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DEAR FRIENDS AND GUESTS, We are appreciative and delighted that you are here with us at The Henderson. Our history of this development began after Hurricane Ivan impacted the coast in 2004. We were presented with an opportunity to purchase the severely damaged Henderson Park Inn in Destin. Later, after time spent housing victims of Hurricane Katrina, we renovated and re-opened the Inn as an intimate adult-only bed and breakfast. Today it has been recognized as one of America’s most romantic hotels by Condé Nast, Southern Living and TripAdvisor. Please feel free to visit the Inn, which is just steps from The Henderson on the beach side. You can also appreciate a great view of the Inn, Gulf or famed Henderson State Park from our rooftop Sunset Vista. Take a drink with you to enjoy this spectacular view! Our hospitality and service legacy now continues here at The Henderson, which opened to great acclaim in November 2016. Featuring 170 guest rooms, it also includes 30,000 square feet of beautiful indoor/outdoor meeting spaces, the inspiring Salamander Spa, multiple pools – all just steps away from Destin’s sugar-white sand beach and 208-acre Henderson Beach State Park. From the beginning of planning, we selected Sheila Johnson’s Salamander Hotels & Resorts to manage this great resort. Throughout the entire process of planning and building the resort, we worked to be in concert with the architecture and theme of the Crystal Beach neighborhood. You may notice the connection with the Henderson Park Inn’s architecture and orientation to the park and Gulf. Another very important criteria was the commissioning of artwork from local artists. The hotel displays 465 pieces from 13 artists and artisans, and we hope you will agree their incredible talent is reflected throughout the property. Our family hopes that you enjoy your stay with us and build your own tradition for generations to come. Welcome Home at The Henderson, William B. Dunavant Jr.

William B. Dunavant, III



THE HENDERSON COLLECTION. At The Henderson, our goal is to provide you with a truly luxurious experience. To enhance your stay, we’ve collected artwork from the region’s most prominent and sought-after creators. These one-ofa-kind pieces are showcased throughout the resort, and we hope you’ll linger to observe their unique beauty.

This booklet will provide you with background on each of our talented artists, as well as a description of his or her featured piece and where you can find that piece displayed. Happy viewing!

Some of our featured artists with Mr. William B. Dunavant III.


Melody Bogle Our first featured artist, Melody, was selected “Fort Walton Artist of the Year” in 2016. Ms. Bogle’s lovely pieces are featured in the Lobby (Living Room) area. Her oil paintings reflect the elegant coastal feel of the resort by portraying the early reflection of daylight (Spa side painting) and the afternoon sunshine (south side painting near Horizon’s Bar). She is an expert at playing with light and shadows and she relishes her time outdoors capturing the local seascape. Ms. Bogle’s work can be found online at Fort Walton Artist of the Year 2016

Location: Lobby Technique: Oil paintings 5

Melissa Mercer Brown Melissa’s art is featured in the Entrance, as well as in the Hallways between the Crystal Ballroom, the Destin Boardroom and Dunavant Room. Ms. Brown uses her fingers as a tool to create texture in her artwork and she also plays with translucent layering of colors in order to capture the vivid colors of the sea and sky. A Board Member of the Cultural Arts Alliance, Ms. Mercer Brown views her artwork as a way of serving those around her. If her paintings spark even a few moments of joy in a viewer’s heart, she’s made the impact she desires. Her favorite subjects include the vegetation and wildflowers along the coastal lakes, bayous and state parks spread across the Emerald Coast. Her work can also be found online at

Location: Entrance, Destin Boardroom, Dunavant Room and Ballroom Hallways Technique: Texture and translucent layering of washes 6

Lori Drew Lori expressed an interest in art when she was just a girl. She enjoyed the process of creating with her hands, and she relished the thought that each piece of art is completely unique. Ms. Drew pursued a career in art as a way to bring her individual expression to life. She hopes that her art brings softness and peace, allowing the viewer to breathe a gentle sigh of relaxation. Ms. Drew works with beeswax and solvent, which allows her to layer color after color over a wood base and results in a distinctive texture. Her work is featured in the Public Restrooms on the first floor of the resort. In the Ladies’ Restrooms, you’ll find her depiction of local Destin Flowers. In the Gentlemens' Restrooms, local fish, sports and nautical themes are portrayed. Ms. Drew’s work can also be found online at

