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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

By Audrey Faulks and Angie ho

Puritanism  a religious reform movement  occurred during the late sixteenth century in the Church of England  migration of Puritanism followed settlers  spiritual beliefs motivated all their actions  laid the foundation for religious, intellectual, and social order  established Boston on Massachusetts Bay  were free to worship as they chose

Beliefs  Predestination - Believing in Jesus and practicing sacraments could not alone save you because only God could.  The Covenant of Works - God promised Adam and Eve eternal life but Adam broke the mortal law.  The Covenant of Grace - The active faith softens the doctrine of predestination so the punishment for sinning is a proper response.  Covenant of Redemption - Christ chose to sacrifice himself so God must carry out his pact.

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late 1500’s, Puritans set up congregations refused to go to the Church of England wanted to purify the Church of England against the social and religious policies of the King struggle led to Civil War Puritans won but victory didn’t last long many groups of Puritans settle in North America

Why Katherine Tyler would not fit in Massachusetts  Wears really fancy clothes: Kit tells her uncle, “These are the only clothes I have. If they are not suitable I shall stay here with Mercy” (Speare pg 58).  Is a Royalist (Puritans against the king): Kit even says, “He was a Royalist sir. Here in America are you not also subjects of King James”? (Speare pg 38).  Ran free in Barbados: Kit told John Hollbrook of her time on the island, “She saw that John was scandalized at the way she had grown up on the island, running free as the wind in a world full of sunshine” (Speare 19).  Enjoys reading fascinating books: John Hollbrook and others read the bible, “But the proper use of reading is to improve our sinful nature, and to fill our minds with God’s holy word” (Speare 25).


The Witch of Blackbird Pond