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The Salesian WINTER 2013 • VOLume 1, ISSUE 2

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A Tradition of Excellence Dear Salesian Community, Winter is a time to draw close to the fire, reflect and celebrate with friends and family. For me, this season is a special time to honor the birth of Christ and the many blessings and opportunities God has given us. As the President and Principal of Salesian High School, I am grateful to serve our student and alumni families and uphold our tradition of Catholic, college preparatory excellence. Our tradition of excellence is deep-rooted in students through the unique and meaningful experiences they have during their tenure at Salesian. The social interactions, academic demands, spiritual development, and volunteer work that they engage in all create memories that will last a lifetime. Our graduates take with them the teachings of St. John Bosco and high expectations for themselves and their communities. I have been touched throughout the years to hear from alumni about the ways Salesian High School has impacted their lives. We are proud to announce that our current students continue to carry on our Salesian tradition. Last year, 99% of our graduates were accepted into colleges of their choice. This year, we will honor the 50-year celebration of the 1964 class at the graduation ceremony. In this Winter issue of The Salesian, you will read stories about Salesian students, alumni, and supporters that continue to uphold our Salesian tradition. Additionally, you will read about the generous gifts from individuals and foundations that support our tradition by contributing to tuition grants and scholarships for families in need. Words cannot truly express the impact that such gifts have on students’ lives. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! In the spirit of Don Bosco,

Timothy J. Chambers President AND Principal

The Salesian MAGAZINE • WINTER 2013 • Volume 1, Issue 2


Mr. Timothy J. Chambers Director/ Coordinator of Youth Ministry

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2 Transforming the Classroom: iPads at Salesian


4 Seizing the Opportunity: The Portillo Family 5 Bridging the Gap: The Annual Giving Campaign 6 Being a Team Player: An Interview with Board Member,

Coach, and Alumnus Steve Pezzola ’74


8 Christina Karabinis Joins the Admissions Team 9 The Best of the Best: NFL player Jahvid Best ‘07 named

10 12


to 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame Excellence Report: Salesian Sports Overview Save the Date: All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed A Message from the Director 23rd Annual Golf Tournament


Mr. Timothy Chambers Mr. Daniel Hutson ‘02 Mr. Eric Mahollitz Mrs. Michele Manso Ms. Christina McAfee ‘00 Mr. Henry Moe ’89 Mr. Michael Picetti ‘02

Board of Directors

Mr. Jeffrey Accornero Mr. Sam Berde Mr. Andrew Fadelli Mr. Perry Graham Mrs. Joyce Herbert Mr. David Hultman (Secretary/ Treasurer) Mr. John Kunzweiler (Chair) Mr. Donald Lau Mrs. Helen Nichols Mr. Myles Oberto Dr. Madalienne Peters Mr. Stephen Pezzola (Vice-Chair) Mrs. Janet Ross Mr. Mark Scott Mr. John Tarabini Mr. Kenneth Willers Mr. Kenneth Wilson Dr. Robert Yahng (Chair Emeritus) Mr. Darrin Zarragoza

A B OU T T HE CO V E R Salesian students are completing their first academic semester in our new 1-to-1 iPad Program. The technology has already had a major impact on their learning experience. (see page 2)


Alumnus Abroad: Michael Picetti ‘02 Reflects on His Research in India 15 Golden Reunion to Commemorate Class of 1964 Leading the Way: An Interview with Bill Selway ‘64 16 Salesian High School and Harris Connect Produce Alumni Directory 17 Salesian Alumnus Takes an Active Role in the Community 18 Alumni Reunite at Grand Reunion 19 Class Notes 20 Leaving a Legacy: Mike Mangiaracina ‘64 21 In Memoriam

The Salesian magazine is printed two times a year for alumni, family, and friends of Salesian High School. Questions, suggestions or items of interest should be directed to the Salesian High School Communications Department at the office below: Salesian High School Communications Department 2851 Salesian Avenue Richmond, California 94804 510-234-4433 ext. 1413 Change of address or mailing inquiries are handled through Lorrie Mandoriao in the Institutional Advancement Office at: 510-234-4433 ext. 7218 or

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Transforming the Classroom: iPads at Salesian It’s a warm afternoon on the Salesian campus. The bell rings to signal the end of lunch and students begin streaming into the main building to head to their fifth block classes. Several senior students walk towards the garden alongside the baseball field to report to Art II class. Today, the class will be photographing still shots of roses with their iPads, then use an application to add dimension and color to the images. Meanwhile in room 209, Mr. Fulay’s religious studies students separate into small groups to work on secondary research projects. Some of the group members begin using their iPads to search archived news articles on EBSCO – an online information research database, while other students use their iPads to collaboratively edit group papers using the Google Docs web-based app. These are just a few examples of how Salesian’s new 1-to-1 iPad Program is changing the way students learn and engage with teachers and fellow classmates. Educational technology is quickly becoming a big part of the school librarian’s domain. Staff Librarian and Educational Technologist, Eric 2

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3

Mahollitz shares his experience. “Whether it is iPads, or any other form of technology, my job is to help support teachers in making their students the best learners they can be. Every teacher interaction is a chance for me to expose teachers to new resources and to empower them in their everyday technology use.” He went on to discuss the impact that such technology is having on the traditional library and student research. “The new mobile technology is effecting the traditional school library and how students and teachers use it. By far the biggest change has been in the library’s own mobility. Before this year, classes were constantly coming to the library for various projects and research assignments. Now that students have the iPads, I am able to bring the library to them.” In many ways, teachers have become facilitators of learning, assisting students in navigating educational resources and knowledge now available at their fingertips.


Tech Club Creates “Student Genius Bar” The new iPad Program has empowered students to take leadership roles as well. Student members of the SHS Tech Club recently opened a Student Genius Bar. Club moderator Eric Mahollitz was introduced to the concept at an educator’s conference last summer. The basic premise is that students serve as a resource to their peers, providing troubleshooting and sharing best practices. The Tech Club’s main focus is currently operating the Genius Bar at lunch and after school. However, talks are underway to encourage club members and other students to also begin blogging and presenting at various school functions, both internal (faculty meetings) and external (i.e. Open House).

A Changing Classroom The iPad Program has altered the way that classes are taught, and offered new and creative tools to teachers as well. “When equipped with iPads, both teachers and students are suddenly free of a lot of prior limitations. Most of the projects that would have required a dedicated computer lab in years past are now possible whenever an instructor chooses. The learning curve associated with most apps is pretty minimal, and many Salesian students have had a few years to familiarize themselves with various mobile devices. With the proper training and preparation, all of these factors lead to a more efficient, more engaged classroom,” says Eric Mahollitz.


