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Artist: Paul Wallace


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Visit Us 43.172674째 N 73.333418째 W SAW Office Winter Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (November - May) Summer Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (June - October)

On the cover: 38 Special, John Umphlett Salem Art Works

Letter from the Founder Dear local and global community: Every individual who experiences Salem Art Works becomes integral to the voice and meter of this Upstate art colony. Simultaneously, the SAW experience is life changing for many people who take part, whether as an artist in residence, young artist, community member, or workshop participant. Without the confines of limitation, an openness is created, expanding what is possible. I am very proud of this dynamic. We are constantly in pursuit of honing our identity and offering multi-faceted possibilities to our community both locally and globally. SAW maintains a flexibility in programming, opportunities, and workshops in order to allow accessibility to all individuals and groups. I want to passionately acknowledge the efforts, strides, and vested energy you have dedicated over the last eight years. I invite friends and future friends to take part in the SAW experience this year. Sincerely,

Anthony Cafritz Founder Salem Art Works Salem Art Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art center and sculpture park located in rural Upstate New York. Founded in 2005 by artist Anthony Cafritz, Salem Art Works is dedicated to supporting both emerging and established artists in the creation of new and progressive work, as well as promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the region.


Letter from the Founder


“Through access to spaces, considerable

diverse and evocative energy and time from

community members and staff, and the general

atmosphere of experimentation and passion,



experience that time to come.”






I’ll be building on for a long

Moheb Soliman

*Photo by Paul Wallace

Salem Art Works


Artist Programs

Salem Art Works offers residency options for artists with an emphasis on diversity of mediums. Whether a Young Artist or a Fellow, the residency programs allow artists to enhance their work in a creative and supportive environment. Programmatic support includes housing, meals, staff support, and 24-hour access to studio spaces and on-site facilities. A strong community is at the core of our artist program. Participation in communal life is meant to foster personal growth through the exchange of ideas and techniques. Collaboration manifests during group evening meals prepared by the residents on a rotating cooking schedule, participation in local cultural events, and weekly critiques of past and ongoing work. The nature of the campus, however, allows for both communal and solitary experiences. Artists looking for an introspective approach may find it throughout the grounds, fields, and forest, or in a camper set back from the campus center. SAW strives to nurture a continuous stream of creative development through weekly studio visits as well as presentations from resident and visiting artists. Artists are encouraged to reach out to the SAW community during their stay in whichever way they feel is most appropriate in relation to their work. Orientations are provided for each arriving guest at Salem Art Works. SAW’s staff is here to support the creation of every artist’s work. Artists should never hesitate to ask for help or information regarding facility use or residential concerns.


Artist Programs


Artist Programs Fellowships SAW offers a limited number of Fellowships. These residencies vary on average from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project proposed. SAW selects applicants whose vision will be realized best at Salem Art Works. All proposals must be for new work and must detail how Salem Art Works’ community and diverse facilities will assist in the completion of the work. Artists of any medium are accepted. During colder months, SAW suggests writers, visual, and performing artists who can work in enclosed, shared studio spaces apply. Fellows are provided with modest room and board, studio space and facility access for no fee* and a stipend of $25 per week. Aside from producing new work, Fellowship artists are required to reach out to the community. Fellows can fulfill this requirement in whichever way the artist sees most appropriate. Applications for the Fellowship Program must be recieved by November 1st.

Self-Funded Residency Self-Funded Residencies provide an opportunity for artists or a group of artists to immerse themselves in new projects and ideas in a creative environment, free from everyday pressures. Single artists and groups of any discipline are accepted. During their stay, artists are invited to present their work to the SAW community and to attend weekly on-site studio visits. The Self-Funded Residency fee is $350 per person per week for up to four months. The fee covers modest room and board, 24-hour studio space, and access to facilities*. Artists should contact the office to customize each residency to best utilize their time and SAW’s facilities. Artists who wish to work in iron, ceramics, or glass will be subject to a material fee. Please contact the SAW office for details. Applications for the Self-Funded Residencies are accepted on a rolling basis; however, space is limited and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

*Please see the Facilities page for discipline specific materials fees. Salem Art Works

Artist Programs Emerging Artist Program The Emerging Artist Program awards four artists per year with a work exchange residency. In exchange for room, board, studio space and facilities access*, Emerging Artists are required to work 20 hours each week as a shop technician or through general work. Shop technician work includes fixing and maintaining ceramics, iron, glass, or blacksmithing studios with instruction from the program director. Knowledge of running a studio is required to fulfill duties as a shop technician. Another way to complete the work exchange is through tasks including grounds keeping, maintenance, gardening, assisting artists, and event preparation. During their stay, Emerging Artists are asked to make a presentation of their work to the SAW community and are invited to attend weekly on-site studio visits. Emerging Artists are also invited to contribute to SAW’s annual resident artist exhibition, held in September. All Emerging Artist applications must be received by April 1st. Artists will be notified of acceptance by April 15th.

