431-5019 or visit our website for more information 1313 N. Main St., Salisbury

Professional Services Unlimited

HMC Handyman Services. Any job around the house. Please call 704-239-4883

ALL home repairs. 704857-2282. Please call! I need the work. Roofing, siding, decks, windows.

SEAMLESS GUTTER Licensed Contractor C.M. Walton Construction, 704-202-8181

Painting and Decorating

Including carpentry, bathroom & kitchen remodeling, roofing, flooring. Free Estimates, Insured .... Our Work is Guaranteed!

Browning ConstructionStructural repair, flooring installations, additions, decks, garages. 704-637-1578 LGC

Suzuki Forenza Base Sedan, 2006. Cobalt blue metallic w/gray interior. Stock #F11114A. $7,977 1-800-542-9758.

Put your picture in your business or service ad for instant recognition.

B & L Home Improvement

Grading & Hauling


Heating and Air Conditioning

Mercedes S320, 1999 Black on Grey leather interior, 3.2, V6, auto trans, LOADED, all power ops, low miles, SUNROOF, chrome rims good tires, extra clean MUST SEE! 704-6034255

Saturn Aura XE-4, 2009. Deep blue exterior w/gray interior. Stock #T10726B. $13,879. 1-800-542-9758

Mowing, seeding, shrubs, retainer walls. All construction needs. Sr. Discount. 25 Yrs. Exper. Lic. Contractor

~ 704-202-2390 ~ Earl's Lawn Care 3Mowing 3Yard Cleanup 3Trimming Bushes

3Landscaping 3Mulching 3Core Aeration 3Fertilizing FREE Estimates

704-636-3415 704-640-3842 GAYLOR'S LAWNCARE For ALL your lawn care needs! *FREE ESTIMATES* 704-639-9925/ 704-640-0542

Cathy's Painting Service Interior & exterior, new & repaints. 704-279-5335

Guttering, leaf guard, metal & shingle roofs. Ask about tax credits.

~ 704-633-5033 ~

Tree Service Graham's Tree Service Free estimates, reasonable rates. Licensed, Insured, Bonded. 704-633-9304 John Sigmon Stump grinding, Prompt service for 30+ years, Free Estimates. John Sigmon, 704-279-5763. Johnny Yarborough, Tree Expert trimming, topping, & removal of stumps by machine. Wood splitting, lots cleared. 10% off to senior citizens. 704-857-1731 Stoner Painting Contractor

• 25 years exp. • Int./Ext. painting • Pressure washing • Staining • References • Insured 704-239-7553

Pools and Supplies Bost Pools – Call me about your swimming pool. Installation, service, liner & replacement. (704) 637-1617

MOORE'S Tree TrimmingTopping & Removing. Use Bucket Truck, 704-209-6254 Licensed, Insured & Bonded TREE WORKS by Jonathan Keener. Insured – Free estimates! Please call 704-636-0954.

Trees R Us • Bucket • Truck • Chipper/Stumps We Will Try To Beat Any Written Estimates!

704-239-1955 Free Estimates • Fully Insured




Transportation Dealerships

ELLIS AUTO AUCTION 10 miles N. of Salisbury, Hwy 601, Sale Every Wednesday night 5:30 pm.

Tim Marburger Honda 1309 N First St. (Hwy 52) Albemarle NC 704-983-4107

Transportation Dealerships Toyota Camry, 2005 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Troutman Motor Co. Highway 29 South, Concord, NC 704-782-3105

Volvo V70, 2.4 T, 2001. Ash Gold Metallic exterior with tan interior. 5 speed auto trans. w/ winter mode. 704-603-4255

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, 2009. Austin Tan Pearlcoat w/Light Pebble Beige/Bark Brown interior. Stock #F10535A. $25,979. 1-800-542-9758.

Ford Explorer XLT, 2010. Black exterior with black interior. Stock #P7619. $25,679. 1-800542-9758

GMC Yukon Denali XL 1500, 2008. Stealth Gray Metallic w/Ebony interior. Stock #P7579. $37,477. 1-800-542-9758

We Do Taxes!! Over 150 vehicles in Stock! Transportation Financing Toyota Corolla, 2004 100% Guaranteed Credit Over 150+ Approval! Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.



Transportation Financing

Volvo, 2006 S60 2.5T Onyx black with cream leather interior, sunroof, cd player, all power, alloy wheels, super nice! 704-603-4255

CASH FOR YOUR CAR! want your We vehicle! 1999 to 2011 under 150,000 miles. Please call 704-216-2663.

We are the area's largest selection of quality preowned autos. Financing avail. to suit a variety of needs. Carfax avail. No Gimmicks – We take pride in giving excellent service to all our customers.