Department Chair. We caught up with her to discuss her iPad experiences in the classroom. “The iPad has facilitated the collaboration and the distribution of materials and worksheets from teacher to students and students to students. I have been able to circulate the classroom more while reviewing problems instead of remaining stuck in front of the room at the board. I have watched some students, when I circulate [around] the classroom, use the step-by-step demonstrations of examples to help better comprehend the examples in the lessons, at their pace. I have found that students often get lost or intimidated by some examples when there are multiple steps worked out and presented all at once. Some students need another method or explanation for them to work through a problem and will watch the supplemental videos provided with the ebook or examples on YouTube. The iPad has also allowed me to better manage my grading and communication with students through the Edmodo App and timely access to emails with parents and teachers. Christina McAfee went on to discuss her favorite aspect of the student iPad use, “I am able to create my own video demonstrations that offer support to the specific problems students have. If a student cannot come to math lab because of extracurricular activities or carpools, they can ask me to work a problem out on Edmodo. I will then use an app that allows me to create a video that guides them step by step with explanations to help them get past the obstacles they have.”

Students have quickly begun integrating new applications and functions in their coursework. For a religious studies project, students used an augmented reality application called Aurasma to enhance their research on selected gospels. In addition to completing the research component, the students were able to expand and reflect on their learning by shooting and editing video that would later be used in their presentations.

Goals for the Future

Math classes have utilized a whiteboard application that allows teachers to record step-by-step problem solutions with audio explanations. The demonstrations can be downloaded by students as study resources or supplements to homework. Similarly, math students use the same application to convey understanding to teachers, and point out where they are having difficulties.

Eric Mahollitz would like to see students create projects that reach beyond the classroom to a global audience. “Lastly, with the iPads and the greater climate of change in which we live, I feel it is important to embrace the unpredictable and to be accepting of failure. How these students react to those conditions in the future may play a big part in the level of their success.”

These are just two examples of teachers using creative tools to teach the high-level thinking skills that these students will need in the future.

Perhaps the most important goal is for Salesian High School to continue to support faculty members in utilizing these devices to the best of their ability. While the iPads are certainly powerful tools, there is no substitute for a great teacher.

Christina McAfee ‘00 (pictured) currently teaches Introduction to Algebra, Accelerated Algebra and Algebra II. Christina is the SHS Mathematics

Faculty and administrators often share the ways they incorporate the iPads in classroom exercises and coursework at department meetings. This open communication allows teachers to share best practices and consistently introduce fresh and engaging strategies.

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Seizing the Opportunity: The Portillo Family A Tuition Grant Program Success Story

Beatriz Portillo, Class of 2014

By Michele Manso Director of Advancement

The Portillo family is a textbook example of just one of many successful families receiving Salesian Tuition Grants. The remarkable women in the Portillo family have proven that hard work, diligence, determination and perseverance have rewards at Salesian High School and in life. Jaqueline Portillo is a single-mother with three talented daughters. She sent all three of her daughters to Salesian High School. Andrea is 21 years old, Claudia is 20 years old, and Beatriz is 17 years old and a current senior at Salesian. Jaqueline, Beatriz and I met in my office and Jaqueline described her heroic story. Her two oldest daughters have already successfully fledged the nest and have been soaring at new heights at two prestigious colleges back East - Claudia at Vassar College and Andrea at Wellesley College. “Every level of their education has been a challenge. I have to be strong and firm,” Jaqueline said. “It is really God that has brought me through. I have four jobs now, two in catering, plus working at Denny’s, and cooking for the Residence on the Salesian campus to help fund my daughters’ education. I think I have something very unusual because I really love my work. It is a joy and God has given me this incredible peace,” Jacqueline says as she laughs. “I never say it is impossible but without God it would be impossible.” 4

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3

Jaqueline lives in Richmond with her parents and Beatriz. But at one time, all of her daughters shared the same house. Before coming to the United States, Jaqueline earned a Bachelor of Science degree in El Salvador, and is a strong advocate of education. She came to California in 1999 to join her parents, leaving behind her job as a nurse in El Salvador. Jaqueline was determined to offer her three daughters a high-quality Catholic education here in California. She enrolled her children in St. Cornelius Elementary School in Richmond. Claudia (her middle child) was recognized as class valedictorian and received Salesian’s prestigious Don Bosco Scholarship. The scholarship is a highly competitive award that provides students with a 50% discount on tuition for four years so long as the student maintains a 3.5 GPA. This was a tremendous relief for the Portillo family. Jaqueline is grateful for the Salesian community and the role that SHS has played in her family’s lives. “I believe God is supporting us. Some say, ‘it must be difficult’ but I don’t feel that way. I love being with my children and the work I have is very good.” Some of the faculty members have developed close bonds with the Portillo family, in particular Ms. Emily Eichman. Emily is a well-respected foreign language teacher who taught French to Claudia in the past and currently teaches Beatriz. “Salesian is like an extended family for us,” Jaqueline says affirmatively. The youngest Portillo daughter, Beatriz, is making a mark of her own as a student leader in her senior class here at Salesian and continues to seize every opportunity that she is given. During her first two summers in high school, she participated in a summer school program at UC Berkeley. Interested in pursuing a career in diplomacy, Beatriz recently attended a summer school program at Harvard University where she studied international relations. In addition to her academic studies, Beatriz is an active member in multiple student clubs including the Rotary Interact Club, Junior Statesmen of America, the Campus Ministry Team, and the school newspaper. She will apply to colleges around the nation later this year. The Portillo family embodies the character, faith and drive that Salesian High School stands for. Transforming lives! Salesian High School is grateful for the generous support of our donors and foundations that fund our scholarship and tuition grants program.



Bridging The Gap By Michele Manso Director of Advancement

Salesian High School continues to grow in new and exciting ways. Our yearly challenge is to raise donations to bridge the “gap” between our tuition price of $13,800 and the actual cost of educating a Salesian student which is more than $14,800. Please help us bridge this gap. We aim to have 100% participation from our Salesian community, which includes student families, alumni, faculty, staff, board members, and friends. Your participation allows us to provide: • Quality educational programs and our new 1-to-1 iPad Program • Scholarships and tuition grants • Improved facilities • Retention of the highest-quality teaching staff We are respectfully asking for your family to consider a gift of $250 or more for our Annual Giving Campaign. In years past, gifts have ranged from $25 up to $5,000. The average gift per family is approximately $400.

