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Fall 2012

Prepared Exclusively for Special Friends of Salesian Missions

A Written Testimony Of How You Bring God-Saving Grace To A Troubled World

Shelter Don Bosco Provides A Safe Home For Street Children In India At the age of six years old, a little boy named Anil was separated from his family while traveling to Delhi, India. In a tragic turn of events, the youngster found himself suddenly living on the streets. But Anil was not alone. Sadly, he shared the back alleys, street corners and train platforms with hundreds of other homeless boys and girls. The plight of street children in India – as well as throughout the world – is dismal. Many turn to drugs in a desperate attempt to dull their pain and escape from the harsh realities of their lives. Begging for food, clothes and money is not enough to make ends meet. Inevitably, most children turn to crime as a way to secure

their basic necessities. The desperate struggles of street children in India are sobering reminders that many of society’s most precious and vulnerable citizens have been left behind during the country’s rapid expansion and rise of wealth. But the Salesians have not forgotten! Shelter Don Bosco provides a

safe and happy home for children like Anil. It’s a place where hungry and tired youngsters are welcomed with open arms … a place for a hot meal, a comfortable bed and the loving attention of caring adults. On any given day, the shelter radiates with laughter, dancing and games – a heartwarming testament of how the Salesians are making a meaningful difference in the lives of each and every child. This year, Shelter Don Bosco celebrates its 25th Anniversary. In that time, an entire generation of street children have turned their lives around and are now happy, productive young adults. Just like Anil. He’s thriving in the 12th grade and wants to be a math teacher someday.

This Month’s Child

Name: Age: Home:

Joseph 5 Years Old Sierra Leone

When the Salesians first met Joseph a few years ago, he looked very sad and despondent. He never knew his parents – they abandoned the family when Joseph was a just a baby. He and his brothers were initially raised by their grandmother. But she suffered an illness that left her paralyzed and unable to care for the young boys. Instead, the brothers banded together, quit school, and devoted all their energy and time toward helping their beloved grandmother while also fending for themselves. The ordeal was more than Joseph could bear and he hoped

and prayed for something better. Thankfully, he discovered a Salesian center with programs and activities for impoverished children while wandering through the neighborhoods. It was an encounter that saved his life! Today, Joseph is back in school and spends much of his free time at the center. He is very intelligent and brings much happiness and joy to everyone around him. His life story is one of a miraculous transformation made possible by the dedication and love of the Salesians and the generosity and kindness of caring friends like you.

This Month’s Call For Prayer Please pray that poor and needy children and families around the world are blessed by the Christmas miracle of the birth of Jesus. In this season of giving, we must not forget those who need our gifts the most.

World Bulletin - Fall 2012  

Our World Bulletin is a written testimony of how the Salesians, with the help of our supporters, bring God-saving grace to a troubled world.

World Bulletin - Fall 2012  

Our World Bulletin is a written testimony of how the Salesians, with the help of our supporters, bring God-saving grace to a troubled world.