Young Artist Program The Young Artist Program is an integral part of SAW. In exchange for working 30 hours a week for Salem Art Works, Young Artists are provided with modest living accommodations (tent platform), board, 24hour access to studios and facilities*, one workshop for material costs only and the experience of working in an artists’ community. Session One: May 23rd – July 29th Session Two: August 1st – October 7th Typical work for Young Artists includes gardening; event preparation; gallery upkeep and installation; and maintenance of residential facilities, studios, and Cary Hill Sculpture Park. Young Artists are also asked to assist the staff in hosting guests and resident artists. This includes providing orientations, giving tours, and/or assisting workshop instructors. Also within this program is the opportunity to work in the area of arts administration and management. Those choosing to experience the arts administration side of the Young Artist Program work 30 hours a week in the SAW office, working closely with the Associate Director and the Artist Programs Coordinator. Responsibilities can include organizational development, web management, bookkeeping, graphic design, media outreach, data entry, office upkeep, giving tours, and gallery work, among other tasks. When Young Artists are not working for SAW they are expected to take advantage of the facilities and focus on developing their own work. All participants are required to take part in weekly studio visits as well as give a presentation of their work. Artists who wish to work in iron, ceramics, or glass will be subject to a material fee. Please contact the SAW office for details. Young Artists are also invited to contribute to SAW’s annual resident artist exhibition in September. All Young Artist applications must be received by April 1st. Artists will be notified of acceptance by April 15th. 2013

Artist Programs


Artist Programs

salem2salem This interdisciplinary and intercultural artists exchange was created in 2010 with the idea that in order for art to grow and flourish, it must be exposed to different perspectives and experiences. Each year a new group of thirty artists are alternately hosted either in Salem, New York, or Salem, Germany to inspire one another, using new relationships to create a more in-depth understanding of the artistic process. Over the initiative’s first three years, artists representing a number of different mediums, generations, and cultural backgrounds participated. In 2012, painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, and multimedia artists from all over the world converged on the grounds of SchloĂ&#x; Salem (Salem Castle) on Lake Constance, Salem, Germany. During the three week residency, participating artists exchanged ideas, expanding their creative approach both as individuals and together as a group. There is never a theme or subject prescribed to salem2salem, and the goal is not necessarily to have a finished product by the end of the residency. The place and the group are the theme, and the participating artists are free to create as they wish. Emphasis is placed on participants taking the time to experiment with various approaches and ways of working as an important component of the artistic process. Salem Art Works


Artist Programs 2013 will mark the fourth year of this exchange, with artists from all over the world once again returning to work and live at Salem Art Works. Because of the varied spaces and architecture that comprise Salem Art Works, artists are able to envision new ideas and expand upon previously created concepts while at SAW. Taking place August 8th - 28th, artists will have time to explore, challenge, and create, culminating in a group exhibition to be held in September.


Artist Programs


Accommodations Salem Art Works is proud to operate as a community. Artists and staff live and work together, forging friendships, sharing experiences, and exchanging ideas. To ensure a comfortable environment for all residents, we ask everyone to abide by the following guidelines: All staff, residents, and guests are required to clean up after themselves throughout shared living spaces, studios, and workspaces. To help SAW fulfill its mission as a green community, we strive to eat food either grown locally or produced by our garden and everyone is asked to recycle, reduce waste, and compost.



Getting Here

SAW maintains simple housing options: modified campers and tent platforms are available during the summer months, and a limited number of indoor rooms are utilized during both warm and cold seasons. SAW does not provide tents, tarps, or sleeping pads. All residents must bring their own bedding: sheets, blankets, etc., or they can use those provided by SAW for a $15 deposit.

Our outdoor kitchen is always open and well stocked with an assortment of ingredients. Residents are encouraged to help themselves to breakfast and lunch, while dinner is cooked by all residents and staff on a rotating schedule and eaten together as a community. Please inform the SAW office of any dietary restrictions prior to your arrival to ensure the proper options are available.

While Salem is located in rural, Upstate New York, public transportation to nearby Albany and Saratoga Springs via plane, bus, or train is available. Pick up fee is $20. Please try to schedule arrivals between 9 am – 5 pm to ensure SAW staff is available for pickup.

Visitors The following rates apply to guests who are not participating in an Artist Program: $35/night for camping and meals or $50/night for room and meals Day visitors wishing to eat are asked for a suggested donation of: $5 Breakfast $5 Lunch $7 Dinner $15 Full Day of Meals Salem Art Works

Accommodations & Facilities Life at SAW During their stay, residents can relax in the Cribby with a book from the SAW library, shoot a game of pool or play darts in the pool room, watch a movie from the SAW collection, or peruse the internet on the community computer. SAW is located just minutes from downtown Salem, so a trip into town is as easy as borrowing one of the communal bicycles. Head into town for a great cup of coffee, visit the old fashioned soda fountain shop on Main Street, or stop by the art gallery and check out what other local artists are up to. Salem is a 40 minute drive to Manchester, VT; 45 minutes to Saratoga Springs, NY; one hour to Lake George; and an hour and fifteen minutes to Albany, giving residents plentiful and varied opportunities to further explore the area.


