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ARTIST STATEMENT Ever since I can remember, I have always used my hands to create something. From drawing to sculpting, or building models from Legos, most of my youth was spent learning the foundations that I now use creatively on a daily basis as an Art Director. My creativity and inspiration are innately second nature, and are best surfaced through a collaboration of different experiences gathered by a simple idea. In my work, these ideas often begin creative journeys that lead through many different paths with an emphasis that the end result is a true reflection of the process.

UI/UX CALIFORNIA STATE SOCCER ASSOCIATION Redesigned website architecture into dynamic HTML, CMS proprietary system that can be edited from any web browser. Directed traffic to marketing websites using social media integration. Implemented custom encrypted shopping cart for secure player registration.

UI/UX MIZUNO USA WEBSITE Created new brand identity using image based branding and high end photography. Focused on lifestyle branding for Golf, Baseball, Softball and running shoes. Illustrated shoes and apparel for display in catalog and website.

UI/UX PELAGIC GEAR Helped increase online presence of fishing apparel brand by crossmarketing into the surf and swimwear industries. Implemented new shopping cart features such as product zoom and 360. Launched new apparel line targeting the inshore hunting and fishing market.

UI/UX MERMAID SWIMWEAR Launched new swimwear line website using Drupal CMS with SSL and secure shopping cart integration. Designed architecture and templates necessary for day to day business. with client side editing and updating of inventory.

UI/UX FRESCO TILE Launched new website for tile mural construction company. Built HTML 5.0 slide shows for display on iOS. Led the conversion of print collateral into digital media PDFs and iBooks compatible with tablets such as the Apple iPad



ART DIRECTION GOODCHIME! Art Directed Look and Feel of new health and fitness based social network. Marketed specifically to Physicians and Health Professionals to make referrals for new clients, and to build better relationships with current ones.

GoodChime!™ is a

GoodChime is the only platform that:

revolutionary new social media platform where people engage in meaningful dialogue within a safe community and participate in activities relevant to their health needs. Leveraging the power of celebrity brand, GoodChime engages consumers as active participants in better managing their health.

Offers continuous consumer engagement in health that links programs to rewards. Synthesizes the experience across devices, platforms, applications. Measures compliance in healthier behaviors. Links plans for sponsor, provider, payer and consumer. CES_half_page.indd 2

12/5/12 11:00 AM


This architectural three dimensional brochure is hand made, and shows off the power of a simple concept. It should be seen to be appreciated, and could be adapted for a board game design, or a pop-up book!


PHOTOGRAPHY WESTMINSTER CERAMICS Art directed set design and photography for kitchen and bath sets for display in Home Depot and Lowes POP Displays.

Left: In this simple set photo, careful attention to lighting helps create a translucent effect highlighting the tile as a semi-precious stone that is as beautiful individually as it is in a group for a counter top or floor.

Right: The pattern was exported as an illustrator EPS into AutoCad, to a WaterJet manufacturing center to create the end result of a carved stone design. From concept to creation, the beauty of the stone is shown in the art direction of the final product.


PRODUCT DESIGN MORRIS MICRO-BREW Truly one of a kind microbrew label with gold leaf. The beers in the background represent the old and the distinctive Morris micro stands out in a very crowded market.



PRINT ACHOCOLYPSE A crispy, crackly, peanut buttery dark chocolate candy bar concept to end all debate about which chocolate bar is best.


Membership Guide

PRINT CALIFORNIA STATE SOCCER ASSOCIATION Designed and managed all Print Collateral for the largest youth and adult soccer player association in the United States. Designed and Produced Cal South Soccer Magazine from start to finish including press checks.


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Motion Redux Design Portfolio  

Print, Web, and interactive portfolio for Graphic Design and Art Direction.

Motion Redux Design Portfolio  

Print, Web, and interactive portfolio for Graphic Design and Art Direction.

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