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Is $15.8 million valid? recorder batteries

Egos and other loud noises Motivations

suspended subcommittees

Reading a poker face (now with less Gaga)

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character assassinations Athleticism? Check! Attitude? Check! Fishnets? Bonus!


The Cherry City Derby Girls enter into their terrible twos. pg. 12

Misrepresentations “hidden agendas”

Do the owners want to return? where does it end?

How will it be paid for?

Finally, Twitter can answer the age old question of where’s the

beef? pg. 21

turn to pg 8 for our coverage on Courthouse Square.

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socialdiscourse Question: What was your favorite experience at the Cherry City Music Festival? If you didn't go to CCMF, why not?



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Seeing a potential new music venue - Cherry City Cafe. also like the approach at that venue - song circle vs. one full act at a time. -Melanie Zermer I didn't know it was going on or where it was. -Jody Gonzales Matthew Price Band with Jamalia at Brown's Town Sat night! -Jon Preis


Yeah, that makes a whole lot more sense. Music, music, music To you naysayers: I am endlessly amused by some of the comments that are made on this subject! How bold are we to assume that our biased opinions are shared by the rest of the community. When people use words like "nobody" or "everybody" or "we", I want to know who exactly they're talking about. More often than not, what you REALLY mean is, "I don't step outside of the little box that I've carved for myself, and as such, I do not have any knowledge of what's going on outside of it, and I assume that everyone else is likewise." I'll scream it 'til I'm blue in the face, the fact that you are ignorant to something does not negate it's existence! Everybody else: Support local radio-KMUZ needs your help to get off the ground! If you want Salem music to be heard, that is an excellent place to invest your time, energy, and money. -KatyAllen

Check Social Discourse for more feedback on the recent Cherry City Music Festival. ON HEALTHCARE: Thank God? I am heartfelt when I see pictures of wounded soldiers and survivors of vehicle accidents with various injuries in different stages of recovery. It is common to hear people say “thank God they survived” when a person moves beyond the critical condition into the recovery stage in these cases. We are all connected in one way or another to these people through their tragedy, weather it be as friends, family, or colleagues. It has been said that for every person who dies, fifty other people are effected and that time allows for healing and permits us to move on. The same cannot be said for people who have long tem illnesses (chronic illness) or have life altering injuries from a tragedy. Fifty others are in a constant sate of grief for years, but sadly cannot move on due to years of recovery and rehabilitation. The stagnant health of the elderly is a constant on the system

Courthouse Square. It’s an unending battle of bureaucracies, not one but two as Marion County and Salem-Area Transit work together to figure out what they are going to do with the block that is wrapped in chain link fence. The task force that has been, well, tasked to come up with the solution has added another level of bureaucracy that will now require the owners to overcome. The task force is on hiatus, the subcommittees are suspended and what is left in the wake is a building that is still unusable and unsafe. For more on the conflict, turn to pg. 8. Be careful though, there’s a major deflection on pg. 7. Is it two inches or four? Someone get a level.

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and family members for the remainder of their life. So, why do we say “thank God they survived“ weather it be the result of illness, injury, or living past our prime? Our medical system is so sophisticated with new advances in tests, treatment and medical devices created every year. We have the brightest minds working on our behalf through the medical system and it appears we can surgically repair or stabilize those off the “battle field” or from vehicle accidents as long as they survive the golden hour. It almost appears that nature was doing mankind a favor in years past when we allowed the sick and injured to die peacefully. My parents are both elderly and have been in various stages of ill health for almost ten years. Because of the miracles of modern medicine, my fathers mini strokes have been controlled, shaking from Parkinson’s disease is minimized, depression is under treatment, and he has survived three bouts with Pneumonia. My mother “almost died” four years ago due to old age. She was going through the final stages of life with days to live. No need to get graphic. The doctor was hesitant to take her off her medications unless the entire family agreed. He said “I wont play

God” . But; by keeping her on the medications, the family agreed he was playing god. The immediate family and friends are in constant state of grief. My mother having the fighting spirit lived. Toady, four years later she is in a wheelchair, incontinent, and sleeps most of the day. My brother and his wife are my parents care givers and are on call emotionally twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Even though my parents are in an assisted living facility the emotional tie persists. We all feel it. My brothers, our wives, and friends all worry about my parents and how long the nightmare with my mother will continue. My parents, very active in their youth never would have wanted to live in this lifestyle. No, my mother is not in pain, but she is no longer active in life either. Recovery is not an option in these situations. Thank God? I don’t think so. I see soldiers and victims of violence on the news recovering from extensive injuries scarred physically and emotionally for life. Those who survive head trauma for example, often have life long migraines, seizures, and paralysis. Family and friends scramble to find services for long term care, financial assistance to keep the home, and both patient and family search for job prospects to adjust to new circumstances. These tragedies

alter the lives of family and friends in ways no one can really imagine. The community rallies he-hind the sick and injured and people learn to accommodate with the constant no end in sight. This is not intended to be a negative view of long term illness, injury, or the acceptance of death. as a peaceful resolve. It is a reality check. We do need healthcare reform of some kind because we are all connected to each other on one way or another. The cost of surviving a tragedy is high in more ways than one, and dying at an un-foreseen time should at times be embraced. -Allen Prell, Keizer Resident Healthcare Professional

We encourage the public to submit their opinions on the various issues effecting life in Salem and the surrounding area for consideration in future publications. To do so, email us at editors@ or snail mail Salem Weekly c/o Letters to the Editor 155 Liberty St. NE #B29, Salem, OR 97301

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Gotta show love to 684, Devitto P, and Lowdown- they have been working hard for years to establish this music scene and I can say it has grown and developed into something we all wanted to see! Respect to the NW Finest and all those that support! Invade you haven't heard there is a Super Typhoon approaching! #UnitedNesia -ExposeThyself In regards to the hip-hop scene there are venues here willing to host these events, we just need the support

of the local community! If you have given up on hip-hop shows I encourage you to see what's really out there and support those thatreally put in work for great shows! I saw Rufus Records try to build something great but ultimately Salem wasn't ready to unite and take the next step. Now Rufus is in Portland reppin Salem artist and building a Pacific Islander scene! So to those that thought it was a wrap- Rufus Records had to move on and make its own path for Salem and the NW! Don't Sleep! -Rufus Junior


OMG! Charlie Sheen? He's not a "Vatican warlock." That just doesn't make sense. He's a Vatican assassin. @brilliantron


Want to get in on the social media craze? Friend us at or @salemweekly on Twitter. We’ll throw out some questions and your answer could show up here.

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About the

Seeing Typhoon, Y La Bamba, and some great other bands from the front row Saturday night; it's good to know Typhoon still loves Salem, and that despite our "lame" reputation, bands from Portland came and played. And there was a great audience that night, the show was, overall, mind-blowing. -Chloe Costello





rrane Food an

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We are Salem. We are the flannel, the suits. The pierced, the briefcased. We are the uptight, the relaxed. The conservative, the liberal. We are the Prius owners, the Hummer admirers. The sushi eaters, the Big Mac devourers. We are the rich, the poor. The future, the past. We are the needy, the needed. The lovers, the fighters. We are the hipsters, the hippies, and the hip.

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We are the Millenials, the Gen-Xers, and the boomers.

We are Salem, because

we are you. Salem other Thursday.

Weekly. Every

Artists are invited to create “All Things Iris” for the Keizer Art Association’s art show this May, the month of the Keizer Iris Festival. Works featuring any interpretation of the flower, including poetry and calligraphy, on any medium, will be exhibited May 6th through the 28th. Up to two pieces of art must be delivered by May 4th to the Enid Joy Mount Gallery, between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. The Keizer Iris Festival will be celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2012, and the Chamber of Commerce is holding a festival poster contest in preparation for next year’s event. A winning poster featuring a Silverado iris will be selected among the art in the 2011 “All Things Iris” show to become next year’s posters and pins, and the winner will receive $200 cash prize. The entry fee is $10 for one piece and $15 for two pieces for members, or $15 and $20 for non-members. Both the Iris Gallery Show and the Chamber of Commerce Poster contest are juried and each requires a separate entry fee. The artist reception is Saturday, May 7, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Visit or call 503-390-3010 for more information and to download a prospectus. The City of Lebanon is also looking for artist submissions for its 2011 Roots & Rhythms Summer Festival, taking place September 9th and 10th. The application deadline to secure a booth at the festival is May 13th and jury notifications will be received by May 23. The Roots & Rhythms Summer Festival honors musicians who have made significant contributions to American Music, and this year’s event will be a tribute to John Lennon, featuring tribute bands Blackbird and Meet Revolver. Artists may contact Event Management Consultants at tim@emcllc. org to receive an artist application packet, or visit vendors.htm. -Michelle Andujar


On April 14, Go Downtown! Salem board members discussed the future plans of the organization, which despite prior signals, includes gathering support to remain the Economic Improvement District (EID) Administrator. Their current contract with the City of Salem expires on June 30, 2011. With the resignation of Executive Director Suzi Bicknell and the organization’s President Kathy Goss, the organization is also looking to develop a strategy to populate their board, committees and the vacated staff position. Former City Councilor T.J. Sullivan proposed joining the organization, and met with a number of the board members prior to the board meeting on April 14. While details of the proposal were not handed out to those in attendance at the meeting, the proposal from Sullivan

would have him lead the way for the organization to continue as EID Administrator by acting as a liaison within the downtown core and the City of Salem. “When I was on council I helped form the EID. I like to see processes to completion,” Sullivan told the board, adding that due to his relationships in the community that is he uniquely equipped to Majora Carter will speak at Willamette University on April 28 at 7:30 p.m. help. On Salem City Council, Sullivan referred to the various factions downtown as “gangs” and questioned how everyone could work together in the future. Now his goal may be making that happen. Willamette University will host Majora Ethical concerns were raised regarding Carter, an environmental justice advocate, contracting with Sullivan, who voted in on April 28 at 7:30 p.m. She will be giving support of the EID establishment. But they the 2011 Dempsey Lecture in Smith were swiftly shot down, “No violations, Auditorium. The lecture marks the 10th no issues,” according to Sullivan. anniversary of the series. The board voted unanimously in “As one of the nation’s pioneers of support of moving forward with contract successful urban green-collar job training negotiations with Sullivan as an Interim and placement systems, Carter addresses Executive Director, though his focus would public health, poverty alleviation and be on moving to build a coalition for climate-adaptation by focusing on the the organization’s future goals and not value of local economic development on necessarily the day-to-day operations. all aspects of our civic and personal lives,” Those tasks will be left to Go Downtown! a release about the lecture said. Salem’s only other staffer, Mike Patton. Other items discussed were the group’s movement on the noise ordinance and plans for use of the parking district funding. For more information on Go Downtown! Salem, visit their website at Those interested in receiving updates from the organization can subscribe to their mailing list at


Photo: Randolph W. Flook

Carter hosts the public radio series “The Promised Land” and works with The Wilderness Society, Ceres and the U.S. Green Building Council. Her work has earned numerous honors including Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People In Business, a MacArthur Fellowship, Essence Magazine’s 25 Most Influential African-Americans and NY Post Liberty Medal for Lifetime Achievement.


The venue, Wasteland, known for its head banging metal acts, is looking for a new name after legal conflict with the old one. “We had to become a store during the day selling shirts, media and other cool things to try and pay the bills,” said Sheridan in an email. An optimal name would encompass various music genres. He plans to hold an online vote on Facebook for the new name. The public is encouraged to submit their ideas to or find them on Facebook and post them there.

• Last week, Attorney General John Kroger celebrated the Oregon Senate’s forward momentum on cracking down on charities that spend more than 70 percent of their donations on fundraising and management. The Senate voted 28-2 on Senate Bill 40. It will now move to the Oregon House. “Most charities in Oregon provide badly needed support for veterans, children and other worthy causes, but unfortunately some nonprofits do little to benefit the public,” said Kroger in a statement. “I want to thank Finance and Revenue Committee Chair Sen. Ginny Burdick and Vice Chair Sen. Frank Morse as well as committee members Sen. Mark Hass and Sen. Chris Telfer for their leadership on this important bill.” If the bill passes, Oregon, according to Kroger’s office, will be the first state to eliminate tax subsidies for nonprofits that do little to benefit the public.


CNN reports that since February 2010, 406 bottlenose dolphins have been found dead or stranded off the Gulf Coast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are calling the deaths “unexplained mortality events.” But the Daily Mail reports that the National Marine Fisheries Service issued a gag order on biologists investigating the deaths because of the federal criminal investigation into last year’s BP disaster. Dr. Erin Fougeres, a marine biologist with the Fisheries Service, told the Daily Mail: “We are treating the evidence, which are the dolphin samples, like a murder case. The chain of custody is being closely watched. Every dolphin sample is considered evidence in the BP case now.”

• Salem City Council approved moving forward with Seaport Airlines to bring commercial air service to Salem Municipal Airport. The airline will also enjoy waived landing fees for six months and parking will be increased from $1 to $3 a day in the airport terminal. Salem City Council approved each of the motions Photo courtesy Seaport Airlines unanimously. Service will begin on April 25. A oneway ticket to Portland will range from $32.70 to $52.70. •

Oregon lawmaker Jefferson Smith decided to pull the ultimate political prank and rickroll the Oregon Legislature. According to Yahoo News coverage, Smith and his wife conceived a plan to get lawmakers to use lyrics in their floor speeches. He then gathered the speeches and cut it together. Could it be the best rickroll ever? See for yourself:

Still seeing the Statesman Journal pink bags all over the streets in vacant lots, vacationing neighbors’ driveways and generally strewn around Salem? The Salem City Council will take up the issue next in a public hearing on April 25, 6:30 p.m. for “unsolicited written materials.” The current proposal being worked on would establish regulation for deliveries and penalties for those who would violate them.

