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Shop Saline!

Looking for that last minute gift?

This catalog is filled with last minute gift ideas, Christmas wishes and photos of friends and neighbors getting ‘caught’ being loyal and shopping local in Downtown Saline. From gift certificates to magical fairies, Downtown Saline businesses can help you complete your Christmas list. From our Downtown families and volunteers to yours, we wish you a very

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from

Walt, Nancy & Rebecca

O ne stop shopping with stylish jewelry, hats and scarves, texting gloves, blankets

and throws,Vera Bradley ornaments, remote-control candles. Let us show you the whole gift collection!

We went over the top this year with yummy holiday decorations and unusual gifts for that special person in your life.

Mark Roberts Fairies: The largest selection in Michigan, these limited-edition magical santa fairies can add whimsy to your tree or home decor. Over 300 in stock!

“The Pineapple House has special and unique items. I stop in whenever I get near Saline.” Jan Crissey, Plymouth, MI

Classes make great gifts!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Last Minute Gift Suggestions Chamber Gift Checks - Available at face value for amounts up to $100 redeemable with Saline Area Chamber of Commerce Members Saline T-Shirts - $12 Sister Cities Lapel Pins Wales/USA or Germany/USA - $3 A History of Saline VHS Tape - $5 “Voices over the Valley� book - $20

“There is nothing better than being in Downtown Saline. So much to offer from restaurants, to shops, to wonderful art stores. It has it all!� Dana Roland and Wendy Kelley (spotted at the 212 Arts sale)

Happy Holidays from Brecon Grille! How do you fill stockings hung by the chimney with delicious hot meals and cool beverages? With Brecon Grille Gift Cards! They make wonderful stocking stuffers. For every $100 in Gift Cards you purchase, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Card FREE!

“Warm, friendly atmosphere. Great food, great people! When you are here, you’re family.” Adam Nola (spotted at Brecon Grille)

“Downtown Saline offers the passerby and the local a unique, welcoming opportunity. Good food, small-town shopping and friendly people are plentiful. It says, “slow down, have a long look and enjoy! We especially appreciate the Brecon Grille for these experiences!” Margy and Clay Shouse (spotted at Brecon Grille)

Happy Holidays coffee, latte, sandwiches, salads, soup – wonderful food in a beautiful, relaxed café Stop in and see our whimsical coffee cups, and other gift items too! 101 S. Ann Arbor 734-944-4054

Harry’s Auto Service

Rick, Dan, and Harley wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! A family-run business since 1959 Tires Brakes Batteries Car detailing and much more! 221 E. Michigan Ave 734-429-9930

“Saline Downtown is our home. When visiting the businesses in Saline, we always run into people we have known for years. Downtown is a place where family and friends gather. That is what a hometown is all about.” David & Susan Zimmer (spotted at Mangiamo’s)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Everyone at

Buy a $50.00 Gift Card and get a 5.00 gift card from Mickeys Free! y t r a P e v E s ’ r 2012 New Yea ? 8:00 pm - ?? on $40.00/Pers

ey, er, Disc Jock n in D le ty S ffet at Midnight! a z iz Includes: Bu P d n a Champaign Party Favors 734-429-0060

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

To celebrate Christmas, remember to celebrate Christ. Join us for Christmas worship at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 195 E. Michigan Ave. December 23 - 7 PM December 24 - 7 PM December 24 - 10 PM Candlelight Service December 25 – 10 AM

“My sons and I have been coming to Marty for hair cuts for 15 years. Marty provides quality service and a friendly atmosphere.” Richard & Andrew Riggs

Dominic & Alaina Dorset having fun with Marty’s dancing Santa! Click on the link below to see their moves!

Happy Holidays! from Marty and Marty at Excalibur 109 South Ann Arbor Street 734-429-4600

Happy Holidays from Bill’s Barber Shop Fine Family Hare Care

Why shop local? To me, it’s kind of like the TV show “Cheers.” You want to go where every one knows your name. I shop local not just for great products but also to stay in touch.Your community tells you when something is working and when something isn’t. In order for a town to succeed, community must exist. Without strong neighborhoods and a vibrant downtown, your area is just another place to live. Saline is very fortunate to have such a strong sense of community.

Jim Peters (spotted in Drowsy Parrot)


Happy Holidays from Maureen’s Designs Add the distinct beauty of decorations, centerpieces, floral arrangements, etc. custom-designed by Maureen to your Christmas celebration. 101 S. Ann Arbor St. 734-429-0700

Unique Gifts to Help Make Your Holidays Happy! Cobblestone Rose offers one-stop shopping and gift ideas you won’t find anywhere else. Sparkling decorations to make your home a winter wonderland ••• Great linens and serving dishes to dress your holiday table ••• Beautiful pine door swags and centerpieces -- all hand made ••• Scarves, mittens, and a wonderful selection of women’s clothing to see you through the holiday in style ••• Great handbags of Maruca, Baggalini and Big Buddha plus “one of a kind” bags by Marge ••• Art jewelry and great costume baubles ••• Everyone’s favorite candles for the winter season-Frasier Fir by the Thymes and Balsam Cedar by Illume (use the room spray to keep your home smelling like fresh cut greens) ••• Great hostess gifts and stocking stuffers And so much more!

