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Friday 9th December 2016

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Woman arrested in murder investigation BY NATHAN SALT

A WOMAN has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a man was stabbed to death in Oldham. Police were called to the Unsworth Way property last night after reports that the 56-year-old victim had collapsed. The man was discovered with serious injuries to his

chest just before 8pm yesterday. He died a short time later after being taken to hospital. A 58-year-old woman has been taken into custody for questioning as the murder investigation continues. The Coldhurst property was cordoned off as a forensic team attended to the area, searching through the estate for further evidence.

Forensics was seen checking through bins throughout the compact cul-de-sac with local sources stating that many residents were away from their properties. Two officers, along with a forensics coordinator and a detective from the Crown Prosecution Service, all declined to provide a comment with the enquiries still at any early stage.

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Ex-addict aims for Number 1 Crime scene today in Oldham

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Friday 9th December 2016


Manchester MPs back UK Brexit plan


ALL but one Manchester MP voted in favour of a vote to initiate formal talks regarding Britain’s exit from the European Union no later than March 2017. Stockport Labour MP Ann Coffey was one of only 89 nationwide MPs that voted against the Government’s Brexit plan on Wednesday. Coffey, via Twitter, said: “I voted tonight with 89 other MP’s against invoking article 50 by March. “It ties us to an unnecessary and arbitrary timetable.”

Only one Conservative MP, former chancellor Ken Clarke, opposed Theresa May’s timetable. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister achieved the support of 461 MPs. William Wragg, Conservative MP for Hazel Grove, Greater Manchester tweeted: “Glad to be part of a united Conservative Party voting to trigger Article 50: meanwhile, the Lib Dems vote against. #iliberalundemocrats.” A vote on a Labour motion calling for the Government to publish its Brexit plan was also successful by a margin of 448 to 75 votes.

The Prime Minister’s acceptance of Labour’s motion came on Tuesday after she had faced a revolt by 40 Conservative MPs. Nine Labour MPs voted against the party’s own proposal. Three of them, Ms Siddiq, Ms West and Mr Zeichner, serve on Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench. The two votes represent a compromise between Labour and the Conservatives, but some have accused Jeremy Corbyn of handing the Tories a ‘blank cheque’ on initiating Brexit.

The announcement of the vote in parliament on Wednesday night, ParliamentLiveTV

Lib Dem mayoral candidate vows to fight threat of a hard Brexit

UKIP leader issues electoral warning to any Brexit-blocking MPs

LIBERAL Democrat candidate for Greater Manchester, Jane Brophy, has said she will fight against a hard Brexit. The Manchester Councillor said: “We have a big task ahead, as Brexit becomes more real, we have to work harder to ensure our link with the EU is maintained.” The Lib Dem’s comment comes a day before the Supreme Court commenced proceedings to decide whether to overturn the High Court’s ruling that MPs should vote on Article 50. Brophy is up against Labour candidate Andy Burnham, and Conservative representative Sean Anstee in the Manchester mayoral election on May 4 next year. Brophy added: “As a passionate pro-European, who campaigned to remain, I was devastated by the result, but we can’t let it impact our local industries. “Leaving the EU was not

NEWLY appointed UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has issued a threat towards MPs that may attempt to disrupt the UK’s departure from the European Union. The MEP for the North West appeared on Good Morning Britain and said: “Woe betide any MP who tries to play around with the will of the people, particularly if they’re from a constituency who has voted to leave. “I think it’s a disgrace if any MP tries to play around with the will of the people.” When asked what he meant by presenter Susanna Reid, Nuttall said: “It’s an electoral threat. UKIP is at its best when it’s electorally strong and we will go into those constituencies and remove those MPs. “We might have one MP at the moment, I guarantee if parliament mess around with this bill, we’ll have a lot more.” He added: “Anger is a very powerful force in politics.”

Councillor Jane Brophy what large parts of Greater Manchester voted for and even those that did vote leave did not intend to have us yanked out without any thought or consideration for our region’s best interests.” The Lib Dem candidate visited artists and designers at the Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Altrincham Town Hall on Sunday. Brophy said: “It really is fantastic to see local and independent makers like this sending a clear message; Greater Manchester is open and ready for business. And together, we will fight this hard Brexit.” MP for Leigh, Andy

Burnham, differs to his rival Greater Manchester mayoral candidate on Brexit. Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday he said: “It is time to move beyond the re-running of the referendum arguments, and accept what people voted for. “The 700,000 people in Greater Manchester who voted to leave, many of them lifelong Labour voters, voted for change on immigration, I am quite clear about that.” He also critisied people who had voted remain in the June referendum by saying: “I don’t want to hear that places like Leigh that voted to leave are in any way xenophobic or racist. “Free movement has arguably provided better benefits to large companies than it has to the most deprived communities. “There is nothing socialist about a system of open borders that allows multinationals to treat people like commodities to drive down labour costs.”

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall

Credit: Creative Commons

The UKIP MEP continued: “The fact is that the British people spoke on June the 23rd, they want to take back control of their borders, they want to take back control of their own finances and their own laws,. “If they mess about with this bill and stay in the single market we can do none of those things.” The Supreme Court sat this week to hear the Government’s Brexit appeal. It is seeking to overturn the High Court’s decision stating that MPs must vote before Britain invokes Article 50. The Government appealed to the most powerful court in

Britain after the High Court ruled Theresa May lacked the authoritative power to initiate Article 50 without the backing of Parliament. The four-day court hearing was presided over by a record 11 judges with the verdict due to be announced in January next year. Nuttall, the successor to Nigel Farage, said: “If it goes back to parliament I’m sure people like Nick Clegg and Jeremy Corbyn will try to amend the bill to make sure we stay in the single market which isn’t what the British people voted for. “The British parliament made it perfectly clear that they were seeding the democratic right on this issue to the people. “That’s why we had a referendum and the people have spoken quite clearly by a big majority, it was a city the size of Liverpool and Birmingham put together the difference between leave and remain.”

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Friday 9th December 2016


Festival lights up the Quays

Pic: Ian Wood

BY KATIE MAGEE SALFORD Quays has been lit up by an array of spectacular illuminations. Following on from the success from last year a series of nine displays have been set up around MediaCityUK and The Lowry as part of the Lightwaves festival. Artists from around the globe have contributed works and there are some famous characters from the Blackpool Illuminations – including children’s favourites Spongebob Squarepants, Noddy, Postman Pat and figures from Dr Who. The first-time showcase at Salford Quays will be the pre-existing global artwork, Voyage, created by Aether & Hemera – a multi-disciplinary art and design studio, which produces contemporary lighting art as well as interaction designs.

Neon artwork created by Massimo Uberti and Marco Pollice, Pic: Ian Wood Voyage features six lines of 33 origami boats, occupying a space of 630 square metres. The 198 boats have been designed not to transform the waterfront in winter months but engage with the community. The convoy creates a magical atmosphere with interactive lights which change colour

when spectators interact with the artwork on their phone. Passersby can transform and change the colours and sequences of the boats by connecting to the Voyage WiFi network and users will have a range of artworks to engage with such as a night sky to a rainbow. By choosing an op-

tion it will change the colour of the boats. Also featured will be films including One Square Mile by artists Chris Paul Daniels and Sam Meech, which explores environments, architecture, and communities within one square mile of the Quays. The free festival, on offer to the public, will also exhibit a piece of artwork called ‘Today I Love You’ created by Massimo Uberti and Marco Pollice which was first commissioned by Amsterdam’s Light Festival 2015. The festival starts tonight with a performance by the Honour Choir, bringing together hundreds of singers from across the region and continues until Sunday 18th December. Displays are illuminated from Salford Quays Waterfront from 12pm until 10.30pm each day. For full details see www.

Above: a scene from Doctor Who. Below: Children’s favourites Noddy, Postman Pat & Spongebob

Police warn over fraudulent ‘speeding ticket’ emails BY JIM SCOTT MOTORISTS are being warned to ignore scam emails accusing them of breaking a 25mph speed limit in Greater Manchester. The emails are just the latest attempt to obtain credit card details from unwary recipients. An example email which Quays News has been provid-

ed with reads: “We have photographic data that the driver of motor vehicle failed to adhere with a speed limit” at a specific date, time and location. The email attachment goes on to say: “In accordance with Section 1 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988, we hereby inform you that it is mandatory to proceedings against the

driver of motor vehicle.” The scam tricks the reader into believing that they were found speeding at 2.26pm on November 30 on a stretch of the A575 Bolton Road, near Thorpe Street, Walkden. Detective Inspector Martin Hopkinson, of the force’s Serious Crime Division, said: “Greater Manchester Police is

aware of a scam email circulating, informing the recipient that they have been caught speeding.” Opening the attachment can also infect computers allowing criminals to access data. DI Hopkinson said: “I would urge people to delete any such emails and ensure they always have the most up-to-date secu-

rity software. GMP would never send out correspondence via email requesting payment of fines nor will we ask for your personal and financial information.” If caught speeding, the local police will post out a ‘Notice of Intended Prosecution’ or an ‘NIP’ to the registered address of the offender.

The current penalty for speeding is a minimum of three points and a maximum of a lifetime ban and imprisonment, depending on the circumstances. Anyone who has received the email is advised not to open nor download any attachments and contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

7 arrested for suspect human trafficking in Manchester areas


SEVEN people in Manchester have been arrested as part of an investigation into a suspected people-smuggling ring.

The arrests were made as part of Operation Cosy, a probe into a possible organised crime group believed to be involved in the trafficking of predominantly Iranian nationals into the UK. Immigration Enforcement officers arrested four Iranian

men, aged 33, 34, 35 and 36, and a 39-year-old Polish woman at addresses in Whalley Range and Salford, Greater Manchester. Two more arrests, of a 33-year-old Iranian man and a 46-year-old British woman, were made at Manchester

Airport on Tuesday. All those arrested have been bailed until a later date pending further inquiries. Assistant director Dave Magrath, from the Immigration Enforcement Criminal Investigations Team, said: “Our investigation is targeting

an organised network suspected of being involved in a complex and systematic attempt to evade the UK’s immigration controls. “That investigation will continue with the evidence that was seized on Monday and Tuesday.”

The arrests were part pf a wider crackdown not just on illegal workers but on the organised crime syndicates who smuggle them into the coutnry. Anyone with relevant information should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 anonymously.


Friday 9th December 2016


Flooding last year was most extreme on record, new in-depth study reveals BY JACK DONNELLY

A RECENT study into last winter’s devastating floods has shown that the rainfall ranks alongside the most in the last century, and caused the highest amount of flooding to Salford in 70 years. The study has found that from November 2015 to January 2016 was the wettest threemonth period on record dating back to 1910. After ‘Storm Eva’ brought a month’s worth of rain to the city on Boxing Day, the nearby River Irwell in Salford smashed its highest ever river levels by half a metre. Greater Manchester was one of the worst affected areas of flooding in the UK,

Salford experienced upwards of 250% of their average rainfall during December 2015, contributing to the floods. Graph:Met Office

with the Fire and Rescue Service receiving more than 300 flood-related calls. The heavy rain during late December last year also left thousands of homes without power, with over 20,000 losing power in Rochdale. The study said: “The flooding attracted much public, media, and political attention, and speculation relating to the effectiveness of flood management strategies. “The possibility that similar flood episodes may occur in the future underpins the need for more detailed studies to provide resilient flood management strategies.” Salford City Council were criticised for the failure of recently-built flood defences along the River Irwell, after investing in a 2.2-mile stretch of boulder defences towards the end of 2013, and a £12m project to convert the land north of Castle Irwell Student Village which is close to completion. But this recent study may give reason as to why Salford suffered the worst flooding damage in 70 years. Councillor Derek Antrobus, lead member for planning at Salford City Council, said: “The study did not come as a surprise to us, given the scale of the events that we experienced last year, I expected that

Flooding last year on the River Irwell the amount of rainfall would have been unprecedented. “Certainly the flows on the River Irwell were way beyond what we’ve ever experienced before. What we’ve got to do is make sure that people prepare for that eventuality”. “Everyone has got to work together. There is a community responsibility here to put provisions in place against flooding as well, and the council is offering every support that we can.”

