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UNLEASH YOUR INNER CHEF A CLOSER LOOK AT THE SUPER–SLEEK APPLIANCES OF THE FUTURE he kitchen is becoming ‘smarter’ thanks to high-tech appliances such as the new Whirlpool W11 collection, the pinnacle of performance, design and technology. Here Served checks out the Whirlpool W11 oven and microwave. The area in a home which tends to inspire the best smart technology innovation is the kitchen. From gadgets to cooking appliances, almost all kitchen essentials now are equipped with some techy brilliance designed to save time and boost efficiency. Ovens in particular have seen huge technological advancements over the past few years. Today your smartphone can help with the cooking in a way which doesn’t only involve ordering delivery through an app. If you love cooking and technology, or even if you simply want to improve on your culinary skills, then look no further than these brilliant Whirlpool appliances, particularly the built-in oven and microwave which can automate parts of the cooking process, keep you updated on the progress of your food, or simply make sure you’re following a recipe correctly. From the pleasing seamless aesthetics such as a handle-less smooth surface, user-friendly interfaces, intuitive ergonomic controls, and other attractive features which run on the current trend for black kitchens, this is a seriously stylish oven. But its looks are literally only the beginning.


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