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Tiffins restaurant documentation

BRIEF Identify a suitable eatery to open in and around the area of Vancouver Film School

Research & Findings

QUESTIONS How old are you? Gender?


Favourite type of food? Decision on what to eat?


Favourite place to eat? How often do you eat out? Average amount spent on lunch?


Open late? Key features? Type of restaurant?


Age 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 40-45 45+



4% 4% 12% 4%


Demographic here shows that the majority of the

Gender Male Female


students are between the ages of 21 - 30. The demographics is based on a single department, and hence cannot be statistically significant. I would assume based on visual observation the percentage of males is higher to that of females in Vancouver Film School. The information suggests that we are catering to adults.


Favourite type of food Since this was an open ended question, we received a variety of answers Lasagna





Sandwiches Pasta



The winner was Japanese, overwhelming majority enjoyed Japanese food


Favourite place to eat


Even though Sushi is not a place, it goes to show again how much people enjoy Japanese cuisine

The runner up is Bambo Cafe

The analysis here is that the majority of the audience is interested in places that are not extremely up class, however it should be clean, and the service needs to be quick. The Sushi places around the school, and Bambo Cafe, as well as the other options chosen, all represent a class of restaurants that are clean, convenient, and offer very quick service.

Key features of the ideal restaurant

Amongst other things requested, a 24 Hour restaurant, or one that is open past midnight, food delivery, and a spot where wifi is available for free incase the groups wanted to work at the restaurant.

CRAVING, PRICE & PROXIMITY PLAY AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN DECIDING WHAT TO EAT Based on a scale of whats most important to least important, we asked the students what they considered most when deciding on what to eat. Craving, price, proximity to school, and nutrition. Price was the most important, followed by craving, then proximity. We can deduce from this that a restaurant that is competitively prices, and can offer a variety of creative meals, will be a winner

How often do

How much do you pay on average?

you eat out? 6



4.5 3



1.5 0

Once a week 2-3 times 4-5 Everyday









From here we can deduce that this is going to be a lucrative business. The majority of students are willing to pay between $8-$10 for a meal. Also 83% like to eat out more than once a week.

FINAL ANALYSIS Japanese cuisine, or similar, however its due to number of Sushi places in the area Competitively priced, but will pay more for value Features such as wifi, free delivery, staying open late Have a fun active atmosphere, with the focus being clean food, delivered quickly

Brand strategy

Brand pyramid idea Personality Light hearted, trustworthy, & Conscious

Values Passion, Flexibility, & Sustainability

Rewards Peace of mind, informed, satisfied, responsible

Benefits Delicious, nutritious, easy of use, convenient, accessible

Features Indian food, free fruit, loyalty program, bulk buys, open late, cooking lessons,zero waste, social media

Brand pyramid

An Indian eatery, offering take out food,


at affordable prices, while operating a sustainable business with a smile

Personality Light hearted, trustworthy, & Conscious

Values Passion, Flexibility, & Sustainability

Rewards Peace of mind, informed, satisfied, responsible

Benefits Delicious, nutritious, easy of use, convenient, accessible

Features Indian food, free fruit, loyalty program, bulk buys, open late, cooking lessons,zero waste, social media



119 year old tradition sustainable lets bring it to Vancouver




Naming and rationale NEOLOGICAL


Brief - Research - Creative concept - Brand & application


DESCRIPTIVE The Indian Eatery



Bollywood Deli


Roti & Naan

Roti Central



Happy Belly

Naming and rationale NEOLOGICAL




Red Fort Eatery


Khana Khazana

Spinning Wheel


Brief - Research - Creative concept - Brand & application


TIFFINS What is it? Describe the project? It is an eatery, with the majority of the business being takeout food. We are trying to cater to a target audience that has very little time, looking for a delicious balanced meal, and on a budget. What is being offered? The eatery will be offering home-style cooked food, a free piece of fruit, technology support in terms of communicating to its target audience, a loyalty program, as well as an option to pre buy meals in bulk. What is the point of difference we must communicate? We are here for you, from 7 am to 11 pm. A cooking lesson with the chef once a week to help students cook simple meals at home. Who is our target audience? The target audience are students in the surrounding neighborhood. There are 3 schools and several ESL institutes in the area. The halo effect would be office employees in the area also looking for a meal within a particular budget. Lastly, it would be the passer by that will be intrigued by the line ups outside of our door.

TIFFINS What do we want the consumer / target audience to think and do? We would like them to feel that they are always getting very good value for their money, and a meal that is healthy and fresh. We want them to also start being more sustainable, and that starts with them bringing in their own food container, or taking out one of our containers. What should the personality of the communication be? Describe the character, tone and attitude. Communication will be simple, via facebook. Social media will be used, since our target audience will be spending a majority of their time on the computer, the best way to communicate with them will be via facebook. The tone will be sweet and informal, to reflect the personality of the eatery. Other important information The eatery has very little seating, the majority of the space will be taken up by the kitchen, and all the tiffin boxes that need to be stored there. Fresh ingredients will be delivered daily, and there will also be room for a computer station where all the social media will be handled. The competition will always be the restaurants in the area, in terms of variety and prices, however none are open as late.


Surrounding restaurants Stand out in terms of service and quality of food. Focus on core values, and ensure the brand remains consistent. Promoting the business Put coupons in welcome packages for students, and register with student services in the surrounding schools, and advertise on bulletin boards. Retaining customers A loyalty program involving a stamp card, a tiffin box/container system, and the ability to buy food in bulk order

Mood boards

Colour Palette

I want the idea to tie back to its origin

The Logo


Tiffins restaurant branding presentation


Reusable bottles

Key swipe for members

Outside Menu board

Prepackaged Food

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daily menu

Takeout tiffin boxes and for delivery

Social media for online orders & members

Cooking classes

Food delivery

Monday, November 8, 2010



SUMMARY Simple restaurant with a winning concept Sustainable & innovative Meets the requirements of the target audience Serving a niche target market, with the potential of a massive halo effect

Tifffins Brand Documentation  

This outlines the process for coming up with Tiffins and seeing the brand used in daily applications.

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