The uber-cool Venti’s Cafe will soon add a second location in Salem complete with their popular, rotating craft brew selections. Downtown fans, don’t worry. They’ll still be on hand to feed hungry downtowners with literally tons of chicken and rice. They are looking at opening their new location in the former Buster’s BBQ location on South Commercial this summer.

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 5

Salem City Council faced down their biggest detractors ever at last week’s meeting: dogs. Sure, there were rockers in their rockin’ flannel, but they were the two legged champions against a four legged menace. Musicians, venue owners, and concert-goers showed their support for adjusting the noise ordinance, some in hopes of being able to turn their amps up a notch. While the noise ordinance was on the agenda and while rocking might be effected in the future, city officials stressed time and time again that this particular movement had nothing to do with creating a downtown entertainment zone or district. “There’s nothing in it that would lend itself to a greater sound generation in the downtown parking district than previously existed. Quite frankly, there would be no immediate difference to the community,” Compliance Service Administrator Brady Rogers told the councilors. Instead, the primary goal of the ordinance amendment was to address barking dogs. Other changes included clearing up the legalities of having a noise violation during the daytime hours and adjusting the variance process for those events that may exceed the normal loudness. In 2010, according to the Salem Police Department, there were 1047 noise complaints. Out of those only 35 citations were given. Enforcement aside, Rogers told councilors that the current ordinance requires staff reports to Salem City Council before a variance can be granted, which can be a lengthy process. He said that the City of Salem could see as many as 500 variations and that it’d be preferable to keep those off of the council agenda if it’s possible. The first reading of the ordinance passed unanimously and the public comment portion was left open after the meeting. The second reading will be included in the April 21 council meeting. While the focus of the changes seemed to circle on dogs barking and idling trucks (if passed, both have to limit their noise to 10 minutes before a violation occurs), there is hope for those looking for a more vibrant nightlife. The permitting process will be speedier and there are signs from the Salem City Council that they would be interested in entertaining the possibility of an entertainment district. After being prompted to stand in the audience in support of noise ordinance changes, Mayor Anna Peterson addressed the creatives, “We appreciate you coming down and being part of this very public process. We encourage you to continue to coming to City Council and sharing in making the laws, rules and ordinances that makes our city viable.”


Shuffle up and deal Aces Up Poker Club will host big names in the poker world in May by Michelle Andujar

Odds are Mike “The Mouth� Matusow, Tristan “Cre8ive� Wade and Tom McEvoy spend most of their time in Las Vegas and other fantastic gaming destinations. On May 21st and 22nd, Aces Up Poker Club will offer local players wanting to take their game to a new level the opportunity to meet these world famous poker players, learn some of their professional skills and test their knowledge in a live tournament. The event will take place at both Aces Up locations, in Dallas and Eugene. Aces Up Poker Club partnered with DeepStacks, a poker training company that offers online and live courses, bringing the best players to local poker clubs around the world to lead seminars. “Mike ‘The Mouth’ is a three-time bracelet winner. He’s funny. They call him ‘The Mouth’ for a reason. Tristan Wade blogs about poker at pocketfives. com and he has a B.S. in psychology. Tom McEvoy is a legend. He was the 1983 World Series of Poker Main Event champion and he has written 14

books about poker,� said Joshua Ambrose, who runs Aces Up Poker Club with partner Ron Pierce. The idea came after Phil Hellmuth, “The Poker Brat,� came to Eugene and Portland. Ambrose made a deal with DeepStacks CEO Chris Torina to invite the pros to the club. “It’s an opportunity to bring big-time high-level professional poker players to the City of Dallas. We want to make our players some of the better players m le a S , E N t S in the area,� t r 325 Cou UXJUUFSDPNWFOUJTDBGF said Ambrose, t 2 -1 0 1 WFOUJTDBGFDPN n adding that Su ; -1 1 1 1 -1 1 ; Fr i- S a Aces Up rd ciders ha g o p e n M -T h 1 in ur at fe restaurant, also d se cu is looking fo r ee A craft-b forward to hosting more events such as this one in the future. Late last month, cafe + taphouse DeepStacks ran a ‘Power 2840 Commercial St SE Poker same great food, more space Course’ at /// 124 rotating craft brews /// Encore Poker

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 6

t? i n o d r i b Put a

Coming summer 2011

Over 300 players go to the Dallas Club in Portland, featuring Michael club every month, most of them from “The Grinder� Mizrachi and Adam Salem and Keizer. “Roothlus� Levy. Students got to learn “People crave something to go do. about outs and odds, floating, cash and People want to enjoy life, and poker tournament game strategies and much is something they like to do. It’s about more. Mizrachi and Levy played an competition and the camaraderie,� said online game on FullTilt, talking about Ambrose. “They’ve got home games all different scenarios and explaining their over Salem, but you have to figure out moves. They answered everyone’s queshow to get 10 to 12 friends to come tions and then played in a tournament play. At Aces Up there’s always people.� with their students. Aces Up Poker Club has daily It was Mizrachi’s first time in Ortournaments and cash games, and the egon. atmosphere is very welcoming and “Everyone is very friendly. I’ve nevrelaxed. er had everyone in a poker club ap“We are all friends,� said Ambrose. plaud,� said Mizrachi after visiting Aces “Everybody wants to meet the new Up Poker Club in Dallas, where he person. It’s very much a match-making got a standing ovation from fans, who service. Some of our players have were also in line to get their decks of cards autographed and take pictures with the pro. “People were extremely excited. It was a very fun thing for everybody,� said Ambrose. Aces Up Poker Club will offer training Outside the seminar, with Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Mizrachi’s advice for asTristan "Cre8ive" Wade and Tom piring professional poker McEvoy, on players was, “Don’t play May 21st and 22nd. For hours and on my table ... I’m heartless. Off the table, I’m the tournament schedules, check out nicest guy.� Many students who have taken the DeepStacks training seminars in the past have seen started to play frisbee golf together, instant success. golfing together and hanging out.� The Aces Up event will have a To register for the DeepStacks similar setup to the one in Portland, Live poker training seminar with with the first part of the day being Mike “The Mouth� Matusow, Tristan the seminar, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., “Cre8ive� Wade and Tom McEvoy, visit followed by a tournament. The course Aces Up Poker Club: 147 SW Court costs $300 per student and the tournaStreet, Dallas. For hours and tournament buy-in is $250. If players choose ment schedules, check out www. to do both, they get a $50 discount.


The excuses of


Doctors say physical activity reduces stress and other emotional strains by Yadira Gutierrez




$SULO 30 :HG




30 6XQ












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30 :HG

















Theatre Box Office: 503-375-3574


170 High St SE, Salem

SAT., APRIL 23 7:30PM



TRUE NORTH 1/2 Price admission for anyone in band uniform!

Music Man

(1962) Starring Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Buddy Hackett.



FRIDAY, APR. 29 7:30 PM


Tickets at Travel Salem Office 181 High St NE or or pre-order for Will Call

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 7

In her 20s, there wasn’t much time available for planned physical activity, though running around after two young kids provided plenty of exercise.“They kept me busy all the time,� said Bishop. In her 30s she began to work and took up square dancing in her 40s. After retiring in her 50s, she and her husband traveled the globe. Much of that involved a great deal of walking, which has helped her maintain her health while in her late 70s. The human body needs maintenance in the form of physical activity or else it breaks down with time.Why the need for physical activity? “There are a million reasons. We are designed for it; our bodies are supposed to be active,� said Paul Angleton, MD at Willamette Health Partners. An active lifestyle reaps both immediate and long-term benefits.“Within a Check out the next issue of Salem Weekly on May 5 week or two you can notice an improved mood and energy level. youth cycling team.“I do a spinning In a couple months there class twice a week in preparation is a change in body composifor the 75-mile cycle challenge put tion; your clothing starts fitting on by the club. My goal is to do an better,� he said. extra bike ride after the race and hit It is never too 100 miles,� said Karner. late to become While in school, opportunities active.The body to be active are plentiful. Continubenefits from ing that lifestyle once work and a physical activity at family come into the picture can be any age. Angleton a struggle. stressed the imporAt age 44, Jim Thorlakson, a tance of teaching financial representative for Country and encouraging Financial, finds it challenging to a child to be active; regain the physical fitness he once for example, walking had and the motivation to become to the neighbor’s house active once again. He played soccer instead of driving.There’s no and baseball in high school and was age limit.“If you’re 82 years old always involved in something active, a you can start,� he added. competitor at heart. “I’m in the worst shape of my life and I don’t like it,� “It started when we moved here,� said Thorlakson. admits Thorlakson. He hopes to make a change. His first He used to coach his daughter’s soccer team for eight step: running a 5K. years, though neither of his kids are involved with sports “A lot of people cite time as being one of the reaany longer. Previously in retail, a job that required con- sons to not being active.To me that just means it’s not a stant running around, now he sits most of the day. “My priority. Even doctors who are busy find the time; if it’s job consists of sitting. I’ve gained 30 to 40 pounds since important you will find the time,� says Angleton. I started,� he added.With no gym membership and no Doing so can prevent illnesses such as heart disease current connections with organized sports which was and diabetes.With age, and lack of physical activity, the his outlet, physical activity has taken a back seat. disease process evolves at a faster rate and we lose muscle 78 years young, Jeri Bishop has been living at mass, which leads to increased body fat. 30 minutes Applewood Retirement Community for a little over a day, five times a week is the recommended level of a year.With her husband needing special care due to physical activity according to Angleton. Other benefits Alzheimer’s and no longer at home, living alone became include reduced stress levels which can positively impact too much to handle. depression and anxiety. “I still feel like a kid,� she says. Whether someone is 78, 15, 44 or somewhere in beNever a dull moment, Applewood has plenty of tween, exercise benefits all ages.“Exercise can lead to a activities to keep their residents active. Whether it is an happier life in your golden years.You have more energy ageless fitness class or a game of bean bag baseball, physi- and tend to be involved in more activities, which means cal activity is a priority. spending less time in my office,� says Angleton. Age ain’t nothing but a number, but try telling that to someone with an aging body. The importance of physical activity holds true at any stage in life. Quality of life in aging is a choice that everyone makes for themselves. Jonathan Karner, a 15-year-old sophomore at West Salem High School, has big dreams and getting there depends in part on his fitness. He intends to become a firefighter and hopes to participate in the Tour de France one day. “It’s important to be up and active, doing sports, not sitting home and playing video games,� he says. At school Karner participates in individual team sports, and as a six-year member of the Boys and Girls Club he enjoys outdoor activities. As a freshman, he joined The Flow-Riders




Courthouse Square:

Arguments and lack of direction halt forward momentum The Courthouse Square Solutions Task Force goes into hiatus, while subcommittees are suspended

by Shawn Estes

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 8


he future of both Courthouse Square and the task force formed to pursue its future remains up in the air, as the task force takes a hiatus to allow for a regrouping of Marion County and Salem-Area Transit, the owners of the property. The latest information presented to the task force on April was that it’s expected that the insurance companies involved in multiple claims on the building that was evacuated last summer would be denied. Without the hope of guaranteed funding, the future of Courthouse Square hangs in the balance. “We don’t have a checkbook where we could write a check. Even if we could fix it for some reasonable number, we don’t have a checkbook for that. In some ways, maybe our task force is moving faster than events would warrant,” said Eric Meurer, chair of the Courthouse Square Solutions Task Force, at that meeting. But Jolene Kelley, communications and administrative manager for the Marion County Board of Commissioners, says that the insurance claim is a factor, but wouldn’t be the only factor. “What the final solution is would be the final determination of the cost. The owners would have to decide whether they could do it financially. Those discussions haven’t started yet. That’s a question that will come up later,” she adds. Meurer said that the direction of the task force required the owners of the property to deliberate on a number of items, including funding and whether they’d even want to return to the property. One task force member and local business owner, Casey Campbell wanted verification that those decisions hadn’t already been made in private. “I just want to make sure we don’t have a hidden agenda and this task force has been a waste of time,” said Campbell. Meurer confirmed that they had not been made. Accusations of hidden agendas have occasionally popped up in meetings concerning the future of the property. When asked about it, Kelley says that she can say with certainty that there is no hidden agenda when it comes to Marion County. She adds, “I have heard nothing that would indicate that [Salem-Area Transit] has a hidden agenda. The Board of Commissioners are interested in getting information and getting a sense of the community.” The various subcommittees were tasked with getting information, though the technical subcommittee has had very little official movement due to conflicts among its members. One of those conflicts reared its head during the task force meeting, where Chair Geoffrey James and member Ric McNall faced off in an argument of semantics. McNall evoked John Adams with a quote from December 1770 The next Courthouse Square concerning the defense Solutions Task Force meeting of the soldiers in the Boston Massacre. “Facts when: May 3, 1 - 3 p.m. are stubborn things; and whatever may be our where: Assessor/Clerk’s Office at 1115 wishes, our inclinations, Commercial St NE., Salem, OR or the dictates of our more info: CH2SolTaskForc.htm

passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” The facts that were being so stubborn are that the technical subcommittee has not voted on the proposed solution that was brought up by James to the task force. McNall felt that the term “we” was not an accurate depiction of the proposal. James indicated that discussion and forward movement on the proposal had been disrupted by other members of the subcommittee. McNall said that he was not notified of subcommittee meetings. It’s unknown specifically which meetings he was referring to. Once the arguing had subsided, James presented the only proposal that has been discussed at their various meetings. The proposed solution is now estimated at $15.8 million to repair the building. That includes $1 million dollars in contingencies. Members of the technical subcommittee have spoken with multiple contractors, according to testimony given by James, that have corroborated the numbers. According to documents obtained by Salem Weekly, local firm Dalke Construction says that the budget is realistic for the project at hand. There are questions regarding whether the number is accurate for the solution at hand. Kelley says, “I don’t think we can really say whether [they are] good numbers or bad numbers.” The budget of the proposed solution will play a key role in the future of the building and could possibly tie “In some ways, maybe our the hands of the decision makers. The condominium bylaws for Courthouse task force is moving faster Square would require the building to be repaired if the cost of repairs are under than events would warrant” 75 percent of the value of the building. How that value is determined is unknown, as of Salem Weekly’s deadline. Details like that are some of the reasons that Meurer suggested that it was time to slow down the task force’s movement to compensate for the new questions that were generated for the owners of the property. Meurer said that without the momentum that there will be time lost in the project. But he stood by the fact that it is necessary to suspend the committee’s activities. “We’re not even sure if our owners are positive of the direction that we want to take,” Meurer said. The goal of the task force seems to be outlined in its charter that says that the task force would “identify and develop possible solutions for a future course of action for the Courthouse Square building and transit mall.” The subcommittees were also suspended, because as Meurer said, “their work is largely done at this point.” Kelley says that Marion County staff will compile a report with facts and findings to consolidate the information that has been researched by task force to this point. “The draft [of the report] will be at the May 3 meeting. They want the opportunity to look over that report. The owners will meet to take a look at the facts and findings to see what direction they want to go,” Kelley adds.

instead of this destructive strategy?

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The task force hiatus comes at a time where the former Wild and Crazy Ideas subcommittee (now the “Ideas” subcommittee) was, according to its Chair Jim Lewis “treading water.” The financial subcommittee hasn’t met, because there’s no project to finance. While the technical “The budget is comprehensive, covering all issues of subcommittee’s tension that was previously reported on escalated to verbal concern by others of 1) structure, 2) interior finishes, 3) bickering between the members of the mechanical and electrical, and 4) exterior veneers. Based committee. on our initial meetings and walk-through, in our opinion, It’s unclear what happened entirely Dalke Construction believes this is a realistic approach to at the technical subcommittee meeting bring this up to industrial expectations at a competitive on March 29. Nearly two hours into the cost and a tremendous savings to Marion County.” meeting, the recorder’s battery failed, according to Marion County staff, with the remaining minutes of the meeting being tions, but still felt that they should increase its efunrecorded. Marion County officials declined to ficiency when it comes to notifications. As a result, release the minutes of the meeting, because the Marion County will soon transition away from the technical subcommittee, as of Salem Weekly’s dead- fax machine of yesteryear to a more modern apline, has yet to approve the meeting minutes. proach of alerting the media using e-mail. What can be reported on from the March 29 official role in the subcommittee or the personal Speaking to the motivations of the members, meeting is that the subcommittee did not disMcNall implied that James and Pfeifer were collud- attacks that were made against him at the March 29 cuss nor vote on a proposed solution and budget meeting. ing to earn Pfeifer a position in the future of the for the repair of Courthouse Square. Instead, the As the meeting continued its derailment, McNall Courthouse Square remediation. subcommittee spent over an hour of discussing “What is your motive in doing this? I notice that suggested that the committee remove James from Salem Weekly’s coverage (Vol 7, Issue 25, “The his position as chair. “You need to be replaced. I Eric [Meurer] is in tune with you. Did you guys $1,807,235.51 question”) of think this group stays together but we move fortalk about this ahead of time the past technical subcomand talk about how you’re go- ward under different leadership. Otherwise I don’t mittee meetings. McNall think we can get anything done. Everything that ing to do this?” Pfeifer asked “I think we are stuck now. made a motion to add items we’ve done so far is suspect. It’s tainted; unbelievMcNall at the time. McNall to the agenda concerning able.” admitted to speaking with I’m not sure that we have three points: 1) meeting There was no vote, according to Marion County Meurer about his plans prior dates, notices, and minutes 2) staff on whether James would remain chair or not. to the meeting. enough material on the motivations of the members He represented the group at the following task “We’ll talk further about 3) misrepresentations. force meeting. Eric [Meurer]’s secret agenda table to move forward.” McNall, contrary to his Meurer made it clear that there will be not if that’s what you want to own statements during the Request for Proposal (RFP) based on the solution do. I’ll bring all of that out,” task force meeting, told discussed at technical subcommittee. “It’s just not Pfeifer added. subcommittee members that the meeting notices going to happen. I’m looking you in the eye and Pfeifer accused McNall of a “character assassinawere handled properly. When asked for clarificatelling you that; it’s not going to happen,” Meurer tion” to which, McNall responded: “Listen, Gene, tion, Kelley says that there was an issue with the said in the meeting, adding that he plans to recomyou don’t want to go there. If you want me to Marion County website, which houses the minutes, unload on your character it would get ugly.” mend an RFI (Request for Information) to the task agendas, and a plethora of information concernforce. The RFI would solicit contractors and archiThe already ugly meeting turned uglier as Mcing Courthouse Square, being updated in a timely tects in the public for their proposed solutions. It’s Nall led the group line by line through the Salem manner. unclear what the goals of the technical subcommitWeekly story which was full of quotes from their “Our goal really is transparency. There was a tee were if a proposal from that subcommittee was public meetings. McNall did not recognize those mixup and something got delayed. The meeting discussions. (The recordings are still available online not intended to be used for the basis of the plans. notice didn’t get onto the website,” says Kelley. “I think we are stuck now. I’m not sure that we at After the Salem Weekly story was published, have enough material on the table to move forward. “You subvert meetings when you come to them Marion County staff verified that a fax was sent Let’s ask for some ideas from all these people that and it’s inappropriate. You are the chairman of the to local media, a list that did not include Salem task force; you’re not the chairman of this [subcom- have been floating around out there,” Meurer said. Weekly. While media like Statesman Journal likely Over $1.8 million dollars has been spent investigatmittee] and every time you come you disorganize received notification of the meetings, they have yet what we’re doing,” Pfeifer said to Meurer in the ing the problems at Courthouse Square. to attend any. With the task force on hiatus, it’s unclear when, meeting. This resulted in a discussion regarding PfeMarion County may have met its legal obligaifer’s official capacity in the technical subcommittee. if ever, an RFI process will move forward. Kelley says that conflicts and procedure aside: “When we Meurer and McNall argued that Pfeifer was not a Transcript from the March 29 finally get to the end of this, then the RFP and RFI member, while James and Pfeifer disagreed. technical subcommittee will be open and competitive. We’re going to follow Kelley says that Pfeifer is not a member of the James: Is there some kind of plot here that we technical subcommittee nor the task force. “He was through our processes.” need to know about? From day one you’ve invited to participate in technical subcommittee been... meetings as a guest. The technical subcommittee did not go through any type of formal process, through Meurer: There is no plot. If there’s been a plot, it’s the county or transit, to have Mr. Pfeifer formally been on that side of the table. The issue is that … appointed to the technical subcommittee. The subPUBLIC RECORDS committee does not have the authority to appoint To view documents James: No, we’ve been watching what’s been voting members,” she says. Anyone can attend the relating to the studies going on. This collusion between you and Ric from meetings, but recomof Courthouse day one you don’t want to save the building. mendations sent to the Square or to listen full task force can only to audio recordings Meurer: That’s totally false. The first meeting I be voted on by official of the technical Do you have information that said I hope we can save the building at some members of the subcomsubcommittee the public should know about? reasonable cost. mittee. meetings, visit Send us an email: Pfeifer declined to James: Can you follow through and support us comment on either his Your anonymity will be protected.




for local riders Cycling/ Spinning classes

No membership required, you “pay-per-ride”

1.816" x 2.958"

Downtown business and property owners are known for their bickering. One side or another often feels that the other is running the show. That leads to lack of participating or downright adversarial personalities in an area that should band together to bring consumers to their stores, restaurants, and buildings. That’s easier said than done, of course, but whatever organization decides to take charge must overcompensate for the past mistakes. One thing everyone can agree on is that downtown’s success means success for Salem as a whole. It doesn’t matter what other organizations of similar size (economically or geologically) do. They don’t have the history that Salem’s downtown has. In order to achieve that needed togetherness, the group should take on these basic principles:

327 State Salem OR 97301

503-339-7151 hotmessboutiquesalem

Clothing that speaks for people who follow their own paths in life

Downtown’s success relies on putting the past to rest


#1: Be democratic That’s with a small d in democratic. It’s important that every member be listened to and have power to build a consensus to change the direction of the organization. The original steering committee has to come from a wide range of both property and business owners. It is important that both are able to participate in the organization, equally, if they would like to. People need to feel that they are being represented and the only way to do that is to bring people of different ideologies whether retail, nightlife, or restaurants together to create a diversity of ideas. Those people should be recruited by the organization and asked to serve. In the world of electronics, information can be disseminated among the members, conversations can take place and votes can happen 24 hours a day. An issue can be discussed at a meeting, presentations can be given and voting can be held open for days or weeks depending on the issue. This allows for the membership to represent their own ideals

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without always relying on a board of directors to decide for the group. #2: Be 100% transparent Any perceived lack of transparency breeds resentment. In order for the organization to be successful, it must go above and beyond to be transparent to the community and its members. Meetings should be regularly scheduled and voted on by the membership. Meeting notices should be sent out in ample time to adjust busy schedules. All meetings should be accessible over the Internet, either streamed or recorded. Audio versions should be available to get quickly into the ears of those interested. We live in a world where video broadcasting can be done cheaply and easily. Audio recording can be done from a smart phone. There’s no excuse for private, “open” meetings. A staff person or committee should be responsible for writing press releases to alert the community of ongoing events, issues that are being debated, and progress that has been made. Members of the organization will always be busy and focused on their own businesses. The organization is responsible for giving people the access to stay up to date on its progress. #3: Have a limited scope An organization or committee that is well versed in marketing, promotion, and event planning is not going to be good at cleaning the streets nor installing lighting. Choose the scope of responsibilities and stick to it.Take stances and aid others in developing the strategies for the issues outside of that scope. #4: Facilitate; do not host. The organization should not host events. The local businesses in the area should take on the responsibility of being the host and planning the event.Where the organization comes in is facilitating when it comes to regulation in permits and procedures. Every event that someone wants to host in the downtown core should have the clear, and undivided support of the organization. After all, the organization’s intent should be to promote downtown.The people who are in the alley for a punk show or visiting an art gallery both have equally spendable money. #5: Be political The organization should have a constant presence at Salem City Council meetings. With the increased democracy within the organization, an issue should be able to be presented and voted on by the full membership base. It’s important that the business and property owners in the core have the opportunity to be represented.






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OMG! WTF, economical politicians? Everyone’s favorite mouthpieces in Congress continue to debate whether or not to shut down the government. Reality TV mogul Donald Trump has something to say about it. Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and former TV show host Glenn Beck both have something to say about it. There’s a general pounding of any podium that the polarizing forces in Congress can get close to. With microphones crammed in their faces, both sides are looking to the other as the culprit and in the wake of the blame game, the American people have no idea what is going on. Of course, there is also arguing about what caused the government to get to the brink of shutdown last week. Here’s what we will be told: it’s completely political. No one is actively seeking to do anything, whether cut or spend. Instead, they are establishing talking points for the next panel at which they’ll be sitting at a network that likely doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes. Senator Harry Reid mumbled ‘abortion’ over and over again. While Senate Republican whip Jon Kyl’s pants must have been flame retardant, because he told a great big whopper of a lie on the Senate floor. He said, “Everybody goes to clinics, to hospitals, to doctors, and so on. Some people go to Planned Parenthood. But you don’t have to go to Planned Parenthood to get your cholesterol or your blood pressure checked. If you want an abortion, you go to Planned Parenthood, and that’s well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.” Bzzt. As the smoke alarms went off on the Senate floor, Politifact pointed out that perhaps Kyl isn’t quite the expert that he posited to be. As the facts got in the way of his point, he decided to flip it exactly opposite. Planned Parenthood’s services are actually 90 percent preventive with only 3 percent of its patients there for abortions. What’s this have to do with the budget, you say? Well, nothing. Planned Parenthood received $363 million in 2008-2009. Republicans in the House of Representatives voted unanimously to continue subsidizing oil companies to the tune of $3.6 billion. The so-called big spender in the White House would have liked to see that go away. If the unnecessary spending was going to be cut, doesn’t it make sense that those toeing the company line would have cut the bigger one first? Especially the one that had support from other side of the aisle? Instead, the budget, the economy, and the hard-working Americans who are paying for an Exxon executive’s newest vacation home are ignored to score political points. OMG! WTF, economical politicians?