Salesian High School Welcomes Michele Manso, Director of Advancement Michele Manso recently joined the Salesian High School administration as our new Director of Advancement. Michele has 21 years of experience focusing on strategic communications, marketing, community outreach, fundraising and community relations within the non-profit sector. Early in Michele’s career, she served with several health-related organizations including March of Dimes Foundation, American Heart Association, and the Blind Babies Foundation. Additionally, Michele has held senior leadership positions with several environmental non-profit organizations throughout the Bay Area. As

The most valuable gifts to Salesian High School are unrestricted gifts. In many schools, the annual giving campaign generates a large portion of the annual operating revenue. Each year, Salesian faces a budgetbalancing act, as do all schools. Although Salesian remains committed to minimizing the rate of tuition increases and providing adequate tuition assistance to families in need, it also pledges to maintain the highest standards of educational excellence. The school can only achieve these goals with annual giving donations. Tuition revenue covers only part of the total expense required to operate the high school. Annual unrestricted gifts provide the critically needed support to help bridge the gap. Every donation matters. We have been notified that an anonymous, generous donor is willing to match the funds raised by our Annual Giving Campaign, dollar for dollar. In other words, your gift to the school will be doubled! Thank you, in advance, for your gift! We value the trust of our community to educate and care for every Salesian student.

Executive Director of the National Audubon Society, at the Tiburon Audubon Center in Marin County, she was responsible for leading and establishing a new nature summer camp program which ultimately served over 500 students annually. At this beautiful nature sanctuary, Michele and her staff of educators served over 7,000 people annually in the exploration of nature and environmental science. Most recently, Michele worked as the Advancement Director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, working closely with NASA in developing strategic communications and funding opportunities for children’s astronomy education throughout the nation. Michele Manso can be contacted at (510) 234-4433 ext. 7216 or T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




Being a Team-Player An Interview with Steve Pezzola ’74, Salesian Alum, Board Member and Coach As a loyal Salesian alumnus, Steve Pezzola ’74 is passionate about giving back to the institution that provided him with the guidance and tools to be successful in life. His loyalty and commitment have led him to take on many different roles on campus. Steve volunteers his leadership skills as a faithful board member, a financial supporter and a championship-winning girls’ basketball coach. He brings experience, intellect and talents to our school, but his greatest gift to the community is his time. Steve has volunteered as a leader of our Board of Directors for the past 10 years. His unique professional background and active school involvement have allowed him to contribute greatly to the strategic planning of the school. In high school, Steve was the student body president and graduated from Salesian in 1974. He went on to 6

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3

attend UC Berkeley where he graduated in 1978 with a BS in Accounting. After completing his undergraduate studies, Steve graduated from Boalt Hall, Berkeley School of Law in 1981. He practiced as a corporate lawyer in private practice until 1996, then worked as general counsel for three related corporations from 1996 to 2002. In 2003, Steve founded his consulting firm, Yorkshire Ventures, which performs business advising, strategic planning and negotiation services for various clients. Also, he currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Wmode, Inc., a digital media company in Calgary, Canada. In addition to his successful work on our Board and in his professional endeavors, Steve has proven himself as a talented girls’ basketball coach for the past four seasons


– leading our girls’ varsity team to two Northern California Championships and back-to-back state title appearances. Recently, we caught up with Steve to ask him a few questions about his Salesian experience and involvement in our community. What inspires you to volunteer your time and resources to the SHS Board of Directors? The charism of Don Bosco, the mission of the school and the wonderful and diverse student body. Describe the skills you learned in high school that helped prepare you for your current career. The Salesian educational process was transformative for me. It instilled in me my academic confidence, helped me get along with people from all walks of life, and taught me social responsibility. Without that education, I would not have been able to succeed at UC Berkeley (undergraduate Business School and Boalt Hall School of Law) and to have the legal and business career that I have enjoyed. I feel that I have a special relationship with Salesian High School and with St. John Bosco. What is your favorite aspect of SHS? There is a unique spirit that permeates the halls at Salesian High School. The student body is very active, socially responsive, and very caring about their fellow classmates.


“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

— John Wooden (Steve Pezzola’s Favorite Quote)

Describe a character trait that Salesian instilled in you, which prepared you for life after high school? I learned never to give up and to have faith. My father died while I was a junior at Salesian High School. The priests and brothers at Salesian were instrumental in helping me cope with that tragedy. I also learned that I was not alone when things got tough. The Salesian community is always with you. What is one goal you would like to achieve as a member of the SHS Board of Directors? I would like us to be able to create a solid foundation for an endowment program to provide financial aid to all students who have genuine financial needs and a desire for a Salesian education. It is truly a special place. What is the greatest current challenge that the SHS Board of Directors is facing? The board is comprised of very active and supportive members. We have a collective passion to provide the best educational opportunities for students and an atmosphere for the students to grow as sociallyresponsible members of society and to thrive and prosper. The challenge is to continue to make the school affordable for all who want to attend this great place. We are ramping up our development efforts. What was your favorite moment at SHS as head coach of the varsity girls’ basketball team? Winning our first ever North Coast Section Championship and our first ever Division 4 NorCal Championship, both over rival St. Mary’s in 2012. The girls’ program had never really won anything before and the look on the faces of the girls, the parents, and the faculty is something I will never forget. T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




Last Summer, Christina Karabinis joined the Salesian High School administration as Director of Admissions. Christina has over 15 years experience in education. Previously, she was the Coordinator for the Academic Talent Development Program at UC Berkeley and spent time working as a Behavior Therapist with children on the Autism Spectrum. Additionally, Christina worked as a teacher in the Diocese of Oakland at St. Bernard School and St. Leo the Great School in Oakland, where she spent the last 11 years teaching math and social studies courses and preparing students for high school. What are your responsibilities here at Salesian? I am the Director of Admissions at Salesian. Although there are many responsibilities, I would say the most important aspect of my job is introducing our amazing school and community to prospective families. I work with a strong and supportive Admissions team and we have the opportunity to attend many Middle School events and festivals, provide tours of our beautiful campus, plan events for community awareness, and assist 8th grade students and their families with the high school admissions process. What do you love about your job?

Admissions Close-Up

I love meeting new families and building relationships with our students. I am often accompanied to different schools and events by our student ambassadors and am always impressed with how well they represent themselves and our school. Favorite quote?

