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S ereda S tock F arm


Semen available on all herd sires

} Sereda Stock Farm Sereda Family 403.860.9469 Big Valley, AB

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c0-alta salers ~ 1989 - 2018 ~

April 3rd, 2018 at 2pm Perlich Bros Auc�on, Lethbridge, AB

Sire: GIT 29Z, BW+4.8 WW+46 YW+85 Birth weight 95 lbs, WW 763 lbs


Sire: JNS 73A, BW+3.9 WW+64 YW+64 Birth weight 80 lbs, WW 820 lbs


9th annual

cow booster bull sale 25 Yearling Bulls 6 Year Old Bulls 14 Year Old Heifers with Calves 10 Yearling Heifer Calves (all PB with papers)

EPD’s, Birthweights, ROP info in catalog Catalogs available upon requests


SC 76P - Son of Legacy Light birthweight and above average performance JOC 18T - Son of Ricochet Extremely easy fleshing, 88 lb birthweight 11 Bull calves average WW 658 lbs, average BW 85 lbs PW 1X - Son of Newsbreak Developed into a massive long thick bull , 85 lb birthweight 9 bull calves average WW 680 lbs, average BW 85 lbs Mader 18Y - Son of Rio Uno Light birthweight - 70 lbs. , 3 bull calves average WW597 lbs GIT 29Z - Son of Unmatched Birthweight - 89 lbs. 6 bull cavles average WW 716 lbs, average BW 90 lbs. JNS 73A - Sire: PW 1X Dam: Upgrade 30L Birthweight - 80 lbs. Used on all black heifers; so far all calved unassisted, 6 Bull Calves average WW 649 lbs, average BW 84 lbs PW Colonel 8C - Sire: SAY Polled Elderado 18E Dam: PW Ritzy 16R (Daughter of Hammer) Birthweight - 75 lbs. Fullblood, homozygous polled; used on all of our red heifers and all red Sale Heifers ABFY-TER 6Y - Super disposi�on, smaller frame bull, should work on heifers, BW 75lbs. All bred heifers bred to him.

Sire: MADER 18Y, BW+1.2 WW+36 YW+75 Birth weight 75 lbs, WW 886 lbs


Thank you to all our bidders and buyers in last years sale - hope to see you again!

John Nikkel

Box 1202, Coaldale, AB T1M 1N1 T: 403.345.4963 C: 403.382.7455

Sire: JOC 18T, BW+1.6 WW+37 YW+73 Birth weight 85 lbs, WW 620 lbs



THE SALERS MAGAZINE Official Publication of the Salers Association of Canada

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Salers Association of Canada 2018

Call us for all your Salers genetic needs! Currently selling 18 2yr old bulls from a strict selection criteria of 140 cows. Whole herd performance reporting, semen tested and delivery available. Thank you to all who have supported our program!





T: 403-342-1547 C: 403-872-1549 E: 28344 Twp Rd 374, Red Deer County AB T4E 2E3


T: 403-347-1526 C: 403-396-7862 E: 37515 Rgd Rd 284, Red Deer County AB T4E 2A6

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SALERS NEWS FROM THE ASSOCIATION I would like to recognize the efforts of our Salers Association of Canada directors, Pete Watkins, Werner Grundke, Travis Depalme, Mike Topp and Jacob Morin for their involvement promoting our Salers breed. Thanks also to Heidi Voegeli-Bleiker for keeping our office running smoothly and going that extra mile for our members; also Rita Ricioppo our SAC accountant for her weekly efforts. The past months have been busy, but I have enjoyed meeting Salers breeders at the bull sales, AGM and stock shows. Attending these events has been beneficial for me in gauging what the members are looking for from their Association. My focus this past 12 months has been on improving our office efficiencies. With the help of Heidi and Rita, I think we are moving in the right direction. I know all the Salers breeders focus on improving their Salers herd and building a market place, but I would like to challenge members to help build their Association. They can do that in many ways such as supporting the Salers magazine, attending Salers functions, working together in Provincial Associations and informal alliances and keeping in contact with the office and each other. Any positive step you as a member make will help others in the Association. This summer our AGM is in my home town of Saskatoon. I would like to sincerely invite everyone to attend. We always have a lot of fun and this is great opportunity to make our Salers Association stronger. Gar Williams, President, Salers Association of Canada

Dear members, Happy New Year! Best wishes to all of you! REGISTRY: Register your calves within 60 days after birth to save on registration fees. Make sure the office receives complete registration forms with correct tattoos and registration numbers of dams and sires of calves that need to be registered. ONLINE REGISTRY: Soon we should have an updated version of the online registry available, offering new features for our members to use. Papers will be still printed in the office. DNA: We do work with Delta Genomics in Edmonton, however Microsatelitte tests are done at Quantum Genetix in Saskatoon. In case of a combo test (SNP & Microsatelitte) this means that Delta Genomics uses half of the DNA received for a SNP panel and sends on the other half of your DNA to Quatum Genetix in Saskatoon for a Microsatelitte test. DNA requirements are: Fullbloods - parentage (mostly combos), ET Calves - parentage (mostly combos) Walking Sires - DNA profile (SNP) Remember to pull hair from your herdsire before you move your animals out to the pasture in the spring. Hair can be stored in any clean paper envelope. Label properly and store in a filing cabinet. This will help to eliminate missing DNA needed down the road to register calves. EPDS: Send to the office accurate birth weights, weaning weights and yearling weights for EPD calculations. WEBSITE: The Association offers advertising opportunities on the website and Facebook. Please contact the office for more information. THANK YOU: Thank you for all your support in 2017, as well thank you to the Board of directors to allow me to close the office for a month in October. My trip to Nepal was wonderful, with memories that will last for the rest of my life. Heidi Voegeli-Bleiker, Registrar Salers Association of Canada

{ 6

Salers Association of Canada 2018





KKCC Authority 304A is a trait leader for WW & YW.