In Cumbria and Lancashire alone last December, 57 severe flood warnings were issued and record peak flows were recorded in many rivers across northern England. Alexandra Lynch was working for ‘Pit Stop’ food van who fed hundreds of volunteers last year during the clean-up free of charge. She said: “Seeing the expressions on the faces of people who had their homes flooded made me so upset.

Pic: Dr Luke Blazejewsk

“On Boxing Day we saw people having to throw Christmas trees, presents and decorations in the road because they were just ruined by the floods. Christmas isn’t even over yet and people’s homes have been gutted out by the floods.” “My boyfriend’s grandma lived on a ground floor flat, and she lost everything because of the floods. She was sat in the street eating her dinner which was donated to her, crying, because she’s had no help.”

Ms Lynch’s view has been echoed by many around the city. With Castle Irwell’s flood basin being completed “at any time in the next few days” according to Cllr Antrobus, many will be hoping the continued building of flood defences will protect the city. Against storms like last December’s battering of Storm Eva, however, studies by the CEH argue the case that some forces of nature cannot be stopped.

Big-hearted football fan Burnham promises to tackle traffic woes saves Salford pub BY ADAM LEWIS


A SALFORD pub has been saved from demolition by a Norwegian Manchester United fan whose actions prevented a struggling business from being sold to a property developer. The ‘B’ Hive, on Holland Street, was set to become the latest victim of gentrification after landlady Fran found the venue increasingly difficult to manage. The gastropub was placed on the market and Fran was forced to accept a bid from a property developer. Norwegian-born Ronnie, who had been staying in the pub’s bed & breakfast while visiting the area, had expressed his interest in staying there again next time he was in England. Landlord Dave said: “Ronnie sat there for five minutes and asked ‘If I buy this pub, will you two run it for me?’ “We agreed and the next thing he said was ‘I’m going to buy it,’ just like that.” Ronnie - deemed a local hero - has been likened to those of country counterpart Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich; saving

the pub from destruction at the verge of death. He self-funded the finance to buy the pub by sacrificing his family home, with the permission of his parents. “That’s how determined he was,” Dave said. “He’s just a really nice guy and says he’s not in it to make a fortune, just enough to pay off what he owes. “This community needs this pub; you can’t take everything away from it. “If the developer had got his way, it would have been another pub gone. We were told we would never beat a millionaire but you’re talking to Salford boys here.” Before the deal was finalised, it was agreed by both parties to completely refurbish the pub. As a result, there are now six fresh B&B rooms. The downstairs has been completely redecorated and a new menu is available, overseen by Fran personally. “We beat them,” said Dave. “And now it will stay a pub as long as I’m alive. It will always be The ‘B’ Hive, the heart of the community.” The ‘B’ Hive pub is located on Holland Street, off Langley Road South, M6 6FE.

TRAFFIC congestion in Manchester will be at the heart of MP Andy Burnham’s bid to become mayor of Greater Manchester. The Labour member for Leigh visited the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry yesterday to speak with residents to help form his transport policies. Mr Burnham said: “If the commuters of London had to put up with Greater Manchester’s transport system there’d be riots. “All across Greater Manchester our roads are at saturation point and traffic is at a standstill.” “We can’t go on like this, it’s taking longer and longer to get around, If I’m elected as mayor, tackling congestion will be a top priority from day one.” Mr Burnham notes that Manchester’s roads are the third busiest in the UK with journeys taking 78 percent longer at evening rush hour compared to other times. Encouraging car sharing by allowing cars carrying several passengers to use bus lanes is a policy proposed by the Leigh MP. Mr Burnham also wants to improve bus services as their

use in Manchester has been in decline as opposed to London, where bus use is increasing. The former shadow home secretary states in his manifesto that: “The new Mayor will have the ability to introduce new integrated ticketing arrangements - making journeys faster and smoother, improve information about journey times and fares, and plan what bus services are needed - joining up routes with other forms of public transport.” He added: “With the right Mayor, we can ensure that bus services work for everyone.” The Labour MP also wants to promote cycling and said: “I want to put cycling at the heart of my plan to get Greater Manchester moving. “We need to make cycling the obvious and safe choice for short journeys. This will help reduce congestion and pollution, and promote physical activity.” Mr Burnham is up against Conservative candidate Sean Anstee, Liberal Democrat Jane Brophy, Deyika Nzeribe from the Green Party, Shneur Odze of UKIP and Stephen Morris who represents the English Democrats. Left: Mayoral Candidate Andy Burnham, Creative commons

Viola Beach ‘did not suffer’ in Sweden mystery death crash

Friday 9th December 2016


FAMILY and fans may never know what caused the deaths of the members of indie–rock band Viola Beach and their manager, in a car crash in Sweden. The inquest at Warrington Coroners Court this week recorded verdicts of accidental death on the band whose car inexplicably drove over the edge of an opening road bridge. At the inquest on Wednesday it was heard that the hired Nissan Qashqai collided with two barriers, on the E4 motorway in Sodertalje, outside Stockholm, before veering off the end of the bridge. Singer Kris Leonard, 20; guitarist River Reeves, 19; drummer Jack Dakin, 19; bass player Tomas Lowe, 27, and Manager Craig Tarry, 32, were killed on a motorway in Sweden in February this year. Driver Craig Tarry, the band’s manager, had full control of the vehicle after hitting the first barrier. The CCTV footage shows the Qashqai switching lanes behind two HGV’s stationary at the safety barrier before veering left towards a verge and disappearing from sight, the court heard that the changing of lane suggests that driver Craig Tarry had full control of the vehicle after hitting the first barrier. The car was going at 108kmph, adhering to the speed limit, but it was estimated that after hitting the first

AN almost life-sized bronze sculpture of a homeless Jesus is to be erected outside St Ann’s Church to raise awareness about Manchester’s homeless crisis. The city was identified by homeless charity Shelter as the homeless capital of the North West this week, with the report stating that almost 4000 people are currently living in temporary accommodation or sleeping rough in the city’s streets. Now, an anonymous patron has donated the sculpture, created by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, and the city-centre church will be raising the funds to erect the sculpture outside the building. Titled ‘Homeless Jesus’, the series of sculptures from the artist feature a figure on a park bench in the foetal position. The figure is under a blanket featuring pierced feet.

Bury beats national average by reducing antibiotic use BY CHANTELLE HEEDS

Photo: Viola Beach Facebook

barrier, the driver would have had enough time to stop. The court was told the driver and front passenger had seat belts but the back three passengers didn’t and as the car was falling, they were ejected from the vehicle. Kris, River, Jack and Craig died from head injuries, while Tomas drowned once the car had entered the river. The inquest heard Craig Tarry was driving the band back

to their hotel after playing at a festival for upcoming bands near Stockholm, and was 79 miles into the journey. The passengers had a small amount of alcohol in their system. However, toxicology reports confirmed that there were no traces of alcohol or drugs in the driver’s blood stream. Coroner Nicholas Rheinberg recorded a verdict of death by road traffic accident.

He said: “I don’t think it ever will be known what happened. “The events we have been hearing about reveal the most awful tragedy for all of you. And he told more than 20 of the band’s family members present: “I am very sorry you have suffered this terrible loss.” After the trial Superintendent Martin Cleworth, from Cheshire Police read the families statement.

It said: “The families of River, Tom, Jack, Kris and Craig wish to thank everybody for their kind support at this heartbreaking time and the support they have shown over the last 10 months.” He also added: “Craig, Jack, Kris, River and Tom shared a huge passion, talent and dedication to music, and we are tremendously proud of everything the boys achieved in such a short space of time.”

‘Homeless Jesus’ sculpture on park bench will highlight city as region’s rough sleeper capital BY JACK DONNELLY


There is also a small space allowing people to sit at Jesus’ feet. Creator of the sculpture Timothy Schmalz described his work as ‘visual translations of the Bible’, with versions of the sculpture having already been built in more than 50 cities around the world- including the Vatican City and Washington D.C. Reverend Nigel Ashworth, rector of St Ann’s, said: “The opportunity to place the sculpture facing St Ann’s square, a very public place, will give a focus to the church’s and the city’s efforts to find ways of supporting homeless people, as we work to eliminate any need for homelessness.” Manager of Manchester’s Shelter branch Jon Ryan said: “Shelter’s founding shone a light on hidden homelessness in the sixties slums. And whilst troubled times like those have faded into a distant memory,

The bronze sculpture designed to raise awareness of homelessness fifty years on we’re seeing a similar type of pressure with modern day housing crisis tightening its grip on our country “It come from decades in the

making, this is the tragic result of a nation struggling under the weight of sky-high rents, a lack of affordable homes, and cuts to welfare support”, he added. St Ann’s Church, Manches-

ter, work as part of Manchester’s Homelessness Charter, bringing together different organisations and charities across the city to help support the homeless.

BURY has managed to beat the national average when reducing the prescription of antibiotics. Bury’s decrease in antibiotic prescriptions at 8.63 per cent, outperforms the England average of 7.33 per cent, according to statistics released by NHS England. A spokesperson for Bury Clinical Commissioning Group explained: “It is likely that the decrease is a joint effort between patients better understanding the use of antibiotics, and general practitioners not prescribing them for conditions that do not respond to them.” Bury has actively tried to reduce antibiotic output. The spokesperson added: “The Clinical Commissioning Group has been instrumental in helping to promote the messages to patients and general practitioners about the appropriate use of antibiotics, which is slowly changing patients’ expectations of receiving antibiotics. “Bury is also actively promoting self-care for patients with minor ailments and encouraging patients to seek advice and support from community pharmacies.” The whole country is consciously trying to reduce the amount of antibiotics consumed by the public as the inappropriate use and over-prescribing of the drugs is causing the development of resistance, which can make many routine treatments become dangerous. This is considered to be one of the biggest threats facing humans today, according to health professionals. Cutting down the unnecessary use of antibiotics will help Bury residents, and the rest of the country, to slow down the development of antibiotic resistance and safeguard these drugs for more serious infections. Dr Kiran Patel, general practitioner and chair of NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We are pleased our patients are starting to realise that antibiotics are not the answer to all their symptoms. “Antibiotics do not work against viral infections such as colds, most coughs or sore throats. “The best way to treat them is to drink plenty of fluids and to rest. If you need advice for your symptoms, please speak to a pharmacist first.” Call us with your news on 0161 295 3064


Friday 9th December 2016


Fear that famous Lancashire cheese name is threatened by Brexit deal BY ADAM LEWIS

A FAMOUS Lancashire Cheese could lose the right to protect its name under a Brexit deal, says an industry expert. The Beacon Fell Lancashire Cheese is one of the 61 protected foods at risk as part of the negotiations for the UK to leave the European Union. Location specific names such as this help differentiate the cheese as well as improving the product’s competitiveness and profitability. However, the European Laws that protect food names such as this cheese may no longer apply after Brexit, if the new deal is accepted. The industry-funded Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) says that new agreements will have to be made to ensure Britain’s geographical food names are protected. Martin Doherty, Senior Analyst at AHDB said: “Once the UK stops being an EU member, it will no longer be possible for UK protected food names to be promoted in the

EU or abroad. “If the UK wishes to register protected food names after Brexit, it would first need to set up its own national approval scheme.” Mr Doherty added: “Only when products have been approved by a non-EU country’s own national scheme can they be considered for approval under the EU protected food scheme.” Currently, only products made from milk from an area north of the River Ribble which covers the Fylde, Preston, and Blackpool can be named ‘Beacon Fell Lancashire Cheese’ and it also has to be made in these areas. Product Designation of Origin (PDO) products must be produced, processed and prepared in one defined area and have distinct characteristics from that area. Some of the other cheeses that may lose PDO status are Stilton and Yorkshire Wensleydale. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) confirmed the current protection will remain while the UK is a member of the EU.