101 S. Michigan Ave. Downtown Saline 734.944.6202

Perry’s Tuxedos You can still get a varsity jacket in time for Christmas! (and it’s made in Michigan!)

Happy Holidays! 109 W. Michigan Ave 734-316-2620

The Holidays are the perfect TIME to stop by Accent Jewelers for great gift ideas.

Accent Jewelers 112 E. Michigan Ave. 734-429-9627

GIVE A GIFT OF HEALTH Remember how good it felt when you started with chiropractic care and

your symptoms seemed to fade into a memory? We would like to thank you for putting in ouryou hands by devoting our timecare andand services Remember howyour goodhealth it felt when started with chiropractic your symptoms to fade memory? would like tothough thank you for of to help theseemed ones you loveinto havea that sameWe sense of relief a “Gift putting your health in our hands by devoting our time and services to help the Health.” ones you love have that same sense of relief through a “Gift of Health.”

By passing on these “Gifts of Health” certificates you have the opportunity By very passing on these “Giftssomeone’s of Health” life certificates, you have the will opportunity to, literally, change for the better. They receive ato,convery literally, change someone’s for the better. They will receive a consultation, sultation, examination and anylife necessary X-Rays completely free of charge. examination and any necessary X-Rays completely free of charge. As you gather As you gather with friends and family this holiday season, give the “Gift of with friends and family this holiday season, give the “Gift of Health” to anyone you Health” to anyone you know who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. know who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Dave Sharp, D.C. and

Brooke Sharp, D.C.

Dave Sharp, D.C. and Brooke Sharp, D.C.

Happy Holidays to all! December 11–25, we’re featuring a 20% off sale on all our fabulous products! 131 E. Michigan Ave.

Tran L.

Tran L.

Happy Holidays from everyone at the Saline Downtown Diner! Come in and check out our new look. Have your holiday party with us! We cater to groups of 10 – 50.

131 E. Michigan Ave. (access from the parking lot behind Dan’s)


BUY 1 GET 1 HALF OFF! Buy any Entree and Receive Half Off the Purchase of a Second Entree of Equal or Lesser Value May Not Combine with other Offers or Coupons

“When I got accepted into a PhD program at the University of Michigan, we moved from Iowa to Saline. Downtown Diner was one of the first local restaurants we went to. We were immediately impressed by the quality of the service and the food. The owners and staff made us feel like welcomed members of the Saline community, which meant so much being new to the area. They make the best eggs benedict I have ever had. You can tell they put a lot of love and hard work into making great dishes. A perfect example of this is the hand-sliced golden fried potato skins served instead of pre-packaged frozen fries.� Erin Thatcher and Brandon Ulrich (spotted at Downtown Diner)

“I moved to downtown Saline after college 2 years ago and have loved the experience! There is always something going on and I’m just a few steps away from multiple amazing restaurants. The fact that I can easily walk anywhere was a large part of my decision to live here.” Christine and Lauren Park

Happy Holidays from all of us!

It’s all about the bling!

“I have travelled over the last decade all over the country for work. I’ve seen a lot of vintage and antique stores, but Reincarnations is by far the most creative and clever that I’ve ever been in. Don’t worry about E-bay, just come in and talk to Michele or Chris.”

Michael Logan (spotted at Reincarnation Resale)

JUMP START GIFT PACKAGE Give a gift that could change someone’s life!

Our "Jump Start" Gift Package is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving! The "Jump Start" Gift Package includes: A one–hour Personal Training Session that includes a fitness assessment and a personal fitness plan.  Three Boot Camp classes to "Jump Start" your fitness program!

All For Only $50! Visit to find out more or to purchase.

gift certificates


“We enjoy our weekend coffee dates at the Drowsy Parrot. Drowsy Parrot offers a distinctive selection of coffee flavors and snacks, and we appreciate the cozy, friendly environment..” Deb & Phil Hemenway (spotted in the Drowsy Parrot)

“We enjoy our week-end coffee dates at The Drowsy Parrot. Drowsy

“We enjoy Downtown saline. It has a small town feel, especially now with all the lights for the holidays!’ Jeff Perin & Donia Mueller,Ypsilanti (spotted in Mac’s)

“The small-town atmosphere is ideal for Christmas shopping. It feels less commercial and much more friendly. I love to support the small business community in Saline.’ Jim Doyle, Saline (spotted in Mac’s)

Happy Holidays from mac’s ! The holidays are made for good food. Gift Certificates are available. They make great stocking stuffers. 10% discount with any order over $100* Space is still available for any Christmas parties. We are now taking reservations for New Year’s Eve! 104 E. Michigan Ave. 734-944-6227 *Discount available through December 31, 2012.

