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Check Your Tyres Regularly For Best Performance Checking your tyres is easy. You will save money and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Tyre Pressure Under Inflated tyres uses more fuel and tyre wear out is fast. Hence, make sure to check your car tyre pressure regularly atleast once in fortnight. It should also be checked if you are going on a long trip in your car

Tread Depth Tread pattern plays an important role in wet traction and safety. Minimum tread depth recommended is 1.6mm. If your tread pattern is visibly worn out, its recommended to change or to look for change in tyre.

Wheel Suspension Alignment and Balancing When your car gets serviced it is wise to get the wheel balancing checked and tyre suspension alignment optimized as well.

Tyre Rotation If tyres are being rotated around the vehicle, check the balance at the same time. Tyre rotation is usually done every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Valves To be safe you should replace the tyre valves every time the tyres are changed.

Check your tyres regularly for best performance presentation