Local studies show concern that Lancashire Cheese may lose its name’s protected status, Creative Commons

Northern Rail offers 73 apologies-a-day online By Paul Robinson

The school of nursing department at Salford University,

Chantelle Heeds

Salford’s student nurses react to NHS stand-in salary figures BY CHANTELLE HEEDS

UNIVERSITY of Salford nursing students voiced their concern as figures reveal some stand - in bosses’ wages are ‘greater than a nurse’s annual salary’. Figures released today by The Times show that some interim hospital finance directors are being paid about £1,800 per day - twice as much as the permanent staff. After nurses and midwives in the health industry received a mere one per cent increase in their salaries in April, news of this perceived ‘overpayment’

has left students going into the profession outraged. Carys Jones, 20, firstyear nursing student at the University of Salford said: “I think it demonstrates that the divide in class is not just exclusive to general society but extends further into our health system. “How temporary NHS bosses have the nerve to accept a wage greater than a nurse’s annual salary is beyond me.” The students feel as though they are very overworked and they are angered the most by the fact that the nurses tend to put in longer hours than the

stand - in health professionals and get paid considerably less. Selina Quinn, 20, second-year student at the University of Salford said: “Nurses do not get paid half as much as they should, and most nurses stay for hours after their shifts to complete things like documentation, and that is completely unpaid.” However students also stressed that pursuing a nursing career is not money motivated. Selina added: “I think anyone who is going into the nursing profession, is doing it because they have a passion for the job rather than the salary.”

A NEW website has tracked the number of times train companies apologise via Twitter, with Northern Rail ranking fifth in the country on their list of the UK’s most apologetic railway companies. The company apologises 73 times a day, according to the site,, which was created two weeks ago. With a total of almost 25,000 this year, Northern Rail apologises far more than most competitors, ranking high in the leaderboards. However, the top spot goes to Southern Rail with 38,000 “sorrys” this year alone. The website’s creator, Omid Kashan, told Quays News “I just noticed through looking at Metrolink’s Twitter that they seemed to be apologising a lot. I thought it would be cool to get a handle on the actual numbers and as soon as it went up, people were asking for Northern Rail to go on there, then London operators and so on…” The website now tracks 18 different transport networks across the UK and has become a hit online, as Omid adds more public transport networks as people ask him.

When asked why he thinks the website had gotten so popular, Omid said “I think it’s tapped into a certain Britishness, the culture of complaining about things crossed with the abomination that is the UK rail industry. It’s a pretty light-hearted look at a serious problem.” A spokesman for Northern said: “Our Twitter account is a vital component of the customer service we offer to our passengers – providing a direct

opportunity for all to interact with Northern. “Where appropriate we will, of course, apologise to customers if the service we offer has fallen short of their, or our, expectations. “However it must be noted that we receive around 1,000 tweets each day and respond to a significant proportion of those, meaning the 70 tweets mentioned are a very small proportion of the engagement we have with our customers.”

As of 3pm on 08/12/2016 Northern Rail had apologised on twitter over 150 times that day,

Friday 9th December 2016


Tributes paid to Rawtenstall woman killed in collision BY DANIELLA ANSELL

High-speed rail welcomed as boost for Wigan businesses

An artist’s impression of HS2 - the planned high-speed rail link welcomed by North West businesses as a boost for the region


A WIGAN businessman has praised the planned High Speed 2 link to London, saying it will boost the region. John Sanson, general manager of the Grand Arcade, Wigan, spoke out after the Government finalised the route that the High Speed 2 link will take as it is built over coming years, reducing journey times from the Greater Manchester area to London by 40 per cent. It is expected that once built,

the link - known as HS2 - will connect Wigan to the South in under an hour and a half, cutting the current journey time of two hours 12 minutes on the West Coast Main Line. Specially built trains that are capable of 200mph will operate on the route. They will connect with local rail services to the North West and beyond from a purpose built transport hub. Mr Sanson said that he expects the new link will benefit the area and praises the deci-

sion to use the town as a gateway to the North. He said: “I think the new HS2 link into Wigan will bring a number of benefits for retailers, people that work in the town and shop in the town.” “We will of course see some people that go to the large conurbations but I think generally it will bring some people in as well as take people out” he continued. Building Britain’s newest railway will cause disruption. In Greater Manchester the gov-

ernment must find the money for a seven-and-a-half-mile tunnel which will run under Sale as well as a number of viaducts built at the taxpayers’ expense. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: “The full HS2 route will be a game changer for the country and in particular will improve connectivity between the Midlands and the North to boost economic growth.” Nevertheless, many people do want faster trains. A Twitter

poll asking if HS2 is needed, revealed that the majority said yes (76 per cent) and the rest said no (24 per cent). The project will cost £42.6 billion in total but will disrupt several villages in the North West as houses and hamlets are due to be demolished. It is not yet known what compensation will be provided for those affected by the development. The latest announcements are part of the second phase linking the North West on the dedicated line.

Police and riot vans swarm through Manchester as Celtic fans raid town BY DANIELLA ANSELL CROWDS swarmed Manchester city centre as dozens of police officers, mounted police and riot vans attempted to keep Celtic fans under control. Around 4,000 fans visited the city on Tuesday night for the Celtic Champions League match away to Manchester City at the Etihad stadium. Their cheers got out of control when fireworks were set off inside a tram, a burger was

thrown at a police horse and pro-IRA chanting was heard. Tram passengers were left terrified as Celtic fans left a tram carriage full of smoke after setting off fireworks inside, as they got off at the Etihad. Passengers, including people with children, were reportedly forced to stay on board the tram until it reached Etihad. One passenger on the Bury line to Market Street said: “People were banging on the roof, chanting and stomping. “The fans weren’t letting an-

yone off or anyone on. There were people there with kids who looked really scared.” In a statement following the 1–1 draw, Greater Manchester Police said 14 people had been detained by officers for public order and drinking related offences, and one case of drug possession. Superintendent Craig Thompson, of Greater Manchester Police Specialist Operations Branch, said: “We have significant experience in policing occasions like this. and

sadly, as is often the case, we did experience a small number of incidents which were dealt with swiftly and resulted in a number of arrests.” One fan was arrested after throwing a burger at a police horse in Piccadilly Gardens before the match. There were also reports of trouble within the stadium following unverified footage of a man being punched in the face as stewards escort a group up the stairs in one of the stands away from the pitch.

Police horses came under attack

Walkden train station to undergo £1 million renovation BY DANIELLA ANSELL RENOVATION plans have been approved for Walkden train station in an aim to improve access and reduce traffic congestion in the area. Mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, has passed the £1 million plans to introduce a free park and ride facility. Transport for Greater Manchester chiefs will work in partnership with the town hall to plan designs and work on

sourcing the money needed to complete the renovation. There are proposals for the site to be leased to Transport for Greater Manchester at a low-cost rent for 40 years. Plans state that the former council depot site next to Walkden train station will be transformed into a parking facility and will provide approximately 100 parking spaces, including disabled access and secure cycle parking for easy access to the station.

Commuter Paul Sherlock said: “Some stations on this line can only be accessed by stairs, no lifts, which can be difficult for many of us, but particularly for wheelchair users or people with prams.” “It must be annoying to have to go a few miles out of the way to a more accessible station, such as Salford Crescent,” he added. The refurbishment also aims to ease Salford’s congested roads, encouraging residents

and commuters to use public transport and reduce traffic. Salford resident Janie is in favour of the new plans and said: “About time, I’m sick of our road being taken up with people parking their cars all day.” The council land on Chestnut Avenue, which is right around the corner from Walkden station, was originally set to be used for housing. Mr Dennett said: “Severe parking and transport issues in

the area led us to the decision that extra parking for residents is much more important. “The park and ride facility will also encourage residents and commuters to use our transport system, taking more traffic off our roads. “These proposals will form a part of an integrated transport plan, linking road, rail and tram for a more seamless commuter experience. “The decision is one small step in making that a reality.”

A 33-YEAR-OLD woman has died after being hit by a taxi in Salford city centre. The incident occurred at around 3am on Saturday Night, when police were called to Trinity Way following reports of a collision. Mikayla Ferguson-Burns, from Rawtenstall, was found in critical condition, suffering from serious head injuries, however died later that day after being taken to a local hospital for treatment. The taxi driver remained at the scene following the incident and is helping GMP with their inquiries. He has not been arrested. PC Paul Shore, from GMP’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “This is such a tragedy, this young woman had her whole life ahead of her. “We have opened an investigation and are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come and speak to us. “We want to be able to provide Mikayla’s family with the answers they deserve.” Mrs Ferguson-Burns’ parents, Jackie and Terry Ferguson, told police in a statement: “Mikayla was amazing, simply amazing. “She has so many family members and friends that are going to miss her dearly. “She was beautiful, intelligent, hilarious and so, so caring. “Mikayla always put others before herself and she will never be forgotten.” Mr and Mrs Ferguson also took to Facebook to thank everyone for the masses of comments and tributes. They wrote: “We are blown away and completely overwhelmed by the love for Mikayla, bless every one of you. “We are deeply touched. Mikayla’s mum and dad.” Several of Mrs Ferguson-Burns’ friends paid tribute to her on Facebook after hearing of the devastating news. A childhood friend, Jean-Marie Eaton, also from Rawtenstall, said: “Seriously, seriously sad news. “Such a beautiful lady, inside and out. “I just have memories from primary school and sixth form of you having me in stitches. “R.I.P Mikayla Ferguson-Burns. My thoughts go out to your close friends and family.” Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact investigators on 0161 856 4742.


Friday 9th December 2016


Campaigners call for tougher dangerous driving sentences MOTORISTS found guilty of death by dangerous driving could face life sentences under new government proposals Ian and Dawn Brown-Lartey, from Rochdale, launched the Justice for Joseph campaign, which called for tougher sentences for death by dangerous driving and death by careless driving, after their son was killed in November 2014. Joseph Brown-Lartey’s car was hit by Addil Haroon who ran a red light at 80mph in a 30mph zone. Haroon drove on the M62 between Leeds and Rochdale and posted a photo to Snapchat of the speedometer which read 142mph. Haroon pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was sentenced to six years in prison but had his sentence reduced. Speaking on  BBC Breakfast, Dawn Brown-Lartey said: “Our life changed beyond recognition. You feel that you’ve been let down by the justice system, the police were saying that this was the most severe crash that they’d gone to on an urban road. “And this boy, he’s just a boy, is only going to serve three years and in a young offenders.”

A NORTHERN Quarter bar has teamed up with CocaCola to combat drink driving during this festive season. Coca-Cola is carrying out its Designated Driver scheme with Dive Bar in Manchester in partnership with the Department for Transport’s Think! Drive Drive Campaign. The idea is to reward those who choose to abstain from drinking alcohol in order to taxi their friends and family around safely. Anyone who leaves their keys at the bar will be eligible for free Coca–Cola Classic, Coca–Cola Zero Sugar, Coca– Cola Life, Appletiser and Schweppes drinks. The bar will also be enforcing strict entry conditions to ensure a trouble-free night. The bar team are hoping that others in the centre will follow suit because of their partial responsibility in a customer’s safety during Christmas time. Sticking to their annual campaign, GMP are continuing to raise awareness of the dangers of driving under the influence with their ‘None for The Road’ campaign. Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jim Battle said: “Drink and drug – driving is never worth the risk. “The consequences of it could see your life and the

and the cycle would have too be cancelled until a later date – lucky for us, the transfer went ahead as planned. “We were among the lucky few who had embryos left to freeze – and with one transferred – we froze 6 for use at a later date. Our first transfer ended in an early miscarriage and my world came crashing down. ‘Why me?’ I asked myself. In May 2014, we began the injections again to get prepared for one of our frozen embryos to be transferred. We had one embryo transferred in July 2014 – which turned out to be my beautiful, now almost

turned-two-year-old. “We were also one of the few couples to be offered three cycles funded – which to be honest makes me mad. Not for me, but for the other couples longing for families and given only one attempt. In the IVF community, we call it the ‘postcode lottery’ – everyone should be given the same opportunity and funding after all.” With South Norfolk and Essex cutting down their NHS fertility treatments completely, it has been noted that the next best service is offered in Wales and Northern Ireland with two or one chances respectively. Francesca continued: “Pregnancy after IVF was a hard enough process itself at seven weeks – I began to bleed; I was sure I was miscarrying but to our surprise all was well. Twenty-one weeks pregnant; I woke up in the middle of the night with what seemed to be appendicitis – but turned out to be a cyst due to all the medication during IVF. “It was the hardest but most amazing decision I have ever made, she really is my whole world and more.”