Call Steve today! 704-603-4255

Need privacy and speed? Ask about our “blind boxes”.

Trucks, SUVs & Vans

Dodge Ram, 2008 100% Guaranteed Credit Over 150+ Approval! Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition, 2006. Oxford white/ tan cloth interior. 5.4 V8 auto trans, all power ops, AM/FM/CD changer, Sunroof, alloy rims. Lighted running boards, 3rd seat. LIKE NEW !!!! 704-603-4255

Ford F-150 Extended Cab, 1998. Oxford White clearcoat w/medium graphite interior. Stock #F10294B. $7,579. 1800-542-9758

Ford F-150 XLT Lariat, 1989. Blue exterior with interior. Stock gray #F11185B. $7,495. 1-800542-9758

We Do Taxes!! Over 150 vehicles in Stock! Collector Cars

Volkswagen 2007 Jetta GLl. Black w/gray int., 4 turbo, front cylinder wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, keyless, alloy wheels, spoiler. 56,325 mi., $13,995. 704-4252913 or 704-856-8129

BMW X5, 2001. Alpine White / Tan leather interior 3.0 v6 tiptronic trans. AWD, AM/FM/CD. Sunroof. Alloy rims, all pwr options. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR!!!! Call Steve at 704-603-4255

Ford Edge SEL, 2007. Crème Brulee clearcoat exterior with charcoal interior. Stock #P7612. $23,279 1-800-542-9758

Collector Cars Ford Expedition Limited, 2007. Black clearcoat w/ Charcoal Black/Caramel interior. Stock #F11192A. $24,979. 1-800-542-9758

Open Sundays 12pm-5pm

Buick Rendezvous, 2005 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.


Volkswagen Jetta, 2005 100% Guaranteed Credit Approval! Over 150+ Vehicles in Stock! 1330 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.

Cadillac Deville 1998. All leather. All power. Gold exterior with tan interior. Very clean. 95,000 miles. $3,850. Please call 704-278-1545

Rentals & Leasing

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Zits/Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Jump Start/Robb Armstrong

For Better or For Worse/Lynn Johnston

Frank & Ernest/Bob Thaves

Dilbert/Scott Adams Non Sequitur/Wiley Miller

Garfield/Jim Davis Pickles/Brian Crane

Hagar The Horrible/Chris Browne Dennis/Hank Ketcham

Family Circus/Bil Keane

Blondie/Dean Young and John Marshall


Get Fuzzy/Darby Conley

The Born Loser/Art and Chip Sansom

Sudoku/United Feature Syndicate Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

Answer to Previous Puzzle

Celebrity Cipher/Luis Campos









Wheel of Fortune (N) Å WBTV News Prime Time (N)

Jeopardy! (N) Å Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (N) Å TMZ (N) (In Stereo) Å

A - Time Warner/Salisbury/Metrolina
















CBS Evening News/Couric CBS Evening News With Katie Couric (N) Access Hollywood (N) Å ABC World News With Diane Sawyer NBC Nightly News (N) (In Stereo) Å Everybody Loves Raymond




Nightly 6 NBC News (N) (In




Stereo) Å 4 Woodsmith Shop Å ABC World News Guy (In 8 Family Stereo) Å The Simpsons Family Feud (N) 12 (In Stereo) Å


5 NewsHour




(:00) PBS (N) Å

Extra (N) (In Stereo) Å Inside Edition (N) Å

Entertainment Tonight (N) (In Stereo) Å Inside Edition Entertainment (N) Å Tonight (N) (In Stereo) Å How I Met Your How I Met Your Mother Å Mother “The Goat” Jeopardy! “Teen Wheel of Tournament” (N) Fortune “Sand & Sea” (N) Å PBS NewsHour (N) (In Stereo) Å

Are You Who Wants/ Smarter? Millionaire Two and a Half Two and a Half Men Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Confession” A teenager admits to a pedophilic urge. Nightly North Carolina Business Now (In Stereo) Report (N) Å Å

Survivor: Redemption Island (N) Criminal Minds “Coda” Reid con- Criminal Minds: Suspect (In Stereo) Å nects with an autistic child. Behavior “Lonely Hearts” (N) Survivor: Redemption Island (N) College Basketball North Carolina at North Carolina State. (Live) (In Stereo) Å American Idol “Hollywood Round, Part 4” Performing songs by the Beatles. (N) (In Stereo) Å

News 2 at 11 (N) Å WBTV 3 News at 11 PM (N)

Late Show W/ Letterman Late Show With David Letterman

FOX 8 10:00 News (N)