His 2017 calves are very impressive.

KKCC Authority is Homo polled and Hetro Black.

Call for more informa�on!

Gar Williams Borden, SK C: 306.241.4108 E:

Located just 30 minutes northwest of Saskatoon on Hwy 16.

Visitors always welcome! 7


SALERS NEWS FROM THE ASSOCIATION DNA Envelopes Any clean paper envelope will do! Be sure to include * Name * Registration # * Tattoo * Breed

August 21, 2017 - CALGARY, AB - A record attendance of diverse beef industry participants from across the country came together in Calgary, Alberta for three days of connecting, Sharing Common Ground and gaining knowledge and inspiration from top speakers at the 2nd annual Canadian Beef Industry Conference. Peter Watkins attended the conference on behalf of our Association.

2018 Conference - DRIVING DEMAND

Mail envelopes to the Salers office and Heidi will send your DNA to Delta Genomics with the appropriate form. DNA results will be sent to the Salers office and then forwarded to the member.

The 3rd Annual Canadian Beef Industry Conference will be held on August 14-16th, 2018 at the London Convention Centre, London, ON. For more information go to:

Windrush Hill Salers Ltd . Breeding Salers and ONLY Salers for 36 years

For Sale by Private Treaty: A good selec�on of 2 year old black polled bulls. All registered purebreds, semen tested and ready to go to work for you. Low birth weights for easy calving yet have thickness and length for strong growth and great weaning weights. Low maintenance ca�le to thrive on the range and yield in the feedlots. Out of our excep�onal maternal high milking mothers. Salers are prolific breeders with proven longevity. Docility guaranteed. We also have semen available from herd sires.

He Sells

Herd Sire

Brian & Patricia Jones 8

Okotoks, Alberta Phone: 403-938-6367 Email:

They Sell

It is with both, excitement for our future and some regrets that 2018 will bring our departure from the Salers seedstock industry. Our love of Salers cattle, our appreciation for our customers and the great friends we have gained will persist long after the cows and we leave the farm.

SWEETLAND super six salers

* At this time, it is our intention to entertain private treaty sales until late summer for our 65 young bred females (due February/March), our herdsires and our yearling bulls and heifers. * Our yearling offering includes the 1st Canadian born progeny of KKCC Authority 304A, who tops the young sires listing with EDPs of 1.4 - 58 - 114 - 23; progeny from ECR Constellation 562C/50X, EPD 1.0 - 53 - 98 - 19 (both offering genetics that are outcrosses to the Canadian herd) and from herdsire SLS DRV PLD Boomer 9B, EPD 2.3 - 56 - 94 - 23. * Our goal has always been to provide genetics to make your herd more profitable, we have full confidence that our offering of young healthy, highly productive bulls & females can do just that. * Information and updates will be shared on our website as available or call us at 204-762-5512.

Ken & Wendy Sweetland & Family Box 84, Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0 Phone 204-762-5512

Bulls on test at Manitoba Bull Test Station Sale Date: March 31, 2018 Preview our home tested bulls at www.sweetlandsalers. com and SLS performance records at

SELECTION OF PRIME BULLS (YEARLING AND TWO YEAR-OLDS AND FEMALES AT THE FARM To our past and present customers, we Salers valueAssociation the trustofyou’ve 9 Canada placed 2018 in our breeding program...Thank-you!


2018 Salers

Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Park Town Hotel, 924 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, SK June 22-24. Accommodation: Book your Park Town Hotel room reservation by calling 1(800)-667-3999 or 1 (306)-244-5564 and then ask for the Salers Association of Canada block of rooms 261276. Rates: Room rates start at $129.00 plus taxes per night. The block of rooms will be held for the Salers Association of Canada members until May 22/18.

Schedule of Events June 22, 23 and 24, 2018 Friday June 22 Social cocktail party 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the home of Gar and Marie-Anne Williams. Call Gar’s cell (306) 241-4108 for directions. Saturday June 23 Registration for AGM 9:00 am AGM meeting 10:00 am to 4:30 pm (lunch break noon to 1:00 pm) Dinner at a downtown Saskatoon restaurant Sunday June 24 Tour of the Remi Modern Art Gallery Farm tours More details will be available later on our website and on Facebook.

Davis-Rairdan Embryo Transplants Ltd. Davis-Rairdan International


P.O. Box 590 Crossfield, Alberta Canada T0M 0S0 Phone (403) 946-4551 Fax (403) 946-5093 e-mail


On-Farm embryo freezing and collection Donor care facility Recipient herd Licensed facility for embryo exports Genetic marketing & Selection International Embryo Sales


Box 811 Didsbury, AB REG BALDWIN 403-337-2975 T0M 0W0 MIKE HILDEBRAND 403-337-3014

Salers Association of Canada 2018


Success Story from Ireland

In Ireland, an organization called the “Irish Cattle Breeding Federation” (ICBF) is responsible for the collection of all data and the production of economic breeding indexes for all cattle, both Dairy and Beef. It’s a non-profit organization funded by farmers and the Department of Agriculture. As all calves are given an identification number at birth, which they retain for their lifetime and in most cases their parentage is recorded, it’s easy to track animals and build up a very comprehensive database. Information is collected from meat processors, sales yards, visits by ICBF technicians and by the farmers themselves. ICBF also run a small performance test station. They buy in progeny of young AI bulls and finish them measuring performance and feed efficiency while also measuring meat yield and carcass quality.

