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In case of lorcaserin ingestion, wash out the victim’s mouth with plenty of clean water. Continue with the rinsing for the next 15 minutes, on condition that the person is conscious. Don’t attempt to give any oral administration if someone is unconscious. If the falls on the skin, flush with copious amounts of clean water and mild soap. If on the eye, use some running water to rinse them for about 15 minutes. Most well-equipped laboratories have installed safety showers and an eyewash for convenience when carrying out emergency response. In case a victim inhales lorcaserin HCL, transfer them to a room with fresh air. If breathing becomes difficult, use artificial respiration and seek medical assistance. Personal Protection Wear a lab coat, safety glasses, and chemical-resistant gloves. Also, use a respirator, which has been certified by NIOSH. Handling and storage Do not inhale the, fumes, dust, spray, or any airborne substances in the laboratory. Limit the time of exposure as much as possible. During storage, ensure to store lorcaserin in a sealed container and lock it up securely away from other laboratory users. Stability


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FDA Approved Lorcaserin HCL For The Treatment Of Obesity