Seinfeld Elaine Seinfeld “The must fire troubled Marine Biologist” Å employee. Better With You Modern Family (:31) Mr. Off the Map “Es Un Milagro” The WSOC 9 News (:35) Nightline The Middle medevac helicopter crashes. (N) (In Tonight (N) Å (N) Å (N) (In Stereo) “Regrets Only” Sunshine “Hecks on a “Heather’s Sister” Stereo) Å Å Plane” (N) (N) WXII 12 News at (:35) The Minute to Win It (In Stereo) Å Minute to Win It (In Stereo) Å Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “Bully” A woman is found dead 11 (N) Å Tonight Show in her apartment. (N) With Jay Leno American Idol “Hollywood Round, Part 4” Performing songs by the (:35) Fox News The Simpsons King of the Hill Fox News at Beatles. (N) (In Stereo) Å Stories of disas- Hank gets into Edge 10 (N) an accident. ters at sea. NewsChannel (:35) The Minute to Win It (In Stereo) Å Minute to Win It (In Stereo) Å Law & Order: Special Victims Tonight Show Unit “Bully” A woman is found dead 36 News at With Jay Leno 11:00 (N) in her apartment. (N) Massive Nature Frontline April 6th group; Muslim Independent Lens Novelist William To Be Announced Brotherhood. (N) Å S. Burroughs. (N) Å Better With You Modern Family (:31) Mr. Off the Map The medevac helicop- Entourage (In (:35) Nightline The Middle (N) Å (N) Å Sunshine (N) Stereo) Å (N) Å ter crashes. (N) Å (N) Å America’s Next Top Model Shedding for the Wedding (Series WJZY News at (:35) Seinfeld New Adv./Old (:35) The Office 10 (N) “The Fatigues” Christine Fourteen finalists are selected. Premiere) (N) Å “Fun Run” College Basketball North Carolina at North Carolina State. Burn Notice (In Stereo) Å Burn Notice (In Stereo) Å Burn Notice (In Stereo) Å George Lopez Burn Notice (In Stereo) Å Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry’s My Wife and House of Payne House of Payne Kids “Working Max’s parents give “the talk”. Relationship” Å Å NOVA “Venom: Nature’s Killer” The Secrets of the Dead Thirty decapi- BBC World Nova scienceNOW “What’s the Charlie Rose (N) Next Big Thing?” Technologies may planet’s most deadly creatures. (N) tated Roman bodies found in York News (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Å sparks an investigation. change life in future. (N) Å (DVS) Å