ICBF use this information to produce predictive indexes for calving, docility, carcass weight and conformation, milk, fertility and feed intake. These traits are then given positive or negative monetary values (more milk is positive, harder calving is negative etc.) which are combined with different weightings to give two overall indexes. The “terminal index” which is only given on bulls, is a prediction of extra profit in Euro per finished animal above a baseline animal. This is helpful to select bulls for producing progeny destined for slaughter. The “replacement index” is more balanced and is used for selecting replacement females and bulls. It is a prediction in Euro of potential extra profit per lactation of a cow above the baseline. These indexes are given to all animals regardless of breed or whether they are full blood or crossbred and are therefore comparable across breeds. The indexes are updated with the newly collected data about every four months. How does the Salers breed compare when looked at through these indexes? In terms of the terminal index, they rank just below average. The across breed average (60%) is €110 while the average (60%) for full blood Salers is €93. With the combination of calving ease, milk and exceptional fertility, Salers have been the number one breed on the replacement index since it was introduced in 2012. The national average is €77. The Salers average is nearly double at €149. There are individual animals in other breeds with excellent replacement indexes, but none as consistently high as the Salers. As Irish farmers become aware and confident in using indexes as a breeding tool, more of them have started to use Salers bulls and cows in their herds. This has seen the number of Salers cows grow to approximately 2.5% of the roughly 1million beef cows in Ireland with the number increasing yearly. In the past two years AI companies have seen a marked increase in the demand for Salers semen, which is a sign that many breeders are experimenting with the breed before investing in a bull. ICBF also run what is known as the “Gene Ireland Program”. The aim of this program is to identify the top maternal genetics in each breed with the goal of improving the overall performance of the national beef cow herd. They source the top potential bulls in each breed and draw semen on them which

is offered to commercial herds at discounted rates. The performance of the offspring is monitored with the best performing bulls promoted for widespread use. Since this program began in 2014, ICBF has purchased 6 Salers bulls with 1 going directly into widespread use because of his impressive indexes.

Enclosed latest tables - Replacement Index Percentiles (Jan 2018) 20% **

40% ***

60% ****

80% *****

All Breeds (across bred)















Blond d’ Aquitaine





Belgian Blue













































20% **

40% ***

60% ****

80% *****

Terminal Index Breed Percentiles (Jan 2018) 20% **

40% ***

60% ****

80% *****

All Breeds (across bred)















Blond d’ Aquitaine





Belgian Blue













































20% **

40% ***

60% ****

80% *****

A sincere Thank You to Richard Fortune for providing this information for our magazine.

Salers Association of Canada 2018



FarmFair International

Carol Eigner Memorial Scholarship

Carol Eigner Memorial Scholarship awarded to Tateum McPherson The Carol Eigner Memorial Scholarship was designed to acknowledge a junior showperson with an interest in a niche breed. Carol was a great advocate on behalf of her breed, along with other niche breeds, and helped keep the Multi-Breed Show thriving. Carol could be counted on to step up when help was needed, and her dedication to the show will be missed. The 2017 Legends of the Fall Show was held in her memory. Like Carol, the recipient of this scholarship is heavily involved with the beef industry and an advocate for niche breeds. This individual is always willing to lend a hand and support their fellow exhibitors.

Hard working cows produce hard working calves!

Sarah Eigner with Reserve Grand Champion Female in the Multi Breed Show

Carol Eigner’s dedication for the Salers breed was infectious. We will miss her enthusiasm and be thankful that Russ, Lanie and Sarah continue to share Carol’s passion for Salers cattle.


Ye����n� B��l� f�� S���! Russell Eigner & Family 12

Box 209 Thorhild AB T0A 3J0 (587) 401-3620 / 780-287-8232

Producing Cattleman’s Bulls Come and see our selection of 2016 - 2017 Bull Calves for Sale at Our Farm.

We are offering 12 productive yearling bulls for Sale with impressive weaning weights. We have a variety of red & black 2 year olds all ready to go. 2 year olds weighing 2000 lbs as of January 20th, 2018. All bulls semen tested before delivery.

Quality cows with longevity, bringing home calves with performance. A large selection of bred females and open heifers for sale.

Dave, Terri, Mitchell & Adam Wright Located 3 miles north of the Trans Canada Highway between Sidney and Carberry, Manitoba Call us at 204-466-2684 or Cell 761-4296


Commercial Breeder Of the Year - Ted and Betty Whipple

Ranching in the mountains of southwestern Alberta is always scenic, but often a challenge. For Ted and Betty Whipple, keeping Salers blood in their crossbred cattle operation has been the right fit for their landscape. The Whipples were attracted to the breed early, and were among the first importers of Salers cattle to Canada in the early 1970’s. They did establish a small purebred herd initially, but decided to focus on commercial cattle instead. Both Ted and Betty were raised in the Pincher Creek area, and set up their own ranch just a mile from Betty’s home, after getting married in 1969. “I’ve always loved cattle,” says Ted Whipple; a comment echoed by Betty, who is also a nurse.

by Dianne Finstad

Cows are wintered on alfalfa hay bales the family gets put up annually, plus grain for the expectant mothers. When summer comes, it’s time to head up to the mountains for pasture, as the Whipples are part of the Pincher Creek Stockmen’s Association, which gives them a grazing allotment in the Castle Provincial Park, near Castle Ski Hill. The cows and calves are trucked to a gathering area. Then the family trails the herd back by horseback into the canyon where their cattle stay, naturally separated from other pasture patrons. They graze there from about the third week of June to the first week of October. “It’s tough country. Ours do better than a lot of cattle, and they’ll range higher than most,” adds Ted.

Salers cattle, which originated in the mountainous region of France, have a heritage of “We have a Salers Angus cross base to our cows now,” survivability, and that’s evident to Whipples. says Ted. “But every cow on the place has some Salers When it comes to fall round-up, the family’s blood,” adds Betty. “We have a closed herd, so we’ve calves are regularly among the biggest coming raised every animal on the place, except the bulls.” out, attracting repeat buyers at the local auction market. The Whipple’s herd usually numbers close to 100 head, and the mainly February-born calves are sold off the cows in the fall, right after Thanksgiving.