Accommodations & Facilities


24-Hour Facilities All facilities and artist studios are located in repurposed dairy barns and houses throughout SAW’s 119.4 acre campus. Both individual and shared studio spaces are available, allowing artists to work in a private or communal setting. A limited number of indoor studios are available for artists whose equipment, materials, or work would be negatively impacted by open-air studios. Movable walls, changeable lighting, and additional furnishings are also available to create conducive workspaces anywhere on SAW’s grounds. SAW’s resources are available for use by all artists, regardless of discipline. Artist safety is a top priority, so prior to use of equipment and facilities we ask that all artists review rules and safety guidelines. Technical assistance is always available for artists who are unfamiliar with any equipment. One on one tutorials are available upon request for an additional fee for guests who desire further instruction.


Blacksmithing Forge:

Welding Bay*:

Table saw, miter saw, radial arm saw, drill press, band saw, stationary sanders, CNC machine, and work tables

4 forges, 25 pound Little Giant power hammer, 250 pound Little Giant power hammer, anvils, workstations with vices, and hand tools

MIG, TIG and arc welders, oxyacetylene torches, chop saw, drill press, roller, bender, bench grinder, air compressor, and finishing tools

*Artists interested in using our welding bay are subject to rental fees for use of equipment and supplies: $3/hour for oxy-acetylene torches, $1.50/hour for welders, and a $5 initial fee for use of the bay. Please remember that we are a former dairy farm; all facilities are rustic and are greatly affected by the environment and weather.

Salem Art Works


Additional Facilities Additional On-Site Resources: Boom Truck Condor Man Lift Tractor with fork attachments 15 Passenger Van Flatbed Trailer Gantries Ladders Hand Tool Closet

Hardware Closet Movable White Walls Lighting Projector DVD player dSLR Camera Audio Recorder Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitar Banjo Electric Horn Electric Trumpet Amps Microphones

Off-Site Resources: SAW is proud to have working relationships with two professional music studios in the area, Edie Road Recording Studio and Origin Studio, where musicians in residence have the opportunity to record for an additional fee. Additional musical and recording equipment is available through both studios, as well as access to a professional sound engineer. For full equipment lists and information about fees, please contact the SAW office. 2013




The foundry at SAW is an arts education and training facility where professional artists and students are encouraged to engage in all stages of the casting process. Facilities include a coke fired furnace with a 600 pound capacity, a 3,100 square foot mold making studio, a wax melt out kiln for investment castings, and a fully equipped metal shop for finishing work. Consumables such as core glue, grinding discs, and lumber are available.

Salem Art Works

Iron 7th Annual Intercollegiate Iron Pour With Michael Bonadio Dates: September 27th – 29th Fee: $80 + $0.50 per lb. of iron, $20 per 100 lbs. sand The 7­th Annual Intercollegiate Iron Pour is a chance for college students from across the nation to come together to share techniques, ideas, and resources in iron casting. Participants spend the weekend working in groups to prepare the furnace and pour site. The $80 fee includes participation in the pour as well as meals and camping for the weekend. Interested participants should contact the SAW office as well as their respective art departments. Participants interested in taking a mold making workshop prior to the pour should contact the SAW office for pricing and scheduling.

International Iron Pour With Michael Bonadio Date: August 24th Join SAW and salem2salem artists for this International Iron Pour. The public is invited to watch as artists from around the world produce original work in cast iron using molds made on site and SAW’s very own coke fired furnace. Scratch blocks will be available for all interested in creating a piece of art of their own. 2013



Ceramics SAW’s ceramics program features two anagama wood kilns as well as a ceramics studio with an electric kiln, kick wheels, basic clay tools, bats, shelves, and enough space to work on any scale. Our largest anagama kiln holds over 120 square feet of ceramic work and is fired for an average of four days and nights by a team. The result is a truly unique surface, made by wood ash melting on every piece. All work made for the anagama must be cone 10 clay, which may be purchased at SAW.