The First 36 (:00) 48 Å




38 59 37 34 32


















57 66 76 46










50 58




62 44 60





















The First 48 The shooting death of Dog the Bounty Dog the Bounty Dog the Bounty Dog the Bounty Storage Wars Å Storage Wars Å Storage Wars Å Storage Wars Å a 28-year-old. Å Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter Movie: ›››› “The Godfather, Part II” (1974) Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton. Michael Corleone rules his father’s criminal empire, (4:00) Movie: ›››› “The Godfather” (1972) Marlon Brando, Al Pacino. while flashbacks recall young Vito’s climb to power. Be Alive I Shouldn’t Be Alive Å I Shouldn’t Be Alive Å I Shouldn’t Be Alive (In Stereo) I Shouldn’t Be Alive (N) I Shouldn’t Be Alive (In Stereo) (:00) 106 & Park: BET’s Top 10 Live Å BET Honors The Game The Game The Mo’Nique Show Å (:00) Top Chef Top Chef Å Top Chef “Feeding Fallon” Top Chef “For the Gulf” (N) Top Chef “Lock Down” Å Top Chef “For the Gulf” Å Mad Money The Kudlow Report (N) CNBC Reports American Greed American Greed (N) Mad Money Situation Rm John King, USA (N) Parker Spitzer (N) Piers Morgan Tonight (N) Anderson Cooper 360 Å Cash Cab MythBusters “Viral Hour” Viral MythBusters Saving gas by mak- Sons of Guns Sons of Guns Desert Car Kings A 1955 Ford MythBusters Saving gas by makChicago (N) Å videos from the Internet. Å ing only right turns. Å (N) Å (N) Å F100 restoration. (N) Å ing only right turns. Å Movie: ››› “Meet the Robinsons” (2007) Voices (:45) Fish Hooks Good Luck Good Luck The Suite Life The Suite Life Good Luck (:00) Sonny With Good Luck Charlie on Deck Å Charlie Charlie a Chance of Angela Bassett. Å Charlie on Deck Å Å Kourt and Kim E! News (N) Sex and-City Sex and-City 20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes Chelsea Lately E! News (:00) Year of the NBA Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs. From the AT&T Center in NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers at Portland Trail NBA SportsCenter Å Quarterback Countdown Å San Antonio. (Live) Blazers. (Live) Interruption College Basketball Temple at Duke. (Live) College Basketball Baylor at Missouri. (Live) College Basketball Still Standing America’s Funniest Home Videos America’s Funniest Home Videos America’s Funniest Home Videos America’s Funniest Home Videos The 700 Club Å (In Stereo) Å “Still Rocking” (In Stereo) Å (In Stereo) Å (In Stereo) Å Atlanta NHL Hockey Atlanta Thrashers at Buffalo Sabres. (Live) Postgame Thrashers 360 Final Score Profiles Final Score Two and a Half Two and a Half Two and a Half Movie: ››‡ “Hancock” (2008) Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Jason Justified “The I of the Storm” A Justified “The I of the Storm” A Men Men Men Bateman. bus full of drugs is hijacked. bus full of drugs is hijacked. Special Report FOX Report W/ Shepard Smith The O’Reilly Factor (N) Å Hannity (N) Greta Van Susteren The O’Reilly Factor (N) (:00) Golf Central (Live) PGA Tour Golf WGC Accenture Match Play Championship, Day One. From the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club at Dove Mountain in Marana, Ariz. Who’s Boss? Who’s Boss? Who’s Boss? Little House on the Prairie Golden Girls Movie: “A Kiss at Midnight” (2008) Faith Ford. Å Golden Girls Designed-Sell Hunters Int’l House Hunters Property Virgin Property Virgin Disaster DIY Disaster DIY House Hunters Hunters Int’l The Vanilla Ice The Vanilla Ice To Be Announced To Be Ancient Aliens Aliens and human Ancient Aliens “The Evidence” Seeking clues about ancient aliens. Å Weird Weapons “The Axis” Å evolution. Å Announced Highway Hvn. Our House “Different Habits” The Waltons “The Comeback” Inspiration To Life Today Joyce Meyer Zola Levitt Pr. Fellowship Wisdom Keys New Adv./Old How I Met Your How I Met Your Reba “Trading Reba “Roll With Meth: A County in Crisis Å Meth’s Deadly High Å How I Met Your How I Met Your Spaces” Å Mother Mother Mother Christine It” Å Mother (:00) Movie: ››‡ “Mr. Brooks” (2007) Kevin Movie: “Perfect Plan” (2010) Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Jonathan Movie: “Final Sale” (2011) Laura Harris, Ivan Sergei, Kaitlin Doubleday. Costner, Demi Moore. Å Watton. A real estate agent investigates a scam. Å Å MSNBC Live Hardball With Chris Matthews MSNBC Live (N) The Rachel Maddow Show (N) The Ed Show (N) The Last Word Wild Justice Monster Fish of the Amazon The Second Coming Prison Women Prison Women “County Jail” The Second Coming George Lopez George Lopez The Nanny (In The Nanny (In My Wife and Everybody iCarly (In Stereo) iCarly (In Stereo) SpongeBob My Wife and Everybody Kids Å Hates Chris Å Å Å Å SquarePants Kids Å Hates Chris Stereo) Å Stereo) Å (:00) Snapped Snapped “Karen Tobie” Å Snapped “Jane Andrews” Snapped “Amanda McGhee” Snapped “Tracie Andrews” Snapped “Tausha Morton” Unleash UFC Unleashed Å Best of PRIDE Fighting UFC Unleashed Å Best of PRIDE Fighting UFC Unleashed (In Stereo) Eastern Golf World Poker Tour: Season 8 Hawks 360 Hawks Live! NBA Basketball Atlanta Hawks at Phoenix Suns. (Live) Hawks Live! Face Off “Switched and Hitched” Ghost Hunters “Haunted Town” (In (:00) Ghost Face Off “Bad to the Bone” Ghost Hunters “Sloss Furnace” (In Ghost Hunters “Haunted Town” Stereo) Å (N) Hunters Å Stereo) Å (Season Premiere) (N) House of Payne House of Payne Are We There Are We There Conan (N) Meet the Meet the Seinfeld “The The King of Seinfeld “The Yet? Yet? Browns Browns Pilot, Part II” Queens Å Pilot, Part I” (:00) Movie: ››› “A Song to Remember” (1945) Movie: ››› “All the King’s Men” (1949) Broderick Crawford, Joanne Movie: ›››› “You Can’t Take It With You” (1938) Jean Arthur, Paul Muni, Merle Oberon. Å Dru, Mercedes McCambridge. Å Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart. Toddler-Tiara Toddlers & Tiaras Å Toddlers & Tiaras Å Toddlers & Tiaras Å Toddlers & Tiaras (N) Å Toddlers & Tiaras Å Bones Brennan makes a shocking Bones “Titan on the Tracks” A train Bones The team analyzes a BMX Bones Booth struggles with his ex- Southland Sammy seeks answers (:00) Law & rider’s remains. Å Order (In Stereo) discovery. Å wreck leads to mystery. wife. (In Stereo) Å in the desert. Å Police Video Cops Å Oper. Repo Cops Å Operate-Repo Operate-Repo Operate-Repo World’s Dumbest... Forensic Files Forensic Files Hot in Cleveland Retired at 35 (N) Hot in Cleveland Retired at 35 EverybodyAll in the Family Sanford & Son Sanford & Son Sanford & Son Sanford & Son Everybody(N) Raymond Raymond Å Å Å Å (:00) NCIS (In NCIS “Reunion” The death of a NCIS “Honor Code” An officer is NCIS “Under Covers” The bodies of NCIS “Frame-Up” Tony is suspected Fairly Legal A man who was hit by Stereo) Å Marine. (In Stereo) Å reported missing. Å two assassins. Å of murder. Å a truck. Å W. Williams The Oprah Winfrey Show Meet, Browns Meet, Browns Dr. Phil (In Stereo) Å Eyewitness Entertainment The Insider Inside Edition Dharma & Greg America’s Funniest Home Videos New Adv./Old New Adv./Old How I Met Your How I Met Your WGN News at Nine (N) (In Stereo) Scrubs (In Scrubs (In Mother Å Å Mother Christine (In Stereo) Å Christine Stereo) Å Stereo) Å