“I like to see our steers average between 650 and 700 pounds, with the heifers around 50 pounds less.”

Whipples have often found their bull selection at the New Trend Salers Bull Sale in Olds. They’ve even been the lucky winners of the buyers draw, enjoying time with Salers breeders on a trip to Mexico in 2005. They have also purchased bulls from John Nikkel, of Co-Alta Salers. “We don’t look for the biggest, fleshiest bulls,” comments Ted. He worries Salers could lose some of their natural breed advantages by trying to beef them up too much. He sees the smaller heads, long necks and narrow shoulders on the Salers-bred calves as a big factor in the breed’s famed calving ease. Betty also likes how the newborn calves are so robust. “They can be born in this weather and be getting up and going, where a lot of the others couldn’t,” she says, on a wintery, cold day. “Definitely a lot of our mothers have a lot of milk.” That enables the calves to gain quickly, and Betty also points out she really likes the dark skin pigment on their udders, so there’s no sunburn problems.

“What we’ve really found with the Salers is so much better feet than what we’ve had with other cattle,” notes Ted. The Whipple’s raised three children, all active in 4-H and sports. Son Paul, who lives at Lethbridge and works for Ag Growth International, comes home to help at busy times like calving and branding. Daughter Cheryl and her family recently moved back to Pincher from the U.S., while Kathy and her family aren’t far away, at Coaldale. Now seven grandchildren enjoy their ranch time too. Ted and Betty were pleased to be invited to the Salers Canada annual meeting in Lethbridge in June, where they were presented with the Salers Commercial Breeder award. “It was a big surprise,” admitted Ted. “It was nice to be recognized.” “We were very honored,” said Betty. “There will always be a Salers bull out there,” smiled Ted and Betty Whipple. CS ALERS


689 Rg 6, St. Felix de Kingsey, Quebec Phone: 819-848-2932

MIllstream Donna 5D (BEW 5D) New Founda�on Female purchased from Millstream Salers

Doug & Marion Beard BU LLS FO R SA L E

Marlas Joseph 1C (DGB 1C)

Pine Grove Eclipse 970E (JKJM970E) Daughter of DGB 1C Dam is Pine Grove Beacon 288B

Yearling Bulls & Females for SALE!

Raised on Grass...Bred to Perform Michael, Judy and Katelyn Morin Rosemarie Allen & Jacob Morin


41 Chemin des Domaines, Saint-Felix-de-Kingsey, Quebec, J0BAssociation 2T0 Salers of Canada 2018 819.470.8051 / 819.470.8844

Brian & Linda Walker It’s all about great GENETICS!

837, Route 880, Lower Millstream, N.B. E5P 3H7 H: 506.433.1018 C: 506.435.1953 E:

Her Daughters...

Millstream Pld Blk Una 23U


Millstream Wya Zambia 6Z

Nelly as a 15 Year Old

Her Sons...

Nelly has a son, grandson and a great grandson on test at the Nappan Bull Test Station, which will be offered for sale, Saturday, April 7, 2018.

A sincere thank you to David and Walter Rutherford of N.S. for purchasing a yearling bull, Jacob Morin for purchasing a bred heifer and Giermindl Holdings for purchasing 2 cow/ calf units. A big thank you to the Quebec Salers breeders for a�ending our N.B. Beef Expo in the fall of 2017.

Millstream Nag Slash 22S

Butler Livestock

Millstream Wya Allan12A

A Southwestern Ontario Salers Source

Thanks to the Quebec Salers Association for their great hospitality at Expo Boeuf. Dale Butler 519.692.4145

1253 Huffs’s Corners Road Salers Association of Canada 2018 Croton, ON N0P 1K0

James Butler 17

Breeder Of the Year - Peter Watkins PW Stock Farm isn’t the biggest Salers outfit in Canada, but aims to be among the best. Peter Watkins and his wife Tina, along with their 9-yearold daughter, Maddie, live on the family farm southwest of Calgary, in the Red Deer Lake region. “My great-grandfather brought my grandfather here in 1912. My grandfather was born in April and they came in October, on a covered wagon from Oregon,” relates Peter Watkins. “My daughter will be fifth generation. So it’s pretty neat to have that kind of centennial heritage.” A decade in the 4-H Beef program, plus working the purebred show circuit, helped ignite Peter’s Salers interest. “I was always interested in cattle. It was in between high school and college that I had an opportunity to work with Scott and Mitch Jones, and their Salers cattle. I was just really impressed by their calving ease, and easy keeping ability. They like to be self-sufficient. Those were characteristics I was drawn to in the beginning, and have always really admired in the breed.” Watkins attended Olds College, completing both the Land Agent and LRM programs. But the cattle call was strong, and since either would have taken him away from home, he chose the herd. “My parents were happy that I did something, but I didn’t end up being a land agent,” he chuckled. However, the training has proved valuable in the purebred industry, where communication with customers, marketing and problem-solving are all key skills. He also took an AI course while at college, another big asset in his business. After college, Watkins had a custom fencing business for ten years, and then took farrier school, a skill that fits with his cattle work today. Watkins’ entrance on the Salers scene in 1989 was in the waning days of the headline highs for purebreds of all breeds, an ideal opportunity for the young cattleman. “I didn’t have the money as a kid to buy a $10,000 heifer. It was great timing for me to get in. I always used to say when my buddies were buying trucks and stereos, I was buying cows!” PW Stock Farm made a significant purchase at Farmfair in 2001, the yearling heifer MEM Kathy 11K, from Miller McCoy of Didsbury. “She went on the next year to be National Champion at Farmfair, with her calf at side. We still have that cow on the herd. She’s 18, and going strong. 18

by Dianne Finstad

She’s had two sets of twins, so now has 20 progeny.” Watkins calves out up to 40 cows, marketing yearling bulls as a member of the New Trend Bull Sale in Olds. “I really concentrate on quality in my little herd, as opposed to quantity.” “Selling to a repeat commercial customer is the true pride in trying to raise cattle,” notes Watkins.

