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Sales Tracking App For Sales Management SalesBabu Mobile Sales App for Sales Teams

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SalesBabu Mobile Sales App

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The SalesBabu Sales Tracking App Solution helps you plan, manage and get real time insights into your field sales & marketing activities. From tracking your sales executives’ attendance and location to helping them take orders, capture stock, manage collections and track visibility – Our mobile sales app is the complete Field Sales CRM for your needs. Exceed your monthly sales targets with our Sales CRM App. From generating more leads, to engaging with prospects in real time, to managing different sales territories, our sales employee tracking app helps you accelerate your sales process. Sell while you’re on the move with our sales tracking app which is user friendly and easy to install and use on your mobile. Nurture your business with SalesBabu sales CRM and increase your profit.

Benefits of Mobile Sales App for Sales Teams

Business Automation

Have An On-the-Go Team

By selecting the right salesman app, employees can streamline transaction coordination through the use of task assignments and deadline tracking. Having a complete transaction management system (CRM Mobile App) can allow for client engagement and more efficient customer service. Avoid misuse of your employees’ talents and work smartly by creating a way to collect data that is generally filled through paperwork.

By selecting the right salesman app, employees can Organize and Mobilize efforts and stay in consistent communication by having an interconnected linked team network where they can receive constant updates, regardless of their location. A sales employee tracking app can create the perfect system tailored to the needs of your sales teams, so they can access the most updated and relevant information all in one place.

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Benefits of Mobile Sales App for Sales Teams

Analytical Insights

People Engagement

A sales reporting app has the capability to provide detailed reporting that can be reviewed frequently to provide better follow-up, planning and collaboration in order to boost employee performance and client relations. A sales CRM app can also indicate what area sales are lacking in, creating an opportunity for training to boost areas of low productivity.

An effective and natural sale can arise when a team member uses an interactive sales force tracking app to showcase the company products and can easily lay a foundation for a trusting relationship with the client. Sales CRM App users can also maintain a database of leads, clients, employees, and any additional contacts all in one easy-to-use interface.

Document Management


Documents can be accessed and uploaded from any device, any place or time, keeping the client process efficient and smooth. This allows field employees to access easily to critical information via a handheld mobile or tablet device. The needs of a client can be written down and sent as a proposal through the field sales app, giving them a personalized experience.

Employees can customize the presentation or proposal of the company to the needs of a client, expanding the name of the brand and their capabilities. This provides you with the ability to track how clients see your brand and adjust according to the majority of general comments that the sales team inputs.

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Benefits of Mobile Sales App for Sales Teams

Calendars and Events

Close the Deal

Calendars are easily integrated into mobile sales app to allow users to easily schedule meetings, coordinate events, and keep track of important dates. Enabling alerts or notifications will separate your team from other companies struggling to keep up.

Investing in a field sales mobile app that provides your employees with mobile services can be the difference between a sale and a loss. The days of door-to-door sales are behind us. From planning to signing the deal with a finger swipe, the entire sales process can be streamlined utilizing mobile sales app software.

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M: +91 9611 171 345 Email:

Product Highlights Configurable Workflows Whether the user is a merchandiser for an FMCG brand or a BD manager for a services firm, our sales tracking app can be configured to the exact workflow for each kind of the user. Through our user friendly and easy to install CRM mobile app, it can be modified to be put to use in any industry.

Focus on Process Compliance The importance of balances and checks in ensuring retail process compliance cannot be overstated. Through capturing GPS coordinates, timestamps, photographs, etc sales employee tracking app has multiple checks and balances built in to each step to ensure thorough process compliance.

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Product Highlights Actionable Reports on Real-Time Data Boasting of a robust and flexible reporting platform, our mobile sales app is fully equipped to give broad/deep insights into field force activities. Through our sales management app comprehensive dashboards and reports we provide our clients with actionable data and help them in solving business problems in real time.

Expertise in Implementation and Support Coming from a retail execution incubator, our sales tracking app takes pride in providing the best implementation support and user training. We handhold our clients through the configuration, master data management, training and implementation stages to ensure the success of the project and deliver quality output. We understand our work doesn’t end with adding a client but only begins. We trust in helping our customers to grow in their running business and gain more profit.

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Advantages Of Sales Tracking: ❏ Below is some key list of the tangible and intangible benefits that you get from implementing a sales tracking process for your business growth: ❏ Perform quality checks from time to time and monitor the performance of your team. ❏ Deeper and detailed insights into your sales funnel ❏ Learn and determine when something goes wrong and avoid risks. ❏ Get to know which products or services, locations, and salespersons bring in the maximum revenue and why ❏ Have effective and better communications with your target audience by monitoring their behaviour. ❏ Increase customer satisfaction and make them happy by addressing their queries and providing customized services to them. M: +91 9611 171 345 Email:

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