Real Time With Bill Maher (In Movie: ›› “Four Christmases” (2008) Vince Big Love Nicki pushes for Cara Big Love Bill makes a deal in the Big Love “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” Barb Stereo) Å Vaughn, Robert Duvall. (In Stereo) Å Lynn’s adoption. Å Senate. (In Stereo) Å hopes to attain the priesthood. (:15) Movie: ››› “Transamerica” (2005) Felicity The Battle for Marjah U.S. Marines try to liberate the Movie: ››› “The Informant!” (2009) Matt Damon, Scott Bakula, Joel Funny or Die Huffman. (In Stereo) Å district in Afghanistan from the Taliban. McHale. (In Stereo) Å Presents Å (5:30) Movie: ›› “The Mothman Movie: ›› “My Blueberry Nights” (2007) Norah Movie: ››› “Taken” (2008) Liam Neeson, Maggie Movie: ››› “Primal Fear” (1996) Richard Gere, Prophecies” (2002) Jones, Jude Law. (In Stereo) Å Grace. (In Stereo) Å Laura Linney. (In Stereo) Å (:35) Movie: ›‡ “The Whole Ten Yards” (2004) (:15) Movie: ›››‡ “Lost in Translation” (2003) Bill Murray, Scarlett Movie: ›››‡ “Avatar” (2009) Sam Worthington, Voice of Zoe Bruce Willis. (In Stereo) Å Johansson. (In Stereo) Å Saldana, Sigourney Weaver. (In Stereo) Å Californication Inside NASCAR Californication Shameless (iTV) (In Stereo) Å (:15) Movie: ›› “Middle of Nowhere” (2008) Episodes Inside NASCAR Movie: (iTV) Å “Desperado” Susan Sarandon. iTV. (In Stereo) Å “Episode 7” (iTV) (iTV) Å (iTV) (N) (iTV)

Wednesday, Feb. 23 Through the good auspices of a dedicated friend and ally it is quite possible that in the year ahead you will be able to substantially add to your material holdings. Be patient, however, because this will happen slowly over time. Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20) — Because you’ll project both substance and compassion in equal measure, people you meet for the first time will be impressed. More than a few will want to cultivate a friendship. Aries (March 21-April 19) — Someone you know wants to do something for you that s/he feels would be in your best interest. Give a big thank-you, but then keep it to yourself. Taurus (April 20-May 20) — Innately, your cooperative attitude will impel you to do what you can for others. However, don’t be surprised if they, in turn, find numerous ways to reciprocate what you do for them. Gemini (May 21-June 20) — When you decide to be orderly, you’ll apply yourself to bring about better organization and harmony, not just for yourself but for others as well. You’ll do so without being offensive. Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You might not always have an easy-going nature about you, but you will, making you fun to be around. But more importantly, you’ll be more in harmony with those who work at your side. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) — Making your work look like fun draws others to you who want to do what they can to help. Creating a fun atmosphere comes easy to you, so reap the rewards of the extra help. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) — Taking a genuine interest in the affairs of others will be evident to your friends and greatly appreciated. You’ll actually get them to talk openly to you about things they would never tell others. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) — It doesn’t matter how much or how little you actually have, your generous nature will be quite evident to those who mean a lot to you. You’ll let them know that what’s yours is theirs if they need it. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — A serious situation you’ve been hoping to resolve will be accomplished and tied down once and for all. Make it your priority so that you can get it out of the way as soon as possible. Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — Something nice might be done for you by a good friend that will put you in a wonderful frame of mind for the rest of the day. Just make sure to square up accounts as soon as you can. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) — The loyalty you show to your friends is admirable. Not only will you boast about them, you’ll be willing to go to battle for them when they need you. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The substantial amount of magnetism you have for attracting others to you will be very evident. What’s more admirable is that you won’t use these assets for selfish purposes. Know where to look for romance and you’ll find it. The Astro-Graph Matchmaker instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for you. Mail $3 to Astro-Graph, P.O. Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092-0167. United FeatUre Syndicate