“A good bull has to have a great mother, and that’s the foundation of cattle, in my opinion. We really pay attention to good mother cows.” Watkins puts up hay for feed, and is fortunate to rent summer pasture just a few miles away. “I keep my cow herd that number because we’re kind of land base locked. One of the problems with where we live is that it’s hard to expand.” But it’s a great location for the horse end of the family’s interests. Tina is an equine therapist, which complements Peter’s farrier services. She also competes in dressage. Maddie is in the local 4-H club, with a heifer and a steer project, and an enthusiastic rider, now taking jumping lessons. Peter’s folks, Ted and Merle, are also still living on the farm. “My Dad is a hugely integral piece of our operation,” says Peter. “I couldn’t do what I’m doing now without his help.” Watkins also serves as Treasurer of the Salers Association of Canada. “I think everybody who wants to be in a breed needs to be responsible, and take a role in leadership. Everyone has to keep trying their best to keep everything moving forward for members of the association.” Watkins is thrilled with the Salers Breeder of the Year award. “It’s a huge honor, to have the acknowledgement from your peers that you’re going in the right direction, creating a marketable product that is sustainable.” “I think we have a really solid base of Salers enthusiasts. There are so many traits the cattle industry is trying to propagate, that other (breeds) are chasing – and we like to say we’ve been doing them for 7000 years! Our responsibility as breeders to keep promoting and showing people what Salers cattle can do.” CS

Salers Association of Canada 2018


Eleveur Pure Race - Peter Watkins PW Stock Farm n’est pas la plus grande ferme Salers au Canada, mais vise à être parmi les meilleurs.

PW Stock Farm n’est pas la plus grande ferme Salers au Canada, mais vise à être parmi les meilleurs. Peter Watkins et sa femme Tina, ainsi que leur fille de 9 ans, Maddie, vivent à la ferme familiale située au sud-ouest de Calgary, dans la région de Red Deer Lake. « Mon arrière-grand-père a amené mon grand-père ici en 1912. Mon grand-père est né en avril et ils sont venus ici en octobre dans un chariot provenant de l’Oregon », raconte Peter Watkins. « Ma fille sera la cinquième génération. Il est donc formidable d’avoir ce patrimoine centenaire. » Une décennie dans le programme bovin 4-H, en plus de travailler dans le circuit des expositions de pure race, c’est ce qui a contribué à susciter l’intérêt de Peter à la race Salers. “J’ai toujours été intéressé par les vaches bovines. C’est entre le lycée et le collège que j’ai eu l’opportunité de travailler avec Scott et Mitch Jones, ainsi que leurs vaches Salers. J’étais vraiment impressionné par leur facilité de vêlage et leur facilité d’entretien. Ce sont des caractéristiques qui m’ont attiré au début, et que j’ai toujours admiré dans cette race. “ Watkins a fréquenté Olds College, complétant les programmes Land Agent et LRM. Mais l’appel de l’agriculture était forte, et puisque l’un ou l’autre des programmes l’aurait emmené loin de chez lui, il a choisi la ferme et son troupeau. « Mes parents étaient heureux de voir que j’avais étudié dans quelque chose, mais que je ne sois pas devenu un agent foncier », a-t-il dit en riant. Cependant, la formation s’est avérée précieuse dans l’industrie pure race, où la communication avec les clients, le marketing et la résolution de problèmes sont toutes des compétences clés. Il a également suivi un cours d’insémination artificielle pendant ses études, ce qui était un autre atout majeur dans son entreprise. Après le collège, Watkins a eu une entreprise de clôtures sur mesure pendant dix ans, puis a suivi l’école de maréchal-ferrant, une compétence qui aide à son travail d’aujourd’hui. L’entrée de Watkins sur la scène des Salers en 1989 était lorsque le prix des vaches de races pures diminuait, ce qui était une opportunité idéale pour le jeune éleveur. « Je n’avais pas l’argent nécessaire pour acheter une génisse de 10 000 $. C’était donc un bon moment pour moi d’entrer. J’avais l’habitude de dire quand mes copains achetaient des camions et des chaînes stéréo, j’achetais des vaches!