Saline Main Street 2013 Volunteer Program Sponsor

Saline Main Street 2013 Volunteer Program Sponsor



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ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ƒˆ—ŽŽ•…Š‡†—Ž‡‘ˆ…Žƒ••‡••–ƒ”–‹Â?‰Jan. 5, 2013Ǥ ‘…ƒ–‡†ƒ–͕͔͚ǤÂ?Â?”„‘”–”‡‡–‹Â?†‘™Â?–‘™Â?ƒŽ‹Â?‡Ǥ

Ěą‡Â?–‹‘Â?–Š‹•Ġˆ‘”͕Ȁ͖’”‹…‡‘ƥ›‘—”Ƥ”•–Â?‘Â?–ŠĚą | 734-277-1170

Casie Blackman, Laurie Steinert, and Annette Moan enjoy a night together at Macs.



Saline’s new “Downtown Dojo�

Žƒ••‡•ˆ‘”ƒ†—Ž–•ƒÂ?†…Š‹Ž†”‡Â?ƒ‰‡•Í™ƒÂ?†—’‹Â?ÇŁ > Adult Kenpo Karate > Karate for Kids (5-10) & Youth (11-15) > Kickboxing Fitness


‘Tis the ...for season... health & happiness D


Happy Holidays 106 N. Ann Arbor Street (The shop entrance is located on E. McKay St, across from Union School.)


Happy Holidays from The Resale Boutique Great gift ideas. Friendly staff. “We should shop downtown because we need to keep our local businesses alive! The ‘big business domination’ of the 21st century is threateing to put local entrepreneurs out of business. We can’t let that happen!”

Mara VanSickle & Elianna Shwayder (spotted at The Resale Boutique)

Gift Ideas from Benny’s Bakery

(734) 429-9120


Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Can’t find the right gift for some people on your holiday list? Give them the perfect gift — a Key Possibilities® Gift Card. It’s a pre-paid Mastercard® Gift Card, so your tough-to-buy-for friends and relatives can choose the gift they want when they want it. Special offer – tell us you saw this ad, and we’ll waive the $3.95 fee.* 100 W. Michigan Ave. 734-944-4961 *Offer good at Saline location only through December 31, 2012.

Happy Holidays! from Linda, Elena, Tabatha & Carla Gift Certificates - Pet Gifts & More 100 S. Ann Arbor Street


Saline Legal Group, PLLC

Happy Holidays! Attorney Jeffrey T. Hall 111 N. Ann Arbor Street 734-316-2086

Give the gift that everybody can use!


This certificate good for Free labor on interior home repairs Good anywhere in Washtenaw County (Does not include materials. No expiration date) If you just can’t get those repairs done for the one you love and they’re ready for therapy, remember this: “Councilor $150hr, The Fabulous Mr Fix It $74hr”- Problem solved!

Give the Gift of Healing! Feel Rejuvenated & Renewed

The Bio Mat: • Increase Blood Circulation • Burns Calories and controls Weight • Reduces Stress and Fatique Learn more about this unique innovation! 734.845-8106 75 East Henry Street Downtown Saline

Happy Holidays from All of Us at

SHS National Honor Society fills the shelves of the Saline Social Services.

The Saline High School National Honor Society sponsors the Annual Food Drive to benefit Saline Social Services. If your bag was not picked up, feel free to contact the faculty sponsor for the National Honor Society, Mark Messmore at

Thank you for visiting Downtown Saline! These lucky visitors get two tickets to the Music Under the Arch Concert of their choice!

“We enjoy Downtow It has a small town especially now with lights for the holid

Jeff Perin & Donia Muelle (spotted in Mac’s

“The small-town atmosphere is ideal for Christmas shopping. It feels less commercial and much more friendly. I love to support the small business community in Saline.’ Jim Doyle, Saline (spotted in Mac’s)

Selected randomly. Tickets donated by anonymous fan of Downtown Saline! “When I got accepted into a PhD program at the University of Michigan, we moved from Iowa to Saline. Downtown Diner was one of the first local restau-

The mission of Saline Main Street is to enhance the vitality of Downtown Saline as the social, cultural and economic heart of our community. This Downtown Gift Idea guide was created by Saline Main Street volunteers with the assistance of staff for the sole purpose of raising community awareness of the Downtown Saline district. No monetary payment was exchanged for inclusion in this publication. To learn, donate or volunteer, please visit

Downtown Saline Gift Ideas & Wishes  

Downtown Saline is full of gift ideas. There isn't any reason NOT to support our local business district.