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Impact Report 2023



Next STEPS CELEBRATING REMARKABLE TRANSFORMATIONS! Salem is absolutely thrilled to highlight the incredible journey of Daniel and Amy Runyon – a testament to the life-changing power of our faith community! It might sound unbelievable, but their discovery of Salem began with a simple Google search. Their first encounter? The Good Friday service. Little did they know that this would be the spark that ignited their spiritual journey! Their commitment grew as they joined us for an unforgettable Easter celebration, where they made the life-altering decision to devote themselves to Jesus. But that was just the beginning of their remarkable adventure! Daniel and Amy boldly embraced the opportunity to take their Next Steps by participating in our first ever On Ramp Experience, where they chose to be baptized. Fast forward to Party at the Pond – a day filled with food trucks, inflatables, and JD’s Custard, but, most importantly, an unforgettable celebration of faith! In a stunning public declaration of their unwavering commitment, Daniel and Amy were baptized! Their story stands as a shining example of countless lives transformed by placing trust in Jesus, who never fails us! Here is what Daniel and Amy have to say: “Salem Church means the world to us, from all the amazing people we see and talk to every Sunday to the incredible staff that have welcomed us with open arms. There is honestly no where else we would rather be. Finding Jesus has saved our lives, He has made our marriage so much stronger which in turn has continued to build up our love and faith each and every day. We can’t thank Pastor Bob enough for guiding us closer to God and inspiring us on our journey.” – Daniel & Amy Runyan Salem’s journey is filled with stories like Daniel and Amy’s, where lives are transformed and faith blossoms. We are proud to share these inspiring moments, reminding us all of the incredible impact we can make when we come together in faith and unity. Salem looks forward to continuing this exciting journey with you, guided by our unyielding faith in the power of Jesus to change lives!


I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

Helping people take their next step with Jesus in every season of life! PARTY AT THE POND This year’s Party at the Pond was a whirlwind of excitement and joy, just as captivating as ever! While we experienced delightful treats and thrilling activities, our hearts were truly captured by the 30 individuals who found Jesus and chose baptism. Ranging from 6-year-olds to those in their 80s, these incredible transformations were a testament to the incredible power of the Holy Spirit, alive and thriving in the lives of those who wholeheartedly surrender to Him.


New lives committed to Christ through Baptism


Guests Identified and Received a Gift


People Attended On Ramp

600+ People involved in Groups




Students This summer, we saw an incredible victory as over 50% of our students embarked on a life-changing journey at camp. From worship by the campfire to deep conversations under the stars, they encountered the Spirit of the Lord in a powerful way. Lives were transformed, bonds were forged, and our faith community grew stronger. It’s a testament to the dedication of our students and leaders in seeking a transformative encounter with the divine.


Salem Students Baptized


Students serving in Team Salem


Attended Camp Lebanon


“Lives were transformed, bonds were forged, and our faith community grew stronger.” I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

Our expanding partnership with Northmont High School is another remarkable achievement. One way we have partnered with Northmont is through their football program! By attending games and encouraging the team, we’ve been able to reach more young hearts and minds with the message of faith, love, and community. This growth is a testament to the incredible work our team is doing and the receptiveness of the students at Northmont. We’re excited to see this relationship continue to flourish and impact lives positively.


Students attended Summer House Church sessions

167 Attended Outreach Events

20+ Served at Love Does




Kids 11

SalemKids Baptized


We have a total of 21 students serving in SalemKids! The students from Salem have a significant influence on the SalemKids. As part of their involvement, one of the students takes on the responsibility of hosting our worship service every month. Additionally, they actively lead games in The Bridge and serve as student assistants ministering to children of all ages, from infants to those in the bridge program. Moreover, we are fortunate to have nine committed students who have joined our SalemKids production team.

People serving in SalemKids on a monthly basis


Committed students on SalemKids Production Team


Attended Camp Lebanon 6

I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

This year, SalemKids expanded its reach into the community through the Easter egg hunt at the Kleptz YMCA! This was a super fun and impactful way to grow the SalemKids ministry. The event reached over 1,000 local kids – most of which were not already part of Salem! It was amazing to see children of all ages come and create memories together as a community. We saw new families come to Salem for Easter Sunday as a result of this outreach event! Thank You, Jesus!

“It was amazing to see children of all ages come and create memories together as a community.” I MPACT REPORT 2023


Outreach 7

Churches Participated in Love Does Week

400+ Love Does Week Volunteers

Our partnerships and a spirit of collaboration continue to grow in the Northmont Community! Over Easter, Salem partnered with the YMCA to put on a massive Easter egg hunt. This drew a huge crowd of mostly unchurched individuals! It was beautiful to see families coming together and experiencing true Christian community, receiving prayer, and having a great time outside the walls of the church building. 138 volunteers (73 from Salem) and four new community organizations worked incredibly hard at this event. You are awesome, Salem Church! This volunteer team was made up of people who were brand new to Salem, life groups serving together, and Salem’s student ministry. It was a day to remember!