traduit par Rose Allen

PW Stock Farm a fait un achat important à la Farmfair en 2001, la taure MEM Kathy 11K, de Miller McCoy de Didsbury. « L’année suivante, elle a été la Championne Nationale à la Farmfair, avec son veau à ses côtés. Nous avons toujours cette vache dans le troupeau. Elle a 18 ans et elle est toujours bien en santé. Elle a eu deux séries de jumeaux, elle donc a maintenant 20 progénitures. “ Watkins met au veau jusqu’à 40 vaches, commercialisant des taureaux de l’année en tant que membre de la New Trend Bull Sale à Olds. “Je me concentre vraiment sur la qualité de mon petit troupeau, au lieu que la quantité.” « Vendre à un client fidèle de vaches commerciales est une vraie fierté d’élever des vaches bovines », fait remarquer M. Watkins. “Un bon taureau doit avoir une bonne mère, et c’est le fondement des vaches bovines, à mon avis. Nous prêtons vraiment attention aux bonnes vaches. “ Watkins nourrit avec du foin, et il a la chance de louer des pâturages durant l’été à quelques kilomètres. “Je garde ce nombre de vaches dans mon troupeau, parce que nous sommes limités. L’un des problèmes avec où nous vivons est qu’il est difficile d’agrandir. “ Mais c’est un endroit idéal pour faire du cheval, ce qui est un des intérêts de la famille. Tina est une thérapeute équine, ce qui complète bien les services de maréchal-ferrant de Peter. Elle compétitionne également dans le dressage. Maddie est dans le club 4-H local, avec une génisse et un bouvillon, et est une cavalière enthousiaste, qui prend maintenant des leçons de saut. Les parents de Peter, Ted et Merle, vivent toujours à la ferme. “Mon père est une partie intégrante de notre opération”, dit Peter. “Je ne pourrais pas faire ce que je fais maintenant sans son aide.” M. Watkins est également trésorier de l’Association Salers du Canada. “Je pense que tout le monde qui veut être dans une race doit être responsable et jouer un rôle de leadership. Tout le monde doit continuer à faire de son mieux pour continuer à faire avancer la race pour les membres de l’association. “ Watkins est ravi du prix de l’éleveur Salers de l’année. “C’est un grand honneur d’avoir la reconnaissance de vos pairs que vous allez dans la bonne direction, en créant un produit commercialisable et durable.” “Je pense que nous avons une base solide d’amateurs de Salers. Il y a tellement de traits que l’industrie bovine essaie de propager, que d’autres (races) sont à la recherche - et nous aimons dire que nous les faisons depuis 7000 ans! Notre responsabilité en tant qu’éleveurs est de continuer à promouvoir et montrer aux gens ce que les Salers peuvent faire. CS

Salers Association of Canada 2018



Junior of the year Reid Depalme

Having a family heritage in the Salers breed helps, but Reid Depalme is looking to develop his own place in the cattle world. The 17-year-old from Red Deer is well on his way, being named the Salers Junior of the Year.

Depalme is a third-generation member of his family to raise Salers cattle, with his grandfather Ray considered one of the founding fathers of the breed’s development in Canada. Reid grew up with the cattle, always eager to go along with his dad Travis on the quad to do cattle chores. He began his 4-H career at the age of nine. Having both steer and heifer projects has enabled Depalme to build knowledge, experience, skills and best of all, his own cow herd. Depalme entered the show ring early, at the halter of a yearling Salers bull. “I remember going to Farmfair when I was five years old, and showing cattle up there,” recalled Depalme, who helped his Dad out when he was shorthanded. “I found it fun.” Depalme soon started developing an eye for good stock. “I’d just look at the cattle, and see which one appealed more to me. Then after being in 4-H, I got to know more the confirmation aspect of it.” A show ring highlight came two years ago when a steer he’d raised himself won in his club, and was purchased to go on in the summer show tour. In fact, ‘Crank’, which was Salers crossed with a clubby bull, went all the way to fourth overall at the prestigious Calgary Stampede steer show. “He was probably the friendliest steer I’ve had,” remarked Depalme. As a Red Deer West 4-H Club member, Depalme has claimed his share of showmanship and clipping awards, picking up some extra skills by attending several clipping clinics put on by Kirk Stierwalt, an Oklahoma based fitter and showman who specializes in helping young people.

In 2015, Depalme sold his first two bulls, including RC Buck 150B, who was a breed Reserve Champion at Farmfair. The family has maintained a half ownership in Buck, so he’s still a superstar around the farm. Willow has really become his foundation cow, always producing good offspring. “I’ve sold all the bulls from her, and I’ve kept all the heifers. One of her calves was a bull calf I took to Farmfair, that did really good. She’s at least sixty per cent of my herd. She’s my favorite cow.” Reid, and his brother Parker, even showed at the Salers 40th Anniversary show at Expo Boeuf in Victoriaville, Quebec, which was one of the largest Salers junior beef events in Canada in 2014. It was Willow, with her first calf, Abby, that he showcased there. Although 4-H and cows are his main interests, Depalme also played eleven years of hockey with the Sylvan Lake Lakers. As well, he likes ‘wrenching’, so the grain farming machinery at home is right up his alley. A Grade 12 student at HJ Cody High School in Sylvan Lake, Depalme has been part of the Registered Apprentice Program, getting his heavy-duty mechanic experience at Central Alberta Heavy Duty Repair of Red Deer. After graduation, he’s looking at Red Deer or Olds College to further his apprenticeship training.

In the pasture, scratching his friendly cows, talking of their bloodlines, it’s clear he’s proud of his animals, and the Salers breed. “They’re low maintenance, have good calving ease, and I just like the looks of them, with the eye appealing dark red.” Winning the Junior award has been a boost for his promising future in Salers cattle. “It’s cool, getting recognized for stuff I’ve done,” says Reid Depalme. CS Story by Dianne Finstad ALERS


R�i��n� ea�� g��n�, ea�� �����n�, ea�� c����n� ��LE�S!

Red & Black Quality Purebred Registered Bulls and Replacement Heifers for Sale

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR 2017 BULL AND HEIFER BUYERS! “Visitors welcome, coffee is always on”

ELDERBERRY FARM - Robert & Vivian S�eb, Box 24, Parkside, SK S0J 2A0



2017 Show champions Richmond Fair, QC, September 7, 2017

Bull Calf Champion: Marlas Mack 2E - Doug and Marion Beard Reserve Bull Calf Champion: Pine Grove Extract 972E - Michael and Jacob Morin GRAND CHAMPION BULL: Marlas Mack 2E - Doug and Marion Beard RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL: Pine Grove Extract 972E - Michael and Jacob Morin Heifer Calf Champion - Pine Grove Eclipse 970E - Michael and Jacob Morin Reserve Heifer Calf Champion - WDF Miss Elegance 6E - Mark Mason Junior Champion Female: Marlas Queen 3D - Doug and Marion Beard Junior Reserve Champion Female: WDF Miss Destiny 50D - Mark Mason Senior Champion Female: Marlas Susy 3B - Doug and Marion Beard Senior Reserve Champion Female: Pine Grove Citrus 967C - Michael and Jacob Morin GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: Marlas Susy 3B - Doug and Marion Beard RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: Pine Grove Citrus 967C - Michael and Jacob Morin Breeder’s Herd: Marlas Salers - Doug and Marion Beard Premier Exhibitor & Premier Breeder: Pine Grove Salers - Michael and Jacob Morin