Salem Art Works



Anagama Kiln Firings Dates: Fee:

April 3rd - 7th June 12th - 16th September 11th - 15th November 6th - 10th 6 cents per cubic inch

SAW will have four kiln firings in 2013. These firings are available to ceramic artists who would like their work fired in the anagama wood kiln. Three full days will be spent loading the kiln, taking into account the movement of the flame and desired surface on the pieces. After loading, the kiln will be fired for five days and four nights, overseen by ceramic artists on site. All work must be cone 10 clay, bone dry, or bisque fired and delivered to SAW at least two weeks prior to each firing for loading. 2013



Glass GLO glass studio is its own dedicated building with three large doors that open the side of the building to beautiful views across the back lawn, vegetable garden, and stream. Facilities include: Furnace that yields 150 pounds of glass Large glory hole Small glory hole 2 annealers Pipe warmer Marver table 2 workbenches Pipes Punties

Salem Art Works

Hand tools: Jacks Straight shears Diamond shears Tweezers Blocks Paddles

Glass Glass 101 With Jim Gallagher and Chris Schichtl Dates: June 14th - 16th June 21st - 23rd September 21st - 23rd September 28th - 30th Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Fee: $250 This workshop gives students an opportunity to explore the exciting medium of blown glass. Each weekend the class will concentrate on a particular aspect such as blowing bubbles, vessel making, or color application. Students will be led through a series of demonstrations of tools and techniques to help them understand the principles of glass blowing and glass sculpture. The class will then try out the techniques as a group. Each student will have the chance to work one on one with an instructor, creating a finished piece to take home. Students are encouraged to bring their own ideas, a lot of energy, and patience. Students must wear closed toe shoes, long sleeve cotton shirts, and thick cotton or denim long pants. Level: Beginner – Intermediate Age: 14+

GLO Shop Rental GLO is available to rent at a daily rate. Those interested in renting for more than one week should contact the SAW office to customize shop rental experience and fee. Large glory hole and 8 cubic feet of annealer space: $200 Small glory hole and 8 cubic feet of annealer space: $160 Full shop access to both large and small glory holes and 16 cubic feet of annealer space: $360 All day rentals include 30 pounds of glass, marver table, workbench and basic hand tools. An additional warm up fee may apply. Please contact the SAW office for details. 2013



“(The workshop) helped me slowly peel away the layers of fear to reach the center of my creativity.”

Workshop participant

Salem Art Works



Every year SAW offers a variety of workshops in multiple disciplines. Instructors are regional and national artists who give students plenty of time and space to experiment with the new skills and artistic processes learned. Classes are held in SAW’s workspaces as well as throughout the unique landscape. With workshops available for students of all levels and ages, SAW is the perfect place to continue education and training or to start learning a new art form. 2013

Summer Workshops


New Workshops for 2013 Silk Screen Workshop With Chase Winkler Dates: June 15th & 16th July 27th & 28th August 17th & 18th September 28th & 29th Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Fee: $125 In this beginner’s workshop, students will learn how to make printable images on cloth or paper using silk screens. Students should come with their own materials to print on and are encouraged to bring a selection of sketches and images to work from. Suggested items to use as printing surfaces include heavy weight paper, shirts, handbags, and linens.* Level: Beginner *No fuzzy material or nylon

Salem Art Works


Mutant Bike Workshop Partnered with Troy Bike Rescue With Anthony Cafritz and Dakota Callaschai When: July 27th & 28th Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Fee: $150 Join us for the Mutant Bike Workshop with the Troy Bike Rescue, where students with some welding experience are given the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind bicycles utilizing more in-depth welding techniques. Students will have access to oxy-acetylene for cutting and bending, MIG welders and finishing tools as well as recycled bike frames to repurpose into new creations. Participants are welcome to bring personal materials to tailor their piece to meet their vision. Students may use the welding facilities the following week, working independently, at an hourly rate. Please contact the SAW office for details. Long sleeved cotton shirts, thick cotton or denim long pants, and leather boots are required. Students are encouraged to contact Troy Bike Rescue to discuss their plans prior to the class. A pencil and paper are recommended to sketch out ideas and take notes. Level: All

Troy Bike Rescue is a volunteer-run bicycle resource center located in Troy, NY. They focus on diverting bicycles from the waste stream of car culture, teaching hands-on bicycle maintenance, and re-purposing bicycle parts into new creations. Please visit for more details. *Photographs courtesy of Troy Bike Rescue 2013

Summer Workshops


Summer Workshops: June

Landscape Painting in Oil With Harry Orlyk Date: TBD Time: 5:00 pm – dark Fee: $180 In the transition between late afternoon and night, the land in the season’s full bloom around the agricultural village of Salem begs to be painted. Come to SAW with your plein air paint kit and work with Harry Orlyk, a landscape painter who has kept a daily account of the region’s light and color for over 30 years. Participants should prepare as many as half a dozen small paintable surfaces for each of the three sessions. Level: All

Introduction to Blacksmithing With Ron Bakerian Dates: June 15th & 16th Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Fee: $140 In this class students will learn skills and techniques of traditional and modern iron working as well as the equipment, safety, and tools used. On day one, participants will gain a basic understanding of blacksmithing by designing and forging a pair of functional tongs. On day two, students will use the tools that they have created to complete a small project of their own design. Level: Beginner - Intermediate Age: 14+ *Students under the age of 14 must have parental supervision.

