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about vertechs

Vertex Technologies (formerly known as Cubestech) was launched in 2005 and has been providing its unique quality services to its clients while maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the years. Feeling the need for change in the way we care for the surroundings and the objects we use in our everyday life, Vertechs was inspired to build a vibrant team of self-motivated individuals who intend to implement an eco-friendly, paperless office through smartphones and tablets.


These are the services we provide: Information Technology Services (ITS) Telecom Services (TCS)

For a better tomorrow, we serve YOU today

Mission To cater to the technological needs of our clients in a cost effective and eco-friendly manner.

Audio Visual Solutions (AVS)

Approach Customer Satisfaction paves way for Our Recognition

What Vertechs DOES... Yesterday’s Dream, Today’s Inspiration, Tomorrow’s Technology We at VERTECHS help YOU to realize it.

Gaming Technology Services (GTS)

1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (its) Consultation Hardware and Software Solutions Web and Software Development Cloud Services Structured Cabling Technical Support Staff



Home Users: We provide simple and apt solutions to our home clients, helping them make the most of the facilities available in the devices they currently own, or replace them for an improved functionality. B

Start-Up companies:

We provide Start-Up companies with business solutions, improving on productivity as well as cost effectiveness of the services that would better support the client’s requirement.


Product Support: Any Hardware products bought through us will have a complimentary 90 days telephone support and a 1 year warranty. The Warranty includes product collection and delivery on site. Software & Hardware products will be provided with basic support and essential training on product operations and features.

Home Services o

On-Demand Customers

We provide only on-site support to these types of customers. We attend to their queries and fix an appointment with our technicians (We call them SQUAD) to solve the issues. o

Privileged Customers

Our Privileged Customers are offered with three types of support namely Remote Assistance, Telephone Support and On-call Support.

Existing Companies: We help existing companies to implement new technologies or increase the efficiency of the infrastructure being used, by suggesting better solutions in a profitable manner.

Corporate services: Annual Maintenance Support (AMS) We provide help desk support to our clients and offer different AMS Contracts with a 24/7 Hotline Number by which our SQUADs can respond to the issues immediately. We have different types of AMSs for Existing as well as Start-up companies which can be found here.

AMS Contracts - Existing companies

o EC Pro We provide companies with IT, Telecom and AV products which will be covered under the warranty. We also provide Telephone Support, Remote Assistance and On-Site Maintenance for these types of clients. Our SQUAD will make 2 visits every month for a Health Check and provide you with round the clock support. o EC Enterprise EC Enterprise is an EC Pro contract with a dedicated staff on-site and 24/7 support for issues to be handled after business hours. o EC Xpress EC Xpress contracts will have limited warranty support. Our SQUAD will visit once every month for a Health Check during business hours. These types of customers can only avail on-call support. Hardware replacements will be charged accordingly.

AMS Contracts - Start-up Companies

Annual Maintenance Support for start-up companies comes with a 3 year contract and a 1 year extension. This will include a minimum of 1 year support for both hardware and software. It includes Telephone Support, Remote Assistance and On-site Maintenance. Essential basic training for the solutions will be provided on-site. o

SU Pro

Payments for hardware and software are paid in full initially, while support services are charged separately. o

SU Xpress

Payments will be done in installments for hardwares, softwares and maintenance, while the products will be owned by us till the installments are over.



Web Page Designing We design professional and catchy websites for companies who would like to improve their business by enhancing their online presence. We highlight the stand out features of the products/services of the clients and also augment the existing websites improving on flexibility and security.

Web Application Development We also develop custom enterprise solutions in web application development by emphasizing on simplicity and unique designs as per the client’s requirements. Vertechs can provide extensive portal development services through our web portal development experts who are proficient in PHP web application development and create innovative web solutions for the clients diverse business needs. • • • • • • •

Business to Customer (B2C) web portals Business to Business (B2B) web portals Shopping Cart development/ e-commerce portals Custom content management system (CMS) Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions E-commerce integrated websites HTML 5 Support Included

Mobile Application Development We develop Cross Platform Applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices in Business Software Solutions, Productivity Applications, Games and Multimedia Applications with emphasis on quality and impressive designs. We also convert web applications to mobile platforms. We have well equipped In-House Lab supporting freshers/trainers to realize and learn the demands of the market.

Software Development We have professionals in software development who analyse the requirements, study the market, design in line with the trends, and code the softwares in a user friendly manner. We supply softwares that help ease the hassles of Record Management as well as Asset Management with maintenance & support. We also offer Educational softwares that help teachers to better assess a student’s development and knowledge level. We also provide maintenance services for these softwares on a contract basis.



Cloud Services brings down the cost required for companies with regard to software installations and hardware space by a large margin as it centralizes every device with web apps online which offers a hassle-free collaboration between business partners and employees by simply using a single browser.


GOOGLE APPS FOR BUSINESS We help in implementing Google Services like Google Apps for Business which includes online features like Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets & Slides which can be accessed through a single browser – Google Chrome. We provide our clients with basic training on these apps which will aid in familiarizing with migration to these services. GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION Google Apps for Education is a Google service customized for school requirements, simplifying and centralizing their activities through the cloud with a lot of extra features wherein the faculty can keep track of the student activities in the classroom. Students can share their views and documents online without being present at school which helps in project implementation, seminars etc. And with Youtube integration, they have access to many high quality educational videos.

STRUCTURED CABLING Consultation & Installation We design and advise clients with the best reliable solution to their Network Cabling requirements and Fiber Optics installations. We also have well-qualified technicians who install and maintain a VERTECHS standard on the site.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT STAFF We provide well qualified technicians based on both temporary and permanent contract agreements for projects requiring regular and diligent supervision with 24/7 manpower supply. Our team of competent professionals holds the VERTECHs standard highly and is proven in their fields.




We offer consultation services for both startups and migrating existing clients in the telecom sector. Our well experienced consultants can advise you on Building Wiring while maintaining the requirements of the service provider.



We design and install telephone cables for beautiful, seamless voice networking and aid clean and easily manageable cable installations which comply with the QTEL standards.



We provide highly secure and stable communications that take advantage of a wide range of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based capabilities by using your LAN or WAN functions reducing on costs and improving on reliability.



We provide Interactive Voice Response systems which help in reducing the call costs as well as time by providing pre-recorded voice prompts and menus/options and keypad entry to collect responses while also supporting voice recognition. We also install PABX systems to help your company to connect to different departments or employees with ease.

3. AUDIO VISUAL SOLUTIONS (AVS) We also provide Audio Visual Solutions for Educational, Health, Retail and IT Sectors through improved quality of presentations and simplified visual conferences and smooth audience interaction systems.

Audio & Video Conferencing Surround Sound Systems Classroom Audio Technologies Audience Response Systems Interactive Whiteboards Intelligent Lecterns IP TV Technologies Computer Classroom Solutions Wireless Presentation Tools

4. GAMING TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (GTS) In the world of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, Vertechs has realised the need for Game Development and provide hands-on experience for game developers. We also give training for freshers on the basics of gaming technology while encouraging novel & creative ideas and bringing it to life. We conduct gaming events for the crazy gamers out here in Qatar with exciting prizes and a thrilling experience guaranteed!!! +974 4413-1395 4920, Wakra-Qatar

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Vertechs Brochure