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Lightest Toughest Wireless

Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Breathe easy with the latest in Flat Panel wireless digital radiography. The Air DR™ is the next generation cassette-size f lat panel DR. The detector provides integrated AIR-SHARE™ technology that allows for one or more detectors in the same room. The characteristics and performance of the Air DR offers unprecedented freedom like no other flat panel available. The lightest, thinnest, panel available makes no compromise in rugged reliability. It's robust design is optimized for ease of use, portability, table work, wall stands, and exotic views. The detector is powered by Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator, which provides practitioners with the best image quality for an accurate diagnosis with the lowest dose possible.



Lightest cassette-size wireless detector available

Multi-share features, automatic by Infra-RED, to serve different room configurations

Seamless integration into new and existing X-Ray rooms






Air DR is iCRco's most advanced real-time, low-dose digital radiography solution backed by powerful image acquisition software. XC acquisition is a fluid workflow platform with intelligent imaging algorithms and automated processing parameters based on your procedure selection. The directed workflow leads you to acquiring images with fewer clicks, saving you valuable time. Enter the refreshing new world of advanced wireless, high-resolution flat panel technology.

Wireless Flat Panel Detector

With a preview of just 3 seconds, Air DR wirelessly transmits to multiple terminals and portable devices for a seamless workflow.

Air DR Technical Specifications



Pixium© CsI coupled to TFT matrix aSi technology

Wireless connection


Pixel size

148 μm

Communications interface


X-ray sensitive area

~ 35 x 43 cm

DC input voltage

12 V

Maximum x-ray dose

75 μGy

Maximum linear dose

50 μGy

X-ray generator voltage range

40 – 150 KV

DQE @ 0 lp/mm

66 %

AD conversion

16 bits


High-resolution image display

< 10 seconds, Preview in 3 seconds

Grid frame


Battery operating time

Up to 8 hours

Battery Charger

Yes, up to 3 batteries simultaneously

Mechanical Characteristics Dimensions

ISO 4090 Cassette size. Image size of: 35x43cm


2.8 kg (including battery)

XC Features TM

Includes XC - intuitive touch screen capable acquisition software

Smart search, sort, and filter options

Smart scanning: manipulate acquired images while additional cassettes are being scanned

Integration with front office management systems like RIS and EMR

ICE2 image processing: further manipulate images to your preference, automatically applies proper algorithms for an anatomy

Full set of annotation and measurement tools User-preferred settings and privileges

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