Please see the “Glass” section for glass workshops being offered this month. Salem Art Works


Summer Workshops: June & July

Welding 1 With Gary Humphreys Dates: June 15th & 16th Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Fee: $150 In this beginner’s workshop, students will spend the first day being introduced to oxy-acetylene welding, heating, and bending. For the purpose of expediency, MIG welding will be the primary focus, but workshops can be customized. Students will be led through health and safety instruction and then will practice the basic techniques on scrap metal provided. With these skills, students will spend the second day constructing a metal piece of their own creation. Students should come with ideas or sketches of work they are interested in fabricating. If more time is needed to complete projects, students may use the welding facilities the following week, working independently, for an hourly rate. Please contact the SAW office for details. Long sleeved cotton shirts, thick cotton or denim long pants, and leather boots are required. Students should bring pencil and paper to sketch out ideas and take notes. Level: Beginner Age: 14+

Garden of Grace Yoga Retreat With Kathy Toris-Rowe and Rob Farella Dates: July 26th - 28th Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Fee: $150 *sign up by May 10th Picturesque Washington County is the perfect backdrop for a yoga and art retreat. This retreat is a blend of yoga classes, live music, breathing techniques, and meditations. Deepen your practice through self-reflection, inspiration, and celebration while enjoying the beauty and nature of the foothills of the Adirondacks. Explore the artist within you while discovering your creative spirit. This retreat will provide a safe and encouraging environment. The workshop fee includes campsite accommodations, four yoga classes for all levels, two meditation sessions, kula time bonfire celebration, locally sourced food, and time to relax. Level: All 2013

Summer Workshops


Summer Workshops: August Welding 1 With Gary Humphreys Dates: August 17th & 18th Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Fee: $150 In this beginner’s workshop students will spend the first day being introduced to oxy-acetylene welding, heating, and bending. For the purpose of expediency MIG welding will be the primary focus, but workshops can be customized. Students will be led through health and safety instruction and then will practice the basic techniques on scrap metal provided. With these skills, students will spend the second day constructing a metal piece of their own creation. Students should come with ideas or sketches of work they are interested in fabricating. If more time is needed to complete projects, students may use the welding facilities the following week, working independently, for an hourly rate. Please contact the SAW office for details. Long sleeved cotton shirts, thick cotton or denim long pants, and leather boots are required. Students should bring pencil and paper to sketch out ideas and take notes. Level: Beginner Age: 14+

Intermediate Blacksmithing With Ron Bakerian Date: August 17th & 18th Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Fee: $150 This intermediate level workshop will build on students’ skills and offer opportunities to work on joinery and forge welding, as well as creating decorative elements such as twists, scroll work, and leafing. Participants will have the opportunity to work on individual projects of their own design. For more advanced projects, please contact Ron Bakerian through the SAW office to ensure projects are feasible in the time allowed. Levels: Intermediate - Advanced Age: 18+ Salem Art Works

Summer Workshops: September Welding 2: Building Sculptures with Found Objects With Anthony Cafritz Dates: September 21st & 22nd Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Fee: $150 This class is offered to students who have some welding experience and wish to learn more in-depth techniques as well as incorporating other materials in creating sculpture. Students will have access to oxy-acetylene for cutting and bending, MIG welders, and finishing tools as well as materials. Students may use the welding facilities the following week, working independently, for an hourly rate. Please contact the SAW office for details. Long sleeved cotton shirts, thick cotton or denim long pants, and leather boots are required. Students should bring pencil and paper to sketch out ideas and take notes. Level: Intermediate - Advanced Age: 18+ Please see the “Glass” section for glass workshops being offered this month.

Art 101

Youth Programs

Assorted Instructors Dates: Monday through Friday, April 23rd - May 4th Art 101 is an innovative workshop designed to introduce students to the arts of glassblowing, blacksmithing, printmaking, silk screening, and welding. Offered to high schools in the spring, these classes augment the artistic programs in public and private schools that may not have the means or facilities to provide these technical opportunities. This workshop is not just a way for students to learn about art, it is also a wonderful opportunity for them to engage in the world through the prism of artistic creation and appreciation. If you or your high school is interested in participating in Art 101, please contact the SAW office.

Salem Lunch & Learning at SAW Dates: July & August The Historic Salem Courthouse’s Salem Lunch & Learning Program offers children of the area a diverse range of workshops centered around art, history, science, and children’s literature. Students will come to SAW each week to learn about and create art using various mediums and techniques. 2013

Summer Workshops


Summer Workshops: Instructors Ron Bakerian began working in the forge as a practical approach to tool-making for large scale woodwork, which then developed into decorative and functional hand forged ironwork. Interest in the roots of the craft led Ron to work with other local smiths on primitive methods of iron production and experimental archaeology. His current work incorporates natural and organic motifs utilizing natural materials with forged work in functional and sculptural elements.

