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Salina Garris Enc1102 Joseph Cottle January 18, 2013 Rough draft #1

In the movie Titanic, there are many aspects worth analyzing. One theme that I found to be most reoccurring was the issue of social classes. Most people know the story of Titanic, the luxurious “unsinkable ship” set sail for the new world, on its way the ship struck an ice berg and majority of the passengers brutally died. There are many factors of this trip that was affected by social rankings, including the unfortunate deaths from the sinking ship. The obvious differences of the classes were shown in just about the whole movie, it was easily seen while observing the rooms, appearances, how you were treated, whom you talked to, and most importantly who was saved once the ship was hit.

The Titanic, in a nut shell is a story of the horrific tragedy that occurred in April of 1912, this ship was massive and was traveling passengers to America to get a fresh start and begin their lives in a new world! All on the ship were of different social standings; it went from worker all the way to royalty. It was quite a drastic difference, the story revolves around a high class seventeen year old named Rose DeWitt Bukater and a lower class boy named Jack Dawson. The two met on the ship when Jack saved Roses life after she attempted to jump off the ship. Problems arose for the two for many reasons but the most important issue was the division between classes. Putting it all aside they fell in love, and when the ship struck an iceberg one dreary night, the passengers were left to struggle and fight for survival, but Rose wouldn’t leave without Jack. Eventually after the lifeboats were all gone, the two jumped off the ship together hand in hand. Jack died from the below freezing water.

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