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Stop Liking and Commenting on Your Mates’ New Facebook Friendships Tim Grgec

her”; “Defiantly [sic] a pornstar with that name”; “On to another one already @tag [every single male they know].” Phwoah! Chat! The whole point is to draw attention to the new friendship usually for a few reasons. Firstly as a sign of acknowledgement. A “she’ll do” nod of the head as you sip your Tui at the rugby club. Secondly in a playful act of primordial jealousy; it’s to try and ruin your mate’s chances of having sex, or a romantic engagement, with the new female friend. The millennial-lad cockblock. Nice. Thirdly it’s to insinuate the two friends have slept together. Get around the bro, he may or may not have had sex! What a champ!

Lads, lads, alllll the lads! I’ve spent the last two to three years trying to unlike, unfollow, and unfriend lad shit on Facebook. I’m working towards a newsfeed nirvana. A place of solace—free of Veitchy on Sport posts, ‘leg day’ jokes, and Cleavage Thursdays. But if Facebook has done anything for sociology, it’s proved that sexism continues to thrive in 2016. I can’t escape it and I don’t really call people out on it, which means I’m still very much a part of the problem. Privilege is complicated. As a white, middle-class, able-bodied, cisgender male I’m aware that I’m among the most privileged group in society. This also means my opinions aren’t as readily dismissed. Guys might take me seriously. They might even listen to me, unlike the countless number of female writers who face abuse, patronising explanation, and gendered hatred from men just for doing their jobs. There’s a new wave of ladness taking over Zuckerberg’s algorithm. It’s guys liking and commenting on new friendship notifications, namely when a male befriends a female. You know what I mean: “Male Friend and A Female are now friends. Yesterday at 21:33.” Here are some examples I’ve seen of guys commenting on a new opposite-sex Facebook friendship: “Would finger

Whatever the reasons, it’s all just a bit of banter, eh? It’s a trend that is at best obnoxious, at worst sexual harassment, and hugely problematic. From what I see, the befriended woman is never referred to by name or acknowledged as a human-being. She’s an object of amusement. Another one of your mate’s sexual prospects. 30

Misc | Issue 24  
Misc | Issue 24