An Interview with Admissions Director Christina Karabinis By Dan Hutson Director of MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS

My favorite quote, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix Favorite past times? Being on the beach, attending Salesian basketball games, spending time with my beautiful Godchildren (I have 4) and nieces and nephews. What exciting things are taking place in admissions at Salesian? This year our goal is to make Salesian more affordable to qualified students. We have revised and simplified the criteria for the Academic scholarships, added several Merit-Based Scholarships and have even added a Sibling Discount. We are thankful for our supportive families and are excited to offer these grants. Christina Karabinis can be contacted at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1416 or


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The Best of the Best NFL player Jahvid Best ‘07 named to 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame In January, Jahvid Best ‘07 will be inducted in the Salesian Athletic Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. Few Salesian student-athletes have reached the level of athletic excellence displayed by Jahvid during his four years at Salesian High School. As a two-sport athlete, competing in football and track, Jahvid garnered national attention by breaking school, county, and state records. In three Salesian varsity football seasons, Jahvid ran for 6479 yards and scored 91 touchdowns (both of which are North Coast Section and San Francisco Bay Area records), while leading the school to its first NCS Football Championship in 2005. He was selected to the Parade All-American first-team and was named the USA Today California Football Player of the Year.     In track and field, Jahvid was the 2006 and 2007 100-meter and 200-meter North Coast Section Champion, and was a state meet finalist in both events as a junior in 2006. As a senior in 2007, Jahvid was the CIF State Champion in the 100-meter race, posting a spectacular 10.31 electronic clocking, while placing second in the 200-meter race with a blazing time of 20.65. During his senior year of track, Jahvid ran sub 10.40 on four separate occasions,and was the only high school sprinter in the United States to dip below the 10.40 mark more than twice in 2007. During four years of varsity track, Jahvid won 28 sprint titles at invitationals, league championships, section championships, and state championships, including 13 titles as a senior. For his performance as a senior in track, Jahvid was selected tothe first team All-State as a sprinter, as well as being named first team All-American as a sprinter. Jahvid currently holds the NCS record for all-time fastest 100-meter and 200-meter marks.   After graduating from Salesian High School, Jahvid received an athletic-scholarship to play football for the California Golden Bears. In three seasons with Cal, he ran for 2668 yards and scored 35 career TDs, and was selected to the first-team All-Pac-10 each year. Jahvid is Cal’s all-time record holder for rushing yards in a game (311 vs. the University of Washington) and rushing TD’s in a game (5 vs. the University of Minnesota). In 2010, Jahvid was a first-round NFL draft choice by the Detroit Lions, where he played three seasons amassing 1719 all purpose yards and scoring 9 TDs.   Jahvid is currently the running backs coach for the Salesian High School varsity football team.   Additionally, Madison Burfict ‘92 and Jocelyn Leche ’02 will be inducted for their athletic accomplishments as well.   Madison Burfict ’92 was a standout football player for Salesian, named to the All-East Bay, All-Metro, and Cal-Hi All-State teams. He was ranked #8 on the Contra Costa Times “East Bay Cream of the Crop” list. Madison earned an athletic scholarship to play football at UC Berkeley.   Jocelyn Leche ’02 was a standout soccer player at Salesian. She earned Bay Shore Athletic League MVP honors as a junior and senior and received Contra Costa Times second team honors as a junior and senior. She also played second base on the softball team that was the 2001 North Coast Section Class A champion. Jocelyn earned an athletic scholarship to USC where she was a member of the Trojan women’s soccer team.

2014 Salesian Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Dinner January 25, 2014 Seating is limited, purchase tickets in advance. Contact Henry Moe, Director of Alumni Relations, for pricing and purchasing information, at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1104 or T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




EXCELLENCE REPORT: A Fall Sports Overview Salesian Student-Athletes Earn D-I Scholarships

(l to r) L to R: Jonathan Galloway (UC Irvine), Mariya Moore (Louisiville), Zoe Correal (Colorado), Zoe Conley ( Cal State Northridge)

Four Salesian student-athletes signed national letters of intent to attend division I universities next year on full athletic scholarships. Congratulations to the following student-athletes and their families: Mariya Moore and Zoe Correal committed to the University of Louisville and the University of Colorado respectively. The two girls led the Lady Pride to back-toback state championship appearances. Mariya Moore was Co-MVP of the Tri-County Athletic League last season, and is a preseason McDonalds All-American candidate. With both players returning, the Lady Pride will be competing for a California state title again this year. Boys’ basketball center Jonathan Galloway committed to UC Irvine, where he will add size and defensive prowess to the Anteater squad. Jonathan will be the 33rd Salesian boys’ basketball player to play college basketball in Coach Bill Mellis’ 16 seasons as Head Coach. Jonathan will be the 16th player to play Division I basketball. Zoe Conley committed to Cal State Northridge where she will pitch on the softball team. In 2012, Zoe was named to the Cal-Hi sports All-State Small Schools softball team.

NBA and College Coaches Speak at Bill Mellis’ Coaching Clinic Salesian Boys’ Basketball Coach Bill Mellis recently hosted the first annual Fall Coaches Clinic. The 1-day clinic featured presentations and live demonstrations led by top professional and collegiate coaches including: Mike Dunlap – Former Head Coach of the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) Lou Campanelli – Former Head Coach at the University of California Brian Katz – Head Coach at Sacramento State University Greg Clink – Head Coach at Chico State University John Peterson – Head Coach at Ohlone College (l to r) : Former NBA Coach Mike Dunlap and Salesian Coach Bill Mellis

Bay Area high school and collegiate coaches were on-hand to take notes and gain valuable coaching insights as the presenters discussed various coaching topics. Coach Mellis organized the clinic and scheduled top coaching talent to headline the event. “ I wanted to put together a top-notch coaching clinic here in the East Bay. It’s something I’ve been planning for a while. Dunlap was obviously one of my first choices” said Mellis. Former NBA coach Mike Dunlap flew in from North Carolina to speak at the event, and explained his intense yet methodical approach to the game. The clinic raised funds for Salesian’s State Championship Boys’ Basketball Program.

Girls’ Volleyball Preparing for Playoffs The Girls’ Volleyball Program is preparing for TCAL league playoffs, led by 2nd-team all league players Pamela Dungo and Maya Williams and Michaela Ahlenslager (honorable mention). The team will compete against Kennedy in its final regular season competition. The varsity girls’ volleyball team is poised for NCS playoffs 10

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3



SALESIAN STUNS ST. MARY’S IN HOMECOMING VICTORY At this year’s Homecoming Game against our rival St. Mary’s High School, the Pride showed the Panthers once again which school is most dominant. Despite entering the game as the predicted underdog, the Pride showed flashes of brilliance and tenacity as they held the Panthers to a field goal throughout the entire game. The Pride won the contest 14-3 in front of a packed Selway-Martin field. The Salesian varsity football team hasn’t lost a game to St. Mary’s since September of 2009.