Love Does Projects

200 Meal Packing Party Volunteers

75K Meals Packed


I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

With God’s help, His church will be such a bright light in the community. Since Salem Church began the Love Does initiative, the dream has been to bring other churches into the projects and serve as the collective body of Christ. Despite painstaking efforts taken to make this a reality, team Salem was met with reluctance from other churches in the area. This year, The Holy Spirit has broken down a lot of barriers and has paved the way for six additional churches to participate in loving on the Northmont Community! With God’s help, His church will be such a bright light in the community that people will have no doubt that Jesus is behind the redemptive work that they see happening!


Community Easter Egg Hunt Volunteers


Families at the Community Easter Egg Hunt


Participated in International Mission Trips


Patients Helped in Guatemala


Guatemalans Gave Their Hearts to Jesus


People discovered their calling through Younique I MPACT REPORT 2023



Connections Salem launched a new website this year! You can find the website at salem.church. In a world where an online presence matters, we are so excited to have a new website with a fresh look. This is just one of many ways we can reach the community and those unchurched. To those who have not yet experienced Salem Church, the website serves as our “front door.” Ultimately, Salem’s website is an opportunity to spread the Gospel!


Instagram Followers


3.3k Facebook Followers


Total Im on Soci

I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

887 726 E-Happenings Subscribers


mpressions ial Media

11.2k Total YouTube Views


YouTube Subscribers


Photography/ Media Team Members

23.8k Website Impressions



Production 70

Served on Worship & Production


New Playlist Follows on Spotify


Worship Songs during Sunday services

HONORING OUR TEAM MEMBERS! Evan Rieben is an amazing volunteer that we gained this year! He has been serving on Salem’s worship and production team since his second week at church! By Evan’s fourth week at Salem, he went public with his faith through baptism. We have been so moved by Evan’s heart for God and his eagerness to serve on the team. Here is what Evan had to say about serving on the team: “I have learned that I love trying to help others with anything that they need. I also have learned that I have a family if I ever need them for anything. What I’m learning about the Lord is that I need to trust in Him more and more each day. Salem as a whole has been a breath of fresh air. I am really glad that I am a part of Salem.” Josh Rarick has been serving on Salem’s worship and production team for two years now. Josh has been a musician his whole life, but what most don’t know is that Josh didn’t start playing piano until he joined Salem’s worship team. Josh brings excellence each week. He has also taken on a role as a music director, helping the team navigate through the music each week. Josh worships the Lord not only through his talent, but also through the way he leads his family and loves on his community. We love you, Josh!

“Salem as a whole has been a breath of fresh air. I am really glad that I am a part of Salem.” - Evan Rieben 12

I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3


New Worship Songs Introduced

500+ Attended Salem Worship Nights


Participated in an Upper Room Feet Washing Service

On Good Friday, Salem came together to participate in something the Lord Jesus told us would illustrate the Christ followers’ heart of servanthood. There were over 60 people -couples, singles, and families -- who gathered in the upper room (Salem Chapel) to wash one another’s feet as Jesus taught in John 13. It was beautiful to see families experiencing the love of God as they also strengthened their love for each other. The same was true for couples and singles who found connection with others which brought meaningful support in each life. There was a spirit of joy and thankfulness that filled the room!



2 Half nd

MINISTRIES 2nd Half Ministries includes both Empty Nesters and Trailblazers. On July 20th, 2nd Half Ministries took a day mission trip to Caring Partners International. Our group had a huge span of age – from teens to the 80’s -- which brought the ministry of Salem to a visible reality of multi-generational influence and partnership! Both young and maturing worked together while sharing stories and laughter. This brought the generations closer to Jesus, all while being reminded that our lives touch many here as well as those around the world.

“This brought the generations closer to Jesus, all while being reminded that our lives touch many here as well as those around the world.” 14

I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

Senior adults from Salem work together to support a Child of Promise across the world! These wonderful servants of the Lord give what they can each month, and they bring hope, help and the message of Jesus to this young man, Rithonas, who just turned 14.


Attended Trailblazers Luncheons


Trailblazers Team Members


Attended Empty Nesters events


Volunteered at Caring Partners International


Attended the Annual Christmas Dinner I MPACT REPORT 2023



Members of the Altar Prayer Team


Participated in the Pray First Prayer Initiative

Though Saturday April 1st was April Fool’s Day, it was turned into a day of prayer and serving! There were over 80 who gathered for breakfast, a testimony of healing, a message by Dr. Mark Jackson, and time spent in prayer. We prayed over Salem Church and the Egg Hunt. Our Prayer Team leader, Rosanna Howard, closed out the morning with a powerful prayer, praising God for His anointing on Salem Church, for God’s salvation in Jesus and asking for His continued presence with God’s people investing in life changing ministry. Salem is a church that believes in and acts on the Biblical truth that God hears and answers prayer.