Campaigners outside Parliament with the wreckage of a fatal crash The Justice for Joseph campaign spread on social media with the hashtags  #RoadsToJustice and#JusticeforJoseph and gained more than 20,000 signatures. The campaign was supported by MP for Heywood and Middleton, Liz McInnes who said: “I am delighted to welcome the news. Since first meeting them I have been inspired by

City centre bar offers free soft drinks to safe drivers BY AMELIA BUXTON

Death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs could be extended from 14 years imprisonment to a life sentence. Ministers may  also implement three-year jail terms for careless driving causing serious injury. Road safety charity, Brake, which provides support to families and individuals dev-

astated by road death and serious injury, backed the calls of Mr and Mrs Brown-Lartey. Campaigns director Gary Rae said: “This is a vindication of our efforts, and those of victims’ families, calling for change through our Roads to Justice campaign. “We do remain concerned that the charge of careless driving could remain. Some of the strongest feedback we have received from the families we work with is that there is nothing careless about taking someone else’s life. “We also want clarification on whether the current automatic 50 per cent discount, where convicted drivers serve only half their term in jail, will still apply for these new, proposed sentences.” Justice Minister, Sam Gyimah said: “Killer drivers ruin lives. Their actions cause immeasurable pain to families, who must endure tragic, unnecessary losses. “While impossible to compensate for the death of a loved one, we are determined to make sure the punishment fits the crime,” and added, “my message is clear, if you drive dangerously and kill on our roads, you could face a life sentence.”

lives of other changed forever. “Don’t let alcohol and drugs ruin your own or anybody else’s festive season.” In the past, the police have offered simulator experiences to the public under slight intoxication to get an idea of what kind of dangers it presents. These simulator tests were carried out on Saturday and Sunday December 3 and 4 in both Wigan and Manchester. Nationally, police forces have breathalysed more than 11,000 drivers with just under 500 testing positive. Inspector Paul Rowe from the GMP Serious Collision Investigation Unit said: “Many people drink around the limit in the false belief that they are safe to drive. “But you don’t have to be drunk to be a drink driver and even one can make you unsafe to drive. “Throughout December extra staff will be on duty to stop vehicles and if the circumstances are such, then drivers will be required to provide a roadside screening breath test or drug test. “Failure to provide this will result in the driver being arrested. “Our message is clear; don’t risk your own life and those of others for the sake of drink and drugs. “None for the road is the only way to be sure that you’re in control.”

the dignity and determination of Dawn and Ian to get justice for their son. “Sadly, their experience is far too common and the law has not delivered the justice they deserve.” The Labour MP added: “I would urge as many people as possible to take part in the consultation and make sure we get the right result.”

The wreckage caused by the crash that killed the 25-yearold was displayed outside Parliament in July as part of the campaign. The maximum sentence that judges can impose for death by dangerous driving is 14 years. A public consultation which closes on January 1 is examining the categories of careless and dangerous driving.

Fertility campaigners claim Manchester best in UK for IVF treatment BY ABIGAIL GREATREX

NEW claims have revealed that Greater Manchester is the best place for fertility treatment (IVF) on the NHS. The Fertility Fairness campaigners express that multiple services have been scrapped across the UK – with only four clinics offering all three stages of IVF as part of their treatment. Out of 209 clinical centres nationally, it was found that Manchester was the only district which met the national guidelines on IVF treatment and offered more than the minimum. Fertility Fairness co-chair, Susan Seenan, said: “This is cruel and unethical, and a national disgrace for the country that pioneered IVF. “Infertility is a disease, and women and men who cannot become parents without medical help are as deserving of healthcare as people with other medical conditions.” Francesca Leivers explained her story with St Mary’s Hospital: “I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome at 17, and after

The IVF procedure trying to conceive for around 6 years, we decided to seek help. “I was referred to a gynaecologist who did numerous tests and a surgical procedure to try and help me ovulate through ovarian drilling. After 12 months with no success, she referred me too St Mary’s IVF clinic for the help we needed. “We started treatment in December 2013 and it was a problematic process because I responded to the drugs a little too well. I ended up with my ovaries swelling to three times the original size. We were told anymore than 10 eggs retrieved

Friday 9th December 2016

Shocking new figures reveal rise in numbers of children self-harming BY CHANTELLE HEEDS

NEARLY 19,000 children were admitted to hospital after self-harming last year, according to statistics revealed by the NSPCC today. This shocking figure displays a considerable increase of almost 14 per cent over the past three years. It was revealed that teenagers aged 13 to 17 are most likely to end up hospitalised for acts of self-harm, which include cutting their bodies, overdosing on pills or burning themselves. The new figures are backed up by Childline, the confidential helpline, which delivered over 18,000 counselling sessions about self-harm last year – equivalent to 50 per day. Childline President, Dame Esther Rantzen, said: “It has become one of the most common problems young people bring to us, and I know from our counsellors that these are some of the most painful stories we hear. “Often the young people feel too ashamed and fearful to seek help from those around them, until they harm themselves so badly they have to be rushed to hospital.” Greg Burgess, deputy chief executive of PAPYRUS—a prevention of young suicide charity-- echoed this view. He said: “To prevent this from continuing to happen is about getting people to be trained in dealing with self-harming. “This means it’s about getting paramedics, nurses, police officers, and teachers trained in dealing with incidents of suicide and what they can do about it. Mr Burgess noted that local authority staff should have training in dealing with self-

harm and suicidal issues. He said: “If it is because of personal issues like bullying, self-confidence, or trauma, then local authorities should all play a part to make sure any staff has training in supporting these people. We all have a part to play.” A 14-year-old girl, who remains anonymous due to confidentiality, contacted Childline and explained her story: “Recently I’ve lost some people that were really close to me. When I started to self-harm it seemed to mask the emotional pain I was feeling, even if it only helped for a little while. “When I get the urge to cut, I can’t seem to stop it until it’s done; otherwise I get really upset and angry. A couple of times I have gone too far and ended up in hospital.” NSPCC’s revelation only came to light after putting in a Freedom Of Information Request to the NHS trust and health services. Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the NSPCC, added: “Knowing hospital beds are full of young people crying out for help should be a real wake up call to all those that care for the wellbeing of the younger generation. “It is vital we confront the fact that an increasing number are struggling to deal with the pressures and demands of modern-day life.” The findings reinforce the importance of the charity’s ‘Call For Help’ Christmas campaign, which aims to raise funds for services such as Childline so young people receive the support they desperately need. Currently, the free and confidential helpline only manages to help three out of four children that seek help.

Thousands of finished admission episodes of self-harm among 0-17 year olds, 10 years to 2014-15


On average 50 counselling sessions are given to teens a day

New study reveals worrying increase suicide within males BY ELIZABETH NYKA

SHOCKING figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that three out of four UK suicides are men. A suicide campaign known as ‘The Campaign Against Living Miserably’ (CALM) has highlighted that 75 per cent of suicides are by men under the age of 45 here in the UK. It has been confirmed that the male suicide rate increased in all UK countries excluding England and Northern Ireland. Today CALM released the latest figures, showing awareness among the UK population reached a record high at 33 per cent in November 2016, up from 29 per cent in December 2015 (YouGov). Whilst the males’ suicide rate rises, many have decided to create groups in order to support those within the male gender. Luke Ambler, a young rugby player who lost

his brother in law earlier this year in April due to suicide, was encouraged to open his own support groups across the North West known as ‘AndysManClub’. The young man mentions that he did not only open it due to him losing his brother in law this year but also because he noticed a lot studies showing that men are less likely to talk about their issues. Luke said that the group itself is for “men only” as mainly targeted for males who are “day to day struggling”. The rugby player believes that his group is improving and does quite well as per week they get “no less than 20 men a week.” CALM’s Chair of Trustees James Scroggs said: “CALM has been working phenomenally hard to get male suicide on the agenda for ten years. “Now one in three people in the UK are aware suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45, we’re reaching a tip-

ping point. “It’s crucial we continue to shed light on this issue, because awareness is the first step in creating change. “Once people know male suicide is such a huge prob-

lem, we can work together to change our culture of strong, silent masculinity and ultimately keep more men alive.” Due to figures, Mr Ambler believes that there is something he can do in order to try

and reduce such figures for the years to come. He said that all he can do is try and keep “working hard”. He added: “is it going to save every single’s man’s life? No… But it will change a dra-

matic amount and will save a lot of people.” Luke’s support group page is on Facebook as ‘AndysManClub’, for anyone who would like some support and or want to get involved.


Friday 9th December 2016


Rochdale couple houses hedgehogs S


UE and Ken Lewis spotted a stray baby hedgehog – the size of a tennis ball – in the middle of the road on a brisk December day.

The couple sought help and were advised to take in the vulnerable hoglet for it to have any chance of survival during a tricky winter period – before returning it to the wild when the temperature became mild once again. That was in 1991. In a residential area of Rochdale stands ‘Hog House’ – Rochdale’s hedgehog sanctuary which has never turned a hedgehog away from its doors. Visitors are presented with two doors; the front door and a second door labelled specifically for hedgehog enquires. “I never really answer the main door anymore,” 64-year-old Sue admitted. “I’m always in here tending to the animals.” Hedgehog rescue centres like Hog House have had a significant amount of strain placed upon them as of late – the mild autumn season has led to an increase in winter hoglets. Having almost doubled their intake from last year’s winter, Sue went on to explain what she believes is behind the ‘chaotic’ few weeks and months of new arrivals. “We no longer have four defined seasons of what to expect,” she said. “We get the same thing all year round and we should be relatively quiet at this time of year, but we are overrun with babies at the moment. “In a year like this there are two things happening: there are a lot of late juveniles, and the mothers that have raised those juveniles aren’t ready for hibernation.” “Up to a quarter of hedgehogs die in hibernation and the little ones that are roaming around, people say ‘oh they are eating they are fine’, but it is so cold now they are burning it all off just to stay warm.” According to the RSPCA, 30 per cent of the hedgehog population has been lost between 2002 to 2013 through loss of habitat and poor levels of care – citing those who see the animal as a suitable pet. But Sue was quick to warn those

Photo credit: Nathan Salt

Sue and Ken Lewis have been rescuing hedgehogs in their own home for more than 25 years

who may consider taking in, and caring for a vulnerable hedgehog they come across: “Each individual case is different but you need to confine the hedgehog and then speak to someone before a decision can be made.” What was glaringly obvious was the frequency and care given to new arrivals, as she explains “the phone never stops ringing”. Midway through the interview, the landline began to chime again. It was a baby male hoglet that had been found by a local resident. They came to Sue without hesitation, knowing the muchneeded care and attention he would receive.

To an untrained eye the latest arrival seemed similar to many others being housed, but to Sue this was an arrival that would simply not have survived if it wasn’t in care. But with a major lack of wildlife education, the key question surrounded how a regular citizen should approach a situation whereby a hedgehog is in danger or distress. Sue cited a wider issue with hedgehogs; children, she said, are far more receptive than the adults around them when it comes to animals in danger. “People find what they think is a distressed hedgehog or an injured

hedgehog and come away from it to make the phone call,” she explained. “The chances are if someone comes in and says they’ve seen a hedgehog in the park dragging its back leg they’ll go back and the hedgehog will be gone. “We can always put it back but if you miss the opportunity we can’t do anything about that.” Wildlife is a focus area that often renders little political attention, and would be very much worse off were it not for the passion and persistence of Conservative backbencher Oliver Colvile, a keen campaigner on hedgehog conservation.