Jordan Becker is a practicing artist and teacher in Washington County. He is a graduate of Bennington College, director of the ceramics program at SAW, and director of ceramics at the Historic Salem Courthouse Community Center. Jordan constructed the anagama kiln at SAW and has been exploring the natural ash surfaces on his sculptures and pots.

Michael Bonadio, originally from Boston, received his BFA in Sculpture from West Virginia University. For the last ten years, he has worked at various art museums in New England and the South, teaching art to children and adults while developing expertise in gallery installations. His sculptures explore our collective human experiences with playful, yet serious undertones. His formal training and passion for metal casting came from his roles as Resident Artist and Production Manager at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, AL, from 2007 to 2011. Salem Art Works


Summer Workshops: Instructors Anthony Cafritz is the Founder of Salem Art Works. He received his BA from Bennington College and his MFA from SUNY Purchase. Anthony has exhibited across the country and has taught at Union College in Schenectady, NY and Williams College in Williamstown, MA.

Rob Farella was hooked after his first yoga class in 2004 and quickly progressed in the study of yoga and eastern philosophy. Rob received his 200 hr. yoga certification and registration with Yoga Alliance in 2007 and has studied with Bernadette Birney, Ross Rayburn, John Friend, and Sally Kempton. He brings a deep love of all aspects of yoga to his classes and encourages his students to develop a home practice with the mantra of “Just do a little every day.�

Jim Gallagher started blowing glass in 1982 while attending the Philadelphia College of Art and later received his BFA from Alfred University. He has worked in various production studios, including his own, creating functional and sculptural glass art. His work is traditional in structure but contemporary in style.


Summer Workshops: Instructors


Summer Workshops: Instructors Gary Humphreys has been a principle in developing SAW into a multi-disciplinary facility. He is primarily a metal sculptor because it allows for the fabrication of creative large-scale work. Gary’s aesthetic is strongly influenced by his background in science and math. “I do this because I need to share my wealth of experience.”

Kathleen Loomis received her BA from Castleton State College in Castleton, VT and her MA in education from the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT. Her work includes alternative methods to printmaking on a large scale and has been included in “Global Paper, International Paper Art Triennia 2012 l” at the Deggendorf Museum, Deggendorf Germany.

Harry Orlyk graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 1970 and later studied fine art at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1995. Harry lives in Salem and can often be found painting along local back roads.

Salem Art Works

Summer Workshops: Instructors Kathy Toris-Rowe is a 500 hr. certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with over 10 years of teaching experience from various traditions including Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Embodied Yoga and Chair Yoga. Kathy’s spirited, challenging and inspirational classes encourage her students to integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and fluidity. She guides students to experience the whole range of yin and yang energy cultivated in yoga – from the purification of flowing sequences to the stillness of inversions and meditations.

Chase Winkler received his BFA from SUNY Potsdam in 2011. Since this time he has lived many places while always trying to make art a central part of his life. His inspirations are drawn from musings and contemplations that come alive through process.

Chris Schichtl has worked to develop an extensive understanding of glass since the age of 16. A graduate of the College of Saint Rose, he has taught in both New York and Massachusetts. He focuses his teaching of glassblowing as a whole: its history, relevance, and process while acknowledging the sheer enjoyment that one receives from working with the material. David Soo began working in clay in 1971, and was introduced to anagama wood firing in 1989. A co-constructer of the anagama kiln at Salem Art Works, he has had the opportunity to learn from such respected artists as Peter Voulkos, James Makins, Lester Polakov, and Peter Leventhal. David has exhibited in museums and received a New Jersey Council for the Arts Fellowship for outstanding excellence in ceramic art. 2013

Summer Workshops: Instructors


“Salem Art Works is truly special. They want you to create art, sing your song, & share your spirit. I’m so grateful that I could be a part of such a beautiful community of artists that nurtures self-expression. I had a great time performing with my band, My Pet Dragon, as we headlined SAWFest 2012.” - Reena Shah

Salem Art Works



Salem Art Works holds a number of events throughout the year. From studio visits with resident artists to a mid-summer music festival, we offer something for everyone. True to our mission, events include a mixture of contemporary visual and performing arts, representing both our regional and global communities. For updated information, please visit our website: 2013



Events Annual Spring Work Party Dates: May 17th – 19th Calling all volunteers! We may make it seem effortless, but a great deal of work goes into preparing our 119.4 acres for our workshops, events, and visiting artists each year. With your help, we can ensure another seamless transition into summer. Come help us clean, unpack, paint, and complete all the other little projects that position us for another successful year. All volunteers receive food and lodging for the weekend. Volunteering for an entire day or more earns you a free 2013 Membership. See the “SAW Membership” page for a full list of benefits. If you are able to volunteer, thank you! Please call or e-mail the SAW office in advance so we may prepare lodging and accommodate any food allergies. 518.854.7674 or

Live Music & Pizza Dates: June 8th, July 6th, August 3rd, August 31st Time: 6:30 pm Fee: $10 Each month we convert Barn 1 into a music cafe where we join regional musicians for an intimate evening of performance. Grab a slice of homemade pizza, baked on - site by SAW staff, then sit back and enjoy the sounds of homegrown music.