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




Crab Feed Salesian’s 49th Annual All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed will be held on Friday, January 17 and Saturday, January 18, 2014. The event is our most-attended fundraiser, with over 800 people expected to attend. The event will feature a full bar, as well as a silent auction and raffle with prizes from local business partners and alumni and student families. We look forward to seeing our current student families, loyal alumni, and Salesian supporters on hand for the evening. Tickets are on sale now. Visit to download a ticket order form or call the Crab Feed Hotline at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1126 for more information. All proceeds from the event support the SHS Scholarships and Tuition Grants Program. We hope to see you there!

G r e e ti n gs f r o m th e D i r e ct o r Dear Alumni and Friends of Salesian High School: I write this message not long after super Typhoon Haiyan hit the southern part of the Philippines. Having been born and raised in the Philippine Islands, I have been asked if I have family and friends affected by the disaster. It is a relief that I do not, but it does not change the fact that so many lives were lost and many more have been displaced. We mourn and we pray for all the victims of the disaster, living or dead. The holy season of Advent and Christmas is upon us. It is a time of grace, of longing for love and peace, and of hope for a better world. It is a reminder that Emmanuel is here, that God is with us! The hard truth is that for many in the Philippines and for millions in many other parts of the world who struggle on a daily basis, it will be difficult to celebrate Christmas. And yet they do! There are inspiring stories of survival in the aftermath of the disaster, and there will be hope-filled and joyful stories of generosity and reunions in the next few months. Not lost in all of them is the understanding that God is with us.

Here at Salesian High School, we dedicated a day of prayer and action for the victims of the disaster. On November 21st, our school held a student-run fundraiser to collect relief money for those people in need. Although the amount isn’t much, the Salesian community’s participation reminds us that “God is with us.” I invite all of you to reflect on how you can express that God is with us for you and for the world around you. I challenge you to think beyond yourself and to share your gifts and talents with others this Christmas season. May you all have a blessed Christmas. You are all in our prayers. Sincerely, Fr. Mel Trinidad, SDB Director and Coordinator of Youth Ministry


T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3



Announcing The 23rd Annual Golf Tournament New Sponsor Packages Available

Save the date Monday, May 5, 2014

The 23rd Annual Salesian Golf Tournament will be hosted on May 5, 2014 at the beautiful Richmond Country Club. The event is a great opportunity for Salesian families, alumni and friends to support the Salesian High School Scholarships and Tuition Grants Program for families in need. Henry Moe, Director of Alumni Relations, has faithfully helped coordinate the tournament for the past 22 years. “ We are proud to be hosting the 23rd Annual Golf Tournament. The extraordinary generosity of our Alumni businesses and sponsors have made this event a lasting success and real help to families in need at Salesian. We anticipate another sell-out event, and look forward to seeing friends, both new and old,” said Henry.   This year, we have enhanced our sponsorship packages to increase visibility for Salesian supporters by featuring them on a brand new “Sponsors” page on our school website. Because we rely on the generosity of tournament sponsors, we want to ensure that they receive recognition and additional opportunities for their businesses. Contact Henry Moe to register for the event and/or discuss sponsorship package opportunities, at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1104 or   * Keep in mind, in addition to supporting students in need, a portion of your sponsorship is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Thank you in advance for your kind support.

Salesian Golf Sponsorship Packages with new benefits added: Salesian Title Sponsorship – $5000 • Includes 2 foursomes • Golf priority at tee #1 • Dinner for 8 at the Salesian High School President’s Reserved Table with two complimentary bottles of champagne • Two custom banners prominently displayed for all participants to see • Advertisement on front cover of the tournament program • Prominent Logo featured on tournament polo shirts * Plus a special half page complimentary ad of your choice in The Salesian magazine summer issue (distribution 6,000 copies). Salesian Tournament Master Sponsorship – $2000 • Includes 1 foursome • Golf priority at tee of choice (Hole #2 through #18), • Custom banner prominently displayed near clubhouse • Full-page advertisement in the tournament program • Reserved seating for 4 at dinner, with complimentary bottle of wine • Logo featured on tournament polo shirts Salesian Champion Sponsorship – $1000 • Includes tournament entry for 2 players and dinner with a bottle of wine • Golf priority tee off • Custom tee sign at putting green • 1/2 Advertisement in the tournament program Salesian “Red and Black” Sponsorship – $500 • Includes tournament entry for 1 player • Includes a custom tee sign at hole of choice (#3 thru #18) • 1/4 Advertisement in the tournament program Salesian Tee Sponsorship – $250 • Includes custom tee sign • 1/8 Page advertisement in the tournament program All sponsorships will be recognized and acknowledged in the summer issue of The Salesian magazine. T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




Alumnus Abroad: Michael Picetti ‘02 Reflects on His Research in India Alumnus Michael Picetti ’02 is a current UC Berkeley graduate student in the School of Public Health, set to graduate in May 2014 with a master’s in public health (MPH) degree. His program emphasis is infectious diseases & vaccinology. Prior to entering his graduate program, Michael earned a B.S. in molecular environmental biology from UC Berkeley and worked as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist at San Francisco General Hospital. Last summer, his graduate studies led him to India. Here is a personal reflection written by Michael about his trip and the influence that Salesian played in cultivating his professional interests. I vividly remember the car ride from the airport in Bangalore, India to Mysore, India. Roads were bustling with traffic as cars, bicyclists and rickshaws all converged and clouds of dust filled the air as we passed through more rural areas that consisted of some modest homes and huts with chickens, donkeys and/or goats in the front yard. My name is Michael Picetti (Salesian High School ’02) and I am a current UC Berkeley graduate student in the School of Public Health. As part of our program’s curriculum, each master’s student is required to obtain a summer internship position and apply the didactic knowledge we have gained in the classroom to practical, real-life challenges that exist in the field of public health. My interest in the biological sciences was piqued during my time at Salesian High School as a student in AP Biology. I had always been interested in the sciences but it was that class taught by Mr. Nightingale that opened up the world of biology for me. Salesian High instilled in me many positive values including compassion, discipline and a strong work ethic. These are attributes that have served me well not only in the classroom but in the working world as well and I am proud to be a Salesian alumnus.