! G M O

- rubber  glue -


SW picks

Apr 21-May 4, 2011

thu-sun.apr21-24 Yeah, we know that the Bridgetown Comedy Festival isn't a Salem event. It's not even a mid-Valley event, but when you bring together the comedy tour de force that the organizers have, then it's worth the drive and our attention. Doug Benson will there (he's also in Eugene on Thursday), Jonah Ray of the Nerdist podcast will be there, Margaret Cho will be there. The list goes on and on. Don't be ashamed of bailing to Portland, comedy fans. Check bridgetowncomedyfestival. com for venue and ticket information.

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Arts and Entertainment

Cherry City Derby Girls skate into their second anniversary by Shawn Estes

mon.apr25 It's that time of year, which we all hold dear. When the Elsinore provides a cure from the bore. Yes, it's true; just for you. It's Seussical ... the musical. The show starts at 7. It'll be heaven. Tickets are $13 dollars, but spare the hollers. Elsinore Theatre, 170 High St. SE,

thu.apr28 A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village will host a multicultural night with food, activities and games from the different cultures represented in the Salem area. The museum's community outreach program will be highlighted as part of this free event. A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village, 116 Marion St. NE, 503371-3631


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Oregon Garden's mixing up a big brewfest this year. Over 30 breweries, live music, and Northwest foods to top it all off. Organizers say that this year's event is set to bigger than last with the expanded breweries. On Friday, it runs from 4 to 11 p.m. and Saturday from noon-11 p.m. After party is at the Fireside Lounge where JAMalia will perform. Show starts at 9 p.m.

Casey Campbell Photograph

The skates are laced and helmets strapped. War is coming to Salem. The icing on the cake? These soldiers come wrapped in fishnets. If there’s such a thing as a celebratory war, this is one. The Cherry City Derby Girls will be rolling their way through their second anniversary with a birthday bout. Those lucky enough to score tickets to the bout (which have the track record of being sold out), are sure to be on the edge of their seats as the Thrill Kill Kittens face off against the Rydell Belles, and the Panty Raiders battle it out against the Dolls of Anarchy. “It’s a chance for us to celebrate what Salem has done for us,” says Nicole Palmateer Armstrong, who by day is a lobbyist, but by night is Majority Whip, spokesperson for the Cherry City Derby Girls. After two years, the organization has 100 skaters, four developed teams and a regular bout season. They’re a Woman’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) apprentice and are in the process of being fully certified in the association, which will allow the league to be ranked nationally. “I didn’t know how to skate and I wanted to learn. My parents were very conservative and thought it was too much like dancing,” says Majority Whip, adding that friends had invited her to bouts which brought her

to wanting to join the league. Favorite memories are hard to pick, because there’s too many, says Six Foot Fetish a.k.a Stephanie Bryant. “One of my favorites though would have to be the day that I passed the last of my advanced skills tests and became draft able. Toxic Assets (the captain of the Rydell Belles) walked up to me and said that they had chosen me to be a Belle. Then the whole team surrounded me and in that moment I really felt like I had found a new family and was home,” she says. Six Foot Fetish is also the league’s vice president. For Skate Oddity a.k.a Leslie Venti, co-captain of Thrill Kill Kittens, her favorite memory comes from an inspirational moment as well, focused on not being afraid. “It was June of 2009 and I was sitting with our coach watching a Rose City Rollers bout. He turned to me and said ‘Venti, you need to get over being fearful. It’ll hold you back and really it’s just in your head.’ I experienced a shift in perspective at that moment and try to share that with new skaters whenever I can. I grew ten feet that day.” Skate Oddity and Six Foot Fetish will be facing off, but despite goading neither would trash talk. That doesn’t mean they won’t bring some to the track. Skate Oddity does confess, however, that there will be skaters she’ll be looking out for. “Hell yes, there are players I’ll be looking out for, especially being a jammer. Those are some hard-hitting chicks with a ton of talent and knowledge of the game, and knowledge of my abilities and how to play me. They know who they are. This will be a fun match-up.” The birthday mayhem is scheduled for April 30. Doors open at 5 p.m. with live music, roller derby starts at 6 p.m. Tickets are available at $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Don’t risk not getting in though, pick up tickets in advance.

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 Nightlife

PATIENCE PRICE will perform. 9pm


CURTIS MONETTE & FRIENDS will perform original loops and covers., Free 9pm Bombs Away

BILLY D will perform. (Hip-shakin’ blues) 21+, Free 8pm Boon’s Treasury


will perform. DJ Izm spinning throughout the evening. $15 9pm Doug Fir Lounge

DOUG BENSON from the popular




lesson by Ms. Jitterbug followed by open dancing. Singles, Couples, and all ages welcome!, $10.00 per person 7pm-10pm Center 50+

VIOLET ISLE Original Indie Style Rock, 503.371.2892 $5 at door 9pm Christos Pizzeria

powerful presentation of the Easter story told from the point of view of Pontius Pilate’s relationship with his wife, Claudia. A military man on the fast track to the Senate, Pilate finds his appointment as governor of Judea to be anything but routine. 503.390.0100 Free 7pm-8pm Kroc Center




Wulapalooza -

Willamette University’s annual music and art festival will be headlined by Das Racist, Horse Feathers and Au. 11 a.m. $1 suggested donation or one can of food. Willamette University

SEARCHLIGHTS AND AMBUSH PARTY will perform. Alternative &

TOGA PARTY 1st 2nd 3rd prizes for 3


FOREVER GROWING will perform.

GUCE DA DON of Bully Wit Fully’s

Doug Fir Lounge

“Guce Leeroy the Last Dragon” release party featuring Burn Out, Scruplez, Money Major(Kush Gang), Git Paid Family & more. $10 adv / $15 dos / $25 VIP Meet and Greet 8pm Soon-to-be-named

SPIRITUAL GAME NIGHT Come and have a great evening playing Spiritually based board games and much more., Torrii $15 6:30pm-8pm Journey’s



the track of the cat and trail of the deer, to the song of the bird and the scat of the bear, animal signs are truly everywhere. Students will discover the wildlife that live in the temperate rainforest and learn how to track them., 503.391.4145 FREE, RSVP required. 4pm-5:30pm Straub Environmental Learning Center



TODD BARRY has performed on “Late

Show with David Letterman,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “Comedy Central Presents...” “Last Call with Carson Daly,” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Show on Thursday begins at 8pm. Multiples at 7:30 and 10pm on Friday and Saturday., $15 GA / $20 Reserved 8pm Helium Comedy Club



Quilters, members boutique, vendor mall and silent auction. Thurs-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-4pm. 9am-5pm Polk County Fairgrounds




of comedy acts to Portland ranging from Margaret Cho to Andy Dick to Jonah Ray. Full festival pass is $75, with

KRIS DEELANE will perform. Post-punk folk-pop. 21+ , Free 8pm Boon’s Treasury

NAOMI HOOLEY will perform with Rob Stroup in the Paragon Room. All ages., Free 7pm Hotel Oregon


perform., $8 7pm Soon-to-be-named

PSYCHIC QUESTION & ANSWER NIGHT Come and bring your questions for one of our many Psychics, Intuitives or Shamans., Torrii $15 6:30pm-8pm Journey’s



stage for belly dancing of all styles and flavors. 7pm Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center


environmental & artistic celebration of Earth Day in Jackson Park. Carry flags, banners and streamers, play music and dance in the streets; wear homemade masks and costumes. No written words; motor vehicles or live pets permitted. Represent 1 of 4 categories: Earth, Water, Air or Fire. , For more info, contact info@

KITTY EARTH DAY - Salem Friends of Felines will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd by collecting recyclables - $.05 deposit cans and bottles, ink cartridges and toners, cell phones & wine cork. , Everyone who donates a recyclable item on Earth Day will receive a free raffle ticket for a $25 gift certificate to SFOF’s Adoption Center and Thrift Store. All money earned from this event will go to the SFOF’s Spay/Neuter fund. 9am Friends of Felines



call or stop by the Carousel to reserve your spot. $17 per person, by reservation only., 5pm-7pm Salem’s Riverfront Carousel


podcast “Doug Loves Movies,” “Super High Me” and “Last Comic Standing” will perform. DLM fans: remember your name tags. Doors open at 6:30pm., Tickets are $20 adv / $23 dos and are available at WOW Hall or Ticketmaster. 7:30pm WOW Hall

Progressive Rock from Portland with local rockers, Free 10pm Bombs Away



different categories including best toga, couples and most creative costume, Free 9pm Jammers Electro jazz fusion, 10pm Bombs Away


Doors at 8pm., $10 8pm Doug Fir Lounge

THE DEFENDANTS will perform. Unique blues-rock. 21+ , Free 9pm Boon’s Treasury THE MUSTACHIOED BANDITS & DAMSEL IN DISTRESS will perform

in the Cellar Bar. 21+ , Free 7pm Hotel Oregon

PALEFACE performs high energy anti-

folk as part of the Great Northwest Music Tour. All ages. Free 7pm Hotel Oregon

JORDAN MARCUS will perform

acoustic rock. 8pm Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center

features locally grown fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, on-site prepared foods, entertainment, and a wide variety of arts and crafts. Corner of Summer & Marion Streets NE, 3 blocks north of the State Capitol building, 9am3pm Downtown Salem


the basics of stamping in this wonderful two hour workshop. Papers, ink, masking, and more are covered. Inst: Bev Fitzgerald, 503.390.2553 $3 10am-12pm Stampin’ Cat Studio

SHAMANIC CEREMONY Ceremony is a beautiful and powerful way to release what you no longer need in your life, to embrace what you wish to manifest., Torrii $30 1pm-3pm Journey’s



seats available. Must call for reservation 503.540.0374. Visit & Photo with Peter Rabbit, luncheon tea party, storytelling and carousel rides. , 503.540.0374 $17/ person. By reservation only 11:30am-1pm Salem’s Riverfront Carousel



discussion of “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley; for youth in 6th grade and older accompanied by an adult. Held in Teen Scene Study Room., 503.588.6088 Free and open to youth in 6th grade or older accompanied by an adult. 1pm Salem Public Library



tasting with owners Mauricio & Deborah Collada., 12pm-4pm Santiam Wine Co.



presents the Muse’s Market; Songs of Sustainability. This carbon neutral national touring act is inspired by efforts to promote earth-friendly lifestyle changes. Gabrielle is an amazing songwriter and delivers passionate and beautiful vocals. Salem’s popular True North opens with tasty Bluegrass! , 503.363.4013 $12 adv/ sen/disabled - $15 at the door 7:30pm10:30pm Grand Theatre



LOST IN THE TREES AND SEAN ROWE will perform. Doors at 8pm., $10 adv / $12 dos 9pm Doug Fir Lounge


EASTER BRUNCH AT ORCHARD HEIGHTS will have omelets and pasta

bar, Eggs Benedict, build-your-own waffles with great toppings, breakfast burritos, egg scrambles, soup and salad, biscuits and gravy, fresh seasonal fruits, crackers with spreads, a variety of delicious breads & cheeses. Orange juice, coffee, , & hot cocoa and of course selected Orchard Heights Wines! For the holiday brunches they add a few additions, baked ham, cheesy potatoes and a dessert bar. 9am-1pm Orchard Heights Winery

WINERY SUNDAY BRUNCHES are year-around with breaks for fall harvest and January hiatus (check site). Each week features different “Specials”, Pan Fried Oysters, Eggs Benedict, Omelets, Belgian Waffles & Crepes, Salads, Pork Tacos & Desserts! , Reservation recommended, $19.95 (includes 2 glasses of wine), discounts for teens & kids. 9:30am-2pm

Ed Borrego

Nora Bauldree

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lic. #13278

Licensed #6030 at Salon 554

To Book Appointments Call 503-871-2640 or 503-540-0554


Expires 5/31/2011


individual day passes available for $20. See for ticket and venue information for specific acts,7pm

Don’t forget your Mother!

Give her the gift of relaxation for Mother’s Day and treat her to a massage - 1 hr for $40 Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm

• • • •

Serving Salem’s car needs for over 25 years Great selection of quality preowned vehicles We will locate any new vehicle Factory financing and rebates




Conveniently located in the heart of Salem


2055 Mission St SE, Salem, OR 97302 For venue information, see list on page 16.

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 13


Apr 21-May 4, 2011

LIVE BEAT mon.apr25 Eola Hills Winery

by Jason Stringer



9pm Doug Fir Lounge

BINARY MARKETING SHOW will perform. $6 6pm Soon-to-be-named



offering Make & Take Mondays! On the second and fourth Monday of every month, we offer a different Make & Take for you to do. Perhaps a technique will be the focus, or a fold, or a tool. No matter what, you are going to enjoy making a fun paper craft project! 503.390.2553 $1 10am-6pm Stampin’ Cat Studio



Fitness: a high energy Latin-based aerobic-dance class. GroupFit: weightsbased class focusing on muscle strength, endurance and tone. Good for all fitness levels; no prior experience required. 503.798.3479 $10 6pm-8pm Where to Start

Photo: Eileen Chavez

More music on pg 18

Typhoon (pictured here) played Wulapalooza in 2010.