Salem Art Works


SAWFest: Salem Art Works Music Festival Dates: July 20th Time: Doors at 5:00 pm Fee: $20; $5 for children 12 and under Spend an evening enjoying a diverse lineup of musicians on SAW’s picturesque grounds. Our annual music festival continues for its 7th year this July, featuring bands representing a wide range of genres from throughout New York state. Keep an eye out for our full lineup announcement in May.

Self-Guided Studio Tour Dates: July 6th & August 31st Time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Fee: Free Visitors are invited to take a self-guided tour of artists’ studios and workspaces. Tour all or some of the SAW studios, meet current resident artists, and discuss their artistic process and thinking.

Salem Area Chamber of Commerce: HarvestFest Date: September 14th The 6th annual Salem Area Chamber of Commerce festival highlights the best in local produce and crafts. Spend the afternoon perusing food and craft vendors, and stay into the evening for a silent auction and locally sourced dinner accompanied by music and dancing. Stay updated about the event on the Chamber’s website: 2013




the space was more like allowing it to speak - like gracing flowers in an order over it, and at the same time realizing its thistle qualities.� John Umphlett Salem Art Works



Committed to enriching the local artistic community, Salem Art Works’ exhibition spaces mirror diversity in creative expression. SAW is proud to maintain an environment that simultaneously brings a deeper understanding of contemporary art to the region and creates a template for the open exchange of ideas between artist and supporter. The galleries are flexible multi-use spaces, hosting a multitude of events annually. Each gallery, through its unique characteristics, becomes a catalyst for a distinct experience.

Barn 2 Gallery Under high vaulted ceilings of a converted dairy barn, Barn 2 is an expansive gallery which boasts over 8,300 square feet of exhibition space. This gallery is one of SAW’s most active exhibition spaces, hosting numerous events annually. Concealed discreetly behind the gallery walls lay a number of artist studios and workspaces.

Cary House Gallery The Cary House Gallery allows viewers to engage in artwork in a more traditional setting. Transformed from a rustic farmhouse into an intimate gallery environment, Cary House Gallery utilizes neutral design elements and lighting to compliment the vibrancy of the pieces. 2013



Exhibitions June Exhibitions

August Exhibitions

June 8 - 29 Artist Reception: June 8th

August 3rd - 23rd Artist Reception: August 3rd

Anne Roecklein - Solo Exhibition Cary House Gallery

Larry Alice - Solo Exhibition Cary House Gallery



Fiber 2 Form Ben Cuevas, Derek Parker, Claudia Sbrissa Barn 2 Gallery

July Exhibitions July 6th - 26th Artist Reception: July 6th Priscila De Carvalho - Solo Exhibition Cary House Gallery

All Artists Receptions are from 4:00 pm 6:00 pm. Monthly exhibitions and artist lectures are free and open to the public. For additional event programming, exhibition submission and information please visit our website,

August 15th - 28th salem2salem Artist Collaborative Barn 2 Gallery

September Exhibitions September 14th - October 4th Artist Reception: September 14th - Cary House Gallery September 28th - Barn 2 Gallery Elizabeth Coyne and Adrian Landon Cary House Gallery Young & Emerging Artist Exhibition Barn 2 Gallery

Clockwise from Top Left: paper lure (beige sea blobs on red), Anne Roecklin; metal muse, Adrian Landon; History Lesson, Elizabeth Coyne; Cut from the same cloth, Derek Parker Salem Art Works

Cary Hill Sculpture Park The rural backdrop of Salem Art Works sprawls an impressive 119.4 acres, hosting a rotating roster of sculptures by regional, national, and international artists throughout the Cary Hill Sculpture Park. Cary Hill Sculpture Park is an active vignette promoting a wide array of performances, events, and exhibitions, as well as meditative hiking trails. The public is invited to experience Cary Hill Sculpture Park at their own pace from dawn until dusk every day.

