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How would you like to get your self published book carried by the world's largest bookstore? There's nothing to it. All you need to know and Kindle. eBooks are definitely the wave of the future. Every author should be thinking about getting into this exploding market. The Kindle platform has emerged as the leader in the eBook field, and there couldn't be a better way to break into this market than through Amazon. It has been a little over two years since Amazon brought out their famous Kindle eBook reader. The Kindle has come a long way since that first model was introduced. In fact, there are now three Kindle readers to choose from. This article isn't just about the Kindle reader though; it's about the content that's available for it. Notice I didn't say 'books' but rather, content. Everyone knows the Kindle is an eBook reader, but you'll find more than just eBooks in the Kindle offering. You can publish just about anything on the Kindle. Actually, Amazon doesn't publish Kindle content at all; they distribute Kindle format. Besides eBooks, you'll find newspapers, magazines, and even blogs readily available for Kindle download, which is how Kindle content is delivered. Wirelessly, no computer needed. If you can get a cell signal, you'll be able to download Kindle content. If you wanted too, you could put your company's financial reports; your team's bowling scores, even your church newsletter on the Kindle. You can upload just about anything within reason. Amazon does have the final say, but you get the picture. Of course; eBooks are what Kindle does best. As an author, this new distribution channel is what really caught my attention. And it gets better! Using the Kindle to distribute your books is an aspiring author's dream come true. I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to get my eBooks on-line and 'for-sale' in Amazon's bookstore. Not only is it incredibly easy, it's free! You just upload your manuscript to the Kindle DTP, (Digital Text Platform) fill in the needed information, (Title, description, author, selling price, etc.) and in a few days your eBook will be online and for-sale in the World's largest bookstore. You'll also get a free page for your author's profile. Another thing that makes this an incredible deal is that you don't give up any publishing or author's rights. You retain everything. You can even go with other eBook companies at the same time and sell through their channels as well. Amazon only takes a percentage from eBooks they sell through the Kindle bookstore. For self published authors, you'll have to do your own layout and cover design, but if you can write a book, this shouldn't present much of a problem. Besides, you can always farm out the cover

design if you're not comfortable with your own artistic skills. The bottom line is this...and it's especially true for self published authors, I can't think of a better way to enter the eBook arena than by working with Amazon and the Kindle eBook reader. And the price to get in the game couldn't be any better. UPDATE! Barnes & Nobel, Apple, Sony, and Android all have entered the e-book market. What was already good, just turned into FANTASTIC! Prices for reading devices have plummeted because of the increased competition. The Kindle has dropped from its original introduction price of $399 to $139 and I expect to see readers priced under $100 at any time!

Randy Benjamin is an author and syndicated columnist. His latest book, "How To Publish Anything On Amazon's Kindle" is available in iPad, Nook, PC, Android, and Kindle formats as well as in print. The 2011 update (out now) shows you how to publish your e-book in all of the above formats...

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==== ==== Try Out The Newest Amazon Kindle Here ==== ====

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