Saturday, April 23rd Buy 2 hrs & Get 1 free! Valid for one client during single appt. Not to be combined with other offers

West Salem

940 Edgewater DR NW 503-763-6844

North Salem

1675 Fairgrounds Rd NE 503-581-4402

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 14

Where playing is essential to learning

Salem’s Museum for




Wulapalooza Willamette University 11 a.m., $1 suggested donation (or one can of food), all ages Willamette’s annual music and art festival’s 2011 headliners are Brooklyn’s “Das Racist” (of “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” fame), Kill Rock Star’s “Horse Feathers,” “Brite Futures” (formerly “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head”), and Portland’s “Au.” The eclectic event kicks off at 11 a.m. with student bands, performance groups and activities, and switches gears in the early evening with the headlining concert. The suggested donations of a dollar or a can of food goes to MarionPolk Food Share. Wulapalooza used to feature midValley acts as the main attraction, but in recent years has risen to be the most significant annual alternative concert in town (“The Great Idea at Enchanted Forest” may challenge that title this year). In 2010 Wulapalooza featured “Portugal. The Man,” “Japandroids,” “Typhoon” and “The Dodos,” and this year’s version showcases some heavy hitters in the college radio circuit as well. Das Racist’s “Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” was a viral hit on YouTube. com, and despite its limited lyrics served as a springboard for the social commentary/political comedy hip hop group. The university stresses community integration with Wulapalooza, encouraging the public to come hang out and have a good time. A can of soup or a buck to see Das Racist, Horse Feathers, Brite Futures and Au? Sounds like a pretty solid peace offering. Without this annual event, Willamette may completely be viewed as a metaphorical island in downtown Salem.

Friday, April 29th

Amerakin Overdose, Wayne Gacy Trio, Indecisive Hooligans Triangle Inn, 3215 Liberty Rd. S 8 p.m., $3, 21+ The DIY-punk promotional team/club “Salem Pyratepunx” has become increasingly active recently, putting on at least three events in the second half of April.The pick of the litter may be the “murder rock” themed night at Triangle Inn with local masked industrial-metal outfit Amerakin Overdose, Portland’s Wayne Gacy Trio and new Salem skate-punk rockers Indecisive Hooligans. The Pyratepunx are a loose network of DIY concert promoters that spread far beyond Salem’s boundaries (they are organized in Southern Oregon and various locations in California for example) and provide easy tour-routes for like-minded bands. Any stray punks or DIY-ers should be redirected accordingly. Punks gotta stick together!

Saturday, April 30th

Real Dreams, Slashed Tires, Widemouth Masons Café Noir, 610 Marion St. NE 8 p.m. $2, all-ages Real Dreams is the new project from former Electric Cities bassist Markly Fendrick, who also has been very active as a concert attendee and musician in other bands in the local music scene for the past several years as well. The post-punk and 80s-alternative inspired group also features Derek Sup, Chris Canfield, Kiel Clayton and Chad Burt. Real Dreams will be joined by Seattle’s Slashed Tires and Widemouth Masons. Fendrick and company have had this event locked up for at least a couple of months, and have been putting a lot of effort into preparation and promotion, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a coming-out party for Real Dreams.




Theatre Family Season Show. Dr. Seuss’ best-loved characters and stories hit the stage in this unforgettable family musical adventure. Tickets $13, 503.375.3574 $13 7pm Historic Elsinore Theatre




Quintet will present a Master Class for winds. , 503.370.6255 Admission is free and open to the public 11am-1pm Willamette University, Hudson Hall


The Imani Wind Quintet and Willamette University students will present a Student Composers’ Reading., 503.370.6255 Free 2:30pm-4:30pm Willamette University, Hudson Hall


will perform. Doors at 8pm., $15 adv / $18 dos 9pm Doug Fir Lounge



featured in the Senior Art Show will discuss their work. Max Stepan, ceramics and sculpture, Andrew Theis, painting, Chelsea Ibarra, photography. 12pm Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University



and non-fiction for grown-ups to enjoy. Featured story, “B.B.” by Chaim Potol. Held in Loucks Auditorium., 503.588.6052 Free and open to the public 10am-11am Salem Public Library


Debut meeting for Teens book group, discussion of “Escape Under the Forever Sky” by Eve Yohalem. Open to middle and high school-aged youth, held in Teen Scene Study Room., 503.588.6364 Free and open to middle and high school-aged youth. 6:30pm Salem Public Library



Mark has entertained audiences with his silky smooth vocals and unique fingerstyle guitar. Mark move easily between Gospel, Folk, Rock and Blues and provide an evening of fine music for your listening pleasure. , Mark Seymour Free 7pm-10pm Fireside Lounge




For venue information, see list on page 16.

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 CONCERT WITH THE IMANI WIND QUINTET More than North America’s

premier wind quintet, Imani Winds has established itself as one of the most successful chamber music ensembles in the United States. , 503.370.6255 $10, $15, $20 Adults, $5 Students (WU and other college students with I.D. and children 12 and under); $10 I.C.L. Students. Tickets are sold online at www.absolutelytix. com or in person at Travel Salem, 181 High St. NE, 503. 581.4325. 7:30pm9:30pm Willamette University, Hudson Hall

TABLE ONE Original Electric Jazz , 6pm8pm Christos Pizzeria

SICK PUPPIES, FRAMING HANLEY, ADELITAS WAY, MADAM ADAM will perform. All ages., $20 adv / $25 dos 7pm Hawthorne Theater


perform. $10 8pm Doug Fir Lounge

MIKE LAWRENCE is a comedian born and raised in South Florida. He made his television debut on “John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show” on Comedy Central last week., $10 GA / $15 Reserved 8pm Helium Comedy Club MATTHEW PRICE will perform.

Freewheelin’ folk 21+, Free 8pm Boon’s Treasury


will perform. , $8 6pm Soon-to-be-named


WEDNESDAY FARMERS’ MARKET features locally grown fresh

produce, meats, baked goods, on-site prepared foods, and a wide variety of arts and crafts. Every Wed., May-Oct., 10am-2pm Wednesday Farmer’s Market

THE IVIE MEZIERE ACOUSTIC DUO will perform. Eclectic acoustic guitar 21+, Free 8pm Boon’s Treasury

MIMOSA, PAPER DIAMOND, AND BOGL will perform. Doors open at

9:30pm., Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the door. 10pm WOW Hall




Enjoy food, activities and games from the diverse communities and cultures represented throughout the Salem area. ACCESS, the museum’s community outreach program, will be highlighted. , 503.371.3631 No charge 5:30pm-8:30pm A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village


of student-designed fashion work for the public and networking event for OSU alumni and colleagues will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at Holocene, 1011 S.E. Morrison St. There will be appetizers and a no-host bar at the event, plus the showcase of recycled fashions made by students., osudesignnetwork@ lists.oregonstate.eduor online at www. $15/$20 5:30pm


Head Coach Mike Riley will give an insider’s view of the football Spring Game and the upcoming season. Social 6 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. and program 7:30 p.m. Cost is $25 per person., 6pm Salem Conference Center


connect with the Archangels., Torrii $25 6:30pm-8:30pm Journey’s



Dallas, OR will talk about how she and her husband limited their household

garbage to one grocery bag over a year with simple steps such as composting, recycling, “up-cycling,” and other creative techniques. , 503.391.4145 FREE, no RSVP required. 7pm-8:30pm Salem Public Library



demonstration from Salem Classical Fencing, catapult making and target practice, jester training, and a RenSlam poetry stage. Held in Anderson A&B., 503.588.6364 Free and open to middle and high school-aged youth, with preregistration preferred at salemlibrary. org(at the “My Calendar” link) or by phone. 6:30pm-8pm Salem Public Library




Amerakin Overdose, Wayne Gacy Trio, Indecisive Hooligans will

perform. Doors at 8pm., $5 9pm Doug Fir Lounge


Free 9pm Boon’s Treasury


folk-rock in the Paragon Room. All ages. , Free 7pm Hotel Oregon

ASSISTED LIVING, HYDING JEKYLL, FORRESTAL’S FALL AND GLADHANDER will perform. Doors open at 7:30pm., $6 adv / $8 dos 8pm WOW Hall


bands. , 8pm Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center






year’s attendees enjoyed a multitude of flagship and seasonal brews from over 30 breweries, live music, and delicious NW cuisine. This year’s event is set to be bigger than last year, with even more breweries, it is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss. Fri:4-11pm, Sat:noon-11pm, 4pm-11pm Oregon Garden



Street Fair-civic organizations Family fun Center Literary Corner Writing Workshop N, 10am-9pm Santiam High School



melodic pop rock 503.371.2892 $3 at door 9pm Christos Pizzeria

in the Fireside Lounge featuring the Rock n Roll Cowboy’s. 503.874.2500 Free 9pm Fireside Lounge

New Music at Willamette will present a gala concert in celebration of the 20th year of the series. The program will also honor the 100th anniversary of the death of Gustav Mahler with a performance of Mahler’s spectacular orchestral song cycle, Das Lied von der Erde. , dtrevett@ $8 Adults; $5 Students 7:30pm Willamette University, Hudson Hall

LOADED FOR BEAR will perform atmospheric, melodic, piano-based rock from Portland., Free 10pm Bombs Away



perform at this “murder rock” theme night. 21+ $3 Triangle Inn



will perform. All ages., $8 adv / $10 dos 7pm Hawthorne Theater

NEVA will perform. 21+ , Free 5pm

Hawthorne Theater


James, Young T.Y. and more. Doors at 8:30pm., $10 adv / $15 dos 9pm Soon-tobe-named



“April Showers” and hello to “May Flowers” through this colorful and creative story time and craft event. Free with admission. www.acgilbert. org. , 503.371.3631 Open 361 days a year: Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 pm., Sunday, noon – 5 p.m. Admission: $6.00 (Ages 3-59); $4.50 (Ages 60+); $3.00 (Public assistance, ages 1-2); FREE for members. 10:30am-11:30am A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village



Real Dreams, Slashed Tires, Widemouth Masons

will perform. 8 p.m. $2 Cafe Noir

OSU GRAPHIC DESIGN BENEFIT SHOW is a student art show with acoustic showcase and audiophilia., $5 7pm Bombs Away



Fitness: a high energy Latin-based aerobic-dance class. GroupFit: weightsbased class focusing on muscle strength, endurance and tone. Good for all fitness levels; no prior experience required., 503.798.3479 $10 6pm-8pm Where to Start



bilingual musical presentation featuring Samuel Becerra, playing clay flutes based on flutes from the Aztecs and Mayas. Held in Loucks Auditorium., 503.588.6088 Free, on a first-come, first seated basis. 6:30pm Salem Public Library



JB SMOOVE from “Curb Your

Enthusiasm,” “The Chris Rock Show,” “Premium Blend,” “Pootie Tang,” NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd,” “Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza,” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” Multiple shows on Friday and Saturday. $17 GA / $22 Reserved, 8pm Helium Comedy Club



BUSH PILOTS will perform their


will perform. All ages., $8 adv / $10 dos 7pm Hawthorne Theater


performs. Doors at 8pm., $12 adv / $14 dos 9pm Doug Fir Lounge

For venue information, see list on page 16.

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 15

newgrass, jazzgrass or bluegrass with a twist. , Free 9pm Bombs Away

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 MONODY, SONS OF MALARKEY, JETPACK MISSING will perform. All

ages., $10 7:30pm Hawthorne Theater


will perform. Doors at 8pm, $10 adv / $12 dos 9pm Doug Fir Lounge

ERIC JOHN KAISER will perform. Kaiser has been called: “Portland’s French Troubadour” 21+ , Free 9pm Boon’s Treasury


perform. All ages. , Free 7pm Hotel Oregon


perform. , $5 adv / $7 dos 8pm WOW Hall

PRETTY THINGS, BLACKLIGHTS, AND POWER MOUNTAIN will perform., 7pm Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center

PROVEN AND THREE CHORD KILLERS will perform with other bands

TBA. , $5 7pm Soon-to-be-named

ROLLER DERBY Cherry City Derby

Girls face off against each other to celebrate their 2 year anniversary., Tickets can be purchased online at; $10 6pm-9pm Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavillion


Brewfest in the Fireside Lounge featuring JAMalia. , 503.874.2500 Free 9pm Fireside Lounge



features locally grown fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, on-site prepared foods, entertainment, and a wide variety of arts and crafts. Corner of Summer & Marion Streets NE, 3 blocks north of the State Capitol building, 9am3pm Downtown Salem

SPIRIT IN A BODY Put on clothes

you can move in and come play! This workshop will combine Shamanic exercises with theatre games to help you ground your spiritual path into your physical body. , Torrii $45 2pm-6pm Journey’s



readings featuring Jean Auel, and a panel of Oregon editors and publishers. Attendees are encouraged to bring a sack lunch and their own writing to read during the open mic. , www. Fees are $50 for adults, and $35 for students and adults 65 and over. 8am-5:30pm McMinnville Community Center



Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 16

Unique four course meal created by Carrie Wong of Extreme Chocolates. Intimate, one of a kind evening spent with Larry, winemaker and Ruth his wife. $60 per person, seating is limited reserve. Tickets are available on the website. 6pm-9:30pm Stangeland Winery


DJ WARS - 50’S ~ 60’S SOCK HOP GOLD Rockin’ Richie J & Mike the Music

Man Battle it out for song superiority with Rock n’ Gold from the 50’s and 60’s! Dinner Served and included in ticket price., Marie Hesley $25 6pm-10pm Copper Hill Events Center