But while the work of Colvile will make national publications, it is the sheer, daily efforts from people like Sue that are the bedrock of any well-functioning community. The impromptu call from a local resident indicated quite clearly the high-regard in which Hog House is held after 25 years of conservation commitment. The old adage that everything happens for a reason could well be the answer as to why it was the Lewis’s that came across that vulnerable hedgehog back in 1991. If you have concern for a hedgehog you come across then you can contact Hog House on 01706860904.

Women of science campaign officially launched BY ABIGAIL GREATREX

Neha Chandarana

Pic:Women in Science

A CAMPAIGN which celebrates the stories of female scientists across Europe has officially launched – with its first story now published online. The Women of Science campaign celebrates 40 female scientists. After graduating from the University of Manchester with a PhD in Materials Science, Rhys Archer has now founded the campaign with the aim of breaking down perceived gender stereotypes in her field. With the release of a new story each week, Rhys hopes to inspire the next generation of females to pursue science and to alter and fizzle out the unattainable perception of the ‘typical’ scientist – a geeky guy with

glasses – which is often portrayed in the media and education system. She also wants to give young female scientists the opportunity to not only talk about their work, but to illustrate their personalities beyond it as well. The stigma surrounding females in the field of science and technology is omnipresent throughout history and Rhys will be sharing her own personal posts as a scientist and woman alongside the stories in an attempt to banish this problem. Using funds gained from the online competition, ‘I’m an Engineer Get Me Out of Here’ in 2015, Rhys launched a tactical marketing campaign, including a professional website chronicling the stories and leaflets distributed to schools across the Manchester district.

Neha Chandarana, 22, a fellow Materials Scientist, is the first to be included in the campaign and during her interview with Women of Science, she explained: “The biggest thing that I’ve learnt is not to close any doors to any opportunities because sometimes you fall into things that you didn’t think you’d ever be doing.” Neha, is researching monitoring systems in carbon fibre pipes by embedding durable sensors. The goal is to be able to analyse the structure of an object through sound waves, rather than physically inspecting it. By monitoring the high-pitch waves emitted, it allows freedom and predictability for environmental differences. “I never thought I would be doing a

PhD, and as a consequence I’m really enjoying myself! I’m making a lot of contacts and, to be honest, I feel pretty good about where I am. “When you tell people you’re doing a PhD, they’re always like ‘wow that’s awesome.’ No matter if you’re a kid at school picking your GCSE subjects or your A level subjects, just don’t close any doors. “People I went to school with always said ‘I don’t like this subject,’ or ‘I don’t like this teacher’ – and let that decide what they ended up doing at university. I would just say, you can always get to where you want to be, there’s always a way, don’t give up on what you want to do.” You can keep up to date on Twitter or check out the campaign at:


Friday 9th December 2016


Group vows to save Eccles theatre

An arson attack in 2013 badly damaged the inside of the theatre


By Beth Gleave @bethgleavenews

CAMPAIGN group has appealed for fresh support to save an Eccles Theatre, a year after developers withdrew a planning application to demolish the building. Grade II listed The Crown Theatre on Liverpool Road has had a star studded past, with stars such as George Formby and Frank Randletaking on the stage. Local resident, Jon Grieves set up a campaign group to help save and restore the theatre in February this year. He said: “I heard something was happening regarding the building. As a resident of Mather Road on which the west side of the building stands, I was interested to find out more. “We’ve been campaigning for almost a year now, we just need an extra surge in support to help us raise funding and awareness. “When The Crown Theatre was opened it was the First Theatre in Eccles, and built for the working classes, so I felt it was important that we did something to preserve Eccles’ history.” The group began to grow in summer last year and also had a small face lift with the instalation of a mural on the front façade of the building, by artist Bree Hughes. The 2,500-capacity theatre opened in February 1899, and was originally named the Eccles Lyceum. It was converted into a Bingo hall in 1963, which was a familiar fate for buildings of this size in the 60s.

Mr Grieves explained his future plans for the Crown Theatre: “We want to turn it into an arts hub, somewhere Eccles can get creative, the main things we want to focus on are theatre, performance, dance, music art and photography. “As an homage to its history the new community arts hub would be named the Eccles Lyceum, which we feel would be a fitting tribute.” The group want to recreate the social atmosphere of the former Bingo Hall by integrating a café and meet up area into the building and create rooms for community groups to use. Since closing in the 1980s, the building deteriorated slowly due to neglect and a lack of funds to keep up maintenance. An arson attack in 2013, meant that the theatre was no longer structurally safe as the inside of the building was ruined, many original features of the building were also lost in the fire, but the cost to rebuild was proved too much for the owners. Mr Grieves said: “Fundraising is the main aim of our public meetings, we’re trying to figure out where how we can raise funds. “The campaign currently has the backing of Salford and Eccles MP Rebecca Long-Bailey, which has been a great boost for the group. “Overall, support has been generally positive. Any negative comments are because of the general disrepair of the building. The ‘eyesore’ it has become, has been allowed to become.” The building was listed in 2003 with English Heritage noting: “The Crown Theatre is a rare surviving example of a suburban working-class theatre that still retains the original form of its auditorium and front of house.”.

Campaigners have been working hard to save the grade 2 listed building

There have been many proposed attempts to turn the building into housing, the most notable being as part of the Salford City Council’s Liverpool Road Corridor 10 Year Strategy (2007-17).

Mr Grieves said: “The longer the building is left to deteriorate the harder it will be for it to be saved and preserved, we need as much help as we can get to save the Crown Theatre.”

Public meetings for supporters of the campaign are held at the Nur Malaysia Community Café, just a short walk from the theatre,. They are also advertised on the campaign group’s Facebook page.


Friday 9th December 2016


Morning Gloryville wakes up tired Manchester with early morning raves A

N IMMERSIVE morning dance party made its way to Manchester at the end of November, with Morning Gloryville bringing people a new way to welcome the day through early-morning, sober raving. The movement started in London in 2013, allowing people to start their day with a morning boogie – a new way to wake up and release positive energy. On November 23, Manchester got to experience the Morning Gloryville effect. With everyone welcome to join the sober crowd, the event aims to reach all audiences and offers not only dancing, but other well-being treats such as free yoga and massages, smoothies, and healthy breakfasts. In today’s society, there is so much focus on health, well-being, and exercise that an event like Morning Gloryville could be just what people need to boost their endorphins and heart rate before work or school. Dance psychologist, Dr Peter Lovatt, told The Telegraph back in April: “You appear to get a much bigger release of endorphins when you dance than during other forms of exercise; it also connects with the emotional centres in the brain.” As well as the affirmative effects of dancing, the sober factor is also one to take note of. Living in a city where every event is typically fuelled by alcohol, it is a refreshing change to see an event that markets itself on its alcohol-free policy. With Manchester having one of the highest rates in England for alcoholattributable hospital admissions – these having increased significantly over recent years – it’s obvious that a call for sober events is needed now more than ever.

The ravers felt enpowered by the opportunity In an interview with Morning Gloryville, Fatboy Slim spoke about his experience: “Having been sober for six years and having played to so many drunk crowds, I kind of thought, yeah that still works. But playing sober, to a sober crowd and knowing that they are as stupid as you, took it to a new level of clarity and yet stupidity. “I was really quite emotional at the end of that. One of the best audiences I’ve ever had in my life.” Manchester student, Ella Boston, 21, attended the event last month. Speaking about the atmosphere, she

said: “Waking up at 6am was hard but exhilarating! Once I stepped into the smoky neon blue dance room I was energised and inspired. “Thankfully it was much more dance and party oriented than I expected, but with the underlying twist of it being 7am everything had this cheeky glimmer of morning freshness. “I felt so empowered and happy especially by those dancing with their young children. Me and my friend commented on how valuable that will be for the child’s upbringing.” Unlike many students, Ella does not

drink alcohol but still thrives in the party scene. She continued: “I haven’t drunk for two years and I love it – it’s changed my life for the better and made me engage, listen, grow! I feel that many people want to do the same but feel restricted by drinking culture being so integral to our society. “I don’t want my non-drinking to isolate me from party culture, which is why events like Morning Gloryville mean so much to me! Events like that can be a real eye opener for people and can teach them how to enjoy partying without

I’m A Celeb television star returns home amid fixing rumours By Morgan Driver I’M a Celebrity finalist and Emmerdale star, Adam Thomas, 28, returned to Manchester this week following his impressive feat in the jungle. The actor was spotted in Manchester Airport on Wednesday morning after flying back from the set in Australia with fiancée Caroline Daly and their son Teddy. The star, who came third in the reality TV show, was dubbed ‘Mr Bushtucker Trial’ after he completed

11 trials, but it was Gogglebox Geordie, Scarlett Moffat, who took home the crown. A controversial tweet from another Thomas brother sent tweeters into a frenzy after he claimed the show was a fix. Ryan Thomas, from Coronation Street, posted to his 342,000 Twitter followers: ‘Not having it!!!! Absolutely gutted!!! Doesn’t make sense!!!’ But Mr Bushtucker Trial himself looked content as he posed for pictures with his family before

heading back to his Manchester home. He had been joined Down Under by twin brother Scott, and his girlfriend Kady McDermott, who met on ITV2’s Love Island this summer. It was an emotional exit for Mr Thomas, as he told Ant and Dec: “I wouldn’t change any of that experience for the world. The two left deserve it more than I do. “It was tougher than I expected but as time goes on you find it easier. I can’t believe I made the final three.”

alcohol!” Hosting events in London, Singapore, Calais, and now Manchester, the Morning Gloryville team take their parties across the globe to allow people to ‘nourish their souls and lose their inhibitions authentically’, through the medium of dance and movement. Taking along DJ’s such as Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx, and attracting people from all walks of life, lawyers and students alike, this new means of self-love and exercise is drawing in massive crowds and massive appreciation. By Olivia Smith

The show left the set last year

Coronation street set left derelict By Rachel Williams

The much-loved old Coronation Street set has been captured lying derelict and abandoned in a series of shocking photographs. The Rovers Return has been left without windows and without its iconic sign above the door. The Underworld factory and Webster’s auto shop is also falling into

disrepair. Bosses moved filming from the city centre location which was famous for its tours of the famous Manchester street, to nearby MediaCity last year. But fans will be sad to see the set looking so different from its former glory that had been loved since it started in the 1960s - with filming take place at this location since the 1980s.


Friday 9th December 2016


Salford former alcohol addict sets sights on Christmas Number one James Davenport said his song was a defining moment of his recovery


SALFORD singer has released his song as a claim for the Christmas Number One this year, promising to donate a portion of profits made to charity. James Davenport, from Salford, launched his campaign across social media to get his song, ‘Christmas Number 1’, to reach the top of the charts by December 25.

Mr Davenport, known by his stage name as “Shinny’, has also pledged to donate 20 pence of each sale of his song to Macmillan Cancer Support. His official video was released earlier this week and included celebrity guests such as performing artist and Bolton-native Bez, BBC Radio Manchester DJ Mike Sweeney, and Shameless star Jody Latham. The video shows Shinny at first

being kicked out by his wife during Christmas Day, until a generous act by a passerby inspires him to do good and, in the end, Shinny is reunited with his family in a feelgood Christmas tale. Mr Davenport said he is six months into his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and saw his song as a defining moment in his journey of recovery.

He said: “We told my music video as the real story of my recovery. The official video to Christmas Number 1 is what really happened in my addiction. “The music video was about coming back home, getting home to the missus and the kids after I’d ruined every single year before that. This was the first year in my sobriety, and helping people out on the way.

“I thought ‘what a better time to show my recovery and have a Christmas Number 1’”. Mr Davenport added that the response to the song release has been “absolutely manic.” Mr Davenport’s single ‘Christmas Number 1’ is available to pre-order on iTunes now, and will release on December 16.

