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11_ Alessandro Always becom Carboni ing (performan ce installation A performance-in ) stallation that expl ores the corporea l dimension of the city. Performers exhibition are co in the nnected with perfo rmers on the stre Venice, documen ets of ting the physical m ovements of pass by, creating a co ersncrete impressio n of the physicality of daily city life.

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13_ Noah Fischer DebtFair (wall sticker) between economic Debtfair is an ongoing artistic campaign to expose the relationship inequality in the art market and artists’ growing debt burdens. www.d


12_ During the preliminary residency, Gregory Sholette gave a speech on the concept of dark matter in the art world, as illustrated in his book “Dark Matter. Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture”.

tepanova Valentina S & id of Dore h sc n fke e to the edge m ca y, ) an n 14_ Niko Ha m o ti e of th old town, blic interven Square, one marks of the co nd ar la M e th an Untitled (pu S er t ov another n painter from ce. Looking ou other horizon, on an r fo ed t ct en An old Venetia fle er re ff at t something di of paintings th soduro to pain began a series he a, cc de iu G gazing towards longing. r he ot an reality,


15_ Roel Herem ans Circle of Venic e (public interv A subtle public in ention) tervention where local people were walk an imaginar invited to y circle in public sp ace, creating an ve and cyclical tra alternatijectory of our da ily movement in th e city.


16 17_ Tuur & F lup Marinus How to...(p osters & toa d bag Tuur & Flup de signed a series ) successfully su of cartoons th at give the visi rvive the Bienn tors of Venice iale. These dr and a series of awings invade tips on how to posters in publ the city in the ic places. form of a toad bag


17 iraรง 16_ Melih K e) otest sign. performanc e c n a al with a blank pr HAL (d e nc da ntexts of soci nt le si ed a d the many co te na so re Melih perform at th choreography A suggestive y. da to ld or ew revolution in th

per Collider llective Macao 18_ Dark Matter Su artists/activists co by nt se er st po d an Picture based in Milan.


20_ D ia Colla ne Rabrea borat u iv Depar ture of e Tourist O ff a boat lagoon trip to ice @ Ca' . Bemb discov er the o southe rn par t of

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20 19_ Diane Rabreau o Office @ Ca' Bemb the starting Collaborative Tourist rities of Google maps as ula rtic pa the es us e fic st Of an alternative The Collaborative Touri and its lagoon, creating y cit the g rin plo ex of way n locations in point for an alternative nces related to unknow rie pe ex l na rso pe on sed form of (fu)tourism, ba w. and plural points of vie tes do ec an ws Venice, ne


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