MIK GOBEL & GOBEL WARMING / LENA LOU Salem original rock &

reggae band GOBEL WARMING are joined by Seattle post-rock power trio LENA LOU. Gobel Warming will be showcasing tunes from their new

CD ‘Just Bones’. Lena Lou, fronted by female guitarist Tasha Spizelli create a super charged sound with a Jimi Hendrix meets Radiohead melodies, 503.364.3003 $3 8pm-11:30pm Cafe Noir

sat-sun. apr30-may1

AG FEST is like an old-time country

fair. Dig for potatoes, watch chicks hatch, pet farm animals, see BIG equipment, ride ponies and much, much more. Oregon-made goods, garden and landscape plants, and much, more. , Children 12&under are free, parking is free, adults $7.50. Sat. 8:30am-5pm, Sun. 10am-5pm. 8:30am-5pm Oregon State Fairgrounds



JOSH BLUE from “Last Comic Standing” will perform. $20 GA / $25 Reserved, 8pm Helium Comedy Club ALASH ENSEMBLE , masters of

Tuvan throat singing, will perform. Doors open at 7:30pm., $13 adv / $15 dos 8pm WOW Hall


DOOR #5 SHOW - a self-guided,

door-to-door walking tour. The show will open on Tuesday, May 3rd and run through Saturday, May 28th, with an artist’s reception set for First Wednesday, May 4th. , Walking tour brochures will be available at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, Salem Conference Center, Travel Salem and all participating businesses. 10am Mary Lou Zeek Gallery




503.540.5899 No Cover 9pm-11:30pm Half Penny Bar and Grill


night of great jazz with Jazz pianist and composer Ezra Weiss with Renato Caranto on saxophone, Patrick Henry on bass, and Chaz Mortimer on drums. 503.371.2892 $7 advance tickets, limited seating 7pm-9pm Christos Pizzeria


MARK ALAN will perform. Acoustic/ soul/pop. 21+, Free 8pm Boon’s Treasury

“Why am I here?” “What is this life about?” This class reaches into these questions and brings forth some answers that you can apply to your life now., Torrii $30 1pm-3pm Journey’s

WEDNESDAY FARMERS’ MARKET features locally grown fresh




Willamette Master Chorus, accompanied by a brass ensemble and pipe organ, will present this concert of music with texts from the Old Testament Book of Psalms, featuring compositions by Gabrieli, Rachmaninoff, Vaughan Williams, Ives, Stanford, and Brother Caldwell., $15 Adults, $12 Seniors, $5 Students 3pm-5:30pm Mount Angel Abbey



MENOMENA, EMA, AND HOSANNAS will perform. Doors at

8pm. $15 adv / $18 dos, 8:30pm Doug Fir Lounge




Oregon State University will observe Holocaust Memorial Week May 2-6 with a series of events. For a complete schedule and descriptions of the events, go to:, Free 7:30pm Oregon State University






featured in the Senior Art Show will discuss their work: Katie Hendricks, painting, Meghan Lloyd, printmaking, Emily Cafaro, assemblage , 12pm Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University



business leaders from around the country will be honored during the OSU College of Business’ Alumni and Business Partner Awards on Tuesday, May 3, at the Governor Hotel in Portland. The event begins at 5:30pm with a reception, followed by dinner and the awards presentation. awards 5:30pm



produce, meats, baked goods, on-site prepared foods, and a wide variety of arts and crafts. Every Wed., MayOct., 10am-2 pm, Wednesday Farmer’s Market

FIRST WEDNESDAY,Salem’s favorite evening event, is always scheduled on the first Wednesday of each month throughout the year. Events and activities are scheduled for 5-8 p.m. This month the theme is centered on Relay for Life. 5pm-8pm Downtown Salem


GETTING A GRIP – CLARITY, CREATIVITY AND COURAGE FOR THE WORLD WE REALLY WANT The author of the best-selling book, “Diet for a Small Planet,” will give the 2011 Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture for World Peace. The event is at LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St., Corvallis. Frances Moore Lappé is the author of 17 books including “Diet for a Small Planet.”, 541.737.2811 Free 7:30pm Oregon State University

Bombs Away 2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis 541.757.7221 Boon's Treasury 888 Liberty St. NE 503.399.9062 , mcmenamins. com Cafe Noir 610 Marion St. NE Center 50+ 2615 Portland Rd. NE Christos Pizzeria 1108 Broadway St. 503.371.2892 Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center 241 Commercial St. NE

CINCO DE MAYO - Join Willamette




perform. Blues/folk/country-rock 21+, Free 8pm Boon’s Treasury

explore Shamanic techniques in this hands-on monthly circle. , Torrii Sugg. $20 donation 6:30pm-8:30pm Journey’s


Academy as they celebrate Cinco de Mayo with great cuisine, mariachi music and presentations from Willamette Academy students. Dress is festive casual.Doors open at 5pm. Purchase tickets online at: www., 503.370.6085 $25.00 5pm-9:30pm Mission Mill Museum

POLK COUNTY BOUNTY MARKET features growers and



Writing a novel? The Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the Romance Writers of America meets monthly to share tips and offer support to writers., Your first meeting is free. 7pm-9pm Salem Public Library



artisans from the Polk County area. All offerings are to be grown, produced or assembled in Oregon by the vendor. Free admission. 2pm-6pm Downtown Dallas


ANDY KINDLER from NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” is known in comedy circles as a troublemaker. Originally from New York, and now complaining from California, he annoys people all over the world. Andy is a frequent guest and correspondent for The Late Show with David Letterman. Multiple shows on Friday and Saturday., $15 GA / $20 Reserved 7pm Helium Comedy Club

Submit your events to: FOR CONSIDERATION in the general calendar or any of the event listings, the public is encouraged to submit the event via do so, sign up for a free account, then click LOGIN at the top of any page. From there, click EVENTS and follow the onscreen prompts. Be sure to fill out all of the information presented. Entries submitted with all information will have priority over those that require additional research. To be considered all events should be submitted by noon on the Wednesday prior to publication.

venuelist A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village 116 Marion St. NE

Ronde Canoe Journey with a visit to tribal lands. At Grand Ronde tour their artifact storage and hear about their plans for their museum/cultural center and then over to explore Fort Yamhill., Shara Manzano $35 for members and $40 non-members 9:30am-4pm Mission Mill Museum

Friends of Felines 980 Commercial St. SE,

Grand Theatre 187 High St., Half Penny Bar and Grill 3743 Commercial St. SE 503.540.5899 Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University 700 State St. Hawthorne Theater 1507 SE 39th, Portland 503.233.7100 Helium Comedy Club SE 9th & Hawthorne, Portland 888.64FUNNY Historic Elsinore Theatre 170 High St. SE, elsinoretheatre. com

Venue owners: want to see your venue here? Submit your events. McMinnville Community Center 600 NE Evans St., McMinnville 503.434.7310

Salem's Riverfront Carousel 101 Front St. NE 503.540.0374

Mission Mill Museum 1313 Mill St. SE

Santiam High School 265 SW Evergreen St., Mill City

Mount Angel Abbey One Abbey Drive, St. Benedict 503.370.6255

Santiam Wine Co. 1930 Commercial St. SE

Orchard Heights Winery 6057 Orchard Heights Rd. NW 503.391.7308 Oregon Garden 879 W. Main St., Silverton 503.874.8100 Oregon State Fairgrounds 2330 17th St. NE 971.219.0792

Hotel Oregon 310 NE Evans St., McMinnville

Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavillion 2330 17th St. NE 503.871.7130

Dante's 1 Southwest 3rd , Portland

Jammers 1897 12st St. SE 503.362.7494

Oregon State University OSU Campus - Brick Courtyard, Corvallis

Doug Fir Lounge 830 E. Burnside , Portland 503.231.WOOD

Journey's 456 Court St. NE 503.991.5091

Peoples Church 4500 Lancaster Dr.

Downtown Dallas 850 Main St., Dallas

Kroc Center 1865 Bill Frey Dr. NE 503.566.5762

Copper Hill Events Center 3170 Commercial St. SE

Eola Hills Winery 501 S. Pacific Hwy, Rickreal 503.623.2405 Fireside Lounge 895 W. Main St. , Silverton

Mary Lou Zeek Gallery 335 State St.

Polk County Fairgrounds 520 S. Pacific Hwy. West, Rickreall Salem Conference Center 200 Commercial St. SE Salem Public Library 585 Liberty St. SE 503.588.6052

Stampin' Cat Studio 2677 Commercial Street SE Stangeland Winery 8500 Hopewell Rd. NW 503.581.0355 Straub Environmental Learning Center 1320 A St. NE in Salem (next to Olinger Pool, near North Salem High). Soon-to-be-named (see pg. 5) 730 Front St. Triangle Inn 3215 Liberty St. Rd. S Wednesday Farmer's Market Chemeketa St. NE, Between High & Liberty Streets NE Where to Start 564 N 3rd Ave.,Stayton Willamette University, Hudson Hall 900 State St. WOW Hall 291 West 8th Ave , Eugene

Linnea Saris’ work can be found in local brick and mortars and online by Jodi Kerr Linnea Saris is a jewelry artist. She believes in Gaudy. When she was young she would sneak through her grandmother’s jewelry to ooh and ahh over each and every piece. She was drawn in by the large stones, bold pieces and uniqueness of each one. When her grandmother brought her back a necklace from Arizona and it broke, it took a repair lesson from her dad to make her realize she could do it herself. “Once I learned how to repair jewelry, I figured out I could make new things out of broken things,” said Saris. “That was a special moment for me.” The creating started after an elective at Sprague High School. “I took an elective in jewelry making in high school. It was fun and it opened my world to many things,” said Saris. “I started making jewelry on my own; I have been collecting beads and old pieces of jewelry since the time I was seventeen years old.” Saris’s pieces follow current trends, with a throwback from the past. She sells her pieces locally, and on her Etsy shop www. Locally her pieces can be viewed at Studio 554, La Rouge Consignment Boutique and Indulge Salon and Day Spa. “Costume jewelry is making a comeback. New styles, longer chains, real cuff bracelets, huge beads; it’s all very popular,”

It helps the local Salem economy, money comes in and it stays here in Oregon.” Local is great, and important for Saris, but her online store keeps her busy as well. “I like using Etsy. It’s what got me started. It’s a tool, like an online catalog. So you can see all my different styles,” said Saris. “Selling and meeting buyers from around the world has been very fun.” Style is what Saris is all about. With a love for top designers and fashion forward costume jewelry, she likes to peruse the counter of high end retailers and put her own rendition on trend. “I study people and their jewelry,” Saris said. “I study women and their jewelry. I notice what kind of earrings they wear. Personalities inspire me.” “Right now fluorescent, yellow, oranges, pinks, those bold colors are starting to be a big thing for this summer,” said Saris. High school started the learning process with jewelry making, but for several years she has studied, taken classes and learned how to make trendy pieces that are heirloom quality and will last generations. Creativity and inspiration she has. But learning how

goal, that things are made well,” said Saris. “I want brides to say ‘I wore this on my wedding day,’ and be able to pass special pieces down. I don’t think a lot of costume jewelry lasts that long. I just want my pieces to be special, but not as costly.”

Simply look after each other and the earth.


Linnea Saris is one of many local artisans participating on the online retail store, Etsy. To find more home grown crafts, art, and jewelry visit their collective site at:

to make quality pieces that lay right and will last is a skill. “You start learning more about finding, how to pick the right bead wire.You begin to want a better knowledge of the materials so that you know what material to use. It’s about bead weight.” Classes for Saris were not so much about how to make and create, but

It seems like a lifetime ago when in 2000 I carried a makeshift wooden sign to the corner on River Road and back each day. The painted white sign in traced hand painted black letters said “Spiritual Guidance.” Along with guidance I soon began offering-teaching Circles as well as small food boxes to anyone in the community that needed the help. In that same year I started The Crystal Mirror and in early 2003 moved to a larger home where on the week ends I would tack up cardboard signs on the neighborhood telephone poles saying “Crystals and Gifts for sale.” In 2004 I made my way to a small space downstairs in the Reed Opera House where we have expanding into two other spaces as well as offering our all natural goods from the Silverton Green Store in downtown Silverton. As a child I would play school teacher out of my bedroom closet with papers stacked on a cardboard box pretending to teach children their A B C’s but only after a long bout of drugs and alcohol, I came to understand that I would become a teacher of a different sort. Using Crystals, meditation and other forms of natural healing I have now been clean and sober for 18 years. I believe the purpose of life has little to do with religion, new thought or new age. It’s not complicated and is only difficult if you have allowed yourself to become distracted from this true priority. People ask me to help them find their purpose or what it is. Well, it’s actually quite simple, the true purpose of life is to look after each other and the earth. When this is our priority then we will find the true joy of living. There are many ways to live the purpose but one of the things we must stop doing is stop judging and labeling people. We need to stop telling people especially children that they are bad, useless, no good, stupid, and irresponsible or sinners. We need to start telling people especially children that they are worthy, smart, good, strong, confident and shining stars. I’m not talking about no boundaries I’m talking about not judging. When we label and judge people somewhere along the road they will start believing it and will lose the priority of “ the purpose of life” and most likely feel they are the very thing you judge them of. The more your priority is the well being of others

