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Salina Garris Enc1102 Joseph Cottle January 18, 2013 Rough draft #1

In the movie Titanic, there are many aspects worth analyzing. One theme that I found to be most reoccurring was the issue of social classes. Most people know the story of Titanic, the luxurious “unsinkable ship” set sail for the new world, on its way the ship struck an ice berg and majority of the passengers brutally died. There are many factors of this trip that was affected by social rankings, including the unfortunate deaths from the sinking ship. The obvious differences of the classes were shown in just about the whole movie, it was easily seen while observing the rooms, appearances, how you were treated, whom you talked to, and most importantly who was saved once the ship was hit.

The Titanic, in a nut shell is a story of the horrific tragedy that occurred in April of 1912, this ship was massive and was traveling passengers to America to get a fresh start and begin their lives in a new world! All on the ship were of different social standings; it went from worker all the way to royalty. It was quite a drastic difference, the story revolves around a high class seventeen year old named Rose DeWitt Bukater and a lower class boy named Jack Dawson. The two met on the ship when Jack saved Roses life after she attempted to jump off the ship. Problems arose for the two for many reasons but the most important issue was the division between classes. Putting it all aside they fell in love, and when the ship struck an iceberg one dreary night, the passengers were left to struggle and fight for survival, but Rose wouldn’t leave without Jack. Eventually after the lifeboats were all gone, the two jumped off the ship together hand in hand. Jack died from the below freezing water, while Rose survived and lived on to tell her story.

During the beginning scenes of all the hundreds of people a boarding the ship, right away you notice how the upper class were treated compared to the lower. The upper class had servants carry everything and take care of all their belongings before they could even lift a finger. They had tons of stuff, practically packed up their whole lives to bring along with them; cars, clothes, furniture, paintings, etc. The lower class had bags draped over their shoulders, and very small amounts of luggage. The workers were just running around doing things for the first class before they loaded the ship. Just in this instance you can clearly tell the separation between the classes. Even though in today’s day and age, their distinction between the poor, the middle and the wealthy, I feel it’s not as obvious as it was in this movie. Today, if everyone were to go to another “new world” we would probably take an airplane, and yes there would be a first class, however they don’t have workers just do everything for them from the get go. Everyone gets there luggage on the same way, and no one is personally escorted onto their plane by their servants.

As soon as the passengers a boarded the ship, the rooms they stayed in was a clear correlation to the class they were in. Under class stayed in very small tightly packed rooms with very little space and storage. The upper class stayed in fabulous suits, giant with separate rooms within. The under class rooms were at the bottom of the ship, and it went up from there to middle then to upper class.

The appearances varied tremendously between class rankings. You could tell the rich from the poor at a glance. The rich were in beautiful designer suits and dresses almost all the time, as the poor were in regular street clothes and most of the time they weren’t very clean. In the movie, this is very well portrayed when jack is asked to dinner in return for saving Rose’s life. Jack was just going to wear his everyday clothes.. t shirt and jeans, until a friend of rose’s family helped him out. She threw him in a nice tux, because she knew he would have been extremely embarrassed and made a fool out of in the clothes he was wearing. When I first watched this, I completely understood. If you walk into a dinner with a bunch of wealthy fabulous people looking like one of their servants, that’s how they would treat you. Not that it’s the right thing to do, but even in today’s day and age people judge you and treat you a lot because of what you wear. Typically what you wear reflects your social class, and people who are in a higher class usually treat lower class people badly just because they can. Clothing can definitely tell you a lot about someone, whether it’s good or bad but in this movie, your clothing determines much of what people think about you. If you’re wearing old ratty clothes, it basically means to the rich that you are beneath them.

Based on your social class, you were treated in a certain way. If you were rich you were waited on hand and foot. If you were poor no one really paid you any attention whatsoever. The rich had servants and priority for everything. I personally felt like it was horribly degrading and wrong how absurd the lower class was treated compared to the upper. No matter what the story was, whatever the upper class had to say about it was always right. None of the ship attendants believed anything the lower class said. `

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