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chicken, the in-house pickling of different vegetables and chilis, and how they started making their own curried spams. Everything is made in-house, from scratch; well, everything that makes sense is. The truth is that spicy aioli on the sandwich, while made with house pickled Fresno chilis and fresh ingredients, was made with regular store-bought mayonnaise. Chef Melissa told us how she caught some flak for not making her own mayo, but she couldn’t stand wasting all of those perfectly good egg whites. She went on to tell me she was intent on limiting waste in her kitchen, not just food either. They switch to compostable plates after 5pm and serve all of their drinks with paper straws.

“Respect the ingredients and think outside the box. Nothing can always be turned into something.” Paper straws and compostable to-go boxes are common around Long Beach these days. There are even events based completely around restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in our city that have eliminated styrofoam all together. But Melissa’s approach took things a step further, all while holding the integrity of the food. When I asked Chef Melissa what inspired this passion she told me: “I think it’s important to be mindful and respect every ingredient that comes through the door. Utilizing each item to its full potential.”

August 2019

When she says to their “full potential”, she means it! I was surprised to hear one of the more creative ingredients she was able to accomplish using products that would typically be waste. “Our shrimp salt. We take the shells of the shrimp which would, in a normal environment be thrown in the trash. We dried it out, took our leftover rice and dried it out as well. We ended up turning it into a delicious salt. We now use that shrimp salt for our shrimp toast.” When I tried the shrimp toast it had a flavor and texture

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that was completely unique. I hadn’t had anything like it before. The idea of using something that would almost certainly be discarded to actually enhance you dish in this way is inventive and exactly what makes Chef Melissa the best at what she does. If you’re thinking there must be push back to this ‘use everything’ mentality you’d be wrong. Everyone in the kitchen and behind the bar leans into the idea with gusto. “It’s great to see the kitchen staff, bartenders, and bar-backs really understand that nothing should get thrown out before asking.” Chef Melissa tells me. “It’s become a thing. I’ll go in the walk in and on the shelf, there will be some ginger pulp, peeled oranges, not so pretty mint. Eventually we will have our very own garden out back…So far everyone across the board understands the vision.” The Bamboo Club is truly a unique experience the theme is allencompassing without being cheesy, the drinks are creative (and strong!), and the food is like nothing you’ve tried before. When I asked Chef what her advice to other restaurants wanting to follow her lead was, her answer was simple and smart: “Respect the ingredients and think outside the box. Nothing can always be turned into something.”

The Bamboo Club 3522 E Anaheim St, Long Beach @bambooclublb | @familymeal.lbc

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