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The cost of lorcaserin hydrochloride (846589-98-8) depends on your location, the store you’re buying in, and the quantity in question. For instance, a milligram of the product will cost you as much as $50. However, going for larger quantities might reduce the pricing to 1g per dollar or something less. Belviq Costs A Belviq bottle with 60 capsules (Belviq XR® has 30 tablets) will last you a month and it costs between $220 and $330. The price depends on the lorcaserin pill you’ll be taking since Belviq XR® costs a few dollars higher than Belviq. Some insurance firms may cover part of the charges, thus, leaving you with a reasonable amount to pay. Besides, you can get some special coupons and discount cards from Belviq, making you pay less.

2. How To Buy Lorcaserin HCL The hassle of buying Belviq is the FDA law that requires you to have a doctor’s prescription. However, shopping for lorcaserin has no restrictions, except that you are a professional in the field of research. Most online stores require you to register an account with them, create your own portal, and view the pricing. You can add the quantity 32

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