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design projects


Working with plaster, this project explores the relationship between mass and void. Plaster is infinitely malleable and will take almost any form, making it a useful tool for understanding the juxtaposition of mass and void.

mass / void

Drawing from and extrapolating the previous plaster project, this was a study in the definition of spaces using a basswood frame and panels. From a single module, the basic form was refined and repeated to create another frame of interconnected modules, finally enclosing areas with paper panels.

panel / frame

This project explores the role light plays as an interactive material. Using plaster, basswood and opaque museum board to create a space for a light source, the design is meant to demonstrate the potential of light as a design element.

light / shadow

This project is a personal shading device that fits the body and is deployed by a movement of the wearer’s arm. Made of wood, cord and paper, it consists of fixed louvers behind the wearer’s head and panels that fall beside the face with a movement of his arm.

body / shade

With this group project, the aim was to express a certain feeling through design. This passageway was meant to convey a feeling of jubilance to the user as the elements direct his eye upward.

passage to JUBILANCE

design projects


Site analysis

South (river) elevation

Second floor: offices and storage

Design development Site plan: gallery space and outdoor theater The Museum of Music of San Antonio (MoMoSA) was an effort fo design a music musuem located facing the San Antonio Musuem of Art in the hopes of initiating a museum district for the city

la vida local MoMoSA

Floors 4, 5, 6: residential units

Floor 3: Floor 2: residential units and garden office space

Site plan: gallery space and public plaza

North elevation


This is a further addition to San Antonio’s potential museum district. Located facing the San Antonio Museum of Art, it is a multi-use complex constructed around a new public plaza.

lende contest MOSAIC LOFTS

Floor 1: health screening center

Longitudinal section

Floor 0: test kitchen and cactus garden

This center, located in the Parque Fundidora in Monterrey, Mexico, is meant to educate people about preventive health. It contains a medical screening center, educational galleries and a test kitchen and cafe with an adjoining garden. The garden contains both edible plants and plants with medicinal properties, particularly those native to the region around Monterrey. This garden is intended to provide ingredients for the dishes cooked in the test kitchen and cafe in order to educate people about healthy eating and lifestyle. Floor -1: gallery and mobile clinic


career counseling private / group counseling community center exterior courtyard

The goal of this studio was for each student to choose a site in a certain area in order to redevelop and reinvigorate a neighborhood soon to be divided by a planned highway into an army base. The chosen area, along N. Walters St, leads into Fort Sam Houston. The buildings shown here are focused on providing transitional services for returning veterans at a site much closer to the army base than the city’s Veteran Affairs Hospital. The buildings are small in scale and meant to integrate with the surrounding neighborhood.





2010 a | Research

b | Survey of Broadway

c | Phased Design Proposal

This group project was produced for the Galveston Historical Foundation in May 2010. It involved three phases: (a) historical research, (b) a survey of thirty-five blocks, and finally (c) a design proposal to revitalize this historic thoroughfare in the wake of Hurrican Ike, while beautifying it and making it more accessible.


View of north facade

Second Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

View of public theatre entrance


Cultural landmarks in the vicinity of the site selected for the San Antonio Dance Center

North Elevation An increasing interest in local art and the growing arts community in San Antonio combined with a renewed focus on revitalizing the downtown area have given this city a unique opportunity to designate and develop cultural corridors and districts.

san antonio DANCE CENTER



Interior court at Tadao Ando’s Chichu Art Museum and Art House Project in Naoshima, Kagawa (colored pencil on Bristol board)

pencil on paper

colored pencil on paper

Tadao Ando’s Meditation Space at UNESCO in Paris, France (watercolor on paper)

Left: furniture in Toyo Ito’s Sendai Mediatheque; Sendai, Japan Center: vermilion screen in Tadao Ando’s Water Temple Hompuku-ji; Tsuna, Japan Right: stairs at an apartment block; Kumamoto, Japan

Left: stairs at Grimshaw Architects’ Museo del Acero Horno3; Monterrey, Mexico Right: lobby in Ricardo Legorreta’s Museo del Arte Contemporaneo (MARCO); Monterrey, Mexico

Left: beach; Calvi, Corsica Right: orchids at the New York Botanical Garden; Bronx, New York

Working from a photograph, this layered image was created using several computer programs including Sketchup, Illustrator, Photoshop and AutoCAD.


My architectural and artistic portfolio

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