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Small Group Instruction How to give small group instruction within the larger framework of the urban art classroom.

My Question?

• How do I divide instruction to create a class within a class?

Plan Of Action

• Room Layout • Project Division • Small Group Set Up


• Research took place on teacher websites, interviews with educators, and books on the subject of Middle School art education.

Themes that surfaced through the process of designing my idea: process of designing my idea: process of designing my idea: process of designing my idea: 1.Separate stations within the classroom. 2.Using multiple learning strategies within the different stations.

3.Student based learning and student based assessment.

4.Physical classroom organization.

Brainstorming and reflection can happen anywhere! ( In the car while waiting outside my daughter’s gymnastics studio :)

How might I design my room to facilitate small group instruction within the larger class size? I created a prototype of the room set-up so I could work hands-on with the physical aspect of my idea.

Prototype brainstorming.....sloppy!

Prototype of division of instruction:


I conducted an informal interview with my VicePrincipal Mr.Swinton. He gave me the “thumbs up� on attempting smaller group instruction. He gave me some helpful tips and let me know he would offer any support necessary.

Assessing Success • Increased Student Engagement • Decreased Classroom Disturbances

• Increased Project Quality • Increased Learning • Improved Student/Teacher Relationship

Moving Forward • I will continue to integrate new learning techniques into my stations.

• I will initiate more student choice within the stations.

• I will collaborate with other teachers for cooperative learning between our classrooms.

• I will incorporate more technology into the learning.

Design Artfact  

Small Group Instruction

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