By Jack Donnelly

The X Factor finalists gear up for big Wembley Finale By Morgan Driver

WITH the star-studded X-Factor final just days away we are looking ahead to the weekend where the finalists will battle it out at Wembley Stadium for that one-million-pound recording deal. With just three contestants left, the competition is certainly heating up and making for a great final. After last girl standing Emily Middlemas left the competition at the final hurdle last weekend; early favourite Matt Terry remains in the running with three-piece boy band 5 After Midnight and Finnish songstress, Saara Aalto all preparing for the final. The three have had a busy week preparing to take the stage over the weekend with non-stop rehearsals and their homecoming gigs. The contestants will each perform four times during Saturday evening’s show, these performances will include a repeat of their favourite performance from the series so far and the famous final duets. Each year the contestants in the final team up with famous faces in the show’s final broadcast and this week two of those duets were announced, revealing 5AM will team up with

global superstar The Weeknd. Saara is due to perform with Adam Lambert. Matt Terry’s duet partner is yet to be confirmed, whilst he was rumoured to be performing with an idol, Sam Smith, the Writing’s on the wall singer has said he won’t be performing. Speculation of a possible duet with 2012 winner, James Arthur, have also been shut down with the performer ruling himself out, tweeting, ‘I won’t be performing on the show. You lot have seen enough of me this year.’ The artists each took the time this week to return to their hometown and gather up local support during their hectic week. Saara took a trip home to her home in Helsinki where over 10, 000 people gathered to see her return. The finalist is said to be ‘overwhelmed by the support both in the UK and Finland.’ It’s been a rocky road to the final for Alto, finding herself in the bottom two for the first two live shows. But after emerging victorious from the singoffs, the singer has bounced back and is ready to fight for the title with some odds piping her as the new favourite. Matt Terry has been campaigning for votes this week also, in-between

busy schedules of radio interviews and much-needed rehearsals ahead of the weekend, the southern heart-throb returned to his roots and performed at Market Square, Bromley where mentor, Nicole Scherzinger joined him to show her support. Matt was the favourite across the boards until he battled it out in the semi-final sing-off with Emily having to secure his place in the final. This year has been one of the closest ever in the history of the show, statistics show that each of the final three has topped the public vote making it difficult for anyone to call the winner. Last standing band, 5 After Midnight, held their homecoming performance in Leister this week. The boys have had a rollercoaster ride in their live show journey, also finding themselves in the sing-off with rapper Honey G in the quarterfinal. However, the boys are prepared for a fight in the final. The show will take to our screens on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 December on ITV, with each act performing the winner’s song, guest performances and all 12 finalists returning for a group performance.

Stone Roses extend summer tour By Olivia Smith

THE Stone Roses have added two arena dates in Leeds to their upcoming tour next year. The Manchester band (pictured above) will play the Leeds First Direct arena, along with Wembley Stadium, SSE Arena Belfast and Glasgow’s Hampden Park next June. After a huge comeback at the Etihad Stadium earlier this year, where tickets sold out in ten seconds, demand for the 2017 tour is expected to be just as monumental – especially after the release of their first singles in two decades.

The band has seen a recent resurgence in popularity after their return back in 2012, along with being featured heavily on hit television series, This is England ’90, the nineties band are bringing in fans new and old for their massive shows. As well as the tour dates, speculation has begun of about their possible festival appearances next summer. With gaps in the tour around Glastonbury and the iconic lemon symbol cryptically appearing in both Leeds and Reading, it seems a number of festivals could potentially be on the line up.


Friday 9th December 2016

Not the office party... here’s something different W

ITH the festive season warming up, Christmas parties are being planned and put in motion. Most workplaces opt for a conventional celebration, such as a meal and drinks, but there are many more options around Manchester to spread festive cheer. Here are our top five alternatives to celebrating in a slightly different way this season:

Junkyard Golf Club

Junkyard Golf has been a huge success since its arrival in Manchester and that’s no different during the Christmas period. With two brand new mash up courses, there’s something to suit every work team. The entire place has had a festive make over, in fact. The courses have been decked with Christmas gear and fresh seasonal cocktails that will see you around the holes on an outing different to the rest. Bookings are essential for large parties and play time can take up to an hour. However, the party doesn’t stop once all the holes are potted. The golf club is open every day and offers dreamy food at the #junkfoodkiosk. A range of tasty post game treats and cocktails are on the menu to keep the party going.

Bongo’s Bingo

This wacky alternative take on the classic game makes for the perfect Christmas do. Bongo’s Bingo takes place every Tuesday and has taken

the city by storm since its arrival in 2015, so it’s important to book early! The event is strictly over 18s and is held in Albert Hall, just off Deansgate. A combination of rave intervals, dance competitions and buckets of prosecco make for a Christmas party to remember.

The Elf Rave

Your favourite Christmas film combined with a house party, what better way to celebrate the start of your Christmas break? It’s like a sleep over with your work colleagues, but only better. This one-off night at Albert Hall promises to offer a memorable evening with a ‘party screening’ of Elf, a festive rave, spaghetti eating competition and a Christmas beer festival. Fancy dress is optional but festive cheer is guaranteed. Tickets are still available but limited. They are available from Albert Hall’s website for £15pp for the event on Saturday December 17.


night. Food is available too, so take full advantage of your chance to eat, drink and be merry.

All Star Lanes

How about some healthy competition to kick-start your Christmas party? Luxury lanes are available for private hire with unlimited bowling, party food and a variety of classic and twisted cocktails to increase your team spirit. There’s also a retro photo booth for picture perfect memories to last you well past the festive period. As well as bowling fun, there is an all American diner for you to fill your face – a real change to the traditional turkey dinner.

BY BETHANY CAIRNS From top: Manchester’s Albert Hall is home to Elf Rave and Bongo’s Bingo; All Star Lanes and Black Dog Ballroom activities and bar

Black Dog Ballroom

If you still want to get out of the office, but fancy something a bit more secluded still, then why not give the Black Dog Ballroom a visit in the Northern Quarter? The private ballroom is free to hire through the week with your very own pool table, bespoke cocktail menu and a karaoke booth so you can sing your heart out. The room accommodates between 30-80 people and is yours for the

Credit: Nathan Salt

Northern Soul launches Gifts the definitive Manchester way cheesy Christmas menu WHEN we heard back in 2015 that a gourmet grilled cheese bar was coming to our beloved Northern Quarter, cheese lovers around were elated. Now in 2016, the team at Northern Soul have headed into Manchester’s famous Christmas Markets, at the Albert Square section to bring us some festive, cheesy goodness. Fighting through the crowds of Christmas shoppers is bad enough during the season, and if you’re not careful, approaching the markets around this time can be just as chaotic. I chose to visit the stall during a Tuesday lunchtime when it was a little quieter so that I could feast on my festive grilled cheese in peace. As usual, I was spoilt for choice, however my friend was a vegetarian, and so the options for him were quite limited in terms of Christmas specials. Taking my time with deciding what I fancied, I opted to go big and therefore chose The Crimbo Dinner drizzled in gravy, with slices of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with a playful pig in blanket lollipop. All of this topped with slices of cheese made for a very filling, but very delicious toastie. My friend chose to have The Classic Mac stuffed with the Northern Soul’s teams signature mac ’n’ cheese. The

WITH Christmas only a few weeks away and the shopping crowds getting bigger and bigger, online shopping can be a saviour. Instead of buying the usual toiletries why don’t you buy your loved ones a Mancunian themed gift?

For the history lover

Modern History of the Northern Quarter tour Join the Skyliner team on a tour of the Northern Quarter’s modern history. The tour uses public artwork as a thread to weave together a story of social housing, gentrification, greenery, and public space. The tour runs periodically and is also family friendly. Book at tours/

Northern Soul texture had the perfect balance between crispy and gooey in the best kind of way, however the flavour was quite rich and it was hard to get through the whole thing. Overall, despite no seating nearby, we enjoyed the experience and stand by Northern Soul’s claim of serving up the best grilled cheeses in the UK. Vist Northern Soul at Manchester Christmas Markets 10am-9pm at Northern Quarter Mon-Wed 11am8pm Thurs-Sat 11am-9pm Sun 11am6pm.


Credit: Sarah Stockdale

Manchester Bee stained glass suncatcher When walking around Manchester you will often notice the Manchester Bee on everything, from the bins to the floor of the town hall. The Bee is seen as a symbol of the workers during the industrial revolution. Why not buy your Mancunian history lover a stained glass bee suncatcher? Sarah Stockdale makes each Bee individually meaning each Bee is

unique. Find them on her online store: GlassJackal

city side streets. The book can be purchased at

For the art lover

For the music lover

A cityscape print If you’re loved one is an art fan, support the local artists of Manchester this Christmas. S L Scott sells prints of famous Mancunian landscapes. You can also commission her to paint your favourite landscape. Purchase her prints at http://slscott.

For the food and drink lover

Runaway Brewery beer Craft beers are a booming industry at the moment, with Manchester playing host to many new breweries. A beer with a local feel makes for a perfect Christmas gift. You can buy Runaway beer online and at Beermoth in the Northern Quarter or alternatively at; https://www.eebria. com/runaway-brewery?r=runaway Manchester cookbook Manchester is fast becoming a foodie city full of independent restaurants and deli’s. This book is a perfect showcase of all the best foods you can find in the city. They revel in the very best of the region’s local specialities, including Bury’s famous Black Pudding and the traditional Manchester Tart as well as exploring a plethora of places you’ll find whilst meandering through the converted mills, warehouses and

Manchester band prints Manchester is the capital of music in the UK and has exported many music talents such as The Smiths and The Stone Roses. Why not buy your music lover a print of Salford Lads Club made famous by The Smiths? The print can be hand printed on to A3 or A4 paper from this Etsy owner; NettyandDi

Credit: Nettyand Di

Morrissey baby grow They say it’s best to start them young, and this applies to the influence of music more than anything. If you want to pass down that sense of Mancunian Pride to the next generation, you can make their first Christmas special with a hand sewn and printed Morrissey baby grow from here; http:// dinkyclothing/product/morrisseybaby-grow



Free Saturday parking offered until Christmas across Salford BY ADAM LEWIS


HOPPERS can park for free on Saturdays during the run up to Christmas at council car parks across Salford. Selected car parks in Eccles, Swinton and Morton will offer free parking on December 10, 17 and 24. Eccles Precinct’s multi-storey car park is included in the initiative as well as pay and display car parks on John William Street, St Mary’s Road, Irwell Place, Corporation Road and Barton Lane. Car parks on Partington Street in Monton, Hankinson Way in Salford, and Church Street in Swinton will also be free of charge. City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “It’s a small gift to the city to spread some festive cheer. I hope the free parking encourages people to support our fantastic local shops and give our traders a Christmas boost. “I’d also urge people to remember to keep any Christmas presents or valuables safely out of sight in the car.” Share your parking tips on our Twitter feed @ Quays News

A MOTOR-THEMED popup bar Garage has opened in the newly renovated Masonic Hall on Bridge Street– now Manchester Hall. The Grade II listed building has undergone a £7 million renovation to trun the former garage into a complex of restaurants, bars, rooftop terraces and event spaces. The pop-up offering boasts a rustic plywood bar covered in motoring ephemera – including number plates and brasses. Pump nozzles and car parts have been turned into lighting, wrenches act as door handles and a vintage petrol pump sits by the door while tyres line the staircases and landings. It is just the right side of edgy and quirky. The nostalgic feel is shown especially through one dodgy step leading from the ground floor to the first, bringing back all kinds of memories of a Granddad’s working garage or shed, particularly in the cold. However, the first floor changes that in an instance when the snug cosiness hits you almost immediately. It could be due to the many radiators and heaters up there or the countless Christmas lights and decorations, whatever it is, it’s something that makes you feel at home instantaneously. Garage Bar is one of the few drinking spots within the city to boast a generous roof terrace, on the third floor. Despite the view overlooking