Today’s celebrity birthdays Actor-director Peter Fonda is 71. Musician Johnny Winter is 67. Steel guitarist Rusty Young of Poco is 65. Actress Patricia Richardson (“Home Improvement”) is 60. Guitarist Brad Whitford of Aerosmith is 59. Singer Howard Jones is 56. Guitarist Michael Wilton of Queensryche is 49. Actress Kristin Davis is 46. Actor Marc Price (“Family Ties”) is 43. Actress Niecy Nash (“Reno 911!”) is 41. Bassist Jeff Beres of Sister Hazel is 40.

The sad consequences of surgery Can the responder make a game-try?

Dear Reader: Yes, everyone does. The “duct of Luschka” was named after a German anatomist, referring to an accessory duct that transports bile from the working tissue of the liver (as opposed to DR. PETER supporting or connective tisGOTT sue) into the gallbladder. Unfortunately, with injury to the duct, a devastating outcome can occur about a week after resection as bile drains into the abdominal cavity. My sympathies are with you. Dear Dr. Gott: My 60-yearold friend seems to suffer from frequent herpes-simplex-virus outbreaks on her buttock. She uses hydrogen

peroxide and covers the sore with a bandage. Is she supposed to cover the area? Is there a medication she can apply to shorten the duration and repetition of bouts? Is there any food she should avoid to prevent attacks? Please illuminate me on this problem. Dear Reader: Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that includes sores, pain and itching of the buttocks, inner thighs and around the genital area. It results from a type of herpes simplex virus that enters the body through small breaks in the skin or mucous membranes. The virus is spread primarily through unprotected sexual contact. Illness, stress, fatigue, friction and more can induce outbreaks. Contrary to common belief, the virus dies quickly outside the body, so it is almost impossible to acquire through direct contact with toilet seats or other objects used by an infected person. Genital herpes can increase the risk of contracting (and transmitting) other sexually transmitted diseases, bladder retention, proctitis in men and more. Your friend should make an appointment with her gynecologist to have her blood

tested for HSV antibodies, a viral culture and possibly a polymerase chain reaction to determine the specific type of HSV she has. While there is no cure for genital herpes, she should receive treatment with antiviral medications that will reduce the frequency and severity of her outbreaks. She should immediately advise her partner without making any accusations as to who infected whom. They both should become better educated and take appropriate precautions by learning different methods to minimize future infection. They should learn different treatment options and avoid intercourse during the most contagious periods, which occur when either partner has an outbreak of genital herpes. There should be no embarrassment. Her gynecologist is appropriately trained and should treat the issue in a professional manner. Dr. Peter H. Gott is a retired physician and the author of several books, including “Live Longer, Live Better,” “Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet” and “Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Cookbook,” which are available at most bookstores or online. His website is United FeatUre Syndicate

Man jumps barricade at NBC’s ‘Today’ show NEW YORK (AP) — A man who briefly interrupted “Today” show personalities at the NBC show’s outdoor studio is being evaluated for emotional problems. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Tuesday that it’s not clear whether the man, who was not identified, will face

charges. He jumped a barricade that kept people away from Meredith Vieira, Al Roker and guest host Willie Geist as they stood outside and talked on the air. Roker said the man said something to the effect of being God’s gift to music. “Today” security and police quickly subdued him.

BY PHILLIP ALDER United Feature Syndicate

Sir Winston Churchill said, “It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.” That does not apply to bridge, where you must look ahead more than one trick at a time. We have been looking at opener’s help-suit game-tries. Can responder make one? Yes — look at today’s deal. South has an unpredictable hand — those red-suit queens might or might not be worth something. So, on the second round, he makes a three-diamond help-suit game-try. Since North has only one diamond loser, three aces and four spades, he happily jumps to game. (With two diamond losers, North would

bid three spades if he did not like his hand, or four spades if he did. With three diamond losers, North would sign off in three spades.) Since South has three redsuit losers (two hearts and one diamond), he must play the trump suit without loss. West leads the heart jack. East overtakes with his king and cashes the ace. If East continues with a third heart, declarer ruffs with his spade eight, nine or queen. When West doesn’t overruff with the king, it should be easy for South to lead a spade to dummy’s ace. There is no point taking a finesse he knows will lose. But even if East, sensing the situation, subtly shifts to the diamond jack, then when West covers declarer’s queen with his king, East is again marked with the spade king;

otherwise, his overcall would be very thin. Also, South should be suspicious of East’s failure to play a third heart.

