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School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations November—December 2016 FHSS 104 Special Topic: Historical Wrongs and Human Rights Atrocity, violence, persecution, warfare and injustice form part of the record of human history. So do attempts to redress such wrongs. The course examines historical case studies of oppression of many sorts based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, class and sexuality. Alongside these we will examine the emancipation movements, revolutions—violent and peaceful—and legal changes born from such oppression, which continue to shape our culture and society. Changing historical ideas of freedom and liberty and internationalist notions of humanitarianism and human rights form a third course theme. INTP 212 Special Topic: Threat and Response: The Politics and Law of International Security This course surveys the political and legal aspects of a number of international security issues. By focusing on specific threats to national and human security—such as interstate conflict, terrorism, human rights abuse, humanitarian crises and mass atrocity—the course considers how politics and law respond to protect states and individuals in the international order. PHIL 107 Philosophy of Media and the Arts An introduction to the philosophy of art, focusing on philosophical issues concerning popular culture, film, fiction, music and the visual arts.

PHIL 209/309 Special Topic: Political Philosophy East and West This course looks at various forms of the Western Liberal tradition and challenges posed to it by various thinkers in early China, including Confucius, Laozi, Mozi, and Han Fei. Of particular focus will be the relationship between human nature and political philosophy and the role of morality in politics. INTP 430 The Politics of International Migration This course explores how international migration—voluntary and involuntary, legal and illegal—is reshaping national and international politics. International migration will be examined for its effects on international security, human security, electoral politics and multicultural politics. Attempts at the national, regional, and international level to manage international migration, especially refugee and illegal migrant flows, will also be studied. INTP 441 International Political Economy This course covers the main theoretical perspectives and issue areas involved in studying international political economy (IPE) and supports student-led research into a more specific topic in IPE. The course concentrates on the political factors that shape international economic processes and explores some social consequences of the development of capitalism.

January —February 2017 STRA 536 Special Topic: Allies and Adversaries: Understanding Strategic Relationships This course investigates contemporary strategic relationships from alliances to rivalries. It asks whether even potential adversaries can have common interests or whether different value systems make some partnerships impossible. The course raises important questions for New Zealand’s security policy globally and in the Asia–Pacific.

November 2016 —February 2017 HIST 234/318 Special Topic: Histories of the Modern Middle East This course introduces the twentiethcentury history of the Middle East with a focus on Arab, Persian and Turkish national experiences. Lectures explore ideas of political legitimacy: the course examines the collapse of the Ottoman caliphate, European colonial empires, secular republicanism, socialism and the rise of Islamism.

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