Brownies galore were served up across Greater Manchester

Brownies take spotlight on special day for chocaholics BY NATHAN SALT

New pop-up bar Garage gets in gear in renovated hall By Katie Magee

Friday 9th December 2016

a crossroads, Garage will be making the 60-capacity top level and terrace available for private hire. Therefore, just having such a space as original and eyegrabbing is enough to entice the customers in. The cocktails menu also pays homage to the car theme, with names such as Spark Plug, Piston, Anti-Freeze, and Throttle. At a decent price of £7.50, it’s not quite as bad as an M.O.T. With the old-school garnishes and flavourings, the bar doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. The cocktails are not quite as elaborate as Manchester House on the opposite corner, which they slave over for ages to create the perfect concoction. But then again, Manchester House doesn’t offer a warm and friendly team dressed in car overalls, whilst pulling a pint does it? What is great to see about the opening of this bar is that it does not take itself too seriously and all in all just provide a little light relief for punters at the end of a stressful week. Garage Bar is open from noon until midnight Monday to Wednesday and Sunday, and from 12pm until 2am Thursday to Saturday until late April. Pictured top right: The cosy pop-up Garage space and below the ingreidents for the motor-themed cocktails. Photo: Katie Magee

CHOCOLATE lovers united yesterday across Greater Manchester for National Brownie Day The brownie, despite strong competition from the cookie, remains a firm favourite of those with a sweet tooth. With everything from a red velvet offering to a festive ‘Tipsy Rudolph,’ there were options to cater to all taste buds. With the competition fiercer than ever, the judging concluded that Lush Brownies – sampled at Milkjam on Oxford Road and Yard & Coop on Edge Street – was in a league of its own. Trips to Milkjam as well as Northern Quarter’s Yard and Co-op confirmed that Lush Brownies are the best Manchester has to offer. The company was set-up after winning the ‘most delicious’ category as part of Manchester Food and Drink Festival and has gone on to make a real name for itself across the city. Milkjam was home to 15 different brownie options ranging from a double chocolate to a Malteser – and the latter was provided for the taste test. The pop-up venue was launched in July 2016 and brownie aficionados have until July 2017 to go and taste for themselves. Northern Quarter’s chicken haven, Yard and Coop, searched high and low to find a brownie for customers and concluded on Lush Brownies. The general manager said it was “an easy decision” given the quality of the product and that he had ordered a number of the festive brownies ahead of Christmas. The boozy ‘Tipsy Rudolph’, despite having a delayed alcoholic kick, was the best of the day. It received a strong nine out of 10 for its flavour combination, density and presentation (it was the only one served with ice cream). The runner-up position went to small company, ‘And the dish ran away with the spoon’. This quaint offering in West Didsbury kickstarted the tasting day. While creating a brownie with a great texture and feel in the mouth, it was particularly rich and baker Katie Rogers later admitted they use “lots and lots of chocolate” for each brownie. Its Brownie Post scheme, already enjoying close to three years of success, is unique. Orders for the hand-baked goodies have soared ahead of Christmas and after an early morning taste test, it was no surprise why the people of Greater Manchester cannot get enough of the Didsbury shop. Notable other nominations must go to city centre venues Home Sweet Home and Katsouri’s Deli.



Friday 9th December 2016

Statistics reveal awful truth about domestic league start in BY NATHAN SALT @NathSalt1

MANCHESTER United have made their worst start to a domestic league season since 1989-90, following a 1-1 at home to West Ham United on November 27. The Red Devils created 17 chances – eight of which were on target – but spurned them all following Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s equaliser cancelling out Diafra Sakho’s opener after 91 seconds. Frustration was palpable on and off the pitch as United manager Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands for the second time in November after he reacted furiously to Paul Pogba being booked for diving, booting a bottle ferociously down the touchline beneath the press box. The last time United suffered such a poor start the infamous, “three years of excuses and it’s still crap … ta-ra Fergie” banner was displayed outside Old Trafford. Is it the perils of the Uefa Europa League? The lack of a settled squad? The mounting number of injuries? One thing is certain – all is not well on the red side of Manchester.

Old Trafford – a once feared environment in English football – is a place of grave concern for the Red Devils so far this season. Without a home league win since the scintillating 4-1 September thumping of champions Leicester City, Mourinho’s side have been toothless against Burnley and West Ham United, while also failing to see out leads against Stoke City and Arsenal. Joe Allen struck late for the Potters. Olivier Giroud struck late for the Gunners. A failure to learn lessons quickly and efficiently is almost handicapping United into score draws. Mourinho’s predecessor, Dutchman Louis van Gaal, became famous for the turgid football he deployed through his teams week after week. But, based on the stats, his first season in charge after taking over from David Moyes brought more points than the Portuguese and with 11 points separating league leaders Chelsea and United, the notion of style over substance needs to evaporate. A comparison of points hauls over

Points after 13 games for past Manchester United managers

the opening 13 games at Manchester United Have the performances been as bad under Mourinho in comparison to Van Gaal or Moyes? Certainly not. But this is a results driven business and with Antonio Conte’s Chelsea and Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City both dismantling opposition with relative ease, Mourinho’s charges look incapable of challenging for the title crown. There are so many times pundits, columnists and fans can bemoan bad luck in front of goal before the statisticians set the record straight. Trawling back through the archives for the league goal tally each season provided a fascinating insight into the club’s current situation. In both 1992-3 and 2002-03, United recorded fewer goals over the 13 games than Mourinho’s side have thus far yet finished both of those seasons as Champions of England. That seems more than a stretch too far this time around – and times are undoubtedly different – but it should

Goals after 13 games for Manchester United indicate that the club is far from riddled with crisis. Talismanic Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the club’s top scorer in the league having scored seven goals – 38 per cent of United’s total of 18 goals. Last season’s top scorer in the league, Anthony Martial, has struggled to pick up where he left off with just one goal to his name so far in this domestic term. The Frenchman, who turns 21 on December 5, looked re-energised with his brace in the 4-1 EFL Cup quarter-final win over West Ham United on Wednesday and Mourinho will be hoping he can sustain the form in the forthcoming league games. Marcus Rashford is another who has yet to find his golden touch of last term, albeit shunted out in a wide role to accommodate summer signing Ibrahimovic. Three league goals already for Rashford however is closing in on his five strikes notched last term under Van Gaal, but through on goal against West Ham he looked unconvinced, and still lacking the clinical edge to his game that is needed to tear up the

league at a top club. It’s been all or nothing for the Reds so far in terms of goals. They can put three past a hapless Swansea City side away from home and demolish Champions Leicester City 4-1 at home but look bereft of ideas away to Watford and Chelsea. Those two trips to London saw seven goals conceded and just one scored – that is not just being beaten, that’s being humiliated. And the reason behind those two damaging days? Midfield lynchpin Michael Carrick was not involved… Michael Carrick is the key The stats just don’t lie about the man Alex Ferguson signed from Tottenham Hotspur in 2006 to replace midfield assassin Roy Keane. Different styles entirely, but when the five-time Premier League champion Carrick starts, United do not lose. Yet, the major drawback to the 35-year-old is that he needs managing as he cannot complete multiple games in any one week. Three league appearances so far this season have all been without de-

Friday 9th December 2016


Red Devils’ worst more than 25 years feat – wins against Leicester City and Swansea City, with a draw at home to Arsenal. The criticism so far has been Mourinho’s decision to deploy Carrick in cup competitions rather than preserve him for domestic fixtures. A prominent figure in the Europa League wins over Feyenoord and Fenerbahce, many on the terraces want Carrick prioritised for games like Everton on Sunday, rather than what many feel are subordinate competitions in the EFL Cup and Europa League. With a Premier League pass completion rate of over 90 per cent, it is the calmness that Carrick brings to the side that allows £89m summer signing Paul Pogba to flourish. It has not been easy for Pogba since he joined from Juventus in the summer, but whenever he has been flanked by Carrick, the Frenchman has been given creative licence to showcase his talents further forward, with Carrick shielding the back four amicably. You only need to realise that of Pogba’s four goals in all competitions this season, three occurred with Carrick by his side, and that is no coincidence.

The key for Mourinho is to figure out when he needs the talents of Carrick most – a strategic plan is in order given United remain in four competitions heading into 2017 Is it too easy to blame the Europa League?

This remains one of the fiercest debates in football, and one that emerges time and time again based on one success, or more likely, failure. League leaders Chelsea are flourishing without European football and Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side are demonstrating similar given their Europe-free schedule. That, however, is not bulletproof evidence that the Europa League is the root of domestic peril. There have been five matches played after Europa League group matches so far in 2016-17 and with 15 points available, United have faired well below par in comparison to a variety of sides across the continent… Many may question the strength of the league but an analysis of both Tottenham – who reached the Europa League quarter-finals last season –

and finalists Liverpool, highlights how United’s Europa League troubles are not necessarily unavoidable. To add some perspective: United, so far, have lost two games from the five corresponding fixtures after Europa League game weeks. In reaching the quarter-finals, Spurs lost just twice in 10 outings, before finishing second in the Premier League as they sustained a strong title challenge until the penultimate fixtures. And the North London club possess far less options in the squad than the riches and luxuries afforded to a manager of United – excuses at Old Trafford wear very thin, very quickly and it is unlikely the ‘Europa League factor’ will wash. Freshness is a factor. Concentration is a factor. Mental fatigue is a factor. But when the Reds have individuals like Memphis Depay, Morgan Schneiderlin and Bastian Schweinsteiger starving for game-time, there is hardly a dearth of rotational options. So therefore, does the blame lay at the feet of the enigmatic Portuguese manager? Is Mourinho to blame?

The Portuguese divides opinion, that much remains unquestionable. And while it is difficult to get on board with the notion of an FA conspiracy against him, there appears particular scrutiny on the former Real Madrid and Chelsea boss. Sent to the stands by referee Jonathan Moss for kicking a bottle drawing the 1-1 draw with West Ham United, it marked the 15th time in his career that he’d been shown red. He doesn’t appear to be enjoying the game anymore; on the touchline stands a man that appears angry and that cynicism cannot benefit his players. Bar his disastrous last stint at Chelsea, his 13 match points haul at United is his worst as manager over the past seven seasons Yet many fans will agree that the

football under Mourinho has been more expansive and attacking than that of his predecessor. United have created 164 chances, albeit scoring just 18, but should the Reds find their shooting boots, it could spell real trouble for opponents in their way. But with a 11 per cent conversation rate there is an issue and ultimately it’s affected the points tally – a comparison of matches this season and last shows that United come away with 13 points, in comparison to the 15 from last term. Manchester United face Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday. Spurs sit one place yet six points ahead of the Reds. With fan discontent at a high, it could be a frosty afternoon for Mourinho whatever the weather.

Top: Manchester United’s crucial duo- Carrick & Pogba Bottom Left: Points after Europa League matches for rival clubs Bottom Right: Mourinho’s dwindling mangerial form


Friday 9th December 2016

Molina confident ahead of Joshua fight at arena THE countdown is well and truly underway for what is set to be one of the biggest nights of boxing this year Saturday night sees Anthony Joshua take on title challenger Eric Molina, with Joshua putting his IBF belt on the line at a sell-out Manchester arena. An open training session was held on Tuesday night in front hundreds of people at the arena, giving fans a glimpse into the preparations of the fighters, including Dillian Whyte, who will defend his British heavyweight title against Dereck Chisora. Local boxer Marcus Morrison, one of a number of British boxers included on the undercard, boasts an impressive unbeaten record of 13 wins and 10 knock-outs, but is yet to contend for his first title. Hosea Burton, another Manchester boxer, will fight Londoner Frank Buglioni for the British Title. Bury born Scott Quigg will

be making his first appearance since suffering a broken jaw in his last bantamweight fight against Carl Frampton. Although Anthony Joshua is unbeaten in 17 bouts, and finished Charles Martins inside two rounds to clinch the IBF heavyweight title, it wouldn’t be wise for him to underestimate Molina, despite the Texan’s underdog label. At Tuesday’s open training session, Molina said: “We’re focused on Saturday night. I’m looking forward to it, this is everything for me. There is no other option for me. “I know it’s going to be a great fight with a great atmosphere, in a great city, and we’re ready. “For ten years of my career I was an underdog. People are going to see a fighter that, if he’s breathing, can win. Believe me, I can win with one punch.” Doors open at 5pm, with the first bell set to ring at 11pm.