Police investigate death of baby born to Oprah student JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Police are investigating whether to file charges after the death of a newborn baby born to a student at Oprah Winfrey’s elite South African high school. In a statement Monday, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy said it was awaiting the outcome of the police investigation into the birth last week, and providing counseling for students in the wake of the latest controversy surrounding the school outside Johannesburg. Soon after Winfrey’s school opened in 2007, a dormitory supervisor was ac-

cused of trying to kiss and fondle students. The supervisor was acquitted of sexual assault charges last year. Winfrey has vowed to give

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Dear Dr. Gott: My 78-yearold mother recently passed away owing to gallbladder surgery. The surgeon that took it out accidentally cut a duct of Luschka, and she had a bile leak into her body. She never recovered from the second surgery to repair the leak. Can you explain what the duct of Luschka is and does everybody have one?




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5-Day 5-Day Forecast for for Salisbury Salisbury

National Cities







High 50°

Low 34°

56°/ 49°

67°/ 36°

59°/ 40°

65°/ 45°

Partly cloudy

Partly cloudy tonight

Chance of rain showers

Chance of storms

Partly cloudy




A complete line of Log Splitters starting at



Faith Farm & Equipment Sales, Inc.

*Optional 4 way wedge and table grate shown.

Franklin Frank n 63/38 63 6 3 8

Boone 47/31 47/

Hickory Hi kkory 49/34

Asheville A s vville lle 556/36 56/

Spartanburg Sp nb 56/38 56/3

Kitty Hawk H wk w 45 45/36 5//36 5 6

Danville D l 52/31 Greensboro bo o Durham D h m 49/34 49/34 34 Raleigh Ral al 550/31

Salisbury Salisb S alisb sbbury b y 50/34 344 Charlotte ha ttte 52/34

Wilmington W to 54/34

Atlanta 65/47

Columbia C Col Co bia 58/38 58/ Augusta A uug 661/41 61 61/ 1// 1 1/41

... ... .. Sunrise-.............................. 6:59 a.m. Sunset tonight 6:11 p.m. Moonrise today................... none Moonset today.................... 10:02 a.m.

Feb 24 Mar 4 Mar 12 Mar 19 Last New N First Full

Aiken ken en 61/40 61/ 61 /44

Allendale All Al llen e 661/40 /40 40 Savannah naah 61/455

Moorehea Morehead M o ehea hea ad ad Cit Ci C City ity tyy 5 4 50/34

Forecasts and graphics provided by Weather Underground @2011

Myrtle Beach yr lee B yrtl Be Bea ea each 554/40 54 4/ 4/4 4/40 /4 Charleston Ch le les es 558/45 58 Hilton Head H n He e 556/50 56/ 6///500 Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Above/Below Observed Full Pool

High Rock Lake............... 645........... -10.00 Badin Lake................... 539.1.......... -2.90 Tuckertown Lake............ 595.1........... -0.9 ............-1.00 Tillery Lake................... 278............ -1.00 .................177.7 Blewett Falls................. 177.7.......... -1.30 Lake Norman................ 96.30........... -3.7

City Jerusalem London Moscow Paris Rio Seoul Tokyo

Today Hi Lo W 53 31 pc 60 42 pc 63 45 pc 81 66 pc 36 16 sn 71 60 f 41 27 s 49 23 pc 39 25 s 67 47 pc 42 31 pc 42 32 s

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 39 26 sn 60 44 pc 60 47 pc 80 66 pc 26 10 pc 75 59 pc 44 36 r 31 19 sn 45 41 r 67 46 pc 40 32 sn 51 43 r

Today Hi Lo W 73 51 s 51 42 r 17 3 cd 42 41 cd 86 75 t 51 30 s 53 44 pc

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 77 51 s 57 44 pc 15 4 cd 53 35 pc 80 73 t 53 26 pc 57 46 r

Pollen Index

Almanac Salisburry y Today: Thursday: Friday: -

High.................................................... 66° Low..................................................... 39° Last year's high.................................. 52° Last year's low.................................... ....................................42° 42° Normal high........................................ 58° Normal low......................................... 36° Record high........................... 74° in 1990 Record low............................. 12° in 1963 .............................12° Humidity at noon............................... 47% ...............................47%

