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Building community partnerships to improve health for those most at need is at the center of our work. Learn more about how Salem Hospital and West Valley Hospital supported our communities.

A letter from one of the many programs benefiting from Salem Health’s community partnerships. bringing hope

and health to

our community

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Salem Hospital critical care clinical nurse specialist Ann Alway volunteers regularly at the Salem Free Clinics.

Dr. Laura Metzger, allergy and immunology physician at Salem Clinic, has volunteered at the Salem Free Clinics for more than five years.

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CARING FOR OUR COMMUNITY Caring for our community means understanding its needs and being actively involved. Salem Health collaborates with community partners to serve those who depend on us for health care. Our investments in talent, services and outreach benefit the entire community.

Health care for people unable to pay Every year, Salem Health provides needed health care to people whose insurance, if any, does not cover the cost of providing services. Without Salem Health, many of these patients would go without treatment. In 2011, Salem Health provided $88.4 million in unreimbursed health care services. This community benefit was distributed as follows: • Charity care: The cost of treating uninsured or underinsured community members who could not afford health care totaled $23.2 million. • Medicare: Government payments for Medicare patients fell $46.1 million short of the actual cost of caring for them. • Medicaid: Government payments for Medicaid patients fell $19.1 million short of the actual cost of caring for them.

Community services As the largest health care provider in the mid-Willamette Valley, Salem Health actively participates in community health-improvement services. In 2011, Salem Health gave $5.4 million for unfunded or underfunded health services that typically would not be available to the community if Salem Health did not provide them. These services include improving access to care through physician recruiting, community health education and prevention programs. Salem Health has an active speakers bureau and provides health lectures to community groups, free of charge. Health screenings, support groups and education classes are offered on an ongoing basis. In 2011, people benefitted more than 581,000 times from Salem Healthsponsored activities aimed at improving health and well-being.


Total unreimbursed costs and community benefits: $109,461,689


Charity care and unmet cost of Medicaid $42,321,270 Unmet cost of Medicare and other public programs $54,265,459 Community health improvement, subsidized health services and community benefit operations $8,262,864 Research $2,199,800 Health professional education and workforce development $1,589,556 Cash and in-kind donations $822,740

Cash and in-kind donations by Salem Health Salem Health provides cash and in-kind donations to community programs such as MedAssist, Salem Free Clinics and Northwest Human Services. In 2011, Salem Health gave almost $1 million in support of these and other health programs.

More information: If you have questions about Salem Health’s contributions to the community, contact the Community Health Education Center at 503-814-CHEC (2432).


COMMUNITY HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PARTNERSHIP In 2011, the Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) launched its new web tool, the Marion and Polk County Needs Assessment Dashboard. With startup funding from the Salem Hospital Foundation, the dashboard helps to identify countywide health priorities and inspire collaborations between businesses and organizations to help address those priorities. CHIP is coordinated by the Marion County Health Department and Polk County Public Health. CHIP uses the dashboard tool as a unifying The percentage resource for of obese adults collaborative work is an indicator of groups. One of the overall health the groups, a and lifestyle of a coalition of SalemKeizer businesses, community. government and community organizations, identified adult obesity as a problem. To address this problem, they are working on a diabetes-prevention initiative called I Love ME. In Polk County, 23 community partners— including West Valley Hospital, school district personnel and Public Health staff—encouraged community members to take part in the I Love ME and 5120 programs (see story on Page 4). Both the Marion and Polk County CHIPs are tackling the issue of adult obesity by inspiring healthy lifestyle changes.

Polk County

Marion County

This indicator shows the percentage of adults (aged 18 and up) who are obese according to the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a ratio of your height to your weight. A BMI equal or greater than 30 is considered obese. Why this is important: The percentage of obese adults is an indicator of the overall health and lifestyle of a community. Obesity increases the risk of many diseases and health conditions including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, respiratory problems, and osteoarthritis.

By tracking the major problem areas in community health, CHIP can help community groups target the most pressing issues and create efficient plans for health improvement.



Patient Story 5210

PARTNERSHIP The Salem Health Community Health Education Center (CHEC), in partnership with many local organizations, has been helping to improve community health by promoting the 5210 initiative in the Salem area. The initiative is named for its practice. Each day, eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, reduce to 2 hours or less of leisure screen time, get 1 hour of cumulative exercise, and consume 0 servings of sweetened drinks. One of the many events the CHEC has put on to promote 5210 was a family night at a local elementary school that included stations where children could practice putting 5210 into action. The “5” station had food demonstrations, the “2” station promoted no-screentime play activities, the “1” station was an aerobic dance class, and the “0” station had tastings of different fruit-and vegetable-infused waters. Each station focused on the ease of incorporating 5210 into everyday life. This report is produced by Salem Health, P.O. Box 14001, Salem, OR 97309-5014. Questions: Call 503-561-5269 or email


When Scott was rushed to the Salem Hospital emergency department during a heart attack, he received a stent to open blocked arteries and was told that he needed bypass surgery. Having recently lost his business, he was no longer covered by health insurance and felt that he should wait for another emergency to occur before he received additional medical care. Fortunately for Scott, a staff member at the Salem Heart Center suggested he contact Project Access to see if he was eligible for the program. Project Access is a charity-care program that pairs uninsured, low-income patients with doctors and other clinical specialists who will provide high quality health care at no cost. Salem Health supports these physicians by providing free laboratory, x-ray, In addition to many and other hospital services to their donated services, Salem patients. Health supports Project Scott was referred to Dr. Thomas Access by providing Winkler, cardiothoracic surgeon, $22,880 in free office who performed triple bypass surgery on Scott at Salem Hospital. space in Salem. Scott said that the surgery was very successful and he and his wife were especially pleased to be able to have the surgery performed in Salem. Project Access has helped to change the lives of many patients who might not have otherwise received the care that they needed for a healthy life.

2011 Community Benefits Report  

Our community benefits program includes three primary types of care: (1) direct charity care and financial assistance, and (2) community edu...

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