Beef Expo in Sussex, NB, September 23&24, 2017

Bull Calf Champion: Millstream Yes Eric 12E - Brian Walker Reserve Bull Calf Champion: Millstream Yes Eldon 17E - Brian Walker Junior Champion Bull: Lutes Beta Tank 1D - Heidi Lutes GRAND CHAMPION BULL: Millstream Yes Eric 12E - Brian Walker RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL: Lutes Beta Tank 1D - Heidi Lutes Heifer Calf Champion: Millstream Yes Ellie May 2E - Brian Walker Reserve Heifer Calf Champion: Millstream Yes Elaine 11E - Brian Walker Junior Champion Female: Marlas Queen 3D - Doug and Marion Beard Reserve Junior Champion Female: Millstream Yes Donna 5D - Brian Walker Senior Champion Female: Pine Grove Beacon 288B - Jacob Morin GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: Pine Grove Beacon 288B - Jacob Morin RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: Marlas Queen 3D - Doug and Marion Beard Breeders Herd: Millstream Salers - Brian Walker Get of Sire: Millstream Salers - Windbec Mr Yesssir 5Y - Brian Walker Premier Exhibitor & Premier Breeder: Millstream Salers - Brian Walker

Expo Boeuf Victoriaville, QC, October 6, 2017

Bull Calf Champion: Marlas Mack 2E - Doug and Marion Beard Reserve Bull Calf Champion: Pine Grove Extract 972E - Michael and Jacob Morin Junior Champion Bull: JBB Dick 16D - James Butler Reserve Junior Champion Bull: Lutes Beta Tank 1D - Heidi Lutes Senior Champion Bull: DBL Butler’s Clay 141C - Dale Butler GRAND CHAMPION BULL: JBB Dick 16D - James Butler RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION BULL: Marlas Mack 2E - Doug and Marion Beard Heifer Calf Champion: Millstream Yes Ellie May 2E - Brian Walker Reserve Heifer Calf Champion: Millstream Yes Elaine 11E - Brian Walker Junior Champion Female: Destiny - Ferme Pres de la Lac Reserve Junior Champion Female: Marlas Queen 3D - Doug and Marion Beard Senior Champion Female: Marlas Susy 3B - Doug and Marion Beard Reserve Senior Champion Female: Pine Grove Beacon 288B - Michael and Jacob Morin GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: Destiny - Ferme Pres de la Lac RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: Marlas Susy 3B - Doug and Marion Beard Breeder’s Herd: Marlas Salers - Doug and Marion Beard Premier Exhibitor & Premier Breeder: Pine Grove Salers - Michael and Jacob Morin

Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB, November 7-11, 2017 Multi-Breed Show: RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION FEMALE: GIT Strawberry Twizzler 14T - Care Farms, Russ Eigner


Salers Association of Canada 2018

Time to retire

We are selling the remainder of our purebred herd of 18 cows and 5 heifers in 2018. We reduced the herd in 2016 and have been working at improving our cows for 27 years. We have maintained purebred red Salers bloodlines and have constantly culled for thick uniform conforma�on with easy calving and quiet disposi�on animals. The cows are mostly polled with a few scurs. The bull is polled and only 4 years old. The ca�le will be available for sale a�er calving or in the fall a�er weaning.

Contact Art or Betty Frey at home 780-542-5782 or cell 780-621-6407 or


LETTER for 2018 is




Graham and Erin Collier Alliance, Alberta

23 780.554.2975


2017 4-H Photos

Braxton Ramsey - Steer

Brett Belich - Steer

Emma Belich - Steer

Kyle Belich - Steer

Layne Motley- Steer

Hunter Motley - Steer

Parker Depalme - Cow Calf

Parker Depalme - Heifer

Parker Depalme - Steer

Reid Depalme - Cow Calf

Reid Depalme - Heifer

Reid Depalme - Steer

4-H Motto . . . “Learn to do by doing� Learning through experience is a key objective of 4-H, inspiring and empowering youth to reach their full potential through learning, connecting and having FUN. Thanks to Dana Depalme SAC Junior Coordinator for organizing these 4-H pictures. SAC Coordinator Western Canada - Dana Depalme / Eastern Canada - Jacob Morin and Gerald McGee. 24

Salers Association of Canada 2018


2017 Salers Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held in Lethbridge on June 16-18th at the Coast Lethbridge hotel and conference centre. The weekend kicked off with the members gathering for an evening of socializing on Friday night. Gar Williams officially greeted the members in attendance to the AGM on Saturday morning. A productive meeting was held with questions asked from members in attendance. Our guest speaker, Michelle Miller, CEO of Delta Genomics in Edmonton held an informative session on parentage testing Microsatellite to SNP transition. On Sunday the group toured sunny southern Alberta, including the Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston, Head Smashed Buffalo Jump and the Waterton Lakes National Park. It was a great weekend of conducting Salers business and socializing with members and fellow friends. Many thanks to Ray Depalme for organizing the AGM as well many thank to the sponsors for their financial support.

ess n ick e” h t nc h a t wi form e l tt per a “C nd a


03 of Far th m F e y am ea ily r”

Age Advantage & yearling bulls bred heifers Replacement heifer calves Visitors welcome!