“My interest in the biological sciences was piqued during my time at Salesian High School as a student in AP Biology. I had always been interested in the sciences but it was that class taught by Mr. Nightingale that opened up the world of biology for me.” – Michael Picetti ‘02 14

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3

My desire to intern abroad along with the opportunity to participate in one of my professor’s ongoing research projects in India was too good to pass up. The project involved antimicrobial resistance among Escherichia coli bacteria that cause urinary tract infections in south India. I seized this opportunity and spent the past summer interning in Mysore, India at the Public Health Research Institute of India (PHRII). PHRII is a small non-governmental organization that focuses on women’s and children’s health and actively collaborates with my professor’s research projects in India. Antimicrobial resistance in pathogenic bacteria is a growing problem worldwide but especially in India where indiscriminate use (antibiotics are widely available at “corner stores” without a prescription) and suboptimal dosing (patient noncompliance with drug treatment regimens) contribute to this serious public health problem. The potential threat of bacterial infections resistant to all possible antibiotic treatment options is very sobering and suggests a possible return to the pre-antibiotic era prior to the 1940’s. Multi-drug resistant UTIs present significant problems in terms of increased morbidity, mortality and overall healthcare costs. My research in India was a laboratory-based project that involved using PCR and gel electrophoresis to check for the presence/absence of specific antibiotic resistance genes of interest in clinical samples of E. coli. The antibiotic resistance genes in the bacterial isolates are what confer resistance to particular antibiotics/classes of drugs. Each weekday afternoon, I would walk up the dusty road to the nearby hospital laboratory to collect samples before taking them back to PHRII for processing. The PHRII lab lacked the state-of-the-art equipment of American research labs but was functional and had all the necessary components; it conjured up images of what research labs in the U.S. probably looked like 60-70 years ago. My research project is still ongoing with much data remaining to be analyzed. However, it is clear that UTIs in that region of south India are very resistant to antibiotics in general, as 70% of the E. coli samples I collected were multi-drug resistant (i.e. resistant to at least three different classes of antibiotic drugs) which is very alarming indeed. Contrary to some American perceptions about India, not all regions of India consist of slum settlements and Mysore was a very clean, safe and interesting city to visit. Most locals are accustomed to Westerners as Mysore is a popular destination for those who practice yoga in the summer. Overall, my experience was fantastic as highlighted by the delicious food, the kindness of the local residents and the rich culture and history of India that I was privileged to experience. I hope to conduct research abroad again in the future especially after my inspirational summer in India which re-emphasized for me the need for developed countries to continue to collaborate and assist developing countries with public health issues. Such issues as antimicrobial resistance are spreading around the world rapidly and will soon be our problem in the very near future.



Golden Reunion to Commemorate Class of 1964

This year marks an important milestone in our Salesian High School history as we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our first graduating class – the Class of 1964. Salesian High School invites our alumni to return to their home away from home, where they reached adolescent achievements, and where lasting memories were formed. To our classes of 1964, 1965, and 1966, we want you to be a part of our celebration.

A celebration committee comprised of alumni representatives from the classes of ‘64, ‘65, and ‘66 and members of Salesian’s administration are in the process of completing event plans that include a presentation of golden diplomas to 1964 graduates at Salesian’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at St. Cornelius Church in Richmond. The class will be honored along with this year’s graduating Class of 2014.

Salesian will reserve seating for the Class of 1964 and their guests. After graduation, a recognition dinner will be held on the Salesian campus. The night will be an opportunity for alumni classes to reunite on behalf of the Class of 1964, and share memories and celebrate our Salesian tradition. The celebration committee is finalizing the details and ticket cost for the evening in the month to come. If you wish to attend, please save the date and R.S.V.P. by February 1, 2014 by contacting Henry Moe, Director of Alumni Relations, at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1104 or We look forward to this memorable celebration and seeing everyone again.

Leading the Way: An Interview with Bill Selway ’64 How long has your family been involved at SHS? My father (Roy Selway), whom the SelwayMartin Field is named after, was instrumental in the development of Salesian High School. In 1959, Roy convinced the Bishop and the Salesian Order to open this high school. He continued to work nights and weekends on allsorts of projects at the school – painting, building, laying tile (the library still has original tile) around campus. He worked a day job to help put 6 sons through Salesian High School. He was the Salesian High School handyman. What is your favorite aspect of SHS? From 1960-1964, I felt like my fellow students, the faculty and our administration were part of my extended family. In the visits since then to Salesian High School I can feel the same “atmosphere” for myself and the current students and faculty.

What inspires you to give Salesian your time, talent and treasure? It is the atmosphere created by the philosophy of St. John Bosco that prevails at Salesian High School. The students, teachers, administrators, alumni and friends all make you want to be a part of it. The exuberance, shared ambition, the potential to do great things together is a small part of the “Salesian Family” atmosphere. What was your favorite moment at SHS? I was at the free throw line with 2 seconds left on the clock in a game against St. Joseph of Alameda. Salesian High School was behind by 1 point and I had a 1 and 1 penalty shot. The gym became totally quiet as I got ready to take the first free throw and at that moment one of the cheerleaders, Kate Stienberg, says out loud “he will never make it”. Not only did I make both free throws and help Salesian High School win the game – I also married the cheerleader.  

Describe the skills and character traits you learned in high school that prepared you for your current career. I learned many skills but the ones that stand out are: organization, sense of humor, setting goals and delegation. Also, I have a strong belief in God and accept that He is in control. What is one goal you would like to see SHS achieve? Develop an active alumni whose goal is to support Salesian High School philosophies spiritually and financially.   What is your favorite inspiring quote? “Knowledge never makes a man or woman because it does not directly touch the heart.” (St. John Bosco)

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




Salesian High School and Harris Connect Produce Alumni Directory Salesian High School is working with Harris Connect to produce an alumni directory for publication in spring 2014. This publication will be a great way to stay connected to the Salesian alumni community of more than 5,500 graduates. In the coming months, our alumni may receive postcards, emails, or phone calls from Harris Connect asking for updated contact information. Harris Connect is collecting information at Salesian’s request solely for purposes of creating this directory and updating our alumni database. (If you have questions, see the ‘Frequently Asked Questions about Alumni Directory’.)   Whether your Salesian was the 250-student school of the early 1960s, or the 500-student school of recent years, you are a member of a family that continues to increase in diversity, to deepen in character, and to expand in achievement. Alumni who keep in touch with the school and with one another tell us how rewarding it is to continue the relationships built here, to create new ones, and to participate in our ongoing educational mission. Numerous Salesian alumni are employed here as faculty and staff. Many more have their teenagers enrolled here as students, and many others take part in the life of the school as coaches, mentors, volunteers, and donors.   Our goal is to make it easy for all Salesian alumni to connect with one another and with the school. We have a reunion for each graduating class every five years. We also communicate with alumni through The Salesian magazine and other mailings, through our email newsletter and the website, and with Facebook and LinkedIn. Many alumni have told us that another powerful tool for communication that they would love to have is a printed directory. The new directory will include comprehensive biographical listings with contact information, career overviews, and family highlights. Alumni can also take part in the photo gallery.   Harris Connect is a leading provider of multi-channel solutions for non-profit organizations, and we have selected them for their proven expertise and customer service. Please help Harris Connect to help us to make this new publication a successful reference tool.   Should you have questions or concerns about the 2014 Alumni Directory project and partnership with Harris Connect, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 510-234-4433 ext. 1104 or email Henry Moe ‘89 at   16