Location: Public Restrooms Technique: Cold wax and oils 7

Barbara Flowers Barbara has always been interested in art, and her family encouraged her artistic pursuits during her upbringing in Germany. Traveling throughout Europe, Ms. Flowers was exposed to the patina (the thin layer of gloss and sheen that forms with age) and knew that she desired to capture that within her own artwork. She has spent decades honing her signature style, and her masterful portrayal of Boats is featured prominently in the Destin Ballroom. Ms. Flowers has a belief that all artists must be bold, intuitive and quick. She holds to the idea that the power of suggestion is greater than the statement of reality. In crafting her artwork, Ms. Flowers wants the viewer to feel a sense of refreshment. Her paintings convey a sense of wonder and dreaminess. As you view her Boats, you’ll note that though the work looks unified from a distance, it appears much more abstract as you come closer. There is always more than meets the eye with Ms. Flowers’ work, which is also available online at Location: Destin Boardroom Technique: Brushwork, palette knife work, soft passages of blended paint or a heavy build-up of paint 8

Justin Gaffrey Justin is one of the most sought-after artists on the Emerald Coast, and we are honored to feature his work outside Primrose and in our Private Dining Room. We searched diligently for an artist whose work captured the uniqueness and impact of our resort, and Mr. Gaffrey’s work of thick impasto over canvas perfectly encapsulates these qualities. It’s also fitting that Mr. Gaffrey’s work is featured in the dining area, as he began his career as a chef. He equates the blending of paints and textures to the mixing and melding of flavors in cuisine. A self-taught artist, he now relishes the peace and inspiration he finds in nature. Mr. Gaffrey’s work can be found online at

Location: Main Entrance outside Primrose Restaurant, Primrose Private Dining Technique: Thick impasto over canvas 9

Donnie Galli Donnie has created beautiful pieces of woodwork displayed throughout the resort. He creates unique pieces with reclaimed wood. Donnie crafted the Meeting Room Table with thousand-year-old “River Sinker Cypress Wood”; the logs utilized were salvaged from swamps and rivers in Northwest Florida. Donnie also created the Primrose Table Tops from cypress, barn wood and vintage metal as well as the restaurant purse and receipt holders. His work is a gorgeous example of weaving natural elements with functional design. To see more of Donnie’s work online, visit

Location: Primrose Table Tops, Meeting Area Decorative Table Technique: Creates amazing and unique pieces with old reclaimed wood 10

Russ Gilbert The gorgeous fusion glass work of Russ is featured in three areas of the resort: his “Oat Grass Glass” can be viewed in the Check-In Area, his “Groupings of Fishes” covers the wall in Primrose and his under-water “Illusion” glass is the centerpiece of our Salamander Spa Hallway. Russ has devoted more than 3 decades to refining his craft, and he opened one of the first glass galleries in the nation. Russ’ heart is tied to the local landscape as he grew up on a nearby farm. He finds wonder in the beauty of creating something from nothing as he refines glass into beautiful, life-like sculptures. Mr. Gilbert's work can be found online at

Location: Oat Grass Glass at Check-In, Primrose Wall, Spa Hallway Technique: Blown glass 11

Mary Hong Mary's glass mosaic and recycled artwork has earned her the distinction of the 2014 Artist of the Year. Ms. Hong’s work is featured prominently in the Salamander Spa, just over the Spa Concierge desk, due to the tranquil nature of her pieces. Ms. Hong utilizes glass and calming colors to create soothing landscapes. She begins by using acrylic paints over canvas and then layers glass over the paints. The effect is an ethereal and moving depiction of still life. Ms. Hong has deep ties to the local Henderson Beach State Park, where she and her husband were married. Her gallery is just a 30-minute drive from the resort, and you can find her work online at Platform Artist of the Year 2016 (Mixed Media) and Artist of the Year 2014