This is a paid advertisment

Carma from Crystal Mirror & Michelle from Diva Designs

and the earth the more you will love your life because not only will you feel the joy of others but you will open your life to having all of your needs met and more because you are helping to create a healthy, stable, and abundant planet. Living the purpose is not done once in a while or one day a week. It is a mindset, it is a way of life and when we are supportive of people and give them positive feedback in talents and goals we are helping them to discover one of the many ways they can live the purpose. Whether you’re a clerk, cook or rock star if your focus is the purpose, then you are truly living the dream. If your priority is t.v., computers, profit, fame or power then you are contributing to the struggles of the world and are probably setting the example for your children to do the same. If everyone on the planet worked on living the purpose no one would be suffering and the earth would not be suffering because we would all be living from the same intention. Only self honesty will move us through the fears that has brought us to where we are now and take us to the heights of creation. - Carma

Salem’s Downtown Rock & Metaphysical Shop

Reed Opera House 189 Liberty St NE


Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 17

said Saris. “Salem is open to homegrown artists,” said Saris. The willingness to support local artists gives potential buyers a chance to “try” on styles, touch the material and experience the quality.You can’t do that on a computer. Etsy customers seem to like her stamped personalized jewelry; they can interpret that style online and they are comfortable with their decisions. “A lot of my other pieces, you want to see them in person to make sure you are going to like it.” The bigger pieces sell fast in stores, but not so much online. Saris appreciates not only local customers, but local suppliers. Saris finds pieces for her creations in rock shops; she hunts through treasure boxes and friends give her things to upcycle all the time. “Since I have started doing this, I have an appreciation for quality. I buy local. Local food tastes better. I get it. I know it, and I understand.

how to make quality pieces that last. “People bring me Grandma’s costume jewelry. They have memories of Grandma wearing it,” said Saris. Custom pieces are part of Saris’ favorite part of the job. “People bring in beloved old jewelry that is outdated. They have loved it, and they ask me to create something that they can use,” said Saris “I make things that will last forever. Hopefully one day my pieces will end up two generations down the line. That is my


Jewelry artist brings independent touch to her pieces


Typhoon maintains momentum on latest release

by Jason Stringer

Apr 21-May 4, 2011 • page 18

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One of the most significant releases in the Northwest this season has been by Portlandby-way-of-Salem’s “Typhoon,” which put out the extended play “A New Kind of House” last month on Portland label “Tender Loving Empire.” It has garnered attention from nearly every music media outlet in the Northwest and many beyond, and it’s safe to say that the recording “still has legs.” If one had to review the progressive indie-pop band in one word, it would be “dynamic.” In a single song Typhoon can take the listener from a small room with a singer-songwriter to a cathedral with an orchestra. The band’s latest release is the best example to date of the 12 members harnessing said ability. The massive size of their ensemble is not a gimmick; front-man and songwriter Kyle Morton uses his talented dozen to take the songs to another level. The orchestra (I say that, because that is what it really is) achieves its best work to date on the latest recording, with a highlyevolved, ambitious and far-reaching sound. They have ditched all the draw-backs, glitches and snags associated with an un-polished, novice local band, but without sacrificing their vision. “A New Kind of House” is Typhoon’s second release on “Tender Loving Empire,” the first being 2010‘s “Hunger And Thirst,” which 10% off for OMMA patients 285 Liberty Plaza ste#160 received rave reviews and catapulted across from JCPenney 20% off all merchandise the act to the upper echelon of the

Smokey’s Novelties

PDX music scene (the act placed second behind Sally Ford and The Sound Outside in Willamette Week’s “Best New Band” poll in 2010). However, the band’s latest release may be what skyrockets the former Salemites into rock stardom (with alternative rock orchestra Arcade Fire winning a Grammy earlier this year, it’s not as far-fetched as you would think). The Portland Mercury’s Ned Lannamann wrote earlier this month that “right now Typhoon is making some of the finest music not just in Portland, but in the world.” Typhoon’s EP is just five songs, but for being under 30 minutes, it makes a huge impact. For those who frequently attend Typhoon’s concerts, the EP includes “The Honest Truth,” “Summer Home,” “Claws Pt. 1,” “Kitchen Tile,” and “Firewood.” When listening to the recording it is hard to gauge how long the songs and EP are without checking, because Morton and company cram so many ideas and segments into every song, but are also seamless in their execution. Though all of the tracks are beautiful in their own right, the number that grabbed the most attention was “Summer Home” (following the house theme of the recording). “Summer Home” makes use of Typhoon’s impeccable orchestration, dynamics, and musicianship, but also infuses a ridiculously infectious melody that builds to a grandiose choral arrangement (that may be the peak of the whole EP). Other highlights include opener “The Honest Truth” and “Claws Pt. 1,” (“Claws Pt. 2” was on 2010‘s “Hunger and Thirst”), but this reviewer can definitely see “Summer Home” getting mass amounts of airtime on 94.7 FM and other like stations across the country in the near future.

“A New Kind of House” is evidence that Typhoon is not only a great band, but one that is getting better with time. Morton has matured in both his lyrical and musical song-writing abilities throughout the years, and it is exciting for the act’s hometown brethren to watch them blossom into the third major alternative band to have roots in the mid-valley (Dharma Bums and Blitzen Trapper being the others). Besides Morton, Typhoon includes Toby Tanabe (formerly of Funhouse Strippers), Dave Hall, Pieter Hilton, Alex Fitch, Tyler Ferrin, Ryan McAlpin, Devin Gallagher (owner of High Scores and Records), Nora Zimmerly, Shannon Steele, Jen Hufnagel and Eric Stipe. The record includes performances by Lilly Maher, Samantha Kushnick, Danielle Sullivan, Edward Villareal and Darren Bridenbeck. The recording was expertly engineered and mixed by Paul Laxer and professionally mastered by Gus Elg, giving the music and performances a justified professional sheen that sounds miles away from when Typhoon’s respective members were honing their skills in the Mopps and other local projects. The EP is available at Ranch Records for a mere $10 (money is tight for a lot of people, but when you hear the record you’ll say it’s a “mere 10 bucks” too) and includes beautiful packaging courtesy of Tender Loving Empire and artist Rick DeLucco. Typhoon performed at the IKE Box as part of the Cherry City Music Festival earlier this month, and has no confirmed dates in Salem as of press time (however, we can all collectively cross our fingers and hope they return for Great Idea at Enchanted Forest this summer!).



Try out your underpants at Pentacle Theatre


Pentacle Theatre will debut Steve Martin’s The Underpants on July 15 by Therese Oneill

someone go over the top and have to ask that person to bring it down rather than asking for more energy or excitement from the actor.You know the actor is capable if you have to bring them down; however, if you never see it from someone in auditions, then you’re not sure (and sometimes not willing to risk) if you’ll ever get the person from where they are to where they need to be for the production.� To be fully prepared, Bertels recommends auditioners check out the script from the theatre’s business office for a $10 deposit. They should also be prepared to demonstrate how they well they can interact with her as a director. “I tend to give some small direction during the audition to see how well the actors take direction. This Auditions for The Underpants indicates how good they when: May 7, 1 p.m. will be to work with during where: Pentacle Theatre, 324 52nd Avenue the production process.� who: men and women between the ages of 20 and 80 For more information more info: contact Jenni Bertels at

Pentacle Theatre has announced the upcoming auditions for their new comedy, “The Underpants.� Auditions will be Saturday, May 7 promptly at 1 p.m. at the Pentacle Theatre lobby at 324 52nd Avenue in Salem. The cast of seven includes parts for two men and five women, ages varying between twenty and eighty. The production, written by Steve Martin, is an adaptation of a 1910 German play concerning a couple named Louise and Theo Maske. The plot revolves around the mayhem that ensues after Louise’s bloomers fall down in public. Theo is afraid of losing

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Oregon Garden Brewfest April 29-30


expanded venue! more brewers! more music!


minors welcome noon-4pm saturday only

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his job over the scandal, and Louise must contend with unwanted admirers who are also boarders in the Maske home. Director Jenni Bertels talks about what drew her to the play. Says Bertels, “I love Steve Martin! He’s a comedic genius and an amazing playwright. I knew that when I was laughing out loud just reading the play, that it will be a riot when it comes to life on the stage.You can hear Steve Martin in the back of your head when just reading it! It’s a very fun play that will be great for summertime at our beautiful theatre.� According to Bertels, Martin’s work will be complemented by actors who know how to underplay an outrageous situation. “The biggest thing that we need are funny people and people with great comedic timing. The show isn’t a farce, so we won’t be going over the top with it. It’s so well-written and funny that we’re going to play it very genuinely and timing is everything - playing it as real, ordinary people in an extraordinary situation and dealing with the aftermath that ensues.� Aside from being prepared and understanding the characters they will portray, Bertels’ biggest requirement for an audition is intensity and energy. “Directors would always much rather see


and how to stop them. pg. 10


by Shawn Estes




Complaints about downtown

4/22: Water for Elephants “ I cut my hair for this? Where’s Kristen Stewart? ” It seems as though Hollywood decided that the fifth addition to the Fast and the Furious was enough of a pull to clear the schedule of decent movies. It’s going to be a slow couple of weeks.When a Robert Pattinson movie looks like the best bet, it’s probably time to sign up for a 14-day Netflix trial.

April 22

Water for Elephants

Despite the piercing blue eyes, perfectly coiffed hair, and occasionally sparkling skin, Robert Pattinson seems to be heading toward a typecasting of the doeeyed jilted lover.This time he’s a little less fangy, but he plays a veterinarian student that joins a traveling circus and falls for a buxom blonde, played by Reese Witherspoon.The movie is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Sara Gruen.

Madea’s Big Happy Family

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Hear the news about Tyler Perry being cast as Alex Cross? Yup, he’s going to go from crossdressing as everyone’s favorite angry black woman to the Morgan Freeman role in the Alex Cross movie that is being put together now. Until then, he’s apparently going to keep churning out Madea movies.This

one revolves around a family dinner and the bickering (and Madea’s patented face-slapping) that goes with it.

Born to Be a Star

It’s a little telling when a movie that is set to come out doesn’t have an accessible trailer online or even an official website.That’s a little sad for this movie that is produced by Adam Sandler and stars Nick Swardson. Grandma’s Boy had a similar lack of marketing and crippled theatrical release. Swardson is pretty funny in general so I’m not going to give up hope that it’s going to be a decent comedy.The only problem is whether we’ll ever see it until DVD.

African Cats

Just in time for Earth Day, Disney is releasing a documentary on two families of lions and tigers and their struggle that they face surviving in the African wilderness. Look for lots of cute kittens and the moms that would eat your face off to protect them. Samuel L. Jackson narrates.

April 29

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil I barely made it through the first Hoodwinked, but apparently it

raked in enough dough to warrant a sequel. An evil witch abducts two kids (Hansel and Gretel, of course) and the Happily Ever After Agency is called into action to save them. Anne Hathaway has been replaced by Hayden Panettiere, but most of the other cast like Patrick Warburton and Glenn Close have returned.


The trailer for this one starts with “Ugh! Prom.” And it really sets the pace for how the audience is going to feel walking out of the movie. It’s High School Musical without the music. Glee without the, well, glee. After checking out Nicholas Braun in Kevin Smith’s “Red State” where he plays a dirty, horny teenager, it makes the sugary sweet of this character even more lockjawinducing.

Fast Five

The Fast and the Furious will allegedly end with one big caper to rule them all. All of the crew gets back together:Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker, cleavage and tight pants, and Ludacris.The question is whether Paul Walker can wipe the perma-smirk off of his face long enough to pull it off.

Kar na Vor BBQ is set to serve all the meat that Salem can eat by Jodi Kerr


Where the barbeque roams

John Peel — The Pythia, monodrama for soprano and orchestra Gustav Mahler — Das Lied von der Erde, song symphony for alto and tenor voices

Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center Suggested donation $8 adults, $5 students, free to Willamette Hudson Concert Hall community with I.D. April 29, 2011 7:30 p.m.




Site Price: $4499 Sale Price: $2499

You Pay:



99 +s/h



ur on o rills” eF

h “All touquet B

To redeem this offer go to

or call 1.888.802.5310 * 50% discount is applied to “All the Frills” bouquet regular site price. Take an additional 20% off any other bouquet on ProFlowers over $29.99. Discount does not apply to gift cards or certificates, same-day or international delivery, shipping & handling, taxes, or third-party hosted products (e.g. wine). Offer expires 05/06/2011.

