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temperature, any value within standard conditions is acceptable. 25°C is perfect but a range of 15 – 30°C is still all right. Lock up the weight loss drug lorcaserin in a secure location to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Take note that the medication is a controlled substance and may be abused. Besides, it may be poisonous to children or any other person taking it without a doctor’s prescription.

Proper Disposal of Lorcaserin Dispose of lorcaserin as a pharmaceutical waste in accordance with FDA, EPA, and DEA regulations. Do not flush down the toilet, allow it to flow on the water drains, or discard to the trash. Being soluble in water, lorcaserin may lead to pollution. There are several ways of getting rid of the drug. Once you label and carefully package the pharmaceutical, you can use a medicine take-back program, which involves returning it to the manufacturer. If the program isn’t accessible, get help from licensed medical waste contractors who will either incinerate the product or bury it in an accredited landfill.


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FDA Approved Lorcaserin HCL For The Treatment Of Obesity