(403) 746-2919


The National Western Stock Show is considered the Super Bowl of Livestock Shows as one of the World’s Largest Cattle Shows! Travis Depalme, Gerry Isley, Wendy & Ken Sweetland, Peter Watkins, Gar Williams, and Heidi Voegeli-Bleiker attended this years National Stock Show in Denver and the Annual General Meeting of the American Salers Association. Salers events at the National Stock Show in Denver were: Breeder’s Choice Sire Futurity Show, National Heifer & Bull Pen Show, 43rd National Salers Sale, Salers Junior Heifer Show followed by the National Salers and Optimizer Show. The Canadian delegation enjoyed socializing with American Salers Breeders and Board Members of the American Salers Association.

International Salers Federation Meeting October 3-5, 2018 /



Brad Dunn, Ogema SK T: 306-459-2523 C: 306-459-7612 E:

Dianne and I would like to thank Heidi and Ray for the great �me at the AGM and the wonderful tour of Cardston and at Waterton Lakes Na�onal Park.

FOR SALE: Due to the drought I only have 4 red bulls and 6 red heifers for sale. THANK YOU: I would like to thank the bull buyers from the spring; Jonathon Johnston, the Viergugz’s brothers, Bre� Svedahl and Borderland Trucking.


2018 Photo Contest Enter your photo of Salers or Salers influenced cattle and you could WIN a $125 GIFT CARD! The contest is open to everyone, just send your name and high resolution photo via email to Contest Deadline is October 31st, 2018. Images become property of SAC.

2018 Scholarship

Upcoming Events March 15th, 2018 New Trend Bull Sale Olds, AB March 31st, 2018 Manitoba Bull Test Station, Bull Sale, Douglas, MB

Quebec Salers Heifer Raffle * only 150 tickets available * $20/ticket or $100 for 6 * Choice of nominated heifers from QC producers Visit for more details! Draw at Expo Boeuf in Victoriaville, QC. The 2017 winner was Darlene Keenan. Thanks to all participants!

April 7th, 2018 Maritime Beef Test Station Bull Sale, Nappan, NS June 22-24 Salers Association of Canada, Annual General Meeting, Saskatoon, SK

Contact Jacob Morin for more details 819.470.8844 Purchase tickets from any Quebec Salers Assoc. Member Cheques made payable to Quebec Salers Association 40 des Domaines, Saint-Felix-de-Kingsey, QC J0B 2T0


April 3rd, 2018 Co-Alta Salers Cow Booster Bull Sale

To find a Salers Breeder go to

Salers Association of Canada 2018

Producing easy calving bulls since 1981 Your source for Red, Black, Tan & White PB Salers

Elroy Yakemchuk Cell: (780)208-0199 Home: (780)768-2284

James Yakemchuk Cell: (780)603-7628

Ryan Yakemchuk

Cell: (780)208-0082

40 Yearling Bulls on offer at the farm Sire: YFS Bud 169B

Sire: SW Buck 150B


Cattle Selected for easy fleshing, moderate frame, maternal strengths, & Longevity


142E Sire: RL Alberta 55A

636E Sire: GGT Red Rock 136W




For more information, contact us!

Salers Association of Canada 2018

780.492.2538 29

Red Homozygous Polled Purebred Salers Born 2/13/13

Sire: MAC CENTURION 240X Reg# TP693277 Dam Sire: KKCC MERCURY 416P BW/Acc




+38 0.75








+1.5 0.28

ATOMIC FORCE sons have been among the most popular bulls in our past two production sales. We have sold 29 sons in our past two sales for an average of $5120. His progeny are exceptionally gentle with lots of capacity, thickness and fleshing ability. They are sound-structured and easy moving. His daughters are sound-uddered, deep-ribbed, gentle females that are a pleasure to calve out. His first group of calving daughters, who calved in 2017, have pushed his Milk EPD near the top of the breed. His mother, an ASA Gold Dam, is also the dam of MAC UNION STATION 87U.

Red Homozygous Polled Purebred Salers

Born 3/03/07 Reg# P642644 BW/Acc





+45 0.82








+0.7 0.51

TORRINGTON is certainly one of the best balanced bulls to ever emerge from the MacDonald Ranches breeding program. His calves are born with moderagte birth weights, solid weaning performance, pleasant dispositions and sound structure and his well-proven daughters are productive with sound udders. TORRINGTON descends from the same cow family that produced the maternal landmark sires BEV MASTERPIECE and BEV GARRETT. TORRINGTON was still breeding actively in 2017 at 10 years of age. He is one of the most impactful bulls of the MacDonald Ranch program.

Semen on ATOMIC FORCE and TORRINGTON is stored at Alta Genetics. Price is $40/unit USD or $32/unit for orders over 30 units. Contact MacDonald Ranches to place your order.




Great Cattle featuring

LEPTIN Genetics

Embryos available from Debut Clanton Easton


GIT 3E Lep�n TT

March 15, 2018, Olds Alberta

GIT 58E Lep�n TT

GIT 12E Lep�n TT

Selling 5 red 12 black and 1-2 year old bull with performance & ultrasound data!

Gerry Isley

Box 102, Langdon, AB 403.936.5393

Cody Isley


Box 477, Nobleford, AB

In�ro�u��n� PW



HOMO POLLED PUREBRED / semen for sale $50/straw/min. 10

PW Siren 6S We are thrilled with our NEW WALKING BULL CYPRESS! So complete and stout with an excellent disposition! His Dam is Siren, an elite female in our program, with an impressive production record under her belt. Cypress posted impressive ultrasound data as a yearling that confirmed he was the complete package!

Look for Impressive Cypress sons in NEW TREND 2018! PW STOCK FARM

Peter & Tina Watkins 403.650.8362 Find us on Facebook

2018 Salers Association of Canada  

Official publication of the Salers Association of Canada

2018 Salers Association of Canada  

Official publication of the Salers Association of Canada