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Salazar Designs Process Book

Why Create Floor Plans? Why including dimensions is important. Buyers use floor-plans so that they can assess whether the property meets their needs. The dimensions allow potential purchasers to see how their furniture would fit in the space so they can picture the property as their own. Alternatively, it allows them to plan for new furniture using the floorplan as a template for their layout. How a floor-plan can save you time. For both the seller and the purchaser, floor-plans save time. The purchaser doesn’t waste time viewing properties that won’t suit their needs and the seller doesn’t waste time showing the property to people who will not be purchasing the property. How a floor-plan helps purchasers after viewing. Floorplans are particularly helpful where the potential buyers are considering making structural alterations to the property, such as knocking down walls or creating an additional room. They can also remind potential purchasers of details they may have forgotten since the viewing such as storage etc. These statistics show how important a floor-plan is in today’s market and how it will increase your chance of selling your property. The potential to increase interest and encourage viewings and sales means that, in our opinion, floor-plans are a must when you are putting your property on the market

Why Do We Need A Plumbing Drawing? A plumbing drawing, a type of technical drawing, shows the system of piping for fresh water going into the building and waste going out, both solid and liquid. It also includes fuel gas drawings. Mainly plumbing drawing consist of water supply system drawings, drainage system drawings, irrigation system drawings, storm water system drawings. In water supply system drawing there will be hot water piping and cold water piping and hot water return piping also. In drainage

system drawings there will be waste piping , Soil piping and vent piping. The set of drawing of each system like water supply , drainage etc is consist of Plans, Riser diagram, Installation details, Legends, Notes. Every pipes should me marked with pipe sizes. If the drawing is detailed , fixture units also should be marked along with the pipe. If it is shop drawing, sections also should be shown where there pipes are crossing.

Electrical Floor Plan An electrical drawing is a type of technical drawing that shows information about power, lighting, and communication for an engineering or architectural project. Any electrical working drawing consists of “lines, symbols, dimensions, and notations to accurately convey an engineering’s design to the workers, who install the electrical system on the job”.[1] A complete set of working drawings for the average electrical system in large projects usually consists of: A plot plan showing the building’s location and outside electrical wiring Floor plans showing the location of electrical systems on every floor Power-riser diagrams showing panel boards. Control wiring diagrams Schedules and other information in combination with construction drawings. Electrical drafters prepare wiring and layout diagrams used by workers who erect, install, and repair electrical equipment and wiring in communication centers, power plants, electrical distribution systems, and buildings

Why it Matters?

As designers, we have the responsibity to take each preject step by step to properly take account for and design each aspect of a room to fullfill our client's needs and wants. Each project needs to start off with a foundation to be able to create these beautiful masterpieces that will be around for hundreds of years.

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ID Art Process Book  

My personal Example for art class.

ID Art Process Book  

My personal Example for art class.