Air Quality Index Index Charlotte e Yesterday.... 28 ........ good .......... particulates Today..... 45 ...... good N. C. Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources 0-50 good, 51-100 moderate, 101-150 unhealthy for sensitive grps., 151-200 unhealthy, 201-300 verryy unhealthy, 301-500 haazzardous

........... 0.00" 24 hours through 8 p.m. yest...........0.00" Month to date...................................2.43" ................................... 2.43" Normal year to date......................... 6.74" Year to date..................................... 3.80" -10s

Seattle S e Se eaattle tttttle lle 339/27 227 7 39 99///2

-0s 0s

Southport outh uth 554/36

City Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New Orleans New York Omaha Philadelphia Phoenix Salt Lake City Washington, DC

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 48 37 pc 53 28 pc 73 59 s 30 22 pc 77 66 pc -5 -22 pc 55 46 pc

Precipitation Cape Hatteras C Ha atter atte attera tte ter erraa era ass 45 4 45/3 45/36 5/3 5/ /36 3

Greenville G n e 56/40 40


Goldsboro o bbo 50/31

LLumberton be b 56/34 56 4

Darlington Darlin D Darli 56/36 /3 /36

Today Hi Lo W 41 37 pc 57 32 pc 71 55 s 19 17 pc 77 66 r 1 -18 pc 55 41 r

City Amsterdam Beijing Beirut Berlin Buenos Aires Calgary Dublin

Data from Salisbury through ough 6 p.m. yest. Temperature

Regional Regio g onal Weather Weather Knoxville Kn K le 61/41

Tomorrow Hi Lo W 68 56 pc 47 38 pc 49 41 r 0 -12 sn 38 31 pc 38 26 cd 41 31 sn 75 42 t 51 21 pc 38 31 sn 29 10 pc 45 29 r

World Cities

585 West Ritchie Rd., Salisbury, NC • I-85 at Exit 74 • • (704) 431-4566

Winston Win Wins Salem a 49/ 4 49/34

Today Hi Lo W 65 48 pc 40 18 s 39 28 s 19 -6 sn 34 16 s 39 30 pc 34 29 pc 69 56 f 50 25 pc 29 27 pc 13 0 cd 45 34 pc

City Atlanta Atlantic City Baltimore Billings Boston Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Fairbanks Indianapolis


Billings B iin nng ggss Biiilllli lings

M Minneapolis olliis Miiinnnnnneeea apo poli ol

119/-6 99///--6

336/16 66///1 16


San S an Francisco Frrancisco Sa an anncciissco an sccoo


552/45 22/45 //4 445 5 Detroit Deetttroit rroit oiitt Denver D een nnvver


550/25 0/2 /225 5

60s 80s


29/27 229 99///27 227 7

LLos Angeles ngge eellle eess Lo ooss A An

Kansas K aansas nnsas ssas aass C City iity ty

663/45 45 3//4

553/31 53/ 3//3 3/ 31

Cold Front


Washington W aasshiington ngton n toon 442/32 22/32 //3 332 2 /32

Atlanta A Atttllanntta o EEll P Paso aassso

90s Warm Front 100s

441 41/27 227 11/27 //27 7

39/30 339 9/3 9/ /30



H Neew New wY York Yo oorrk

Chicago cca o Ch C hiicago aag ggo

665/48 55///4 48 65/

1//4 442 2 771/42 Miami M iiami aam mi 81 881/66 1//66 666 6

Staationary Front

Showers T-storms torms

Houston H oouuusssttton on

Rain n Flurries rries

Snow Ice

76/62 776 6/6 6/ /662 /62 2

WEATHER UNDERGROUND’S NATIONAL WEATHER A significant winter storm event is expected to take place over the Western U.S Wednesday and Thursday as a strong low pressure system along with an arctic air mass sags south from the Gulf of Alaska. By Thursday afternoon, temperatures over east of the Rockies will drop as much as 50 degrees from seasonal averages. Heavier snow is expected to the western and northern sides of the mountains including the Cascades and Rockies. Otherwise, widespread snow showers are expected from the Pacific Northwest to northern Rockies Wednesday, reaching Northern Plains and Northern California Thursday morning. Snow levels are expected to drop down to near sea level. Farther east, a cold front is expected to push eastward through northern Plains and dump widespread snow showers from the Dakotas to western Great Lakes. Meanwhile, high pressure is expected to build southward across eastern half of the nation Wednesday, providing cold and dry weather. To the south of the ridge, a cold front will become stationary along the central and western Gulf coast. Expect north winds to stream across the Mississippi Valley Wednesday and support scattered showers and thunderstorms. By Thursday morning, another significant storm will develop in the Central U.S. as some energy originated from the Pacific meets up with the Gulf moisture.

Elaine Yang Wunderground Meteorologist

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