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has been the pulled pork sandwich. It comes with a side of smoked baked beans and they do pair together,” said Charpilloz. Barbecue for Charpilloz doesn’t necessarily mean super spicy. “There are a lot of people who don’t like hot and spicy, but it is a good blend of sweet and tangy with a bit of zing in it.” “I am trying to be different every day,” said Charpillloz. “But I stay pretty close to the barbecue theme.” Since opening his own business, Charpilloz knows firsthand what buying local can do for the economy and makes sure that his truck moves farmers and local suppliers forward. “I use a buffalo sausage from Cascade Buffalo ranch; it is very good and I run those specials whenever I get the chance. All my bread products come from Cascade Baking Company and Don Poncho.” “I like it when people support me locally. I think it is real important to keep it in the community. It helps support the town and local business owners; it is not a real easy time right now,” Charpilloz said. Charpilloz is glad he made the switch to owning his own business, but admits that it is a lot of work. “It is a lot more work than I thought. I have had a lot of help from Ready to chow down? Find out where Kar the Chemeketa Small Business program. na Vor Gourmet BBQ is going to be: I graduated from the Merit program and On Twitter: @karnavorbbq have been working with Scott Sadler; he is On Facebook: Kar na Vor Gourmet BBQ my business coach.” “Sometimes business owners just getting On the web: started out get stuck in a one-track state of mind,” said Charpilloz. The coaching and education has helped Charpilloz make good decisions. “Scott has pretty a welder mechanic. “The recession came and I much advised business owners how to create an just kind of thought that I needed to do what I liked to do,” said Charpilloz. “I have always loved equal balance between your day-to-day life and your business life. I had to set processes in place to cook and barbecue but I have never had the and look at things from different angles. He has funds to open up a brick-and-mortar restaurant. I did a lot of research and took some notes. I met really helped me to open my eyes and look at with some food and truck owners in Portland and things from a consumer standpoint: creating reladecided that this (a mobile location) would be the tionships, advertising, marketing and all aspects of business.” best way for me to start out.” Kar na Vor is a one-man operation, but So start out he did. Internet-savvy, the BBQ on wheels tells loyal customers “where’s the beef ” Charpilloz does have help when he needs it. Long-term goals would be to bring on another (and pork, and chicken) via Facebook and Twittruck, and maybe open a restaurant with a couple ter. “It has been a wild ride. I am working with tables and eating bar across the window. “Salem a few key companies and local schools to go and do some lunch breaks and dinner services to feed has been amazing. The community and the city have been more than supportive about what I teachers and students. I also am available for anhave been trying to do, and what I am doing. niversaries, parties and private events.” Everyone has been pulling for me.” “So far the most popular item, hands down, Sometimes you just want to grab your lunch and run. Kar na Vor Gourmet BBQ is Salem’s newest mobile barbecue truck. So far, business has been smokin’ hot. Especially popular are $2 tacos: warm corn tortillas overfilled with freshly barbecued chicken, pork or brisket, smothered in their sweet and savory barbecue sauce. “We put a unique twist on our tacos,” said owner Don Charpolloz. “We make each taco pop with fresh cabbage slaw, made with toasted almonds and dried cranberries.” The BBQ-on-wheels idea came from friends and family always requesting his barbecue. “I learned first of all by good old trial and error. I took culinary classes up in Portland. I have taken classes at Oregon Culinary Institute and also at Portland’s Culinary Workshop. But the majority of my experience has been doing family functions and parties for friends.” Charpilloz grew up in the hills of Silverton. Once he graduated from high school he became

y Da r’s 8 he ay ot M M is

Photo: Randolph W. Flook

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It takes gumption to explore the other side - to write a book whose questions irritate or even enrage your peers and potential readers. To go against the current stream of enlightened thought to try and find the other half of the truth, using research, statistics and hard evidence. Here we examine books that dare to respect unpopular viewpoints. Freakonomics and its sequel, Superfreakonomics, by both Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, brought contrary thinking to mainstream consciousness, and are great introductions to lateral thought. The books describe themselves as studies of economics applied to real-world problems, but it might be more accurate to describe them as studies of unintended consequences. The authors make credible arguments for sometimes outrageous connections, such as how Women’s Liberation savaged the American public school system, or why abortion causes violent crime to decrease. Nearly all of these findings can and have been contested, but the information the authors use is generally sound, and extremely thought-provoking. As far as contesting research goes, scholars have made whole careers out of arguing against the conclusions put forth in the The Bell Curve. Authors Hernstein and Murray, through extensive research, found human intelligence was not distributed across all populations equally. They examined how intelligence varies among class, race, and environment, and what these variances mean to our future. While their findings have been vehemently refuted by some academics, denounced as racist and classist, there is no denying that their research is an excellent starting point for serious discourse about intelligence. Even in times as enlightened as these, Western Civilization still has its scapegoats; small populations that are still believed to be deserving of scorn and disdain. In his book The Redneck Manifesto, Jim Goad takes an hilarious but vitriolic look at one of the lasts groups that it socially acceptable to despise, white trash. He examines history and sociology to find how the powerful elite made it okay to hate the poor, white and rural. He compares the lesser known horrors of indentured servitude with slavery, and logically illustrates why gun nuts, religious fanatics, and government-hating-paranoids might have reasons for their beliefs. His writing is rife with vulgarity, taut research, and laugh-out-loud humor.

Slaying the sweetest darling of American History is Thomas Dilorenzo’s The Real Lincoln. Dilorenzo takes to issue the sainted Abraham Lincoln by suggesting that the president’s motivations for ending slavery and waging The Civil War had very little to do with nobility and much to do with ego. The author uncovers evidence that Lincoln was only peripherally concerned with the wrongs of slavery, had no legal or constitutional right to wage the bloodiest war in American History, and routinely punished those who would speak against him. While few people would argue against the benefits that society has reaped from women’s liberation, the exodus of women from the kitchen and into every other aspect of civilization, author Kay Hymowitz believes there have been some serious casualties in the struggle. Her new book Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys explores what woman’s empowerment has done to men. She introduces a new stage in the male life-span, the age from 20-40, “pre-adulthood.” Where grown men continue to wear board shorts, play video games, collect toys and live an unhampered hedonistic lifestyle. Simply put, Hymowitz explores the concept that men no longer grow up, because they don’t have to, and what role feminism played in the creation of the modern man-child. Tom Cruise’s denigration of psychiatric medicine in years past was a lightning rod for the scorn of a well-medicated population. In his book The Emperor’s New Drugs: Exploding the Antidepressant Myth, Irving Kirsch braves popular opinion to examine just how effective anti-depressants are on people suffering anxiety and depression. His laboratory findings, that the placebo effect is the only thing making these people feel better, is causing a huge upset in the psychiatric community and is a must-read for anyone interested in mental health. It is important to remember that none of these books offer “the real truth.” They are all written by people who have an opinion that they want you to agree with. Therefore, even when supported with evidence, these books are usually biased, their statistics subtly manipulated to provide cohesion to the author’s idea. They do however offer more truth, by daring to respect ideas that many people want to dismiss. They provide the all important service of giving a truly open-minded reader a clearer perception of the issues they care about.


by Therese Oneill



The other side: respecting ugly questions

by Therese Oneill

The Good Book: A Secular Bible

by A.C. Grayling A.C. Grayling creates a Bible for humanist readers, based on religious traditions in both Western and Eastern cultures. Written in the chapter and verse style evocative of the Bible, The Good Book is divided into twelve sections: Genesis, Histories, Wisdom, The Sages, Parables, Consolations, Lamentations, Proverbs, Songs, Epistles, Acts, and The Good. It offers rationalistic meditations to readers while maintaining a nontheistic viewpoint. ~April 2011

Everything Else

by Dan Abrams MSNBC analyst Dan Abrams writes a small and readable book illustrating the underrated abilities of the “weaker sex.”Very short chapters state the particular virtue (such as “Women Have Better Muscular Endurance”) which are then supported with recent

Prizewinning Political Cartoons: 2011 Edition by

Dean Turnbloom, Mark Fiore The cartoons featured in this collection were all nominated or major award-winning cartooning prizes, including The Pulitzer and the Berryman. The collection includes profiles of the cartoonists and samples of their work. Subjects lampooned run the gamut of 2010’s political chaos, including wars, Obama, and Wall Street. ~May 2011

studies and statistics. A light, fun read. ~May 2011

The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine

by Alina Bronsky, Tim Mohr Rosa Achmetowna is the delightfully wicked and unreliable narrator of “The Hottest Dishes.” The black comedy concerns Rosa, a Tartar living in the former Soviet Union, dealing with the pregnancy and motherhood of her sweet teenage daughter, “Stupid Sulfia.” When Rosa begins machinations to move her family out of the Soviet Union, the situation turns darker. ~April 2011

Once Upon a River

Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About

by Bonnie Jo Campbell Sixteen-year-old Margo Crane helped cause the death of her father when she took revenge against an uncle that raped her. Now, equipped with a biography of Annie Oakley, bullets, and her father’s ashes, Margo is taking to the river that runs through her Michigan town to find the mother that abandoned her. ~July 2011

ďŹ nish

by Gustavo Arellano


503.999.1641 CPM, LDM



Lennon Clark


3529 Fairview Industrial SE (off Madrona)

you have an answer, for my mental sanity please let me know. Yes, we’re nerds— whatever—but I feel it’s necessary for kids, my Mexican kids, to know about galleries and museums, among other things. What do you think? -Loca for Lichtenstein


Frances Jagodzinski

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What is it, my 7KDQN\RX (503) 485-4300 5(63216,%,/,7<2)$'9(57,6(5 &255(&7('3URRIIRU 7KDQN\RX 5817+,6$'217+(-$1&2:(%6,7( <(6 12 145 Liberty St NE, Ste 102 3522))257<32*5$3+,&$/&255(&7,216$// Survey of Public Participation in fellow American? -LP /LQGD $35,/-DQFR E-mail Server Spam Protection/ 5817+,6$'217+(-$1&2:(%6,7( <(6  2.$6,6 $//&255(&7,216$5(0$5.(' -U.S Citizen -$1&2  )$;  12 the Arts that ďŹ gured   only 8.6 7KDQN\RX !NTI 6IRUSs7EBMAILs5NLIM-LP /LQGD&255(&7,2161(('72%(&/($5/<0$5.(' 5817+,6$'217+(-$1&2:(%6,7( <(6 12 3522))257<32*5$3+,&$/&255(&7,216$// 1221681 -LP /LQGD ITED% -AIL!DDRESSESs7EBAL percent of visitors to galleries -$1&2  )$;   3/($6(6,*1 5(7851%<BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB &255(&7,2161(('72%(&/($5/<0$5.(' &+$1*(6$1'(552561270$5.('$5(62/( -$1&2  )$;   &+$1*(6$1'(552561270$5.('$5(62/( IZER3TATSs#')EXTENSIONSs   5(63216,%,/,7<2)$'9(57,6(5 were â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hispanic,â&#x20AC;? and only 14.5 &255(&7('3URRIIRU Dear Gabacho: A   chicken in 6,*1$785(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 1221681 3/($6(6,*1 5(7851%<BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB (4-, 0ERL 0(0LANGUAGESs $35,/-DQFR 1221681  2.$6,6 $//&255(&7,216$5(0$5.(' &255(&7('3URRIIRU 3/($6(6,*1 5(7851%<BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB percent of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hispanicsâ&#x20AC;? were every olla and a gabacha in every 5(63216,%,/,7<2)$'9(57,6(5 7KDQN\RX 0OSTGRE31,-Y31,$ATABASES 6,*1$785(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 5817+,6$'217+(-$1&2:(%6,7( <(6 12 '$7(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB -LP /LQGD -$1&2  )$;   '"3TORAGEFOR% MAIL7EB regular patrons of the arts. 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Expires 4/30/11. participation across all races and pleasure in seeing the American COFFEE IN MOTION COFFEE IN MOTION 503-566-9085 ethnicities. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d lean toward the Southwest revert back to Mexico 6,*1$785(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB latter explicaciĂłn, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a demographicallyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;but we full answer: I know more than acknowledge it as Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s karmic '$7(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB %X\2QH'ULQN$W5HJXODU3ULFH a few working-class Mexis who humor (kind of like seeing Brits 5HFLHYHQG'ULQNRI(TXDORU With Any Purchase of $5.00 or More know their Riveras and Duchamps, eating curry, or a black man in /HVVHU9DOXH XSWR )5(( ONE COUPON PER DAY. ONE COUPON PER DAY. Not valid with any other offer. just like I know2420 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hispanicsâ&#x20AC;? who the White House) instead of Mission St. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 4/30/10. 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Find out more at www. stolen outright by rapacious â&#x20AC;˘ Belgian Waffles settlers and the courts (just talk â&#x20AC;˘ Habanero Mexican Restaurant to the Berreyesas of Northern â&#x20AC;˘ Hot Mess Boutique Ask the Mexican at themexican@ California, who had many of the, be his fan on males in their clan murdered Facebook, follow him on Twitter with no prosecution of their or ask him a video question at gabacho killers). As for returning! the conquered territories back to Mexico? Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a reason us Mexicans left Mexico, you know ND





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Apr 21-May 4, 2011 â&#x20AC;˘ page 23

Dear Mexican: I was born in Ciudad Juarez and moved to the Northern VirginiaWashington, D.C. area when I was really young. I grew up going to museums and I love it. Came back to the Juarez-El Paso area. I have two kids and I love taking them to museums, plays, art galleriesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; anything art-related. My question is: How come some, if not most, Mexicans are not into going to museums, galleries, plays, operaâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;you know, stuff like that? Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve met educated, uneducated, rich and poor Mexicans, and they all seem to not like those kinds of things. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve gotten reactions from fellow Mexis who see my kids getting excited about going to an art gallery or a museum as a treat for something. If

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Client: Job #: App: Colors:

OCCU OCCU 5576 InDesign CS5 4cp

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Salem Weekly 9.639 x 12.25 none closes 3.31.11

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© 2011 Oregon Community Credit Union

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3/23/11 10:59 AM

Salem Weekly Newspaper - Apr 21-May 4, 2011  

Salem Weekly Newspaper - April 21 issue, courthouse square, downtown

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