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August 2019

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In The Kitchen with Chef Melissa ORTIZ Cassidy Liston The Bamboo Club on Anaheim is the addition to the Long Beach food and drink scene you didn’t know you needed. On a recent visit, I chowed down on their tender and sweet Thai-tea-brined fried chicken sandwich. One bite and I was blown away by the flavors. Sweet from the tea brine, salty from the crispy batter, and a hint of spice from a pickled chili aioli. It goes without saying that the sandwich was a homerun. I had walked into the dark, atmospheric bar expecting their elaborate tiki themed drinks to be the undefeated star of the show (don’t get me wrong Brian Noonan’s cocktails were killer, seriously go drink one), but one bite of that sandwich and I knew why people were flocking to this out of the way spot in droves. Everything I tried was as pleasing to look at as it was to eat, pairing wonderfully with their cocktail menu. I found myself surprised by the amount of flavor and ingenuity there was in every dish, blown away by something as simple as a mushroom and rice bowl. When head Chef Melissa Ortiz came out to check on us I couldn’t help myself but pick her brain about the menu. I eat, a lot, and she had more than exceeded my expectations for what I had originally thought was more of a bar than a restaurant (my mistake!). She dove into the processes of the dishes, the work and dedication that went into each one. The two-day long process of brining the

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