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3

1. I have been contacted by Harris Connect; is this a legitimate company collecting data for Salesian? Salesian High School has entered into a partnership with Harris Connect to produce a comprehensive alumni directory called 2014 Alumni Connect: Celebrating 50 Years of Salesian Education. Harris Connect is a company that publishes directories for educational institutions across the nation. This project allows Salesian High School to receive important updates to our database which will enable us to better serve current and future alumni. 2. How do I know my information will only be used for directory purposes? Salesian High School has a contractual agreement with Harris Connect that states that Harris Connect will only use the data provided by the school and alumni specifically for directory purposes, except to Harris’s third party providers for the directory with which Harris has signed confidentiality agreements, or except as required under any law, government rule or regulation or court order.   3. I would like to verify and update my information. How may I do this? If you receive a postcard or an email with a telephone number, you may call the number to speak with a dedicated Harris Connect representative for the Salesian High School alumni directory. The representative will verify all the information that we have on file for you and make any updates where needed. If you have received an email with an embedded link, you may go to the online site to review your information.   4. Can anyone purchase a directory? The Salesian High School Alumni Directory is available for sale only to Salesian High School alumni.   5. When can I expect to receive my directory? The total duration of the directory project is about 37 weeks. We anticipate directories to be available in spring 2014.   6. Can I choose to have some or all of my information excluded from the directory? When you call to update your information, you can tell the representative what information you would prefer to have excluded. You may also communicate this information to the Harris Connect customer service desk at 1-800-877-6554 or to the Salesian High School Office of Alumni Relations at 510-234-4433 ext. 1104.   7. I would like to order a directory or change my order. How do I do this? Call the Harris Connect customer service help desk at 1-800-877-6554, and they will take care of this for you. Also, you may contact the Salesian High School Office of Alumni Relations at 510-234-4433 ext. 1104 with any questions or concerns.   8. What will the cost be to purchase a directory? The alumni directory will be $99 for a hard cover edition, and $79 for a soft cover edition. If you have questions regarding the purchase cost of the directory or overall concerns, you may call Harris Connect’s customer service desk at 1-800-877-6554.



Salesian Alumnus Takes an Active Role in the Community Derek Daniels ’02 is doing his part to stay active in his community. Derek recently participated in the California Coast Classic, a 520-mile bike ride down the California Coast with teammates from the Links for Life Foundation. The team was focused on raising funds towards a cure for juvenile arthritis. “I wanted to do this ride for several years. It was for a noble cause, and the ride looked like a challenge. I made the decision early and started training and fundraising for the past six months. I was blown away to learn how many people are affected by arthritis, especially young people,” said Derek. His six-member team raised over $55,000 in donations. The Links for Life Foundation is a charitable giving project of Colliers International, a leading commercial real estate brokerage firm in the Bay Area where Derek has built his career. His team was made up of Colliers commercial real estate brokers from the Bay Area and Las Vegas. Derek has worked in the East Bay commercial real estate market for more than seven years. His experience has ranged from local market research to advising tenants and landlords in the lease and sale of office and industrial space. He is currently the research director of the Walnut Creek office.

“I appreciate the excellent education that I received at Salesian and wanted to do my part to give back to the school that did so much for me.” — Derek Daniels ‘02

Derek Daniels ‘02 (front) with Jeff Fredericks (back) Colliers Executive Managing Director San Jose/ Silicon Valley

In addition to his commitment to find a cure for juvenile arthritis, Derek has remained active in the Salesian community as well. He recently made a donation to our Annual Giving Campaign. “I appreciate the excellent education that I received at Salesian and wanted to do my part to give back to the school that did so much for me. As an alumnus, I’m happy to help make scholarships available to current hard-working students. I know how transforming a Salesian education can be.”

Alumni Business Advertising in The Salesian Are you interested in supporting Salesian High School AND publicizing your business? Advertise in The Salesian! With over 6000 readers, including Salesian families, alumni and supporters, The Salesian magazine is a great publication to reach our local, loyal audience. We offer a number of sponsorship packages with advertising opportunities. For pricing and details, contact Daniel Hutson, Director of Marketing and Communications at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1413 or

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘ 13




Alumni Reunite In September, Salesian graduates returned home for the 2013 Grand Reunion. Thank you to all the alumni who attended!

Class of 1978

Class of 1983

(l to r) Sr. Mary Greenan, Timothy Chambers, Henry Moe, Marylou Flannery Class of 1988

Class of 1968

Class of 1993

Class of 1973

Class of 2003 & 2008 18

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3


reside in Colton, CA where she works as an Admissions System Assistant at Occidental College. Andy and Marissa both previously worked as teachers at Salesian High School. They currently live in the Bay Area.

The 00’s The 80’s Mark Santi ‘80 is the team Orthopedic Surgeon for the University of Hawaii. He recently met up with Ikaika Woolsey ‘11 who is currently a quarterback for the University of Hawaii.

Kevin Au ‘02 and Angela Mercado ‘02 married this past August. After Salesian, Kevin and Angela both graduated from San Jose State University. They currently live and work in San Jose.

The 90’s

James Mishork ‘02 recently married his longtime love, Mathilde Javier. The couple celebrated their honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii. They currently reside in Concord, CA.

Arthur “Oggie” Siegel ‘96 (right front), Tiffani (Sargent) Bruno ‘98 (right back), Andy Kjera ‘85 ( front left) and wife Marissa Kjera (left back ) had a mini reunion at the 83rd Annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim last September. Oggie and his wife Amy live in Prescott, AZ where he works as a police sergeant. Tiffani and her husband Justin currently

Jessica Jones ‘09 former ASB President, Cheerleader, Story and Song member, and drama participant is currently, a senior at the UC Santa Cruz. Jessica is double majoring in arts and digital media and english literature, and works as a Cultural Arts and Diversity Intern (part of the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program). Additionally, Jessica has been a part


of The African American Theater Arts Troupe at the UCSC since her freshman year. The African American Theater Arts Troupe does more than put on heart-stirring performances at UCSC; it raises cultural awareness throughout the region, and has awarded more than $85,000 in scholarships to students involved with the troupe. Nicole de la Rosa ‘11 former ASB president, is a junior majoring in political science at the UC Irvine. She is the current Chief Executive Officer of the University of Irvine’s Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.  Nicole is also working as the UCI School of Law’s Assistant Event Coordinator.  She will go to Washington, D.C. this winter Quarter to participate in the UCDC Internship Program. The program, sponsored by UCI’s Career Center, selects 40 to 50 outstanding UCI undergraduate students (including graduating seniors) for ten-week internships in Washington, D.C. It is an ideal vantage point for students to examine behind-the-scenes activities that shape and implement our nation’s future course. Sarah Thompson ’12 is a sophomore at UC Irvine. During her spare time she has a radio show every Sunday from 8am – 10am and can be heard on the internet at

S end Us a n Upd ate ! The Salesian Alumni Office wants to know what our alumni are up to! Did you recently graduate college, take a new position, or start a family? Send us a quick update and/or photo to or call Henry Moe ‘89, Director of Alumni Relations at (510) 234-4433 ext. 1104.