Joshua trains in front of fans at arena

Pic:Flynn Murnan

Photo: Manchester Rangers

Photo: MJ Southerton

IT’S NOW been over half a century since Manchester last had a professional Rugby League team. Yet one team is daring to put the cities rugby scene firmly back on the map. Manchester Rangers are a club that has the dream of returning professional rugby league to the city in a big way. The vision of bringing back professional rugby to the city is down to the club’s director Phillip Fitton, who left his role as area manager for Salford, Manchester, and Trafford for the RFL to take on the challenge of using the Etihad Campus’ facilities – to bring professional rugby back to Manchester. He said: “The city at the time was seriously lacking rugby league facilities.”

It’s been three years since Philip left his role at the RFL to take on the challenge, however, he has hoped for a ranger’s return for a lot longer than that. He continued: “Around six years ago I was heavily involved in the development of rugby league, I saw the game grow in schools, but there was nowhere to channel the kids into a club; then for a long time I was in talks with a new facility at Belle Vue. “So I get this crazy idea that I’d heard all before of essentially bringing professional rugby back to Manchester”. It is notable that the RFL has tried to bring rugby league back to Manchester, thanks to the Magic Weekend and the Grand Final being hosted in the city; it is considered one of the area’s hotbeds for talent. The most notable attempt

Residents unhappy over Salford City Stadium expansion BY OLIVER MACKENZIE

Rangers to return Rugby League to Manchester



however, came in 1994 when the Super League as we know it today was first proposed; the original idea was that Salford City Reds (as they were known then) and Oldham would merge to form a Manchester club. However, with the mergers proving very controversial, especially the proposed Calder RLFC in Yorkshire, the proposals were abandoned. Despite the talks and clear appetite for rugby league in the city, it’s never been pulled off, and 50 years is a long wait for a professional club. Fitton believes that the attitudes of the RFL are responsible. He said: “The focus of the RFL has been to develop and invest in those clubs; I just don’t think there has been the right organisation to drive the sport forward in the city.”

Despite not having professional status, The Rangers have received solid backing from the community they represent; spurred on by attendences upwards of 300. That may not sound like a lot, but in context of League 1 that’s already higher than some clubs. And it’s not just on the pitch where Manchester Rangers are promoting rugby league, as club community worker Matthew Valentine added: “On the community side, we regularly go out and do coaching sessions in schools and the kids love it; they’re learning a new sport and the vast majority of them love it; they’re the sort of people that in ten years time will become the players, the spectators and the driving base for the club; they’re the foundations that will support a professional club here”. It hasn’t been all sunshine

and rainbows for the ambitious club however, much in the vain of Salford City when the class of 92 took over, they have become a major scalp for other teams in the leagues they play in. The club nonetheless has found success, and was double-promoted into the North West Men’s League division two this season, just three steps away from professional rugby. Should they come through this season, all roads would lead to professionalism, and Philip thinks the future looks bright for the club. The director thinks the club is ready for the challenge of being a professional club from next season, However, realistically speaking Philip believes it will take between ‘three to five years’ before it can really call itself a professional outfit but ‘the sooner the better’.

KERSAL MOOR residents have been left furious with Salford City’s plans to expand their stadium. Locals have also been frustrated with the worsening situation regarding parking on Moor Lane, and the adjacent Nevile Road, and that they were not consulted enough on the designs. Sheila Abbott, 55, who lives next door to the stadium commented: “The first thing we found out was; we got a flyer through the door explaining that Salford City was hoping to expand their stadium and would we like to look at the proposed plans. Fifty or sixty of us from the immediate area went and had a look. They have these all bells and whistles design with pictures and video. But right at the back of the area was the proper plans.” Salford City have proposed to expand their stadium, raising the capacity from 2,000 to 5,000. The designs also include repaving the east and west ands of the ground in the colours of the club, and using the the car park for nearby St Paul’s Primary School for match days. The stands will also be tall enough for Abbott to have no natural light in her living room. She believes the club should look towards moving to the AJ Bell stadium instead: “This is a small residential area, there’s no need they’ll be able to have what they want here. So as we understand if they get promoted then they would have to move anyway.” Another resident said: “The parking is the problem, especially when neighbours have been abused by supporters. We’ve had some mouth when we’ve asked people to move their cars. “But when I’ve raised these issues with the school and council they said it was a freeway for people to park.” The club declined to comment.

Photo: Salford City FC

FA Cup third round draw brings Jaap Stam back to Old Trafford

Friday 9th December 2016

By Isobel Hine

MANCHESTER United have been drawn against Reading in the FA Cup third round. The Reading boss will be returning to Old Trafford where he won the Treble in 1999 and so has the chance to knock his past team out of the competition. In an interview with the Mirror, Stam said how excited he is to be returning to the Theatre of Dreams: “I’ve been back to Old Trafford, of course, after I stopped playing for different reasons, but now to play there in the FA cup with Reading in front of nearly 80,000 fans will be very exciting.” As well as Man United vs Reading, it has been argued that the most superior tie of the round is Manchester City against West Ham United, which will be a first Fa Cup experience for Man City Manager Pep Guardiola. Ties are set to take place between January 6 and 9.

FA Cup Third Round Draw:

Stam made 79 appearances for United between 1998 and 2001

Photo: Press Association


Preston face big cup tie By Jordan Davies

THE draw for the third round of the FA Cup was made on Monday night and Preston North End will take on 12-time winners Arsenal in what is arguably the stand-out tie. Manchester City will play in the first ever FA Cup game to be hosted at West Ham United’s London Stadium whilst rivals Manchester United will welcome Championship side Reading, managed by former Red Devils defender Jaap Stam. League One’s Bolton Wanderers, who have had to win two matches just to get to this stage, will play host to Premier League opposition in the third round as last season’s beaten finalists Crystal Palace make the journey north to the Macron Stadium. Rochdale, who have also been in the cup since round one, will face Barrow AFC of the National League. The Cumbrians produced one of the shocks of the tournament thus far when they saw off Bristol Rovers 2-1 in Gloucestershire on Sunday afternoon. There is an all Premier League affair at the Stadium of Light as Burnley visit Sunderland whilst Blackburn Rovers will take on divisional rivals Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road. Wigan Athletic, the 2013 FA Cup winners, will start their campaign this season at home to Nottingham Forest whilst Accrington Stanley may be underwhelmed with a tie at home to fellow League Two side Luton Town. Finally, non-leaguers Macclesfield Town, so close to a victory over Oxford United on Friday night, will travel east to Championship strugglers Rotherham United should they be victorious in their replay.

Altrincham FC terminate contract of manager after three months By Grace Fensome ALTRINCHAM manager Jim Harvey has had his contract terminated with immediate effect, just three months after taking over at the club. Harvey, who has previously managed Morecambe, Forest Green Rovers, Stalybridge Celtic and FC Halifax, was told the decision by Club Chairman Grahame Rowley in a board meeting earlier today. Assistant – manager Matt Doughty, a firm favourite

with the fans from his time spent playing in defence, will take the reins for tonight’s FA Trophy tie against Blyth Spartans at The J.Davidson Stadium. Altrincham, who currently sit at the bottom of the National League North table, have said they won’t rush into finding a long – term replacement. Speaking about Harvey’s departure, Rowley said: ‘In common with most people, we felt we had the right person with the right pedigree to take us forward when we appointed

Jim as manager at the beginning of September. “From coaching at international level with Northern Ireland, as number two to Sammy McIlroy, to managing in non-League, he had a reputation for getting the best out of teams and players.

‘Very disappointed’ “I accept he took on a very difficult task, but the plain fact is, three months down the line, there is no sign of progress, no sign we are at least heading in

the right direction. “Jim was very disappointed when I told him the news but, when action is needed, it has to be taken. “We have been waiting for things to improve, and desperately hoping they might, but there is nothing to suggest our fortunes are about to take a turn for the better.” Doughty’s first game in charge sees Altrincham in with a chance of progressing to the first – round proper of the FA Trophy against a strong Blyth Spartans outfit.

QUAYS NEWS SPORT Friday 9th December 2016

United victorious in Ukraine BY OLIVER MACKENZIE

Ibrahimovic slides home for United’s second

Pic: Press Association

MANCHESTER United’s victory against Zorya Luhansk may have been in freezing conditions, but will warm the spirits of Red Devils fans across the globe. Whilst a 2-0 away victory against a side that has not won in any of its last six games is hardly a cup victory, it means they are through in a competition that they should take seriously. The gap between Jose Mourinho’s men and fourth spot is nine points, and whilst that is by no means an unassailable gap to bridge, with Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City all in good form; it is difficult to argue that one of those clubs will lose out to a United side that have been toothless the past month. United looked to have taken the Europa League seriously by their performance. The Red Devils bossed the game throughout, with Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera making a

formidable duo in the middle that controlled the game, and allowed the forwards more confidence to get at a sheepish Zorya defence. That being said, the old problems of United in front of goal reared their ugly head. Key to this is the fact they only registered seven of their 19 shots on target, and the performance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic often lacked mobility in the first half to turn half chances into clear cut ones. He may have scored tonight, and six goals in seven games, but on performance does not deserve such a generous figure. The Red Devils’ midfield however, compensated in earnest. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was outstanding, and he is now starting to show the form that saw him awarded Bundesliga player of the season. His movement impressed, cutting inside often to create chances and finding himself in goal scoring situations. It was also something deeper than that, he had a swagger and confidence,

the bravery he showed to run at defenders at the start of the second half when deadlocked at 0-0 before scoring was evident of a player who believes he is in the top echelons of the game. Despite this being one of United’s best performances in recent times, concerns will still be present. United struggled to put a team already out of the competition to the sword in what was essentially a dead rubber game. The real test for United in the Europa League, a competition they could quite easily win, is when they go to Atletico Bilbao or Ajax. Evidence of this is when they made the trip to Turkey to play Fenerbahce - United were dismantled. Even in the latter stages of Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign, The Red Devils struggled to beat teams like Bilbao, and with United lacking the full Fergie swagger in Europe; their chances in the competition may be limited.

Ex-footballers launch Offside Trust to support fellow victims of sexual abuse within the game BY OLIVER MACKENZIE THREE ex-footballers have today announced that they are forming the ‘Offside Trust’ as an independent body to support players and their families who have suffered from abuse. Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Chris Unsworth aim for the trust to to represent players in a completely independent manner. At its launch on Monday, Woodward, who was the first to come forward to speak about abuse by a former coach, told a news conference: “We do want justice because we all suffered a terrible ordeal. “We want to move forward so we can protect the children suffering right now... we just want to help people. “That’s it...the bravado of football has to stop.” According to the trust, more than 860 players have come forward in the past few days with allegations that go back several decades.

Woodward also talked about the personal ordeal he faced, and the process of coming out with the story: “For many years I’ve suffered with anxiety, panic, and all sorts of mental health issues...I got to a point where I spoke to people who said ‘you need to do this (go public)’ because you’re not the only one that’s suffering, so I just felt I’m halfway through my life, and I just wanted to be free again.” Zelda Worthington also disclosed sympathy for the former footballer, and long time friend. She said: “It has hindered his relationships with his children, and I’ve had to have difficult conversations with my children and family members where you sit down with them and talk about sexual abuse. It’s not easy but it’s important.” Former footballer Mark Williams was also at the press conference, and talked about his experience coming forward.

He said: “I haven’t said anything for thirty odd years. When I saw Andy come out with the story, they’re two boys I played with around Crewe. “I saw the pain on their faces, I watched it all week and Paul Stewart came out; it started to give me courage. “What had happened to me was not as serious as them but I still wanted to come forward to support them and for me as well.” Williams also stated that it was hearing his former manager Tony Pulis (now at West Bromwich Albion) come out in support of whistle-blowers that made the former Stoke defender wish to speak about the incident. The Trust will be set up and administered by Manchester Law Firm, Prosperity Law LLP, to ensure good governance and complete independence. For more information on the offside trust visit

Left to right: Mark Williams, Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Jason Dunford

INSIDE: Molina confident ahead of Joshua fight, Jaap Stam returns to Old Trafford & Altrincham FC sack Jim Harvey

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