Clockwise from Left: Self, Sierra Rasco; This Might, Matthew Roberts; SAW Swingset, Steven Kuypers 2013

Cary Hill Sculpture Park


Wish List 70+ HP Tractor

20 Ton Rough Terrain Crane



Commercial Lawn Mower

Safety Gear

Blacksmith Tools

Wood Tools

Plasma Cutter

with 4 wheel drive and attachments

to house resident artists

to bolster our blacksmith initiative

Salem Art Works

to help install sculptures

to install large scale sculptures

with a 42 - 48 inch cutting deck to keep our grounds groomed

to improve our woodshop

to keep all artists at SAW protected

to allow artists to cut unique metal shapes


Individual Supporters On behalf of Salem Art Works’ staff and artists, we would like to thank all those who contributed their time, money, and energy to make SAW a success. Your generous support of this organization has helped us and will continue to help support artists in creating new work and in developing workshops and events that introduce contemporary art into the local community. Salem Art Works is a non-profit organization and public charity. Any donations made to us are taxdeductible under federal law. Thank you again for your generous support. We look forward to seeing all of you at SAW this summer. Thank you:

Vivian Ackerman Lauren Adelman Robert & Carolyn Akland Katherine Allen Robert Altobelle Stuart Bartow Susana Bartow Laurance Baschkin Lelia Ivy Beach Charles Bergen Daniel Bergman Tim & Patty Burch Cynthia Burton Calvin Cafritz Elliot & Lauren Cafritz Enid Sanford Cafritz Gerald & Patricia Carr Barbara Carris Emily C. Carris James P. Carrolan Kay Christy Jennifer Clark William Cormier Timothy & Karen Costello Allan & Erica Cyprys Elliot Gavin Daugherty Robin Decker Alisa Del Tufo & Joseph Chirchirillo Pat Devane Mark di Suvero Chris Duncan


Fred & Noreen Dunn Tom Dunn Walter Dunnington Mary Early William & Barbara Eberle Susan Farrow Karen Frome Marc & Joan Gartenberg Allen Gartner E. R. Geraghty Robert & Linda Golden Mark Grabowski Jamie Greenberg Anna M. Grom Caroline Hallas Emily Hanks Nina Hay Nancy & David Higby Jene & Katharine Highstein Dean J. Hurley Matthew Jaffe Thomas & Beverly Kerr Elizabeth A. Kromelow Carl Laanes Vanessa Lefevre Joshua Levy Thomas H. & Amanda Davis Lister Margaret Lock Joan Lowe David Lyons Kim Mann Judy Manocherian

Seth McBride John D. McCarty Jon McClellan Fredda Merzon Lori Nieberg Maryann & Gary Nims Leslie Parke Kelly S. Ramsey Joshua P. Rechnitz Dolores Romack Julia M. Ryan Robert & Suzanne Sand Ruth Sauer Lincoln Schatz Elizabeth Schmidt Laurel J. Shute Teru Simon Timothy Smith Stephen Snyder David Soo Bruce Steinberg Natalie Tenney Nathaniel B. Thompson & Moira E. Lewandowski Rafaelina Tineo Katharine Tomasi Robert & Karen Vaias Lee & Kathryn Varney Londa Weisman Mia Westerlund Franklyn Whitney Margaret Winship Jim & Connie Winter Tatiana Yampolsky Supporters


Business Supporters Salem Art Works would like to thank the following businesses and foundations for their financial contributions and in-kind donations which helped make SAW’s 8th season possible. SAW is a non-profit organization and public charity. Any donations made to us are tax-deductible under federal law. Thank you again for your generous support:

The Huntington Tracy Foundation

Leo Cox Beach Foundation

The Sandy Hill Foundation The Athena Foundation Inc. Phantom Laboratory Tonawanda Coke Corporation Price Chopper The Hyde Collection Alfred University Glens Falls Produce Salem Art Works

Spoonful Catering Pangaea Fred’s Sub Shop 3 Corner Field Farm Marshall and Sterling Insurance

SAW Membership Create Locally, Reach Globally. We cannot achieve all that we strive to do without the help of Members like you. It is through your generous donations and participation that we can continue to provide the experiences and interactions to both our local and global communities, furthering our mission to support emerging and established artists, as well as providing a creative outlet for the world around us. We take our responsibility to create locally and reach globally very seriously, and we believe that every connection, experience, and relationship forged can have great and positive outcomes. Imagine what we can create and who we can reach, together.

Member Only Events Member Appreciation Dinner Date: TBD Time: 7 pm Let us thank you for your support and celebrate SAW’s 2013 Season during this Member Appreciation Dinner prepared by Salem Art Works staff. This dinner gives you a chance to meet and mingle with current artists and fellow members, celebrating the community that you help make possible!

Please fill out and mail to Salem Art Works 19 Cary Lane, Salem, NY 12865

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Please make checks payable to Salem Art Works. To pay by credit card, call the SAW office at 518.854.7674 or visit Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted.


SAW Membership


Create Locally, Reach Globally

White Creek, John Yost



E 12865



19 Cary Lane Salem, NY 12865




Salem Art Works 2013 Catalog  

Check out everything we have in store for SAW's exciting 2013 Season!