Location: Spa, Suites Technique: Glass mosaic and recycled artwork 12

Veila Lala The resort chose to feature the work of Velia in the Salamander Spa. Ms. Lala created the beautiful artwork featured on the curved wall of the Spa. This work was created to complement the glass centerpiece created by Russ Gilbert and to give the Spa area a wrap-around sensation of luxury. Ms. Lala creates her pieces using a blend of epoxy high gloss, acrylic and bronzing. To create the work featured in the Spa, Ms. Lala went through several incarnations and mutations of colors before finding just the right combination of soothing tones. Her work can be found online at

Location: Curved Walls in the Spa Technique: Acrylic, mixed medium & epoxy high gloss 13

John Maher John is a “loose realism” oil painter who has perfected his craft over the past three decades. He uses both brush and pallet knife in nearly all of his paintings to give the piece texture and depth and a looseness. He works from life outdoors and with live models as well as photographs which he takes himself. He attended the Scottsdale Artist’s School after receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University. Mr. Maher’s work is displayed in the Fitness Center and Poppy's Kids Club. An avid scuba diver, he often captures his subjects with his camera before turning them into vivid and lively artistic creations. He centers much of his art around the emerald-green waters of the Gulf and the unique naturescapes that can be found in North Florida. Mr. Maher’s work can be seen online at and

Location: Fitness Center, Poppy’s Kids Club Technique: Oil with brush and palette knife 14

Arturo Mennillo The late Arturo’s pieces adorn the Historic Hallway and the Guestroom Corridors. Mr. Mennillo was the Emerald Coast’s principal photographer in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, before becoming the official photographer of the United States Embassy. His work has been featured in Time, Life and Newsweek magazines, among many others. His collection of photographs chronicles this area’s most important events over several decades and includes depictions of pristine beaches, sport fishing and celebrity and dignitary visits. As you view each of Mr. Mennillo’s photographs, you’re taking a look back at Destin history. We feature Salty’s Memories, a hardbound book detailing stories of some of the images found here at the resort. To learn more about Mr. Mennillo’s work, please visit

Location: Guestroom Hallways, Meeting Room Corridors Technique: Photography 15

Jeff Waldorff Jeff, a native of Fort Walton Beach, has always found solace in the outdoors. He beautifully captures the soft essence of the seascape with his nature photography. His goal is to make each viewer of his photos feel as if he or she is completely immersed in the scene. Mr. Waldorff is methodical about his shots, sometimes planning them months in advance to capture exactly the right light, a specific angle of the sun and the perfect sky for a stunning photograph. Mr. Waldorff’s work is featured in each of the Spa’s Massage Rooms, as well as in the Guest Restrooms. His work can also be found online at

Location: Spa Massage Rooms, Guest Restrooms Technique: Photography of landscapes, wildlife and portraits 16

JoAnn Williams Walker JoAnn proudly titles herself an American Impressionist artist. Having spent much of her childhood on the Emerald Coast, Ms. Walker is inspired by finding majesty in the ordinary. She compares her painting to music; she feels beauty, power and emotion as she puts paint to paper. She endeavors to simplify nature’s beauty in order to bring it to life for the viewer. Her hope is that her artwork will make you pause and catch your breath as you soak up the gorgeous colors and textures. Ms. Walker serves as a mentor and teacher to students who desire to pursue a career in art.

Location: Meeting Rooms Technique: American Impressionist Artist 17

THANK YOU. The Henderson Beach Resort wishes to thank you for your patronage. Please visit our Boutique, located on the first floor, where you can purchase artwork, jewelry and other items created and designed by these and other local artists.

We hope that our artistic collection has added to your enjoyment and relaxation during your stay. We are honored to include the Emerald Coast’s top fine artists in our collections, and we encourage you to reach out to them individually should their work pique your interest.

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