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Rough Draft #1

McDonald's is the largest hamburger fast food chain in the world. Those golden arches can be spotted just about every five mile radius. McDonald's signs read "99 Billion Served". As a company with such high stature, McDonald's works hard to maintain its title and keep its customers coming back. “ The restaurant provides food for people in 119 countries, especially the USA. There are even 179 restaurants in India where most people do not eat either beef or pork” (Lubin).”As the leading food-service provider in the United States, McDonalds serves a variety of wholesome options to more than 26 million customers every day” (Badka). All though McDonalds can easily appeal to almost each and every demographic, they find unique ways to appeal to many specific groups of people. In an advertisement by McDonalds you can see their strategies to attract families. They show a picture of a Mom and Dad and their two children all sitting around the table smiling and laughing. Of course the children have happy meals in front of them and they couldn’t be more thrilled. In this advertisement McDonald’s uses pathos to sell their product. They attempt to get you emotionally by showing you this happy as can be family all having a wonderful time. As they all sit around enjoying each other at McDonalds it makes you associate a happy family with McDonalds. You smile seeing such a picture perfect moment, and makes you want to go to McDonalds with your family and have a similar experience. As the children’s face light up with their happy meals in front of them you can see how much the children love McDonalds. The advertisement portrays that this is the place you want to bring your children, regardless of what age they are guaranteed a fun time. With tons of different toys available in each happy meal,

each one holding a new surprise! By seeing this ad it makes you genuinely feel happy because you can sense what a great time the family and children are having together.

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