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For acquiring professional knowledge, SIGA collaborated with Chennai Micro Print (P) Ltd. for providing Production-cumtraining to the students.


To feel the actual working environment and to gain practical knowledge and skills, SIGA sends students to companies for an industrial exposure. This will motivate, develop and build their confidence apart from providing the students the basis to choose their key operational area of interest. Non formal students get one full year and the formal students about two months in the companies listed below: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18. 

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President / Provincial (Rev. Fr. K. M. Jose)

Dear Youngster, Make a deep etched impression with

Secretary / Rector (Rev. Fr. John Christy) Manager-SIGAPress (Rev. Fr. JohnChristy)

Principal - SIGA College (Rev. Fr. P. T. Joseph) Vice Principal (Rev. Fr. Charles


In life, they say the first impression is the best, but here in SIGA, every impression should be the best. Wish you all the success. - Rev. Fr. Stalin Asst. Press Manager

Asst.Manager (Rev. Fr. Stalin)

SIGAPolytechnic College Headofthe Department Basic Eng

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SalesianInstitute of Graphic Arts

Head of the Department PrintingTech Lecturers

Academic Coordinator


Press Staff On-the-Job Training Coordinator


In SIGA, the students are provided with hitech and updated machines for the Handson-training and on the job training with skilled assistance. Listed below are few of the machines available in SIGA.

Skill Trainers

SIGA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE 49, Taylors Road, Chennai - 600 010. India Ph: +91 44 2642 4204 Ph: +91 44 2641 1588 Fr. P. T. Joseph, SDB + 91 94440 76408

SINCE 1952



Heidelberg SM 102 - 8C Size: 281/2 X 40 inch (72 X 102 cm) Heidelberg SM 72 VP - 4C Size: 201/2 X 28 inch (72 X 52 cm) Heidelberg SM 52 - 4C Size: 201/2 X 141/2 inch (52 X 37 cm) Heidelberg SORDZ  - 2C Size: 36 X 251/4 inch (91.5 X 64 cm) Heidelberg SORMZ  - 2C Size: 291/4 X 201/2 inch (74 X 52 cm) Heidelberg KORD - 1C Size: 25 X 18 inch (65 X 46 cm)

01 The Southern regional DB Tech India meeting was held at Bangalore and it was attended by Fr. Charles Gaspar and Mr. H. Stalin.


02 M  r. Harsh Vora, Director and Mr. Backiaraj, Operational Manager of the Skill Labs met the student council as part of an Institute-Company interaction


03 An awareness program on 'Scholarship availabilities in Government of India' was conducted by Mr. Balasubramanian. Asst. Mgr, Vodafone India foundation

04 Mr. Dayaker Reddy,


President and Mr. R. Suresh Kumar, Joint Secretary of Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (IPAMA), visited SIGA on 24-10-2017


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