Attended the Easter Prayer Breakfast


People supported Families during Loss on the Bereavement Care Team


I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

L Care


Prayer Volunteers at the Egg Hunt


Card Ministry Team Members


Prayer Ministry Members


Recently, Gayle, one of our Care Team volunteers, was made aware of one of our Salem ladies, Harriet. Harriet was in the ICU at the hospital in a serious condition. Gayle took time out of her busy Sunday evening to visit Harriet and her family. Gayle encouraged, prayed and sung to Harriet. This brought hope and the peace of God into that hospital room. Caring for people is not always easy, but it’s necessary so that the compassionate love of God is made visible through the Salem Care Ministry.

“The compassionate love of God is made visible through the Salem Care Ministry.”


Assisted with Hospital Visits to Congregants


Shut-In/Nursing Home Team Members


GriefShare Team Members


Attended GriefShare Events



F.I.S.H. 67

Households (On Average) Helped by the Food Pantry


FISH partnered a client family with Mom to Mom this spring. This family is a single mom and a teenage daughter and mom was getting ready to have surgery and be off work for a few weeks. The Mom to Mom team jumped in and did a meal train for this family while she was off work a couple of nights each week. In the end, the mom and daughter came to participate in Mom to Mom and youth group right before they wrapped for the season. They were both so encouraged by the whole experience!

Households (On Average) Helped by the Clothing Closet


Families Helped by the Food Pantry in August


Households Sought Assistance for the First Time 18

I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

One of our youngest volunteers, Nathan (6 yrs. old), and his mom Bethany, have been coming to serve at FISH about once a week since about March. Nathan builds grocery orders, and those orders go out to our client families during regular pick-ups throughout the week. At 6 years old, Nathan doesn’t quite understand needing help from a pantry, but he knows that what he does helps people he doesn’t know and it helps the team that comes in after him to do their job too. He looks forward to his serving days and is faithful to serve so that Mr. Mark’s Thursday night team gets a head start because of his efforts. It takes the team to make it all happen and at 6 years old, Nathan is learning that regularly.

It takes the team to make it all happen




Partnerships It has been a massive year for Salem and the organizations we partner with! Northmont F.I.S.H. celebrated their 50th birthday this year and launched a new mobile dental clinic to bring health services to the clients they serve! They have also substantially increased the list of clients they serve, which makes your participation with this partner so critical! An amazing partnership opportunity opened up with the Kleptz YMCA, which allowed team Salem to host a Community Easter Egg Hunt, an after-school boxing program, and an entire cycle of both Alpha and GriefShare outside the walls of our church. We are looking forward to seeing what this partnership has in store for 2024!


I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3

Community Table had another successful year with their Back-to-School Fair which served nearly 500 kids in need within the Northmont Community! We can’t wait to see what God does through Community Table with their Christmas store and Backpack Food Friends program!

“Lives were transformed, bonds has been a our wereItforged, and massive year for faith community Salem and the This year’s Love Does initiative looked grew stronger.” a little different in some awesome organizations ways. One of which was the fact that six additional churches joined in the effort we partner with! to be salt and light in the Northmont Community for an entire week! The Lord opened up the hearts of these churches and allowed us to bring more of Heaven to the 937 – TOGETHER!




Sending Center 2023 INTERNS: Charles & Abigail Swanson – Charles and Abigail are finishing college this year at Warner University and they now have an amazing opportunity to do ministry at the Lake Wales Care Center in Lake Wales, FL! Here is what Abigail has to say about her experience: Charles & Abigail Swanson

“Before my internship at Salem Church of God, I will have to admit that I had a great partiality for the academic side of ministry. It only took a couple of weeks for me to feel turned upside down, as the Lord showed me a more important part to ministry: His people. It did not matter how many textbooks I read through or how many passages I wrote papers on. While those things are very helpful, and I very much enjoy absorbing them, none of those things taught me how to deal with people or how to love those who I would not normally choose to be around. Not only was the experience practical, but every lesson that I take in from classes, I now immediately think of how I could use it in the future beyond my own enjoyment. Not only has the Lord given me a bigger passion for those who are in my community, but I have also gotten more involved, because service to others is a great teacher, as it teaches us about God, acts as a mirror for our shortcomings, and humbles us when we realize that Jesus served us more.”


SALEM INTERNS & RESIDENTS: Channing Marvin Jenna Vance-Martin Brandon Sapp Olivia Dixon Darah Martin Matthew Salley Trevor Moody

I M PAC T RE P O RT 2 0 2 3


Values Contribute Over Consume Using what I have to make my unique Kingdom contribution.

Action over Apathy Letting the love of Jesus lead me towards actions of compassion and courage.

Faith over Fear Trusting God in spite of feeling afraid.

Restored over Rejected Experiencing the depth of God’s grace that results in freedom.

Together over Alone Growing in faith through authentic relationships with others.

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