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Leaving a Legacy: Mike Mangiaracina ’64 Salesian Alumnus Mike Mangiaracina ’64 recently remembered Salesian High School in his estate plan. Mike wrote the following excerpt about his Salesian experience:

marginal student, had no structure in my life and little supervision. I had not succeeded at much for my first 13 years.

“I learned over four years that I had to take risks. I had to try harder, rely on myself and have confidence in my abilities. With God’s grace, hard work and a commitment to succeed, I would advance myself scholastically, professionally, socially and mentally. I did and still do at 67 years of age. That was the Salesian High School influence. I was and still remain accountable for my success or failure.

My mother and father both worked seven days a week in a small family-owned grocery store called The Bayo Vista Market. They had little time to raise me, provide guidance and prepare me to be an adult. They looked to Salesian High School to give me a strong Catholic education in what they also felt to be a strong academic environment. They were right. I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me to be educated by the best.

I always had the support of the Salesian priests, brothers and lay teachers. I was disciplined consistently and fairly when I stopped trying or if I went off the recommended path. I learned in the first two years that the school was not about building my self-esteem with worthless compliments for meaningless tasks. You did what was expected when the instructors and staff expected it and in the manner prescribed. God bless the staff for that.

Father Arthur Brainard’s counseling, Father Al Pestun’s well-stocked library, the yearly “on campus” retreats and countless other memories contributed greatly to me as a person, my profession as a law enforcement officer for over 40 years and my role as a trainer of new officers for over twenty years. I retired in August, 2013.

I have graduated from accredited colleges five (5) times. Education to me is a life-long activity. When I graduated in 1964, I did not want to go to college but ended up at Contra Costa College anyway. I remember standing up when Mr. John Pence walked into my first college English class. I was the only one who stood up. He looked at me and said, “Catholic high school?” I said, “yes sir.” He smiled and then he said “Sit down.” Despite my efforts to avoid college, my training in high school prepared me to succeed and earn degrees at the two year, four year and post-graduate level. Loyalty to me, my family, my country, my employer and an emphasis on excellence in whatever I did was not only the school motto but my own motto. My parents, living in Rodeo, California, chose Salesian High School for me in 1960. In grammar school, I was a 20

T h e S a lesi a n | W I N T E R ‘1 3

I have competed in 50-mile foot races, boxing, wrestling, football, softball, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco two years ago and continue to push myself in sports well into my 60’s. My formal education and five college degrees have opened numerous doors for me. I have had life experiences that would have defeated lesser men. I have had set backs in which only prayer gave me the courage to go on. I learned how to pray at Salesian High School. With this in mind, I have instructed the executor of my estate to remember Salesian High School with a donation to offset building and maintenance expenses.

Courage to take on the impossible and the will to win, it all started in September 1960 standing in the parking lot in front of the statue of Saint John Bosco. I thank God for it.”



In Memoriam

The Salesian High School family requests that you join us in prayer for the following members of our community and their families:

Dennis Cola Grandparent of Scott McFarland ’08 and Matthew McFarland ‘16 Linda Lee Calvan Drake Parent of Robert Drake ‘95 and Jonathan Drake ‘98 Br. Richard Luna, SDB Salesian Brother and Teacher/Coach from 1964 – 1970

Anthony “Tony” Mascaro - Parent of Gerry Mascaro ‘64 and David Mascaro ‘68 Arthur Ostrander ‘83 Carol Ozanich Parent of Thomas Ozanich ‘64, Paul Ozanich ‘72 and James Ozanich ‘79

Laura Pedrotti Parent of Lawrence Pedrotti ‘69 and Robin Pedrotti ‘82 Mark Raine Parent of Christina Raine ‘07 and Phillip Raine ‘09 Michael Russell ‘73 Eric Steinberg ’64 Dimarea Young ‘11

Create Your Family Legacy Through a Planned Gift to Salesian High School Charitable gift planning, sometimes called “planned giving,” means making a charitable gift of estate assets to one or more non-profit organizations like Salesian High School. This presents all members of the Salesian family—alumni, parents of alumni, parents of current students and friends— an opportunity to make a substantial gift. By naming Salesian High School in your will, you will provide a lasting gift that will greatly help our students. With an increasing number of supporters taking this approach, Salesian High School students will benefit in the years ahead. Please feel free to call Director of Advancement, Michele Manso at 510-234-4433 ext. 7216 with any comments, questions or commitments you would like to share. Consider remembering Salesian High School in your will. Gift planning benefits you today and Salesian High School forever. A bequest is simple and convenient. You have a number of options. You can make a bequest for a specific dollar amount or for a percentage of your estate. Many individuals establish endowments that honor the memory of a family member or another loved one. These endowments live forever, since only the interest income is used annually. Since a will is an important legal document, you should seek an attorney’s help. To assist you with this important process, we offer some suggested wording.

Including Salesian High School in your will The following examples include suggested bequest wording to benefit Salesian High School. We encourage you to share your final will provision with us to ensure that your wishes will be properly followed and recognized. Percentage of estate for unrestricted purposes I give, devise, and bequeath to Salesian High School, a not-for-profit organization located in Richmond, California, _____ percent (%) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate as an unrestricted gift to be used for the general purposes of Salesian High School, located in Richmond, California. Specific amount for unrestricted purposes I give, devise, and bequeath to Salesian High School, a notfor-profit organization located in Richmond, California , the sum of $_________ in cash or in-kind (or ________ shares of ________ stock) to be used at the discretion of Salesian High School for the general operations of Salesian High School.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

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January 17 & 18, 2014 – Salesian All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed Bring your appetite! The evening features a raffle, silent auction and all the crab you can eat! January 25, 2014 – Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Dinner The next class of former Salesian athletes will be inducted to our Athletic Hall of Fame. April 10-12, 2014 – Spring Musical Production May 1, 2014 – New Student & Parent Orientation Night May 5, 2014 – 23rd Annual Salesian Golf Tournament Enjoy a day of golf and an evening of fun as we raise money for our Salesian Scholarships and Tuition Grants Program. May 31, 2014 – Salesian’s 50th Graduation

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